October 13th, 2009


I'm planning on making my boyfriend a 'Boyfriend Chequebook' for his birthday in a couple of weeks time.

What sort of things should I put in it?

If you were making a Frienship Chequebook or a Relationship/Sex Chequebook, what particular things would you put into it?

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Have you given blood before?

Did it leave a bruise?

How long did it take?

Did you get a tshirt or something? I always see people wearing those donate blood shirts.

Should I do it? I'm a a little scared.
Kill Bill - Elle
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Have any of you ever had an injury (think sprained ankle) where icing and elevating made the pain and stiffness worse? Where nothing seemed to help? Please share stories :(

How the fuck is your October 13th? Anyone else sad it isn't a Friday?
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Follow- up Phone Call

There's this bookshop casual job that I really want and I've given in my resume a week ago. I've decided to make a follow up phone call to show my 'enthusiasm and initiative' for the job. Thing is, WHAT THE HELL DO I SAY?

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Members of The Question Club, your ears, if I may have them! I am here from a land far away, called upon by the voices of the gods and the ancients to rid this land of those terrible goblins, those unspeakable ne'er-do-wells, whatever they may call themselves—and I care not—that plague this fair community.

However, as I am but one mortal man, I cannot do this alone. Denizens of this land, I beseech your help! Those who feel led by courage, fate, thirst for adventure, or whatever motivates you, be not afraid to announce yourself! I know not what we will come up against, or where our quest may take us, but I promise that those who endure shall be richly rewarded.

You! Yes, you, whose eager eyes I see burning with a fiery passion to rival my own! What is your name? From where do you hail? What is your story? And last, but surely not least, what have you to offer me and the rest of our group on this great quest?
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So my friend is drinking expired grape juice (no idea how old) despite the fact that drinking anything expired is a dumbshit move. I made the mistake of telling her that old grapes become wine and she won't get sick. Now she's drinking it with abandon.

Am I going to have to read whiney IMs for the next two days about how her stomach is on fire? If so, how do I get her to stop drinking it when I'm like 5 states away? This is of the utmost importance.
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My best friend pees a lot. Like, a LOT. She constantly has to go and during a regular school day she'll go about 5+ times. And she doesn't drink lots of fluids! She says its not a UTI because it doesn't hurt when she pees. So what is it? Does she just have a really small bladder (this is what she claims is up) or is there something wrong with her kidneys, prostate, etc?

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How the hell does a phone cord manage to get so tangled up when you only pick up the phone, talk, and set it straight back down? It's not like I'm twirling it around my head, but the damn cord still always manages to get jacked up.

I need someone to come beat our lead mechanic until he turns in the quarterly mileage logs he owes me (that are a week late). Anyone up for the job?


My mood icons are ferrets? That's news to me (shows how little I use them). What are your mood icons?

I would beat him myself, but that would get us in trouble with the union since I'm management. The last thing we need, in the wake of our current troubles, is a union investigation.
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I fail at being a housewife.

So, my boyfriend and I eat pretty horribly. He usually resorts to eating Wendy's. The extent of my cooking skills is like...pasta and scrambled eggs.

What are some fairly simple, healthy recipes I can try? I always like a challenge, but I'm a cooking n00b.
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Poll #1470732 Colors Colors Colors

What should be the main color of my next painting?

Stop painting, you suck at it.

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I know I posted just a few down, but someone emailed me this article and I just had to share:

Did you know that BTU actually stands for 'bunny thermal units'?


Do you find this humorous/appalling/gross/etc? Share your feelings with the class?

I personally find it pretty funny...and it shows that you can get away with pretty much anything if it's in the name of "bioenergy".

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Do you ever get up to pee in the middle of the night all sleepy, and while you're peeing freak out for a second thinking you may be dreaming and peeing the bed?
This happens to me almost every time.

So a few days I bought a candy bar. I've been breaking off a square or two each day. I went to get a square today and the candy bar has vanished. No crumbs, no foil, no trace. What happened to my candy bar?
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bunch o' random questions

I haven't been on TQC for forever. How are you doing, guys?

I'm stuck at home (rain and a hurt back)... where are you stuck at? why?

What's your favorite kind of wine? And how much do you consider yourself a connoisseur?

