September 18th, 2009

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Do you ever delete comments on your Facebook page?

Even if somebody pisses me off, I still leave it up. Maybe it's my LiveJournal "Rawr no comment deletion!" habits rearing its head, IDK.

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wtf tqc, am i the only person in the world that DOES NOT know how to pop the keys back onto my laptop?! i'm missing my 2 and C (the little nub thing fell off of c, nbd) but my Z and M key are like halfway on and won't stay down on the bottom half of the key
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People Lookups?

Are there any good alternatives to say, Intelius? I want to look up an old friend (er, find out if she is still alive). Intelius charged me some huge fee last time I used them (without asking me).

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Suppose you got pregnant in college when you were at the end of your sophomore year. You stopped going to class in order to, you know, give birth and take care of a newborn. You ended up getting married to the guy. Four years into it, you're more sure than anything in your life that the two of you are just not compatible.

You want a divorce. You have half of a college degree, a toddler, nowhere to live and no money (this stems from not having a college degree, therefore not being able to get a decent job). Is it better to tough it out and stay with the horrible jackass in your depressing life for another 2 years while you finish up school or is it better to take your life back now, despite the obvious hard road ahead? What would you do?

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So, a friend of mine's laptop broke. She sent it out last week to Dell to get repaired and it came back on Tuesday evening.

This morning, she woke up to find her laptop covered in ants (ugh, gross, I know). She acknowledged her desk isn't exactly clean, but she lives on the second floor and her house has NEVER had an ant problem before. There was no trail, they were just on the lap top.

Can we assume this is something that happened while the lap top was in Dell's care, or is it impossible to tell?

Also, anyone know the best way to take care of a problem like this?
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Would you be more upset if your SO ended your long-term/serious relationship if he/she was cheating with someone of the preferred sex or if he/she realized he/she is gay/straight and is cheating on you with someone of that particular preference? As in, if you're a straight female, would you be more upset if your boyfriend left you for another woman or if he left you for another man? Change the variables as applied to you.

Why would you feel this way?

Has this ever happened to you or someone you know? How were you/they affected by it?

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About how many different products do you use during the first part of your day? What are some of them?

When you save change do you separate the coins/bills by type? Or is it just a jumble until it comes time to use it?

What brand or type of stick-on bandages do you prefer for small injuries?

Do you examine loved ones for blemishes? Are you a pimple picker?

Do you have houseplants? What kind?
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I'm going camping for the weekend with about 8 friends. Myself and one other person were going to bring our mountain bikes because it's a good spot to ride. The other person backed out of the trip at the last minute. Should I bring my bike anyway even though I'll have to ride alone (which I do on the road, but I usually try to go with someone else when I'm out in the woods)?

Scavenger Hunt

I'm running a digital photo scavenger hunt next weekend. People will get in teams, go off in cars for a few hours, taking photos of things with digital cameras. It can be physical objects, like 'A blue letter box', people 'someone with a mullet', the members of the team doing something 'human pyramid' etc. They get more points if they combine the things on the list.

Got any suggestions of things to add to the list? Easy, hard, really really tricky, daring, almost no chance that they'll get it but worth 50 points, etc. There'll only be about four people in a team.

usps questions,

long story short, on a whim my mom &i ordered some "tiffany &co" jewelry at a discounted price online.
and i just checked the usps track &confirm site, and this is what came up.

Class: Express Mail International®
Status: Foreign Acceptance

Your item was accepted on September 17, 2009 at 7:53 PM. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.

1) what is class: express mail international
2) any idea how long it might take to get here? (i've seen some people say EMI takes awhile, others say it comes right away, not sure, i've never ordered anything internationally haha) 



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Have you talked on an iPhone? Was the voice quality rad?

I have AT&T already. I hate iTunes with passionate fury, how bad would using an iPhone piss me off?

What is your phone? Is it good?

I am extremely tired of a series of phones I've had that have given me a hard time just holding a conversation. I am thinking maybe it's time to quit going with the cheapo model. If I had a good phone I could ditch my land line.

Three, completely unrelated.

1. How do you feel about comedians being "on" during interviews? Like, they never drop the joke/schtick.

2. Have you ever had food poisoning from a restaurant (or other eating establishment like a lunch truck or sandwich shop)? Do you ever go back to that place? Would you ever order the same thing that got you sick again?

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Hey TQC!
So on Sunday, I am getting in a car and driving to OREGON from Los Angeles to go move into my dorm at the University.

That's 12-18 hours in a car. I'm not driving, and will be stuck in the backseat the whole time.
What do I do during the drive?

