September 17th, 2009


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I know I'm posting a lot today, and you're probably sick of seeing Draco Malfoy's melodramatic beautiful face. But! This will probably be the last from me today.

My friend's getting alcohol tomorrow. She told me I could join in, which means I have to pick an alcohol. Which of these alcohols should I pick and how do you suggest I use it?

Which one?

vodka (specify any brands/flavors if you wish)
them sugary Smirnoff Ice drinks
other (specify)


I hate tickies
I love tickies

If you don't care about my bad habits, what do your favorite socks look like?
Thanks Squeaktastic

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My laptop is about to run out of the free trial for my antivirus.

Any suggestions of what I should get next? Preferably free.

Don't know don't care?

What was the last movie you saw in theaters?
Bandit Driving

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Do you usually make your own halloween costumes or buy one? What did you spend/plan on spending? How much is too much for a halloween costume?

I'm trying to talk myself out of spending $50 on a costume, but it's reversible so it would be like getting two.

What are you doing right now?
Kill Bill - Elle
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I've had a really rough year and my family has been great with supporting me through it. Would it be rude/pompous/arrogant/snooty to give out a birthday list of things I need if it's brought up or I'm asked? How about giving one out? I know gifts are inevitable and I usually have a hard time accepting them anyway but I also have a hard time voicing what I need (even if it's politely asking someone to move) so I don't know exactly how out of line this is.
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not looking for legal advice

Dear TQC, Attorneys at Law,

My younger sister was involved in a car accident last summer. A jackass disobeyed a stop sign, cut her off, and she slammed into him. He was found at fault due to witnesses saying that he never stopped for the stop sign, therefore causing the accident. He put the case through arbitration. Under New York state traffic law, when you hit a person from behind you're found at fault. He was later found 75% at fault and she was found 25% at fault, after it went through arbitration. He is now sueing my sister and mother for 'serious personal injuries due to her (my sisters) negligence'....even though he caused the accident.

Is this hilarious and he doesn't have a legal to stand on, or should we honestly be worried? Because we're letting the insurance company deal with all of it, and aren't too worried.
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So guys, what do you think is the best first gen pokemon starter? (Aka, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, or Charmander?)

My friends tend to pick Charmander, but I don't know...

edit: or did you like yellow better and go with Pikachu?
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We had a discussion in my class the other day about mastectomies and it got me wondering.

If you found out you had an aggressive form of breast cancer, would you have a bilateral mastectomy done? Or would you tell them to just remove the tumors and tissue they absolutely had to, but leave your breasts? And if you had a mastectomy done, would you have a reconstruction done, or would you just wear those special bras with prosthetic boobs?

Also, for those of you that wear contacts, what type and brand do you wear? What do you think about the brand you wear?

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What is your least favorite season?

I hate summer. Not so much for the heat, but because, around here, it rains probably 80% of the days from May to September.

Where you live, do you really have 4 distinct seasons?

Yes: tourist, hurricane, love bug, and Christmas
(Our coldest part of the year is still pretty we really don't have major differences.)

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Why is it when certain singers with accents (like Cascada) sing, they dont sound like they have an accent, but certain others' (think Kate Nash) accents come through very strongly?

It's something that has always driven me crazy.

I have the next three days off, TQC, what should I do with my life?


Poll #1458782 What should I do

Should I go get my hair done or sit on my ass until class starts at 6pm?

Get your hair done
Sit on your ass
Obligatory other (explain in comments, please)
My campus is flooded today because of the Obama speech on healthcare. I was going to go but when I arrived, there were ten bazillion people so I changed my mind.;


For the month of october I plan on doing food/candy photos. After my 1st attempt at week of food I learned that it was really hard with out planning a head.. so.. what food/candy should I make/take pictures of? photo examples/recipes would be helpful!!!

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Good morning.

1.) For anyone who cooks: what are your best/favorite crock pot recipes? Preferably ones that don't taste "crock pot-y" (My husband's words).

