September 22nd, 2009


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Do you have a Blackberry? If so, do you like it? What's your carrier?

If this doesn't apply to you, what's the weather been like in your area? Atlanta is getting a dumb amount of rain, and it shows no signs of stopping. :(

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Today, the 22nd is the 4th anniversary of my maternal grandmother's death. I'm thinking of making my mom a card just to let her know I love her and leave it for her so she will find it before she goes to work, I probably will still be sleeping then. Do you think this is a good idea? What should I write in it?

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I would like a program that updates my facebook, and livejournal at the same time. Can you tell me the name of one?

I would also like an iphone app that does the same thing.

What was the last drama you had?

What did you have for dinner?

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have you or do you know anyone who has actually (at the very least) gone on a date with one of their college professors?  (or vice versa)

if so, did this happen during the semester that you/they had their class or after the class ended?

how did this initiate and how far did it get?
hammer time

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Why does time seem to go by so quickly?

I spent over five hours at the library today to work on a paper, but I barely wrote anything, and I haven't even started writing the paper. I just took notes to organize my thoughts.

The thing is, I remember spending almost all of my time reading and jotting down notes.

How did I spend so much time doing so little without feeling like I was procrastinating or taking too long?

Also, I can't discern between a week ago and second ago, in terms of how much time I "feel" passing.

Are these two things related? Is there a term for what's happening?
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TQC, towards the end of July, my boss held a team meeting to make us aware that if we made $15,000.00 in one week, she would get a $25,000.00 bonus that would be shared among the team (which consists of six people, plus her). Four of us have been with her since the beginning (18 months), another ~4 months, and the last less than two weeks.

Her exact words, when making us aware of this? "I bonus, you bonus. I'm not talking $25.00, I'm not talking $100.00. I bonus, you bonus." So we all worked our asses off, put in loads of extra work and ran ourselves RAGGED scheduling appointments and such, and we did it. She got her $25,000. We got our bonuses today. One $50.00 gift card to a chain store like home depot, the loft by ann taylor, best buy etc. I'm finding it difficult to describe how I'm feeling other than passively indignant.

How would you feel if you were in my shoes, TQC?

Alternately, what emotion would you give this smiley: D: ?
Dismayed is the only good one I can come up with
devon ramen

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so i know this newly married couple who have started smoking weed again. they have a 2 year old kid and while they wont smoke directly in front of him, they do smoke on the balcony with the kitchen windows open. the mother is also breastfeeding. they smoke morning, noon and night (aka constantly).

what do you think about this? is it generally ok as long as the kid isn't neglected or directly exposed to the smoke, or should it just not be tolerated at all?
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Guys and girls:

Do you shave?  If you do, why do you do it? what do you shave? How often? What is your razor/shaving cream/etc. of choice? Do you have a routine (for instance, legs then armpits, knees last, under the nose first etc)?

If you don't, why not? Laziness? the principle of the thing? You just like the hairy look? No body hair worth mentioning? Do people bug you about it?

Obviously answer as many or as few of these questions as you want. :)
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Ending friendships

Have you ever deliberately ended a friendship with someone who used to be a really good friend?

If you have: What were your reasons? How did you feel about it then, and how do you feel about your decision now?

If you haven't: at what point would you consider breaking off a formerly good friendship?

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Do you have any good luck charms?

Another question: I'm making a powerpoint presentation for class, but I've never done it before. Does anyone know if, when I load the presentation onto my flash drive, I have to bring the image files that are in my presentation too? In short: is powerpoint copying these images into itself when I instruct it to show them, or is it merely sort of 'hotlinking' to the particular files on my desktop?

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I have to wake up super early this quarter, and I have trouble stomaching breakfast so early in the morning. I want to eat it daily, though, so I don't starve in class.

