October 10th, 2009


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what are your favorite beauty tips? favorite products?

personally, i love my natural bristle brush. it was only like $5 at walmart, but it doesn't rip my hair out the way plastic brushes do, and i think it makes my hair way softer, too.

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Is it weird to go to a comedy show alone? 

Demitri Martin is going to be in Cleveland next week and I REALLY WANT TO GO but the one friend I have here is busy. Is it lame if I go alone?

get thee to a nunnery

Dear TQC,

I am about to embark on a perilous journey called celibacy. I know this will be a dark and scary time in my life. I am concerned my vagina might fall off (use it or lose it, right) but for my mental health its just absolutely essential.**

Has anyone tried celibacy before? How did it go?

Got any tips?

** A note about my situation: Collapse )

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There's a strange phenomena that has been happening to me for years, so I thought I'd ask your good selves.

It's 4am here & I am wide awake. Hyperactive. Extra witty (well I think so) And pretty much acting like a hyperactive 5yr old.

I've had no caffeine, sugar or drugs. This has been happening on the nights I really can't sleep ever since I was in my teens.

Why do you think it happens?

Any strange things about yourself you'd care to share?
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Within the last 24 hours, three of my housemates have vomited. One at 6 AM, another at 10 PM, the third is in the bathroom now.

So, when do you think my doom will come TQC? It seems to come on suddenly and strongly with no forewarning.

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Yesterday (Friday), I woke up with a tiny bit of a scratchy throat that made me cough a little bit. We had a high pollen count so I attributed it to allergies, but last night, I started feeling bad and took my temperature. It was around 99.5F the whole night.

I just woke up shivering, so I took my temperature. It's now 100.7F, and my chest sort of hurts. Cough is still there, but it was barely there to begin with and it's a dry cough.

Am I dying, TQC? I took two ibuprofen and am drinking some OJ. What else can I do to try and get the temperature down (and stay down) and be better by Monday? 
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video games

dear tqc, my xbox 360 needs more friends, care to share your gamertag?

don't have an xbox... well then what was your last bad injury?

I'll post my answers in the comments

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So, a customer was talking about traditional gifts. It's his fifth year anniversary and he was looking for wood. My coworker, of similar background as I, had no idea what he was talking about. Even between the customer and I, we couldn't name all the traditional gifts, though.

So, TQC, what are the (Western) traditional anniversary gifts? Paper is for your first anniversary, obviously, and cotton is second, and wood is fifth, and twenty-fifth is silver and fiftieth is gold/yellow diamond, but what about the rest?

ETA: Now that we have the list in comments, did your parents adhere to it? Will you/have you done so?

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Does anyone else get angular chelitis (the corners of your mouth getting dry and cracked when it's cold and dry)?

Does anyone have any home remedies for easing the discomfort? My B vitamin intake is pretty good so I don't think it's connected to that. I keep the area dry until it heals. It's just really painful to have the wound keep pulling apart every time I open my mouth. :(

When a body meets a body coming through the rye

Poll #1469054 Death, no taxes

Feeling happy, go-lucky. People call me plucky. I'm feeling good today. The birds are chirping...somewhere, the sun is shining...somewhat. It's the weekend. It's a goodie. So.....shall we talk about death? When you happily shuffle off this mortal coil, possibly in some tragic yet comical swimming-with-the-manatees incident, what would you like to see happen to your body afterwards?

Burial. Old school never grows out of fashion
Cremation. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes, and me in one awesome urn
Cremation. I'll do the dust to dust ashes to ashes thing, but just pour me out over my favorite location
Body Worlds. Peel off my skin and put me in an exhibition, where I'll be seen by millions
Donate my body to science. Let them use me for biological experiements or whatnot
Donate my body to the medical community. They can use my body to help educate future doctors
Throw me in the woods. I don't need to be remembered
Burial at sea. Infinity in Davey Jones' locker
Shallow grave in the middle of the desert.
Necrophiliac orgy! Let my final act be to help those get off who have trouble getting off
Stuffed/taxidermed, and possibly turned into a coat rack
Turned into a diamond, and then set on a ring or necklace, so my loved ones can wear me
Toss my body in the lion's cage at the zoo. Let my body feed the hungry animals
Cryogenics. When I'm about to go out, put me on ice, bb. I'll be frozen until they find a cure for what's killing me
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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Is there anyway to follow an RSS feed and have it sent to your email? I forget to check RSS feeds sometimes and end up with zillions of unread posts I have to go back and read.
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If you live in the suburbs, do you enjoy having neighbors or is it more of a pain?

