October 2nd, 2009

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It's way too late and I'm watching Jurassic Park, and from what I know of Battle Royale, basically a bunch of 9th graders are kidnapped and forced to fight each other until there is only one survivor. So, Jurassic Park meets Battle Royale in which they're forced to fight themselves and dinosaurs in some godforsaken future? Yes or no, will this be SyFy's next hit, after their Mega Octopus vs Giant Shark or whatever? Since they seem to not be able to come up with a decent plot?

Is anyone else out there waiting for the NaNoWriMo forums to relaunch and clicking refresh over and over?
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Poll #1465301 Touched by an angel

Have you ever been touched by an angel? If so, where were you touched?

Cheeks. The angel reached over and pinched my cheeks
Cheeks. The angel bent me over and parted my cheeks like the Red Sea
Top of the head. A friendly pat
Top of my knee. Under the table
My back, where the angel hugged me
My hips where the angel groped me
Palm, where we held hands
Palm, where I gave him a handjob
Forehead, where the angel kissed me
Genitals, where the angel kissed me
Come to think of it, that wasn't an angel, it was a stripper named Angela

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 Hubby and I have very different opinions on love, and I thought it would be interesting to bring it to a bigger audience...

I think that the sweetest kind of love is the kind where you can let go if you know it's better for the other person, because you want what's best for them. He thinks that when you truly love someone you hang on and fight it out no matter what, because you love them that much. Opinions? What do you think is the strongest, sweetest kind of love?

ETA: I realized I didn't phrase it as well as I could of. In the first situation what I mean is a situation where one person may go as far as ending it, because they feel that the person they're with deserves more. In the second situation I mean fighting it out for as long as both parties want to, not one person hanging on while the other tries to end it.

boy and girl in love

bluetooth for hearing aids

I am looking for a bluetooth headset for my cellphone. I wear hearing aids that go over the ear. The microphone is at the back of my ear. Where can I find a bluetooth set for hearing aids? Googling hasn't really shown me anything helpful. Thanks!

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Do you think there is an "appropriate" time to go between relationships?
Is it disrespectful to your ex to date another person within months of breaking up? What if they don't know your current flame? What if they know and like them? Hate them?
Noel Panda. Fat Chinese people.

In case you missed it

As a result of this: http://community.livejournal.com/thequestionclub/69330447.html I developed an incredible migraine that I described as "a rusty piece of wire worked its way through the front right top of my skull and snaked its way out through my eye" and it's also making my right sinus and jaw muscle throb. My world pretty much sucks entirely at this moment.

So I called out of work. This is perhaps the second time I've called out since January - which is when the current general manager started at my store, who was also the person I called out on today.

Me not being there does not effect the running of the store at all - it just means some stuff won't get put away today, which is fine since it can be put away tomorrow.

Does my boss have a right to be hella pissed at me like she sounded? Should I call back and say I'll be there soon in spite of the fact that I practically can't see due to the pain in my head? Should I stop worrying about this and just go back to bed before my head caves in?

ETA: I just blew my nose and not only snot but a bunch of blood came out of my right nostril. WTF?
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While updating hotels for my job, I came across a street named Yellow Brick Road in Baltimore, MD and Licking Pike in Somewheresville, USA (I update hundreds of hotels per day). What interesting street names have you encountered?

How are you doing today?

[edit] There is also a Lazy Days Blvd in Seffner, FL

These have all probably been asked before...

1. Say you were going to commit suicide. How would you do it?
Hanging, or drowning in the ocean if the water was warmer.

2. You have to get a tattoo right now. What do you get and where?
Probably something small and cute like Chococat on my shoulder.

3. Now for something non-hypothetical: What's your favorite month?
We're in it! October!
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I used to keep some Jolly Ranchers in my desk drawer. When I went to grab one today, they were all liquid! WTF? My office doesn't get very warm... most people complain it's too cold. Certainly not hot enough to keep them in a liquid form.

WTF happened? I don't know how long they've been this way.
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I have the day off and my only friend I hang out with is sick. What should I do today?

