September 21st, 2009

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do you have issues trusting people? or do you trust people too easily? why? any issues caused by this?

i have the hardest time trusting anyone, even those closest to me. i'm trying to get better, but i just don't know how to fix it. :\

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1) pancakes or waffles?

2) sausage or bacon?

3) scrambled or fried eggs?

4) homefries or hashbrowns?

5) coffee or orange juice?

6) if you had pancakes/waffles AND homefries/hashbrowns, would you still have toast?

7) go out to eat or make it at home?
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So TQC, which school should I choose?

ETA: I forgot to mention, the conflict I'm having right now is if I back out of my UC school and go back to my old school, my ASIAN parents would totally flip and disown me in the act of rage (haha). So my question should be: How can I convince my parents to let me go back?
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Can a racist have redeeming features, or does their racism cancel out anything else that might be good about them?

If you'd been dating someone for four years, with some breaking up and getting back together in that time, and you suddenly found out they're a racist, and have really horrible views of pretty much anyone who isn't Caucasian, would you stay with them? Or would that only be a small part of who they are, and able to be overlooked?
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Please read this article for reference: Quadriplegic dies after winning right to starve

What are your thoughts and opinions of giving people the right to die on their own terms?
Do you think you would want to end things if you were a quadriplegic?

"I think people will start saying more often to doctors and nursing staff, 'I now want to leave this world, can you please let me do that in the most painless way possible'."

But Right to Life Australia president Veronica Andrew said Rossiter should have received psychiatric care.

"It appears he was in a state of depression and wanted to end his own life," she said. "He should have been given mental health treatment for that.

"To be told that your life is not worth living is a depressing message for the courts to send and a backward step for Australia."

Are any of the above statements true to your beliefs?
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My fiance is sick. How do I not catch what he's got?

When's the last time you called in to work/school/life because you were sick? Were you really ill, or did you just need a day off?

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Does this ever happen to you?
You're driving down the highway or along some winding, wooded road. In close distance a figure appears off to the side, laying lifelessly on the pavement. And, as you draw closer and closer, you say to yourself, "Awwwwww, how awful. That poor, poor..."

"Oh, it's a bag."

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Your SO left their phone at your place, are you good or do you innocently take a look?

Would you confront your SO about some texts sent to girls, wanting to hang out, on a night you were at home and he was out?
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Tqc pls to be helping.

There is this group of kids who live around the block from me. When I go running they yell comments like "hey skinny legs" and "run forest." Not making fun of my weight or anything but just saying something because they are dumb kids. Yesterday while driving home they BARELY got out of the street for me to pass. I mean I had to drive to the left and then the right swerving around them because they wouldn't go to the sides. I'm kind of being bullied by kids ten years younger than me.

What should I do? They all hang out at this house but I don't think they all live there. I don't want to just go out of my way to avoid them.

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TQC, what can I use in place of dill for a tzatziki sauce? I have no dill, and going to get dill is not an option. I do have dried rosemary, dried fennel, dried basil, dried oregano, dried chives, dried cilantro, and fresh thyme. Which of these would work best?

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So it has been raining cats, dogs, lions, wolves, etc. where I live lately, and as such a lot of the area is flooding. Today it has been particularly bad - absolutely pouring and not letting up all day. My university just sent this email/text/phone message:

Message sent - 9/21/2009
Severe Weather
Severe Weather Alert
Per Campus authorities currently the university IS NOT CLOSED.
However, several locations are flooding and driving conditions are not safe. Please do not come to campus unless absolutley necessary. We will update with new information as we receive it.

So campus isn't closed, but off-campus students (which are the majority of the school's population) are urged to not come to campus unless it's "absolutley" (lol...) necessary. Based on this, would you assume that classes are/are not cancelled? And what do you think would be considered an "absolutely necessary" circumstance? Class???

(Note: I don't have any classes today anyway, but I do need to speak with a professor who told me to come in between 12:30 and 1:30 today [during his office hour]. I already emailed him telling him that I can't make it (the driveway of my apt complex is flooded), but I'm curious about classes and stuff.)

