September 29th, 2009

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My grandmother (who lives in Florida) just lost her sister (who lived in Canada) to a long illness. Her sisters are her best friends, so losing one is, understandably, more painful than anyone could express. I never met her sister, however. I am really good at showing my support in person, but since that isn't feasible, I decided to pick up a sympathy card. It's mostly blank with the exception of "with sympathy" on the outside, which means I would like/need to write something meaningful on the inside.
I'm afraid of saying the wrong things, and since I never met her sister (unlike the rest of my family), I can't add in a personal fond memory of her. Do you have any "do"s or "don't"s regarding sympathy cards?
Should I address the card to my grandmother, both my grandparents, or my grandmother's family?

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You're at the county fair. What will you be doing?

Riding the cool carnival rides!
Playing the carnival games
Eating a lot of food
Watching whatever out-of-retirement has-been bands who can't get a gig anywhere else
Watching food eating contests
Watching the farm animals in their pens
Eating completely unhealthy fried foods that I've never heard of before (like deep fried jelly donuts)
Petting zoo
Drinking beer
Inspecting the various booths, looking at the interesting things
I hate those places. I'd never go

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Sorry about the Facebook question, BUT:

Can I block a certain FB friend's application-related posts from appearing on my news feed? Or failing that, block anything from him appearing on my news feed, without removing him as a friend?
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Inspired by this;

Roman Polanski's attorneys may have been the ones who got him nabbed. They filed papers a couple of weeks ago basically saying, "Well, you (the US) haven't really been putting the effort to catch him. So, I guess you aren't serious about him. And since you aren't serious, you might as well drop the charges."

So, the US became serious. Ouch.

My question to you is, when was the last time something you did or say bite you in the tuchus? What happened?

Oh, and on a scale of one to ten with one being a slap on the wrist and ten being tarred and feathered, just how fired are these lawyers going to be?

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i had a crazy night at work and just wanna go to bed. however, the wind keeps blowing my front door (that is shut and locked, it doesn't seal) and its making an annoying tapping noise every few minutes. Also,  the old guy that lives above me is handicapped and has night aides that stay with him. problem is, the night aides spend the time cleaning so i can hear them walking around and shiz. i just wanna sleep.

whats holding you back from doing something you want to do right now?

Also, what do you think is worse to drive in, crazy rain, or yucky snow?

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so what is sexier to find under a woman's skirt: black lace underwear, black thongs, or nothing at all?

where is the craziest place you have had sex? the most exciting place?

what do you think about when you can't sleep at 3am and you have a half naked man laying in bed next to you (sleeping, unfortunately)?

Cell Phones!

Does anyone know if Alltel will pro-rate a cancellation fee? Like if you have a 2 year contract, but you decide to cancel after a year? Will it be the $200 or just $100?

Does anyone know if Asurion (the insurance company for Alltel) will actually demand that you give them the phone back if you cancel your contract after making an insurance claim?

Right now I pay $190/month for 2 Blackberries with Alltel and it fucking sucks. I get a 20% discount on my bill if I switch to Verizon, so I'm seriously thinking about switching. The husband doesn't use any of the Blackberry features besides Blackberry Messenger (and that's only when I send him the messages), so yeah...big waste o' money.

The plan I'm looking at is $99/month for 2 lines, plus my discount. So in the long run, I'd be saving quite a bit of money if I do switch.


And if you don't care/don't know, what's for breakfast?


some wiccan kid left me this comment


any clue what that's supposed to do? lol
Noel Panda. Fat Chinese people.

Tea party :D

I just got an adorable new tea pot and this makes me want to have a tea party. Before I moved to where I live now (just over a year ago) my friends and I use to have random get togethers like potlucks, picnics, and tea parties all the time and it was delightful. But that was at art school, so people as excited as I was were easy to come by. Most of my friends since I moved here are my co-workers, many of whom are creative/weird, but not to the extent my college friends were.

The tea party would mostly involve 6-10 people, me making a lunch, asking people to moderately dress nicely (campier/fancier the better!), and sitting outside in a garden eating little sandwiches, cakes, and drinking tea.

My question to you, TQC, is if you - an adult person - were invited to a tea party by another adult would you be hella weirded out and think it was stupid or would you think it would be fun and cute?

Also, should this be a girls and gays only event, or do you think there are some heterosexual males who'd be interested?
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What is your name?

Do you like it?
It's okay.

Do you have a favorite name?
Jessica or Collin.

Any names you just can't stand?
Michael. That name is WAY too common.
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Inspired by the woman who checked me in at the doctor's office yesterday. Ladies:

Do you choose a bra to wear based on whether you can see a seam through your top?

