September 16th, 2009

Paradigm Shift

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I may have feelings for a friend of mine. We've spent a lot of time together recently. With friendships-turn-romance, I fear that the relationship may not last that long and the friendship will be compromised. However, a relationship based on friendship may have some additional longevity. So, blah blah blah conflict.

The shoe's on your foot now. Would you take a friendship to the next level or keep it intact and insulated against breakup?

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i'm going to an I.D parade in the morning, what will happen?

where are you?

what was the last thing that passed your lips?

are you happy with how much you weigh?

are you racist?

sorry these are random, i'm so sleepy.

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If you were me and taking a Social Psych class, and had to sign up tomorrow for a group presentation on one of these people and their current research, which of these two would you choose? These are the two I'm most interested in of the six or seven choices.

David A Dunning -- accuracy and illusion in human judgment; how, and when, people's perceptions of themselves and their surroundings differ from an objectively definable reality.

Dan Gilbert -- ordinary personology (how people make inferences about the internal states and traits of others); human credulity (why people tend to believe what they should not); affective forecasting (how and how well people predict their emotional reactions to future events).

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Are you still friends with the people you were 3 years ago?
How do you feel about that?

Are you still friends with the people you were in Highschool?
If not do you still talk to them atleast?
How do you feel about that?

Where did you meet most of your friends?

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Have you ever had roommate troubles? Will you tell me your story?

My roommate is super super super nice and I really like her. HOWEVER, she does REALLY annoying things. Like answer/talk on the phone while I'm sleeping, leave Teddy Grahams everywhere (ew), and use my laptop without asking (and then leave it turned on all day). And the other day her nasty-ass used shower cap was on the desk where I do my hair, and I have no idea how it got there. Hmmmm. Now that I type it out, she sounds really bad. But she is so nice that I don't know how to tell her! Humdeedum my life stinks.

Tell me your roommate stories so I can feel better about my crappy situation. Because hearing about other people's crappy situations always makes us feel better, right?

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People you've had crushes on?

A friend
A friend's significant other
Friend's sister/brother
Cousin/other relative
Bank teller/supermarket bagger/some other service industry person you frequented often
Bartender/bouncer/waitress at your favorite bar/restaurant
Cartoon character
Sibling's SO
Stripper/exotic dancer
Someone you'd see often on public transportation on way to school/work
None of the above

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Ugh, I need help, TQC.

All my comms on LJ look weird. In the posts, the comments are all showing up like they're single comments instead of in threads like usual. WTF is up with that, and how do I fix it?

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why is there ONE girl who is getting everything i want, from the job to the apartment to the boy?? is it just a coincidence or is she living my happy, fulfilled life in a parallel universe?

Dear Quarterlife Crisis..

Indulge my neuroses for a moment if you will.

A) Where do you find your motivation?

I find that after accommodating my wife's school and work schedule, (driving her to and from, she doesn't have a license, and even if she did, I need my car for work / we can't afford a 2nd car) working full time (evenings) and going to school part time (finishing Uni this year FINALLY) I just don't have energy to do anything constructive with my spare time.
I should be: Getting exercise, cooking healthy meals, cleaning/doing chores, playing guitar, writing.. Those kind of things, but at the end of the day, I have a hard time finding the energy to do any of it. This situation is giving me anxiety.

B) What am I doing wrong?

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So, I've been researching getting a cat.
I know cats shouldn't have corn and wheat gluten, and that they need a certain amount of protein, with some fat and a little fiber.
I was mostly wondering do cats like different flavors?
How do you know what they like?
Should you feed them the same flavor food every day?

I was thinking of having a basic every day dry food, and then feeding different canned food flavors for dinners.
Would the different canned flavors be a bad idea?

Edit - I have obviously never owned a cat, and my parents/family have never owned a cat while I've been alive. I'm trying to research this cat business as best I can before I take the plunge :)

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My gum no longer tastes like mint, but it does smell like mint.