-go to Borders and get a book or some music. I have some cupons on my phone.
-get a flu shot. Not so exciting but it seems like the popular thing to do.
-go shopping and try to find the grey skirt I'm looking for.

Anything else you can think of? My mom and her bf are fighting and I want to go away.

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Will any typical cold medications (antihistamines, decongestants, cough suppressants, etc.) mess up my birth control? I know that antibiotics do, but I'm not sure about these. I am taking the pill, if it makes any difference.

I am going to the store in a couple of hours. What typical things do you need/want when you have a cold? I know stuff like cough drops, but what about your favorite types of soup or clear sodas?


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Is there anything I can put on a window that will make birds stop flying into it?

The thing is, looking out the window would have to look very similar to how it would look if there was nothing on it.

I work at a house with people with disabilities. They refuse to draw the curtains in the main window (the other windows don't even have curtains. None of them. I'm tired of picking up a dead bird at the end of my shift every single day. It's really frustrating because everyone seems to be okay with kill about 6 birds a week. I also really love birds so every time one flies into a window I get pretty upset.
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It's Friday and you'd rather lay in bed naked. However, you have five very important assignments to either do or get started on. Your weekend is totally free. How do you manage your time?

How do you know when you are stressed and spread too thin?
What is your current wardrobe favorite?
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TQC, I really want a pet. What pet should I look into getting? Here are some facts that may help:

-I live in an apartment, so noise can't be a huge issue (excluding very large parrots and very large dogs.)
-I am allergic to cats. Not highly allergic (keeping them off my bed is usually fine), so something hypoallergenic may be worth looking into.
-I am not particularly wealthy, but I will have a few thousand saved away in case the pet has an emergency/whatever.
-I would not like to spend a significant amount of money on the adoption fee, mostly because I'd prefer to rescue.
-I will work during the day 4 days a week, but my roommate (who supports the idea of a pet) will be home. But the pet needs to be able to be unsupervised/in a cage for a few hours.
-I hate hamsters.

What do you think?

If you don't care/not sure, what sort of requirements should someone have if they want a pet? (Steady job, big yard, etc.?)

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Are you interested in dating any of these hopefuls? I mean I have a sneaking suspicion they are still single ;).

Collapse )

*Goes off to find his ABC albums to remind himself there was actually good stuff about the '80s too*.

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If you had access to a super-high-speed strobe photography set-up that could capture events mere milliseconds long, what one scene would you like to see captured in time?

I think I'd like to see what happens at the moment a lit fluorescent tube is broken...does the gas goosh out for a second still glowing? Or the look on someone's face the second they realize they accidentally let out a fart in public.

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My dog has been coughing and vomiting unsuccessfully, and he's acting like his tum is hurting. This has only been going on since I came home, about 20 minutes ago, and he has no other symptoms. Do you think he has bloat, or am I over reacting?

If the coughing persists I will call the vet, but he does seem to have stopped for now. I feel like an over-protective mother.
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I registered for a class on the second day of the week and missed the first day of class. Ultimately, I didn't understand the homework schedule and thought that the dates on the chart were the dates assigned, not due. So I eventually found out that I wouldn't be prepared for class today and would be unable to turn in the homework. I emailed the teacher to explain my confusion and he responded saying that he "made it clear that the homework was due on Friday," despite me being new to the class. However clear he was, it wasn't clear enough for me, or the other student that joined late and didn't have his homework today, either. Is there a polite way for me to reply to him explaining that I wasn't the only one to misunderstand him? Or would that seem too disrespectful, and should I just let it go?

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My tonsils are swollen to probably 3 or 4 times their normal size. It's altered my voice (I can only talk so loud now), and I'm having a little trouble breathing sometimes.

What sorts of foods/drinks would be good? I have gatorade, tomato soup, chicken noodle soup, and water.
What kinds of things do you like to eat when you're sick?
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How old is your mother?

Was/is she a young or older mother?

What was your mother's last name before she got married?

Did she take your fathers name?

Also where did you grow up?

I am wondering what people are willing to share.
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ok a friend of mine just got back from a job interview and one of the first questions they asked him was what he intended to do with the money he would be earning.
Are they allowed to do that??

