September 24th, 2009

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For the past three days i've been really sick and it's been impossible for me to sleep. now that i feel better and have the opportunity to sleep and not be up all night puking, i am wide awake. so i am watching adult swim and trying to make myself sleepy.

whats annoying you right now and are you trying to fix it? if so, how?

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I just watched Sunshine Cleaning and loved every minute of it.

Can you guys recommend some more movies like it? Something that has it's funny moments, it's sad moments, and is an overall "touching", good movie? 

Random questions

About how often do you eat by yourself?
Have you ever gone out to eat at a restaurant by yourself?
What TV shows do you watch religiously?
When was the last time you wrote an essay? How long was it?
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Have you ever exploded any Pyrex bakeware?

My mom exploded one and my best friend exploded one. Both had them sitting on the stovetop and turned the wrong burner on. I was present in both situations. When my best friend did it, luckily no one was in the kitchen. When my mom did it, she turned away and right as she did it blew up. If she'd been facing it, she'd have been blinded. It sounds like a gunshot when it happens. In my mom's kitchen, there were melted slags of glass all over the floor and it scarred up the linoleum.

If not, will you tell me of a baking mishap?

In 8th grade Home Ec, I caught a dishtowel on fire. It was embarrassing.
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It's 1am where I am, in my office at work (approx 15 mins walk from home). I've declared it a night.
I can call a security guard and get them to escort me off campus (I live 5 minutes from the edge of campus) - means about a 30 min wait. I can just walk the whole way without an escort. Or I can curl up in my office and try to get some shut-eye here. It's generally a low-crime rate area, but there are usually drunks milling around.

What should I do?

Get a security escort
Go home without an escort
Spend the night in my office

Edit - I decided to walk alone, and I arrived at home without getting abducted even once. The last 5 minutes (the off campus bit) was by far the worst since the streets to my house are lined in trees that block out the already-dim streetlights. The last 50m or so to my house is pitch black. I was casually holding my umbrella like a club :P
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How do you safeguard against blisters when you're forced to wear uncomfortable shoes? I have to give a speech tomorrow and I have to wear some pretty ill-fitting shoes for most of the day because of it - 5 or 6 hours with no time to run home and change. My rain boots rubbed raw spots on the backs of my heels, so I'm fairly certain these shoes will give me blisters if I'm not careful. What's your blister prevention/treatment, TQC? 9 times out of 10, a bandaid just rubs off.

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do you ever get confronted about piercings or tattoos (or even the way you dress) in a negative way?

I have my lip pierced and at my work old people will constantly ask if it hurts or how do i kiss my 'boyfriend' (im married, so that gets old.) or other annoying questions... but the other day a woman told me (as i'm checking her out at the register and being uber polite and offering her coupons and helping her with heavy bags...) that if i were to ever need to go to the ER...a doctor 'wouldn't touch me with a 10 foot pole' because of my piercing. When i asked why, she said, "That's just how it is."
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Hay TQC,

I have been making my own yogurt!
That sounds really gross!

Have you ever made yogurt?
Do you think that turning yogurt with live cultures into frozen yogurt kills the cultures?

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Have any of you ever tried Mastercuts for a haircut? I went to super cuts cause i was broke and they fucked up my hair. It's grown out enough for me to fix it, but yet again, I'm broke. Are they decent or are they just another shitty chain salon?

if you dgaf have you ever peed your pants from laughing so hard?

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My friend's birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and, since it's close to Halloween, she decided she wants to have a costume birthday party.

The theme is "Disney Characters."

I put it to you, TQC. Who should I go as?

Keep in mind that I'm a guy, and that I'd prefer it to be something relatively obscure so that I won't be likely to run into myself at the party.

(My current idea is Blankey from "The Brave Little Toaster", since it'd be so easy...just a yellow blanket put on cape-style.)

Come on...give me some ideas.

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TQC, I'm bored at work. I have essentially the entire second floor of my building to myself.
What should I do for fun?

What's the last thing you ate?

Should I leave work and go get a sammich across the road?

Would you lend me 5 bucks?

gifs plz

hey guys, i know these posts are old meme, but can we dump some animated gifs into this post? i need some good ones to send to my dad, who just discovered this for the first time apparently:

failing that, what was the last good movie you saw?
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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What's the etiquette on cover letters when the job ad didn't include any contact info other than a fax number? Do I just put the date and 'To whom it may concern:" ?

I'm watching 8 Crazy Nights. What's the significance of the "Bum, biddy, biddy" dance? Is it referring to some other movie?

I read an article the other day that included a couple links to free online fax services and I can't find it anymore, so does anyone know of a reliable free fax service?

ETA: The doctor's office I'm applying to requests someone 'courteous' in their ad and I was wondering if this sounds good or is it too....unprofessional?

'I am an expert at multitasking and as for your request for a courteous receptionist, I was born and raised right here in the River Valley and am the perfect vision of Southern charm and good manners.'
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1)Dear the internet, should I up my netflix sub from 1 at a time to 2 or 3 at a time? More is more expensive, but I also get more movies.