So, my question -

Do you think it still has a minty flavor and my mouth has just gotten used to it, or that it really doesn't have any more flavor and is just minty scented?
macaroni murder lady

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What consideration would you show to a roommate/housemate who was sick - demonstrably sick, not just "has a headache"? How much would you be inclined to take care of them, or ignore them until they specifically asked for something?
Roommate in question is not a romantic interest but is a close friend.

What do you put in your eggnog?

ETA: How often are you tempted to post a question to which the obvious answer is, "Tell your psychiatrist/therapist, not tqc!" How often do you post this question anyway?

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So today I am going to apply to several restaurants to be a server (they're all casual grill-type places). What should I wear? In addition to the application, should I bring copies of my resume to give the managers as well?
True Blood: I am God

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There's a knock on the door/ring on the bell, but you aren't expecting anyone. Do you answer, or do you pretend you're not at home?

For the sake of this question, the person at the door won't be able to tell if you're home or not, and they're visiting in daylight hours.

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My boyfriend woke me up this morning and when I jumped up cause he scared me, he asked me "why do you always wake up so jerky" (meaning like when he says my name or touches me, it startles me and i jump).

how do you wake up if a person or alarm is waking you up?

Book Search

I'm scouring the internet, looking for a book I saw in a store once or twice. I'm going to try and describe it and maybe see if anyone here can point me in the right direction!

It's a really cute, well-illustrated book a lot like one of these.  It's filled with colorful illustrations and not a whole lot of text.  But instead of being about pregnancy or home ownership, it's a huge manual with a big assortment of advice and diagrams (everything from what type of wine to pair with what type of meat to measurement conversion charts).  I've tried googling for all sorts of things: "general illustrated guidebook", "illustrated manual", all sorts of permutations of those words.

So, thequestionclub, do you know what book I'm talking about (or how I could go about finding it?  Thanks in advance! 

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So, I'm done with school at 11:20am this morning, and I have nothing planned for the rest of the day. Laying in bed at home all day sounds depressing, but I can't really spend any money.

So. What should I do today?

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do any of you guys do odd job things for money? etsy, occasional freelance graphic design, tutoring?
how much do you make?
is it worth it, monetarily, or is it just for your enjoyment?

i have to babysit while my sister works part-time, otherwise i'd be like "sup mcdicks".

i know a graphic design career isn't an odd job; i spent the last 6 months doing it full-time. i mean doing it on the side of school or another job.
4 worlds

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In light of the Kanye West furore...

What's the worst music video you know?

I just discovered Scooter. One of the comments on this video states: "BTW to all who dont know Scooter is the group name, H. P. Baxxter is the guy who looks like a german cross between Billy Idol and Eminem and does all the lyrics"

(I'd embed, but the function's been disabled).

A close second to this video must be Scooter's "How Much is the Fish?!"
(Which starts with the lyrics: "Transforming the Jews..." Wat? EDIT: "Transforming the tunes..." ). Apparently this was their breakthrough song in Belgium. It's techno btw.

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Do you have any tattoos? What do you have and where is it located? What does it mean/represent?

Do you want a tattoo? What do you want, where, why, etc...

If these do not apply to you, what's the last movie you watched? Did you like it?

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Help us solve a debate.

I was sitting on the deck in my grandma's lawn chairs. (Not the cheap, plastic kind but nice ones.) She is just moving in, so they were stacked two high.
She yelled at me that I would break them stacked up.
I feel like they are stronger stacked.
Who's right?

Have you ever submitted a myth to Mythbusters?
Did they do it?
Can you think of an awesome myth that Mythbusters should try out?
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When's the last time a food place messed up your order somehow? How?

I was at Arby's earlier and got a gyro. They put BBQ seasoning on it instead of the gyro seasoning. Gyro sauce + BBQ seasoning = absolutely disgusting. :(
Baro Bitch Stare

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Do you like pickles? Which kind of pickles are your favorite? (I only eat sweet pickles)

Do you use relish?