2.) How should i make my coffee this morning? I have soy milk, coffeemate packets, brown sugar, splenda and sweet-n-low.
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I am going to my local farmer's market today. They have nearly EVERYTHING and it's all super fresh and insanely cheap. What kinds of fruit and vegetables should I get?
Quinn Twin

Kitten Mittens

Does your cat make TOO much NOISE?!
OMG, all the time, fo reals.

I'll eat your babies, bitch!

Name your top three Sunnys, if you can narrow down the awesome?
God, this is retarded hard, but last night I think it came down to The Dayman Cometh, 100 Dollar Baby and The Gang Gets Held Hostage.

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Are there any names that you associate certain qualities with? Like, a name you hear and you think the person who is named such must be ____?
I always think of that Chuck E. Cheese game when I hear the name Bertha, and expect a big, fat woman who wears a muumuu

Gilbert Blythe or Morgan Harris?
See icon.

What is one celebrity couple that you would be truly surprised if they didn't last?
Ice-T & CoCo, Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore
Pez&Ziv colour

Jimmy Carter, Obama and Racism

Do you agree with, Jimmy Carter, as it has been reported, that any criticism of Obama is stemmed from Racism?

Collapse )

Do you think Carter is wrong in breaking with the tradition of past-presidents fading into the background unless specifically asked for something by the current administration? Why?

the one about the actress with the famous haircut.

Will Jennifer Aniston ever star in a good movie ever again?

doubt it.
what do you mean "again?" she was never entertaining.
omg i love ALL of her movies
of course she will! I have faith in Jenny!
not until they make the FRIENDS movie someday.
only if she stars with brad.
she was good in 'the good girl'
Don't talk shit about Jenny...she brought the phrase "flair" to life in Office Space!
but...but...maybe this new movie is good?????
isn't she banging bradley cooper? he is hot.
oh suzer, i too want her to be good, and maybe we should just all learn to accept that she isn't much of an actress, but people like to watch her.
something else entirely.

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I bought this a while ago, and I need you to decided whether I should polish it or keep it as is (a little tarnished and old looking). Collapse )
I am going to be using it for a vase for fresh flowers.
So should I polish it or leave it be?

Also, if you do tell me I should polish it, what should I polish it with? I'm not sure what type of metal it is. Is there a kind of all-metal polish out there?

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Ladies, what medicine for menstrual cramps works best for you? I'm already on the pill, and Midol and Pamprin both do nothing for me. And do you have any other tips to help with horrible cramps and lower back pain, other than using a heating pad?

What's the last awesome bargain you found?
I got volume 1 of Gantz for $5.99 today.
Rogue night elf

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I'm dealing with this IDIOT seller on Etsy who overcharged me on shipping (what she stated and what the post office sticked to the package were VERY far off) and when I asked why she claims that she "privately insures" all packages and that that was the difference. I think it's bullshit as I've never heard of that and the package wasn't tracked through USPS. So if it's true she can claim for packages anytime without the proof that sent it and it's lost.

Have you ever heard of a company privately insuring USPS packages? Or do you call bullshit as I do?

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Did you know that the trifecta for child sociopaths is animal cruelty, firesetting and bedwetting? The 1st two make sense but I was surprised at the 3rd.

Were you a bedwetter as a kid? How old were you when you stopped?

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TQC, I got 9 hours of sleep last night and I'm still tired. Am I dying?

Have you seen Shit My Dad Says? Mostly it's just funny stuff but one of them struck me:

"Don't listen to the pussy side of you when you make a decision. People gravitate towards being a pussy. Remove the pussy, son."

What's a good quote you've heard recently?
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Is it really such a faux pas to attend a wedding without a plus one?
My mom really seems to think, it's better I don't go than go without a date.

What are your thoughts on this? Is it really a big deal?

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TQC faces,

Should I go on a trip and get a student loan next year, or pay for my school and go on a trip in a few years? I am scared of money and loans.

This is kind of a simplified version of my dilemma but you have decided my life for me before so I'm sure you can do it again. Now let's talk about you:

What's the last big thing you spent money on?

What's the last important decision you made?

Do you think you made the right choice?


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1)How do you increase your productivity?

