October 7th, 2009

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TQC, I'm going to a wedding shower type deal Thursday night, and we have a goal: to make it as redneck as possible. The bride to be despises her soon-to-be in-laws, and they've been hell on wheels this entire year of wedding planning. They're very uptight and formal, and have basically declared the fact that they're having a garden wedding trashy (when in reality, this is an INCREDIBLE facility)--so we're gonna show them trashy.

So far, we've got hay bales instead of chairs, chickens in the yard, PBR, Boone's Farm, and Arbor Mist to drink. What else ya got for me, TQC?
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I recently moved from the Bay Area of California to Toledo, Ohio. Besides the large change in the weather, and the fact that the most douchey person here is the nicest person from the area of California we were living in, my boyfriend and I realized that all the black people out here hate white people. We are used to black people just kinda hating everyone, or only hating people for not liking the same stuff they do. But here if you are white and they are black they auto-hate you. It's really interesting to us, because we try to maintain the attitude we had in California, but when we try to be cool with them, they sneer and snuff us.

Have you moved a fair distance? What changes were there? What were some of the cultural differences that you observed? How long did it take for you to adjust?

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I live in Tampa, FL. I am expecting a package via USPS Priority Mail.

"Your item was processed through and left our TAMPA, FL 33605 facility on October 6, 2009. The item is currently in transit to the destination."

Likelihood of my item arriving today?

ETA: It did, in fact, arrive today. Like an hour after I posted this, but it wasn't posted on the tracking until like 2:30pm. WTF.

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TQC, I'm all ragey. I've had Verizon for a week and my text messaging doesn't work right. Some messages don't go through (without me knowing), some come back as undelivered because network error, and some go to a completely different area code.

I've tried changing my phone, changing my number, and whatever tier 2 tech support did on their end. They'll get it working for a short period of time (long enough for us to think it is fixed) and then it doesn't work again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WTF? Has anyone else had this problem? Should I tell Verizon to shove it and go back to Alltel?

And if you don't know/don't care, what's your favorite brand/flavor of chap stick/lip balm/whatever?

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Does the public transit pass in your city have a cute nickname or logo?

Here in Boston they're called Charlie Cards.  A lot of things here have the nickname Charlie or Chuck due to the Charles River running through the city.  

When I visited my friend in Hong Kong, they were called Octopus cards, which is sorta clever given the different train lines look like the arms of an octopus.  

When my husband lived in D.C. they were called Metro cards--that one is kinda boring--no offense D.C.ers, although I think your subway system overall is the nicest.  

What about your city?

Edit:  Wiki says the cards were actually inspired by the Charlie on the MTA song which I do know and love and had in my head while posting this.  Now I feel like a bad Bostonian.   Although so many things in Boston DO  have the Charles nickname because of the river, perhaps it all ties in together.  A  link to the song is in comments, if anyone cares.  
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I'm sorry but The Cure and all bands who have similar sounds are so thumbs down.

What is something that most people seem to like that you seriously do not?

And how do they start playing a song the moment the caller requests it on the radio? Is the call recorded and then played a few minutes later?

What is something you wonder about that may be common knowledge to most people?

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I live in an apartment & share a bathroom.
I bought (or actually my family bought) us an $60 shelf for it.

Well I am moving out at the end of the semester to a new apartment.
Is it okay if I bring the shelf with me? Or would that be rude?

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If you have pets: What do you think your pet(s?) is thinking right now this second?

If you don't have pets: If you could be any animal for a day, what would it be and why?

Anyone want to kill some time and answer some questions for one of my class projects? I need to "interview" people from other countries (not America). It's just a few questions about drugs and alcohol in your culture.

Feel free to answer in haiku format.

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girls...do you shave your face?
i don't mean just the stache area, i mean your ENTIRE face. my friend does because she says otherwise it's 'weird'. i have to admit, it had never even been a consideration of mine to do so. so am i just totally out of the loop of this new face shaving craze? or what?

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I started my period(not for the first time) on the 24th of sept, it lasted 8days(til the 2nd) and now on the 7th it has started again, should I be worried? I'm on the mini-pill if that makes any difference.

How are you today?

