September 23rd, 2009

Fritz the cat

YouTube capture?

I used to use to make mpegs of videos, but now they're charging for this service.

Can anyone recommend a similar, FREE site that does this? There's loads out there in Google Land, but I want to get other people's opinions on these sites to see how they work and what they do, and it they do the job.

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Does it bother you when community mods are unfair dickheads, or do you just try to ignore it?

If/when you're singled out, do you toe the line and watch yourself, or commit an awesome flounce and leave?

If you have any complaints about mods, would you care to bitch about it here?
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I have a checkup at the doctor's tomorrow, and I also happen to have a bump on my chin that needs a cortisone shot. What are the odds of me being able to get the shot at the doctor's office instead of having to wait for a referral to a dermatologist?
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TQC is my Career Counseler

TQC, I'm currently a Civil Engineering Major at my university, and I'm finally coming to terms with the fact that I absolutely hate it. At first I thought it was just hard classes nipping me in the butt, but then I started taking Statics. Statics is more or less what I would expect to be doing for the rest of my life. While the class is easy, I hate everything about it. On top of that, I have never been good at math, but figured that as long as I got the classes out of the way, I would be fine. While that may or may not be true, I'm noticing that I'm either going to a) hilariously fail my three years of advanced calculus and physics classes or b) completely fry my brain to a crisp and lose all of my personality and creativity.

Now, I'm considering changing my major, but have no idea what I want to do. I'd said before that I'd like to go into graphic design, but I don't really have any idea how that'd work out. I'm also thinking about Journalism, which has been recommended to me several times. People say I'm a ~*good writer*~ but I'm not too sure about that. However, both of those sound like paths I would really enjoy.

TQC, will you give me advice for what the fuck I should do?
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What 'Fall 2009 trend' do you like? What can't you stand?

Also, does anyone have an American Eagle coupon (pref. 40% off) they'd like to trade me for an Amazon gift card? Need to place order ASAP. :D

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Has anyone ever met someone through craigslist? How'd it go?

I just moved to NY for college & have had a hard time meeting people. I posted an ad & was bomboarded. Anyways, one of them seemed normal & we have been talking through e-mail and facebook for awhile. He's pretty cute but I guess I am embarrassed about looking for love/friendship online because idk, I have no problem normally IRL. This guy wants to take me out to dinner and idk. I would TOTALLY go if say I met him somewhere else but Idk it feels awkward since it's been online.

miss argentina

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Hi kids,

I'm sure this has been asked already so I'll just ask you to direct me to the post. I need some ideas for what to be for halloween. I can sew and have made most of my costumes for the past ten years. I want to win a contest this year so I'd like to see if there are any neat sites or even just a list of ideas? Thanks!
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Long time no???

Situation: Due to recent user name changing shenanigans, I accidentally deleted my mutual friends list.  All my mutual friends are still on my friend's list, but I'm not on theirs. 
Question:  When you change your username and keep you friends list, but delete your mutual friends, does LJ send a notification to those people that were on your mutual friends list that someone new has friended them?

If not, would it be proper to send those of my mutual friends who don't have  a "friends only, comment to be added" post a PM asking them to re-friend me?
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I've lived in southern CA (moving between Long Beach, Huntington Beach, and San Diego) my whole life. I want to move somewhere new.

Where do you live? What can you tell me that would want to make me live there too?

ETA: I am leaning towards Washington because I can transfer my job.


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What do you think on the US government's new ban on clove cigarettes?

Do you smoke cloves? Where the hell do you buy them?

After reading about the ban, I think it's pretty stupid. The whole "flavoured cigaretts encourage teh childrenz to smoke!" argument is b.s.; the smoking of clove cigarettes among highschoolers has gone down in the past few years, but the smoking of real cigarettes hasn't changed much. And kids are going to smoke and drink no matter what. Also I think it's pretty sketchy that mint and menthol cigarettes are excluded from the ban (Phillip Morris backed the bill. Hmmmmmmm). Besides, you can still order them online; stores in the States will no longer be allowed to sell them on-premises.

Possibly interested in taking up smoking, but I'm too much of a pussy to smoke REAL cigarettes. I'm in Canada, so the ban doesn't affect me.