Favorite kind of bread to use to make a sandwich?
devon ramen

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TQC, the housemate horror continues.

so i was planning on moving out in 2 weeks. it was my fault not telling my housemate that i was planning on doing so earlier until i secured a place. she said she won't give me my bond money ($800) back due to short notice and it would go to paying the empty rent.
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when i said all this, she had nothing else to say but "you just dont get it." "it's for my security". she refuses to answer WHERE the money will go and still refuses to give me the bond money. WHY? what else can i do, TQC? 

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Recently, some cities (including the one where I live) have passed laws banning people from soliciting funds at traffic intersections.  This law was originally aimed at panhandlers, but extended to “charities” as well that commonly set up at busy intersections and raise money for their programs.   Where I live, the law has been amended to allow local firefighters to still use this fundraising approach but still excludes all others, including the homeless, from approaching vehicles.   It was stated that safety concerns were the primary reason for enacting the law and that firefighters could handle themselves just fine at busy traffic intersections.

What are your thoughts on this subject and do you feel that the city is opening itself up to lawsuits for excluding firefighters from the law? 

wake me up

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Why is it that when I try to book a flight to Atlantic City, the site will show me flights to and from Philadelphia? I tried two sites with two different departing airports near me and it always shows me prices to Philadelphia instead.

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Since I just came back from a dental appoitment:

1. Do you see the dentist twice a year?
2. Do you floss everyday?
3. If you said yes to number 2, come on, how often do you REALLY floss?
4. Do you have/have you ever had any cavities? How many?
5. What's the most extensive/painful dental procedure you've had done?
6. Do you have nice, pretty teeth or nasty, jacked-up, box-of-Crayon-looking teeth?
7. Will you show us your teeth?

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What do you think is the most biased news station/news broadcast?
What do you think is the most objective and informative news station/news broadcast?
What television or radio source do you usually get news from?
Surgical mask

"because you're young and funky"

A social services umbrella group I'm doing an internship with at the moment want to get me to investigate avenues of advocacy using facebook and twitter, because I'm young and apparently that means I know about all these new fangled web interfaces. PSST, TQC, I HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA.

So... ideas?

What kind of advocay stuff can one do through these means?

How can one promote onesself?

What other group's ideas can I rip off?

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1)why are you doomed?

I'll be the last person in my class to get a job. *graduation: 1 month ago*

2)why are you anxious?


3)Why are you in despair?

Because the internet has left me in despair!

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I only want to work out my butt, so that my butt gets totally huge and awesome. Do you know of any DVDs or YouTube videos that ONLY DO BUTTS? I was doing some exercises I found but it really only felt like my thighs were getting the burrrn and my thighs are huge enough already.
girls » barbie

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What are some foods you eat methodically, and what is methodical about how you eat them?
Skittles: I eat one of each color at a time. When I am out of a color, I throw the remaining skittles out.

Do you keep an IRL journal? If so, do you write different things in it than you write in your LJ? How does it differ?
I do. Yes, it's more of a place to ramble about various ideas and things that if I started trying to post on LJ, I would more than likely close the tab before I was finished. Also, I doodle and take important notes in there.

Have you ever been recruited to sell Mary Kay? Did you give in and start ~consulting~ or were you able to escape their vice-like grip?
This lady is trying to recruit me now and it ain't happening. IDGAF if I get 50% off the products--I don't wear MK at all.

What was your favorite movie as a kid? (I know you switch out and go through phases but I'm talking the one that seemed to recur most often)
Disney's Aladdin and Miramax's Emma


When you have to pick your nose do you use a tissue or just a finger?

Gel, paste or powder toothpaste? Tube or other dispenser?

Do you like mix it yourself* peanut butter? Ever used powdered peanut butter? How did that work out?

ETA: The kind that has the oil on top and you mix it up before use. Usually marked "natural".
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Mortal Combat by hxcfairy

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what do you think of a landlord texting their tenant(s)?

my landlord texts us and i think it's wildy inappropriate of him.

does anyone know a cartoon about a ninja with a fro?