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my husband and I were invited to a 6 yr olds birthday party at a roller-dome
I don't know how to roller skate ... so i think i'm screwed there
anyways the question is:

what kinda gift do I bring?
cash stuffed in a card?
if so, how much?

I'll probably mess this up.

Poll #1467833 Nom or not?

How do you feel about chocolate?

I like or love chocolate
I hate chocolate
I'm allergic to chocolate

Do you wear socks?

When appropriate

Where you do you live?

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TQC, I have an anatomy exam tomorrow. The way our class is set up, is a perfect score is 600 points. A 540 is the cut off for an A. I'm already teetering in the 560 range (max), so I need to ace this test. I'm feeling sorta okay, but I am definitely nervous. My prof announced yesterday that she would give us a bonus point (five, if we go neon/super colorful) if we use our bodies as a cheat sheet and write bone names/processes on ourselves in Sharpie. She even said we can use a mirror, so we can see what we wrote on our faces/necks, etc.

WOULD YOU DO IT, TQC? Would you do the neon/bright colors, or would you do the black ink?

(if it makes a difference, the bones I really need help in are in the wrist, the ankle, and the neck/face)

EDIT: Oh and I have that redneck party right afterwards!!!!! Would you still do it?

Let me paint you a picture...

You meet this guy and he's perfect for you in every way (and aren't they always at the beginning). You guys mesh well, you have fun and everything's cool BUT he won't have sex with you because he doesn't believe in pre-marital sex. Is this a deal breaker or could you hold out until you get married, whenever that will be?
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Will you pick an option below?

I like The Cure and I am over the age of 23.
I like The Cure and I am 23 or under.
I do not like The Cure and I am over the age of 23.
I do not like The Cure and I am 23 or under.
Who the hell is The Cure or more importantly, who cares?

Awareness Months?

What's the point of an awareness month, besides the obvious "increase awareness"? What does that really mean? What's the goal? Is it just to learn more about the issue?
For example, I think a lot of people know that October is supposed to be Breast Cancer Awareness month, but I've also seen it listed as awareness month for AIDS, depression, domestic violence, energy, sudden infant death syndrom (SIDS), and a bunch of other stuff.
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For those of you who like listening to The Cure, and aren't a very happy person:

Do you listen to The Cure because you're depressed?


Are you depressed because you're listening to The Cure?

or is it just a vicious cycle?

ETA: I'm not going to watch any of these videos. All it will make me want to do is break things.

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i came to my dad's after work to see the dog and print something out. i didn't leave before he got home, though, and now i feel like i can't leave for hours.

what should i do? i want to go home but i don't want to disappoint/hurt my dad's feelings.
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I kind of want to see what happens if I get a little boozed up before class this Friday. None of my classes that day require much real brain power; they're more about discussion, and I never think of anything to say until it's too late, because I am jumpy and shy. This is a GENIUS idea, right?

Who has hilarious stories about going to class drunk?
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turn off

When you meet or have met someone you seem to like a lot, what little thing would be a huge let down where you lose all interest in that person? (Aside from bad breath, smoker, etc.)

For me, a guy who owns a cat(s). Why? I don't have a good reason. The personality of a cat is more akin to that of a female personality...sneaky.

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Approximately how long would a typical piano recital last? The student in question is at the graduate level, if that matters. I have no idea how many pieces he's playing.
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What the hell do I wear to a Christian wedding? I've only ever been to Malay weddings before and then my mom basically said to me 'wear this' or 'wear that'. I have no idea what is or isn't appropriate, hemlines and colours and all that.


Ladies of TQC-When wearing clothes in which nipples may be noticeable, do you take the time to make sure they are level with each other, and not pointing off in random directions?

Guys of TQC-Do you notice if nipples aren't even?

Edit: I think I may not have been clear.  I don't mean that you can see the actual nipple, but the bump in the clothing. And unless you wear a padded bra, nipple bumps can poke through.
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I am going to be doing a speech on a non-existent invention that could be used to solve an everyday problem people have, and so I ask you all:

What are some little problems that bug you in every day life that could be solved by a product or service of some kind? Things from potatoes falling out of your hands when you peel them, to pencil leads always breaking, to never being able to find your left shoe.

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Dear TQC,

A friend of mine was talking about her roommate, and she said "No offense to any Chinese people, but I can't stand the sound of Mandarin, it just sounds like noise and complaining to me." I spoke a few words and she said "Stop, stop! Ugh!"

