September 27th, 2009

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I got mad and put the edge pieces that I didn't have anything attached to back in the box and now just have a few big solid pieces of the puzzle put together. I just haven't been feeling it that much. What would you do? Take it all apart, and find a new puzzle I like better, or try to soldier on?

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If I wanted to get my friend the most super bitchin' version of photoshop for his laptop with Vista...which one would I buy?

Do you have any gift suggestions for a guy's 21st birthday? (aside from the possible photoshop?)

Tripod that you can put ANYWHERE or a beer making kit?
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I know this question gets asked a lot, but I don't care.

What's the last book you finished reading? Which one are you starting now?
I finished The Frailty Myth by Colette Dowling and I HIGHLY recommend you all read it, especially if you're a woman. I'm starting Dance Dance Dance by Haruki Murakami now.

If you dgaf, then how you are you on this fine rainy evening, or whatever it is where you're at?
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Does anyone actually think a slower, more depressing cover of "Love Will Tear Us Apart" by Joy Division is an acceptable first dance song at a wedding?
because apparently, the people who made the film adaptation of "The Time Traveler's Wife" think so and it's... fucking weird to me. wth.

ANYWAY, I'm drunk and I'm bored. Will you tell me what you're wearing?
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Melting small holes through a clear plastic storage tub with the tip of a hot glue gun:

Incredibly stupid under any circumstance, or an acceptable improvisation when there is literally no other way to get the holes in the tub and the holes MUST be there?

Assume the need to improvise is brought about only because the holes HAVE to be there and there is no possible way of being able to purchase something that will be able to make the holes.

Alternatively, what VERY VERY cheap things could be used to put said holes in said tub?

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Does this shit sentence make sense? Sorry for all the grammar/English questions. My brain is dead :'(

If I was a man, I wouldn’t have to spend my time trying to my prove myself of being as good at something, or as smart, or as capable as someone else because of my sex.

I just can't think of a better way to word this crap.

And if you don't care, what's something that's due really soon that you keep putting off doing?
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I have a bunch of small cutting of fabric left over from old projects.  These cuttings of fabric are basically left over remnants after making an arm hole or something (long, thin, frayed, funny shaped).  I'm about to throw them away, but is there anything else I can do with them? A place I could donate (a craft center or something)?
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What's the first music video you can recall yourself ever seeing? Did you like it then, and do you like it now?

Mine was Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy. I liked it when I was little, and listening to it now, it's still not too bad. :P
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TQCers with/formerly with braces, I have a major dilemma: my new brackets are poking the fuck out of my gums, and now my whole mouth is swollen. I am out of wax. It is Sunday. What do I do?! My face wasn't this swollen when I had my wisdom teeth out!

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I just found out I'm going to India for a month with school. I don't like most Indian food, possibly because it has a lame tendency to make me throw up. Like last night. For hours. After eating at a totally clean, westernized Indian restaurant in Oslo. :(

Should I live off of bottled water and.. bread for a month and end up even more malnourished than I already am, tqc?

Edit: lol yes, I realize there are things like glorious McDonalds in India, too, but from what I've heard, if you've got a weak stomach, a McDonalds in India is pretty much more likely to get you sick than a regular restaurant.

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If you're a college student, or were a college student...would you recommend your school to people? Did you actually like your school? What was so great about it?

My school just got some award yet I don't know a single person who likes it.

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Good morning, dudes, riddle me this:

How come most of the recipes for baking I find give measurements to make 2 of everything? Two loaves, two pie crusts, two pie fillings, two dozen cookies. It usually doesn't make the measurements any rounder or easier, either. Is there some practical reason why it's better/easier to make double?


I'm babysitting my nieces and nephew today. They are 5 (almost six!), 3, and 1 (almost 2). What should we do?

