September 25th, 2009

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Someone buys $10 "100% silicone lubricant" on the internet. They inject it into their lips and cheek. The day after they realize it's infected but they won't go to the ER because they are afraid of being lectured by the doctors. This person works in the medical field.

Would you have any sympathy for this person?

Edit: It really happened! I'm watching Tyra right now and it's about women injecting shit into their faces.
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I have had mousy boring blah colored hair for years. I kind of want to go with something more vibrant (thinking blonde highlights). I can't really afford salon dying, though, especially if I'm going to keep up with it. Is there a way to do it cheaper with good effects? I've also considered henna to make my hair a richer/redder brown but idk.

What should I do 'bout my hair tqc?

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Drunky Brewster

I drank 4 glasses of wine earlier, and came home and opened up a bottle of wine. I'm a quarter in and I know it's beyond me. I can't put it away because it's too sweet and I'm now more than a little tipsy. However, the cork was assassinated while opening the bottle so I can't recork it with the same wood. What should I do?

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TQC if you HAVE to stay over somewhere youre not very comfortable at, what would you do to make it more comfortable for yourself? I have my cat, my pillow, and my comforter but i don't know what else to do. :(

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i just painted my nails this color color. should i paint a design like stripes or tips on top? if so, what color?

what is your favorite show involving real people? this includes shows like intervetion, true life, hoarders, cop shows, court shows. pretty much anything with people who aren't acting.

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I just found out about a lot of things I really didn't want to know. Some really shitty things about my mom. I already dislike her greatly and now I have lost all respect for her. All of it.

What can I do to make myself feel better, even if its just for the night? I'm a wreck.

Outlook Express deformatting?

I have an employee issued version of Outlook Express, so I don't know how much you can help me, but I'd like to know how people go about this when the program is normal.
Every time I copy the text of a hyperlink into my clipboard and paste it on an Outlook message, it creates a hyperlinked text there. I don't want that. I don't need the text to be blue with a little arrow next to it. I just want the text. Hyperlinks may cause my team lead to ignore the message about the account, or may cause the message to be unreadable or force them to type my password or something. Right now I just paste it in a txt file and copy-paste it into Outlook.
Is there any way I can go into settings and take out the hyperlink option? I never want to use hyperlinks in my e-mails at work...ever.
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I'm ready for a change, so I'm starting with my hair. I am terrible at figuring out what would look good so I was hoping to get some opinions. I have really thick, long dark brown hair. It's all one length. So TQC, what do you think would look good? I'm also planning on dying it red, unless you can think of a color that would look better on me. My hair is a bit longer now and all one color.

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Hi, new here

This just makes me so sad, because it used to be my favorite show ever when it first came out, and I love, love, loved the first couple of seasons, but lately, Grey's Anatomy just bums me the hell out. Especially that two-hour premire that I seriously could've just watched the beginning 15 minutes to get the gist of the whole episode.

Does anyone like Grey's Anatomy anymore?

edit: Do you have a favorite show that let you down?
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What personal services (Pedicure, manicure, hairdresser, facials, massage, tanning, etc.) do you treat yourself to/use regularly? How often? About how much do you spend every month on such things?

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I can write down my hours for work. There's no time clock. My shift is supposed to start at 8. I get there 5 to 8 but the woman with the key doesn't arrive until sometimes as late as 8:20.

I never know if I should should write down 8 or some other time when I put in my hours.
What would you do?

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Guys, I seriously need help with my hair. It is too wavy to be straight but not wavy enough to be curly - it's some weird neither here nor there in between deal. It is seriously a pain. I don't want to have to always blow it out/straight iron it. Mostly I blow it out on low to try and avoid heat damage as much as possible, but it is still a bitch. When I let it air dry, it looks horrible to me. I'm sick of feeling like my hair has to be up to be in any way satisfying to look at.

I never know what to say to my stylist(s) to get something that works with both. I've asked and gone to way more than one to try and find a professional who can actually help me. What I get now is long layers with some face framing ones as well, and that's okay enough when it's straight but even then I'm not 100% happy with it down. What do I need to do? I can't take pictures since I'm asking for a hair cut that works more than one way and in pics you never know if a model's hair has been altered or if it's naturally the way you see.

HALP. :(

PS - No pics bc I'm at my work computer.

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Has anything locally (news-wise or anything else) happened lately in your area that just made you facepalm out of embarassment for your town?

All of the radio stations keep going on and on and won't shut up about Jude Law's new baby mama being from our town. Seriously? That's your "big news story"? You get this worked up and excited over it? You all suck.