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You're naked with another person and you're fully engaged, when a distraction occurs. What would you respond to during sex?

Incoming phone call
Pet scratching at door wanting to be let inside
CD skipping in the background (from your 'love tracks')
Interesting or funny segment from the tv program on in the background (you either laugh or sit up and listen)
Smell of fresh poop from the cat's sandbox (it's a smelly one)
Emergency vehicle siren slowing down on your block. You get up and look
Car alarm coming from directly outside your home. You get up and look
You see a spider crawling up the wall behind your SO
Your SO passes gas during intercourse and it's a raunchy fart. You stop to fan the air
Nothing can pull me away from locomotive libido, which is barreling towards the station of O-town
YAY Congo Club Bernie

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Why do I feel motivated to work on a 12 page research paper for one of my classes? It's not due until mid-November and I usually wait until right before things like this are due to throw them together.
mtn, girl

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do you know of a legit free or cheap virus/spyware protection program?

have you ever tasted green/white coffee? It is coffee that hasn't been roasted. out of brewed coffee, it would have the most caffeine because the longer the roast, the less caffeine...
but would it still taste like what we know as coffee if it isn't roasted?

Gossip Huh?

I am in the middle of watching my first episode of Gossip Girl and I'm sort of confused. Ok, the fashion is crazy amazing and I wasn't expecting a plot, but this blonde girl, Serena? Why is she famous? Her family is clearly wealthy, but is that it?

Is there a real life version of a Serena? A teenager who isn't in entertainment at all, but gets followed through Europe by American cameras?

I'm so confused.


I have a 16 year old cousin who has been dating her 21 year old co-worker. The only people that knew were her brothers and her mother but her father didn't find out until recently.

Last Thursday she decided to run away with her boyfriend, she didn't come home all day so her parents called the police. The police did all they could do I guess but couldn't locate them. It wasn't until Saturday that she finally called and her older brother convinced her to come home.

She came home and she's worst than she was before, she's just waiting for another opportunity to leave again(with her BF) and she refuses to go to school. Apparently the police don't want to arrest her boyfriend because her mom allowed the relationship to go on and my cousin says that after 10th grade no one can force her to go to school, is this true?

I wanted to ask if it's right for the police to let this man free? Without even caring if they're having sex or not. My cousins BF has tried to run away previously with a 14 yr old but thankfully the 14 yr olds parents were able to stop her so the police was never involved. Oh also he is in the country illegally, normally I would not care but he is ruining my little cousins life. I know she's at fault as well but he's almost six years older than her.

This is in California btw. I really want to help my family out but I don't even know where to start. I would appreciate any help or just a point to the right direction.

Windows Messenger Problem

The past couple days whenever I try to sign into msn messenger it wont let me sign in and a pop-up keeps showing up saying a new verison is available which really isn't new as it's been available for months where you could go and update messenger on your own. Now I've downloaded the newest windows live messenger a couple of months ago and it wouldn't let me sign in, I uninstalled it  and now the same thing is happening again.

Is anyone else having this problem or is it just me?
hate pimentos

maybe I'm late to the party.

If homosexuality being inborn is what makes it acceptable, why does racism being inborn not make racism acceptable?

eta; sorry, I thought a lot more people had heard about this little slice of bullshit than apparently has.  Rush Limbaugh said this, NOT me.  Not a Limbaugh fan.  Flipping out about this quote, quite honestly, but I thought it was everywhere by now.  THIS IS NOT MY IDEA, I SWEAR.
eat some sushi get fat

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Inter Milan vs. Barca champion's league group F opener was a draw. True or false? Did you watch? How was the game?

If you didn't watch, what season premier were you/are you most excited about?

If you don't watch TV, what's the best book you've read lately?

