September 30th, 2009

questions about job fairs/career fairs

I'm going to a Government of Canada career fair tomorrow! I was wondering if I get asked to submit my resume, do I need a cover letter? Should I customize one for each department that I am applying to?

And if I am submitting my resume with the objective on top, should it say something along the lines of "i want to work for a worthwhile organization" or "challenging part time position"? Should I customize that for each department?

I thank you in advance for reading this and/or attempting to help me!

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Are any of you versed in katakana? If you are, will you tell me how to pronounce サリア ? I can find charts comparing the characters in katakana with characters in romaji, so this should be easy for me, but I still can't decide if I'm doing the vowels right. Help?

If you can't or don't want to help, will you tell me what your favorite book is? Your favorite video game?

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I just lost my favorite picture because i accidently right clicked and hit "block photos from blah blah blah" on facebook. i thought it was saved on my computer, but it wasn't. anyone know how to undo that? i did it on facebook if that matters.

also, will you post a silly picture of yourself? here is mine!

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So one of my female cats is always in my room, like 80 percent of her time is spent in here, but I haven't seen her in several hours which is unusual. Where the hell is she? I keep imagining all these scenarios that end up with her dead. And I can't sleep without her in my bed
Beavis and Butthead

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Has anyone ever had Essure done, or a tubal? Will you share your experience, what happened, how much pain, etc?

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Has anyone ever had problems with birth control pills giving nasty side effects? I'm on Loestrin and I feel like I'm going insane(crazy mood swings). That's the other reason for my doctor's appointment next week. Is there another type I should ask to try?

If you don't know/don't care, will you post a picture of something? Anything.

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i'm trying to register on the playfish forums (the forums for pet society/restaurant city/etc) and i'm not receiving most of the emails i'm supposed to. i've tried resending the activation email three times but it's not going through. i've gotten other emails from them so i know they have my email right, and i'm not getting anything new in my spam folder.

wtf do i do?
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For realz

If you were the owner of a grocery store in a small town and within the next year a Walmart would be moving in, what would you do in an attempt to remain competitive / successful?
Peggy Blink

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I am about halfway through cleaning my room and I am just now starting to feel tired. Should I go to bed, wake up early and finish cleaning or finish cleaning now and wake up whenever I feel like it?

What do you collect?
After cleaning my room, I realize I collect ticket stubs, bobby pins (seriously, I must have over 100 that were laying loose in various places), and mini hand sanitizer bottles.

If you lived in NYC and had the opportunity to get tickets to any show filmed in front of a live audience (Daily Show, SNL, etc.), what would you pick?
I'm going to see Tyra next month, but I really want SNL tickets. The SNL tickets can only be applied for in August, though, and they run out fast.

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Poll #1464224 the poll

For the Aussies - Who do you prefer?

Koshie & Mel?
Koshie & Nat?
replace them all?

For everyone - When was the last time you washed your car?

This week
Last Week
Within the last month (but before last week)
With the last 6 months
Within the last year
Can't remember
I don't have a car

When Was the last time you vacuumed your car?

This Week
Last Week
Within the last month (but before last week)
Within the the last 6 months
Within the last year
I can't remember
I don't have a car

Whats your favourite current TV Show?

Friday Night Lights
How I met your mother
Mad Men
One of the Law and Orders
One of the CSI's
Other - Please name in comments

Which of these are you right now?

A Blonde
A Brunette
A Red head
A Ginger
A person with Grey hair
A person with Pink hair
A person with Blue hair
A person with Green hair
A person with No hair
A person with some other kind of hair colour.- Leave a comment

It's My Aeroplane

Guys, I have serious anxiety over flying. I've never been on a plane in my life but last year when I seriously considered it for the first time, I had a panic attack so bad that A) I had to breathe in a bag to not hyperventilate and die and B) that was the thing my doc finally put me on Xanax for - AND ALL I DID WAS LOOK UP PRICES FOR FLIGHTS.

This Christmas we want to go to NYC to visit some friends and see the city in all it's splendor. While a 14-16 hour one way road trip with my husband might be pretty cool (thinking of stopping in DC to check the Smithsonian out), obviously that cuts into time we could be rocking out in the Big Apple quite a bit.

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what is the uh... protocol for all you can eat sushi? do you sit down, tell the waitress "we're having all you can eat" and just keep ordering stuff?

i don't want to fuck up and get charged a la carte prices.

what's your favourite kind of sushi?

dynamite or dragon rolls, and inari

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It's getting to be that time of the year in a lot of places - when it's cold and dry. What are your favorite moisturizing hand creams and moisturizing lip balms?

(My favorite lip balm has been Blistex's Daily Conditioning Treatment, in a little peach pot, but I'm kind of a lip balm junkie and am always open to new recommendations. My hands, however, have never had a problem with being chapped, and today is only the SECOND day of it being cool and dry here and already one of my hands is pretty badly chapped. :( Ugh!!)
Autumn Pink

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If you were creating a website for a very on-the-edge of technology company, what kind of music/ song would you put to it?
ETA: If you don't like websites, let's go to commercials. If you were part of the direction/ production for a commercial for this cutting edge company, what music would you use? 

