September 19th, 2009


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1)How do you organize your bookmarks? alphabetically? in folders by topic?

2)Do you have any unusual collections? tell me about them.

3)What terrible habits have you fallen into and why?

watching too much tv. depressed about job stuff.

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Does anyone here know of any places we can donate a bunch of stuff, where they will do the pickup for free? We'd have to travel back and forth like 5 times to get all of our stuff there, and we're not willing to lose money to donate our items.

Nevermind. It's probably just dependent on where we live.

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What are some websites that I can browse on my phone (blackberry cruve) that will entertain me? Think along the lines of Sorry Mom, TFLN, Fmylife, MLIA, etc.

How long will a piece of cake, in an airtight container, last if it is not refrigerated? Will it still be safe to eat in a couple of days?

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Just a question that I've never had answered...

Is where you have/feel your menstrual cramps any indication on where you will feel your strongest labor pains or where they will be concentrated at?

For example, my cramps are always really strong and painful in my lower back, so does that mean most of my labor will be in my back?

If you don't know/don't care, what is your favorite Super Nintendo game? (Gotta stick with a classic, Super Mario World)
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i feel like the only person on the internet who can't figure this out.

you know how you can put like... glitter or other .gifs behind your text? i can't figure it out for the life of me and i've googled myself out.

can someone tell me how?
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Hello tqc!

How do you deal with your anger and frustration? I usually run it off, but my knees hurt from that now and it isn't an option. The yoga isn't releasing enough of it either.

I have something awful to confess: I love Boggle. Now I'm like PEGGY HILL. Are you terribly disappointed in me?

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TQC, one side of my nose is stuffed up. I took a mucinex around 1 a.m., and i think it is helping (only one side, and such) but i'm still miserable. how can i de-stuff the side of my nose? any specific meds you recommend?

after writing this, i have to wonder, what kind of expression is "stuffed up nose"?

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PLZ HALP ME DECIDE! (ETA: Poll will close at 3:00pm est, changed because we're not hungry yet)

Poll #1459655 Who has the better pizza?
This poll is closed.

Which chain should I order from?

Pizza Hut

Which crust should I get?

Deep dish
Thin crust
Stuffed crust (Pizza Hut)
Multigrain (Pizza Hut)
Stuffed crust pan (with the ring of cheese, Pizza Hut)
Brooklyn style (Dominos)

Who has the best pepperioni lovers pizza?

Pizza Hut

Who has the best cinnasticks?

Pizza Hut


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Are there any U.S. universities besides Duke (in NC) that offer a parapsychology program?

Do you care if there are pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics in your food?

How long does it take you to choose a toothbrush from the 30010742 varieties on the shelf?

Do you prefer forks with long tines or short tines?

What’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?

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the gas and hot water in my apartment have been off for two days now. i am getting very cranky because i just went grocery shopping before they turned it off and now i can't cook any of the stuff i bought. also because i can't make coffee.
what are some creative ways to harass my landlord?
should i tough it up and take a cold shower here or take my shower stuff to the gym, where I can get a warm shower?
[edit] called national grid and they told me our meter is going to be set up on monday. thanks for telling me it'd be fixed on friday, landlord.
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Let's get totally hypothetical here.

So let's pretend that the romantic relationships you had when you were younger were with people who wrote you love letters.  You've kept them over the years, even though those relationships have ended and you're totally over the people that wrote you those letters.  You rarely read them--you just keep them in a box and occasionally when you're cleaning out the closet or under the bed you unearth them and look at them for a few minutes. 

So you meet someone, you get married/make some sort of life-commitment, and the box goes unnoticed by your spouse for a few years (throughout the dating, the engagement, when they move into your place, etc).  Then, during a move, your SO finds the box and asks what in it.  You reply in an offhand manner.  Your spouse then FREAKS THE FUCK OUT about why you've kept a box of memories from people you're not in love with anymore.  They conclude that the only reasonable explanation for this is THAT YOU'RE STILL IN LOVE WITH ALL THOSE PEOPLE.  A huge fight ensues. 

Your SO is insane, right?  There's nothing wrong with keeping some old letters, is there?  WHAT DO YOU THINK?

initial topics of crazy debates you have had online

I am interested in the sorts of topics that have lead to debates.

note: try not to post ones that would be obvious, such as those that directly mention religion or politics.

for me, the most interesting thread I have seen become a flame war was titled "squirrels on islands".