What are some good breakfast foods that are easy on the stomach?

dangerous animals helping instead of attacking...

i remember viewing a video of a dangerous animal helping rather than attacking what might have been their prey. does anyone know the video i'm talking about? i can't remember what animals they were... maybe a jaguar and a monkey?

also, if you have any other cool animal related video links feel free to share them with me.

thanks :)
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His name is Kanye

I just bought myself a beta fish and he lives in a two-ish gallon fishbowl. He's got two plants as company, and a bunch of nerd dice as gravel at the bottom. For some reason, his bowl got SUPER fucking cloudy within two or three days. We cleaned out his bowl, washed everything off, and then put him back. The next day? All cloudy and dirty! Does anyone know what's going on with my fish and what I can do about it?

Indian Recipes with Chicken

Does anyone have any good Indian recipes that involve chicken? My roommate and I are having and Indian themed dinner tonight, and she's making chicken curry. I was thinking Chicken Tikka Masala, but I am open to other suggestions.  


Do you think secondhand smoke has an effect on people's health?

Is there anything you can do to counteract the negative affects of smoking? For example, if you want to eat a doughnut, in order to "balance it out" you can work out and drink water and eat healthily in general, so the doughnut doesn't have such a detrimental impact on overall health. Does smoking have anything like this?

Is secondhand marijuana smoke as bad, better, or worse than cigarette smoke?

Should there be a "sin tax" on cigarettes? Why?

Do you smoke?

Have you ever smoked and successfully quit?
Jane Lane
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a few

does anyone here own a tarantula? what kind? will you post a picture for me?

how does one go about getting a patent?

if you're in college, do you already know what you're doing when your out?

I hate this job search thing

Okay, here's the deal:

I applied for a job and got an interview. I went for the interview yesterday and the manager was sick so I was told the interview would be re-scheduled but I have no idea for when. The manager told me they were looking for people to do the morning shift, which would fall somewhere between 5 a.m. and 2 p.m., definitely no later than 3 p.m.

After I was told the manager was sick I applied to a few more jobs and I already got an interview for this afternoon at another place. This is a restaurant, and it's open from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m.

If possible, I would like to take both jobs. I want to have one day job and one evening job and work a total of about 60 hours a week. But now that I have no idea about the first job I don't even know if I'll be working there at all.

Should I be upfront with the manager at the job I'm interviewing for today and say that I would rather work evenings because I'm looking at getting a morning job, or should I say that I have completely open availability since I am in no way guaranteed to even get the other job? Should I mention anything about the fact that I want to get two jobs and I'll have to work around another schedule at all? Would that look bad?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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If you were to deeply analyze any public speech or speech act from the past 50 or so years, what would you choose? (It can be a legitimate speech, or just something that happened, like the Kanye debacle).
we want the beatles back


 Some older lady from Spain keeps sending me e-mails and spamming my inbox. I have GMAIL, is there any way to block her e-mail in particular? or mark it as spam as opposed to just sending her e-mails to spam? Anything??

Got it. Thanks! 
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I can't do math. I am in intermediate algebra and I really need help. I haven't done math in so long. How would I solve this equation 8x+2y where y=14 ?

I am staring at my book and it all looks like gibberish. Do any of you have a similar problem with math?

Also, -6x> -3(x-6)????

EDIT::: This is what my homework says

3) solve the equation 8x+2y = 14 for y

that is exactly how the problem is stated. Am I solving for x???

EDIT::: I figured it out, thank you so much for the help everyone!

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Can you sometimes smell your crotch while you're just sitting there, like at your desk at work?

How many times can you wear the same pair of pants or shorts before you start to smell your crotch and worry that everyone else can smell it, too?
TCEB (Taking Care of Evil Business)

Would you....?

For $5,000, would you have a 500lb person go in your place for your next high school reunion? Someone with similar hair color and facial structure. You can't tell anyone what you're doing and your high school friends can't spill the beans, so they'll be given their own monetary incentive. Pretty much for the next 10 years everybody in your class will assume that you're this sad morbidly obese person

Yes. I don't care if people think I'm monstrously obese
No. I couldn't let people think that about me

For $25,000, would you sleep with your best friend's significant other? He or she has to catch you in the act in their bed. You can't mention the money otherwise you don't get any.


