September 28th, 2009



If you wear make-up, what concealer would you recommend to hide under-eye circles and blemishes?  Why?  Does wearing a base and/or tinted moisturizer really make much of a difference? 

On another note TQC, what would you recommend that someone try at least once in their lifetime? 

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With the exception of District 9 and Coraline, is it me or have sci-fi/fantasy movies been pretty bad this year?

If not, which ones did you like?

What fantasy/sci-fi movie are you looking forward to?

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What are some colloquialisms you frequently hear?
"I haven't seen you since you were knee high to a grasshopper!"

The expression "selling like hotcakes" has always bothered me. I don't think hotcakes are big movers, really. What would you replace hotcakes with, to accurately illustrate something very popular and in demand?

AIM Express Question

I only ever really use AIM when I'm at work, and since I can't download it, I'm limited to AIM Express. Sometime in the last week or so they went to a new version of AE, and it has more features on it. The thing I'm curious about, though, is that it tells me that I'm on 200 people's buddy lists. I am really surprised by that number.

Is there someway to see, just because I'm bored and curious, who those 200 people are?

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There is construction(MAJOR construction) going on outside my house. They start every morning around 6am and finish every night around 7pm. It's incredibly loud and makes our house shake constantly.

Today, at about ten to 8, during one huge quake, the blinds in my bedroom(where I was asleep) broke, fell down and hit me hard enough to leave a bruise.

Am I justified in making a complaint to the construction foreman?

OH and it's the city doing construction, not a neighbour or something.
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Want to play a game? I did this in tqc_anon and it was fun, but I thought I'd try it here too. Different crowd, more people, etc.

Post your username (or someone else's username), and we'll make up definitions for their name. Giving an example of the word in use is optional, but desirable!

speeding: when one drives erratically because they were distracted by their reflection in the rear view mirror.

monotonousglory: the chaffing feeling one gets after too much great sex.

Mary had a great night out with Bob, but driving was uncomfortable because of all the monotonousglory she had going on. Then, because she kept looking in the mirror at the hickeys on her neck, she got pulled over for speeding.

plasticpepper: Being hit on by a celebrity.

I was at Starbucks late one night, and Robert Pattinson was there! We got chatting about our drinks, and then he totally plasticpeppered me. It was HOT.

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Your favorite color to wear is ______?


Your favorite color for a car is ______?


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I've been meaning to get my flu shot, I've never gotten one before but considering it's being recommended highly AND the company I work for is paying 15 bucks towards it, I figured why not?
This morning I woke up with a nagging cough :(  I feel fine otherwise but I'm scared I'm getting sick with something.
Should I still get it? Will this worsen my chances of getting sick or will it have no effect either way?
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Photo mugs

So I want to get a mug with a photo on it of whatever I want - a photo mug. The site I host my photos on ( offers this, but I don't know about the quality of the mugs that they have and whether they do a nice job of putting the photos on them. So if anyone has that experience, what do you think? Also, if you've done this sort of thing at some other place, where and what was your experience there like?

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I have an impacted wisdom tooth that's been infected about 4 times since February. This has meant at least 3 days of hands down the worst pain I have ever felt but I've been way too broke to have it removed. I kept telling myself my dental insurance kicks in in September, I can hold out until then. I started looking over my dental policy online and found out there is a fucking year waiting period before they pay for oral surgery, which includes removing impacted teeth. So it's either pay out of my pocket, and it will NOT be cheap, or go another year like this. I honestly don't know which one is worse. So tell me TQC, if you were in my broke, pain filled situation, which would you choose?
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1. How are you today? :)

2. What's your favorite thing to do with your SO? Srs and non srs answers welcome!

3. Will you post a picture of you and your SO so we can all tell you how adorable you guys are together?

ETA: For those without a SO, could you tell me your favorite thing to do with your closest friend? :D

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TQC, will you help me pick a topic for my english paper? It's supposed to be a definition argument, the basic format of which is:

X is/is not (a/an) Y because...

