October 8th, 2009

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study buddies!!

TQC, are any of you willing to quiz me over AIM for anatomy? I put a bunch of definitions here, all I need is someone to phrase them in the form of a question so I can learn it SOLID.
Edit: thanks, i got my help :)

Alternatively, do you prefer Coke, Diet Coke, or Coke Zero? (or the Pepsi/other pop counterparts...I just don't know them).
Diet coke
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(no subject)

1. Have you ever been in a cockpit before?

2. Have you ever seen a grown man naked?

3. Inspired by In Bruges;

Have you ever been to a place that was beautiful and at the same time very, very boring? (As in, these buildings are beautiful, now what?) Where was it?
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I'm trying to create some new playlists for my iPod and I'm having a bit of playlist-block. What are some of your favorite themes? Favorite playlists? Any suggestions?

My favorite so far is my dance playlist with all songs with dance in the title (or about dancing).
-Dance Tonight
-I don't feel like dancin
-Rhythm is a dancer
-Dancing Queen
to name a few. Any others?

I'm also looking for stuff along the Sexual Healing/Lets Get it On variety.

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I like songs that build up to a really climactic vocal moment. Like Delicate by Damien Rice or Where Did You Sleep Last Night by Nirvana, in which the lead vocalists basically just belt it and lose control of their key at one point.

Is there a name for this?

I ask because I'm trying to find it on Pandora, since it gives you different characteristics that it thinks you like in music...I want to find more songs like this but I don't know if this style/technique has a name :(
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(no subject)

So, my sister had a 24 hour flu between tuesday night and last night... and I did my absolute best to stay healthy. Stayed out of my house/in my room the entire time she was sick, didn't use the bathroom she used, washed my hands a lot, etc. I don't even understand how I might have gotten it from her since I was only in the same room as her for like 5 minutes the entire time she was sick. But alas, I am up at 3:15 on a school night feeling gross. Not exactly nauseous, but that feeling that I usually get beforehand. What do you normally do when you don't feel good?

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1)Will you ask me a question that the answer to is no?

Should you have more of a sense of humor about me making fun of your mom?

2)Will you ask me a question that the answer to is yes?

Is my head pounding like woah?

besides price

Is there any product that you prefer the generic/knock-off label to over the brand-name label?  Besides preferring the lower price. 

I prefer the knock-off versions of cereal bars over the Nutri-grain brand. But the name brand was on sale.  So I'm eating them, hoping I can get back to my cheap versions soon!

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For the people who bake:

What kind of mixer do you use?
I made funfetti cupcakes last night, finally using the stand mixer we got for a wedding present. Basically, stand mixers are AWESOME.

Now that I have a mixer I actually like using, it makes me like baking more. Problem is, I don't want to get fat doing it. ;-)
So, does anyone know any good websites (personal referals are better than Google search results) for tasty, but healthier, baking recipes?

How much of a girl did I just make myself sound like in this post? ;-)

(no subject)

How do you cope with going to school when there is extreme turmoil in your personal life?

I have an astronomy test tonight, and I'm not sure how I'm gonna pull this off...
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Thanks Squeaktastic

I have to get out of here...

I am sitting in my art class being bored because it is bull.

What was the last thing you ate?
What was the last thing you wasted your time on?
Is Rich Text formatting not working for you too? I can't get it to load!

edited to fix formatting :P

(no subject)

What is something you believe or something about the way you live your family disapproves of? 

What was their reaction when they found out?

Do you try to hide it and protect them from it or do you just be and act as you feel you should (because it's who you are) and hope they can learn to accept it?

If you don't care, how was your nights sleep? Any dreams?
thanks fulloforliness


I'm not exactly sure what's wrong with me. I went to the nurse and she said that I have bronchitis but I hate it before and this doesn't seem like it. I'm having kinda diffcultly breathing and a lower part of my cheat keeps hurting. My nose is clogged and my throat kinda hurts. But everytime I lay down, I get light-headed and it's kinda diffult to breath.

What's wrong with me? :(

(no subject)

1. Pregnant ladies/moms: do you/did you mind it when people rub on your pregnany belly? I'm not showing yet but I'm not looking forward to the stage when people will up and rub my stomach. It seems invasive and weird.

2. General audience: how do you feel about reading a book with the villain's POV in it? Is that something that shouldn't be done? I don't want to generate sympathy. For what it's worth, everyone in my story is pretty ruthless, but the villain is the biggest dick of them all.

3. How many croissants could you eat? Those fuckers are delicious.

(no subject)

I was recently invited to a theme party entitled the "walk of shame/morning after party." I have never heard of parties with this theme before, but apparently my roommates have, and it is quite common.

