October 3rd, 2009


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What's your favorite band?

What's the best concert you've ever been to? Why?


What song do you love/are obsessed with right now?

-Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Interpol.
-Seeing Interpol live in 2007 was amazing because they're my favorite band and their music sounded brilliant live; seeing Ladytron and ADULT. were both great because they were just so much fun, the music had an awesome live energy, I was with great people, and I got to be in new environments, which I loved.

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Does anyone know where I can get some 12 year Macallan scotch in Toledo, Oh? I just moved here and in California they have BevMo, but no one around here seems to know what the hell that is.

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Do you do any drunk communicating? Calls, texts, IMs, etc. Anything. Tell me about it because I tried to call somebody last night and accidentally called the wrong person. I was quite glad he didn't answer.
What's your least favorite part about drinking besides puking and hangovers? Mine is the fact that no matter what time I go to bed, I wake up at some ridiculous hour in the morning, like 7.

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So I've posted once or twice about a beach wedding in Jacksonville I'm attending next month. I found a Collapse ) and now I need halp figuring out what kind of shoes to wear with it. I haven't looked a whole lot so far (since I only got the dress last night), but out of these two pairs of shoes which would you go with? OR if you hate both of them, feel free to point me in the direction of another pair of sandals that would look good with it?


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Do any of you wear an orthodontic retainer? how long have you had yours, and how often are you supposed to wear it? have you ever had to replace it?

I had my braces removed when I was 14, now I'm 21, but I am still supposed to wear my retainer at night (I usually don't). Over the past 7 years, it's gotten pretty gross and is kind of cracking. I don't live in the same town as my orthodontist anymore. do you think it would be hard to get a replacement retainer from a new orthodontist?

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what are some meal ideas that don't involve cooking or involve a microwave besides salad and sandwiches and hot pockets?

i need to go grocery shopping today. i have $20-$25 for the week BUT our stove is broken and i don't know when it's going to be fixed, so i need to get at least a few days if not the whole weeks' worth of food that doesn't need to be cooked.
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Morbid poll....what would you do for 10 million dollars?

Poll #1465985 For $10,000,000, would you...?

...get buried alive for a week? In the ground in a cemetary and they promise to dig you up in 7 days. It'll be a specially rigged coffin with a huge tank of oxygen attached, which will hold 2 weeks worth of air so you won't have to worry about breathing, and there will be a week's worth of granola bars and water. However, there's no place to use the bathroom so you'll have to sort of figure some way to deal with that for a week. In the coffin it'll be pitch black, but you'll have a 5 glow sticks which you can break at any time which will last several hours each. You can't bring anything with you to entertain yourself, so no books, gameboys or pack of cards. Since it is a coffin, you won't have much room to move, so maybe you can just spin around. Would you do it?


...get buried alive for one whole day with a dead body? You're in the ground in a cemetary for one whole day, sharing a coffin with a recently deceased man in his 50s, so it'll be kind of cramped. It'll be another specially rigged coffin that'll hold 96 hours worth of air and you'll have 2 granola bars. No light except a disposable lighter. So, 24 hours lying on top of a dead guy in really cramped quarters for millions of bucks. Would you do it?


...get buried alive for 2 hours only with a dead body? This time the body will be fairly decomposed. You'll be led to the cemetary and at random a grave will be selected for your interment. Someone who died about 4 months ago.. They open the coffin up and you climb inside and they bury you again. 2 hours later they dig you back up and you get your millions. You'll have 6 hours worth of air in a special cannister, but it'll probably smell pretty rank in there and you'll have to be lying on a decaying corpse for 120 minutes. Would you do it?

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what kind of toothpaste do you use?

what color are your sheets?

oranges or apples?

zip up hoodies or pullover?

what is one word you use in you state or region that they don't use/understand the use of anywhere else?
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I am right in my thinking here, right?! Right?! They're doin' it wrong? Yes?

Because if I'm the one doin' it wrong, I DON'T WANT TO DO IT RIGHT

Maybe if you like a particularly rough style, but this should be the exception, not the rule, yes?

What sexual assumptions have you encountered that other people seemed to think were perfectly normal and you were like WHUT?

EDIT: I just got a message from an AMA mod saying that people are harassing the poster of my referenced comment, NOT COOL GUYS. Constructive comments, people!

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So I posted not too long ago about getting the flu shot. Well it turns out I got the flu and a sinus infection. I went to the doctor Wednesday and got medicine and stuff. I missed Thursday and Friday of work and feel much better today. A coworker of mine invited me to her birthday party but as of yesterday I told her I might not go, for obvious reasons. I was cleared to go back to work once I didn't have a fever. I haven't had a fever since yesterday, does this mean I can socialize with people or could I still be contagious?

Should I go to the party? I don't want to get anyone sick or have people think that I was faking or something, but I'm feeling way better and I've been really bored the past 2 days!
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did you wear a veil for your wedding? if not married yet, do you intend on it?