2)Have you ever gotten sick from pure stress? Tell me about it.

Right now, I itch all over.

It's the kind of place where space explorers could have landed around 1963

The moon landing.

Note: Individual answers are hidden, so no need to fear retaliation for your views from other community members the government men in dark glasses.

On a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being I am so certain it didn't happen as I actually helped fake the damn thing, through to 10 being I am so certain it happened as I was there, so I would bet not only my life, but the life of all the people I care about.

How convinced are you that man walked on the moon in 1969?

Mean: 8.18 Median: 9 Std. Dev 2.33
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Job-related question

I applied for a job recently. Here is the excerpt that describes the position:

We are looking for Inside Recruitment Consultants to sell our expanding product line of Web, Print and Job Fairs. We are looking for computer literate, sales professionals. Inside sales experience helpful but not necessary.

I have inside sales experience, which I highlighted in my cover letter. I got a reply back today from the manager that says the following:

I see form your resume you do have some sales experience. Do you have any outbound telephone sales experience? That is what this position involves.

I am kinda irked that nowhere in the job description does it mention "OUTBOUND" telephone sales experience. It says inside sales... which would be "INBOUND", which I have plenty of. I don't have any outbound... but I know I could do it if given a chance.

How should I reply back to this email in general terms? >/
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Dumb question: How can I find the resolution of an image (72, 150, etc) in Windows & Mac without consulting Photoshop?

I'm trying to tell someone that the photos I need must be 150 or higher, but I don't know how to check the resolution other than opening the file in Photoshop (which I don't know if they have access to)
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1. Do guys secretly breathe sighs of relief when their girlfriends get their periods?

2. Since it went over well last time & I'm bored/sick, will you post 3 movie quotes and have people guess where they're from?

oh TQC ilu.


Hey guys! I'm vising NYC (upper east side) from now until Sunday, any fun things I should do?? (we're staying with a friend, but she's got work today and tomorrow, so we're on our own to find things)

where's the last place you visited?

what was your favorite thing you did there?

What mode of transportation did you use to get there?

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What is your favourite question & answer, survey about yourself type thing?
Where do you go to satisy your survey needs?
Alternatively, what other memes or 'notes' (for fb) do you like to read/fill out?

I am bored & this is what I like to do to pass my time.
I don't like bzoink, really.

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What should you be doing right now, instead of lurking TQC/the internets?

Have you ever gone to class stoned?

Did you like it or hate it?

Don't care: What are you eating for dinner tonight? What are your other plans for the evening?

I'm sitting in Econ stoned as hell right now and it's boring as fuck, so yeah. :/


Do annoyingly sappy couples bug you?
*inspired by irl events as two pairs of friends have coupled up and are making me 'ew'.*

[also, got any good anti-love songs? I'm feeling bitter and cynical]

Music Catch up

I've been totally not paying attention to music this year, and not much the year before either.
What're your favourite recent songs? Bonus points if they're singalongable, and not really repetitive lyrics.
And what are your favourite 'happy' songs, from any time?

school days

When you were in high school, did the cheerleaders wear their uniforms every day? At my school they only wore them on game days, but apparently at every tv high school ever they wear them every day.

How about showers - did they make you shower after gym class?

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1. If you are one of the few who are fortunate to live near an Evos, what is your favorite thing to eat there?

I just went there for the first time ever yesterday, and I got the Crispy Thai Trout wrap. NOMMMMM.

2. How many keys are on your key ring? What are they for?

There are 5. Apartment, mailbox, car, and 2 for my desk at work.

3. We all have inside jokes with our friends, but will you share about an inside joke you have w/your family?

Once when I was little, my mom was wearing these shoes that had all these squiggles of neon colors on them, so I started naming out all the colors. At some point I stepped on her foot or something, so this is what my dad heard: "Hot pink, hot green, hot orange, hot OW OW OW!" So we still talk about the completely hypothetical color of "hot ow ow ow".

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I was wondering about how Ohio goes about hiring.
I am from California and trying to get a job in Ohio. But when I call places around here to see about a job they always seem annoyed, but in California in order to get a job you have to pester the shit out of the company to ensure they look at your application.
Is it different out here?
What are good ways to get a job out in Ohio if I can't just bug them constantly?

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Monday, September 14, 2009: apply for a job.
Tuesday, September 15, 2009: interview for the job.
Wednesday, September 16, 2009: hired for the job.
Thursday, September 17, 2009: fired before the first day of the job.

TQC, do you have a job? Do you like it? What do you do? If you don't, how come? What do you want to do? What's stopping you?

And oh ya... why does my life suck so much? All answers welcome.

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There is a girl in my class who has a really bad habit of interrupting the teacher. She does it CONSTANTLY. He seems to get annoyed but never actually *says* anything. After class two of my friends mentioned the girl and how annoying it was.