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I am looking at places to move out of my parents' house and they keep saying they won't let me move into any areas of town I'm interested in moving into because they're "bad areas of town," aka neighborhoods that aren't 100% composed of white people. They even told me I couldn't move into one area of town which is known for being really nice. There isn't anywhere else for me to move that's actually affordable unless I want to move into huge yuppie white-walled apartment complexes, places where I've always had horrible experiences because the other tenants are idiots.

Why are my parents convinced that at least half the town is a gang-infested ghetto?

I have no credit history. Does this mean one of my parents would have to co-sign on the lease? :-( I do have a debit card but I don't know if that would suffice.

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Omg, why didn't I know it was tv premiere week???

What shows premiered this week that I need to watch?

Alternatively, a cockroach captured in a (closed) plastic bag will eventually suffocate, right? It won't like. eat or claw its way out or something?? =X

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If you work alone in a store, what do you do when the clock hits closing time? Do you help out the people who are already there until they've finished, even though that means working after closing time with new customers continuously walking in because they think you're still open, or do you just tell them to leave?

Have you ever went on a spontaneous trip to "get away"? Tell me about it!

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Oh GDI. I have a word right on the tip of my tongue but my stupid brain can't conjure it up for shit.

What's the word that describes a formula of deductions, rules and equations that can be used to predict outcomes?


836am wins a box of mathematics flash cards.

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I'm trying to get an MP3 onto my phone. No matter how I put it in an email, when I get the text on my phone, it says "[Attachment blahblahblah removed]". Funny thing is, I think it worked when I put on my current ringtone, but I don't really remember if that's how I got that on this phone.

How the hell do I get this file on my phone? :(
If it matters, I have a Motorola Krzr from 2007.

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What should I do tonight, TQC?

a) drive just under an hour to my boyfriend's house and sit around while he does university assignments and then watches the football.
b) stay home and watch the three million movies on my hdd I have yet to watch.
c) other.
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tcq, help!

I have long long long hair. and IT IS ALL OVER MY HOUSE!
I do my best to only fix my hair in the bathroom and then clean up if there is hair on the floor.
I have a 5 month old that pulls my hair so I constantly have it pulled back to fix that portion of the problem.
But this is ridiculous! What can I do to keep my hair from falling out or at least an easier way to control it from taking over my house?

I know I'll get the obvious answer, "cut it", but that isn't going to happen.

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How would you go about showing a name change on your resume?
I don't want to hyphenate my name at the top as that is not my legal name.

All of my schooling and previous jobs are under my maiden name. My business references are also more likely to associate me with my maiden name instead of my married name.

Google is giving me two choices
Ashleigh Newname
Formerly Ashleigh Oldname


Ashleigh (Oldname) Newname

I have never seen anyone use either of those, so i'm here for some ideas that people have actually used.

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So my boyfriend broke up with me yesterday via text message. He said he knows it's lame to do this in texts but his phone will be off for the next 3 days. I texted him back saying that I had a feeling this was coming because of how differently he had been acting lately and I wanted to talk about (in person) this weekend. I told him since that's not going to happen I hope you will at least give me the satisfaction and give me a reason why.

If you were in my position, would you call this guy back up after "his phone is back on" and ask him what's his reason/why did he have to do it through text message? I call bull on his phone being off because I could tell he opened the text I sent him, but whatever. It's not the fact that he broke up with me (I would have had no problems ending it on good terms). The way he did it is what's really bugging me because I didn't have closure. What would you do, TQC?

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Hébergement gratuit d'images...

Dear TQC,
When I go to, I find that the entire website is in French. This is a step up from the last time I visited that particular website, when it was in Dutch. I can at least partly read French.

What is going on here?

Do you visit any websites or use any devices that think you speak a language you don't really understand?

Have you ever set any websites or devices to interact with you in a foreign-to-you language?
(Having found the language settings, I now get my Tinypic in Swedish.)
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A tire on my car shredded while I was driving on the busiest street in town. My nerves are now as raw as the tire.

What is something that calms you down, or makes you forget why you're nervous in the first place?

Cookies for macros/gifs/videos.

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if someone gets wrongly accused of murder and goes to jail, but a month or two later, the supposedly murdered person shows up perfectly alive, what happens? does the wrongly accused get reparations or anything?
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Should I do it?

I'm trying to sell my old 2006 iBook on craigslist and am having trouble getting 'real' responses. (You would not believe the number of people who will try to scam you over there.)

The only REAL responder I've received is trying to talk me down from my listed $600 to $200.

What should I do, TQC?

What do you think is a legit price for a 2006 iBook G4 with an 80 gig hard drive and 2 gigs of RAM?
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I've been cleaning my room for the last few hours and now all I have left is a HUGE pile of clothes, half of which I never wear so I don't feel like bothering to wash it.  It's just there sitting in the middle of my room.  What should I do with it?

