October 4th, 2009

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TQC, I'm going to a wedding next Saturday, that starts at 5:30 PM, with a reception immediately following (same facility). Luke Bryan is having a concert that night at a venue ~1 hr away, with a "show time" of 9:30 PM (which is what time the club opens). However, the last time he was at this particular venue with a "show time" of 9:30 PM, he did not go on till almost 1:00 AM. I don't know if it was the venue, him, or a combination, but still...that's a helluva wait.

My question is: do you think I'm being too ambitious, planning to go see him the same night of the wedding? I want to be front and center, if I do see him, so I'll want to be there AT 9:30.

if you dgaf, what is your favorite duo singing group? Trio?
Duo: Brooks & Dunn :(, Trio: Lady Antebellum
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Does anyone here garden? Especially people growing things on their balcony.
What are you growing?

I'm looking at starting to grow herbs, lettuce, strawberries and tomatoes on my balcony. Am I weird?
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OMG I FOUND FUCKING ROACHES IN MY ROOM! I doused where they were in raid and cleaned the shit out of my room, is there anything else I should do to make sure they go to the firely hell they belong too?

When I say doused I mean, DOUSED, do I need to worry about the raid hurting me? I think some of the spary got on my bed, if I let it dry will it give me a rash or something?

How can I make this dirty feeling I have go away?

to help lift my spirits, how funny is this shit? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/8281382.stm
[ animal ] birds on telephone wire

Does it exist?

Please tell me that there's a Twitter client for the computer that:

:: will save your tweets so you can get back to them after turning the computer off
:: will let you delete tweets as you read them

Basically, something like Twhirl but with those two features too? Is there anything like that?

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So, y'know how some guys just can't grow facial hair?
I can't grow armpit hair. It just does not happen. I have no idea why.
Everyone else I know does, to the best of my knowledge. So, my question:
Is this a common thing?
Anyone else have some sort of weird unanswered body question like this?

Srs or non-srs answers welcome.

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My boyfriend is being very emotional and it's to the point where I keep getting really frustrated cause he does it in this kinda emo manner. We keep getting in spats about fucking nothing.
What do I do? Is there anyone I can vent to? I am going crazy. Help.

If you have no help for that; What is something your SO does that drives you bonkers?
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What's the most pretentious drink you can order at a bar/lounge?

What's the most pretentious drink you have ever personally ordered?

If you don't care, what's the best way I can force my brain to go to sleep before 6am (it's freaking 5:20am now UGH)?

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I went on a road trip yesterday to go apple picking and out to lunch. I put gas in my car ($40) right before we left. My friends split the cost of my lunch between the four of them (it was $10) but totally forgot to give me gas money...I honestly forgot too until they were already on their way home.

Do I just let it go?

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1.) I have a sauce recipe that calls for blue cheese to be added but my husband hates it. What is a good cheese to substitute?

2.) Have any of you ever tried to get on a sliding scale at a doctor's office? If you don't mind saying, what was your monthly income and did you get any kind of discount? I know its different everywhere, but the fact that together my Husband and i earn 1600.00 a month before taxes makes me think there is little to no chance that we will get any discount, and i just wanted to hear others experiences. It would be a lot of paperwork for nothing.

Thanks TQC :)

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I was having a conversation with my SO and I want your opinion TQC!
I just bought a new lip gloss that I am absolutely in love with. I hate lip gloss because its never the right tint, its always too goopy, has an icky taste, or doesn't moisturize my lips. Because of this I always just wear chapstick. Well, the other day I bought the CoverGirl Wetslicks AmazeMint in No Care Bare. I love it. He doesn't understand why I would love a gloss that doesn't color my lips. As you can see his old girl liked to look like a harlet. I said that the best kind of make up is the kind that looks natural.

How do you think your make up should be? Natural? Unnatural?
Heavy on the eyes or lips?
Does your SO even care?

watching the Pre-Game show

Do you like Football?

Who's your favorite team?

Have you ever been to a football game?

Do you have any questions about football that you might be a little embarrassed to ask irl? ask away maybe someone can get you an answers.

If you don't care about football what's your favorite Chips/snack food

Calling Out at a Volunteer Gig?

I am supposed to volunteer at a little event at the Cemetery I docent at. I have no idea how big or small it will be, as this is my first year volunteering and the weather is chilly here, so maybe not too big.

