October 11th, 2009

Blue Ji 2

Late night thoughts...

Scenario: a young teenage girl was pregnant, father no where to be seen, her family hid her until she had the baby, and when she came back the family led everyone to believe the girl's mother is the one who had the baby and raised the child making them believe their actual mother all these years is just their sister

A: Do you think this is right morally?
B: Would you ever do this for the sake of social status?
C: How would you feel if as an adult you found out your mother is actually your grandmother, and that your sister is actually your mother?
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Cooking over skillet

(no subject)

What is your favorite dish to make from scratch?

Have you ever made pumpkin pie totally from scratch? How did it turn out? Care to share your recipe?

What are some older movies, not quite truly old, but 10-15 years old, that you love?

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Is there a biological/physiological reason behind why I (and others I know) get tired of eating rich foods really quickly (i.e., can't finish a whole bowl of creamy-cheesy-meaty pasta even tho it's delish) but I can eat un-fatty foods endlessly without tiring of it? It has little to do with how much I LIKE the food.

I mean, of course it's somehow related to my physiology since it's happening in my body, but is there a REASON for it, or is it happening...just because?

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How do you feel about tattoos? Do you have any or are you planning to get any? If so, what? If you're not a fan, why not?

I really love text tattoos. I would love to get something in both the handwriting of my sister and the handwriting of my mom. I also want to get 28 in roman numerals somewhere because 28 was the address of the house my siblings and I grew up in.
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Do any of you know what these cookies are called? I've always just called them "Italian butter cookies" but I wonder if they have an actual name.

Or even better! Do any of you have a recipe for those kind of cookies? I got one off of a recipe website, but it ended up just being a sugar cookie after I made it. Still delicious, but decidedly NOT the same thing.

I have emailed my Italian grandmother and I hope she has some sort of recipe she got from her mother but I'm impatient and can't wait til the morning when she writes back, lol.

Bonus question! What is your favorite kind of cookie?

This might be a better picture of what I'm looking for.


What would you do if you found out your significant other was cheating on you over the internet?
IE sharing pictures, having sex chat, sex voice chat, webcam, that sort of thing..


So I'm tempted to send the girl I like links to the [so-far] three things she's inspired that i've written. [
and i
, brownie batter sundae, everything is not for certain for reference. entries are public so y'all can read them, if you wish.]

TQC, why would this be a bad idea? Conversely, why would this be a good idea?

[I mean the worst she can do is not talk to me ever again, yeah?]

ETA: Decided against it [for now]. New question!

What are your thoughts on chickens? [Not necessarily for eating but also for pet chickens]?

I like 'em.

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Has anyone here had their college paid for by vocational rehabilitation services? For what (if you don't mind sharing)? Was it hard to get?

I just found out that I could have it paid for because of my disability, so I'm wondering about the process.
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Do you remember when you entered the real world (i.e. got your first full time job)? Do you remember how you found time for anything else? Did you use any particular method?

On a related note, if you could only read one book a month, what books would you read in which order? (Gimme up to a year's worth if you want, but any amount is fine)  1. being most desirable and going down from there.

(no subject)

I have to read a song to my class. I already have one song in mind, but I was wondering if you knew of any songs that had funny lyrics?

Did you ever have to take a speech class in college? What was it like?

This class is basically how to read to people
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(no subject)

Have you ever had a dream in which you fall in love with someone who is totally a figment of your imagination and wake up feeling really weird in the morning?

How much do you know about your neighbors?

(no subject)

Halloween's my favorite holiday because I love getting to dress up in costumes. I feel like our icons could use a costume too.

If you post here I'll dress your icon up for Halloween.

-editing in a question for you guys-

What are you going to be for Halloween?
I don't care what your icon wants to be. I'm going to decide.
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(no subject)

What are your plans for today?
Mine is to eat sunflower seeds while watching Arrested Development and sleep a lot.

EDIT: Apparently, I am watching something else because they took off seasons 2 and 3 from Hulu.

(no subject)

Have you tried Google Wave yet?

Even if you haven't, what do you think of it so far?

As for me: I really hope it takes off, I think it's great so far. It certainly addresses some problems that I have with traditional email. Unfortunately I don't know that many people on it yet, I'm one of the lucky few with invite spots, however the people I've added don't have their invites yet.
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(no subject)

I pay almost all of my bills online though my bank's website.

This includes my condo association's dues. Online, it says that it was taken out of my account on September 21st, but the treasurer just called and said they never got it.

Do I just go into my bank tomorrow and say that they never got it?

Has this ever happened to you? How did it work out?