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1)Would you date someone with a lot of pvc figures[like so] in their rooms?

Maybe if they were awesome in every other way.

2)What do you think about people who know the exact amount of calories in a peach, or calculate how many cups of rice are in their stuffed peppers, so they can know how many points the stuffed peppers are?

3)What do young folks nowadays do that annoys you?

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When was the last time that someone added you to their friends' list?

For me it was a couple of months ago. I seem to get added in fits and bursts every six months or so. I would say that this suggests that my LJ becomes interesting every 6 months or so, but that would be over-valuing its interest factor I think ;).
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Buying a car.

So I'm buying a car for my wife. From a private seller, not from a dealer. And the car seems nice and everything, runs well, but just to be sure, I'd like to take it to a mechanic to check if there's anything to worry about. Because I'm buying it rather far from where I live, I don't know any mechanics around that area. I looked some up on google maps, but I just don't know how reliable they are.

So, the questions:

When you bought your car(s), did you take it to a mechanic?
Where did you find the mechanic(s)?
How much did you worry about this and how did things turn out?
Any other advice?

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I just got HIT BY A BICYCLE while walking to class. I got out of class, but I now have several bruises, a headache, and some pretty severe scrapes.

Will you please post something to make me feel a bit better?
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Inspired by John Lithgow's ass -

1. What are some things that you've seen recently that you thought you would never see?

2. What is one thing you would love to see but doubt you ever will?

A 180 question;
3. What non-English word or words do you slip routinely in your every day English conversation?

I have a tendency to slip in Yiddish words. Schmuck, Kosher, Mensch, they're all good.
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what make up remover do you use? 
i feel like there are sooo many eye and lip make up removers but barely any for the whole face! i can only find ONE kind (the loreal one) in a typical drugstore. 

what should i have for dinner tonight? 

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Poll #1460696 PB & J is complicated, yo.

How do you like your peanut butter & jelly sandwiches?

More PB than J
Equal parts of both
Less PB than J
I do not like PB & J sandwiches

What's your favorite jam/jelly?

Apple butter
Orange marmalade
Mixed berry

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Have you ever been on a blind date? What was it like? Would you go on another blind date if someone set you up?

A friend of mine has just offered to set me up with a friend of his. I've never been on a blind date before and I'm fairly nervous at the prospect of trying to make conversation with a stranger, though I also think it could be an adventure.

Should I go? If I do end up going on the date, do you have any advice for helping it to go smoothly?

If you've never been on a blind date, would you go on one of someone set you up? What's your general opinion of blind dates?

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Have you ever gotten a criticism that you're too cold/distant? (not in a specific situation or with a specific person, but always)

What did you do about it, if anything?

How does one become a 'warmer' person?
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What are some good cheap, relatively nice, and easy-to-make main course ideas for a birthday party with a guest list of 20?
I have a budget of $100 total and almost half of that has gone to making the cake (although I DID over-estimate - that DOES include the supplies to make the stand, cupcake cups, mix, frosting, frosting bags, Nutella to be swirled in to the batter, and candles).

When is your birthday?

What is your favorite kind of wine?

yay procrastination!

What are you procrastinating on?
Epically boring business paper, it's ridiculous.

I have a three day weekend coming up, should I go to Wyoming with one of my friends, or drive back home for it?

What does your computer desktop look like at this very moment? (as in how it looks with your windows in use and whatnot)
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Which of these options would you prefer

Buy a brand new car outright that gets 10 mpg better than what you have now and have $1000 leftover
Finance $2000 on a car that gets 20 mpg more than what you have now
Finance $4000 on a car that gets 30 mpg better than what you have now

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Pretend that your internet service provider sends you a letter stating that they've caught you infringing copyright laws, aka getting tv shows via Bittorrent. They say it's just a warning from them, but that the company who owns the tv show may come after you of their own accord. They have your IP address.

What would be your next course of action?

Also, what do you think of group projects in school classes?
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college grads - what did you write about for your senior thesis?
non-college grads - what would you write about if you had a to write a thesis? assume it could be on virtually any academic topic.
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You know that Sprint commercial where the CEO guy is standing in this big white modern building and talking about how America is home of the free? What building is that? Are there sites dedicated to finding such facts out?