I woke up feeling not so good and it's gone down hill from there - sneezing, sniffling, chilled, ears and throat slightly sore. I just want to take a bath and snuggle down with my fleece Nightmare Before Christmas blanket. Especially since I have to work all week as well and Sat is my husband's birthday, so I have a full week in front of me.

I am reluctant to call out since it's only two hours, but really I feel it'll just run me into whatever I might be on the verge of. But on the other hand, I don't want to be a crappy volunteer. What say you, TQC?
I called out and the man on the phone sounded just like the gay guy from Family Guy, which made me feel a little better for a minute.

New question - Should I buy my husband The State on DVD for his bday or get his laptop looked at? Both will cost about $40 but if the laptop is effed and not worth fixing, I might feel like a jerk. But if it's a simple fix, hello, new laptop essentially. We're also doing a lunch thing with friends and then drinking at our house where I will inevitably eat and breathe fire for everyone, so, yanno, he's gonna have a nice time, regardless.

Also, please tell me to get off my ass, put on a hoodie and go to the store to get myself some meds to start warding off my illness with. Husband is at work and can't do it for me and the longer I sit here, the worse I will feel. Thanks.
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Which of these are true for you?

What's true?

I love Sunday brunch
I am presently on LJ so that I can put off my homework
I only buy clothes that are on sale
My favorite jeans are from a Wal-Mart or similar
I have never owned a dog
I don't like sushi
I cannot get my head around the concept of Economics
I abuse post-it notes like it's my day job
I am in college
I have not seen my SO today


I am single
I rarely ever watch tv
I don't understand this "vampire" fad, I don't like vampires
I don't understand this "zombie" fad, I don't like zombies
I want to burn Stephanie Meyer alive
I have a roommate who sleeps in the same room as me
I own more than one laptop, even if one is barely functional
I have done absolutely nothing worthwhile this weekend, despite the fact that I should have, and I am damn proud of it
I am not close to my sibling(s)
I carry a book in my purse/bag at all times just in case I get a spare 5 minutes to read it

Lastly, these?

You've probably never heard of my favorite band/singer
I cannot stand country music
The speakers on my computer are shitty
I don't understand the point of caffiene-free soda
I loved the Sims 1
I have no idea what my plans are for Halloween
I make too many impulse purchases
One of my parents is unemployed
I am kind of a drug lord - I own a lot of different medicines
I intend to get things done today, but it's likely that that is not going to happen

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I have a little cory catfish that I adore- but he has unfortunately lost BOTH of his eyes and is having trouble swimming upright and doesn't move much except in quick bursts- where he usually runs into things.

I adore the little guy, but I think he's in a great deal of distress. Should I euthanize him?
Has someone ever humanely euthanized a fish? (And no, flushing is not humane)
Paradigm Shift

Take 2

Poll #1466448 A life less ordinary

Which of these have you done?

Gotten a lap dance
Been inside a police vehicle
Fired a gun
Eaten a kind of meat they don't sell in supermarkets
Participated in a marathon
Given blood
Used a fake ID
Protested something publically (as in a gathering with signs)
Gone scuba diving
Toilet papered someone's house
Had a threesome
Been rushed to the ER
Thrown up in someone's car
None of the above

How about these?

Bought alcohol for a minor
Been punched in the face
Taken acid
Had a bear encounter (not in the zoo)
Gone streaking, skinny dipping or some other instance where you were naked in public
Worked in an amusement park
Taken a picture with a celebrity
After using the bathroom, used something other than toilet paper or baby wipes to clean yourself
Seen a dead body (other than a funeral/wake)
Had a Brazillian wax
Had a piercing below the neck
Ridden an animal that wasn't a horse
Gone to second base with someone whose name you did not know
Cheated on a test
None of the above

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today is the day of the cooking questions, apparently.

there is a 6 pound (!!!) brick of unsliced american cheese in my freezer. WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO DO WITH 6 POUNDS OF UNSLICED AMERICAN CHEESE?
quote: stay far from timid

to or not to take the job

So I'm going for my 3rd interview for my first ft career job (im in my last semester in college studying businesS).  However, I'm not sure weather or not I should take the job if it is offered.

pay rate
location (however, location likely to change if/when the company grows too big for its current tiny 1 room space)
ft job with potential to move up

I could be fired for the boss not "liking" me
I may have to work over 40hours frequently
I'll be in one room with both the boss and the other employee in the company aka no privacy
id move up to property manager which has a high burnout rate
Its a new company only open about 2 years.