I'm taking a week off drinking because I've become an alcoholic sorta and need a break. Have you done anything like this before? How'd it work for you? Were you able to mellow your ways or did you just go back to how things were?

What are you addicted to?

What's the one thing you feel is missing from your life?
a cat!

Anyone have a story about a cat they want to tell me?

There's a big spider somewhere behind my bookshelf... what are you trying to not think about right now?

What would you prefer to be thinking about?
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An electronic device whose primary function is recording video: a camcorder or a video camera?
Where do you live?

ETA: I realised age probably has an impact on the data I'm trying to collect, so how old are you?
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I have class this afternoon at 4, but my uterus is threatening suicide, apparently. What in the world can I do to make it through 3 hours of lecture/note taking tonight besides popping some pills before class? I'm also going to wear one of those disposable heating pads, but those hardly help. My cramps usually keep me in bed, but I can't miss class.

What's your ideal weather? 
Autumn Pink


Every year for Thanksgiving your small family does the traditional dinner and invites a few friends and family. Usually, after you spend dinner with your family early in the day, you make your way over to a childhood friends house where you enjoy the second half of Turkey day with them. This year, your family has moved across the country and you don't have you traditional plans. You miss your family and the comfort of what it used to be. While your family is no longer in town and you can't afford to travel to them for the short holiday, you're going to visit them for Christmas. The friend's family has extended their usual invite to you and you're looking forward to going and having Turkey dinner in the comfort of good company and close family friends.

Your best friend lives nearby and this year, is going to be rendered alone on Thanksgiving. Attempting to make the best of it, BFF decides to look into volunteering. BFF asks if you will spend the day with her doing volunteer work. You know your friend has had a pretty tough year and is trying to stay cheerful about being alone on Thanksgiving - the situation with her isn't as innocuous as yours is.

What do you do?

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I'm going to the gym in a half hour, and I was wondering if you guys had any favorite workouts. I know there are definitely exercise bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals. I don't really want to use the freeweights, and probably wouldn't be able to because the guys hog them all. I'll most likely be in the gym for about 45 minutes. What do you suggest I do? Also, I'm not concerned with one specific area, I want to tone everywhere, so it doesn't have to be specific to one region.

If you can't help/don't care, what is/is going to be the most exciting part of your day?

The Dentist

Are you afraid of the dentist?


Do you get your teeth cleaned regularly? Why or why not?

How much dental work have you had done?

Before you go to the dentist, do you try to clean your teeth better than usual, or do you just go?

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TQC, what do you think of people who ask if you're a female driver if you post on forums asking for car-accident-related help? They don't even offer help, they just reply with a "LOL, female driver?" in your post.

Do you think that women are worse drivers?

I can't stand this mindset that most people, regardless of gender, seem to have in my country. Unfortunately I'm a new and unexperienced driver so I can't prove them wrong.

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How do you like your burger cooked?

If it's anything less than medium well, will you please explain WHY? (Because I can never figure out why people want to eat medium rare burgers ewewew)
i found this humerous

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I'm getting married soon and we will probably just have a judge(our landlord lol) come to our house so it won't be anything fancy & I was wondering. . .What should I wear?
Or what would you wear if it was your wedding day? Pics. would be great!
I really don't want to wear any type of dress though.
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Do you think Casey Cartwright is getting the urge to try Chinese finger-cuffs with Cappy and Evan?

Am I the only person who sees the title and thinks G-R-Sigma-Sigma-K spells grssk?

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HALP! It's storming. I am at my aunt's apartment to feed her cat and the wind outside is really pushing on the windows and they're leaking. She told me to put towels. Is there a better temporary solution? I can go to the store, too.

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Has anyone here ever successfully

made & baked croissants from scratch?
climbed a mountain? (which one)
been in a monogamous relationship for more than 5 years?

tell me more

edit I wanted to add: have you ever successfully pulled out one zillion blackheads with a nose strip? BECAUSE I JUST DID, OMG
Peggy Blink

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Do you know anyone that is having a TOP SECRET ROMANTIC AFFAIR but everyone fucking knows? How is that working out for them?
My dad thinks he's keeping his girlfriend (who works for him) secret. He's not.
I dunno, I guess when they're both divorced (they're both in the process), they'll be open about it. If they get married, I'll have a hot-ass stepmom, though.

