September 20th, 2009

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Have you ever killed someone?
Was it an accident or on purpose?
How guilty would you feel if you killed someone?
Would your feelings change if you hated that person?


i'm 22 years old, in a college of 13,000 students but am so lonely i just might want to jump off a cliff. it doesn't help that i'm a transfer student from a cc. i dread weekends because then my worthlessness to the society here is proven. i get no phone calls. i get no text messages. i've never even been to a college party. nor have i ever "gone out".

what is wrong with me? what can i do to make friends?

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Does believing in the Bering land bridge migration theory make me a bigot for rejecting certain Native American creationist beliefs that people have been dwelling in the Americas since the dawn of time?

(...that is the last time I let myself get sucked into the Wikipedia article on Kennewick man at 1 in the morning...normally it wouldn't get to me, I think, but right now it's driving me up the wall.)

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What was the last disappointment* you suffered?
I just watched Breakfast at Tiffany's for the first time and oh my god what a yawn. I never read the novella but I typically like Truman Capote's work :(

OR what are some movies that have disappointed you?
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If you had a ten year old child who started sobbing uncontrollably one day and said they didn't know why, but they were just SAD, what would you do? (Assuming they were being honest and really didn't know why).
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I was invited to a bachelorette party for one of the girls at work with the following polar options: if i drink, i have to stay over. if not, i'm free to go. which do i do?

Should I...

go, but don't drink
go, drink, and stay at k's house
don't go
other i will elaborate on in the comments

Have you ever had a really good idea for a journal entry, only to forget what it was when you finally went to write it down? How do you avoid this?

Did the Kanye West scene at the VMAs affect how much you listen to him? How so?

EDIT! one more question: I lent a friend my dvds of "Generation Kill" nearly two weeks ago. For those of you unfamiliar with it, it's a 7 part miniseries, each section roughly an hour and 5 minutes apiece. What is an appropriate amount of time for him to keep them? I love the show and kind of miss being able to watch it whenever I want to :(
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1. Who is the most corrupt person that you know personally? What makes him/her so twisted?

2. I was inspired by this webcomic. But rather than do a comic about countries, I want to do one about the 50 states and the US territories. So, my question to you is, what state are you from and what are some of the stereotypes surrounding that state? (I need inspiration.)
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I am looking up information on honeymoons. we will be going in the end of january. we don't have snow here, so we want to go somewhere snowy with snowboarding, ice skating, sleighing.. all of the winter fun time things.
I've found lots of information on gatlinburg/pigeon forge and I am interested, but I want to see what else there is and I can't find anything else.

Are there any nice cabins or any other honeymoon type suite where you live or have been to?


I need to practice my Spanish verb conjugation and meanings, and am looking for a website or program that allows you to customize what verbs you practice.  There are tons of them out there, so do you have any suggestions of good ones?

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I broke up with my (now) ex 2 to 3 months ago. Initially we tried to 'stay friends' but I got sick of that and we had a big argument etc etc so now we don't talk.
I'd like to draw a line under the whole thing and clear the air as i'm going to uni next week, and also want some of my stuff back. (I'm not hugely desperate for it). I don't like having people who i'd cross the street to avoid.
Should I ask my ex if he wants to go for a coffee and swap stuff or should I chicken out and wait till I come back for christmas?
Any tips on how to handle a situation like this?

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I found out last night that 2 people (i'll call them stephanie and mike)I am trying not to associate with are planning a trip out to see me this week. Collapse )
There are other things that bother me about this...
1. I know she won;t have any money for food or longing.
2. I know she won't have any money to get back to NY
3. I'm damn sure they will will steal from either me or the busnisses around here.

what do I do?
how do I tell them not to come??
what would you do ?

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my man eats cold spaghetti-Os straight out of the can. isn't that weird?

what's your favorite food that comes from a can?

how do you usually buy veggies: canned, frozen, fresh, or not at all?
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my homies

Question for the nerds/geeks/gamers: 

Imagine a community center that was designed towards nurturing nerdy/geeky skills & fun. Sort of like a social library, with books, gaming tables, board games, movie/video game rooms, clubs/groups, classes, publications, computer labs, etc.