I currently have 2 jobs so of course id have to stop working atleast one of those jobs.  One of those jobs is a workstudy position at school so iut allows me alot of time to work on homework and hopefully bring up my gpa.  However that job will end with my last semester of school.  also, I'm doing a leadship program to try and addm ore to my resume and id likely have to stop doing that as well as i wont have time.

So..would you take the job or wait and hope for a better job closer to my completion of school?

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In books, movies, whatever, do you tend to like or sympathize with heroes or anti-heroes more?

I find myself generally preferring anti-heros as characters, probably because they're usually more complex.
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Ground beef. There are only so many things you can do with it. What are some things that you can think of?

All I've got is:
Spaghetti (the dish)
Meatloaf (I don't have an oven.)
Hamburger Helper (Gross)
Stir-Fry...but ground beef isn't the best here.

Any other ideas?

The Imperial command ship

How big is the Imperial Fleet's command ship? What are its measurements?

There's got to be a way to get a decent measurement by scale. We know how big the Millenium Falcon is compared to a human. We've seen how big the Falcon is compared to a Star Destroyer because we saw it right on the the back of a Star Destroyer. We've also seen how big the Imperial Command ship is compared to a Star Destroyer because of that shot in the Battle of Endor where a defeated Star Destroyer crashes into the giant command ship. There's also that shot in The Empire Strikes Back where the ship is shown with a couple Star Destroyers nearby. So by knowing the scale sizes of these things relative to each other, we should be able to get a pretty good estimate of the size of the command ship. I'm sure some geek has already figured it out but I don't know where to look.

How big is the Imperial command ship?
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TQC, I'm going to the grocery store in a few minutes. What should I buy? I am definitely getting some fruit, basic stuff like bananas, maybe some grapes. No meat/gelatin products, ty.

Who are your favorite composers?
Franz Joseph Haydn and Mozart.

Where can I learn to dance with another person? I move okay when I'm just dancing with a few friends, but when someone wants to dance one on one, I'm like a retard trying to hump a door knob. Any suggestions?

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1)What personality traits do you associate with feminine people?

hard working, organized, neat.

2)What personality traits do you associate with masculine people?


3)what stupid goal do you have today?

no napping.

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I have about 30 minutes to decide if I really want to walk out on my crappy job. I just put in a 2 weeks notice last night because usually just walking out goes completely against what I usually believe. But I just cant do it. I hate it that much. My co-workers okay, its just the job is crappy and its not organized. My mom doesnt even care if I walk out and she has always raised me to not walk out on a job

What should I do TQC?
stock // pretty perfect

post recipes!

TQC, help me out here. I am a college student of limited means and I am always trying to get/make food on a budget. I love to cook, but I end up eating out as cheaply as possible a lot of the time because I don't know WHAT to cook, and most recipes I do find are for minimum 4 servings and that much food would go to waste.

What are some easy, quick, cheap lunch/dinner recipes I can make (or at least adjust) for a single person? I have an oven/stove and microwave at my disposal and all the basic cooking utensils (but no blender/food processor).

For reference, I'm not a fan of spicy foods. (and for tonight I think I'm going to make stuffed peppers, but I need more ideas for a regular basis!)

What are you really into lately? (Could be a book, video game, movie, television show, band, whatevs.)

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Does caramel taste different to you when it's cold versus when it's hot? It does to me. I swear, my tongue is so weird.

Do you ever drink wine out of a coffee mug instead of a wine glass? I don't usually but I did today because I didn't feel like getting a wine glass when I had a coffee mug in my hand already.

Weirdest thought ever, yes/yes? "I wonder how many batteries humans go through in a year on vibrators?"

Thank you for your input, TQC :D
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Okay, TQC, a hypothetical for you:

You are gay. You are also reading your ethics textbook for purposes of homework. You come across a passage in your ethics textbook that does the following:

1) Compares homosexuality to alcoholism (in the sense that neither "condition" is the fault of the person experiencing it, but both can be treated); and
2) Makes a strange comparison to the degree of "Just because something occurs in nature doesn't mean it's morally right-- you wouldn't drop a rock on a baby any more than you would drop a can of Crisco on a baby".

What do you do?

I laughed, because it was the most ridiculous discussion of homosexuality I'd ever read. Didn't finish my homework, but that was sort of par for the course in that class, regardless of subject matter.