I'm going to bake with them - that's always a given. Any other ideas? We'll have like 8 hours to kill.

why do i even try?

why do i try at anything in life? not being self-centered but i am one of the prettiest girls i know. i'm skinny (and i'm trying to lose more weight, mainly by smoking while hungry and eating salads.) i weigh probably 125 right now.....

but anyways heres my story.
i go into my new job (2nd day) and they tell me to go home because there is no work. supposively theres only enough work for 2 people. they told the other guy i work with to go home too. i just hate how the world works people are such assholes in the world. everyone cares only for themselves.

not to mention i've been trying (well, not really trying), but i have for the last couple of years have been hoping to get pregnant. when i was younger, i had an abortion and since i had the abortion i've never concieved. i've had scares, but i've never been pregnant, which is odd to me. i just found out my best friends pregnant and i'm honestly a little bit jelous, i cried because of my decision when i was 14 years old. what if i'm never able to have a baby? me and my ex tried for a month and i was didn't even get pregnant. wtf.  what is wrong with me.

not to mention i'm bi-polar and my mood swings have been so bad here lately.

oh yeah and i've been reading the bible a lot too for sum odd reason. i feel guilty when bad things happen i feel guilty when i'm doing bad things. i think i might be having a mental breakdown or something??????????

People as Paintings

I saw this on Ripley's Believe It Or Not the other day - there's an artist or group who specializes in posing and painting real people as classic paintings in 3d/large scale, to the point where at the right angle you can't tell the difference between the life copy and the original. What was the artist's name? I've tried Googling "living paintings" and similar keywords, but so far I haven't found it. Any ideas?

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I never really had to study in high school, so college is kind of overwhelming me at the moment (even though this is my second year there).

I have a botany test and a psychology test, both tomorrow. History test Tuesday, and a British Literature test Wednesday.
Since I'm a psych major, that test should be relatively easy without much studying. The history is a lot of info, but it's easy stuff that's not hard to memorize.

The botany test and brit lit tests are going to kick my ass. I'm a procrastinator too, so I've done NO studying for either. I'm concentrating on botany today--so how exactly do I remember tons of scientific things? There is a shitload of info that is most definitely not going to be easy to memorize. How do I take it all in and actually remember it for the test tomorrow? D:
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TQC, I'm hungry. Should I be lazy and make instant mac and cheese or should I be lazy and make a super easy chicken salad? (Spring mix, chicken, ranch dressing, grapes, apples.)

Have you ever posted on an anon meme/post of any sort where other people could tell you what they honestly thought about you? What did they say? Was it positive or negative?

If not, how do you THINK people would react? Would they tell you that you suck or that you are AWESOME?

Why is coconut rum so much tastier than regular rum? I can't stand that shit normally, but I had coconut rum last night and it was so great.

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Does anyone know any good Blogger template design sites? I'm looking for a custom design for my blog and am willing to pay in the realm of $10 - $25.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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What movies coming out in the near future are you excited for?
-->I can't wait for Whip It and Where The Wild Things Are.

Will you tell me about the last thing that made you go >:( ?
-->My roommate's kitty, who is not the most affectionate creature in the world (read: she's pretty mean to me most of the time) just came up to me, plopped down on my lap and started purring. So of course I was all "aaawwwww," and started petting her... at which point she proceeded to try to eat/claw my hands to death. >:( Jerk.

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How badly do you procrastinate when it comes to homework/papers/whatever?
I've been sitting here in the computer lab for almost an hour and a half and I've only gotten my heading done.


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What acts of good luck can I do or wear to help guarrantee that my football team wins? They're behind by 4 in the 3rd quarter

Serious and non-serious answers welcome. Cryptic answers will be rounded up and shot at dawn

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In Federalist paper #80 where Alexander Hamilton was discussing the powers of the judiciary, he said, The mere necessity of uniformity in the interpretation of the national laws, decides the question. Thirteen independent courts of final jurisdiction over the same causes, arising upon the same laws, is a hydra in government, from which nothing but contradiction and confusion can proceed.

Why is there so much modern belief in a law document being a "living document" subject to being interpreted subjectively and so often in conflict with original intent?

If the openness of interpretation being conducive to conflict was so obvious to Alexander Hamilton by his calling the necessity mere, then why is it not so obvious to modern people?

Are those passionately opposed to uniform interpretation hiding contempt for authority or desire for power?