Have you ever heard of a walk of shame party?

Also, the dress code for girls is a guys oversized tshirt, heels, shorts, smeared makeup, and messed up hair. I have never had a one night stand (I'm a relationship junkie), but everytime I've had sex with a boyfriend and went back to my apartment, I usually put back on the clothes I went in, fixed my hair and makeup a little, and then left.

Is it customary to leave your jeans/tshirts/hoodies at the guys place while you borrow his clothes and leave without looking in a mirror?
Do you get this party at all?

If you don't care: What drinks should I make at my party tonight? I'm thinking drinks that involve rum or vodka. Go!


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How long would you leave unopened yogurt cups (specifically Yoplait Light if it matters) in the fridge before you think it's time to ditch them?

ETA: Okay, sweet. The expiration date was Oct 17 or 18, but they've been sitting in there since early September, so I was slightly hesitant.

New question: What IM client(s)/program(s) do you use if any? I use Trillian for AIM.
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Can you translate this?

"hola Emily soy yolicar espejo, de upata dime como esta tu mami y rodolfo. t envie una solicitud de amistad. dime aun estas en pijiguaos o en otra ciudad"

I just got this as a message on Facebook, but I don't speak Spanish - I speak French. And online translators are woefully inaccurate. Halp?

Oh right, sorry - Yolicar Espejo is her name.

Problem solved! Thanks, TQC. ♥

I am sitting in class right now listening to my professor explain how laws are enacted. All she's really doing is reiterating what we read for class, and a handout she gave us. It's so boring it could induce a coma.

What was the last really boring thing you suffered through?

Lame trips to cool places

I'm going on a business trip to Costa Rica next week. In theory, this ought to be awesome, because, hey! Costa Rica! But as you may know, business travel is rarely cool in reality. I'm going to spend four days sitting in conference rooms working my ass off (from about 8AM to 7PM), then rush home. Can't go out and party at night, because I need to be very functional early in the morning. Can't take any extra days to visit sloths, because I'm needed back at the office. I'll have a total of a little less than 24 free hours during my entire sojourn, which will be spent in San Jose, a city widely regarded as a sh!thole.

So with that whining out of the way, my questions are these:
A. Have you ever been to San Jose, Costa Rica? Did you have any fun? What would you do with one free afternoon there?
B. Have you ever taken a trip to somewhere theoretically fun, during which you had no fun at all? Where and why?

lets go for a walk

How would you describe your walk? Do you stalk, stride, stroll, strut, stump, shamble, shuffle, saunter, swagger or other ?

and in a related Question, don't you think there's a lot of s words for walking?

(best I could do today )


I'm sitting at work right now, but I had a question I wanted to post. So, last week, I was out with my friends at the bars. It was a crazy insane night, which was so much fun, BUT there is one thing I cant stop thinking about. Something totally small and shouldn't matter to anyone, not even me. About 11:45, I get this call on my phone (which I didn't see at the time) and it was from an unavaible number. They ended up leaving a voicemail, but all it was was really loud music and people talking.

My question to you is:

1 ~ Who was that call from?
2 ~ What was the point of leaving the voicemail?
3 ~ Would you have even thought about this if this happened to you?
4 ~ If this person was calling you, who would you have wanted it to be?

That is all. :)
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Be My Moral Compass, TQC

Let's say it's the end of your midterm week. You've barely slept all week and have taken 3 midterms, written 2 papers and given a speech in the past 4 days. You have one class standing between you and your fall break: a public speaking class from 2-3:15. You haven't missed this class yet, and you know what they're going to be going over during said class (talking about speeches that will be given next week, after fall break). You have 3 or 4 friends in that class who can fill you in on any surprise details, and you're really exhausted, having slept for 3 hours last night. Do you go to class, or just call it an early fall break?

(no subject)

On Facebook, is there any way to hide what someone on your friend's list posts to someone else's wall? It comes up in my news feed even though I have one of the people hidden. I don't want to hide the other person or block/delete either. I just don't want to see the conversations.

Will you tell me something embarrassing that happened to you? Or even just an embarrassing moment of someone elses that you witnessed? 
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(no subject)

Would you be kind of disappointed if you ordered baked ziti in a restaurant, but received penne with watery marinara and about a pound of barely melted mozzarella on top?

The person I was with tried to tell me that they are "basically the same."