When was the last time you brushed your teeth?
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Any bakers here? I want to make a chicken pie, and I have the innards part covered, but I'm a noob to pastry. When I make the bottom crust, do I cook that some first, then add the cooked filling and the pastry 'lid' and recook?

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What's a rap/hip hop concert like? What is the general dress code and attitude like? I've never been to a concert before and a friend of mine really wants me to go to one with him. It's "Gza from the Wu-Tang Clan" (I have no clue who he is).
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a compass will point the way...

...the new roommate is so clearly a stalker!

7:39 PM 9/22/09 · When Heroes first came out I joined about 6 or 7 communities pertaining to it. Since the end of the second chapter, interest in the series has dwindled down to just the most die hard of fans, like myself, and most of those communities are now dead.

I'm only a member of one of those now, the best in my opinion, and I'm hoping activity kicks back into gear with this new chapter.

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Questions: Do you still watch Heroes? What did you think of the season opener that came on Monday?
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I'm having an argument with someone on my facebook page. I apparently have new downstairs neighbors (even though that apartment has always been a "showroom" apartment that the leasing office shows to prospective tenants), and they have been blasting shitty music through their ceiling all day. My friend says that I should talk to my landlord/leasing office so they'll yell at my new neighbors, whereas everything that I've ever seen/heard/read about neighbor/neighbor relationships in a renting situation has led me to believe that it's my responsibility to talk to them first and try to resolve things myself before the landlord will even consider doing anything.

Who's right?

(I am the least assertive person you will ever meet. Like, I have panic attacks at the mere prospect of having to confront someone. I wrote a post-it that says "Everyone loves music, but not everyone loves hearing yours blasting through your walls/floor/ceiling/etc. The walls are not soundproof! Please keep it down. Thanks." Should I stick it on their door?)
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When you end up getting drunk enough that you can't remember parts of the night the next day do you prefer someone to tell you the things you said or did or would you rather just not know?
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I forgot to get egg drop soup with my Chinese food order, how fucking lame am I?

Do you google people when your first getting to know them? Is it creepy that I do?


I'm stressing over what to make for dinner. What should I make?

I thawed out some ground beef without any idea what I was going to do with it. I also have some canned tomatoes, 1/2 a red onion, bow tie pasta, red potatoes, canned spinach, refrigerated biscuit dough and shredded mozzarella. Along with a wide array of spices and whatnot. I don't have breadcrumbs or I'd make meatloaf or meatballs.

I had three ideas:

1. Brown the beef with the onion, add tomatoes and spinach. Toss with cooked pasta.

2. Roll out the biscuit dough and fill with beef and cheese mixture making little stromboli things. I'd probably sneak som spinach into these as well.

3. Get ambitious and make homemade mashed potatoes, layer over cooked beef and have shepherds pie.

Which sounds best? Any other ideas? If these options are nasty, please tell me!


How do you motivate yourself to do something that you really don't want to do?

I moved, recently, and the apartment is still littered with bins and boxes. My roommates are very discouraged and are dealing with it by ignoring the problem. But we're having a couch delivered next weekend and really need to get going with unpacking. So, my question, what is it that you do to motivate yourself to do something you really don't want to do? Seriously, I'd rather write a 30-page research paper than unpack...

a question about youtube comments and cats.

Am I the only one who thinks that people that accuse the owner in certain cat videos (specificaly, any video in which the cat is showing any thing resembling anger, or possibly something that cats "don't" (according to the comment poster) do normaly) of abuse have never even owned a cat?

I ask this because I have never known a person to be able to force a cat to do something it doesnt want to do without the cat putting up a huge fight.

Also, does anyone here have a cat that gets angry at random things?
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I just sucked up something big and scary* with my vacuum cleaner. I have this vacuum which requires me to like... take the tray out to dump it.

I can hear whatever it is jumping around in there. lol It's totally going to eat me, y/y?

Should I wait until my husband gets home from work and make him dump it?

I shouldn't tell him that I sucked up something big and scary, right?

*it's probably just a cricket, but whatever...
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would you rather be hot or cold?
what do you do when it's too hot without a fan on, but too cold with one on?

also, if i take my modem to the new house will it still work or will i have to call my ISP to have them set something up again? I honestly don't see why it wouldn't work, but i want to be sure beforehand so i can call and set up an appointment ahead of time if i need to.