When was your last haircut - did you like it?

How do you feel about Depeche Mode?

When was the last time someone bought you lunch?

When you read the newspaper, what section do you go for first?
itw emile

Worded awkwardly..

Do you ever find yourself missing internet related things from the past? I'm talking internet communities, hi5, fun websites, whatever.

I've really been missing divierto (on greatestjournal) these past few days. I think I need to turn off the computer... haha.

If you don't care, what is your favorite hangover food? I have a presentation in an hour and I feel gross. :(

everyone is a little of both

In what ways do you feel like you follow "mainstream society", "popular culture", what is trendy, what is hip? Basically in what ways have you jumped on the bandwagon?

In what ways do you consider yourself to be apart from mainstream society, a minority, a "rebel", etc?

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What was the last unexpected surprise you had?

I just got home from class to find a package at my door with 25 lbs. worth of candy from a contest I apparently won.  WHO WANTS SOME?

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Do you feel guilty when you do a friends cut on any of your networking accounts?

I thought I would so I held off forever. I'm pleased to say that I just did my first one ever on FB and I'm happy with the results. I'm going to be taking people off in waves.

Or, what is something that makes you incredibly happy? Why?
Smoky hallway

Band geeks told to take off shirts

Summary: a Missouri high school has banned the school's marching band from wearing T-shirts that say "Brass Evolutions" because it drew complaints from religious conservative parents.

Was it a shrewd idea to ban those 'controversial' T-shirts that may or may not have promoted evolution?

Yes and no. It's complicated

Which group are you in?

Evolution. Science trumps religion, bb
Creationism/intelligent design. It's a matter of faith and I believe that the facts aren't there to overturn it

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Where do you think would be a good spot for a very small tattoo of a tree?

I know that's what I want to get, but I can't figure out a good place. I want it somewhere on my arm, wrist, or hand but everywhere I draw it on makes it look awkward because the roots don't look grounded so it kind of just looks like it's floating.

Any ideas?

If not, do you have any tattoos? How many? Do you regret any?

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for girls:
you're having sex with a guy, and right when he comes, he screams at the top of his lungs "MY SEMEN WILL IMPREGNATE YOU!"

for guys:
you're having sex with a girl, and right as you come, she screams "IMPREGNATE ME WITH YOUR SEMEN!"

how do you react?
warhol zebra

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Do you like concerts? If not, why not?
I love concerts, but I was flabbergasted earlier when I asked a friend who loves the Decemberists if he wants to go see them with me. He said no because he dislikes concerts. o_0

How's your sleep been lately?
I alternates between not getting enough while having too many anxiety dreams, and catching up on weekends by sleeping for like 15 consecutive hours.

What should I eat for dinner tonight? (I'm eating at the dorm cafeteria, like usual.) Options include deli sandwiches, pizza, salad, soup, and iffy entrees plus all the usual options of cereal, toast, waffles, etc.
Caleb- snug as a bug!


What book would you recommend that our book club read for October, since Halloween is just around the corner?

Have you read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson? What did you think of it?

What book(s) are you currently reading?

(no subject)

I'm baking some coconut shrimp tonight. The box says to preheat the oven to 450F, and arrange the shrimp in one layer on a pan. Then it says to lower the oven temperature to 425F. This is before you even put the shrimp in! So what in the world is the point in putting it on 450 in the first place?

How has your day been? 

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A former classmate of mine just died. They are looking for pictures of her to make a memorial slide show. I have some that are in a Word document. How can I save this pictures to disk so I can email them?

Looking for suggestions

I'm looking to pick up some interesting reading material soon. I'm heading out to Barnes and Noble later tonight, but am stumped on what to pick up. I'm a big fan of Douglaus Coupland, and would enjoy something similar to his style. What are your thoughts?

If you don't care about what I read: What is your favorite Little Debbie snack?
girls » barbie
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Ladies, you've just met a fairly normal seeming guy, and you decide to trade numbers. At the end of the conversation, he asks you for a hug. You:

Oblige (he's just being friendly!) and answer when he calls later.
Oblige, but block his number as soon as he's out of sight.
Laugh it off, too soon, bud.
Show open disgust--what a creeper!
Something else I'll mention in the comments

Mens, you've just met a fairly normal seeming girl, and you decide to trade numbers. At the end of the conversation, you ask:

For a hug
To shake her hand
To kiss her hand
To kiss her cheek
Something else I'll mention in comments.

You find out one of your so-called friends gave out your phone number to a creeper in a bar after you told her not to. How do you deal with him? [this is after you have murdered her and hidden the body, of course]

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What is a good name for a paper that is about the classification of serial killers? I did it on thrill killers, mission oriented, and angels of mercy. 

Now I've got to do an inclass essay and I chose cannibalism.  I was thinking maybe A Bite to Eat.  What do you think? 
itw emile

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Do you have any public transit stories?

A man stood up to get off the bus today and his jogging pants fell to the floor. Then he bent over very slowly and pulled them up. AWESOME VIEW FROM MY SEAT IN THE BACK!
im french

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According to fourcorners's poll down the page, 6/32 (or 3/16) people believe in creationism/intelligent design. Does that surprise you?