For these options, which house would you get?

A) 5 min from work, newest house, least private & smallest yard, no updates needed, most expensive of all options

B) 10 min from work, beautiful yard/kitchen/bedrooms, private yard, but entire house has wallpaper that needs to be taken out

C) 25 minutes from work, awesome curb appeal, kitchen needs updated, further from shopping/amenities & traffic, private & biggest yard

Pube Dye

I am dying my pubes bright pink. To do this I need to first bleach them. Can anyone reccomend a good bleaching product that will be ok around my delicate lady bits?

*edited to add* yes I'm quite serious. I'm just a freak like that.
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Okay TQC, I need your help!

My mom`s birthday is next week and I`ve been planning a small birthday surprise for her. I am still hung up on what sort of treat I should make for the day.

The choices are:

A chocolate cake with chocolate custard filling and oreo cream cheese frosting.

Chocolate cupcakes with the oreo cream cheese frosting. I will attempt a fudge filling for these.

Which would you choose?

Second question, movie suggestions for one that likes Gladiator/Braveheart type movies?

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Poll #1469075 1, 2, 3, 4. Come on baby, Say you love me...

Are you the type of person that knows the lyrics to songs?

Every single word just from listening
Every single word. I read the liner notes or look the lyrics up online
I know some of them
Songs have lyrics?

Do you know the name of songs?

They only repeat it about 50 times in the song
Don't care

Do you know what track number songs fall on?

Track Number?

Do you listen to full albums?

From start to finish
Album? What's an album?
I only get single songs
You're dumb
I hate music
Evil Me

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Do you (you personally, not the general you) bring presents to house warming parties?
What kind of presents?

(as someone who may be buying a house in the next year I'd rather get nothing than a vase of flowers that will just die)
Absolute chaos
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Did Mythbusters ever do an episode about the 5 second rule / food contamination? I'm searching Google to find something but I'm not having any luck. My husband swears that they did an episode similar to this.

If yes, what season was it in?
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Whats on your coffee table right now? Do you have one of those well-decorated, tidy coffee tables, or do you just have random stuff standing around on it?

I'm in the random stuff camp. Right now theres a bag of cat treats ("Temptations"), cat brush, a book ("In Defense of Food" by Michael Pollan), two of my boyfriend's cigarettes (one clove, one normal), my iphone and a little tub of Burt's Bees hand salve. Its a two-tired coffee table. On the second tier we have magazines. An In Style magazine and a CAA magazine and an issue of Maclean's.

edit: you can write about side tables or even dining room tables, if you like! :)

Clothes for teacher

I am a student teacher and I have very little clothes right now to go teaching in.

I'm not skinny (Not really 'big' either, but I don't 'look right' in certain styles of clothes). I will be teaching Primary school. Clothing must be okay for sitting on the floor (not in mud or something), and for leaning over and reaching up (no huge amount of cleavage, or tops that will ride up). It should look professional yet young. It is currently still quite cold, but it will be warming up before the end of my prac (it is spring). I look good in purples and blues and darker greens, I do not look good in yellows and oranges.

I'd like a few different styles, including one that would be appropriate to wear if it's a day I'm doing some PE with the kids, and some for when I'm doing messy painting or cooking with the kids.

My shoes are generally lace up interesting shoes. Not quite sneakers and they're quite odd, they've got studs, or embroidery or are silver and black swirls, etc. I find them comfortable and fun, and they do go with most pants.

Any recommendations for outfits I should look for? Stupidly most of the clothes that are in the business section are all blacks and greys and they make me sad. :(

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Since I'm very likely going to be working Halloween night (we aren't allowed to request off for holidays), I took Oct 30 so my bf and I could do something Halloween-y. Right now we are torn between going to Bates Motel or going to Field of Screams. Which one would you choose? Do you have any experience with either? Do you know of any other attractions in the SE-ish PA area?

And for everyone else-- what are you doing for Halloween?

