October 12th, 2009


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Tomorrow starts spirit week at my school and I'm probably going to be one of the few seniors not going over the top. It's ~mix and match Monday.

Were you a really involved senior (or high school student in general) with lots of school spirit, did you just not care or were you somewhere in between? Did you go to prom and all the senior activities?

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I need  fancy cool name for my Halloween Party. I'm throwing it the day before Halloween, but all I can come up with is Halloween Happy Hours and Halloween Pre Party. Can anyone give me some ideas? What should my Halloween party's name be?

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For those of you who are/have lived in dorms at college:

What was the one little mundane thing you miss(ed) most from living in your own place?

For me, it's having my own damn bathroom that doesn't look fresh out of a Walmart or something. :/ I had to go to four different bathrooms in my building just to find one that still had toilet paper in it. D:

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1) how should i recycle my liquor bottles without my parents noticing? i'm 21, i just feel like they'd disapprove.

2) i only have pineapple rum and no mixers. should i drink anyways?

3) i took a drug test for target last monday at 11am. when should i expect the results?

new question: will target still hire me if i fail a drug test because of weed?
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I'm not sure I can even articulate this adequately, it's so weird.

It's my car radio. Every station plays the same song. When I turn my car on, the same song plays from the same spot as when I turned it off the last time, just like a CD, only it's the FM radio. It is a loop of about 10 or 12 of the most eclectic, unrelated songs (Mozart, a Lynard Skynard cover, some Imogean Heap, and hip hop song I do not recognize). It has been this way for months. I cannot figure out what is wrong with it.

Two other interesting, weird things. I can tell it is being transmitted from somewhere, because there is varying static like a radio station, only, like I said, all the stations play the same song.

Also, you know when Windows has an error, it makes that beep sound? Well, on one of the songs, there's an error sound just like that. There error is in the same song in the same spot.

At first, I thought maybe I had tapped into some sort of weird satellite station, but that doesn't explain why it plays the same song from the same spot when I turn on the car.



ETA:  It is definitely NOT the CD player.  it happens even when there is a totally unrelated CD in the player and i have it on FM mode.

a letter to my friend

Dear friend,

I think that there is no hell but there might be heaven. IMHO the God can't be that vindictive as to condemn his children no matter how horrible is their crime to the eternal tortures. But as long as He is omnipotent He can arrange special heaven for the chosen ones.
IMHO His worst punishment would be the eternal death.
The next punishment would be the curse to children.
Take Hitler or Lenin. They both had no children. The lesser evil Stalin had children but the God's mills are slow. The damned would be his childrens' children.
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I'm looking for a new winter coat now that it's getting cold in Chicago.

I thought I might look at North Face, but realized that I don't have $400 to spend on a coat.

Where did you get your warm winter coats? What brand are they?
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Has anyone ever had a pet octopus? If so, can you tell me about it?

If not, can you tell me about a wild animal that you'd love to have as a pet?

If you have pets, do you ever dream about them?

And since we're talking about pets, you can show me yours if that's what you'd like to do?
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Inspired by a Jezebel post

Why do you buy stuff?

I need it to to live (food stuff)
I need it to learn (schoolbooks/pens/highlighters/flashdrive)
I can't go around naked (clothes/shoes/accessories)
It's only one dollar and it's used! (most of my book collection lately)
I need to my cheap books (I do paperbackswap.com)
I need it to avoid babies (contraception)
Because movies are meant to be seen on huge screens and music is meant to be heard live (movies/concerts)
Because it's a birthday or it's for my friend's kid.

Why do you not buy stuff?

It's pink (albeit if it's closer to purple I'll buy it)
It has a logo all over it/has brand names all over (some exceptions apply)
It's a brand new book
It's not flattering on my body
I lack a job.
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I'm considering getting a perm. A salon in town advertises basic perms for $55 and up, and spiral perms for $80 and up.
Aside from pricing, what is the difference?

If you don't know/care...how long is your hair?
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A company contacted me via Monster.com which I had previously applied to about six months ago from a different account. It turned out to be a huge scam. What are some good ideas to fuck with them? I'm bored and it's scary how I almost fell for it (until I Googled the company name a day before I signed tax papers with them). They also called me four or five times to harass me after I told them I wouldn't be taking the job and that they should Google their company name, so I want to fuck with them if at all possible.

When you apply for jobs, if you don't fit all of their requirements, do you still apply? Has anyone ever gotten a job that way? A lot of places are like "Oh, you need to speak fluent Spanish" (I took five years of Spanish and understand it, but I'm not the best at speaking it) or "5+ years experience as an administrative assistant" (I have two/three)

When you find yourself unemployed/out of school, how do you keep yourself organized, on a "normal" schedule, and motivated to keep searching for jobs?