I am thinking of just having my hair long and pretty instead of a veil. I think the length of my hair will only be competing against the length of a veil and will look silly

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Music, or otherwise:

What was the last show you went to?
Blink 182, Fall Out Boy, and All-American Rejects last Sunday

What is the next show you're going to?
I'm going to see Punchline, Farewell, and Between the Trees tonight!

What was the last show you wanted to go to, but couldn't?
Paramore, even though it's not until the end of the month, but tickets sold out.
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Today I woke up with a hangover. WTF, TQC? I only had one huge margarita and one beer last night. What the hell is up with that? Otherwise things are going only okay for me. I think I'm going to have to drop my trig class, which sucks big time. I've never had to drop a class before. I just don't think I'll be able to pass it. I'm super confused and super behind, plus its starting to jeopardize my other classes. I'm gonna have to retake it next semester. Have you ever had to drop a class before? What happened? Do you have anything to say that could make me feel better about this decision?

Otherwise, how are things with you guys, TQC? What's going on in your life?

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1. Does mastication help you relieve stress?
2. How many times do you masticate per day?
3. Have you ever masticated in public before?
4. Has anyone ever walked in on you while you were masticating?
5. Have you ever walked in on your parents masticating?
6. If 5 guys are masticating in a circle, is it gay?
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So, I wanted Chinese food and have no access to a car. The minimum delivery order has to be $10.00, and lunch specials are only $3.75. So now, I have three orders of Chinese food and I only have one tummy. I've eaten half of the sweet and sour chicken, and now have that half, an order of sesame chicken, and an order of beef and broccoli. WHAT DO I DO WITH ALL THIS CHINESE FOOD!!?!? edit: YES I HAVE A FREEZER. NON SRS ANSWERS WELCOME.

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I have a naturally low body temperature of about 96.7 or so.
My BMI is about 18.8, give or take, and I plan on it lowering.

When you reach a certain point of being underweight, your body temperature lowers, yes?

So-- if i reach that state, how much lower would my body temperature drop?
And what side effects would I have from such a thing happening?

Just wondering if anyone knows.
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my friend and i had plans to go to the mall today.  i told her i'd call her a bit later to let her know when i'd pick her up. when i called her house, her brother  told me she left somewhere and won't be back for five hours. idk how to feel about this, tbh. i think it's possible her parents made her go do something with them but i don't understand why she didn't call to cancel. she should have called, right?
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Great Movie moments

Hello QC!
So, I was spending way too much time on Youtube again, sigh, ran across a favorite scene from a movie, namely the part in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels where Michael Caine is slapping Steve Martin's legs while he's in the wheelchair. Which reminded me of more hilarious bits of his, then another, then looking at all the great clips in the 'related vids', finally ending up at a clip of the emotional moment in Shawshank Redemption when Tim Robbins gets out at night and is soaking in the rain with his arms spread.
So I'm curious, for own enjoyment, or since may have forgotten about many good ones, what are your personal 'Best Movie Moments Ever'?? (cross-posted out of curiosity)

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Who else is really bored at work this fine Saturday? How long left in your shift?

Only 22.5 hours left before my shift is done! Woo! I hate 24hr weekend shifts....

If you're not working what are you plans tonight?! (just don't rub it in my face!)

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How can I make myself feel better and more apt to do work when I'm having one of those days where everything is blah? I tried going for a walk, watching tv, listening to music, everything that normally helps me get things done, and nothing. What are your "come on get motivated!" tricks? 
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So, today was going to be my last Saturday at my sucky ass job, (third to last shift in total) but the car I'm borrowing while mines in the shop broke down on the way there and I called out because I thought I was going to need to tow it back to it's owner an hour and a half away.

The cars working again, there is 4 hours left on the shift I was scheduled to work, and I know they're busy as hell. But I hate them and I hate that job, and since I would be so late I know they'd ask me to stay until close at midnight, should I go in or not? Am I being an asshole by just going home and taking a nap and a bath?
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Do you know anyone with Tourette syndrome?

If you do, does their tic involve saying anything?

Is there a vocal tic more awesome than Cartman saying TITTY SPRINKLES?

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I have the latest version of Adium on my MacBook. While I've found out how to delete chat transcripts, I can't find how to set it so that they aren't saved at all. How the fuck do I do this???

Alternatively, what's the last frivolous thing you bought yourself?
I got a really cute pinstripe lingerie set today. :D $8 at Burlington Coat Factory!! Who'dathunkit.
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Should I be a skeleton or Sailor Neptune when I grow up for Halloween? I have a skeleton I haven't worn before but Sailor Neptune is so cute and only $50. What I mean is can you convince me to be a skeleton so I don't spend my money on something I will wear only once?

In what areas of your life do you need encouragement?

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1. Would you respond to this ad?
2. How much money would he have to pay for you to hire him?
3. Is the ad somewhat attractive because your home really needs cleaning and you don't want to do it yourself or hire anyone?
4. If you did invite this guy over, would you be there alone? If not, who else would you invite over while he was cleaning?
5. Would having a naked male housecleaner be sexy or creepy?
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Nodding my head like yeah...