Kind of a follow up to a below question + a Facebook question

1. What do you think about the following statement: "People who do not have any artistic skill (i.e. drawing, painting, sculpting) become photographers." ?

2. Is there any way to view private Facebook profiles other than creating a fake profile and luring them in? Have you ever done the fake profile thing and have it work? If so - details, please! I love to snoop but not if it takes a lot of effort.
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Car issue- overheating or bad gague?

 Just had an issue with my car.

Car is a 1993 Pontiac Sunbird LE with the 4 cylinder engine.  ~120k miles.

I had been out, drove about 15 minutes, stopped for ten, another five minutes and stopped for another 10, another 5 and stopped for about 20.

On my way home from the last stop, took about 2 minutes to get to the parking lot exit which is when the event occured.

Check Gauges light came on.  Fuel was good, oil pressure was good, battery was good, tach was good. Engine was not making any odd sounds or emitting any sort of smoke.  Temperature, though, was in the red zone.  I was stopped at the time.  This went on for about two seconds, the light went off and the gauge went to what I'd normally see in this situation.  AC was not in use, that died while the previous owner had it.

The rest of the way home was uneventful.

Where is the likely fault, and how can I confirm/repair the problem?  Even if it was just a gauge malfunction, that can be kind of bad since I can't trust it to work properly when a real problem comes up.  And I can't afford to have my engine die.

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Why is livestream so hard to use for streaming? People made it look easy to do. I'm disappointed. (There were so many people with live streams, I figured it was easy to do.)

What do you do when you feel stupid? or Frustrated?
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Do you have carpeting in your house? If yes, would you rather keep it or trade it in for hardwood floors?

The same goes for those with hardwood floors, would you trade your wooden floors for carpeting?

What's the best thing about having carpeting?

What's the best thing about having hardwood floors?
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The Congress claims it can command that you can't sell flavored cigarettes or cloves in your corner store because it has power "to regulate commerce" granted to it in article 1 section 8 of the U.S. constitution. Randy Barnett, a professor of law at Georgetown University, says "to regulate" and "to prohibit" are two very different verbs and therefore two very different powers. The power to regulate means to make regular; to say if you're going to do something, this is the way it should be done. The power to prohibit can only be implied when the prohibition is intended to forbid a way of doing commerce which goes against established regulations.

Do you believe having strict definitions of words (i.e. semantics) in law, while even admitting ambiguity of a word can exist, is important?

If you believe it's important, why do you allow a government which is supposed to be given its power by you as part of the collective, to get away with fallaciously loose and abusive interpretations of the English language?
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What is your given name?  Your middle name?

Is there any particular reason you know of that they gave you that name?

Did your parents consider other names for you?  Any interesting ones you'd like to share?

Do you like your name or do you wish they picked one of the other ones that they were thinking of?

What are your top two favorite boys names?  Girls names?  I sort of mean names you would give your child if you ever had one or do have one...

Random unrelated question:
Kids say funny things all the time.  What's the oddest/funniest thing you've ever heard a kid say?
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Maynard pen
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Do you think ducks, geese, swans and other water-loving birds all speak the same language?

If you don't think about such things, what are you doing right now? I am basically a zombie since I couldn't sleep last night and had to work early this morning, so my son has free reign of the house while I act as an armchair parent and watch Moonstruck. :P
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I'm sick, and not sure if I'll be able to go to class on Monday. I will get dropped from my classes if I don't go. I don't want to go to the doctor unless things get worse, but I might need a doctor's note. What do you think the chances of my doctor writing me an excuse and having my dad pick it up tomorrow are? Probably low? 

What is your favorite holiday? Why? 

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do different alcoholic drinks give you different effects? will you please compare and contrast?

should I cut my hair this weekend or should I wait a few weeks? (i know you have no background knowledge. I kind of just want random responses).
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Is there any simple way to find out who owns the rights to certain well known images?

Specifically, I'm looking into who owns the rights to images from Lewis Carrol's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. One of my coworkers wants to use them in an in-restaurant advertising thing, and I want to make sure that we aren't likely to get the pants sued off of us. Any ideas on where to start?

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Do you wear mismatched socks for the hell of it?

What kind of socks do you prefer? Knee highs?, thigh highs? anklets?