Do you choose panties to wear based on whether you can see a line through your pants?

Guys, how do you choose what underwear you put on?

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I reeallly don't want to go to class today. It is a boring, tedious English class and we have an in-class essay to write...should I feign illness for the day, or save my sick days for when I'm legitimately sick?

Of what are you an enthusiast?

The Peanut Butter Trick

Someone told me this morning that a friend of theirs had an alcoholic father who had a trick to fool a breathalizer should he ever be pulled over for drunk driving. Apparantly this man kept a jar of peanut butter under his front seat, and ate a big gob of it if he saw flashing lights in pursuit of him. This would supposedly "fool the breathalizer".

I am very skeptical.

Anyone know the truth of this matter? Any funny anecdotes?


It's fucking freezing in our room [supposedly the betta fish needs the place to be cold] and I'm already sick. My fellow TQCers, would it be wrong of me to turn up the heat [after moving the clothing items she has strewn over the A/C/heat thing]?

[In my defense, the last time I saw her was Sunday for about 30 minutes while she gathered stuff to leave.]

ETA [for clarification]: The "she" is my roommate.

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How long will my betta fish be able to go without food? I'm visiting my friend in a few weekends, and obviously won't be around to feed him. I can probably get someone to stop by my dorm and feed him for me, but if I can't, will he be okay for two days or so?

Also, my mom just asked me what I want for my birthday. Guys, what do I want for my birthday? (non-srs, duh) :D
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Would you end a friendship over illegal drug use? Would it depend on the type of drug or the frequency of drug use? A friend of mine recently said that she would end any friendship no matter how close over even one use of an illegal drug and I was pretty surprised to hear that so I'm curious about how you all feel.
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1. Ripped Taken from the headlines tomorrow's page on my calendar... have you ever had a colposcopy? Do you worry that your gyno will judge for the style choices you made for your lady garden?

2. Do you have product loyalty or are you a 'try everything!' kind of person? Be it mascara or motor oil, do you find what you like and stick with it for ages?

3. I'll ask my bank next time I'm in there, but when will I get back the $300 deposit I made on a secured credit card?
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Why do you do what you do? Or,if that is too confusing, how do you stay motivated, or get motivated?

And, to those who play games (computer/video/board/whatever): why do you game?

Third, my father-in-law is staying at our house for the next couple of days to visit, anything y'all suggest we do for fun?

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Why is this place mostly women?

Don't get me wrong, I love coming here to talk about my feelings, and cooking, and boobs, and clothing, and reality TV, but I have a question about carburetors and I could really use a room full of dudes (or maybe some butch lesbians) to bounce some ideas off.

Ok comically blatant sexism aside, why is this place mostly women? I haven't been able to think of any good reasons.

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I just started a job where I'm on my feet all day and my back really hurt during and after my shift. I've worked this job before and this only happened once, and that was when I overexerted myself.

Are there exercises I can do to prevent this, or will I eventually adapt to it again?

How Far Is Too Far?

Hey you guys -

How far is too far to drive to work one way?  I'm looking to get a job at our local VA hospital - I get points for being a veteran and I have worked in a medical office, etc etc.  But it's exactly 24 miles from my doorstep to their parking garage, and 20 of those miles are on an interstate.  So I would be driving roughly 48 miles a day.  I have a 2008 Chevy Cobalt that gets great gas mileage, but do you guys think driving 48 miles every day for work is too far?  The job I'm currently going for pays anywhere from $38,500 to $44,000 a year to start, and I'm somewhat overqualified for it.

If you don't care, what's your most favorite type of sushi?  How often do you eat sushi?

ETA: I have timed the drive and it's approximately 35 - 40 minutes one way depending on the traffic. Which at times is bumper-to-bumper maniacs going 110 miles an hour (the hospital is located very close to downtown Indianapolis). It scares the fuck out of me but my cousin drives downtown every day for work and she says you get used to it eventually :/
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I am moving to New London, Connecticut in November from New Orleans. I've never been around snow. I am terrified

1. What's your favorite season
2. Have you ever been to Connecticut? Opinion/Advice?
3. Snow advice please?
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1. I don't have a paid account, so just pretend this is a poll:
Apparently I could have made a poll.. Noted for the futed :)

It's your 23rd birthday and you are male (happy birthday bb!)
which would you rather receive from your girlfriend?

A. An Xbox game, as you will be buying an Xbox 360 with your next paycheck and will need games
B. A season of The Simpsons on DVD, which is your favorite show and you only have 2 of the seasons
C. Comfy slippers with your college logo on them, as you have been wanting these
D. Any of these sound great
E. These ideas suck and I will suggest something else

(Assume endless BJs and sex are already included.)