For $15,000, would you turn over your friends' list to the IRS? Each one will be audited, but they won't know you're the one who turned them in. Hopefully, they have nothing to hide


For $50,000, would you spend six months in prison? You can't get out early on good behavior. It's only half a year and probably more money than most of you will earn in a year


For $3,000, would you be willing to have a mullet for the next 365 days? You can't say you're doing it for money

[Cephalopods] Need love!

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Don't know if anyone knows the answer to this, but can I use a used copy of the Mac OS Leopard to upgrade my computer from Tiger to Leopard? I was thinking of buying a used one off eBay, but my friend thinks that you can only use a Leopard install disc on one computer and then it won't let you use it again on another computer.
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inspired by the movie, the reader, my boyfriend and i are planning to start reading books together since we already sleep together every night. 

any ideas for good books to share with an SO?
preferably something that will mindfuck us. we're thinking of Catch 22 and then the God Delusion but want to start off simple and easy to read (think To Kill a Mockingbird). suggestions?

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What's the stupidest thing anyone has ever gotten angry and/or yelled at you for?

My mom just got pissed off because I got nauseous at a time that wasn't convenient for her, and yelled at me for asking if we had any Pepto-Bismol or ginger ale and crackers. I had no idea what to even say D:

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1)How many movies do you have in your netflix queue?


2)Do you reserve books from the library?


3)My skin is very itchy- even baths and special lotion haven't helped. What's up with that?

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I oh-so-stupidly have not returned or watched my Netflix for over 3 months. But now I'm back in the game! I finally found my DVDs, mailed them back, and am picking new movies to watch. I totally have been out of the loop in terms of what I should watch, good new movies, good old movies, TV shows, etc. So, TQC, will you suggest some stuff to put in my queue?

What's for lunch/dinner/your next meal?
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Do you leave dirty dishes in the sink, wash them immediately or put them in the dishwasher?
If you leave them in the sink, how long do they stay there until you wash them?
If you have a dishwasher, how often do you run it? How many people are in your household?

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a baby possum with one eyeball hanging out ( D: ) has been wandering around aimlessly in mine and my neighbors yard all day.

its kind of cute and i'd pick it up if that thing wasnt hanging there because its grossing me out. i feel really bad for it and want to help it but idk what to do.  its letting me near it and all but right now its napping right in the middle of my neighbors lawn. lol we called animal control and left a message but idont want them  to kill it or something.

should i try to make it my pet?
what should i do?

edit: yes in fact, they can be pets

alright ill leave it for animal control

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I have blue, sometimes green, eyes, and my boyfriend has light-er brown eyes.

when my boyfriend and I have kids, what color do you think their eyes would be?

I know the punnet square and genetics and stuff, but my mom has hazel eyes, and my dad had blue eyes, and I ended up with blue eyes.

is it possible for recessive traits (e.g.: blue eyes) to be dominant?

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Rogue night elf

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I'm looking for curtains specifically for keeping the cold out and not for decorative purposes, though I would like it to look nice. Should I go with floor length or window length ones with a window being a standard bedroom window size? I truly have no curtain knowledge so any tips would be appreciated. Thank you!

Okay idea or really stupid idea?

I have been struggling with extremely greasy hair for the past year +, and although I've tried everything I could possibly think of nothing has worked.

Lately I've been considering getting my hair subtly highlighted because putting peroxide in my hair makes it dry out a bit. Plus it would just be fun.

Do you think this could work or would it have the potential to make my hair even worse?
clara bow
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What was the last show you went to?

Three Onelinedrawing shows in a row!

what show are you going to next (or if nonthing is planned what band would you like to see)?

I'm going to see Frank Turner soon. Sweet.

If someone from your past wanted to be friends again and then started mentioning sexual things you did together, what would you do? This guy kept making snide comments about the ONE time we had sex which was HORRIBLE and he's acting like it was some accomplishment of his. And I told him to fuck off. Like wtf you're not as cool as you think and I'm tired of you talking about it Ugh. /rant.