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does anybody know if i can swap files between soundbooth and audition? they're both adobe programs that seem to work the same way, but audition has more settings. i know i can move vector files and layered pngs between programs, but i don't know about audio.

who is your parents' favourite child? if you're an only child, do your grandparents play favourites with their grandchildren?
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Help me decide, TQC.

What should I have for a late lunch/early dinner?

Taco Bell
Los Aztecas (a local Mexican place)
Go to a diner or something with a friend
Cook eggs, hash browns, and toast
Some other option I haven't thought of

What did you/will you have for lunch?
How has your weekend been so far?
Are you excited for anything?
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i got rear ended pretty badly on the highway today. do you think i'll be feeling it in my neck and back tomorrow?

have you ever been in a wreck that wasn't your fault? what happened?

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 Alright heres the deal...

So im a senior this year and we have to fund raise for our operation graduation. As one of the fundraisers we are planning a halloween dance for my high school and I dont want it to be stupid.

So will you give me ideas for decorating, music, stuff to do etc. to make our high school halloween dance a sucess?

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Lizzie McGuire is on Disney Channel, and I'm being brought back to my elementary school years. I'm really disappointed that they don't make shows like this anymore.

What awesome shows/cartoons were your favorite growing up?

maybe it'll be bad luck for the house

my friend wants to go to atlantic city for her birthday weekend so we can drink and gamble and generally be trashy, but it just occurred to me that friday the 13th falls on that weekend this year. Do you think the casinos will be less crowded because of that? Also, i have never really been to a casino, so will you tell me some of your gambling/casino stories?
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Obviously everyone's skin tone is different, but I'm an average, fair-skinned white chick. I'm looking for a nail polish that isn't just clear, is not glittery, is not sheer, and will only be a slight difference from my regular nailbed color. Something I can wear to work and not be blatant, but will make me feel pretty and will also help me stop chewing my cuticles. Can you recommend me a color/brand?


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Is there a way to highlight/annotate PDF files?

I've started my MSc and a lot of the material is available on-line. I like annotating and making notes on pages as I go along when I use printed material. Alas, my resources cannot resort to printing out 300 pages of a PDF file.

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What makes more sense- taking out a very small student loan (if I even can?) or opening up a credit card with a fairly low interest rate and no annual fee?

Long shot but: Have any of you had to do student teaching? Were to able to work too?


Wearing brown shoes with a gray and greEn argyle sweater is okay right?

How about using a wide ribbon for a belt? I'm not finding any belts that I like so I thought I'd just make one..
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What are some cute movies with great love stories?
Think along the lines of Just Friends as opposed to The Notebook.

I'm going to blockbuster and I'm in the mood for something I can sit down with a bucket of Ben and Jerry's and wish I had that kind of love. It's that kind of day.

If you hate romantic comedies, what is your favorite kind of pie? I like pecan pie.
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I asked my husband to wash my fairly new jeans for me and  he accidentally let a pink cotton shirt go in the washer with the jeans.

The shirt has two small blue spots on the front that I can't get out. I've tried using Shout stain remover and soaking the stain with detergent, but so far no luck.

How can I get the blue stains out of the shirt?

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do you know what celebrities, if any, your significant other finds attractive? Do you agree? Does s/he agree with your opinion on hot celebrities?

how about hot people in general? if you're out in public, do you point out good looking other people to each other?

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I've been thinking about getting a new tattoo for a close relative of mine that died.

But my brain isn't working so I ask you this...

Whats an image or symbol that depicts these words?

-  strength
-  holding things together
- a kind and loving person.

I hope I've explained that okay!

ETA - Also symbol/image for a uniqe person

And, if you were making a memorial book for a relative, what would you title it? I'm really stuck. I don't want anything as predictable as 'The LIfe & Times of...' or 'In loving memory'

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If you're on or have ever been on some kind of dating website, did you ever run into someone IRL from there? Has anyone ever recognized you?

Should I politely decline the offer from the guy who looks like Brett Michaels?
Why are guys who look like Brett Michaels messaging me? :(

Will you give me stories about really bad dates?

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For some reason I feel like a lot of people in TQC shop at Forever21, so I thought I'd ask here.

