October 9th, 2009

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Can you buy money orders at Walmart with a debit card?

I called them, but the moneycenter is closed & the regular employees don't know. Google also failed to turn up any answers.

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"while i'm not ready to be in a relationship with you now…".

Does this mean that, if/when that time comes, you would pick me?

[also TQC, why d I keep falling for the ones that do this to me? :(]
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social awkwardness teal deer

So, TQC, my friend invited me to his birthday party/get-together tomorrow night. It's my only night off work this weekend and I never really get a chance to go out anymore, so my SO is urging me to go. HOWEVER, the only person I will know at this get-together is the guy who invited me, and it's just me who is invited (not my SO, and we don't have any mutual friends). Plus, the guy invited me kinda last minute (he mentioned the party earlier in the week, but didn't invite me until earlier tonight) so I'm wondering if he even really meant the invite/expected me to come. I am really nervous/debating not going at all because I'm already predicting I'll end up awkward and lonely, not talking to anyone. Also, I will be the only under-age (under 21) person there, and it's not like I can bring any kind of alcohol, so I feel shitty/weird about that too. There will be drinking and drinking games, so obviously that would calm my nerves, but obvsly I'm not going to be drunk the moment I walk in the door.
Should I even bother going to this party? If so, what do I bring besides alcohol (since I can't)? Am I a chump for not bringing alcohol but then drinking it at the party?
How do I stop being so awkward without the aide of alcohol (or BEFORE the aide of alcohol, I should say)?

As you can probably tell by all the negatives I've mentioned, I'm reeealllly leaning towards not going...
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A few...

1. Have you ever seen Observe & Report? If so, what did you think of it?
2. On average, how many hours per day do you spend listening to music?
3. What was the last thing you bought?
4. Have you ever taken a virginity? If so, how many?
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When you want to apply for a job, do you let it stop you if you don't completely meet all of the requirements listed?

I just came across a listing for a job I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO HAVE OMFG. But they ask for, first and foremost, "A culinary degree or equivalent pastry experience." I love to bake and am very good at it but I know this is not technically what they require/want. I've taken a couple "leisure" classes but went to art school instead of culinary school, unfortunately, and cannot afford culinary school thanks to art school.

TL,DR sorry.

Should I fucking apply at this god damn job that I know I'd be bomb at if they'd just give me a pinch of training and a chance?

I don't want to apply if I'm just going to get told to piss off because I'm a person who prefers not to try than be disappointed (yes I know that's lame but it's how I function) so "might as well" answers don't help. D:
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Big Love

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Why are we trying to blow up the moon?

What if the whole thing just explodes and the world ends in 5 minutes? What will you do with these last 5 minutes? I'll probably just smoke another cigarette and grab a glass of that orange juice that has been taunting me.
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Samsung Rogue?

My mother e-mailed me last night that our family plan is due for an upgrade on one of the phones, and my mother knows that my LG EnV2 is a piece of shit that's falling apart in the year I've had it. Most of the front buttons don't work and the camera is getting progressively blurrier and blurrier and I absolutely love my camera on my phone.

Price-wise, and item wise, I like the Samsung Rogue. It has a slide out qwerty keyboard, and a 3.0 megapixel camera and it does mobile IM and mobile e-mail through Yahoo. That's pretty much all I need. I text a lot, take a lot of pictures and talk on the phone.

Does anyone here have any experiences with the Samsung Rogue they would like to share?

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I am/was selling something on Craigslist. 3 weeks ago, someone said they were interested in the item. We e-mailed back and forth, trying to set up a time to get together.

Well..2 weeks go by and I don't hear from this person at all. The last time we spoke was 9/25. She said that they'd come by on 10/1. They didn't. I sent an e-mail that night, saying hey, you can come by on 10/2. No response. Until today.

I assumed she changed her mind. I mean, 2 weeks, no contact. Would you assume the same thing? I still have what I was selling. I don't need to get rid of it and quite frankly I'm a bit irritated because it was rude of them to not contact me. Her excuse was she was out of town "last weekend", but what about all last week?

So, WWYD, TQC? Tell her to get lost? Or go ahead and sell it to her?