You've got a hair trigger aimed at your head. What do you do, punk? What do you do.
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QUICK! I just stuck the meat I bought in the freezer, so I need to pull something out to make for dinner before they're frozen solid, but I can't think of what I want. Should I make sloppy joes on whole wheat bread with salad or spaghetti with Italian sausage and salad?

What seemingly positive qualities get on your nerves at times?
I like it when people can empathize with other people, but when it happens all the time (like empathizing with people who do stupid things when you're venting about that person being stupid - like running out in front of your car), it gets on my nerves.

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 I've been dieting for a few weeks now and I've recently joined the gym. It's been great.

Has anyone here lost any weight and kept it off? How much weight did you lose? Got any tips for me?

What are some songs that are good for working out? I need more music on my ipod.

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How do you study?

Do you have professors who give tests/quizzes on an excessive amount of reading? How the hell do you narrow it down?

Do you think they should give you an idea of what the test will be on, or is that taking the easy way out?

-I'm not sure if I'm totally out of line in thinking a test spanning 200 pages is hard. I feel like I'm probably focusing on things that may be totally irrelevant and missing the important stuff

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How much do you think the following fabric flower pins would sell for? They can be pinned onto coats, hats, bags and the like.

They'd be selling in a physical store that has various local handmade goods (cute funky aprons, handmade toys), gorgeous and fun hats, children's toys and the like. They might also be sold in the mercantile department of our local natural food store, where they also sell a variety of hats, hand-knit local goods, handmade soaps, stuff like that.

Collapse )

I know what it's worth to me, and there will be a commission from the shop too. I'm taking these in to the shops next week, so I'm trying to come up with a realistic idea of where to price them. Thanks, TQC!

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I'm going to a madonna party tonight, trying to get my outfit together. If you were dressing up like madonna, what would your outfit look like? What madonna-era would you shoot for?

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A friend of mine just posted this in his LJ, but now I'm really curious so I'm passing it on to you guys, maybe someone knows?

"What's the secret behind that Total transformation thing for stopping rude kids in under a minute? The back of your hand?"

If you haven't heard of this advertisement, it's been on the radio here about some miracle program (CDs or books or something) that helps parents get unruly children under control and I think they call it "total transformation" but they make it to be this big secret and you have to buy into the program.... any clues?

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1. Do you have any problems with popular phrases?
2. Are you watching the Made marathon on MTV right now?
3. Now that it just changed to True Life, are you watching THAT?
4. Are you looking forward to anything this week? Besides Friday!

My answers:

1. I hate "life is too short." What is longer to you than your life?!?!
2. I WAS.
3. Yes! New Zealand looks pretty!
4. My birthdayyy, even though I'll be 20 and that's not a good birthday milestone.
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What is your favorite episode of Saved by the Bell?
Probably the famous I'M SO EXCITED, I'M SO...I'M SO....SCARED, or when they go to hawaii for jessie's dad's wedding, or any of the malibu sands episodes

Do you make up your bed every day, or leave it unmade?
Try to make it up

What kind of decorations do you have on the walls of your bedroom?
An 8x10 of Audrey Hepburn, an 8x10 of Marilyn Monroe, a poem and letter from Mother Teresa, and a huge rasterbation of Britney Spears

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There is an English honor society. I'm eligible to be a member but I have to pay for it. I missed the first meeting, emailed them, explained. I just got an email that the second meeting is on a day that I will also not be around for.

Do I email them and tell them that I can't be there *again* or should I just give up on the whole endeavor completely? What would you do?
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I just got my GST cheque ($90.33). What should I do with it?


1) put it on my line of credit so I can pay it off faster (this is what I do with most of my leftover money)

2) put it in my savings account, which will be going toward the downpayment on a house.

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TQC, I need to beat an incoming cold. Besides that zinc stuff, what personal tricks do you have for lessening symptoms of chest colds? I don't have the money for cough medicine right now, but I should be able to get it by Wednesday.

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1)I keep googling, but I can't find any humorous sites about the job search and the absurdity thereof. Can you tell me about any?

2)What about sites about humorous memos, etc?

I like passive aggressive notes, though..
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Can someone explain to me why my room mate.landlady is making me clean out the bathtub because sewage backed up in to it because I wasn't supposed to FLUSH TOILET PAPER DOWN THE TOILET because it backs it up after she failed to tell me this?