What kind of programs would you want to see there for children (K-12) [after school, weekend, summer programming]? What kinds of things would you want to see there for young adults (college and post college)? How about  for adults and senior citizens?

What kind of all community events would you want?

 Do you like the idea of a layout where all ages mix together or would you prefer to see a children's room, a YA section, and an adult section?

I am not in graduate school yet (will be going in sept 2010), but for an independent project/master's thesis/blablabla, I'd like to design a place like this that could be either placed inside of public libraries, or be a branch of a public library, that wasn't specific to one location (a blueprint that could be used anywhere in the U.S.). I have a ton of ideas, I'm just curious to know what you think. 

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do you have a common last name/surname? 

and by that i mean is there a chance that you could run into somebody that has the same last name but you're not related within a few generations. my last name is very uncommon, only people i'm directly related to, ie aunts, uncles, cousins and the few siblings of my grandpa who are still alive.
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1. When you shower, where do you start cleaning first ?

2. Do you put soap on something or do you just use the bar of soap to scrub with or do you use liquid ?

3. Ever slipped in the shower painfully ?

1. (I start with my belly for some reason.)
2. (I just use the oatmeal bar of soap we make at home.)
3. (Not yet.)
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What are some of those consumer websites where you can search for the item you're looking to purchase and can compare prices, manufacturers, ratings, etc?

Kind of like Bing, but not really. I know they're out there, I just never remember the names.

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What movies have you seen in a theater that were so bad you walked out on?

Mr. Wrong, Boat Trip, and Dogville.

Did you ever later wonder how it ended even though it was bad enough to walk out on?
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Will you explain a love-hate relationship you are in right now?

I recently got a new phone (G1) and it is sweet getting on LJ again and mobile banking and awesome apps. But it is annoying getting a ton of email alerts saying someone I don't freakin know also commented my friend's fbook status. Love my phone. Hate always being connected now.

Job interview attire

I feel like I'm overthinking this but that's what I do.

I have a job interview tomorrow at a place where I've had previous work experience. The job has a very specific dress code requirement. I could go to the interview wearing the dress code, but I would be more comfortable wearing just a nice outfit; however, for some reason I feel like if I wore the dress code I would make a better impression, but on the other hand why would the interviewer expect me to be in dress code for the interview when I'm not even working there (yet)?

So, what should I do? Wear dress code or not? Dress code would be a black collared shirt and khaki pants and if I chose to not wear dress code I would wear the black collared shirt and some dress pants I have.

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Do you put potato chips on your sandwiches?

If so, what is your favorite chip/sandwich combination?

PB&J and plain potato chips are the best. BBQ chips and bologna with mayo come in second.

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What is your opinion of porn watching in a relationship? Would you care if you s/o watched porn? If not, why not? If so, how many times a week is it appropriate-- everyday?

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What's something unconventional that you find completely gross?

Long fingernails. On guys, on girls, whatever. Acrylics I don't mind, but real grown-out nails make me want to vomit.

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Where have you bought purses online?

I've already been to all the local stores that I thought might have decent purses and I haven't found something I like yet. Going to try online.

What is your favorite purse and where did you get it? Pictures if you have them.

If you don't even care about purses then what was the last thing you bought? Pictures plz!
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I graduated from college about a week ago. I lived in an apartment with my boyfriend that was basically attached to my landlady's house. You know, like a mother-in-law suite? I moved out the day after I graduated.

My landlady called and left a message on my cell phone today. The message was over five minutes long, and the entire time she was ranting at me about how I left the apartment a mess. She's incredibly disgusted and can't believe we were living in such squalor and that we should totally be ashamed of ourselves. In all her years of renting to students, my boyfriend and I take the cake. We apparently left medication strewn around (the only medication I can think of that I might have accidentally left behind was some OTC stuff in the medicine cabinet) and that we destroyed some of her kitchenware (...what?) and that she hopes that where ever we live next, we treat it better. And then she told me to call her back as soon as I got the message.