How are their camis? I mean, considering they're only $2.50 according to the website, they can't possibly be particularly 'good' quality, but do they work for their purpose?


What's your favorite love story?

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What words/terms are offensive where you live?

Where I live, 'bitch' and 'hell'... and even 'slut' are pretty acceptable.  I'd say all three (in the right context) in front of my Grandma.  I wouldn't use 'shit', but then it wouldn't give her a heart-attack... whereas fuck and cunt would offend/upset  her pretty badly.

I think 'hell' might be more offensive elsewhere, particularly in the states though?  ... also, the term "God" - as in "Oh My God" often gets changed to "Oh My Gosh" elsewhere?  For me, I change it if I'm around a very religious person, to be polite... but "Oh My Gosh" seems very American to me an unnatural to say.  Saying Jesus Christ! when something happens isn't offensive in my peer group either, but again I'd change that if I was around people I knew were very religious.

Twat, prick, wankstain, or 'wanker'... they're things I could say in front of Grandma but wouldn't.

Just about all swear/offensive words could be used (in the right context) in front of my friends without offending any of them... but then I'm told Australians swear in a different way - ie. we use them to fill sentences rather than as abuse... and often terms like "you fat fucking bastard!" can be used in a joking way as terms of endearment, somehow, lol.

So yeah... where abouts are you, what's offensive, and what's in common use?
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I'm about to go to the store and pick up some face wash and moistureizer. Anything you reccomend? I've been using Biore but I am not to thrilled by it.

Also, where can I find a good grey, knee length, pleated skirt? I've been looking all over and can't find anything even a little similar to what I want.



1. Why does Jamarcus Russell still have a job?

2. Will Jim Zorn still have a job next year?

3. Are the Bengals for real? (I think they are, to be honest)

4. For those of you who watch any form of pre-game show, which do you prefer? CBS? FOX? NBC? NFL Network? Some other channeL?

5. Who's your team? (Mine's actually the Eagles, despite my icon. LT is just awesome.)

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I have the tendency to get motion sick, and in a few days I'll be taking a road trip with a friend of mine who drives like a maniac. Even a trip down the street feels like a roller coaster.

What medicine or natural remedies would you recommend to settle an upset stomach?

Do you get motion sick/car sick?

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What is the most useful language to learn (other than english)?

My current front runner is Mandarin. I'm thinking not french because everyone and their dog knows french and I'll never catch up enough to be useful.

What is the most useful language to learn for someone who wants to work in a humanitarian field?

Now, make me feel inferior; What languages can you speak or write?

Edit: I felt left out not having any strike-throughs. Do you?

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is it socially acceptable to use internet speak irl? for example, 'LOL', 'LMAO' 'MEGALOL' 'BRB' 'GTFO 'FFS'
what would you think of someone who you just met if they had a habit of speaking like this?
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I just moved into a new place and they do no have a microwave (it's not my house, and I'm only here for a few months, so I'm not about to buy a new one). I also went to brunch (fancy) today and had some home-fried potatoes and bacon left over.

how do I heat this up without cooking it further? I've never had to deal with this situation in my entire life.

EDIT: Thank you to those who answered my simple question without sarcasm.
LOL I have no pants!

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So pretend you're a short, blond haired girl turning 20 next weekend. You work at Bloomingdales, and you were nice clothes, and are sorta kinda into labels. What do you want for your birthday?

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I'm sure this has been posted a million times, but i'm asking again =[. A link to another post would be fine.

I need a new camera on account of I broke mine. I had a Nikon coolpix s60. I liked it but.. it broke quite easily plus it took forever to take a photo. I want one that will take the picture right away. I also want it to take the average memory card. I know Sony has a different one, but they dont fit into my laptop & BLEH.
I'm not a photographer, it's mostly for family/friend stuff.
Another issue is that I'd like to order it with airmiles. So, this is what they offer
My old one is on there, I could just get that one again because the memory card & batteries would all fit.. but I kind of want something better.
SO TQC, which camera should i order with my airmiles? The Nikon or something else?
I have enough airmiles for any of 'em. Thanksss

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The power light on my computer will not stop blinking, even when I unplug all the power, it still blinks. My computer won't start or get any fans running. I held the button down and nothing happened, I tried different power supplies (cord and outlet) and nothing happened. I opened it up to see if anything came loose and nothing looked like it did, although I don't really know what I am looking for. Google is absolutely no help, and I'm hoping this might have happened to somebody here and there's a magical button I am not seeing that fixes this! Can somebody please help me?
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What is your relationship with your boss like?