I can get the becauses on my own but I'm stuck on picking a topic.

Abortion is not murder because...
Rap is poetry because...

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What is something a person could like that makes you assume the person is lame?

If a person is a hardcore pokemon player, you dislike them right away. (Im not trying to offend anybody, I'm a pretty hardcore pokemon player myself. Just an example.)

What do you think about people who read lots of fanfiction?

hypothetical... no, really.

Say you have two interviews within the course of a week - one with Company A, which pays $X/hr, and one with company B, which pays $X+2/hr. You're a broke college kid and you are desperate (and that $2 makes a difference), so when you get an offer of employment from Company A, you accept. Company B should be calling you back later in the week. If Company B offers you a position as well, is there any kind of etiquette that discourages taking the higher-paying position when you've already accepted (but haven't started at yet) a lower-paying one?

Is this confusing? Do I need to clarify?
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TQC, tonight is my night class from 5:30-8:15. We are having a test today, so I'll be taking that probably from 5:30-6:30. I bring my laptop to this class because our professor lectures off of uploaded powerpoint presentations with 80+ slides, so it's easier to just type on a presentation. My question to you, TQC, is this: do I bring my laptop and leave it sleeping/on standby for an hour before I take it out, or do I turn it off and turn it on when I need it? I need its battery to last me nearly 2 hours after it's been off its charger for 1 hour, and I don't know which of the two methods above is the most efficient way to ensure that it lasts me all evening.

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i got a job. i trained for two days and then they told me they'd call me when they needed me to work. my friend stephanie worked there also and told me that business is slow there and i have nothing to worry about. i'm a little down because it's not a hard job at all.

you go through the mall and ask people to take surveys they get paid 4. i can do tha, because i'm a hustler..mainly because of my looks. i can get any guy to take a survey at the drop of a dime.

i'm just upset because i trained and then they told me they'd call me when they needed me? they told others to go home the day i came in for work as well. i'm thinking about finding another job already. what do you think?

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should i buy a regular macbook, or a macbook pro? is there a huge difference between the two?
i'm planning on going into either graphic design or journalism, if that makes any difference. (:
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Anyone know WTF I'm talkin about?

I'm trying to remember the name of some electronic game I had when I was a kid. I'd say the time frame would be between 94-97. It was something that you hooked up to the TV through the AVs, I think.

It came with a little plastic white pen, which you used to draw on this board (the shape and size of a laptop.) If I remember correctly, the board was white with some blue. The game was mainly targeted towards drawing pictures / placing "stamps" in certain areas on the screen, and my favorite was a little musical screen where you chose different pictures and put them on a music staff, and then "played your song."

I really hope someone can remember. :P

What was your favorite childhood board game?
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It's that time again! Which of these is true?

What's true?

I've never owned a dog.
I am currently thirsty.
I can never get enough sleep.
I detest mushrooms.
The thought of public speaking makes me want to run from the room screaming.
I have a degree/am getting a degree in something a lot of people think will never "get me a real job".
I think teachers, fire fighters, EMTs and policemen don't get enough pay.
One of my parents is/was a teacher.
I would order chicken fingers at every restaurant if I could.
Having my hair in a ponytail gives me a headache.


I am female, and I wear boxer shorts to bed at times.
My television gathers dust because I never watch it.
I have ordered takeout since last Monday.
All of my towels are the same color.
I have a roommate.
I am single.
I am married.
I have no idea how my parents are, currently.
I am not close to my sibling(s).
I was a loner in elementary school.


I love waffle fries
I am afraid of thunderstorms
I have a pet fish
I am perpetually cold
I am not a religious person
I take vitamins, or at least intend to, on a daily basis
I share my toilet with someone else
I am currently unemployed.
I hate self-check out systems.
I do not own a comb.
I missed these surveys you did and you should do them more often



My best friend is making me a cake this weekend for my birthday (I'll be 23). I'm indecisive, and can't figure out what kind of cake I want, so I need the help of you awesome people :D What kind do i want?

edit: okay, I forgot my question mark, guys, sheesh :(. Just help me pick a cake, and I'll share it with you?
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So, what every-day-casual shoes are you wearing these days?