What new TV show do you like? How about old TV shows? (from the 90s or before)

Have you ever lived in a house with a black and white TV?
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Should I worry about whether the guy who just called me from Private is gay, and whether I'm sucking cock in my sleep or as a different personality?

He said, "hey Phillip, what's up?" and I told him he has the wrong number, but he said I'm Phillip because I just filled up on his nuts.

Isn't that the kind of thing that makes praying for tidal waves and to see the ground give way a good thing?

so cold

Is it too much to ask for my roommate to keep her cats locked in her room for a few hours a day so that my room is heated as just much as the rest of the apartment? They pee in my room if they are allowed free reign.

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1. What's the difference between "I love him" and "I'm in love with him". I can't quite grasp it. Which one is "true love"? Or both? Or neither?

2. How often do you buy new shoelaces?

Bandit Driving

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A man walks up to you and tells you he'll give you $20 to walk up and take a picture of his cheating wife and her lover. Do you do it?

I did it, but now I feel like I should have said no.

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Do you know of any cell phones that have recording devices in them that could record up to maybe, a 10-15 minute conversation? I tried google but I got nothing.
And so you know im not being creepy, my SO works for his student newspaper and for christmas i'd like to get him such a thing since he has to write down quotes really really fast and it stalls the flow of conversation.
He can't use a land line either since ministers and whomever else call him at all hours of the day when its convenient for them and he can't always be in the same place awaiting their calls for an hour.
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If someone started to feed your dog something and you told them not to, how upset would you be if they did anyway?

My mom just did this and I was super mad, especially because my pup sneaked another dog's wet food and now will have nasty poops.

Btw I got a new puppy! :D I'm sure she will end up in an icon soon.
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My lunch bunch crew eats in one of the classrooms/computer labs at my school. We are mostly juniors and seniors. A creeper junior (who everyone trying to ignore because of his creepiness) comes in everyday with his camera and takes pictures of us. He doesn't have a nice camera or anything but he does it everyday. It is really creepy.

We tried to tell him not to because we didn't want him to take pictures while we were eating lunch. We tried to tell him that it was fine if he did posed shots but pictures of us eating our sandwiches and french fries is just weird. He says he is doing it for someone. We figured out he was taking pictures for a girl who used to go to our school and they were posted on Facebook. Many of us didn't want him to put these online because they were unflattering and tried to tell us they were for the "yearbook" which we know is a lie. He isn't involved with the yearbook at all.

I decided to ask him after school to stop taking pictures of us since it was just creepy. My friend overheard (she hangs out with the creeper's sister) and started to yell at me. I did nothing other than ask him to not take pictures of us. She now doesn't talk to me anymore and ignores me even though we have like 3 classes together. Creeper still takes pictures (but we ignore him) but he mumbles under his breath about other things. We try to be nice to him but his creepiness is annoying.


Should I apologize to creeper and tell him he can sit with my lunch bunch?
Should I ask my friend why she's pissed off at me?
Why do people have to be such creepers?

If you don't care:

What are your plans tonight?
I am going to work on homework and watch The West Wing :D
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Have you ever dumped someone/been dumped by someone because of opposing beliefs? What were they?

*By beliefs, I don't necessarily mean religion- things like stances on politics, gay rights, feminism, etc, etc.Things you might have thought you could get past (or didn't know about, at first), but then couldn't.
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I'm applying online for a position with a bank. They ask me the question 'do you have security clearance' before they ask me if I've been convicted of a felony on the application. I'm not sure what to answer. What do they MEAN by security clearance? Should I answer yes or no?
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today sucked

Is this good ... or bad?

solid white ... we fucked! on Twitpic

My husband saw a solid white "woolly worm" a few days ago. Only info I'm finding is if it's black, it's gonna be bad. Rust means mild.

But what about solid white?

Nevermind. Wrong type of woolly bear.
Husband found one online and it's a different type of moth caterpillar than the ones used to "forecast the seasons"
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TQC, my one awesome housemate is moving out to live with her boyfriend, and the other housemate is a bit of a dickhead (contributes next to nothing towards running the house, plays shitty bass-y hiphop music too loud, delights in singlehandedly exceeding our internet quota every month, etc etc.) and I would prefer he not live here.

I'm on the lease and he isn't, so as far as I'm aware I am within my legal rights to ask him to leave.

The question is - how?