Baked ziti has more than 3 ingredients, and penne isn't one of them.
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(no subject)

Hey people good at cooking:
I picked up a square of Focaccia bread at my local farmer's market this past Tuesday night. It's been in my freezer, and the lady said just putting it on the oven for a bit will make it thawed/crispy/edible. I am, unfortunately, no good at judging these things. Would anyone like to help me out with a suggestion for a temperature and time?
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(no subject)

TQC, I'm in class, and the kid next to me smells like onions. He keeps giving me funny looks and leaning away from me (this could be from the neon orange scribble i have all over my hands) but I feel it's more like he thinks I stink. What is wrong with this kid and why doesn't he realize he is the stink culprit?

(before you suggest that I'm the stinky one, allow me to assure you, I only have coffee breath, and it's espresso, not onion coffee)

Politics and energy

1. What do you think about those commercials for clean coal, sponsored by The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE)?
2. Is it possible to burn coal cleanly?
3. Which should have higher value: American jobs and the reduction of unemployment, or the environment and global warming?
4. What do you think of the idea that burning coal would reduce America's dependence on foreign oil?
Autumn Pink

Kiss my Lambo lights.

Do you have bumper stickers? If so, what are they?

Speaking of which, I can not help but judge those people who have brand new or relatively new/ nice cars that have the bumper sticker on the actual bumper. Like, seriously people? So if ever you want to sell the car or remove the sticker, you have to go to all these extents to get it off. Is it me that's missing something or isn't the window the *intelligent* place for the sticker, despite the name of the thing?

Two questions...

1. Is there a website online where I can download an owners/repair manual for older cars for FREE?

2. Also, what does it mean when a package is put "on hold"? Does that mean customs is looking at it, or what? Should I be concerned, should I be phoning someone? I've never had this happen before. It's coming from Japan to America, and the shipping company is DHL.
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(no subject)

do you ever order delivery (or carry out) food so much the person knows you? Do you get embarrassed by this?

I ordered pizza again today because I'm out of grocery and can't use the car until tomorrow (I share it with my sister who needs it tonight for class.) It's the same guy who always delivers the pizza and I always feel so embarrassed, "yeah, it's me, being unhealthy and eating pizza... again". I also get embarrassed because it's kind of obvious I live alone, and I always imagine he must be thinking "my god, how much pizza do you need?"
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(no subject)

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being "I wish I could gouge my ears out every time I hear one" and 10 being "I fucking love them so much," how much do you like/dislike Christmas songs?

Assume that they are being played after Thanksgiving/during a normal "Christmas-song-playing" time frame.

What's the worst Christmas song ever?

(no subject)

I'm scheduled to work on Halloween. I serve Japanese food. Should I dress up as Hello Kitty?

When was the last time you did something silly because you were out of it/not paying attention? What'd you do? I rinsed my dinner plate in the bathroom sink :/

(no subject)

TQC, I need some technology help.

I want my mom to see a show that I have downloaded on my computer. I want to burn a dvd with it on there. My DVD player in my room plays straight .avi files, so if I were using it, it wouldn't be a problem. BUT, it's a pain in the ass to unplug and carry into the living room and then plug back in.

Her DVD player doesn't play straight .avi files, so if I were to burn the show, what format do I need to convert it to? And are there any programs out there to use that don't have a giant water mark or anything? I have no idea how to go about formatting something since I bought my DVD player so I wouldn't have to worry about it. :(

I googled but I'm not understanding exactly what is going on. I need someone to actually explain things to me.

mooose 2

Alright, ladies and gents. I posted earlier about my unaviable caller. Most of you said pocket dial, but if it was a pocket dial, why'd it come up unavaible? That is my question dear Waston. :X
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(no subject)

Have you used Google Street View yet? (http://maps.google.ca/help/maps/streetview/) Does anything exciting show up at your home? Are you in two places at once? Are you more fascinated or creeped out by this?

My buddy's car is in my driveway, his driveway, his old job's parking lot, and Tim Hortons. And, at the house I lived in while in university, my old roommates cars are still in the driveway. None of us live there anymore... I'm so lame.

ETA: Even if it isn't new to your city, share anyway. Damn GTA and our slowness.

(no subject)

1)Do you tend to marathon shows or just watch them episode by episode?

2)Should I make bookmarks or earrings today?

3)What is wrong with you?

depression, the fact that I am now very hot.
[Cephalopods] Need love!

(no subject)

I know nothing of make up. And I don't really want to know much. I just want to get something that kind of evens out my skin tone and hides the occasional blemish, and then some stuff to bring some attention to my eyes and then some lipstick that looks nice on me.

Where can I go to learn more about make up? I've tried looking at websites and magazines but I get so overwhelmed. I need a tutor or a personal guide or something, like the lady at the end of every episode of What Not To Wear, who basically tells me what kind of make up I need to look my best and exactly how to put it on.