Also, ACORN hasn't given me the rest of my paycheck (they skimped out on two days of pay), nor have they written me a letter saying I was laid off so I can claim benefits after I both spoke to someone in person and sent emails. How do I show them not to fuck with me?
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It's totally legit that I don't want to see someone for a while because they failed to read my mind, Y/Y?

What paranoid/insecure thoughts do you have?

Edit: What are you irrationally angry about?
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At my office, the guys cook lunch for everyone almost weekly. Sometimes it's just hot dogs and brats, sometimes it's steaks and pork chops. We're pretty spoiled. :)

But for Christmas the girls always make something for them. And since I'm good in the kitchen it's always me that does the cooking. Every year so far I've either done tacos or lasagna.

What else could I do that would be easy to put together for about 15-18 people, but wouldn't seem like an easy cop out? The meat in it has to be beef as I work for a beef company, though pork might work too. I'd get laughed at for bringing chicken into the office.
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Oh hai

I am making a compost bin for my yard next weekend. I see many ways to do this after some googling.

So now I am wondering if anyone in the TQC has done this and if so how did you do it?

Next time, would you do anything differently?
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IF you aren't already a parent..

Do you want to have kids? Why or why not?

I am undecided, I don't feel that ~motherly~ when I am around kids.. even when they are on their best behavior.
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Any of you guys into roller derby?

I just saw my first bout on Saturday (it was the championship, TXRD Lonestar Rollergirls, the Hellcats against the Cherry Bombs, Hellcats won!) and it was just about the most awesome, exciting thing I've ever seen! I think I'm hooked, and once the season starts again in January, my buds and I plan to make it a regular thing to go watch. I also think I'd like to start roller skating myself (not necessarily to become a roller derby girl myself, but if I'm good at it, who knows?). It looks like fun and a good way to work out, but I don't want to spend a lot of money on skates and pads and such only to find out I suck at it or don't actually enjoy it. Is it common for skate shops to rent out skates? I don't feel like a couple trips to a roller rink would give me an accurate feel of how much I'd actually like skating, I'd like to maybe rent a pair of skates for a month, try them out on my own, and see what it's like. Or maybe a roller rink would be the best way to go. I don't know. Any advice from someone with experience in that field would be welcome. :)

And if you have no idea about that, what would your rollergirl name be? Mine would be Sunny Burn. >:)
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I really need some new sweatpants, pajama pants and other winter-friendly clothes but have zero time to go shopping.

What is something you need to do but don't have the time to do it?
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Is it bad that my daughter refers to black people as chocolate, brown people as caramel and white people as vanilla?

She's done this since she could talk and I don't think that she thinks of any people who look different than she does as being beneath her or unequal to her.  I just think this is how she acknowledges the physical differences between how she looks and how they look.
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I unsubscribed from this lady on YouTube either Friday or Saturday. Why are her videos still showing up in the subscriptions box on the homepage? If I click View All, she's not there, so it recognizes that I unsub'd her. Does it just take a little while? I don't remember ever unsubbing anyone before.

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For my final assessment this semester (I'm a Digital Arts Major), I am doing a performing/interactive/digital art piece about spreading positive messages. To this end, I need to make and advertise a website.

do you think it would be too confusing for people if my url was www.namegoeshere.info ?

Will people get that that is a website that they should visit, or will the lack of .com / .net / .org confuse them too much? the .com/.net/.org for the domain I want are all taken; but I could get a .com.au or a .net.au - but that would involve registering myself for an ABN and that might complicate my takes.
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I'm planning to buy a new laptop soon.

I know more-or-less exactly what I want, but what brands should I look at? (No Mac suggestions please!)

I've looked around at laptop ratings, but they're almost always different. The only ones I've seen consistently at the top are Toshiba and Alienware. I've had a Dell most of my life without complaint though. I have an ASUS now and am not too impressed by it.

What brands do you recommend (or recommend to avoid!)?

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If you were to get fast food from somewhere RIGHT NOW, where would it be and what would you get? 
I'm going to the doctor in an hour or so, and I'm going to treat myself to something unhealthy afterward; just can't decide what.

How often do you get fast food? Do you have a "usual" somewhere?

*batts eyelashes*

1. What have your experiences been with getting people in a sales/proffessional professional capacity to give you favourable treatment using your ~feminine wiles~ (or masculine wiles)?

2. Do you find being friendly or being difficult/forceful works better?

3. Have you ever given different treatment to a client/customer for reasons such as being pretty/friendly etc?

4. What is your most effective method to achieve favourable treatment?

5. Why isn't my firefox spell check working? Installed an Australian dictionary and it's allll gooood now :)

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1. So there you are in the grocery store, and you need to pick out a bottle of fabric softener, because the bottle at home is nearly empty. You find a brand you trust at a reasonable price, but there are two scents available: Mountain Fresh and Spring Fresh. Same quantity in the bottle, same price per bottle, same number of doses per bottle - it's just they have different scent names.