Do you follow any celebrities on Twitter? If so, who are your favorites?

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I have an expired by like, 2 days Duncan Hines brownie mix. Do you think it's still good? It says best by, so maybe it won't be the BEST but it will still be good right?

Also, the recipe calls for brown sugar, but the dark brown sugar I have is so old that it's seriously a brick. I have granulated light brown sugar, so do you think that will work? It's supposed to be sprinkled on top of the brownies.

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I have a housekeeper that does a half-ass job when she cleans. Last week she didn't clean the bathtub or toilet. This week she didn't sweep behind the garbage can and i'm pretty sure she didn't use a broom on my floors (I *think* she just went over the floors with my vacuum)
She gets paid 65.00 to do a one bedroom apt.

So my question is:

How do I tell her she's not working out and that I need to find a replacement?
Do I give her 30 days notice?
What would you do ?
Anyone want to be her replacement?
28 days later

(no subject)

So I got the holiday party invitation at work today. It says 'You and your guest are invited..." blah blah blah. I know by "guest" they mean significant other, but I don't have one. Is there anyone else socially acceptable to bring?

I feel like I'd take shit for bringing a friend of the same sex, but not if I brought someone of the sex that I might conceivably be dating. I don't really want to go alone because all of my coworkers are seriously involved or married, and I'm worried about seating and the "dancing" that's supposed to happen.

Has this ever happened to anyone else? What did you do?
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1. What style of underwear do you most like to wear & why?
2. What style of underwear do you find most appealing and/or flattering or men?
3. What style of underwear do you find most appealing and/or flattering on women?
4. Which gender(s) are you attracted to?
5. Are there any styles of underwear for any gender that you find repulsive (or just not very sexy)?
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(no subject)

Ok, so how do you guys feel about parking spaces for people with Hybrid cars? Handicap parking, obvious. Parking for the elderly, completely understandable. Parking for parents, cool- but maybe I am biased. But this is just too much. I mean, I understand rewarding people for being environmentally conscious, but not everyone can afford a $40,000 car. I am in a state of utter confusion.

(no subject)

are different domain types actually legally/whateverly limited to different groups (.gov = government agencies, .edu = schools, .org = non-profits), or can anyone buy any of those and make pretend?

do any of you guys do herbal witchy tincture/tea stuff?
oh mr. tea

Oh my god, shoes

TQC, I need some cute shoes. I'm getting married next May and have a cute tea-length dress, and that means I need some damn cute heels, in a cute bright color (preferably teal, but blue/purple/orange would work too), that aren't chunky or more than 3" tall AND that come in a size 9. It's apparently a tall order. So! Questions!

1. Do you know of any cute teal shoes? Will you show me a picture/link? Or just any cute shoes you think would look cute?

2. What's your favorite online shoe place (besides zappos, piperlime, the usuals -- more along the line of Chinese Laundry stuff)?
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(no subject)

Do you think it's fair for there to be reserved parking for professors at a University/College closest to the classroom buildings?

Why or why not?

Consider this: at most malls/shopping centres the employees are required to park father away from the building.
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(no subject)

I am going to a funeral tomorrow. I find myself lacking proper attire for the occasion. I have a pair of black skinny jeans (not super skinny, but definitely fitted). Do you think they would be appropriate to wear?

(no subject)

what's your opinion on sleeping with a married man?
It's only sex, if that makes a difference?

Edit: For those of you calling me a home wrecker, it's not me i'm asking about!

My bestie has started a thing with a married man, and she's so happy with the arrangement. I don't approve, but I just wanted to know what others thought. i didn't think i'd be attacked just for asking.

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Girl and Boy go to club, start dancing. Girl gets drunk.

Random Guy goes up to Girl. Girl goes up to him, dances near him, apparently takes his hand.
Girl does not remember any of this and was too drunk to realize she was doing it.
Boy is very hurt.
Girl, seeing Boy is walking away, goes after him. Boy is upset, and refuses to talk to drunk Girl, walking away from her.