I have also seen an interesting, but unfortunately unititled, discussion on the flavour and colour (or lack thereof) of vodka, and what true vodka has.
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my boyfriend'd dad just fixed my car after it died out last night.

What can I get a 50-some year old dad that likes computers and old guns? (but doesn't cost a lot cause i have very little money)
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1)What happens in september in your area?

festivals every weekend. fairs all the time.

2)What do you think will be the next trendy craft?

3)Annoyed or pleased by talk like a pirate day?
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Can someone please tell me what this means? I googled "marketplace rules" and "marketplace rule 5810" but nothing of value came up. What are these rules, and what do they mean for this company?

"SIRIUS XM announced today that it received notice from the Nasdaq Stock Market on September 15, 2009 that its common stock had closed below $1.00 per share for 30 consecutive business days and is therefore not in compliance with the Nasdaq Marketplace Rule 5450(a)(1). In accordance with Marketplace Rule 5810(c)(3)(A), SIRIUS XM may regain compliance if at any time by March 15, 2010 its common stock closes at or above $1.00 for 10 consecutive business days."

Will you show me your favorite icon?

ETA: Have you tried the new EOS lip balm? What do you think of it?

I think it sucks as a lip balm and makes my lips feel icky, but it sure does look cool and smell good.

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What can a Windows-running PC do that a Mac can't, or do better than a Mac? I need a replacement laptop and don't feel like springing for a $2000 Apple laptop...I just need something mini and cheapish and well-reviewed like an Asus Eee, but I'm not sure I'm ready to switch over to PC-land. The one thing I can think of would be running something like AutoCAD, but I'm sure a tiny computer like an Eee wouldn't be able to do that anyway. What are some selling points of getting a PC, for someone who's only EVER used Macs their whole life?
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Sorry about deleting the first one - lj was being weird and wouldn't let anyone use the poll, so I deleted it to remake it!

Today is my friend's 29th birthday party. I'm heading out to Lush to pick her up some uber girly luxury stuff she probably wouldn't get for herself. I was also thinking of making her some mini German chocolate cupcakes in honour of her Oma who passed earlier this year. The problem is transport.

There's no such thing as a mini cupcake carrier, so I'd have to chunk em in some tupperware with layers of wax paper or aluminum foil separating them. And then I have to drive them a little over an hour to her shindig. I'm thinking of how messy that could be, even if I'm careful. What say you guys - worth it or no?

Worth it or no?

Who wants ugly, messy cupcakes on their birthday?

Unrelated bonus question - will my Always Sunny season 4 and threadless order be here today, or will I have to lament another day without either? The tracking for both keeps telling me they don't have the info. :(

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my favourite lollies are starburst squirtz crazy babies. i don't like the orange ones, of which there are thousands, and i love the watermelon ones best, and there's never more than 5 in a packet. why is this? does god hate me?
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why hello tqc

1) If you could have a conversation (friendly, like sitting down for coffee or a meal) with any fictional character, who would it be? Please also reference the story/movie the character comes from.
Charles Wallace, A Wrinkle in Time

2) Where is your favorite place in the world? Can be a particular location (eg "my house") or more general (e.g. "downtown chicago") .
the library!
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There was a poem I heard a little while ago and all I remember about it was that it was terribly sad, and that a part of it (or possibly the whole thing) was about Hitler's wife and how she killed the kids or something like that.  Does that ring a bell to anyone?

If you don't care, what is the best poem you've ever read?
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Will you list three things and have people guess what they have in common?

I'll start out with a few;

1. Granny Smith, Golden Delicious and McIntosh
2. Tito, Jermaine and Marlon
3. Ragdoll, Turkish Van and Birman

1. Charles Dodgson, Erik Weisz and David Evans
2. Blood Groove, The Year of Disappearances and Lost Souls
3. Karol Wojtyla, Giovanni Montini and Antonio Pignatelli

1. Billy Joe Armstrong, Michael Jordan and Michael Bay (And no, it's not they are all men.)
2. Kitty Hawk, Coral Sea and Abraham Lincoln
3. Sophie Scholl, Walter Raleigh and Juan Aldama
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1. So, I open my computer (black 2006 MacBook) and it's like, "hey girl, we got some updates for you." So I'm like, "cool" and tell it to to updates. But then my computer is like, "You dumb whore, you don't have any space!"