How do you decide? How do you keep from going crazy at the decision point?

2. Do you have as much trouble keeping Cole Porter and Noel Coward straight as I do?

3. How about the difference between tweed and twill?


Single songs

Is there a way I can download just one song instead of having to download the entire cd and then delete everything I don't want?

I'm so tired of the download time being four hours when all I want is one freaking song.
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What celebrities/famous persons/infamous persons would you go gay for?
What celebrities/famous persons/infamous persons would you go straight for?

My answer: I'm straight and I would go gay for Christina Hendricks, Lucy Griffiths, or Nigella Lawson
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I'm about to start selling books and things on the Amazon Marketplace. Should I make a whole new amazon account and seperate email address for all of this to keep it all seperate? Or should I just use my regular email address (which I try to keep as spam free as possible) and the amazon account I already have?

What do you think?

ETA: I made the account already through my regular email. Hopefully it will be fine.

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Where can I find baby-related cookie cutters, like a bottle and carriage?  I'd rather not buy them online if I can help it and I've already looked at a Michael's, a Target, a Walmart, and a party store.

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TQC, what's stressing you out right now?

What's your favorite feel-good movie?

Collapse )

EDIT: Okay you guys, I called her back and told her I was totally unavailable. She sounds kind of pissed, but I honestly give less than a fuck.
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Scary Lit

I'm in the mood to read a legit. scary book. Might you recommend the scariest book you've ever read?

Difficulty: No Stephen King (as I've read a lot of them and hate surfing through the 9000 pages of character development).

Thanks! :D
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Would getting somebody to write the program notes for my Senior Recital be cheating?

Nothing says that I have to write them, it just gives guidelines for appropriate program notes and when and where they should be turned in.
And it isn't like I get graded on them. The 'class' is based on how well I perform. I don't think I even get a grade, it's just pass/fail.
I'll undoubtedly end up writing them myself. But I would like opinions on this.
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I learnt German and French at school and can recognise a little when people are talking, but i really want to brush them both up a lot. Especially french.

Do you speak more then one language?
Are you bi/trilingual?
Was it easy to learn?
Do you wish you learnt/knew more languages?

Can anyone rec any good ways learn? I've got next to no money and time after work so lessons won't work, any other good ways?
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How much time should pass after someone else's wash cycle ends before I take their clothes out of a washing machine and put them on a table? Not that the clothes are done washing, but I really need to use the damn machines and with the track record of this building, upwards of an hour will pass before the guy comes to move his clothes to a dryer.

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So say you've met someone on the internet. You've talked for a year and a half. You are attracted to each other, and you're meeting for the first time. Guy lives over an hour away from girl. Guy travels there and meets girl at gas station. She says to follow him and he says okay. Halfway to their destination guy turns around and texts "sorry, got cold feet."

What the hell? Why would he do this? Would you travel that far to meet someone and then not go through with it?

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My roommate's grandmother just passed, they were quite close. I bought some pink and white daisies, and I'm currently working on a card. I wrote something along the lines of "I'm sorry for your loss. I'll always be around if you want to talk."

What would you write in the card?
Do you think pink and white daisies are too bright for the occasion?
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For a few months at least I've had these little bumps pop up in the back of my mouth (around my tonsils) that last for a few days before going away. I poke at them with my tongue - or somethings a fork or a knife - and eventually they pop. They're filled with some gooey liquid like pus. They are not painful. Does anyone know what these are? Googling "bumps in my mouth" reveals stuff like canker sores or things on the lips.

Also, is it normal to be able to see your tonsils/feel them with your tongue? My left tonsil seems to be a lot bigger than my right 'cause I poke at it all the time.
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For those of you who enjoy reading and would consider yourselves relatively busy: When do you find time to do it?

I adore reading and want to be able to do it more, as it helps keep my stress level down, but I can never seem to find the time. How do you all do it?


Feelings and farm animals

1. I'm jealous about something stupid (someone on my flist), so to cope better I'm drinking cheap chardonnay

How do you deal with unwanted, ridiculous emotions?

2. For those of you who have a Facebook and play Farmville, I'm looking to add some neighbors. Wanna be my neighbor?

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Lately I've been reading a lot of "how to survive the recession" articles, and it's depressing because 99% of the money-saving tips they offer only apply to people who are/were pretty well-off. It's all things like "rent out a few bedrooms in your house" or "sell your luxury car and buy a less expensive one". I'm seriously expecting to see something like "stop sprinkling diamonds on your cereal every morning".