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Have you, or has anyone you know, ever used a foam roller?

If yes, does it really work the way it is supposed to?

Did you feel a significant difference and did it improve your life?

Thank you. :]


OK, so I should have been clearer:

A foam roller is used for self-massage. You're supposed to be on top of it and roll on it and it'll take the tension away. I just wanted to know if anyone ever used one at the gym or where ever. >_>
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Recipe Hunt

Morning, TQC!

I want to make some homemade mac & cheese this weekend for some pumpkin carving/football watching festivities. I'm looking at a bunch of recipes online, but none are really jumping out at me.

Anyone have a good mac & cheese recipe they'd be willing to share? Bonus points if it doesn't have sour cream and/or cottage cheese. Thanks!
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Dearest TQC,

I am home sick from work today.  I spent the greater part of last night having significant gastrointestinal distresses and a fever, although now that part is over and I am just woozy.  I feel incredibly guilty for calling off, even though we are not that short-staffed at work.

Do you feel guilty when you call in sick to work?
What's your favorite website to waste time on?
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What is currently considered the best movie of the year?

Do you know what it was last month?

Is the current one actually better than the previous one?
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i just bought a ton of Clive Barker books on amazon.. who are your favorite authors? why?

do you have any favorite authors that write really creepy/fucked up things? can you suggest some to me?

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When you go to Panera or Fuddruckers or any of those restaurants that take your name when they take your order, do you ever sometimes give them a fake or bizarre name just for entertainment?

photo printing

Are all the photo printing websites pretty comparable in terms of quality or are there some that are better?
I've looked at photobucket and snapfish for example.
Does anyone know if the quality of prints is better on some particular site?

Also, if you were planning to print a photograph in order to frame it, would you print it in matte or glossy?


Validation PLZ

Do I have the right to be as mad as I am right now with one of my members?

She came in and asked about my back, which I hurt Wed morning (I was out to go to the dr Wed and Thur) and I told her I had my little cushion with the hole for my tail bone cut out and that it hurt, but I'd make it to the end of my shift. So then she gets on to me that I'm sitting too much and I state that I am following dr's orders. That's not enough for her and she starts that I need to move more and asks do I work out and I say normally, yes. How many times a week? Five, usually. Well, then why do you look like that? At this point she is behind my desk, basically interrogating me. So, flustered, I explain to her I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and she's like SO?! and I explain (instead of kicking her in the face) that it makes it hard for me to lose weight, even when I diet and exercise. And then she goes off to the other members present that 'they always hire people who don't care about physicality' and basically berates me more to the ladies who are clearly uncomfortable.

For the record, I am over weight but by no means morbidly obese. And most of the time I hide behind the desk when she's here because she's obnoxious at best and if I try to politely talk to her, she flips out. So, yay or nay?

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Now I realize I live in the desert where things come to die in the midday sun but I am still wondering.

Why do people buy and carve pumpkins this early? They are always rotted and wilted and gross if you buy them this early. Do you keep them indoors? Do you not carve them til Halloween? Why so trigger happy, Jack?
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How do you feel about hyphenated last names?

Do you have one?

I don't know why, but they bother me.

A lot of people I know that have just recently been married now have a hyphenated last name.
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Have you had any crazy dreams lately?

Last night I had a dream where I was hanging out with Sylar and it was cool until I learned he got a new power. The power was to pray to God for anything and have it granted. He prayed for God to make the night sky to remain the way it is, but be a screen which played cartoons, like a permanent drive-in. During the rest of the scenes I was freaked out about everything going on around me, including his temporarily burying me miles deep into the earth.

strange, but true

If you could choose your heaven, what would it be like? (if you don't believe in a heaven, pretend you do!)

I would want to go to the animal heaven and be with all my family pets and other cute critters that have passed on. Kitties, puppies, lions, and lemurs galore!

Also in my heaven I would be able to poop whenever I wanted. (haha, that came from when I was little. When I was young I really liked pooping and I remember wishing that I could poop on command so I could enjoy it whenever!)

ETA: There would be no animal poop. And after I pooped it would disappear.