Conversely, what's something about your city that you feel is brag-worthy/makes you proud?

Our amazing beaches and the Blue Angels being local

Who's your favorite radio show?

Lex and Terry, definitely

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Poll #1462407 Friends friends?

Generally speaking, which is the most true for you?

Most of my friends know eachother and get along at least decently
Most of my friends know eachother, and I often myself in the middle of drama between them
Most of my friends don't know eachother, but I bet if I got all my friends in one place they'd get along
Most of my friends don't know eachother, and I sorta don't think they'd get along that well if I introduced them to one another

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Quick, TQC, I need excuses/reasons!

Right now we have 21 Asus netbooks in our workroom. My boss bought them in March/April.

My coworker and I are trying to come up with reasons why our boss should uh...get rid of them/give them away.

Right now all we have are: the warranties are almost up and they sat in our extremely hot workroom all summer (we had no air and it actually did fuck up our copy machine).

What are some other excuses we could use?
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There is no pain where stength lies

Just watching Star Wars IV: A New Hope, technically the first film, and it's the scene where Darth Vader is telling Grand Mof Tarkin that Obi·Wan is on the Death Star. Tarkin ends that with "The Jedi are extinct, their fire went out of the universe years ago. You my friend are all that is left of their religion..."

Tarkin referred to Vader as being a Jedi. Not sure why I didn't notice that before. I'd have to check out Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi again but in my mind's eye I don't recall hearing about 'them' until The Phantom Menace.

When did the word 'Sith' first appear in the movies?
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Are/were you scared of a monster under your bed or in your closet?

ETA: I was convinced a monster was under my bed as a kid and have some weird residual fear of hands shooting out and grabbing my legs during the middle of the night sometimes. I blame horror movies.

Insurance form question

I live with my parents currently, but if I want to apply for food stamps or unemployment cash assistance, do I list household members as "1" (I'm only applying for myself), or do I have to list 3 to include my parents and their incomes? The "household" part always confuses me.
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What is/was ...
Your current ringtone(s)?
The last book you finished? How was it?
The last thing you ate?
Your maternal grandmother's first name?
Your paternal grandfather's career?
The name of the sibling closest to you in age?
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I was driving on the freeway and saw a man on a motorcycle. He was wearing a back pack and inside there was a tiny puppy with his head popped out.

What kinds of horrible pet danger stories do you have to share?

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you know how sometimes, having watched a film, you stand up to continue with some regular things: to smoke, make a cup of tea, clean the house, do your homework, walk your dog, whatever - and it feels different. you don't feel like you're yourself anymore, and it's as if you were smoking for the first time, drinking tea for the first time, it all feels odd and unusual.
does this ever happen to you, and, if yes, what was the last film that made you feel this way?
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My husband has tickets to a concert tonight. He was given them as a gift for his birthday, he's had the tickets for a while. His birthday was back in July, when the tickets went on sale. Today is not his birthday.

His brother was supposed to go with him, and backed out last week. My husband has been trying all week to find someone to go with him, with no luck. I really have no interest at all in going.

At first he said that he'd be ok going alone, but now he's saying he's going to stay home if he can't find anyone.

I do already have my own plans for tonight.

Am I a crappy wife for not canceling my plans and going with him?

Edit: He's going to see Mike Gordon from Phish, and I'm going out to a party at one of my favorite knitting stores.

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My doggy is a little under 2 years, I've had her for a year and never put her through any formal training classes (having never had a dog in my life I didn't know how necessary they were), and her fleeting brattiness has really been pissing me off lately. How old do you think is too old to take a dog to training classes and see any kind of positive change out of it?
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Poll #1462544 Would you rather have sex with...

...a pirate or a ninja?


...a centaur or a minotaur?


...PacMan or Mrs. PacMan?

Mrs. PacMan

...Barney or a Teletubby?


...Bugs Bunny or the Tasmanian Devil?


...a sumo wrestler or an 85 year old man/woman?

Old person

...a midget or a legless person?

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Difference in Chinese Dishes

So, my guy are going to order dinner from a local Chinese joint. Of course, it's not at all an authentic Chinese restaurant - just has the standard Americanized versions of Chinese dishes.

My question is, what is the difference between Hunan, Szechuan, Kung Pao and General Tso's chicken? I want a spicy chicken dish but I haven't tried some of those.