(no subject)

How much sleep do you think homeless people get? The ones who sleep in alleyways or on park benches. I'm sure they can't fall asleep early and I don't think it's like they ever get to sleep in, either. They have to get really, really sleep deprived!

Do you think birds have some sort of instinctal fear of heights? Height is still a threat to them if they get injured and fall down or something. Nothing like the human fear of heights, of course, but a shred of it?
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Don't you just HATE autoplay youtube videos? (postsecret has one right now and it's on my flist, annoying!)

When you eat a big holiday meal, what time do you usually eat it?

Will you make a post to TQC to push the stupid autoplay video off my flist, please?
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(no subject)

A few days ago, my mother received an apology letter over an incident that happened about 10 years ago.

(Details: my mom used to be a speech therapist. She was giving therapy to a 2 year old boy and it was very apparent that the boy was seriously delayed. The boy's mom was all like "you are an idiot you don't know what you're talking about, go away." This is common in that line of work, but whatever. I guess as the years went by, it became unavoidable that the kid had serious issues, and the mom came to terms with it. Her letter was actually really nice.)

A friend of mine also recently received a "I'm sorry if I was a dick to you in high school" e-mail via Facebook.

Have you ever apologized to someone for something after a few years have past? Why/what were you apologizing for?

Would such an apology be welcome to you? There is someone I'm considering apologizing to (and have been for a few years), but I'm worried she won't take it the right way, or something. Any advice on the matter?

(no subject)

will you tell me about people you know in really unhealthy relationships?

how annoying is it when a couple gets in fights constantly and you have to hear all about it/be there to witness it?

one time me and her and her guy friend were hanging out and she had to call her boyfriend and ask if it was okay that her guy friend came in and watched a movie with us (and her mom and brother were home too) and they got in a fight because he didn't approve and she walked away for ten minutes, just fighting with him on the phone and left me and her guy friend standing there awkwardly

also one time we went to zoolights with her boyfriend and they got in a fight and ignored each other the whole rest of the time. that was a blast.

i don't know how they're still together because they are so controlling of each other. they decided they were going to be together forever as juniors in high school after being together for a couple weeks.

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Guys, I'm starting a new job tomorrow (retail) and I'm pretty much the opposite of excited. After awful experiences in high school I never wanted to work retail ever again, but beggars can't really be choosers. Will you tell me about some GOOD experiences you've had working retail?

Alternatively/if you can't answer that one (haa...), will you tell me about the last time you improvised? I'm out of butter and so I used a few dabs of fat free cream cheese in my Kraft mac n' cheese instead of butter and it was DELICIOUS.

(no subject)

- Is the routine of eating a sweet dessert after a savory meal just a social norm, or is it actually beneficial to one's digestion/health/whatever to eat food in that order? I've heard the point that it's just a matter of balance--our meals are usually salty/savory and we want to even it out afterwards with sugar, but why not just have a meal comprised of both flavors at once and skip dessert altogether?

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I have verizon and i am seeing tons of hidden charges on my cell bill and a lot of stuff i did not agree to pay for. when i call, they take it off that bill, but it shows up again the next. i'm thinkin about switching to tmoble.

if you have tmobile, do you get any hidden charges?

if not, how do you feel about columbus day?

(no subject)

Hey, why not list your favourite Pixar films in order from best to worst?! The ones you've seen OBVS.

And if you haven't seen any Pixar movies, well I don't think I want to know you!

random thoughts about 'back in the day'

What are some songs that you think define the 60's? The 70's? 80's, 90's, now? What about movies that defined these time periods? Why?

The 70's is sometimes referred to as the "Me Decade"(in American culture). Do you think that Americans nowadays are more or less "me" focused than in the 70's? Why?

If you could have been born in another time, which would you choose to be born in and why?

Something I always wondered was if the terrorism scare of today's time can be said to be similar to either of the Red Scares. I've asked my parents and older family members who are more familiar with what it was like back then in regards to the public's fear of communism and if it can be compared to today's fear of terrorism, but none of them seem very willing to talk about it. Why do you think that is? Do you have any insights for me on this topic, whether its from your direct experience or stories you have heard from others?

What changes would you like to see happen in the next couple of years?
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I just realized that I never introduce myself when I'm waiting tables. I just say "can I start you off with a couple of drinks?" or something. I have a name tag, should I still introduce myself? Would that make me seem like a better waitress?

(no subject)

I'm pretty sure we have all seen racist, bigoted, sexist etc. views justified weakly with "I'm not because...".

Now, for fun, let's make some up....

For example:

I'm not racist because a friend of mine owns a Michael Jackson album.

I'm not a homophobe as I listen to The Bronski Beat and I own an Abba album.

I'm not anti-fat people, my Christmas cards have Santa Claus on them.