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Poll #1465606 Please to be deciding my Friday night!


Inglorious Basterds
Whip It


Steak N Shake
Stadium Grill
Pizza (mm...Quatros...)

I'm bored and I have 36 minutes left of work. What should I do this evening?

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What webcomics do you read? Links?

If you don't read any, what's the last delicious thing you ate?
A mini Butterfinger. My dog was 3 inches away from my face the whole time... she wanted it SO BAD.
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Alright, so let's suppose that you drive to the grocery store (or mall, or restaurant, or airport, or anywhere really.) If you can't/don't drive, we'll get to you in a moment. You pull in and there are two parking spaces, both the same distance from the door, one on your left, one on your right. Which parking space do you choose?

In conjunction with that, which is your dominant hand?

For those of you who can't/don't drive (and everyone else who feels like answering) what is your favorite imperfection, e.g. a freckle in an odd place, a birthmark shaped like George Washington, extra pointy eye-teeth, about yourself?

EDIT Assume the parking spaces are parallel to each other on either side and not at an angle, so you'd have to make a 90-degree turn regardless of direction.

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Ahhh... one of the old First Aid tips was that you keep a bottle of Syrup of Ipecac in your medicine cabinet or first aid kit, so that if somebody ate something poisonous by mistake, you'd have it on hand if the Poison Control people on the telephone told you to give it to him/her to make him/her throw up.

Well, I just took a look at the little brown bottle, and realized that my Ipecac expired years ago.

Does that mean that if I give it to someone, it WON'T make him sick?

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I am going to be exceptionally lazy tonight. It's cold and rainy out so I'm not going out to the movie rental place. I don't want to download because I don't know if there's a cap on my internet and as a personal rule I don't download movies. Can you recommend some places that I can watch movies online in good quality? I also must be able to view them as I'm outside the US.
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Stolen from Zentastic.com

1. What made you choose your specific faith, and, if applicable, denomination?

2. How do you know that God exists in general?

3. What first-hand experiences have you had that confirm the existence of your specific God to you? (ie. a feeling, Jesus voice in your head, etc.)

4. How do you choose which parts of your holy books should be taken literally? If it’s not all of them, how do you decide how to interpret or ignore the rest?

5. How are you sure that your specific faith and denomination are the “correct” one? If not, how do you reconcile that?

And for those of you who don't care/can't answer, don't you hate it when you find/think of a good question, but you JUST asked one so then you have to wait?
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When was the last time you were caught (or nearly caught) masturbating? By who? Did you have a hella awkward conversation about it?

Failing that, when was the last time you got cock-blocked?

My answer: less than 5 minutes ago by my flat mate. No awkward convo -either she didn't see/hear anything or she's being good enough to pretend she didn't.

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i had my first two interviews with target today. the lady doing the second interview told me to come back tomorrow to talk to personnel/HR. what should i wear? full interview clothes? if it matters, today i wore black pants, plain black heels, and a black button up with tiny white dots.


Bidding on eBay can be so intense sometimes! I've been watching an item for the past week and it's down to the last thirty minutes...

What was the last thing you bought on eBay? How much did you pay?

Or, if you don't shop on eBay, what was the last thing you purchased?

Pictures are appreciated!

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Have you ever had a UTI?  Was it uncomfortable or painful?  Did your pee have a strange odor?

Have you ever had a kidney stone?  Was it the most pain you'd ever been in? If you haven't had one or it wasn't the most excruciating pain ever, what WAS the worst pain you've ever been in?
-It's between the kidney stones and polycystic ovarian syndrome.

What are you dressing as for Halloween? If this has been asked too many times, what's your favorite sports team?
-Pittsburgh Penguins, baybeeee.
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You are to give an informative speech in three days (so you will have enough time to prepare it obvs) that will be broadcast globally. Your audience will absorb it like they are the driest sponges on the planet (haha). What do you give your speech on?

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Can you tattoo over a scar?
if so:

- How long after getting the scar can you do it?
- can you still see it after?

I have had quite a large lump removed from my back (near the bottom of my shoulder blade) and I'm really hating the scar, it just looks nasty.