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I can't find an active enough Boston comm to ask this in, so, for you New Englanders:

I'm planning on taking a trip up to Allston tonight to visit the Super 88 Asian market there. But Yelp tells me terrible things have been happening there––owners are gone, empty shelves. But one new review suggests they've completely restocked, and everything is up and running.

Has anyone been to the Allston/Brighton Super 88 recently? Is it alive and well and worth visiting?

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So due to the flooding in my area, my university closed campus and cancelled all classes for half of yesterday and all of today. I'd figured that it was mostly because the roads were really bad (several major highways were shut down, and for a school of mostly commuters this is obv a problem), but this afternoon I got a mass email from the university president informing us that there was really bad flooding and "extensive damage" in most of the parking areas and several classroom buildings. Long story short, it didn't say when campus would be reopening and that there would be another update this evening.

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How long do you think my vacation is going to last?
How much do you think it will suck going back to school?
When the fuck are they going to get around to actually sending out this email that they said would be sent at 6pm??? I'm getting anxious about this and I don't really know why.

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whats half of: 1.25 oz?
1 oz?
.5 oz?
.75 oz?,
in halving a recipe
lol okay im being serious my roommate has no idea either
why is this so funny? lol

okay i figured it out, i also figured out i should think before i post here hah
sooooooo new question!
whats the last dumb thing you did?


Anyone here got any ideas on what we could use to display our old, stupid anime figurines? There's a ton of them. I want them gone, but apparently we have to keep them and display them as a source of nerdy pride.

Should I try to convince her to get rid of most of them? Should I keep my Trigun figures, since she's keeping all of hers?
donk... donk... donk...

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In a reply to a post about an Indiana court not recognizing same-sex marriages in order to divorce them, kafziel wonders:

What I'm curious about is, those places don't recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere. You get gay married in Massachusetts, Virginia don't give a shit, and won't divorce you because it doesn't consider you married in the first place. Suppose you then get straight married in Virginia. At what point do you become guilty of bigamy? Instantly, but only in states that recognize the Massachusetts marriage? As soon as you enter a state that does recognize the Massachusetts marriage?

Is there any precedent for this? If not, how long will it take for someone to set precedent?
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Bad Tattoo

OK, does anyone remember a really bad tattoo that was a chest piece, it had two souless looking Carebears on clouds with like plaid brass knuckles in the middle? I know it was on a post on one of the snark comms somewhere but I haven't been able to find it and GIS isn't helpful either. It was like the penultimate bad tattoo and my pic collection will not be complete without it.

ETA: Found!
Rugby Beard


What are your most recent Google searches?


colbi callait (sp)
vaginal candidiasis
point roberts
rugby beach club grille
browns social
beef short ribs

and no, I don't have an STD, just doing research for school ;)

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I'm looking for the macro of Kanye West and Robert Pattinson. Kanye is telling him that Wesley was the bestest vampire.

If you have it, will you share it with me please?


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(I do apologize for posting a few times in past few hours)

My Aunt Anna and I were very close, she died a few years ago and was cremated.

I would hhave liked to go and visit her grave but obviously there is none. So I would like to do something in her memory. I promised my mum I'd take her up to the house where she was born and we could see the tree under which my Mum and Aunt Anna used to play as kids. So I thought of doing something while I'm there.

But I don't know what.

I had a few thoughts but nothing I can settle on. I thought about writing a letter to her, tying it to a helium balloon and letting it go but it'd burst when it got so high and where would the letter land?

I thought about burying a letter or making a time capsule type thing and burying that as well.

Any suggestions as to what I could do?
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so, the boyfriend's birthday is arriving.
i want to get/ do something SPECTACULAR.
help me?

EDIT: he's turning 21, plays guitar, piano and sings. he skateboards and smokes too much marijuana.

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1)In your area, at about what age is it considered weird to be both unmarried and childless?


2)What's the most soul crushing part of the job hunt for you?

3)What is the worst thing you've ever eaten?
mtn, girl

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I think I remember as a child, my mother used to boil dryer sheets to get the house smelling fresh.
Have you ever tried this? what are your tricks to make your house smell good?
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Do you use a water pitcher filtration thingy? If so, which brand?