I ask because it looks like a building I've been of the...historically burdened?

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Inspired by a debate in my Human Sexuality class.

So, you know how some cultures practice genital mutilation on females? If you don't, some cultures have a habit of removing the clitoris along with parts of the labia before sewing up the girlie bits. Sometimes they leave a small opening, other times they just sew it all the way up. Anyways.

Do you think we should intervene and try to get them to stop? Why or why not?

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Do you see English as a living language? A language where the rules are in a state of flux, where grammar and syntax can be changed by common usage or do you think the rules are the rules and that's it?

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Argh! TQC, this morning I accidentally spilled orange juice across my brand new netbook keyboard! I took out the keyboard, rinsed it and wiped everything down, but the left half keys of the keyboard still stick a bit and are super noisy. Like typing with bubble-wrap snappy noisy.

Should I risk taking out the keyboard (doesn't void warranty) and dousing it with water (pretty sure that voids warranty) again? Or should I revel in the bubble wrap tapping?

Skewl, take two

Half of the people at my school are sick. Should I go to school wearing a surgical mask? If it matters, yes, there have been reported cases of swine flu in this area.

I'm not really going to school tomorrow. Convince me to do homework anyway?

What was your favorite thing about recess?
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How should I deal with the fact that 4 tv shows I like are overlapping tonight with their season premiere episodes?

(House and Heroes start at 9pm my time and both run until 11. How I met your mother starts at 9 and Big Bang Theory at 10:30.)

If you don't care about that, what is your favourite kind of tea?

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tqc, i just had my first nutrition test today. i looked at the statistics online, and the highest grade was 88% while the lowest was 54%. the median was 70%.

do you think my prof will curve it? do you think he'll scold us for not studying well enough? how pitiful is this for the first test? : /

if you've taken any tests so far this semester, how did you do?
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what things make you feel better when you have a cold?

For me, lemon grass soup, red wine, ginger tea (fresh grated ginger soaked in boiling water with honey) and staying in bed with a book.


edit: I forgot to mention, grappa!


so i'm trying to write right now, and i'm having writers block.

anyone here know of any good poems or sonnets that talk about writing, or the sanctity of writing? i know shakespeare has a sonnet about it but i can't remember which one. i need inspiration.

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Have you ever broken up with someone and just cut off contact with them altogether? How'd that work for you?

Have you ever broken up with someone and continued dealing with them far longer than you should have? How'd that work for you?

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i have an interview at target next week, but all i have to wear are two button downs (one's black with teeny white polka dots and one's leopard print) and a pair of black dress pants and a black skirt that may be too short.

would it be okay to wear all black?
should i paint my nails some neutral/bland color, or is it okay to have them a bright fun color? (i'll be painting my nails the night before, so chips/tip wear won't be a problem.)
should i wear heels or flats? my only heels are plain black but i have flats in a variety of colors.
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Looking back over your life, what's the thing you were most nervous/anxious/worried about (at the time)? Were your nerves warranted, or did you eventually find you were worried about nothing?

I have to get tested for HIV this Saturday and yeah, I'm worried. I was worried when I flew a thirty-five year old Russian plane in to North Korea on their state airline (incidentally, said airline isn't allowed to fly in some places because of safety regulations) but I'm really worried now, about this test.

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what do you eat when you want to be REALLY healthy?

- tuna, avocadoes, nuts, tomatoes with olive oil. The list goes on! I'll usually do this for a day and then forget about it. :(

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1)Has anyone ever gotten a job from a job fair? Or anything besides a terrible case of the nerves?

2)What is the stupidest song from your childhood?

My hoopty... my hoopty rolling, tail pipe dragging..

3)Do you ever make fun of other people's music?

Yes, I make fun of that carwash song from the cashwash movie from the 70s.

University of Phoenix Students

Does anyone here take classes from University of Phoenix?