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When you're looking at a [moderate] expenditure that you cannot afford at the moment, which are you more likely to do?

1) save money until you can afford it
2) buy it on credit and pay it off over time

Buying on a credit card and paying it off when the bill comes counts as option 1.

[When I say moderate, I'm thinking something less than a car and a house, but more than lunch out or a piece of clothing. $300-3000 is what I had in mind.]
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Which of these are true for you?

Poll #1468673 Truefax?

Which of these are trufax?

I have a long weekend this weekend.
I have seen the face of midterms this semester, and it was hellish.
I don't like soda.
I took a foreign language in high school or college, but I can't remember much of any of it now.
I hate dogs.
I really don't understand the appeal of the Kindle.
I do not like lollipops.
I haven't had the time to read a book for leisure in months.
I am in college.


My first love was the first to break my heart.
I am afraid of heights.
I like thin-crust pizza more than regular.
At least one of my pets is named after a fandom.
I make wishes on dandelions.
I've never found a four-leaf clover.
The weather where I am is NOT representative of October.
I've taken an emergency ambulance ride.
I have a sibling 8+ years younger/older than me.
I was a loner in elementary school.

Last set. These?

I secretly love to watch infomercials.
If notecards had not been invented I would not know how to study properly.
I use my cell phone as a watch.
I take guilty pleasure out of watching Wife Swap.
I don't get the appeal of the Beatles.
Snuggling makes me feel awkward, I don't really like to do it.
I don't think I could do a pull-up if you paid me.
I am currently unemployed.
I am single.
My favorite animal hails from Africa.

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what theme parks in your state/by you do Halloween themed nights?
do you go?
for florida people/or people that have been to these in universal and BG :
which is better halloween horror nights or howl o scream

tl;dr probably

I've been working minimum wage jobs and starting to wonder what the hell I'm going to do with my future. I don't want to work at Starbucks for the rest of my life.

My dad has been encouraging me to get my teaching certificate. I've already completed a Bachelor's degree so I could do this in probably two or 2.5 years. He also says he'll pay for it.

The thing is, I think I would be capable of getting the degree, and I would want to put in the effort and inspire students, but I have the complete opposite personality that a teacher should have. I'm extremely introverted, verging on having a social disorder if I don't actually have one. I also am unable to feel empathy and am not very good at being an authority figure, commanding respect, or handling unexpected situations.

But my dad claims that I would be a good teacher, and a teacher's salary would be amazing for me because I hardly spend any money. This may be one of my only chances to pursue a real career instead of staying in fast food. Right now I have no upward mobility whatsoever.

I just don't want to potentially screw up students' lives. I would want to teach middle school or possibly high school, but I don't think I could handle any criticism I'd come up against.

So should I go for it or not? Is it possible to learn how to overcome your social shortcomings or should I not even bother?

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Will you review the worst restaurant in your town? Don't forget to mention the name of the town. :)

The worst place I've been to here in Savannah is the Longhorn Steakhouse. Not only do you wait at least 30 minutes to sit when it's pretty dead (an hour or so if there are people there), you also get to wait another 45 minutes for your food (every single time, regardless of how busy it is). Then when you get the food, it's cold and undercooked, and you've filled up on bread, soda, and salad, so you just give up. I hate that place so hard.

Soapy time!

So what's the goss?

My friends are so gossip-less :(

If you fell in to a coma today, and woke up from said coma to find yourself heavily pregnant (past an aborting stage) what would you do?

If you had temporary amnesia, but then most of your memories returned, is there anyone you'd pretend you didn't remember?

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My mom has lost three pets in the past few months, two chickens and one cockatiel. The last one died this morning. She's really attached to her pets and probably likes them more than she likes me, but I'm okay with it. What could I do to make her feel better, if anything?

We already went out to lunch and I offered to go shopping with her tomorrow so far.

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So I'm sitting here at my desk, with a bowl of baby carrots and grape tomatoes to my right and a cup with some ranch dressing to dip them in on my left. SOMEHOW, while obv not paying attention, I just dunked my hand into my cup of ranch instead of in my bowl to get a veggie.