We recently got a new manager and she is amazing. We were talking and she said she thought I was really strong and have an old soul. She was also down to go see Conan with me and another coworker! She's also great at managing with I greatly appreciate.

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So I asked a few weeks ago for ideas re: what to wear to a casual early afternoon beach wedding in Jacksonville at the end of next month. This is what I've come up with so far. Out of the following 7, will you tell me your 3 favorite?

#1 (teal)
#2 (blue)
#4 (blue)
#5 (purple)
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gifts gifts gifts?

My younger brother is pretty much one of my best friends and he is turning 18 in a month and I want to give him something special for his birthday especially since he's been going through some hard things lately with his health and such.

What would you recommend I could get for him? (Money isn't really an issue.)

If it helps, he's into all geeky type things really, loves music and video games, wants to play the piano. But the gift doesn't have to relate to any of these things.
Any ideas would be really helpful.

Thank you in advanced. =]

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How much do you think it would cost if someone were hospitalized for about 3 hours and given a saline IV?

I may have ended up there this weekend and am dreading the bill coming. I didn't think to ask anything like that because I was still drunk when I left. I'm pretty sure there wasn't any other treatment, though.
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Puerto Rico and other vacation questions

If you've been to Puerto Rico, would you recommend it as a good vacation destination for a couple (no kids)? Do you have any helpful tidbits about travelling there, positive or negative?

Or if not Puerto Rico, have you been to other Caribbean islands that you'd recommend? We're looking for a decently-priced weeklong vacation destination that will be warm enough to allow for hiking, beaches, and other outdoorsy stuff (ruins, rainforests, gardens, kayaking, whatever), but still have some bigger cities (museums, galleries, vegetarian options, English-speakers in case we need it, etc.). We're planning for the first week of November.

Anyone else, where was your last vacation? And where is your next vacation?
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If you had an opportunity to speak to a published playwright and theatrical director, what sorts of questions would you ask him? Let's say it's someone with whom you're not familiar-- you don't know any of his plays or anything.

Do you make use of to-do lists?
Yes, my desk is covered with post-its with lists on them.

How much liquid have you consumed today?
Close to a gallon, if you count the soup I had for lunch and dinner. I've been drinking a lot of water lately.

stray cat help PLEASE only answer if you know what you're talking about

I've been helping these stray cats for months. One of the kittens got trapped in a garage and when my neighbor finally got him out there was a rather angry possum in there too.

A few weeks ago all four cats (two adults and two kittens) disappeared. Two days ago she showed up, and her back legs were paralyzed.. but she didn't have any obvious INJURIES. She was also pregnant. I thought maybe she had been clipped by a car and had a sprain to her hip or something and drover around with her in my lap.. I even put my hand up to her mouth to offer her a piece of food!

I had to drop her off at my place because I couldn't find any open vets and she died. Now I'm worried that the possum might have bitten the kitten who might have bitten the cats and now she might have died from rabies and I put my hand in her mouth!!! She wasn't drooling or crazy but she was being very calm and her back legs were partially paralyzed and her mouth was slightly open.

I'm freaking out that I might get rabies and its Sunday and tomorrow will already be day 3 if I can even start the shots then PLEASE HELP!!!!

srsly only plz
clara bow

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If I gave you a random phone number would you call it for me? This bitch keeps harassing me and finally forget to block her number. I called back and after a lotta bs she has her friend answer and pretend to be someone else. Um I can HEAR your phone ring I am right next door and your bf is really loud. I would like her to get random calls for once.

Eta: if you're feeling antagonistic ;)

What kind of awesome crazy getting a bitch back stories do you have?