How do I get more space? There is nothing in my music, pictures or Word files I can part with.

I don't know jackshit about computers.

2. How often do you get a new computer?
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This past week was one of the worst weeks that I've ever had. Everyone I talk to has had the same experience. I figured that I'd ask TQC to make it official.

Poll #1459789 Did you have a bad week?

Did you have a bad week?

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Due to a labeling error and a spouse that doesn't know any better, I now have a fennel bulb instead of leeks.
If you were me, what would you make with the fennel?

The leeks were for a potato soup. Do you think fennel would be awful in that?


so my school voted on our homecoming dance theme, and it all came down to metallic, jungle fever, and hoe down. hoedown throwdown won, not excited at all. i personally did not like any of them, what would you have suggested?

also, can anyone here identify the song played to demonstrate jungle fever? it's 20 seconds into the video.
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Bad Sex

Imagine you had sex with somebody new for the first time. It really wasn't all that good and you didn't enjoy it at all. The next day the person calls you up and tells you it was the best sex he/she has ever had and wants to know what you thought. What would your response be? Would you lie to spare his/her feelings or would you be honest? Would your response be different if it was a relationship VS a one-night stand?
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For those of you with big-ass closets, how do you organize your clothes? (Bonus points if you're sharing that closet space with your SO).  We just moved and we have two HUGE-ASS CLOSETS.  Not even kidding, One closet has a 6 foot bar 3/4 the way up the wall, and the other side has 2 six feet bars at the 1/3 marks.  The other has a 4 foot bars placed similarly.  I don't know what to do with all this space?  Should we have his/hers closets?  Should I organize by color?  Type of attire?  Frequency worn?

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Is chivalry dead?

I was pissed off the other day when I saw this really small, very old woman going in and out of a gas station mini mart, obviously having a bit of trouble with the heavy door, and there were four large, young men standing around just watching her. One of them even had *her* hold the door for *him*. If I had been nearer and felt safe leaving my kids alone in the car, I’d have run over and been chivalrous myself. It kind of sucks that people are all me me me anymore.

It also bugs me when people driving through parking lots ignore pedestrians, especially if they’re driving directly in front of a shop’s / restaurant’s door where people, including small children, are constantly in and out.

Has society gotten rude?

Why are people becoming so self-centered?

Who is more chivalrous in general, men or women?

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What's an awesome morbid Halloween costume idea? The bloodier the better, and preferably something that I can go ALL-OUT on without spending loads of $$.

The last two years I've dressed as the ghost from 'The Grudge' and as the Black Dahlia (that one was awesome...I dressed all fancy and 40s with corpse/bruise makeup, fake blood all over me, and fake-blood covered bandages around my waist and wrists)
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what kind of drunk are you?

i'm a loud, horny, obnoxious, friendly drunk. too friendly.
my boyfriend's an attention whore drunk (IRL he hates getting attention).
my best friend's a depressing, crying mess of a drunk.
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i created a wedding registry today for my wedding in january.
Where are good places for registries?

what is the difference between getting gifts at the wedding, and a bridal shower??
do you get lingerie as wedding gifts or is it mainly house things?

I had never heard of getting lingerie as wedding gifts until recently. I am curious as to what to expect.
tv | kosem sultan sends her regards.

shirt sizes

Is there a different in S-M-L shirt sizes in Europe vs the US? Not the numbered sizes, just the small/medium/large sizes. I want to order a tshirt (lol typo) from a Spanish website and I normally wear a small in men's, medium in women's, but I was told European sizes run smaller and I want to know if this is actually the case so I don't end up with a shirt that's too big and end up having to return it.

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Are you forced to tolerate/love someone who is openly racist? How do you deal with him or her?

My grandma was raised in the South, so we have to put up with her "colorful" language. She'd disown me if I dated a black guy. :/
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How do you answer the phone?

What's the weirdest way to answer to phone?