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If cell phone coverage in my area, a busy metropolitan area, has gotten pretty much so low I can't make phone calls 95% of the time, do I have some kind of loophole to get out of my AT&T contract for free?

Does anyone else drink those little cartons of Horizon Organic choc milk?
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I have discovered french rock. Anyone know any good bands or have some suggestions on artists?
What languages do you like hearing sung? What about spoken?
What language seems the most confusing?

Edit: Who has/is going to play Aion?

school dances?

did you go to your high school homecoming/prom? how was it? ~*LeT's ReMinIsce*~

i'm a senior (and a girl, if it makes any difference) and I haven't been to a school dance since my 5th grade celebration. I don't want to go, but I don't want to regret it... OR WANT MY FIRST DANCE TO BE AT MY WEDDING. D:

...and how much would/did you spend on a homecoming dress?

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I have a debate in Religion class and our topic is capital punishment. My side is for it, (just my luck) and I can't think of ANY points for it. Nothing I've found has been of any help. :(

What are some logical reasons for advocating the death penalty?
Pretend it's a smart stand to take.
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If you were a musical note, what note would you be?
For example, I've always felt I'm best represented by F#

I have an hour and a half before I have to be at a rehearsal.  Should I try to grab an hour of sleep (since I only got 3 hours last night and 4 the night before) or should I go get some Taco Bell (since I haven't eaten since 7pm last night and otherwise won't be able to eat until after midnight tonight)?

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What do you do when you're feeling really depressed and need to take your mind off it, even just for a second?

I ask because my boyfriend is in that situation, and it's breaking my heart that I can't make him feel better, so I want to make him a little list of silly things to do to make him smile just for a second, like jumping in puddles, blowing bubbles in milkshake, etc, etc.

(I know there are posts on this sort of subject all the time, so if there are any links to said posts, please let me know)

Thanks in advance :-)

Adderall Side Effects

I have been taking adderall for many years now. I was also talking some anti-depression & anxiety medication along with it. Last summer, I decided that I'm sick of taking meds so I went off all of them except two (one of them being adderall as I have severe ADHD)

Anywaysss, ever since I stopped taking those other meds, I've been experiencing horrible side effects when my adderall dose starts wearing off. When I first take it (and many hours later) I feel on top of the world and am able to pay attention but as the day goes on, I can feel it wearing off and start becoming depressed/irritated and jittery. I also sometimes get sick to my stomach or a headache. It's almost not worth it except I really need it to focus :(

Has anyone else on adderall (or any other stimulant) ever experienced this? Any tips on dealing/preventing the come down?


How would you react if somoene wnet to Swizerland nad instead of bringing you chocolate/cheese/etc brought you a cowbell?

My 8 year old sel was PISSED, I tell you. XD
Battus philenor

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A few years ago I went white water rafting at Snake River in Idaho, USA. There was this one place that was COVERED with semi-large jumping dark bright blue spiders. They stayed about a foot away from where the water met land.

I have obsessed about this for a long time but I have never been able to find the name of the spider. I googled it to no avail. Does anyone here know or have a guess? I'd recognize it if I saw it again!


edit: the spider was smooth and shiny, not furry.

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I have been trying to find out information on a school I went to as a child in upstate ny.
Sadly, I can't find anything on it. So i'm hoping that someone here can offer me a different website to try and find info on. Google (who is like my best friend isn't offering any help at all)

Here's the info I have:

school name: Christian Retreat Center (aka : Bergamo East) Marcy NY
years open: late 70's early 80's maybe longer...

Can anyone offer any help?
Another website maybe?
an LJ community?

I tried Facebook and got nothing.
I tried calling the town it was in and the info above is all they could offer.

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What do you do when you absolutely cannot stand someone you're living with? 

This someone is my mom, and I cannot move out for another like, 6 months at the earliest, assuming I get a job I just applied for.

Should I just suck it up because she's my mom? Do you have any family you really dislike? 
TCEB (Taking Care of Evil Business)

Corrupting some love songs for you

Poll #1461801 Music lyric poll

What's Air Supply's 'Making love out of nothing at all' about?