Can you think of any?
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Attention Newlyweds!

I have to make wedding announcements for my Grandma's wedding she just had last month. I believe she is asking me to type up something similar to the invitation that just explains that she got married? I don't really know what I'm supposed to say in them.

Has anyone married recently that sent out announcements a few months after having the ceremony? Can someone give me an example of what they wrote? She's 80 years old and he's 90 so the whole idea is kind of silly to me..oh yeah, she doesn't have a phone I can call her on to specify what the hell she even wants me to do.

Thanks in advance!

(no subject)

Should I dye my roots purple or red? I'm going to do this just for October..it'll go with one of my jobs but the other might get a bit pissy. Do you think a hat or visor would cover up my roots?

(no subject)

Does anyone know the web site that is primarily for making play lists? You can put pics on your play list or search for play lists made by other members. I can't remember what it is and I need it!

What music do you work out to? 
Do you have a work out play list? 

(no subject)

What are other things I can do to get over my ex besides the obvious "treat yourself well, get new hobbies...ect"?

It's been three months and I can still think about things and instantly want to cry.

(no subject)

I think I have bronchitis. However, every other time I've had bronchitis, I haven't had a fever or felt nauseous.

What in the world can I do for the nausea? It's the kind where the nausea alludes me into thinking I'm hungry instead, and then kicks my ass if I do eat, if that makes sense. I constantly feel like I'm going to throw up and nothing I've done will get the feeling to go away. :( 

I don't have ginger or ginger ale, so I need alternatives.


 Okay, normally I hear sounds in my dreams and I can see things in my dreams...but recently I've been tasting things in my dreams.  Like the taste of red vines and chicken fingers.  I've never noticed this before and I don't know if other people experience this as well or if I just ate a bug in my sleep.  

How many of your five senses make it into your dreams?

I've smelled smoke in my dreams and promptly woke up but the smell was gone.  It was kind of scary and I couldn't fall back to sleep.

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(no subject)

Would you ever partake in snowballing as a sexual game?

Have you heard of the sexual thrill of videotaping yourself masturbating, then uploading it to a website, and masturbating to the video of you masturbating? BECAUSE I JUST FOUND OUT MY EX IS INTO THESE THINGS.


(no subject)

What are the most common pet names for a SO where you are? What's one of the silliest ones you had?

I've heard "babe" a lot & don't like it much. I usually hear that one from American guys more than anyone else.
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(no subject)

How do you make yourself feel better when you're feeling physically lousy?

I don't necessarily have an illness right now but I'm exhausted, weak, achey, and I feel a slight tingling in my throat that I'm afraid could possibly turn into something. And I have a done of work that has to get done which doesn't help matters. Any tips/suggestions?
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I have vanilla bean ice cream, seedless raspberry sauce, and milk. This would make a delicious shake, y/n?

Would vanilla ice cream + orange juice be even more delicious?

Edit: It was not nearly as good as I was expecting =[
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(no subject)

Are you watching To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar at the moment? (It just started on BET).
If you've seen it, who's your favorite character?
If you haven't seen it, why not?!

Do you ever post questions just for the sake of seeing mail in your inbox?

tl;dr about me being sick

I know this is most likely a really dumb question, but is having swollen glands, specifically only on one side of your neck/throat, a bad sign? I don't have a thermometer, but I'm certain I have a fever, my head is pounding, and on one side of my neck, the glands is all swollen. I feel it most right under the corner of my jaw (right by the bottom of my ear) and back a little, and I feel a small lump a little lower on the back of the side of my neck. Is it possible that's a knot because I definitely slept badly last night. I posted something about not feeling great on Facebook and my dad started texting me freaking out about it. Do I have neck cancer? Am I dying? If it matters, my throat doesn't hurt now, but it did a few days ago, and I think they were swollen then, too. How do I fix this? I've been drinking a bunch of green tea and water and not eating anything particularly heavy or ridiculous (well, besides a couple Oreos. Bad me). We have a campus nurse/health center but I'm sure they're not open until Tuesday because of Columbus Day, and even if that weren't the case, they'd be closed now.

ETA: Also, is there a proper terminology for this kind of thing? I feel dumb saying 'neck glands' and 'swollen glands' but that's what my doctor always called it.
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(no subject)

So sometime in the very near future (once I don't have to worry about contaminating the food with whatever illness I'm fighting) I'm gonna make lemon shrimp with parmesan rice for dinner for my family.

What would taste good served with this?
Do I even need to serve anything else?
Are there any drinks/desserts/appetizers that would clearly taste awesome with this that for some reason I can't think of?
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(no subject)

What is an appropriate amount of time one must wait before dating again (after breaking up from a 3 year relationship)?