If so, I was wondering what happens if you have been a good student and then due to being really sick, not talking to the instructor about said illness and missing the deadline on a paper, would they kick you out?

If they do kick you out, would you be able to get back in and what would it cost?

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I was hired to assist the bookkeeper at my job. She's super sweet, always gives me a hug and has been a huge help to me over the past few months. Her 40th birthday is coming up and I would really like to get her something. BUT I don't know if she wants anyone else to know that it's her birthday.

What should I do? Any generic gift suggestions? (She loves to cook)

Do you have any really wonderful coworkers? Tell me about them!
What about AWFUL HORRIBLE EVIL COWORKERS? Tell me about them, too! :)

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I need advice on what laptop I should get. I've been looking into a MacBook, but they're so expensive and I'm not really sure that it's worth it. I'll be needing one for college so I'll mostly be typing papers, using the internet and listening to music on it, meaning I'll need a decent amount of memory.

For those of you with MacBooks, how much was yours? Was it worth it?

For those of you who have a different brand, what kind do you have? Do you love it? Tell me about it. Thanks :)

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I have two room mates who are pretty good friends. Anyways, one of them (Bridgette) and I decided to go shopping tomorrow. I am the only one out of all of us who has a car so I offered to drive. Today, Bridgette came up to me and announced that "Monica is coming with us to the mall."

I mean, I don't care if she comes but I think its a bit rude how she just invited her along even though I am the one driving (and they never chip in for gas.)

I like both of them but when they are together they basically giggle at inside jokes and ignore me. I feel like all tomorrow I am going to be the chauffeur.

Am I over reacting and what should I do?
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Lets say you're in high school.
There are two girls in your school, they are best friends. They are always together. In the halls, at lunch, and outside of school. You very rarely see either of them with other people, though they are not anti-social.

Would you think it's weird that it's only ever the two of them? Would you wonder if they were more than friends? Or would you not think anything of it?
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My laptop's screen is turning pink/red and I've been told that that means it's dying.  It's about 5 years old.  Do you think it would be better/more worth it to just buy a new laptop?

I haven't looked up any prices yet and google only brings up DIY stuff and I'd really rather not attempt that.  Other than the screen the computer is OK, the only other problems are keys and the mouse pad being worn out and a key missing but I'm fine with it.

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When I was younger (9-10?), I was incredibly paranoid about dying. I was legitimately afraid that my (reasonably sane) mother & grandmother were trying to poison me, to the point of having nightmares. I remember once, my grandma made macaroni salad and it was pink so I waited for her to try it before I ate any. (Raspberry vinaigrette, lol) I also had a habit of putting weird things in my mouth, like a hair clip with plastic glued to it, and then freaking out thinking I was going to die from poisoning myself. This probably lasted around 6 months, give or take.

Did you have any childhood paranoia like that, or was I just crazy?


What are you reading right now, and how did you end up reading it? I'm reading "Kids Say The Darndest Things!" by Art Linkletter. I got it from an impromptu book exchange we set up at the deli I work at. It's funnier than I expected.
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OH MAN how lame would I be if I sent my ex the youtube link to "Already Gone" by Kelly Clarkson? we're on good terms, and teeter-tottering on that "maaaaaaybe we'll happen again?" line, but really it's not realistic. I just feel this song is just perfect for our situation.

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Dr TQC, I have a strange feeling in my abdomen. The closest thing I can compare it to is like being winded, and when I bend over, it feels like im going to be sick. It started when I went to bed hungry last night.
Whats wrong with me?!
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Dear TQC,

Does anyone know where I can buy really cheap red boots? (I'm being Sailor Moon for Halloween) I haven't checked the local thrift stores yet, and ebay canada has been no help. I don't want to pay over $30 for them if possible.

For those of you in school, how is school going? Any favourite classes?

For those of you not in school, how are things?

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Has anyone ever vandalized your car?
Was it an easy fix or did it set you back, either financially or time-wise?

Someone threw blue paint on my fiance's silver car. But it was water-soluble paint, and started to rain shortly after, so a loofah took off all the blue, thank goodness. I'm just shocked that it happened- the neighbor kids love him.