For some reason I find this really offensive - we live in Vancouver! Do you find that offensive or do you think I should just chill out?
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I took some sauce out of the freezer on friday to make with pasta. I haven't used it yet. It's in the fridge. It's Wednesday. Is it still good?

What's your favorite kind of pasta?

What's your favorite kind of sauce?

Garlic bread or garlic cheese bread?

If you don't like pasta, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??

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how do i tell my boyfriend of 2 years that i want a baby without him freaking out?
i've never mentioned it except once and he says "in the future, when i'm financially stable."
but i wouldn't mind having a little one now. how do i go about doing this?

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Let's play real or not. Someone summarizes a movie, book or tv show in a sentence. People guess if it's a real plot line or something they made up.

Our villain decides to push people into tvs and have them devoured by people's supressed negative feelings and thoughts.

Is this storyline real or not?


For those who have been to and/or live in New York City, can you tell me what your top favourite tourist attractions are? Are there any of the obvious ones that you feel aren't worth the time or money?

Also... approximately how much do you think a person would spend on food, being there for 2.5 days? Just average meals, no big fancy dinners but also not just coffee for a meal either. And no use of a kitchen.

Thanks :)

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When you take a crap, do you pull up your pants and zip or button up first before you wash your hands, or do you waddle over to the sink to wash your hands first so you don't touch your clothes with poopy-smelling fingers?
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What sad movie would you recommend to me to watch?

What makes the perfect burrito?

Also just because I feel like sharing: I got my mom to ride her bike while I went running and then our neighbor joined! Yay for neighborhood fitness! What have you accomplished today?
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What should I do tonight? Stay home and watch "Glee," where it's nice and warm and there are plenty of kitties to keep me company? (I do love "Glee," but it's not a huge deal to miss it, since it'll be up on Fox's website within a couple of days anyway.)

Or should I go out with a few friends to see "The Invention of Lying," instead? I really want to see it, but it's chilly out, and I'm a wuss about the weather, and it's a bit of a drive to that movie theater.
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TQC I need your help.

My internet is not working (I'm using my phone to post this). We have an Apple Airport wireless hub and everything is plugged into it, the power is on as well..however, the light on the hub isn't on (it shines green if it's working). What is going on? Is there a way to fix this?
Any help would be appreciated.

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Anyone worked at Payless? I need a job badly and that is the only store in the mall that is hiring as opposed to just "accepting applications." 
Can you tell me about it? 

Have you had a retail job that you actually enjoyed? What was it?

Pegasus print question.

Hey all! I have a question I am desperately hoping someone can answer.

I urgently have to get some prints done and am going to get some 20x30 pegasus prints done from here: http://www.cpldigital.com.au/pdf/pegasus.pdf The specifications are TIFF File, 250dpi, 30x20inch canvas, Colour Match RGB ...but I'm not sure what that means set up-wise? I have some digital photos I want to print which I played with in Photoshop so yeah!

If anybody knows anything, please please help me! This technological dunce will be eternally grateful!
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TQC, what was the last major owie you had?

I got some nasty carpet burn on my spine on Monday. I'm making a trip to CVS soon to get some medical tape, gauze and neosporin...since bandaids keep sticking to my shirt instead of my skin.

Photos totally welcome, if you feel like doing it. :P
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Does anyone have the Samsung Alias 2? If you do, can you tell me how you send your text messages? (Do you type the number/name in or do you choose from the contact list?)

If this doesn't apply to you, what are you watching/listening to?
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 Here are some hypotheticals for you, TQC.

Hypothetical 1 - You're 21 (and living in the US), and one of your under 21 friends has asked you to buy alcohol for them. What is your answer? Would your answer change depending on how close you were with that friend, and how old they were (say, a 20 year old as opposed to a seventeen year old)?

Hypothetical 2 - You're 18 (we're still hypothetically in the US), and one of your under 18 friends has asked you to buy them porn and/or a sex toy. What is your answer, and what are the factors that would affect it?