What was the last nasty thing you had to do?
MISC; Toooom and a lamp

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Say you're using a public laundry room (dorm in my case), and all the washers are taken, but quite a few are done, however, no one has come to collect their clothing for a while. Is it ever okay to take their laundry out of the machine and put yours in?
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Anyone here move to the US from another country? What country where you initially from? How long ago did you move to the US? What do you think of the US/US culture compared to where your from? If you have been here a long time, what were your first impressions of the US/US culture?
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So, the question "how often do you wash your hair" has been asked several times since I started following TQC.

It seems that lots of people do not wash their hair everyday. So my question is this: for those of you who do not wash their hair everyday, do you shower/bathe everyday? When you shower/bathe and don't wash your hair, what do you do with your hair? Shower cap? Let it get wet but don't shampoo/condition? Try and keep it dry by not putting your head under the shower head?

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For one of my classes I have to deliver a speech selling/promoting the product of my choosing. It can be anything at all(school appropriate, obviously). SO TQC, what would you choose if you were me?
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Cultural Differences?

I reside in the great old country of Scotland and we have a 'rounds' system when in the pub i.e. when someone buys me (and the rest of the group) a round of drinks, I will buy a round back. Or opt out if I can't afford it. That's quite common amongst myself and my wider social circle.

Lately I have been socialising with some Americans and they don't seem to adopt this system. One night it was pointed out one of the Americans hadn't offered to buy a round yet they had been included on plenty of rounds.

So, is this a difference in culture? Do Americans have this 'rounds' system or is it every person for themselves when having a night on the booze?
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What's the last unintentionally hilarious thing you've heard?
My dad tonight: "What the hell is this Facebook bullshit and why do I keep getting e-mails from it?" because one of his old friends he recently reconnected with invited him.

My bookbag is obnoxiously heavy, so I'm looking for ways to cut down on the weight. Two of my books are looseleaf and in binders, so I've gotten to where I just carry the chapters I need in a smaller binder. By the end of the day, though, my shoulders/neck/back still hurt. Any other suggestions?

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in our darkest hour
in my deepest despair
will you still care?
will you be there?

Mixtape help.

A friend of mine is completely broke, so for his best friends' birthdays, he's making them mix cds he wants to be a musical remembering of their relationships. Half the songs are just songs he remembers as being significant at various times, but he also wants to try and come up with some songs that describe individual moments in their relationships, and he's trying to find songs that are as close as possible to specific memories.

With regards to this, he's looking for songs that say the following things:

1) I'm sorry I gave you an STD, but can we still be friends?

2) Can you please stop having sex so I can go to bed?

3) I really like you and wish you'd stop asking me to hang out with your boyfriend.

4) Thank you for being my respite from my crazy roommate.

5) You are cooler then I will ever be, and I love you.

Would anyone have any suggestions? I know they're really specific, but anything that evokes the right mood would be excellent.

Thanks for any help!

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How okay are you with other people using your computer? 
How okay are you with people you don't like using it?
If someone you didn't like went onto your computer after you specifically informed them (and everyone else) to not touch it how would you react? 

My fiances dumb ass friends went onto my computer, after being told not too while I went to check on the baby. I was talking to a friend on MSN. They crashed the computer, I lost my conversation and still didn't apologize, in fact my fiance begged me to let him use the computer "since he was already on it and didn't want to create drama asking him to get off. My fiance doesn't get why I'm pissed off. *sigh*
Radical Edward, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

Serious question, not so serious inspiration...

So I was watching the episode of South Park with the eggs and the gay marriage bill...

What does the minister say in gay marriage ceremonies instead of "I now pronounce you man and wife"?

Google only provided one alternative, but it was a complete rewording. Seems to defeat the purpose of gays having a "traditional marriage" on the same level as using a term other than "marriage" for it.

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Ok so I finally applied for some jobs, both online. I just submitted my applications this evening. When should I call to inquire? Calling back is usually the recommended route correct?

What did you do tonight/today?

(no subject)


If your birthday happened to be on a day where you were super busy and wouldn't have a chance to see any of your friends, what are some small ways you would celebrate?

edit: the next available celebration day is 10 days away.

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Do you wear lingerie?
Would you show me pictures of the lingerie you find the most attractive?
To calm my angers about his friends my fiance is buying me some. Sorry about the drunk posting....I've never done this before.

Also what are your plans for tomorrow? 

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Have you ever met someone in person you first start talking to online, and he ended being just as wonderful as you'd imagined? :)

We had an all day long first date that ended in wine and a DVD and all night cuddling. He did not turn out to be a psycho killer! :D