Is there a way to disable the "Send Image..." option on my right click menu on FireFox? I always accidentally click it and it takes forever to shut outlook express up. halp plz :(

O & what are some good books you've read lately? I have $25ish dollars left on my BAMM gift card from the bonus fiasco.

(no subject)

Is there anyone who you've been totally diggin' in this community that you'd like to friend?

How long does a book have to be before you consider it to be "long"? ETA: How long would it take you to read what you consider to be a long book?

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Hello TQC! i have a question (surprising,i know). Does anyone here have an LG Cookie ( or has anyone had one in the past?) ? I bought one today and i have it all set up and such like, however it doesnt seem to want to send text messages. anyone got any ideas as to why? i have 3 trying to send, 2 have failed and i am re sending them but i have been trying to get them to send for about an hour.

i have never had a phone thats taken ages to send messages and my dad is thinking it may be something in the settings of the phone so any ideas on how to fix it  would be great. :)

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This might be a REEEALLY dumb question. I'm a freshman in college so I'm a total newbie to the whole living-on-your-own thing.

I'm filling out applications for apartments for next year with 3 friends and it asks for a credit reference. I have a debit card, but no credit card. My dad has HORRIBLE credit from debt on our house and now also has a debit card, no credit card, and my mom also has really bad credit from when she had a credit card but now just has a debit card. So basically, none of us have credit cards, I have no credit because I'm a baby new to the real world, and my parents have really crappy credit.

What should I do? Can I apply without a credit reference? Should I just fill in my bank account number under the credit reference even though I only use a debit card? I'm coooonfuuuused!

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1) Do you have TQC on your friends list? Do you ever get your communities confused? I just almost replied in ask_a_nurse, which is agains the rules, thinking it was TQC. Oops.

2) Do you know what a spoonerism is? Can you give me an example of an amusing one?

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Anyone else having issues with backing up through their friends pages? I have my journal set to view 20 entries per page and when I go back more than 40 entries, I get a "cannot connect" message.
Self cleaning

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I'm a phlebotomy student, and we need new veins to practice on. The building we have our class in is also home to various other classes for medical assistants, dental assistants, and programs of that nature. We are offering some type of food in exchange for people willing to let us draw their blood as practice. So, I ask you...

Poll #1461345 Food for Blood

What would you prefer to get as a thank you for letting a student draw your blood?

Some store bought cookies (comment with preference, please)
Home made chocolate chip cookies
Home made banana bread
Home made banana cookies
Home made banana chocolate chip muffins
Something else entirely (comment with answer, please)

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So, today i found my old rainbow knee high socks i'd bought a few years back and thought, "hey i could be strawberry shortcake for halloween..." well i google her and she doesnt have rainbow socks like i thought. she has green and white striped socks ( i still like the idea of strawberry shortcake, but all i have are some green and black knee high socks. which made me think i could do an evil strawberry shortcake...

besides rockin the socks, how else could i make this costume work? you like strawberry shortcakes?
after typing it out a million times, i really want some...
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I have a craaaapload of chem work to do and if I finish it by tomorrow, I decided I will reward myself and go buy some makeup at CVS.

Can you recommend some makeup for me? I like smokey eye shadows but occasional bright colors, bronze or light pink blushes, and pale lip colors...but anything that you have and really love would be appreciated! Especially if it's CHEEEAP because I am super super broke.

If you don't wear makeup/are a boy, Mac or PC? Just curious :P
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My CHI straightener (which I have had for just over a year now) currently does not turn on when I plug it in the bathroom outlet. It was perfectly fine about a week ago. It does, however, turn on when I plug it in my bedroom outlet. What's going on?

Also, have you ever had mice in your house? We have some and we're absolutely not putting up traps, so tell me your stories!


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I know this is uncreative, but are there any communities/websites with great halloween costume ideas?
Even pictures would do.

ETA: I'm in the UK, so we only really do 'spooky' halloween stuff. No milk cartons or hot-dogs or the like.