Will you tell me about the last "derp-a-derr" moment you had?

Alternatively, instead of eating bunny food, should I get some actual food for lunch? I don't have much by way of "real food" in my house atm, so it would either be Wendy's or Chinese.
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NFL Fans!

So couple of questions for any NFL fans out there.

1. For your money who is the best team in the league right now?

2. (because it's close to my heart) Are the 49ers for real?

3. Who is the worst team?

4. Who wil be the first coach fired?

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What's a memorable reference or scene from  a Dreamworks/Pixar movie you like?

A couple of mine:
Monsters vs Aliens - Susan says: Who else can fall from unimagineable heights and end up without a single scratch?
Bob says: Link?

Shrek 3 - Snow White's attack scene.


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What do you do to stop yourself from revisiting unpleasant memories from your past?

I just mull over them until I force myself to stop doing it, which is not possible sometimes. :-/

What do you think about Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize?

I like Obama, but I don't think he deserved it. I think Greg Mortenson should have won it.

(edited to provide answers)

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I'm stuck at work for another hour, I'm the only one in the office, and I should be productive but don't really want to (let's be realistic, it's Friday...). Entertainment suggestions?

EDIT: I can't leave, director is a bitch and will probably call at 4:25 just to make sure I stayed until 4:30.

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Is wanting to go to medical school too ~ambitious~ in your opinion? I've mentioned it to a few people and they just kind of laugh at me and it makes me feel like crap. :\

Anyone here doing the med school thing? Will you tell me about it? 
What grades are most important to them? Will my community college transcript even matter after I've been to grad school and all that? 

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Slightly weird question.

Earlier I did a post on my LJ about the "bombing of the moon". My friends have been replying to it and their comments have been cracking me up. It got me to wondering, as I have seen no other "funnies" about it on LJ, are you all seeing a lot of jokes about it, or are the people commenting on my LJ just special?

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Okay let's pretend that the world is my iTunes and you guys are my Genius.
I like Modest Mouse, Bright Eyes, Arcade Fire, The Postal Service, CocoRosie, Neutral Milk Hotel, Beach House, Panda Bear, shit like that. WHAT MUSIC SHOULD I LISTEN TO!?
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Can you share with me some things you think would be nice in a food gift basket? (The caveat: all of the things have to be handmade- no store-bought items- and bonus points for holiday-themed items.)

What was the last gift you received?

That's Entertainment?

What (if any) popular music artist(s) do you find overrated?

Do you listen any music that's in languages that you can't speak?

Who should I be listening to?

EDIT: no, I did not see that post before mine (in kitchen making dinner, joys of housewifedom)
I don't know what this is.
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TQC no one is responding to me so:
given my leg (I can walk with crutches) should I babysit an 11 year old tomorrow?



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I have a few issues regarding iPhoto '09. First off, I have a Flickr account. When I go to upload pictures to it from iPhoto, it doesn't recognize my last import, even though I very clearly have the photos in my iPhoto library. It does this in Photobucket/Facebook/anywhere I upload photos to as well. Is there some way to "refresh" it so it recognizes newer photos? I'm getting super irritated.

Second, when I set up my Flickr uploading function within iPhoto, it only lets me upload Web size photos (the other larger options are greyed out). What is going onnnn?

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best flavor of ramen?
best brand?
cup or package?
do you cook them in the microwave or on the stove?

also how the hell is ramen able to be so cheap? i can buy like, a month's worth of it for the cost of one meal
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My boyfriend does various web design related jobs. A woman recent approached him about preparing a video to be played at her own funeral. She wants him to record her speaking for about 20 minutes straight. He doesn't professional grade recording equipment but he does have a very expensive headset and a recording program on his laptop.

Does anyone have any idea at all what a reasonable price to charge this women would be? All he has to do is record it, and make sure the audio transfers well to a DVD.

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I have bad circulation and super-cold hands and feet. This year I want to actually invest in some decent socks, long undies, a coat, and a sleeping bag--I mostly have crappy thrift store stuff that doesn't keep me warm, and most winters I'm totally miserable and anxious because I'm SO FUCKING COLD.