The singer's inability to have a half-ass relationship. He gives up his heart and his passion
Banging a unicorn or other fantasy creature which shouldn't exist
Prison sex. There's no women and sort of have to pretend

On Taylor Swift's 'Love Story', she sings 'we were both young when I first saw you'. Taylor's 19 now. How young do you think she first saw him?


'Come on Eileen, I swear (well he means) At this moment you mean everything, With you in that dress my thoughts I confess verge on dirty, Ah come on Eileen'. Based on these lyrics, what's the song about?

The singer is declaring his increasing romantic feelings with a girl named Eileen
Infatuated stalker ogles Eileen outside her window, hoping she removes her dress
Bukkake night. You won't believe how much come landed on her dress

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My boss called in today during lunch and said to the guy he talked to that he was bringing pizza. The guy he talked to told me he was bringing pizza, but I said, "I don't think he's bringing it for me" because he's been really tacky like that before. So he gets in and has a box with pizza in it and says to the other guy to have some. Then he says to me, "Would you like to have some pizza?" and I said, "Yes, thank you, that's very nice".
And he says "I didn't bring enough. I only brought 2 pieces".
Is this one of the most amazingly rude things you've heard? Y/Y
What do you think is wrong with him (other than just being a jerk?)
What's wrong with me for working there (besides the economy and how hard it is to find jobs, that is)?
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1. If you could pick one friend and do ANYTHING in the world for them to make them happy, who would you pick, why would you pick them, and what would you do?

My friend Cory was fired from his mechanic job for a stupid reason and he has been trying so hard to find work all summer. He is broke as a joke, and if I could, I would fly him to Europe with a ton of money so he could relax and enjoy himself for a little while.

2. What interests are listed on your facebook profile? If nothing, what would you put for general interests of yours?

Falling asleep with company over; arts & crafts; writing pointless notes; leaving happy post-it notes in library books; hugs & kisses; my friends and the things we do together; turning beer cases into wallpaper; playing Smash Brothers until your thumbs are swollen; watching the laundry races go round and round in the dryer; commercialized holidays; baked Frustration and Outburst; adding water to cornstarch; doobie cruising to music I don't know; decks with surround sound and comfy chairs; befriending bartenders; burning in the misc room; synchronized porch sitting; bowls and tea and burnouts revenge; make use of Handbanana; going home when everything is the same; cars parked in garages; coffees with strangers; packing up my shit and moving across the country; airships and pawnshops; songs about doo doo doo crack; thats what she said; pretending to jam and contributing jelly; breakfast; team kirshremp; etc.

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Fellow left handed people of TQC, has anyone ever made disparaging remarks about your left handed nature? What did they say?

(My Aunt once said to me on discovering my true nature, "Oh, no, baby, you won't get into heaven now." o_0)

What's the most annoying thing about being left handed for you?

Right handed people of TQC, what do you think of left handed people?

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Have you ever been tricked into buying something by a sales person? What did you do about it?

I was just tricked into buying 85 dollars for tanning stuff that I don't need. And spending another 40 a month for tanning (at least it is only month to month). I just tried to call them right back and change things, but they said I had to talk to a manager.
So tomorrow when I call, should I be all bitchy to try to get my way, or nice and hope for the best?

Question about renaming tokens

I want to convert my old LJ (journal #1) into having the name of this one (journal #2).

1. Will I lose my entries from Journal 2?

2. Will the entries in Journal 1 be exactly the same? (There are entries dating back to 4 years ago, and I don't want to lose them)

3. Anyone actually use one before? Did/do you think it's worth $15?

Thanks in advance.

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You're sitting at home.  Would you rather see a mouse or a big bug run by?

How do you like your orange juice?  With lots of pulp?  Some pulp?  No pulp?  I'm always shocked by how many different types of orange juice there are really...

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Rogue night elf

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I've got enough my Coke rewards to get a magazine subscription and I wanted to know if any of you had read the following, and if you like it or not please?

- Better Homes and Gardens
- Traditional Home
- House Beautiful
- Country Living
- Lucky
- Martha Stewart Living


(no subject)

I haven't seen one of my friends in a few days, and she hasn't been responding to any of my texts. Now I see that she's removed me as a friend on facebook. Did I get dumped?
Baro Bitch Stare

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Who else here has fallen in love with Glee?