Is there such a person? Will someone at the Bare Essentials store or the Clinique section of Macy's (or something similar) help me?
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(no subject)

will you tell me one thing you've done today?

do you have gum on you right now? what flavour? i will swap you a stick of cinnamon flavour for some big bubble blowing gum!

(no subject)

Not so hypothetical question.

You checked the rota at work several times and were led to believe that today you start work at 12. However, at five past ten this morning you get a text from your manager saying 'Where r u? You start work at 10'

So you rush around like crazy to get ready and get into work. Once you're there, you apologise profusely. When later looking at the rota it is clear to see that today you were meant to start at 12 but it had been rubbed out and replaced with the new time, 10.

How pissed would you be?


My mom asked me what D: is supposed to be. I wanted to send her that icon with the little kid making the D: face that says D: on it.


Please? :)
Thanks bbs. <3

(no subject)

My cousin thinks I'm an asshole for not getting my boyfriend a present for our '6 month anniversary'. Considering an anniversary happens once a year, I do not consider this to be one. Also, he didn't get me anything and I don't expect him to. Long story short, am I an asshole for not getting him anything?

If yes I am an asshole, what should I get him?

(no subject)

Can anyone explain to me what "explanatory power" is? In regards to political ideologies, perhaps?


Not really a homework question, just unknown terminology that isn't in my textbook and hasn't come out of my teacher's mouth, and google doesn't explain, but I have to know in order to write my 7 page paper on my opinions on it in regards to a particular political ideology. Not asking for help in regards to opinions, or writing the paper itself, just a definition, or an explanation of the definition google gave me.
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(no subject)

Monday is Thanksgiving and our boss was kind enough to shut down our magazine tomorrow to give us a 4 day weekend! He also announced today he was going to make a 3 week issue (we ordinarily publish every 2) at Christmas and give us the 5 days between Christmas and New Years off with pay (which if adding in statutory holidays and weekends is 12 days straight, holla)

What has happened today that made you absolutely happy?

Dog Yawning

When your dog yawns does s/he make a (aaaaraaauuughhh) sound as if she is talking? My chocolate lab mix does and it is the cutest thing ever and her puppy does the same thing. I was just wondering if it may be hereditary or learned? Anyone?

Denver CO

Me and my husband are going to Denver next week to visit my father and law and brother and law. It is our second time there. We love hiking, camping, canoeing, anything outdoors, eating.

Anybody have suggestions on places to visit?
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(no subject)

 What did your parents give you for your 21st birthday?
Mine is coming up and I asked for gift cards like I usually do, but my parents said they wanted to get something special since it's a "landmark" birthday.

(no subject)

What do you guys think about visible tattoos? Are they unprofessional, or are they more accepted now?

I really want a tattoo on my wrist/forearm and my boyfriend is trying to talk me out of it because it's "not professional in my field." I am currently working towards becoming an eating disorder counselor.

what are your thoughts?

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(no subject)

 Do you have a GPS navigation system in your car?  What kind?  What do you like/dislike about it?  What brand should I get my parents for their anniversary?

If this does not apply to you, do you drink tea?  What kind of tea do you prefer?


(no subject)

Who was the couple that had a goth wedding with insects? I seem to remember the centipede seemed to be their favorite for decoration. I can't come up with the right combination of words to get Google to help.

a.p.a. whatwasthatone

(no subject)

I was driving home from work and saw a vehicle in a used car lot with a window all smashed in. The lot was already closed so I figured I'd call the police before someone tried to steal it.
I told them where it was and what I saw. They asked for my name, phone number and date of birth. Does this seem odd? They said they'd call if they had any questions, but my date of birth? Do they really look up everyone who calls in suspicious sightings/activities?

(no subject)

Why does my computer freeze up completely when I try to run firefox?

It worked fine up until yesterday afternoon. I left to go hang out with my cousin for a little bit, came back, booted my computer and it froze as soon as I tried to run firefox. I thought it was my computer because everything would be frozen except i could move the mouse. I'm currently using Opera and it's working fine. I reinstalled firefox and it still fucked up. :/

ETA: I left my computer sitting with Opera running for about 20 minutes and came back and it was frozen the same way it was before.
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(no subject)

So I know it's been years since this happened but I am still confused about this lj tracking thing...you know, tracking who goes to your lj page and telling them if you visit theirs...

How do you actually check who's been on your page, if you decide to make yourself visible?

the walkaround characters at Disneyland?