What are the most ridiculous recession-related tips you've read or heard?
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Since 6:20 this morning, Facebook has told me I could not access my account due to maintenance and to check back in a couple of hours. It's been over twelve - is this happening to anyone else? I know my friends can get on because they're sending me msgs and such. Also, I checked downforeverybodyorjustme but since it says maintenance and friends or on, it did not surprise me that it said it's just me.
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About ten minutes ago, I heard all this commotion going on outside, Then some guy was yelling into a cell phone his address, and a woman was screaming, "HURRY! HURRY!" About eight minutes ago, two fire engines rolled up, along with an ambulance and about two police cars. And more police cars and coming still! There are, like, seven out there!

If someone had gotten hurt by, say, falling down a flight of stairs, would police show up in that instance? Did something criminal happen out there?

Have you ever had a brigade of police, fire engines, and ambulances outside your residence? Did you ever find out what happened?

EDIT: I'll crosspost this at tqc_updates, but my mom just found out from a neighbor that someone got stabbed. And apparently, the person got super crazy gnarly stabbed. Now they're CSI-ing it up out in front of our house. They got the police tape and the little yellow numbers everywhere.

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I really want to drink tea/coffee/coke but it'll make me want to pee and I'm working all by my lonesome so I can't leave to go to the bathroom! What would you do? Non serious answers are welcome.

Animals and your digestive track

What animals have you eaten?


What would you like to eat?

None. Eww

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Does anyone know of any good music from India and the Middle East? Whenever I walk in to 7-11, I love the music they have but never know how to search for it and I'm too shy to ask :(

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Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong time period?
If so, what time period do you think you should've been born in?

Can you just listen to classical music or does it put you to sleep?
Or are you like me who can do both, but when just listening to it, dissect each instrument looking for errors or just to hear what instrument has what part?
Also, can you tell when they have up or down bows?


if you are a member, have you received any packages from them yet? or will you be ordering anything on the 15th when they restock?

i also have invites if anyone would like one.

if you don't care about lockerz, will you tell me about the last item of junk food you consumed?
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1. what was your least favourite book in high school?

2. have you read any typical "school books" on your own time that your school didn't cover? which? did you enjoy them?

3. should i bother with other margaret atwood books if i hated oryx and crake and handmaid's tale?

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If you have someone's Facebook statuses and stuff hidden (but they aren't blocked/deleted), and they comment on something of yours, does it show up? 

What are your plans for Halloween? 
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If you're poor and you watch shows that portray rich people:
Does it make you feel bad?
Does it make you wish you could live that life style?
Does it make you try to live that lifestyle?

If you're poor and you watch shows that portray poor people:
Does it make you feel not so bad?
Do you accept what life has dealt you and learn to love it?

Personally I like watching stuff like It's Always Sunny, Flight of the Conchords, and The Young Ones, because it makes me more proud that I only have 3 pairs of jeans, shared a room my whole life, have a bathroom with no doorknob, have a non-functioning kitchen, and make stuff for people as gifts instead of buying things.
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I'm trying to log in to Blackboard but it keeps telling me "an error occurred while the system was processing this login request." I googled the error and supposedly it means that the username (as opposed to just the password) is invalid but the person it belongs to swears up and down that I am using the right one (they even wrote it down for me).

I know a good portion of you are students. ANY OTHER possible reason for that error/trick I can try to get in*? :(
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I'm doing some paintings for school based on "myspace self portraits". I've googled and spent some time going through myspace, but wondered if any of you had any quintessential myspace pics you could share with me. Thanks!
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Do you like the show Dexter? Have you seen the first 2 episodes of season 4 yet?
Do you get anxious watching it?

I am so freaking out (anxious) watching this second episode. I don't understand the wanting to hurt people and people able to cut up people's bodies and all that. But somehow more than that I am amazed he can handle the stress. I mean, I think about the little shit I worry about in my life. I could not imagine the stress I would have if I was trying to keep the fact that I murder people and cut up their bodies secret. And I'm just like "OMG DUDE HOW ARE YOU NOT FLIPPING OUT RIGHT NOW!"

Am I the only person who gets this anxious on behalf of a fictional character?

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Your best friend in the entire world and her boyfriend are sleeping in the same bed with you due to lack of space. None of you have seen each other in about three months. You're almost asleep when you start hearing noises. They're having sex. Good sex, from the sounds of it. What do you do?
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Welcome to Mac Hell :D

Okay my roommate just got a Cinema HD 24" Display Monitor. But we have no idea how to hook it up. She has a white 13" MacBook from last year. The monitor didn't come with any sort of set up instructions. How do we do this???