Girl, drunk, wanders around the club, looking for Boy. Random Guy keeps following her, trying to grab her away, but she keeps slipping by, scared, looking for Boy. Finally, end of the night, Girl finds boy, sits near him while he talks to his friends. Then, Boy takes drunk Girl home. Boy says he was watching Girl the whole time.

Boy is upset because Girl drunkenly tottered off with some random Guy.
Girl is upset because Boy left her alone drunk and scared in a club, afraid for her safety.

Who is right?


What can be added to hamburger so that the patties won't be so crumbly? I'm working with some crumbly raw meat here.
Considered an egg but worry that it'll make it taste too much like meatloaf.

(no subject)

So for a project, I have to improve one of my strengths (chosen from a list/MC test) - Emotional Intelligence.
What are some activities I can do (and have proof of, as in photos, reference letters, etc.) to prove that I've been trying to improve my emotional intelligence?

And on an easier note, how have you been unproductive today?
I went shopping instead of studying.

(no subject)

what is worse - having a nightmare or waking up in the middle of a really awesome dream?

what is the best (or worse) dream you remember having?

do you/have you ever had reoccurring dreams?

and for all you carl jungs out there: i have these reoccuring dreams about plane crashes. i'm never on the plane, i'm always on the ground watching it fall out of the sky. sometimes there's more than one plane crashing, and a lot of times they crash into a body of water, usually the ocean (except one time it crashed into the reflecting pool in front of the lincoln memorial ... lol). wtf do these mean? seriously i have them 2x a week.

(no subject)

I'm on Zoloft- about 100 mg daily. Due to a recent insurance fuck up- I haven't been able to get it refilled in the past week- so I am a week off of my meds (I have been on it for 6 months). I am experiencing head pain, difficulty waking up and dizziness. Is this because of the sudden lack of meds? Has anyone had something like this happen to them?

Anyone have negative effects on Zoloft (like hot flashes? I have hot flashes like a woman in menopause)

Would you rather....

A) Shoes that fit in the toes but not in the heels (they slip out)
B) Shoes that fit in the heels but were tight in the toes (a little pinchy, maybe they will stretch?)

I tried the heel things to keep them from slipping but it didnt work, then i exchanged them for the next size down and they are making my toes claustrophobic

Should I give up?

The offending shoes: http://www.columbia.com/womens-casual-shoes-boots/women-footwear-casual,default,sc.html?sz=1&start=2

What is your favorite brand of footwear? Mine: Teva's
sneaker love

(no subject)

Inspired by jame_alec from this post.

I've had alligator (it's spelled crocodile btw) and deer.

For those of you who have eaten both alligator and crocodile, what's the difference (in taste)?

For everyone else, what do you think the difference is, if there is one?

What is "being immature" to you?

If someone is aware of immaruity and embraces it, do consider that to be immature? Do you think it's mature when one claims they are mature and point out others who are not? Do you think experiences like sex and such make you mature? If so, then are nuns immature? What is being mature to you?
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(no subject)

When was the last time you played The Question Game?

Have you ever read/seen Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead?

EDIT: How can you not know what The Question Game is? Haven't you ever played a game where you can only speak in questions?

(no subject)

TQC. I have a serious problem.

My room mate snores. Yeah, very funny. NOT. Seriously, I cannot fall asleep at night because she snores SO badly. I've tried earplugs, listening to my ipod and I can't afford to keep purchasing tylenol PM (which doesn't even work most of the time) My grades are going down the tube because I'm falling asleep in class. I look like complete shit. Next semester, I want to try and get a new room mate/a single but how can I break this to my room mate? Besides the snoring, she isn't very difficult to live with and a nice girl.

Oh hay thar

for people who wear MAC makeup

Hi, I am selling lots of MAC makeup on Ebay right now. I barely know the value of it or anything about makeup for that matter. So, anyways, this girl asks me for the manufacturer number on the bottom of a bottle of lotion. I give it to her and she replies, "HAHAHA fake. thx but no thx, enjoy ripping ppl off tho"

I tried Googling various things to see how she came to this conclusion but I can't find _anything_. I know for an absolute fact my MAC stuff is authentic because I got it from them directly as a thank you for giving them a discount on their advertising with the magazine I work at. So...what's up with this? Or is she just a nutjob?