2)What is your favorite type of reality show?

cooking contests, or shows in which people are forced to live historically accurate lives for a month.[watching manor house right now]

3)Do you freecycle? Any stories?

boy and girl in love

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I'm looking for a new autumn jacket. I'm looking at the North Face Denali because it can zip into my winter jacket, but I'm open to other things. I just don't really know where to start looking! What jacket are you wearing this autumn?

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Should I buy the Sookie Stackhouse book series? I love the show, but if I read it, the show will be spoiled for me! But I do love reading.

ALSO, I just posted this in whatwasthatone and might as well post it here too.

I'm thinking of two webcomics!

One where there was a purple girl who was like a planet or god-thing. And there was a small fairy, some red centaur guy, and some other fantasy characters.

And another where it was some animal/person hybrid, who really was a guy, I think. And an elf/warrior lady that dyed her hair, maybe? Or I think it was the guy that dyed his hair. I don't remember.

Any ideas?

Car alarm question

I just purchased a used car and it came with a remote key entry and alarm system. If I lock the car with the remote key entry thingy, I have to unlock it with the remote key thingy or the alarm will sound (i.e. if I lock it with the remote key but unlock it with the regular key, the alarm will sound). Is there any way to deactivate the alarm without the remote key thingy? I want to make copies of the regular key for other family members, but I want them to be able to deactivate the alarm without the remote key thingy if necessary. Thanks!

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is tights with open toed shoes still a faux pas?

eta: would it look alright if i wore a black knee length skirt with black tights, a red v neck, white cardigan, and black flats? my bag would either be purple or zebra print.
Hell - Picasso Devil

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Earlier I put some chicken in the slow cooker, and in lieu of having anything exciting to cook it in, I threw in a can of condensed chicken and one of condensed chicken soup, with some water and an onion. Four hours later it is smelling like it's gonna be really boring (duh right?) - what things can I do to jazz it up a bit? I am cooking jacket potatoes in the oven to go with.
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Is StumbleUpon psychic?

I've been using it for a while and it seems like every time I think of something or turn the tv to a movie, it pops up with something related. Example, I'm watching Scooby-Doo on tv and all of a sudden, it pops up a page about Mystery Inc. It hasn't given me anything Scooby before that it could have learned from, so...psychic? I think so.
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My geekbox is having trouble with its connection. :(

I'll be surfing the web with Mozilla Firefox, doing just fine for a while, but after about 30 pages, it suddenly stops working. Like I have no connection. AIM and YIM won't work either. But strangely, my Vuze Bittorrent will. If I restart my computer, or If I leave it and come back to it several hours later, it'll be back like there was no problem. It seems to come back quicker if I leave Vuze running.

I've tried AdAware, spybot, Windows Defender, Norton Utilities, Norton Internet Security, even HijackThis, but haven't found anything.

My folks suggested using CMD.exe to release & renew my IP adress. That hasn't helped either.

You guys are my last hope. Can ANYBODY help me?

I'm using a Dell XPS 410 with Windows XP media center edition. My provider is Verizon DSL. There are 2 other computers in the house, so we think it's my computer, not the provider. Or is it?
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weeweewee london

I was thinking hypothetically with my boyfriend today. Let's say I go to London for college, and he wants to go to London too. I have EU citizenship... were I to marry him, how difficult would it be for him to get the citizenship? What kind of processes would we need to undergo? Would it be easier than him getting a VISA?

Do students coming from Florida, but with a passport from the Netherlands need to pay for med. school in London? I heard residents don't.... but no idea what USA/Holland dual citizens would need to pay.

Anyone's opinions on moving out of country for college?

What's the warmest place in London? The one with the biggest music scene? Would people make fun of me for being American?
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Hey TQC, inspired by the Hofstra rape thing..

what's the worst thing you've heard of happening in the dorm of a college/university? sex or non-sex related.

At my university there have been football trains in the dorm lounges (as in the entire football team does a girl or two together in quick succession). I also found out today that there is a known "club" of skeezy guys on campus (called the douchebag squad or something) who do this thing they call hit and switch- where they trade girls in the middle of sex.