My landlady was having financial trouble earlier this year and spent our security deposit (much to my and my boyfriend's...annoyance). Whatever supposed mess we left behind (and I'm pretty sure if it was as big of a mess as my landlady says it was, my parents and friends would have said SOMETHING when they were helping me move out) is not my problem, it's hers. I'm inclined to just ignore the message and not return her call, since it seemed like she just wanted to yell at me, but my boyfriend thinks we should call her back and sort things out.

What would you do, TQC?

EDIT: Because she spent our security deposit, we told our landlady we wouldn't pay any more rent until our lease ended (we had two months left on our lease, and our security deposit was first and last month's rent). So, that meant if there was any damage to the place when we moved out, it would be the landlady's responsibility to pay for it, not us. My boyfriend got that in writing and had my landlady sign it. So...I think she's just being a crazy bitch.

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What are the typical toppings one puts on a hot dog in your geographic region?

Edit: What geographic region are you in? (USA: North East, UK: London, Southern Australia etc etc) I am curious as to the regional discrepancies between hot dog toppings.

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My best friend and I were raised different religions. The last year or so she has taken on this obsession with my religion. I don't practice at all and I never even mention it to other people. She goes out of her way to wish me happy holidays and send me holiday cards. This actually makes me uncomfortable because she brings it up all. the. time. and she knows I'm not into it.

Should I tell her to stop? Because I have a feeling she's doing it partly to annoy me since she knows I don't celebrate any of these holidays.
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1. What are some things that you think are creepy that others do not?

For example, I think the whole OnStar car thing is creepy. Your car is being monitored 24/7. And if they want, OnStar can take away control of your car such as they can kill the engine while you are driving. You are helpless next to them.

2. What are some things that other people think are creepy but you do not?

3. And last but not least, is it me or does this bust of Scipio Africanus make him look like a combination of Hitler and John Locke from LOST?
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There's a psychotic killer on the loose, and he appears to be in or around your neighborhood. What steps do you take to ensure your safety? Srs and non-srs, although non-srs is preferred.

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1) What is the next thing you're really looking forward to? (Mine = Regina Spektor in NYC on Oct 14 - any other TQCers going?)

2) Is it naive to leave your job because of a dislike for someone(s) you work with? Under what circumstances (excluding abuse/harassment) is this acceptable and not just being too sensitive?

3) Will you paste whatever is in your clipboard? Mine (lol):
Somebody's Watchin' Me 4:58 Rockwell Unnamed Album
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South Beach Diet

So, my mom has been being told by doctors for years that she needs to diet to improve her health. She has decided (along with doctors) to try the South Beach Diet. She's doing good one it, BUT we are concerned about her low blood sugar. She's been diabetic for over 15 years, so her 'normal' blood sugar ranges between 130-230, and since she's been on the diet this last week (she is still in phase 1), her blood sugar has been as low as 50 and it leave her having to 'sneak' a semi-sugary snack to bring it back up to at least 100.

Is anyone here having that same problem, or know anyone who is?
Is there something she can eat that has enough sugar which will not break the strict no carbs, no fruits diet??

Thanks in advance. Sorry it's long!
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 If you were meeting someone for the first time that you have a reason to be mean to, what would be the best thing to say when they say "It's nice to meet you"? Serious and non serious answers. 

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Where can I find some cute, bright, solid-colored cardigans?
I've searched high and low this week and haven't had any luck.

If you're not sure,
What's your secret ingredient?

Time Titties

Collapse )

Would you ever watch this show? (A 'for grown ups/late teens' silly comedy with pantomime/sketch show style acting, about three women who time travel by putting discs they got off ebay onto their breasts.)

This is a promo for a show that  a friend of a friend wants to launch. I was involved in the Godzilla scene, and it took over 3 hours in 38 degree heat, with only one bottle of water between my boyfriend and I, and uneven ground, and running over and over and over again. I was so tired! It's the best scene in the whole promo, right?

Do you think that someone will take them on for it? 


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I'm thinking about going to spain next summer.