Thanks so much guys. I'm leaning towards the Xbox game, and the slippers could be an addition. Our anniversary is in November so I can get him The Simpsons then possibly :)

2. If you don't care, what is your Pig Latin name? Amanthasay.
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if you were getting executed, what would you request as your last meal?

i think i'd request liver and onions, mashed potatoes, canned peas, banana pudding with real bananas and nilla wafers and a chocolate shake.

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What cellphone do you have?

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I just ordered that one from Verizon. Does anyone else have it?

Is anyone in TQC going to buy the new PSP Go that comes out on 10/1/09?

Edit: Whoa holy crap, big picture...fixed now!
Edit again: Whoops..wrong phone..its this one, 'cept mine is black.

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I have a photography/camera related question because I'm a camera noob. I'm curious. I'm pretty cool with photoshop and I can easily make pics into similiar tones/colouring but I'm not a photograher and I don't know much about cameras. So my question:

Are they all photoshopped or just plain camera work? I mean in terms of the colouring/tone of the picture.

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In honor of Banned Books Week, TQC, would you share any stories or experiences you have with books being banned/challenged/censored? Was a book removed from your school library when you were a kid? How about your public library?

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It's a family friend's son's 9th birthday on thursday, and i've got him a pack of cards which have insects to go out and find.
He's into nature and has his own 'museum', but i'm worried these may be a little immature.
So, is this an appropriate gift for a wildlife-enthusiast 9 year old?

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My face has been super dry lately. I use a moisturizer. What should I do to fix this?

If you like boba, what flavor is your favorite?

I love coconut milk tea. Mmm.

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What was the last actual CD/record you bought?
I got For Emma, Forever Ago by Bon Iver after listening to a few songs online for the past year and loving them so much.

I have $7 to my name to spend on unnecessary items. Should I get a manicure, buy some comfort food, or get another pack of smokes when I run out?
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About how often do you do laundry?
Considering how many clothes and undies you have.. about how long could you go without doing laundry?

I do laundry probably about every 1 and a half to 2 months.
I have so many clothes and undies that I could most likely go at least 4 months without doing a stitch of laundry.
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Beauty School Dropout

Is cosmetology school pretty much the same no matter where you go? For instance, I don't know any black people who will go to a white hairdresser, because "They can't do our hair!" But that would mean that black people go to a special "black hair" school that white people don't go to, apparently.

In conclusion... do all hairdressers know how to do all hair types? What's the deal, TQC?

I love my questions. mm, chocolate milk

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How long do financial aid applications generally take to process?
I'm taking my placement tests at a community college this weekend and will fill out my financial aid forms after that, and I intend to start in the Spring semester. That gives me roughly 3 months. That's plenty of time for everything (the application itself and subsequent promissory notes, etc) to go through, right? I didn't end up going last semester and really want to go back this semester, so I want to make absolutely sure everything goes through in time for the start of next semester :| I can't afford to pay it out of pocket and get reimbursed, so that's not an option if things don't go through in time.

If you dk/dc, what was your favorite class in high school? What about in college (if you went)? What made it your favorite?

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What are your favorite songs that are considered "popular" right now? I don't listen to the radio and I have no idea what's even out there. I need to make new playlists (namely, a fall09 one) and I'm SICK of all the stuff I already have. My favorite newish stuff are Muse and Mika's new albums.
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No boys allowed in your room, young lady!

I know most parents gave the "No boys allowed in your room!" or "No dating til your *insert age* rule but that was then.
Now, gay/lesbians are more open then back then.  Experimentation is accepted as standard more often, I think.
So, what would be the new rule?  
"No kids in your room AT ALL" just because of the chance of your kid being gay/lesbian?
I can say to my daughter that she can't date boys till she's 16, but then, if she's lesbian, her bf to me is a gf to her.
So, that makes me wonder what's the real reason for the "No boys allowed/No Dating rule"?
To keep kids from having babies or to keep them from being intimate?
Did your parents discipline you this way?

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Is "chick" an offensive way to refer to a woman?

I know that at some point, it was considered this way. But within my experience I don't see it. Lots of women I know use it in a way roughly analogous with "dude".


Today I quit my job! I FEEL SOOO GOOD.

I want to spoil myself with something realllllly good, because hey - what better way to celebrate than spend some money...

What should I buy?

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Girls, I need your input on this one.