I can't decide what's weirder- my grandma who picks up the phone and doesn't say anything (ever, she waits for the other person to be like, "hello???") or calling my friend's house in elementary school, "Hello, you've reached the household, this is Susie speaking, how are you today?" All 4 kids were trained to answer the phone like that.
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I'm at a blues concert doing a report and can't think of the word that means something like "manner of speech affected by culture and local slang." It was used to described Mark Twain's writing, especially in Huck Finn. Any ideas?

What was the last concert you went to?

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You know how in TV shows/movies/books, snobby rich people are always gasping and saying "Well! I never!"? This weekend alone, I encountered this phrase in 3 separate forms of media. Have you ever actually heard anyone say this, for srs, in real life?

Have you already purchased a bag of Halloween candy, and if so, what kind? Are you eating it, or deluding yourself into believing you'll save it for trick-or-treaters?
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It bothers me when people compliment others on having pretty eyes because it sounds like what someone would say if they're nothing else to compliment about you. Can you give me an example of what would be considered ugly eyes?

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Should I watch/DL Dexter or Breaking Bad?

What do you do when you introduce two of your friends to each other and then one of them starts ignoring you to talk exclusively to the other one?
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The results are back, and it's official. My husband has Swine Flu.

Motherfucking Swine Flu.

To make matters even better, I'm starting to feel sick, too. Should I even bother getting tested? They're just going to give me Tamaflu either way.

srsly brain. shut up.

TQC, as a reward for our hard work, my manager has decided that a few of us can go out to dinner on the company's dime. We are going to the Olive Garden for endless pasta because our manager gave us a $10 limit.

Why am I freaking out over what to wear? I am friends with virtually everyone who is going, they see me in scrubs (literally) every day. There is no pressure here.

Alternately: What should I wear?
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How would you describe the concept of an LJ community to someone who understands LJ purely as an online journal? Specifically, how would you describe TQC?

Another wedding-based question (since I rsvp'd yes as a single): the wedding is in a garden at 5:00 PM. What do you consider an appropriate dress? I like these three dresses, but don't know if they're too casual, or if the last one is too ~white~ or whatever. It's mid-october, but we're in Georgia, so it'll still be hot enough to fry an egg, but cool at night. I was thinking a cardigan for when the sun sets, if any of those meet approval here.

Tea: iced and sweet or hot and unfucked with?

What should I have for dinner? Green beans with new potatoes, squash casserole, or cheese and crackers are my options.

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Have any of you awesome people seen this movie?

I have never heard of it until today, when I saw the movie poster in our mall. That was odd, because I live in a small town and we don't ever get limited release/unknown stuff.

I want to see it but I'm curious about opinions. The poster makes it look low budget. Low budget can be fun, but I don't know if I want to pay $8 for it.

My Wild Irish Rose

Hello again.

Is there a way I can get onto my parents Administartor account without flat-out guessing their password? 
      (I have no idea what it is,  and I can't download the newst Flashplayer so everything is running badly. Bah.)    
  Calling them it is then.

If you don't care/I am below your intelligence level,  what's your favourite thing to do when someone insults you?
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An easy one.

My wife prepared and cooked a delicious looking pork roast, however, she fell asleep while it was in the oven. I tried to wake her up when it was finished cooking, but she wouldn't budge. A few hours have since passed and she's still sound asleep. It seems a waste to let this whole roast go uneaten, and only have it the day after as leftovers (or.. like.. i dunno, postponed dinner) Would it be rude to eat it without her? Especially considering she put effort into making a nice meal?
What should I do??

*For the record, I am hungry.*

If my food dilemma interests you not,

What should I download off the Playstation Network?

*EDIT* I got busted! She woke up right in the middle of me trying to cut the roast incorrectly. *headdesk*

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What's a good, kind of punky hair style for short hair? I feel like doing something different and a little weird. If it matters, I have a pretty squarish face.

What hair styles do you like best for any length hair?

What kind of hair do you have now? Why is your hair that way?
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Here's the deal, it's my birthday in a two days and my parents still haven't said anything about it and haven't asked me about anything. Should I be quiet and see if they remember about it or remind them about it?
Have your parents/family/friends ever forgot about your birthday?
Have you ever forgot about someones important to you birthday?

Sorry if I made any mistakes, English is my second language and I'm still learning.

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is black shoes, black tights, and a black knee length skirt too much black?

i have tights that are roughly this color, with darker polka dots. what color shirt should i wear with them? i'd probably wear a black skirt and black shoes with it.