ETA Is the chicken steamed, fried in oil or battered in these?
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Do or did any of you have a class that sticks/stuck out like a sore thumb from the others because you dislike/d it *so* much? What are you doing or what did you do to stick through it and come out on top?

Alternately, have you exercised today?

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Poll #1462534 My teacher is kind of a bitch

Which way will be most satisfying to watch my math quiz burn?

light it from the corner, let the flames envelop it
wad it up, light it, one big flame then poof
roll it up and pretend it's a torch
douse it in gasoline, take your house out with it

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what's the tackiest souvenir you've ever seen?


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Did you buy it? I didn't buy this because a)I didn't "brake" it and b)I was terrified that I'd die in the plane and all that would be found would this and my mother would die of embarassment.

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i am working on my resume and i have like, no work experience. i don't really even have any extracurriculars to include. i've had two jobs and they were both working for the same company but one was for a franchisee and one was at the main corporate office. how do i make myself seem awesome? i've never done a resume before so i'm kind of stupid when it comes to this stuff.

eta: would you include freelance webdesign if none of the websites you've done are online anymore?

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I have $140 in my bank account. I don't have bills or anything else to pay, except for gas, and that's usually only $25 every two weeks or so.
I have an order in my online bag on for a total of $48. Should I go through with the purchase or save my money for something else? 

What was the last frivolous thing you bought?
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I'm getting married in Jan. and had always anticipated on taking my husband-to-be's name, even before I met my fiance. However, I was listening to a podcast on maiden names today, and I realized there are so many options! Allow me to list:
She takes his name
She keeps her name
She adds his name to hers, dropping her middle name
She hyphenates her last name
He takes her name
They make a new name together

What do you want to do? Apparently it's much more difficult for a man to change his name than it is for a woman. And if you're in a same-sex relationship whose name would you take? Or would you keep your own? If you had kids, whose last name would they have?
Inquiring minds want to know!!
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How often did you eat frozen Eggo waffles as a young person? (as in, they are still frozen when you eat them)

Is there anyway to "unstone" someone if they've smoked marijuana and suddenly wish to no longer feel its effects?
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Gift Cards

Lets say you entered a contest or tournament in which first place was a gift card.

If you had the following 2 choices, which would you prefer?

1) a gift card for a specified store, or group of stores (ie: 5 restaurants owned by the same parent company, card is redeemable at any of the 5 specified restaurants)

2) a jump card (a jump card is a gift card to an online gift card store basically. you go on their website and redeem the card you won for whatever store's giftcard you prefer, with a choice of something like 200 different stores and restaurants)

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I'm exhausted from today, well this week, so I can't really think of anything that would be suitable.
What are some recipes (that are vegetarian friendly, or at least use ground beef that I could substitute in some soy stuff) that heavily involve carrots, and/or onions (of all kinds, red, white, spanish) and/or tomatoes (cherry and/or the normal kind)?
I have SO MANY from my garden.

Also, using copious amounts of chives, oregano and mint (though in a main dish?, ew) would be a bonus.

Thank you for giving me recipes so I can feed myself.

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So with the roaring success of my cinnamon swirl bread last weekend (half of which I had to throw away because SOMEHOW, a fly ended up in the bag I was storing it in??), I'm not afraid of baking with yeast anymore. Will you share your favorite yeast bread recipes?
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Is 180/mo a lot for car insurance? I'm 19 so I know that brings it up. Geico quoted me 293 and I was like wtf so when the second place said 180 I thought it was super. I refuse to pay more for my insurance than I do for my car. And piggybacking on my parent's policy is not an option.

anything I can add to my bagel to make it healthier?


i'm looking for websites for tattoo artists or just tattoos done with unique styles, such as these by yann black:

they're all very stylized, and a lot of tattoos aren't so these really intrigue me. if you know of any tattoo's or artists who also have a unique style will you please send em my way?

also, post a picture of your tattoo?

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1)What is filling you with nameless horror tonight?

My dreams follow a storyline it seems, and so I dreamt that in this class that I didn't have the syllabus for, I had a class project and the people who I was in the group with were yelling at me. Oddly, in my dreams, I'm doing better in the class I don't remember what day it is on or what building it is in.

2)What is making you feel better?

In Civ 4, Stalin is mad at me for burning one of his cities down with everyone in it.