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you live with your SO and don't pay rent. you buy some groceries and cook sometimes and sometimes watch the kids. you don't clean anything. your SO drives you everywhere because you don't have a license. your SO has no money until friday and uses some of your change (that you have rolled up and put away in a jar) to buy gas. ($32) do you consider this stealing?

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My doggy is coming to my mom's with me for Turkey Day. This is a ~14 hour drive from where I live. Tips for taking such a long road trip with my doggy, specifically how to make it not totally awful for her? (Note: I will not be stopping except for short bathroom breaks; otherwise I'll be plowing straight through.)

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Is the weather bipolar where you are, too, or is it just here?
It's been gorgeous for a day or two and then grey for the next two days, and then back to gorgeous. Today has been quite grey.

How do your dishes get washed? Machine/handwashing, what soap, etc.

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How do you feel about using the moving images of dead people for advertising?

ETA: sorry I was eating and in my haste was unclear.

Ads using dead famous people movie or music stars that in real life never even saw the product their likeness is being used to sell.

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I moved from the Bay Area of California to Toledo, Ohio. What are some laws that I should know about that are different?

I tried to compare the laws in California and Ohio via google but I can't find anything that well compares them or compares them for free.

Any laws, from sodomy to pedestrian right of way. Even if they are stupid laws.

What are some of your favorite/least favorite laws in your area if you can't help?

If you don't care about laws, what was the first legal alcoholic drink you had?

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I'm in the process of filling out an application to work at the front desk of a hotel that's opening here soon.

I don't have much work experience at all. The only things I could use and write down were a quick job I had for a week (I made invitations, took down RSVPs, and made phone calls for some fancy banquet that was coming up--so I didn't get fired, the job was just..over) and an unpaid internship I had for 5 months. Both jobs were for the same company. However, this was way back in late 2004/early 2005.

Will they even bother with my application since I don't have much of anything? And if they do and I get an interview, would they ask about why I haven't worked since then/why I've never had a "real" job? I don't want them to think I'm a bum or don't have any drive, you know?

Also, when I drop off the application, should I include a resume or anything? I'm only 20 and once again, don't have much experience, so I don't know if there is a point for a resume. But I thought it might make me stand out. I don't know much about this guys, but I really need this job.

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I'm at the tail end of (another) meltdown. Can you post links for internet puzzle games (not like, jigsaw puzzles) that don't require a whole lot of thinking? I need to take my mind off things. :| Or, pictures of your pets? Cute animals? Anything?
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i'm 18 & a senior in HS, and apparently look a lot older than i actually am. ever since freshmen year i've been mistaken for a teacher on countless occasions, and at my old job most of my coworkers thought i was in my last year or so of college until i mentioned going to HS. :/

i know it should be ~*flattering*~ and all but it really makes me a little upset. i shop at the same places most of my friends do for clothes, wear make-up, etc., so i don't know why people are mistaking me for a 30+ yea old teacher. it might be because of my height (5'10), but since when does tall = old?

so, how can i make myself look younger?

if you don't know/care about the tl;dr, how old do most people think you look?

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what is this kind of hair pin called?
i am looking to buy some (the large to medium sized ones not the bobby pin sized ones) in metal only (no plastic - my hair is too thick and long)
do you know a place that sells them?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Which would you choose?

a. part-time paid internship in your field that has little to do with your future goals. (with a few more hours per week than your job now, plus most likely pays a little more)

b. part-time unpaid internship in your field that is exactly what you want to do in the future and will be valuable experience + part time min wage paid job (unrelated to field, just paying the bills).

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So my sister got a littering ticket for throwing a cigarette butt out the window of her friends car. She has just started living in the town where she got the ticket. She is going to go to court and plead guilty and hope she can explain and get off. What would you do if you were in this situation?

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I have a really stupid question for you!

How do cats know how to use a litter box?
Do you have to train them?
Is is magic?

I know you have to train dogs to go outside, but I don't know about cats.
eknock, Ash

Clinique & Dior. Added bonus of cats!