It makes me wonder what the heck I'm missing out on by living off of campus. It never seems that wild when I'm visiting friends.
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Question! May be tl;dr

I met my boyfriend online. We met and hit it off immediately and things have been amazing since. It's about as perfect as it could be, we're both so compatible and I couldn't envision a better relationship. It's been around 8 months.

I stopped signing on the website, didn't delete my profile, but took off my pictures and any info about myself. I kind of forgot about the site altogether. A few months back, my friend said she registered on the website because of how well it has gone for me and I signed on to look up her profile. I noticed my boyfriend was still signing on. Not frequently, maybe once or twice a month. I thought eh whatever, no big deal. He'll stop eventually. Well today I got that weekly email from the site and curiousity got the best of me and I signed on to see when the last time he signed on was. About a week ago.

Is this weird? It bugs me a little. I have no issues with him otherwise. We're very much in love with one another and we (as in he says this too) believe there is no way either of us could ever find anyone better for ourselves. He's the one that brought up us living together in the future, and we mentioned it almost everyday we talk like "We can do that when we live together". So, should I be concerned? In my opinion, if he's happy with me there isn't any reason for him to sign on and I kind of want to casually bring it up saying "So, do you ever sign on that website?" to see what he says. I held off earlier because I thought he'd stop, but he hasn't. I want to guess maybe he signs on when he gets the email because that's the reason I was prompted to sign on...but the email is nothing but a reminder that you have an account and you have to go out of your way to log on.

Am I being a paranoid girlfriend or do I have reason to be legitimately concerned?

Anddddd, what's the last thing you got annoyed with?
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i haven't got class tomorrow so i've got 2 options for tonight, TQC:

1. catch up on missed work, clean up room for inspection this weekend and fall asleep sober and alone. no dinner :(
2. go to a friends house with boyfriend, chill, smoke, play poker, sleep over, have food. 

which one? 

Smoky hallway

Cause these posts amuse me

Edit: For option 3 in question 1, it should be Bigg-Johnson

Poll #1459068 The married name game for the ladies

Hypothetical: your maiden name is Bigg. Your fiance's name is Johnson. What will your married name be?


Same as above except your name is Swallows and your fiance is Sieman.


Same as above except your name is Beau. Your fiance's last name is Caulky.


Same as above except your last name is Harry. Your fiance's name is Buttz


This question is a little different. Your last name was Sect and your fiance's last name was Shuall, and just for amusement, you took the last name Sect-Shuall. Now, you're pregnant and your fiance's favorite uncle just passed away and he's heartbroken. He wants to name your unborn son after his uncle. His uncle's name was Homer. What will your son's name be?

Homer Sect
Homer Shuall
Something else besides Homer. I'm not in Springfield and it's a lousy name
Homer Sect-Shuall
Evil Me

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Do you think that $1.35 is "a lot of money" for six boxes of matches?

Why in the name of hell would someone pay for something that's $1.35 separately from the rest of their grocery order? $1.35? REALLY?

It's the end of the world as you know it...

If you knew the world was going to end in 24 hours, but no one else did...

1. What would you do on your last day on earth?
2. Would you inform your loved ones and friends?
3. Would you try and inform the general public?
4. In the last 60 minutes/1 hour, what would you do?

For all sakes and purposes, let's say you got your information from extremely good sources and you believe fully that it's right and we're all fucked. There's no doubt in your mind

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Let me preface this by saying I love a good conspiracy theory and also I am naturally suspicious, so I come to you to get your thoughts.

There is a sandwich shop, on a main road that opened about 10 months ago.

1. This place claims on their door to be open from 9am to 7pm each day, but more often than not when you get there during those hours they are closed.

2. Their prices are about 40% cheaper than other sandwich shops in the area.

3. You go there at 11.50am on a Thursday and they are open. You order and they get the sandwich fillings from the fridge and start doing stuff like slicing the tomatoes etc., (ie. the fillings aren't pre-organised.) There is also no menu board, rather there is a photocopied flyer from which you make your selection.