Is there a official or unofficial (informal) name for the Disneyland walkaround characters (Cinderella, Snow White, etc.) who don't wear the "big head" masks? Why I'm asking: I'm writing a short story set at Disneyland and while I can describe the big head characters as "big heads", I'm not sure how to describe the ones who don't wear the headpieces.

(no subject)

My neighbor upstairs is the loudest human being on the planet.

I think on Thursdays she has a bunch of her other very loud friends over and they hang out and drink and do... who knows what, whatever the fuck extremely loud ditzy women do when they get together and want to act like they're 10 years younger than they are. And I think her boyfriend gets the FUCK OUT while this is going on, and goes to hang out with HIS friends (and good for him, jesus).

I think this because LAST Thursday, I was awakened at 4 am (ok that makes it Friday) by her BITCHING HIS ASS OUT, for stumbling in drunk at 4 am, after calling at 11 saying he was on his way, and how he does this every Thursday, and she wants to get married SO BAD and start a family, and he is at least TEN YEARS away from being ready, and he should stop saying it's what he wants, and how she deserves someone who wants to COME HOME to HER, and at least his BROTHER knows how to act and he should learn from him, and how he is the WORST BOYFRIEND she has EVER HAD, and he needs to MOVE OUT...

So, should I just put the earplugs in when I turn in, or should I roll the dice?

Haikus are like mirrors of my life

You know people who write in "poetry"
on LJ and never use periods
and have really early line breaks
every single entry they write

Why do they do that
I mean where do they even get the idea to do that?

Would you write a term paper in that format? Are there actually people out there who can figure out how to post on LJ yet can't figure out that you don't need to manually insert line breaks? What's the deal?

(no subject)

Do you feed your pets home-made food?

How would I go about safely making home-made cat food? I googled it but got overwhelmed with the different results and opinions, so I thought I'd see if any TQC people know how to do it.

Buying a house...?

Is there a website where someone who is considering buying a house can punch in some numbers (down payment, budget for a monthly payment etc.) to see what you can afford and what your total budget would have to be?

Trying to decide if I can afford buying a house or if I need to stick with renting until more money is saved.

(no subject)

1)Do you hate it when people spoil tv shows?

yes. I'm a season behind in the office, yea, but eh...

2)Do you wish people would warn for content in fanfic/short stories that people post on the net?

Yea, sometimes I don't want to read about thousands of eggs bursting out of a man's behind.
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(no subject)

On your first day of high school, how old were you?

How old were you when you started high school?

Younger than 12

(no subject)

I just got back from the movies, and I have to say that I have never, ever, in my entire life, ever laughed as long and hard at a movie as I did tonight when they shot Bill Murray in Zombieland

What was the last really good laugh you had, TQC?

(no subject)

Did you know that eagles do not give a fuck whether you can see their claws, they mainly use their claws to claw the hell out of fish and fish don't see too good or understand that they're looking at eagle claws either?
i say, old bean

yes i am childish

whenever i'm listening to someone talk and they go 'but fucking uhm/so and so *continues on talking*' i can't help but laugh
what are some things that people say that you take out of context and wind up laughing a ridiculous amount at?

what other stupid shit makes you laugh?

(no subject)

One of my friends is in the Air Force. He's having a pretty rough time and his family threw away his stuff while he was in Basic Training, so I want to send him a care package. I already plan on putting a few shirts in there of bands I know he likes, but what else should I send? I want some practical things but also some things that I know will cheer him up. I've never sent a care package to anyone in the military so I'm not sure what would be okay and such :(

If you don't care, what's the last thing you sent through the mail?
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(no subject)

1. What time do the shows that were on tonight air on Hulu or nbc.com? I think it's like 5am Eastern but idk?

2. I have to pull an all-nighter-- what should I watch in the background while I wait for my Thursday shows to show up on the internet?

(no subject)

Will you post an overly-fancified version of a song lyric so we can guess what it is?

Like, for example:

"She existed simply as a rural and/or suburban pre-pubescent female inhabitting a disconsolate universe. Said female travelled upon a locomotive several hours preceding dawn to a final location that was unknown."

is Don't Stop Believing.

Shoe dilemma!

A pair ofheels I bought online recently are roughly half a size too big. Which would be less bad for my feet: stuffing the toe so I keep the support on my heel or trying to get my hands on a set of those heel stickies to fill the space in back so the balls of my feet stay grounded?

I could email the seller I bought them from about exchanging for a different size, but I have $12 to my name right now and can't exactly be putting out any extra money right now. I will if that would be the best choice, though. Should I just do that? Keep in mind I'd have to buy something to ship them in, or atleast packing tape to refurbish the pack I received them in if nobody around here has any, in addition to the actual shipping cost.