What are your thoughts on creationism/intelligent design?

Was evolution, creationism or a combination taught in your school?

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So an ex who pretty much just stopped speaking to me has been randomly leaving me facebook comments but then deleting. I asked a question in my status and he answered. An hour later, he deleted it.

What does that mean?
I'm torn between calling him out and asking or just deleting him-

Will you tell me about your weird exes?
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I'm making a care package for my friend who is in his first year of college. What should I put in it? What are some cheapy things that a college student would appreciate? I'm not really sure what to put in it though besides for a letter, and I'll probably bake cookies.


If you were able to meet someone famous, who would it be?

Why that person?

What would you say to them?

I get to meet Margaret Atwood on Sunday. It's just a book signing, but it's a big deal to me. She's been my favorite author a long time and I've always wanted to hear her read. I have nothing witty or intelligent to say to her, though, without sounding like a huge sap.

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Inspired by my Social Psych homework from this weekend: What social norms do you not conform to?

Inspired by the fact that I'm trying to eat right: What do you do when all you want is an unhealthy snack (like you know, Oreos dipped in pudding) but you're trying to not eat junk food or too many snacks?
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In framing a system which we wish to last for ages, we shd. not lose sight of the changes which ages will produce. An increase of population will of necessity increase the proportion of those who will labour under all the hardships of life, & secretly sigh for a more equal distribution of its blessings.
--James Madison's opinion expressed during the Federal Convention debates.

Are you someone who believes people in the 18th century were incapable of seeing the future and therefore had no idea they should've written the constitution the way it's been "amended" and misinterpreted?

"How is the danger in all cases of interested coalitions to oppress the minority to be guarded agst.?"

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Fold your hands (like, intertwining your fingers). The thumb on which hand is on top?

Now cross your arms. Which arm goes over which?
Left goes over right.

Now cross your legs, indian-style. Which calf is on top?

Which do you consider your dominant hand?
Clem & Joely

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Do you consider the age of 35 to be old/what do you consider to be "old"?

I have a character in a story and a couple of my friends keep referencing him as "the old man" and it annoys me. I think they have the wrong impression of him if they're thinking of him as old. Unless I'm mistaken, because I didn't really think of 35 as old? "Old man," I'm thinking is at least 60.

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Inspired by a previous comment and possibly my lack of knowledge:

Do you consider "Y" a vowel?

At times yes and others no.

I always thought "Y" wasn't a vowel and the word "lynx" was somewhat of a rarity word wise as it didn't contain a vowel and there was something about a historical thing, possibly involving the Greek influence of our alphabet that allowed it to be the case.
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If your username were the title of a tv show or movie, what would it be about?

Mine'd probably have some kind of fantasy setting with teens and a Really Hot Villain that half of the teens would angst about being attracted to. And dragons. There're always dragons.

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On a digital camera, is there a way to get the pictures on the internal memory switched over to the memory card without using the cord to hook it up on the computer?

What time will you go to bed tonight?
qt: animal cookies

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1. Where did your latest kiss took place?

2. What artist/group should I listen to next (on Spotify)?

1. In a metro station in the morning.

2. I think I might overdose on Nick Cave soon. And just throw some artists even if you don't know what Spotify is.


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How many tic tacs is too many tic tacs?
Because I'm going through them like no tomorrow.

p.s. If it should be "are" instead of "is", sorry. I repeated this sentence so many times trying to figure it out that it just sounds like gibberish now.

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Dear TQC,

The hubs might have gallstones, and therefore needs to cut out bad fats. We don’t normally eat fatty meats, and we’re okay drinking fat-free milk, but we’re stumped on cheese.

What brands, flavors, and varieties of fat-free cheese exist that don’t taste like plastic, vomit, or wood?
Oh hay thar

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I decided to call in sick tomorrow (I am not really sick) and pull my kids out of school for the day to have fun. Parenting win or fail?

Did your parents ever let you play hooky?

What should we do? It's cold and rainy and they are 7 and 4 year old boys. They will be up for anything (no hookers and blow)
cabaret voltaire

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I'm going to a concert in Brooklyn by myself. I have a vagina. How likely is it something bad will happen to me? (Keep in mind I'm not familiar with the landscape of New York)

Very likely
Very unlikely

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I just found out my best friend is straight.  I kind of figured this but I thought he was just bisexual.  Anywaaays, I'm moving in with him soon and HONESTLY (and fuck I feel ashamed for this) but it makes me a bit uncomfortable :/ I mean, I'm totally fine with anyone straight and am totally for straight marriage but when I get hit on, it makes me feel VERY awkward.  I'm not sure if he'll hit on me.  He knows I'm totally gay but Idk :/

What should I do?

(no subject)

I just got home and my fiance hid a bunch of Hershey's Kisses and other shiny and expensive chocolate treats around the apartment for me to find! Awww! 

When was the last time your SO (or best friend) did something....sweet for you?! 

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Where can I download those applications for your desktop that are like sticky notes?

EDIT: For a PC.  I have vista and I know it's possible because I've seen it before!