This is a really extreme case. It's EVERY class that this girl is dominating...What would you do about it? Should we talk to the teacher or just...pull the girl aside or what?

Have you ever had anything similar happen?
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I have a two hour break tomorrow between two of my labs. Should I go home during the break? It would mean a ~25min bus ride, ~45min of free time, then ~50min of bus waiting, bus riding, and waiting for class to start. All I really want to do during this time is eat a good lunch. Would it be worth my while, or should I use the whole two hours to get a little shut eye on campus (first lab is at 9am, ew) and eat there (most likely a meager meal compared to what I could have at home)?

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How much do you think I could sell my 2 year old 15.4", 2.4GHz, 160GB MacBook Pro body (for parts or for fix) for? The logic board is fried, but the rest is in really good condition.

Any ideas?

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Have you ever used crutches? Is it normal for them to be REALLY REALLY hard to use at first? Any tips?

I screwed up my foot pretty bad and I got crutches, but I suck at using them...I have a 9am class tomorrow and campus is CRAZY in the morning, and I can just picture myself getting run over/knocked over/killed by the mob of kids rushing to their classes, so I'm a little scared. Right now sucking it up and walking on my foot sounds more appealing than going out on those things. =(


Are there any communities geared towards food trading on LJ? If there is, could you please point me in the direction of them??

If you're not sure what I mean... a community where you could pay people to give you food from their area that isn't available where you live.
For example, I live in a really small town in North California and I really love Cinnabon but the nearest location is in Sacramento. I can't get to Sacramento just to get a Cinnabon, so I would love to find someone I could give money to, to buy me a bun and ship it to me. And then later on, maybe other food items.

Also, does this kind of thing violate LJ's TOS? I know there are trading communities out there, but I don't know how they work with payment and what not. Other than sometimes, people scam each other.

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Should I go to Disney World (with my boyfriend, probably) or visit my best friend in Texas next June? There's a chance I could do both but I'd be paying for the Texas trip myself, my mom is covering the cost of Disney. For the record, I'm absolutely obsessed with Disney World :(

dk/dc: What's your dream vacation?
charlie chaplin

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What bad habits are you afraid of falling back in to?

I am afraid of losing my appetite. A couple years ago I was really sad and no food seemed appealing so I ate almost nothing. Now when I skip a meal and don't feel hungry later I get nervous!

Will you name some foods that might make me hungry? I need to eat something but can't figure out anything I really want.


Halloween chess set

I'm making a Halloween-themed chess set. Any ideas for pieces?

I have stretchy store-bought rats for pawns, and I think I'm going to make witches for the queens and devils for the kings. Not sure what the knights, rooks and bishops will be. I have wooden bases for any pieces that can't stand up on their own, wooden dowels that I can saw up and glue together, lots of fabric (including black and orange felt), and paint, and I could make bakeable clay.

I like to make homemade pieces that are somewhat similar to standard pieces (skinny bishops, cylindrical or rectangular rooks and animals or something vaguely animal-like for knights) to make it less confusing.

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I need something super-exciting to cook. IDK what. Can you suggest a fantabulous dish to go supermarket shopping for? I mostly have really boring pasta and noodle and rice type things and I feel like I need an elaborate meat-and-veg dish, or a crazy yeast bread or something. I'm kinda craving blue cheese, too.
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Have you read The Time Traveler's Wife? What did you think?
I am reading it now...I'm still on the fence. It's rather confusing atm :\

As far as chain Italian restaurants go: Olive Garden or Carrabbas?
Olive Garden

Meekus, Brint, Rufus, Derek, or Hansel?
Meekus <3 for obv reasons

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Do I need a US passport to go on a cruise to the Bahamas? I live in Florida and the ship will be leaving and coming to the same port.

Some answers I'm finding say not if it's a closed loop cruise, others say yes you do.

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Do I wanna go to my 10:00 Soc class tomorrow? All I do is listen to the same two or three people babble at each other for the full 50 minutes and my professor doesn't take any real attendace (although I think he takes mental attendace). But if I don't go, I may miss if he assigns something. But I also think I know of atleast one classmate I can email about it, or I could just email my professor.

What are some creative ways in which I can let my roommate know she's no good at being quiet and she keeps waking me up at like 7am?

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Where did the question go about the stuffed dog?
-My husband totally knew what it was!

What is your favorite Jack White project?
-The Dead Weather = unnffff. I can't get into The Raconteurs at all. :\

Are you making anything neat for Halloween? Crafts, costume, whatever?
-I'm trying to make this skulls-in-a-bell-jar thing I saw in the Martha Stewart Halloween magazine but I can't find a bell jar anywhere grrr

What wine goes best with Cap'n Crunch?
-We think possibly a riesling, specifically Relax. It's sweet, but not syrupy like some dessert wines tend to be.
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Do you like the way you smell?

Do you wear deodorant? How often? What kind?

Can't remember the last time I bothered with it. I like my natural smell. Not sure the people next to me on the train do, though.