So, do you have any suggestions on brands or materials of stuff that is super-warm and possibly also moisture-wicking?

What is your favorite type of pen?

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I have this jar of pickles.

It refuses to be opened.

What can I do? I tried putting it in hot water and banging it around to break the seal, but it is not working.I'm thinking of trying the hot ater thing again, but I don't want them to.be all warm and gross


eta: mission accomplished fuck yeah
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What's the last nice thing someone said about you?

I was playing the office map in CS:S and when I shot two rushing counter-terrorist heads with an AK-47 the first one to die bitched about it over his microphone then someone else who was spectating my slot said "You got owned by space herpe".
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Can you get away with wearing a skirt in snowy weather (but still technically fall) if

(A) the skirt is heavy wool and knee-length
(B) one is wearing opaque tights with said skirt
(C) one is working inside all day

or will you look like a twat regardless?

What did you wear today, TQC?
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The re-runs of M*A*S*H that are currently airing in Australia have recently picked up the rather annoying quirk of having no end credits of them, and they go (rather abruptly) from the last line of dialogue to a 20th Television logo.

I can only assume that, for some random reason, the credits have recently been cut from syndication.

Is anyone here currently watching M*A*S*H re-runs on TV? If so, are they intact for you, or do you, too, have them cut like this?
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Poll #1468837 Feed Me.

What should I eat for dinner?

Italian Sub
Potato Soup
Chef Salad
Half Italian Sub, Half Chef Salad
Half Italian Sub, Half Potato Soup
Half Chef Salad, Half Potato Soup
I don't care.
Think of the children!!
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Legal drug quatresprincess at greatestjo
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Nerd seeking answers to soothe paranoid tendances.

Ease my Paranoia TQC

If ticketmaster is sold out of something it flat out says 'Sold Out' right?

Because this is the message it's giving me-

Tickets are currently not available online for one of the following reasons. Please check back for availability.

Tickets may not be on sale yet
Tickets may not be available at this time. More tickets may become available later
Tickets may not be available online just hours before an event occurs
On rare occasions, tickets may only be available at ticket outlets or the box office

Is that their sold out message?

Bolded the time reason because I'm fairly sure thats the real reason, but I want to double check befoer I drive all the way to Baltimore in freakin' marathon traffic.
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Photo Hosting

Is there a free online photo hosting service that allows nudity?

I know Flickr allows a wee bit of nudity, but one can't actually share the photo with non-Flickr users.
I find this kind of odd.
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I'm currently missing my favorite band (The Misfits) play at a haunted house near me because of my stupid grad school class that JUST got out. It's too late to go so I'm sulking, listening to them, and shoving pizza in my face. It's not cheering me up. In fact, it's depressing me more.

do you like the misfits?
if not, who do you like?
are you sad about something right now?
should I blow up my professors car for making me miss my show?

(no subject)

When you start dating someone, how much do you tell them about you/your life to begin with? How long do you wait to tell them certain things? 
Are there things that you think shouldn't be told? What if things get serious with this person? 

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I was surfing amazon.com one day and came across this:

Collapse )

Will you post a picture of your ideal piece of furniture? If you don't have one, will you describe your ideal house?

Am I the only one in here that doesn't do much of anything on a Friday night (aside from recuperate from the work week by vegging out)?
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So I have a ball python. Light of my life! He's like a son to me! Except he won't eat frozen rats because they don't smell like mouse urine, and since my cat is a giant asshole, I can't keep a pet mouse simply to harness the smelly powers of its urine to tempt my snake into at least TRYING a thawed rat instead of several live mice. Petco won't give me their used litter for whatever harebrained reason, so I've decided to search for a place to buy mouse urine in quarts or other large but manageable quantities. Yes. Really. Does anyone have a suggestion? And I do realize that I just spent my Friday night looking for mouse piss online, FML, etc.

(no subject)

Collapse )
My questions:

1. If your ex wrote a movie or a book about you and not entirely in a nice way and the movie/book became a hit and everyone got to know that you were the inspiration behind it... Would you be pissed or would be flattered?

2. If you could write a movie/book about an ex. Would you? If yes, which ex and what would it be about?