So my birthday is coming up on Tuesday, and I'm heading up to the bay (it will specifically be that store, as I get a discount :) ) to splurge on Clinique (it's gift with purchase time, YAY!). I've asked beauty101 this before, but thought I'd ask you ladies (and gents!)

What is your favourite clinique products? Is the three step system really worth the money? I use clinique's foundation (super balanced) and their lipstick- LOVE.

So talk to me about their products. ;)

As for Dior... is their iconic/that family of mascaras worth the cash?

ETA: I have crazy oily skin. :(

Why is it my cats will wait until I close the door before wanting in? Also, why do they STOP AND STARE AT ME, WHILE I HOLD THE DOOR OPEN?!

... -Coughs-

Trying for this to make sense

My professor gave us a schedule of what we'll be talking about in class and the readings we'll need to do at home. It looks like this:
Thursday 9/17________Apples_______________________Pages 8-19

Now...the textbook starts on the day of the first class. So am I to assume that it's the homework for the corresponding date or what needs to be read for that class?

Does anyone else always get confused by this?

*I'll be asking tomorrow...just curious.

Do you have club promoters at school?
Why do they skip over me when handing stuff out? Do they skip over you?

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TQC, you're good at techno-computer shit right?

I deleted a duplicate song from my iTunes library, and then
this Sophos shit popped up. All six messages say the same thing.
I Googled "buffer overflow" but I don't understand it at all. What's happening and how do I fix it? No more messages are popping up, but last time Sophos freaked out like this, I had the Vundo virus and my laptop got reformatted twice in the course of three weeks.

ETA: Another Sophos thing popped up and I tried to PrntScrn it and went to open paint and this Windows Police Pro shit showed up and I don't know what it is but I've never seen it before and I've closed it six times but it won't go away. HOW DO I FIX THIS OMG? This better not be some trojan bullshit again. I will kill some bitches.

A little pop-up bubble says there's a spyware infection on my computer. But it's coming from the Windows Police Pro thing I don't recognize. AHHHHHHHHHHH!

ETA2: Okay, I think I fixed it. For now, atleast. Ugh.
sad girl

perro lipigas?

Can anyone from a Spanish speaking country (I'm guessing Mexico?) tell me who Perro Lipigas is? It appears to be a long-haired chihuahua who sings about propane? I randomly became his fan on Facebook and am intrigued to know what he's about.

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Dear Tee Cuse,

Does anyone else feel like they feel worse when they sleep as much as they need to?

If I get my 9 hours I usually feel worse or equal to getting like 5. If I get more than 9 I usually need coffee to become awake.

ETA: For those who also always feel tired to some degree, do you know why?

I have explored a lot of possibilities and supplements but I'm still not sure.
HP love


What do you think should necessarily be done with nude photos of a partner after the break-up?

Should they be destroyed/handed over immediately, or should that decision be left to the recipient of the photos?

Would you ask for any such photos of you back in this situation?

I'm not asking for me, by the way. Just wondering what people think.

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My throat has felt weird all day. It was very, very mildly sore (I mean barely even noticeably sore) the past few days, but I attributed it to allergies because it's been raining a lot here lately. My tonsils started to feel dry last night, and have continued to feel like that today. My throat isn't sore anymore, but the tonsils still feel dry. I just looked at them and from what I can tell, they look a little bit swollen and I think I see white spots on them. D:

I've taken my temperature a few times. It's been varying; it was 97.8 earlier in the day, then it was 99.1, and after I moved around a little bit, it's now 98.2. I'm sure it'll go up in a little bit, and come back down again. I don't feel bad at all, really, other than the dry tonsils. But the white spots?! I know it's a sign of tonsillitis or strep, right? Dr LJ, what do you think? 

**If I feel worse tomorrow, I'll be going to the doctor. Just wanted to know some opinions.

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I hate the college I'm at right now. This place isn't for me and I cannot relate to most of the people here. I'm getting involved and stuff but what can I do to resist from trasnferring (even though the parents aren't even thinking about letting me consider)?