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Several months ago now, I cut off my cable. I watch most of my shows online. The only thing I really miss is the news. I get most of my current events on the internet. More often facebook and livejournal are where I get the teasers and then I will google news it for the rest of the story. I sometimes wonder how that affects which stories I end up reading!

How would your life be different without a TV in your home?

Or, if you're a non TV/cable household, how would your life be different if you got one tomorrow?

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So just a general question- when you're going wedding dress/bridesmaid dress shopping, do they have dresses in every size? I've never even step foot in a dress shop, let alone been fitted or anything, so I have no idea how it goes.

Will you show me a picture of your perfect wedding dress?

It's me or the dress is making me think about everything about weddings.
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canon or sony?

I currently have a Canon Powershot SD600, but I'm looking to get a new point and shoot camera because this one isn't working properly. While I really like Canons, I think Sony Cybershots are equally amazing, too. My friend has the Sony Cybershot and I've always liked how her photos came out on hers rather than on my Canon. If you've had both brands/types of cameras, can you please recommend me one?
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 1-im going to use orange and yellow to paint my nails. should i do yellow on toes and orange on hands or vice versa?

 2-should i add a small peek-a-boo chunk of  unnatural red to my chin length platinum hair?

 3-whats something you learned about recently thats cool? (could be political or on the internet or some product, whatever

 4-what is the most interesting thing youve done today? how was the day as a whole? if your day just started, do you think it will be a good one, why or why not?
5- is it weird that i am 20 and will occasionally watch icarly? 
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So I just found out my Uncle let my 7 year old daughter watch Poltergeist. Dude. What the hell?

Were you ever scarred by a movie?
I saw one of the Psycho sequels by myself when I was 3 years old. It showed this scene where a woman was buried under the bathroom floor. For some reason there was a hole right above her eye, and suddenly her eye flew open and she started looking around. That damn movie almost gave me a bladder infection because I wouldn't go to the bathroom by myself.

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Say you want to get a bikini wax for an event, how far ahead of the event should you go get waxed-if this is your first time getting waxed?

What patch of body hair is the scorn of your existence? I've got these hairs on my big toe that drive me absolutely nuts.
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I had an acquaintance in high school through my boyfriend at the time. I haven't talked to him since he graduated in 2001 and he came up in a conversation today. How creepy would it be to send him a message on facebook to see what he's up to? :/
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how do you write a letter of resignation? can it be a one-liner? this is for a professor.

also, why the hell did my cat attack my leg and make it all itchy and nasty? he just decided to climb all over me. the one time i wasn't wearing jeans. sigh.
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Political correctness

Is it wrong to say that you "don't like" a specific race or nationality? I don't mean saying "I hate X group," or saying offensive things like a neo-nazi or something. I'm not talking about racial slurs. I just mean, is it wrong to say "I don't like X group"?
If so, why?
Also, if it's wrong, why can an old lady get away with saying something like "I don't like them X's"?
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Have you spent more than you would have expected, on something important lately? What the hell was it? How much did you expect to pay? How much did you pay for it in the end?

If you can't / don't want to answer that question:   How was your week?
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weirded out!! - TGS

Cultural observation.

I don't know if some of you will have experience with this, but you can still give your opinion I suppose, right?

I went to an international art university and have now moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and have a job that forces me to interact with people on a first and last name basis.

At my college and in the Bay Area are many, many, many non-American born Asian people who either do not speak English well or are in the process of learning English. I noticed that many of them choose an American name to go by.

My college roommate who was an ESL tutor in college also told me how common a practice this was among her students, almost all of whom were Asian. She would always ask them their name and when they'd say a name that was obviously NOT their name she would ask them, "Well...what does your mom call you?" And they would say Wen, Ming, Joo-Eun, Hyun-Ki, you get the idea.

I noticed that nearly all of them choose a name that would be considered very "ordinary" but is also pretty uncommon or at least uncommon for their age (late teens/early 20s) such as Beverly, Francine, George, Bruce, Margaret, Henry, Stewart, etc.

My question is, has anyone else noticed this? Why do you suppose they choose these names; where do they get them from?
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