I haven't bought new shoes in years and it's time. I lived in a ratty old pair of flip flops all spring and summer, and athletic shoes prior to that since I wore them for work. But now I need just regular shoes since I don't want to look like I'm always ready for a jog. And I don't know what "regular" is any more.

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Which would you choose:

1) Complete and passionate true love with someone you really connect with, yet there are looming obstacles in the way of you being together or

2) Settling with someone who, while you work well together and everything about your relationship is fine, you are not in love with like the other person?

In other words would you follow love, even though it means tough times, or stay practical and safe?

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quick TQC, decide for me:

i have a table and chair near an outlet, all is well. but i have to go to the bathroom. do i:

1) ask the dodgy looking dude sitting at the next table over to watch my computer/bag while i run to the bathroom
2) pack my stuff up and just go sit on the floor somewhere after i go to the bathroom [this building is packed]
3) wander off to the bathroom and hope my stuff is still here when i return


ETA: i took cdozo's suggestion. my bladder and belongings thank you.
new question: 

are you currently in pain?

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When you sign onto with your AOL screen name and then click the "Me" tab.. how many people do you have on your buddylist? How many people have you on theirs?

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It was my birthday last Monday, so I want to get my free gift from Sephora from being a Beauty Insider. However, the nearest Sephora is 2 hours away, so apparently I have to buy something online so I can get it.

Will you recommend me something? I'm mostly into eye makeup, but I need a good foundation (good coverage, I have lots of freckles), and I'm open to really anything.

Also, out of all these colors, which do you think would look best with bright blue eyes?

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Edited to give my answers.
Are you going to see "Where the Wild Things Are?"
idk yet

Are you going to see "Capitalism: A Love Story?"

Any other movies coming out that you want to see?
Not that I can think of.
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I remembered my question!

I find switching between mediums (when talking to the same person) socially awkward. Like, if I text them then they immediately ring me. Or if talk to them on MSN and then see them face-to-face. 

Does anyone else feel like this?
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 My sister was just in her third accident in two years. None of them were her fault, and all three of the people driving the other cars was over the age of 65.

My questions:

1. Should you be required to take a driving test every five to ten years?
2. Should there be an age limit to drive?

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1) Should I go see Halloween II, Jennifer's Body, or Inglourious Basterds (for the second time)? I really liked Inglourious so I'm leaning towards that, but I like horror (campy and serious) so I'm curious whether the other 2 are any good.

2) I'm going by myself. Do you think I'm weird? Would you go to a movie by yourself? Have I asked this before?

3) When was the last time you showered? I took one last night.

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So I can't find my drivers license. I have no idea how long it's been gone but I was cleaning out my purse and yeah, it's vanished. I also don't have the insurance information for my car (but I do have insurance.) I recently moved to NY & bought this vehicle off my mom so she hasn't sent it for me yet.

If I get pulled over, the police can look up my information right? Like I won't be totally screwed that I'm not carrying this on me?

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For the past few weeks, whenever I flex my foot, there has been a 'creaking' at the top of it. It does hurt a little, and frankly freaks me out. What is it TQC? Has my foot suddenly aged 60 years?
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Have you had your wisdom teeth removed without dental insurance? How much did it cost you?

Were your wisdom teeth impacted? I hear it costs a lot more if the wisdom teeth are impacted.

Mine are not impacted. In fact, all four of them are almost all the way through my gums. But the bottom right one is bothering me quite a bit right now. Enough to make me take advil every 4-5 hours to get rid of the pain.

Were you easily able to set up a payment plan?

I should be on my parents insurance but I registered for school too late this session so I didn't get any of my classes and I am over 18 so my dads insurance company doesn't accept me anymore unless I am a full time student. I would like to remove the wisdom teeth now because when the dentist did not remove my sisters wisdom teeth in time, they made her teeth go crooked again after she had braces for 2 years. I do not want this to happen so I want them out asap. If I want to get back on my dads insurance, I'll have to wait until January/February when I *hopefully* get back in school full time.