Ack - I have a Miley Cyrus earworm.

What's a song that gets stuck in your brain frequently? (Istanbul Not Constantinople)

What's your least favorite headsong? (Anything Disney related. Arrgh. Having a kid has it's drawbacks.)

What song, with just a few notes, will cling to your cerebellum and not leave without a fight? (REM's Shiny Happy People. O hey look, Miley's packing her luggage and leaving!)
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TQC, do you know anything about being a mystery shopper?

I was looking at craigslist for jobs and I found some ad about being a mystery shopper. It says I'll get paid $320 for "each assigment I complete." I don't know if this is a scam or what, but it sounds pretty appealing.

If this isn't a scam, should I send them my resume and a cover letter, or just an short e-mail expressing my interest and availability?

person to person lending?

I'm pretty sure I saw the link somewhere in the question club but the search for it has proven futile..

I'm looking for a website that offered the person to person loans but it's not prosper.com. I remember there being profiles for those wanting loans with a status bar that showed loans offered and how much of it was already paid back. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
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Why, hello. It's me again and I'm back with another question as to how I can continue to adequately feed my desire to dress like Max Goof.

I.E. another question as to how and/or where I can find certain articles of clothing, because often I search for weeks and TQC offers instant answers. So I decided I'd only look for like 3 days this time before giving up and turning to internet strangers.Collapse )
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There is a Subway Canada commercial running right now that I just do not understand. Sadly, I can't find a video clip of it, but let me try to explain.

The Subway monkey mascot asks us to 'do the math'. Then, silhouettes of Canadian animals go by as if being added together (ex. caribou + loon + beaver + etc.) and the final part is subtracting a maple leaf. So caribou + loon + beaver - maple leaf. The equal sign comes up and the result is ~$3.29, the new deal on small subs.

SO... Canadian animals minus Canada equals the price of a sandwich? Huh?

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My feet fall asleep a lot. I have low blood pressure, but I also have unusually warm extremities, and I KNOW I'm not dehydrated since I drink more water then anyone I know. My roommate says I have leukemia.

Do I have leukemia, TQC?

Do your feet fall asleep a lot?

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I got so much accomplished today! I "spring" cleaned my house like crazy. I rearranged every room in the house, cleaned from top to bottom, organized EVERYTHING, paid all my bills, donated 12 (!) bags of clothes and stuff to goodwill, cut my boyfriends hair, and still made a yummy meatloaf for dinner.

what did you accomplish today?
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Hey TQC.

I have a nokia 6300 and I've recorded some videos with it, when I saw the videos on my phone I could hear all the sound but the image would freeze and then I would get a little image of a broken video film.
I thought it was just something my phone was doing (since its a bit old and I've dropped it a few times, hard...) but I  just uploaded the videos from my phone to my computer and the image goes white after the first 2 or three seconds, but you can hear the sound perfectly.

anyone have any idea whats going on and how to make it stop??

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I just got a MacBook Pro and since this is the first computer I've ever had that's not a PC, I'm a little unsure about some things. Does AIM work on these (specifically classic AIM)?

ETA: Okay, well the general opinion seems to be a big no on the AIM front. I'll try to check out those other things (assuming I can even figure out what said things are. If not, I'll invest in an abacus or something.) and see how that goes. Thanks.

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1)How do to do lists work for you?

I never do the last three tasks and am always carrying tasks over.

2)If you use a physical journal, what kind do you use?

..a little moleskine recently.

3)When asked to do a 5k, do you do it, or try to get out with just donating?
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Drug Stores

I just moved and am now looking for a local 24 hour drug store.

So far I've looked up Walgreens, CVS, and Rite-Aid.  Are there any other drug stores you can think of that are sometimes open 24 hours?

I'm in California if that helps any.  I need laundry detergent!!!

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TQC, my computer is really pissing me off.

Every time I try to watch a video on Youtube that's longer than 30 seconds, it freezes a million times. My browser does that "not responding" thing and everything will be laggy and slow for minutes afterward. It took me ten minutes just to get this tab open to ask this question. I don't have anything else besides MSN messenger running, and I have ~30 gigs of free space. I know it shouldn't be doing this. What can I do about it?

What was the last thing that really pissed you off? 

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So your retainer got put in the trash can, and then taken to the trash bin with all the other trash bags in it.

How many times should you soak it in scalding hot polident baths before you deem it wearable again?

What has been your favorite haircut that you've had?
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I have always been lucky, but this year in particular has been _unbelievably_ lucky with regards to winning stuff. I should really start playing the lottery, y/y? I actually already won the lottery once, but haven't played since then, in 2004. What's the chances of winning twice?

Do you believe in luck, or is everything chance?
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My google-fu has failed me TQC. I read on wikipedia that there is a Sequoia growing somewhere in the finger lakes region of new york. Sadly there is no reference, and everything I try to google just seems to be quoting the same thing from wikipedia. Anyone know where this tree might be? It'd be neat to go see it and save me a trip to california.