And who knows what that song was that Kurt was dancing to?

What's your favorite show of the new tv seasons? (New as in yay new episodes, not necessarily an new show)
Caleb- snug as a bug!

True Blood

Who is/are your favorite character(s) on True Blood? Do you like the same characters or different ones in the books?

What vampire movies you are looking forward to seeing in the theaters?


Have you ever bought anything off of Or any of it's spin-offs? (wine.woot, kids.woot, shirt.woot, sellout.woot)

What was it? How much did you pay? Was it worth it? PICS?!

I just got my Star-Wars plush figures in the mail today. $10 plus $5 shipping. They are awesome.

I'm drawing a blank....

What is that website where you can take a bunch of pictures and make them into a collage?
ETA: It has a list of pike accessories, clothing, furniture, and things like that to choose from. AHHH what is it called???
Do you sew?

(no subject)

tonight i saved a kitten from getting killed by a dog. he wasn't hurt, but i don't know what to do with him now. my grandma said i could keep him for tonight but i needed to find somewhere for him to go. would it be better to call the shelter or try to find someone to give him to?

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Lately, when I have been running, I have been experiencing shortness of breath. These runs aren't long (under 1 mile) but my breathing becomes very heavy and it's hard for me to get a breath. I play collegiate tennis, and during tennis matches I don't experience any of this (a tennis match is mostly quick sprints intertwined with some standing around). Do you think this could be a sign of sports-induced asthma? Or do I just not know how to breath when doing a ~distance~ run?

If you don't care,
what band/artist have you been into lately?
for me, ace enders & a million different people

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Our biology club volunteer booth this year is focusing on diamondback terrapins local to the area (a species of concern). Can you think of any turtle related or inspired small desserts, recipes, or things of the like that we could make to hand out at the booth?

So far, the only thing we've really thought up were turtles--you know, the peanut and caramel chocolates.

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why can't i be happy and poor?

i don't NEED a ton of money, i'm still a college student, but the fact that i don't have a source of income is freaking me out majorly (like, can't sleep at night freaking out.)

i just don't want to stress about this so much! help? tell me inspirational stories, or make fun of me, or make me laugh, or SOMETHING.

veg and poop

1. Do you get your recommended daily amount of 5 servings of fruit/veggies?

2. Do you think it's weird/interesting/horrifying when you SEE identifiable foods in your poop?

3. Do you always pee when you have a bowel movement? Do you pee or poop first?

(no subject)

i ran into the guy i like the other night and invited him along with my friend and me to something he'd said he would like to do together.

so we exchanged numbers and set a time for Saturday night and he was REALLY EXCITED. then we went our separate ways and apparently both got really drunk. so now i'm stressing that he's going to have forgotten about kind of making plans for this weekend and won't be able to anymore.

what should i do if i don't see him tomorrow(i almost always see him Thursdays) or he doesn't bring up our plans?

i'm stressed if i bring it up i'm either going to be embarrassed because he'll say he can't or seem pushy, neither of which my pride could take.

(no subject)

tqc, how do you talk to a very good-looking guy that you see around but have never talked to before? You're pretty sure he knows you find him attractive.

if you don't care, whats your favorite song/band right now?

(no subject)

my 6 month old kitten keeps attacking my bamboo plant. I've moved the plant to different locations thinking she would leave it alone...I was wrong.

How do I get her to stop attacking it?

Another name for "owl"?

I'm in the middle of filling out a crossword and got stuck at only this question: another name for owl (Indonesian: "burung hantu"). Anyone knows? 3 letters, the beginning is "O" and the end is "U", so I'm only missing the middle letter. [so it's written like this: O_U]
It should be an Indonesian term. I've typed every possibility I could think of in the Indonesian dictionary (KBBI) and Google but I found no related result. I'm really curious about the answer so I'd be very thankful if somebody could help me. Thanks in advance. =)

P.S.: I read in Wikipedia, there's a genus of owl called "Otus". But the answer couldn't be OTU, right? xD
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It's nearly midnight. I am not sleepy. What should I do? My choices are play civ 4/watch manor house, advertise jewelry, try to write fanfic, read a collection of Bloom County.

eta:I seem to have ended up writing fanfic and advertising jewelry.

Also, have you ever become itchy due to sheer anxiety?