So I am a guy, and I go to junior college.  Just a few days ago I was sitting with some friends in the campus cafe.  There was 4 of us total and all but one of us all went to the same highschool.  While we were eating and talking, a girl from our old highschool came over to our table and started talking with us.  I and one of my friends had a lot of classes with her and we were quite familiar, the only person she did not know was the guy who did not go to our highschool. (I did not know him either, but he seemed like a cool guy) 

This is where I need to know what is up.  We invited her to sit and eat with us and she refused and ended up eating by herself.  What's the deal?  Does any girls on here have any possiblities of why she would sit with herself, over sitting with basically old friends from highschool? 

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I know that it is probably waaaay too early to be thinking about Christmas but: where the heck do you find reasonably priced fake christmas trees? My apartment building doesn't allow real ones, and the "cheap" trees I've seen have all been about 300 big ones.
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Alright so I watched season 1 of Lost and I'm only on like episode 3 of season 2 and I'm already bored. I've heard season 2 isn't that great. Lost fans, should I watch season 2 or just skip over it and have somebody tell me what happens?

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I need to rewrite a classic fairy tale that is traditionally told from a female's perspective, as told from the perspective of the main male character (e.g., Prince Charming from Cinderella). Which fairy tale should I choose?

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I need to think of two movies... they each need to show a different side of "the city" (not any one particular city, just cities in general).

I need one that shows homeless people and would be especially awesome if the movie showed them next to a rich person, asking for money or something.

I also need a movie that shows the kind of dangerous "in the hood" side of the city (whatever that means to you)... (For this one, I was thinking either Crash when they do the carjacking, but I want something a little stronger).

This is for a paper (for my Urban Literature class). More recent movies are better and movies set in North America.

So any ideas??
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Here's the deal: I'm 17, graduated high school at 15, have never been allowed to go on dates or hang out one-on-one with guy friends. For as long as I can remember, I've been scared of dating or being in a relationship for multiple reasons - letting my parents down, the fact that I'm a relatively tiny girl who would be incredibly easy to overpower physically, the general guilt and shame that would come along with doing anything sexual (even french-kissing is beyond the realm of possibility for me right now). I've spent the majority of my time as a teenager purposely trying to make myself look ugly to avoid attracting guys who might want to hurt me. I have a therapist. I'm doing my best to open up and try to fix whatever's wrong with my psyche that's keeping me from basically ever dating or having a sexual relationship. It's not really working.

My question to you: am I gonna die alone, or is there hope for me yet?

If you don't care, what's the weather like where you live? I'm genuinely interested.

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If you've seen The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, what did you think of it? I'm trying to decide whether to watch that or Snow White (the original Disney version).

What's the weather supposed to be like tomorrow where you live?
Sunny, clear and crisp with a high of 73. IT'S FINALLY FALL WEATHER HERE OMG YAY :)
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What kind of people in unfortunate situations do you not feel bad for?

Ex., Women with gigantic boobs who cannot find pretty bras, pregnant women who can't find a seat on the train, Roman Polanski, etc.
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This is a question for people who are sexually attracted to those of the same gender:

Suppose you've recently met someone. You're very attracted to this person, both mentally and physically, and you can see him or her as a prospective partner. However, you're not sure if this person is straight or gay (or bi). What do you do or say to find out without sounding like a fool?
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I'm trying to list my husband's RC helicopter for sale for $120 on Craigslist. It doesn't really fit in the Toys section, because that mainly contains barbie dolls and cheap-o stuffs. It doesn't really fit in Sporting Goods either, because it's more of a hobby thing.

Which one should I list it in, TQC?
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What is your favorite kind of soup, stew or similar dish? Do you have a recipe you'd like to share if it's something you make at home?

What is your favorite season, and what is it you like the most about that season?
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I'm pretty sure this is a dumb question, but I can't find any really clear answer to it, so I'm going to ask it.

Say a friend of mine has text messaging enabled in their LJ profile, and I send a text to them. I don't have a mobile number in my LJ, because I don't have a mobile phone. If they were to send me a reply, would I simply be unable to get it, or would it be sent to my e-mail, or what?

The post at lj_textmessage that asks this was made four years ago and doesn't quite answer my question, and the question I submitted has yet to be taken out of the moderation queue, and considering the last visible post was made last year, I'm not sure if it will be.

Kill Bill - Elle
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How long does toenail polish take to dry? I've been sitting here for 25 minutes and can't decide if it's safe to move yet. Yes, I'm totally serious.

How's your night?
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What do you clean yourself with? What are your favorite bath/body products? What lotions and potions do you use to stay foxy?

Do you consider yourself an especially well-groomed person?

edit: I want details! What kind of soap? Do you smell good? What do you smell like?
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What minor thing is annoying you right now?

My keyboard died a couple days ago, and the buttons need to be hit a lot harder on the replacement keyboard, so I keep missing letters when I type.