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One of my friends realized that she didn't have the time or money to take care of some ragdoll kittens she bought, and is now trying to sell them. Where else can she go to try and sell them, aside from Craigslist and the local newspaper? 

Also, do you think Alan Rickman is awesome? Why or why not?

EDIT: Sounds like rehoming is the way to go. However, our local shelter does kill. (We're in Sarasota, FL. It has a large elderly population, so it is always getting animals whenever the owners die.) Should we call animal rescue, OR should we look for a shelter in another town (ie, Bradenton or Tampa)?
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Would you wear a retired (or rather, in this case, traded) hockey player's jersey to a hockey game if it was the only thing you had to wear?

(I was surprised with pro-tickets tonight, and the only jersey I have is from a player who was, to my understanding, traded to Canada)
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Today I went to Kmart for the first time since 2004. Apparently I wasn't really missing anything.

When's the last time you've shopped at a Kmart?

Do you think it's improved in the last few years, stayed the same or gone downhill?
Well, it's much less junky and cluttered than I remembered, but it was also a lot more boring.

Which one do you prefer: Target, Wal-Mart or Kmart?

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I am going to Los Angeles in a month for a writing shop with a favorite author of mine Francesca Lia Block.

A) I need to bring something to eat for 10 people, what can I whip up in a hotel room that is tasty and easy?

B) What is a good hostess gift? I am thinking wine.

C) What is Venice Beach like? Good places to eat?

D) If you have never been to the L.A. area, what is your perception of it from movies, television, music?

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What audiobook should I get from audible? I have one credit. I thought about getting David Foster Wallace's Consider the Lobster, but I already have the physical book and the audiobook is abridged. :(
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music is hard

do any of you make music from loops? major in music production?

do you have tips for getting started making a song?

how do i figure out how long a bar is? :( is it just how often the loop repeats? i know about meter and bpm but i'm trying to figure out how long a bar would be.

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for my ethics course, i have to write an analysis of a written argument. i have a choice between analyzing martin luther king, jr.'s letter from a birmingham jail and henry david thoreau's civil disobedience. i would enjoy writing about king more than thoreau, but i could probably write more about thoreau than king. which analysis should i write?

don't know/don't care/do your own fucking homework goddamn:
- my roommate wants me to start watching true blood with her, but in the one episode i tried to watch, some girl (idk any characters' names yet) gets attacked by this wolfbeast thing and this old lady doctor pours this corrosive liquid into the wounds on her back and we watch said girl writhe around screaming in agony half-naked on a table, and i had to stop watching. not that this description is totally vague or anything, but should i stop being a pussy and watch true blood anyway? i mean, is it worth it?

- name your favorite character from any tv show.
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My husband and I just bought a new washer and dryer, and it needs to be delivered.

We scheduled it for this past Tuesday, my husband took off work to wait for it, and they brought the wrong dryer.

Rescheduled for Friday, another day off work. This dryer was dented. We offered to take it anyway, and they said that they cannot do that.

They have rescheduled yet again for tomorrow. Not a nice, early appointment, but a middle of the freakin' afternoon so that I have to cancel my plans.

We're already getting free delivery, but should I call and try to get money off the washer and dryer for headache and days missed from work? How much should I ask for as a discount?
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How do you make it so your photos have light blobs? Such as: 1, 2, 3, 4. I understand you have to make your picture go out of focus, but do you need a professional/good camera to do so? I have a sony cybershot... and an old version of it .. :/ Any help??

Also, what do you use to write with light?? Do you need a good camera?? (examples: 1 - 2 . both from booooooom's facebook page).

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You guys are like my therapists or something

On a scale of 1-50, how badly would you be freaking out if the first news you get from your mom in two or three weeks is that her boyfriend is in jail and possibly facing 20 years and she may or may not have to run from him because he's psychotic?


She's on her way home for the weekend right now (going from NJ to MA), and I told her I wanted to see her, but she probably won't come out this way since it's on the other side of the state, but omg I'm freaking out. I just want to see her and hug her and know she's okay. What do I do? What can I say to her? She knows I love her and all that, but is there any way I can make her not so upset? She loves this guy and has never seen him how he is right now before, she's really shaken and I don't know what to do!

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If you found a tiny hole in your floor that was a peephole into your downstairs neighbors' bedroom, would you peep through it? Once? Every day? What about if it was the bathroom?

Which TQC member would you want to spy on the most?

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What was the last thing to make you sore? I had a tennis lesson yesterday after not having played for several months, and my hands are even sore. Weird.

I missed Derren Brown's Control The Nation show tonight... is there someplace online where the whole episode is up to watch? I've looked on youtube and the Channel 4 website to no avail. :(

ETA: I didn't realize that the videos up on Channel 4's site didn't work in the US. :( :( :(