I'm trying to think of the cheapest way to get there, however. What're good, cheap places to fly into in Europe from the Midwest of the US? (Chicago or Minneapolis are the best places I can fly out of)

Or, realisticly, would it be cheaper to just fly into spain, or fly into another country and take a train/domestic flight into spain?

AND ON THAT NOTE, what's the cheapest airport to fly into in Spain? (Just in general)

IDK TQC. I haven't done Europe before :(

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I'm sitting with jedi_sash and we are bored as hell.
We recently watched "It's Always Sunny In Philedalphia" and "Dexter."
I wanted to watch Observe and Report, but she didn't want to.
What movie should we watch? Or alternately, what TV show should we watch online?
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shampoo bars

I'm interested in trying a shampoo bar instead of the in-the-bottle kind. I think Burt's Bees makes some but I don't know of any other companies that do, though I'm sure there are plenty. Anybody have any recommendations?

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what should my husband and i do for dinner/ go out and do? I have a little money to play with but not much and while i do want to go get out of the house, i don't want to be gone all night....

:P Any ideas? :)
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My work keeps involving me in scheduling messes.

Was it stupid to turn down 4 hours of paid time at a job I barely tolerate for 3 hours of volunteer time at a job I love?
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Hey TQC, what's a good way to discourage my friend from buzzed-drinking and driving?

It's to the point where I will start calling the cops on him. I'd like to make him learn this lesson of "it is no joke, do not fucking do it" instead of getting him busted and being really fucking mad and spiteful at me and probably not hanging around me anymore so I can't call them. I really don't want to be that person, but he's being retarded. What do I do, TQC?

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I'm turning in my first ever job application and resume tomorrow and I'm super nervous. I'm not required to have a resume, but since my application is lacking in the experience department, I figured it would be best to include a resume. When I hand it in, should I mention that I included a resume? Or just paperclip it to the back of the application and let them see it on their own? 

Any other advice/tips? I'm for sure going to dress nicely, and I think I'm going to ask them when the hotel is going to open, to show interest. But anything else? I'm not lying when I say I am WAY nervous, haha.

Class-action Lawsuits

Some time ago I became very ill and spent some time in the hospital. Because of my family history and general health, the doctor blamed it on a medication I had started shortly before the incident. Recently my friend saw a law firm's commercial looking for people who were injured from the same med to get involved in a class-action lawsuit.

So TQC, ever get involved in one before? Were you satisfied? Was it worth the trouble?
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A wide array of questions. Also, I'm bored.

A whole wide array of questions. :)

I'm considering (quite seriously) getting the three step system from clinique. Is it worth the 75 dollar price tag, for all three pieces? My friend says the moisturizer is the best thing she's ever used. (Bear with me, I'm new to department store makeup. :) )

Next up is nail polish- any good pumpkin/fall colours? Really not big on brown or neutrals, but something a bit brighter. I adore metallics, and not so much matte. I'm a bit of a nail polish snob, so China Glaze or OPI only, please. :)

I got a recommendation to try this shampoo by the lovely ladies who work at Sally's. Same as with my skin, I have crazy oily hair. I literally cannot go a day without washing my hair, otherwise I look disgusting. Anywho... ever tried this one?

And one final thing- diorshow. Is it worth it? Even despite 10% off, the 34 dollar price tag scares me off! What they hey- dior addict, good product? Yay, nay?

Note: I get 10% off for being an employee. :)
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Puts the Ass in Assignment

Right, I'm working on what has to be the boringest essay topic in the world. It's 2000 words and I've been working for 4 days now and haven't even broken the half way point and it's due tomorrow at 5pm.

So! How do you bullshit your way through essays?
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 is it easier to learn on roller blades or skates?

would i look like a complete tool if i rode my razor scooter all over campus?

when was the last time you were ridiculously excited about something?


What keeps you grounded in your beliefs/religion?
If you don't believe in god, what made you not believe?