Should I wait until then? Or should I ask my parents if they would be willing to help me out? I definitely do not want my teeth to go crooked after I had braces for 2 years and I don't know how likely they are to do so between now and January.

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Do you like creepypasta, TQC? What are some of your favourite stories? Will you post some creepypasta for me to read?

What kinds of creepypasta stories scare you the most?

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"Candle Cove" is my fav. creepypasta. I like the stories, but I don't like the creepy pictures (when I read ED's Creepypasta article I have to adblock the pics with Firefox) (ETA I c wut u did thar pretty_fish).

The stories about mirrors and reflective things creep me out, since mirrors are pretty creepy to begin with.
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TQC, I'm in a dilemma.

I'm a 19yr old sophomore living at a university. I've been so sheltered my whole life that I feel like once I get out into the "real world" I'm gonna just puke everywhere because I have no idea what's going on. I'm not paying for anything - cell phone, car, laptop, school, etc. are all covered by my parents. However, I WANT to help out. I feel like I'm getting to the age when I need to take on responsibilities and actually take charge of my own life.

My dad wants to control me and aggressive is an understatement. I'm an only child and therefore all of my actions must pass through him for "approval." More often than not, he will hear a request of mine (having my car on campus, living off campus next year, etc) and say no right off the bat without taking in any of my very reasonable points and objectives. Once he says no, it's no. There is no reasoning with him, his word is law because "he's the head of the house."

I've been applying for on-campus jobs for weeks now and have come to the conclusion that there just aren't any - no surprise. Last night I applied to a few places off-campus and by 9:30 this morning I had a call from a coffee shop that I had previously worked at in two other locations. Amazing, right? An interview less than 12 hours later. I call my mom telling her news, she says it's fantastic, yada yada.

A half hour later I get a text form my dad saying, "no coffee shop on Ford Rd, only on-campus." I replied, "there are NO JOBS on campus," to which he hasn't replied. OKAY, WTF TQC. I'm trying to be responsible by getting a job (which he hounded me about) and once I got it he just denies me. I know his reasoning is that it's going to be it's too far (15 min), it's too close to my boyfriend, you're going to be distracted from studying. I have to continually tell him that I'm responsible, I don't smoke, drink, have sex, whatever. I got a 4.0 last semester and I'm pretty sure that I can't do much better than that.

My boyfriend and good friends tell me to just go to the interview, nail it, and get the job. I'm leaning towards that. However, if he finds out (which he will) he could take away my car, phone, laptop, things along those lines. I've never disobeyed him and have no idea what the repercussions could be and finding out scares me.  :( I don't know what to do.


tl;dr - what responsibilities or privileges did you have at 18-20? Do you think they were accurate to your age group?

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Is there anything up in Manhattan/Brookyln going on similar to acting stranger? I'm going to be up there for a week in October and would like to do something as unusual/fun/etc.

(I don't think actingstranger is still going on though, since that was for conflux 08 or something)

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How often do you think of people (yourself included) as animals?

I hope this question makes does in my head.

EDIT: I don't mean looking at someone and realizing that they look like a llama. I mean as a HUMAN animal.
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If you work out in the morning, do you eat before you exercise? If so, what do you usually eat? (I'm starting a new routine, and this morning I felt kind of urpy.)

If you don't work out in the morning (or at all), what's the last practical joke somebody pulled on you?

scientific journals!

1. For those of you that are in college/do research, is there like an awesome fantastic website that I don't know about that likes to host scientific journal articles for free? I'm talking like a ninjavideo type site except for academic journals that usually make you subscribe if your college doesn't have access to them? (Why doesn't my school have access to anything new/relevant to my field?)

2. Do you think knowledge should be free? What about scholarly research?

3. If you don't care about academics, what's your favorite toothpaste?


Hello TQC, how is everyone?