I really don't want to go through that rebound phase.

EDIT: thanks for the advice. My heart and mind are muddle messes :(

Experiments and Projects

Did you ever make a potentially boring experiment/project, that you could've made more interesting because it was "free-for-all"?
What was it about? How'd you conduct that experiment or create that project?

What was the best project you've ever done in your whole life? It doesn't have to be school-related.



(no subject)

are you comfortable with your weight/height? if not, what would you change?

what color eyes do you have?

what outfit do you wear when you have to go to class and you're in the worst mood ever/your entire body aches?

whats your favorite colour?

(no subject)

It's been 4 years since I've had to worry about the whole dating thing, so now I need some advice.

I sort of like this guy. We have the same interests, he seems fun, sweet, etc. However, I've only met him once, about 2 months ago, and only actually spoke to him directly for maybe 30 seconds. The rest of what I know about him, I've gathered from his Facebook, and somehow that is enough to help me develop a crush on him.

He plays rugby with a really close friend of mine's boyfriend. She was telling me about him last week when we hung out, and things seemed good. I would like to actually hang out with the guy again, like in a group setting, but actually talk to him this time. Should I just tell her (my friend) that and see what she can come up with? I would assume it's too weird to add him on Facebook, right? We have 8 mutual friends so I could say something like he was a suggested friend, but I still have a feeling it'd be creepy.

Help me out guys; it's been a while. :( 

(no subject)

Can anybody send me a .wav file of Party in the USA? Through megaupload/rapidshare/etc

To make this TQC friendly,

Do you like the song Party in the USA? Do you like Miley Cyrus?

I like the song/think it's catchy but I don't really like Miley Cyrus. I just need the song because my Chem teacher is crazy and he said if someone brings it in on a flashdrive or CD, he'll play it.

(no subject)

I just found out that a "serving" of Oreos is 3 cookies.

LOL. Who only ever eats 3 Oreos at once?! How many do YOU usually eat at once?

(ETA: thanks, guys, for making me feel like even more of a fatty than usual. lol.)

I want to make a (mini) sweet potato casserole tomorrow - just one sweet potato (as there is only one of me) in a tiny baking dish with butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, topped with marshmallows. In the past I've boiled the potatoes for a little while before cutting them up, but the last few times I've made it, the potatoes have been kind of ...stringy. :T Not so good. How do I prevent this from happening??
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(no subject)

Since I'm having one hell of a time finding a job in this economy, I'm thinking about taking a few months to go to Israel. There are two free programs. One is hospitality-based, and one is community service-based. The hospitality one is more inclusive (plane ticket back, food, health insurance - the community service trip doesn't include any of those), but I have no background or interest in hospitality/tourism, although I suppose it could be an okay experience. Which would you do?

EDIT: Here are the descriptions of the trips: http://www.destinationisrael.com/free_eilat_hotel_experience/default.asp or this http://www.destinationisrael.com/free_community_involvement/
Viking boat

Drivers Ed Questions

I'm going to get my drivers license while I'm in the USA for school. Do I need a Social Security number before proceeding to get my temporary instruction permit from the S. of State? I was told by a lawyer friend that I am able to get a SS while here in the USA, so that won't be an issue, I'd just like to know before going.


(no subject)

Can you think of a rap or hip hop song that came out fairly recently that has really bad spelling/grammar? And yes I know a lot of them do, but if you can think of a specific example that would be great.

edit: also, it has to have not a lot of profanity/inappropriate content.

(no subject)

How would you feel if your best friend got married in Vegas without telling anyone about it beforehand?

I just found out my best friend is doing just that. He hasn't popped the question yet but he will have in the next 4 days before they come home. As much as I want him to be happy I kind of hate his gf/fiance (because she cheated on him and is trashy). I almost hope she says no and then they break up! Ugh.

(no subject)

Why, when I ran across the Kansas City vs Dallas game today while channel surfing, were the Kansas City Chiefs wearing red helmets with the state of Texas silhoutted in white on them? Last I checked, Kansas City was not in Texas.

Srs and non-srs answers, of course.

stupid ad is stupid :(

does anyone else ALWAYS see this ad online about
"single mom discovers 1 simple trick to turn yellow teeth white from home"
honestly it's driving me nuts, I constantly see it all over various sites
why is it everywhere?
or am I the only one who sees this advertisement....

(no subject)

In the UK, they redub Yo Gabba Gabba! so that everyone, even DJ Lance Rock, has an English accent. (But then they dub Bob the Builder here to have an American accent. So, go figure.)

1. My question to you is what was the last thing to make you go, "Huh, weird?"

2. What was the last subtitled or dubbed movie you've watched? Was it any good?