I could tell a white lie and say that I have two friends who both want to move in so I need his room to be vacant (that way I'm not suggesting there's anything wrong with him), or I could just say that I've decided that I want to have an all-female household, or an all-vegan household (he used to be vegan and occasionally says he wants to be again, but currently eats meat), or....?

I just want to find some magical way I haven't yet thought of that will produce as little awkwardness as possible.

How should I bring it up, TQC?

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How cold does it have to be outside before you would turn on the heat in your house/apartment/cardboard box?

What should I do tomorrow? My options are: nothing, work on cleaning/organizing my house, or work on a database for work (don't get paid for it, but if I manage to pull a miracle out of my ass and get it done before Monday afternoon, my boss might give me an 80 gig iPod classic).
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Are you the dumb bitch who came through the Starbucks drive-through with half a bottle of wine in your front seat and three fellow cackling bitches as passengers, and were too busy pouring some more wine into your wine glass in the front seat of the car in the middle of the day to take the change for your fucking drinks?

If not, what's your response to this very literal and true scenario?

RE: Lj Sister Communities, "Stupid_Free"/"Sf_D"

Happy Saturday TQC,

1(a)  Have you ever been unwittingly featured in one of the above lj communities?
1(b)  If yes, what did you do*? How did you find out you were 'famous'?
1(c)  In retrospect do you feel there might have been some merit to your inclusion? Why or why not?
2(a)  For all you TQC members not ~yet~ featured in these communities, maybe** you have a favorite [sf or sf_d] regular to tell me about instead? Why is it you feel they are so legendary?

Many thanks.

*Please include any multiple mentions of stupidity.
**Or maybe you don't.. hell if i know. Christ.
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How do you pronounce Toronto?

My husband determines if someone is a tourist if they pronounce both Ts (locals say "Tronno") but I say no, that "Tronno" is pretty much said that way across the board barring some exceptions. So what say you, TQC?

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I have a date tomorrow and I'm really excited :D But I'm trying to pick out what to wear.

On one hand, I have a super-cute dress. On the other hand, I have a Sailor Moon costume.

TQC, which one should I wear?
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I've found myself with a lot of free time on my hands recently, so I applied for a second job at a bookstore. I should hear from someone on Monday about it.

TQC, I've never had a real, organized retail job before that wasn't work study or teaching. What kind of interview questions should I anticipate, for those of you who work in retail?

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Do certain everyday frustrations (stupid customers, bad traffic/bad drivers, bureaucratic paperwork mess-ups, long lines) ever fill you with SO MUCH RAGE that you feel like you will explode?

How do you deal with that?

It can't be physically good for me to get that worked up over the morons of the world that get in my way. But it's like I'm addicted to the adrenaline rush of getting angry and do things semi-consciously to provoke that.


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How do you know God exists?

For me it comes down to too many happy coincidences. I study evolutionary biology, and the more I learn about how the different lifeforms and eventually HUMANS came to exist, the more convinced I am that there had to be a higher power with a hand in it. Also, He always manages to save my ass in some way in really sticky situations.

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Should I start my history paper now or wait until tomorrow? I have to write 4-5 pages on the book, which I just finished today. I was going to start writing a couple hours ago but I got called into work. It's quarter to 11 here. Tomorrow I have nothing else to do, other than work for a couple hours.

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Do you think having a choreographed first dance at your wedding is lame?

I don't mean just taking a few waltz classes to know the basic steps, but I mean like "Oh, okay, shimmy shimmy quarter turn, jazz square, ballchange" type deals.

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I applied for two jobs online, both on Wednesday night. I said on one application that I'd prefer contact via email, and the other didn't have that option, so I used my cell number. They're both retail jobs; nothing fancy. How long should I give it before I can assume they aren't interested? I'm trying not to get discouraged, but I really need a job. :\

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream? My mom bought some white chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream and omfg, it's amazing.
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Let's all bitch about Alanis

TQC, what was your last irony/God hates me moment?

I was walking out of work today. It's been completely shit-tastic for the past three weeks, and I'm about ready to tear my hair out. I was so tired that I was worried about getting into an accident on the way home...but some morbid little critter in the back of my head peeped up and said that at least I could use it as a good excuse to call off tomorrow.

...And then I backed into somebody in the parking lot.

Will you tell me yours?