(no subject)

I'm taking a few online classes this semester, as I've done successfully in the past. One of them had a midterm this week, available starting Monday at midnight, which is the technical beginning of the class week. I took the test around 8PM Monday and did worse than I'd hoped. Tuesday morning, the teacher emailed a study guide, which hadn't been mentioned anywhere on the site previously. I really want to reply to the email saying something to the effect of "It would have been nice to have that before the test," only less bitchy. Bad idea, y/n?

Or, what operating system do you use and how do you feel about it?

(no subject)

My boyfriend is getting home in a couple days from a 2 week Alaska trip. What are some ideas on what I could do for him? Maybe steal him from his driveway right when he gets back and go on a picnic? Leave a note at his door to have him meet me somewhere? Help me out :)
k.bell ♥ biggest smile

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I just sold my first used book on Amazon, and I'm officially a "seller" now. I buy used books from there all the time, because I love reading books that someone else has read before me, and then sending them on to someone else if I'm through with them. And I can keep them if I like them enough because they weren't rented like from a library.

Does anyone else like reading used books? This is very exciting for me; life is slow these days.

(no subject)

So that haunted gingerbread house I posted about the other day.... guess how long it took me? (from scratch... and I had to spend a half hour repairing what my dogs had nibbled off)

edit: the link contains the answer. here's a picture:

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(no subject)

So I was watching the Leafs get annihilated yet again when my carbon monoxide detector started going off. I panicked real quick, then called the gas company. They'll be sending someone within the next 4 hours, and as long as I keep the windows open, I should be ok inside.

So TQC, is this a false alarm or am I going to pass out soon? I've been home all day with a headache, but I dunno.

OR for those of you who don't give a hoot, do you cheer for any sports teams that just never seem to win? GO LEAFS GO!
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(no subject)

Have you ever met anyone who truly thinks/feels that music is just noise? Who truly hates music?
No, and I can't even begin to imagine it. I love music more than life itself, some days.

What is your favorite piece of free software you have installed on your computer? (Note, free in the sense that it's Freeware, not "it was free to me") Where did you download it from?
RocketDock! CNet, I think.

Which web browsers do you use?
Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer

If you don't gaf about any of those questions, what book are you reading right now?
The Time Traveler's Wife, still
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(no subject)

So, I don't have to be at class tomorrow until 11:15. This is much different than usual; most weekdays I am out the door by 7:15. Should I spend that extra time tomorrow morning being productive, or should I do something fun? Any suggestions?

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(no subject)

I think I'm going crazy. Someone said something to me that triggered part of a phrase in my head, that I swear is an actual phrase from somewhere, but I don't know what.

"Who will _____ when we/I are/am gone?" I'm not sure if it's we or I and I could swear it's a at least semi-famous quote that I might be wording somewhat wrong.

Does anyone have a clue what I might be trying to think of?

jraven and rachellynne, thank you - I think it was something like, "Who will take my place when I am gone". I just couldn't fit it all together. It was simple but not coming to me. Thank you everyone else for giving me lots of fun other answers!
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(no subject)

Have any of you ever played warmup games for band or theatre or anything? If so, what's your favorite one and how do you play it?
I'm in an acting class this semester and am just being introduced to all sorts of warmup games, and I love them all and want to learn more! So far I know Big Booty, King George, Zip Zap Zop, 1776, and Bird Beast Fish.

What food have you most recently fallen in love with?
I just discovered Sour Path Xploderz and I can't stop eating them!!!

(no subject)

Damn it. I just tried calling IKEA customer service but it's closed.

Can anyone tell me if IKEA furniture is returnable/refundable once you've already assembled it? I bought a bed frame not too long ago, assembled it, and in the past week, I've decided that it just doesn't fit into my room very well.

Just asking in case anyone has had experience with this...
I <3 TLV


I'm finally getting a DSLR! I'm deciding between two Canon Rebels - the XS and the XSi. How useful are the XSi's extra features? I know I don't need more than 10 megapixels, but I don't know enough about the other extra features to know how necessary they are. I can afford either, so which would you recommend getting? Save some money and get the XS, or just buy an XSi?