ETA: I'm seventeen and have been in a baptist family my whole life. I've been forced to go to church every time the doors are open since I was a kid. I got 'saved' when I was seven. I'm very active in my youth group and a lot of my friends are Christians as well. However, in the past year I have grown up a lot. I seem to be different than most people my age and I spend most of my time reading and just thinking. At this point in my life it's hard for me to believe that there could be a 'God'. And...I just don't know..But every time I try to talk about it, people flip out because I'm supposed to be this great Christian role model. I can't take it any more. I need answers, without people looking down on me for asking them.

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TQC, my kitten somehow managed to lose a tooth tonight. I put it in a bag and checked her mouth, it's not bleeding like crazy or anything. Should I be worried?
I can't call a vet until tomorrow.

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When you were a kid, what were your favorite candies to get when you went trick-or-treating? Least favorite?
Favorite: Butterfingers, Reeses, Riesens, Charms SweetPops lollipops (ESPECIALLY THE CHERRY ONES OMG), and Sweet Tarts.
Least favorite: Milky Ways, Sugar Babies/Daddies, and anything watermelon-flavored.

Which should I watch while I'm relaxing before I go to sleep tonight, Monsters vs Aliens or the second episode of the Vampire Diaries?
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1. Out of nowhere at age 25 I have had breakout after breakout all over my face. I've tried several cheap OTC remedies and nothing had worked. I never got ONE pimple in high school, but now my entire face has got red in only a month. It looks really bad. What is the best thing I can get OTC that will resolve this? Help.

2. If you have kids, what do you do on Halloween? Do both parents take the kids out trick or treating, or does one stay home and give out candy? If you don't have kids, what did your parents do? My husband and I both go out with our kids, so we've never handed out candy and I have noticed this year and last that people seem shocked at this, and my husband says one of his co-workers made him feel obligated to hand out candy since we are "taking" candy from others.

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Hey all!
I have a question that no one around me cares to answer ={ because it's kinda stupid but it's bothering me too much:

I have a friend who always tells me how a guy we know has feelings for me (I found hard to believe at first). I kinda get the feeling that she's more or less forcing us together. The thing is though, she's always with him all the time. I don't understand! What is that? Wtf?

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Can you post a picture of your bedroom?

Also, I live on the bottom floor in a duplex in NYC, and my room sits a bit underground. I have two tiny windows that have no view but a small fence and feet walking by (kind of hard to explain). Any recommendations on how to make the room feel less like a jail cell?

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do you ever find it awkward to end text convos? like, if you're done talking about the initial topic do you keep on with whatever or just say, okay ttyl? do you every feel disappointed if you're not the one to end it?

whats your fave weirdo thing to eat late at night?
mine is melted mozzarella cheese. yum.

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what program do you use to make gifs?
i have been using imageready since forever but now i have photoshop cs4 and i dont know if its possible to make gifs in it, is it? 
thanks for help.

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My girlfriend just convinced me to break up with her (yeah I know right), now I feel like crap, any suggestions on how to feel better?

Whatchyu up to TQC?

How did you handle your first break up anyways?! 
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IDK, racism?

TQC, today I saw a 14 year-old boy (abouts) wearing a Cubs shirt that says "ALBERT PUJOLS MOWS MY LAWN!" On it, it showed a silhouette of a man in a sombrero pushing a lawn mower.

For those not in the know, Pujols is the first baseman of the St. Louis Cardinals. He's Puerto Rican.

My employee that was working with me is a first-generation Mexican immigrant. He was pissed. I had to send him to the back to cool down.

So, I ask you:

Do you think this shirt is racist?
Do you think the white blue-blooded suburbanite kid realized it could be taken offensively?
And more importantly, who the fuck roots for the Cubs anyway?

drugs drugs drugs!

If someone is living in someone else's house and growing a fair amount of drugs, would the homeowner be at fault if they were not aware? Does the legality of the situation change based on relation? On state?

If you don't care, if you look to your left -- what do you see? If you look to your right, what do you see?
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TQC, there is a word on the tip of my tongue, and I cannot figure out what it is for the life of me. I'm trying to describe like, when a society or civilization or whatever sort of...goes downhill, I guess. Like, it goes from being really prosperous to just being really shitty. It's not destruction, and it's not depression...does anyone know what I'm talking about?