Does anyone know where I can find good book reviews? Also, what are you guys currently reading? I'm reading Beautiful Children: A Novel by Charles Bock.

Thanks everybody.

UPDATE: Thank you so much for giving me such wonderful suggestions. You all rock!

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i applied for a job and i just got a call and i am supposed to "meet up" with the owner tomorrow in the student union after i'm done with class. is this supposed to be a formal interview type of thing, where i need to get dressed up and look totally overdressed all day, or is this supposed to be a semi-casual thing where i can get away with nice jeans and a nice top?
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The customer is always right.

How often is the customer actually right?

What Monday songs can you think of?

I've got Rainy Monday (Shiny Toy Guns) and Monday Monday Monday (Tegan and Sara). One more I know but can't remember who sings it...Manic Monday? I dunno.

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Have you ever had chocolate sorbet?

Is it anywhere near as satisfying as chocolate ice cream?

I looked at the nutrition info of my favorite chocolate ice cream at the supermarket today and went D: D: D: I mean, I know it's ice cream, but I was not prepared for what I saw.
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I'm thinking of dressing up as Lydia from Beetlejuice for Halloween.

1. Do you think most people will recognize who I'm going as?
2. I can't find any costumes online so I'm going to have to make it myself. Where can I get  a wig similar to Lydia's hair?
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Where on your resume would you put that you've held a security clearance? With the specific job that you held it, I would assume? And would you just write "Held ______ level security clearance"?
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(no subject)

What's inside your belly?

What did you accomplish today?

Who is the first person who comes to mind when I say the word gay?

ETA: Should I go down to the clothing consignment store and buy myself a skirt?

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For those of you who speak Spanish, what does the following say? I don't need a translation because I'm in the highest-level college Spanish offered through our high school, I just can't seem to find out what they're saying without the sentence not making sense. As in, I can't stop myself thinking they're using "casar" even though in context it makes no sense. Here's the snippet I need help transcribing:

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Kill Bill - Elle
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I have a lump in my throat and my jaw has gotten so painful that eating things like carrots gives me a hellacious headache.
So, TQC, how do you find a reputable doctor? What criteria do you have once you see them in order to keep them as your regular doctor?

What's going on in your life?

Work Suck

Today at work, someone sent two 50 pound packages of roasted garlic to my truck to Grand Rapids, Michigan. (I work at UPS, loading feeders, the box attachment to semi trucks.) It stunk up everything, even when I had four walls of packages in front of it. By hour 3, I was sure I was developing a brain aneurysm.

Is there a smell that you absolutely can not stand?

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Poll #1463899 Who is your favorite musician who. . .

Committed suicide?

Elliott Smith
Kurt Cobain
Ian Curtis
Darby Crash


Sid Vicious
Janis Joplin
Hillel Slovak (RHCP)
Layne Staley

Was shot?

John Lennon
Dimebag Darrell
Marvin Gaye

Choked on their own vomit?

Jimi Hendrix
Bon Scott
John "Bonzo" Bonham
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So my best friend is pregnant and expecting soon. Does anyone have any ideas for a gift I could get her. Maybe somethings that is useful? I'm also looking to get something for the baby so does anyone know of any cute baby item sites?

My friend is 19 and the baby is going to be a girl. :)

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Okay, here's the shot out of the cannon: Oprah, Barbara Walters, your wife.
You gotta fuck one, marry one, kill one, go!

So, who would you fuck, marry and kill out of the three?

Edited to make it a question, my b.

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i got a tattoo last friday, now its red and has itchy red bumps around it,i googled it and all i came up with is that i could be allergic to the ointment im using, but ive used a+d on my other tattoo and this didnt happen...could i be allergic to the ink used?it was just basic black..or do you think his needles we're dirty? i trust him but still you never know.
are you a hypochondriac?

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I'm open to the fact that sometimes my mind fights for room in the gutter with drunk homeless guy, so for that reason I ask you TQC members. Do you notice anything slightly weird with a children's book titled "Claude and Medea: The Hellburn Dogs"?

This is a real book by the way.