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hey i just got my hair cut kind of short and now it's doing that flippy thing. i am defining "that flippy thing" as when the ends of my hair flip out to the side and make my cool haircut look stupid and childish. this happens every haircut. i find straightening it to basically be a waste of time and energy.

what's the bet way to tame this shit? i do not own a blow dryer.
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has anyone else had a week full of mondays like my mom and i have?

i'm in the middle of student teaching right now and i've been really anxious and nervous. i've figured out that i need to be more confident. how do you build up confidence and not be anxious all the time, tqc? srs answers plz.

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What's the best seat in your house?

If you like peanuts do you have a preference? -boiled, raw, roasted, unsalted, spicy etc

Ever done something with a pumpkin that wasn't carving? One year we made a snowman.

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Will you post/tell me your favorite upbeat cartoon/animated songs and/or music videos, even commercials?

They can be from Disney, TV shows, anywhere really, as long as it's the original... not like a clip of Aladdin with "Golddigger" in the background or something.

TY :)

EDIT: BTW, I'm looking for things people will recognize/remember. Forgot to mention that.

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how easy is it to over-exercise a dog? in this case it is a small terrier so he is supposed to have lots of energy but he is fat so he doesn't.

i have been trying to run every day and my dog is fat so i've been taking him with me (and yelling at my family to stop feeding him table food), but after like 5 minutes he has trouble keeping up and i'm kind of dragging him behind me. we only run for like 30 minutes and i run pretty slow. should i keep bringing him along?

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Hey, what are you doing today/tonight?

Is there any actual polite way to tell someone they smell? (Roommate's perfume/hair stuff smells like moldy fruit... I nearly gagged when I got home!!!!)

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I am the maid of honor in my best friend's wedding in two weeks. I am collecting recipes from people who are attending the rehearsal dinner. The plan is to present my best friend and her fiancé with a nice cookbook with everyone's favorite recipes.

What should I call the cookbook? Ideally it would be cute/punny and wedding-y but anything that doesn't suck is good. Thanks!

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Hi Doctor TQC!

1) My knee has been hurting mildly at 4 different spots for 4 weeks already. I dont remember doing anything to cause it. After a week of it starting my other knee started to hurt as well in 2 of the spots my other knee hurts too. I have an appointment with my doctor but I still have to wait a while until it happens. The pain feels very internal and in one of the spots it seems to be related to a muscle. Any ideas about what I could have?

I'd be thankful for serious answers, since I am a bit worried, but non serious are welcomed too.

2) Have you ever used those backpacks that have something like a belt for your waist or hip to help distribute the weight better? Does this really help your back/shoulders not be as tired?
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TQC, why has my copy/paste stopped working? It's done it before and a reboot fixed it but now I've rebooted 4 times and it still won't work.

Has this ever happened to any of you? Do you know how annoying this is???
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Random Questions

1. Are you looking forward to Zombieland/are you gonna see it?
2. Are you introverted/extroverted?
3. Have you ever camped in the wilderness by yourself? If so, for how long?
4. Ever had a terrifying experience in an environment where you couldn't communicate because of a language barrier? What happened?
5. Does Christianity offend you?
6. Have you ever had a life-changing adventure? What was it?
7. Do you know how your parents met? (If so, how did they meet?) Are your parents still together?
8. Mario is Missing! Did you ever play that game?
9. What picture do you have on your cell phone wallpaper right nao?
10. Have you read any books that focus on a day-to-day life type of deal, fiction or non? Could you recommend any?
11. Anything in either of your hands right now (besides computer mouse)?
12. Do you/have you ever participated in a forum RPG?
13. What gender are you?
14. Do you have a favorite parent?
15. Which of your parents do you think you are more like?
16. What's the most personal thing you've talked to a teacher about?
17. Do you consider the general emo/hipster/scenester crowds to be conformists or non-conformists?
18. Do you subscribe to ShaneDawsonTV on YouTube?
19. Did you ever want to change your name? Either as a kid or seriously? What name(s)?
20. Do you view pretty constant anger as an immature quality?

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Fall TV questions;

The first show of the season has been canceled. The Beautiful Life is done only after two episodes. Did anyone here watch it?

What show would you hate to see canceled next?

And after watching Flashforward last night and Joseph Fiennes' lousy American accent, I have to ask, what non-American does the worst American accent?

Personally, I wish many of these shows would allow these actors to use their normal accents. They don't need to be American to be accepted by American audiences.

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There's a huge party going on at my neighbors house. The kids are in high school and they're making a TON of noise. My windows aren't even facing them and I can still hear them.

Should I be the mean old lady and if in an hour they aren't quieted down, call the cops?
I have to get up early tomorrow morning, as does my father and it's already 11:45PM here.