4. Your order comes to $5.90. You give them a $20. The guy opens the register and there is a grand total of $4 in the register. Then he asks if you have anything smaller, you say no, He goes to his pocket and he only has another $2. He then shrugs and says "I can't change a $20, it's my bad, your sandwich is on the house.".

Am I the only person thinking this place is a "front" for something else? Or am I overreacting?
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WTF is going on with LA Ink?

I like to see the story behind peoples tattoos but the whole show consists of tattoos getting done & Kat and her homies dissing Aubrey. If Aubrey pisses them off so much and sucks at being a shop manager why don't they just fire the bitch already?

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I really like this guy, but he is a horrible kisser. Which is usually a deal breaker for me.
Everyone I talk to about it says I should just "show him how". I don't understand how this is possible.
He is overly eager and tends to pounce on me, and swallows my face.

How should I go about this without having a horribly awkward conversation on the fact that his make-out skills are appalling?

I don't want this to be a lost cause.


And for fun...

What is the weirdest/ dumbest think someone has said to you during sex?

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so, my little sister's being pretty ridiculous. she's so desperate to lose weight that she's only been eating a small snack each day - usually a handful of walnuts, cheese and crackers at most.

she's convinced that it's working because she's losing water weight, and refuses to listen to me when i say that the weight she's losing isn't going to stay off. she's not even fat - maybe a little chubby, but still in fairly good shape.

how can i convince the girl to eat a fucking hamburger and stop being an idiot, TQC?

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You are standing alongside a lake, and you have just murdered someone you love.
You are in a daze, still in shock, full of emotion and adrenalin.
The loved one is not necessarily in the lake, but they could be.

You are staring at the lake and its surroundings.
How would you describe it (the water, the sky, the land around the lake) , in the mind state of a murderer?

Edit: I know this sounds like a homework assignment or something but its not. I want to start writing creatively again, and I'm looking for some... inspiration I guess. I don't plan on writing with this scene/prompt... I just thought it was interesting.

Computer/Microsoft Office Trouble

So due to my laptop recently screwing itself royally, I had to reinstall Windows. Everything's fine, except that with Microsoft Office (Word in particular), which comes installed on the hard drive, it's treating the program like a trial. When I first got the laptop a few years back, it didn't act like this when I used it for the first time (if I remember correctly).

Apparently the only product keys I have are A) the trial key for Office and B) the product key for Office One Note.

I really, really need to be able to use Word, and I can't buy a whole new subscription to it. Even now, during the trial period, it's got limited features that make it unusable to me.


What could be wrong with my wireless Internet?

We have three computers in our home that all connect to wireless internet. Mine is the only computer that has problems. Sometimes the internet on my computer stops working for no reason, and when I check the internet on another computer it works. I know that I have the correct password for the wireless and I know that my computer isn't too far away from the router because once when it wasn't working I tried using it right next to the router and it still didn't work. It did work when I plugged it into the modem, though. Usually when the internet stops working it either comes back on by itself or I mess around with the modem (even though I never need to do this for the other computers' internet to work) and then it starts working again.

What could be the deal here? If it makes any difference the other two computers are PCs and mine is a Mac.
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1. What books do you think should be required reading in schools? (Or not required just recommended.)

2. What are the best movies you watched in school that you wouldn't have watched otherwise?

For both I basically mean really great movies and books that all kids (up to high school) should watch or read but probably wouldn't find and watch/read on their own if it wasn't forced on them by their teachers or parents. They don't have to be great literature or anything, just good books that you enjoyed at the time.
Collapse )

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Does it royally piss you off when people repeatedly make noises in a classroom or other generally quiet, need-to-pay-attention areas?

Coughing. Sniffling. Texting. It makes me fucking CRAZY.

How can I stop getting so pissed off about it??

I actually wouldn't mind some srs suggestions (especially from anyone who has ADD), since I think part of my crazy annoyance stems from that. I actually left my math class once because the guy behind me kept letting off these extremely abrupt, ear-piercing, throat-clearing single coughs. I wanted to kick him in the face on the way out.