ETA: Also, is it legal to buy sex toys/porn if you're under 18 in the state you live in? I thought it was the same age everywhere, but I'm not sure.
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Ok, so, this is probably one of the if not the dumbest question I will ever ask in TQC:

So, my laptop charger broke a while ago. One of the prongs that plugs in the outlet fell off. I decided to replace it with a safety pin. This worked for a while. Then the safety pin got stuck in my outlet. Picture an outlet with a saftey pin protruding, and you are picturing my problem.

Last night, I really wanted to use that outlet, so I decided to remove the safety pin. While attempting to remove the pin, I killed all the power in my apartment. The safety pin is still in there.

How do I go about removing the safety pin?

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What's something you learned in school that is specific to your area? (The earlier in school the better, and the most specific the area the better)

Ex. When I was in third grade we spent a month learning the history and creation of Long Island, we even broke off into groups and did short skits about it (one group did the island breaking off, another group did something about the Indians, etc).

What is something that you are embarrassed to admit you believed?

Ex. I thought, up until the first year or so of High School, that everyone did a lesson on the creation of Long Island. I was very weird, obviously.

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So you want a baby. More than you want anything in the world. You'd prefer to have a relationship, but that's not working out. Would you be willing to have a baby with a stranger (anything from sperm donors to a casual encounters meeting) to get one?
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If your BMI is in the healthy range or higher...

Where do you buy your jeans? What kind do you wear? What's the most you'd spend on a pair?

I have no idea where to begin looking, everything I've tried in the past seem unflattering, and I can't imagine spending more than $40. I've tried Old Navy but they never seem to fit right. I'm looking for not too tight/loose, below my natural waist but above my crack, and just decent looking. When did jeans shopping start to suck so bad?

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when you're listening to a song, are you capable of overlooking hateful sentiments contained therein because the song itself sounds so good? do you take that stuff seriously?

lately I've found myself rocking out to a lot of mid-90's rap and then getting totally turned off in the middle of it because they start talking about using bitches' pussies and such...I can take a good offensive joke but some of these songs seem so serious in their meanness :(
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Livejournal 'Yearbook'?

hey guys, i was trying to find an example of a livejournal meme but came up with nothing. basically, it's a meme that chronicles the changes to your desktop, livejournal layout, default icon, and i think a few other things for a year~ if any of you happen to have a 2009 Livejournal Yearbook i'd love to look at it. i'd really like to do it for 2010 :3
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I just watched the latest episode of Glee, and I loved the songs that Rachel played on her iPod when she woke up- but I can't remember what they're called. Can anyone tell me? Googling only tells me the songs sung by the cast.

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My boyfriend might be coming down with the flu, so he's staying at his house for now since he doesn't want to get me sick. How long do you think until we can be reunited? (dramatic slow motion is optional) I read that you can be contagious up to 7 days, but that seems a bit excessive to avoid contact for that long. I don't get sick days at work so I'd prefer to stay healthy.

Does anyone you know have the flu right now? Do you think you'll get sick with it this season?

I work in food service, so I'm sure some germy person will get me sick eventually. I use hand sanitizer but people also cough in my face on a daily basis. Gross.

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there's a chase commercial with "the way you look tonight" playing in the background. i think it was originally sung by frank sinatra but other people have covered it since. does anyone know who's singing the version in the commercial?
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Hey, TQC.

The following interests me firstly as I'm a Geography major doing two classes in Transport Planning, and secondly because when visiting my friend in Maryland, I made use of the state's token Commuter Rail offering, which people seem to like (I really liked it!)

What's the exact profile of your journey - what modes of transport, and in what order - on your journey from your front door to your destination when commuting to work/school/making frequent trips of another kind?
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I can't get my jar of chip dip open. I've been trying all night. I've banged it on the counter top. I've tried with both hands. I've held it between my feet and wrenched with it. I've wrestled this jar for far too long...any other creative ideas to open it it?

*ETA* Its open! now that it is time for bed....thank you all! The hot water worked well in combination with a towel to open it!

What was the last thing you had trouble opening?

Do you enjoy Tostitos hint of lime or hint of jalapeño more? Or neither?

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So I bought a few movies at FYE today. They had a rack of various cheap horror movies set up and I couldn't resist. I also picked up Snow White while I was there. Which movie should my boyfriend and I watch tonight?

Which movie?

Dead Alive
Snow White
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How many letters are in your full name? How many names do you have?

How many letters are in the name you go by?