September 15th, 2009

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If you have an iPod or some other type of mp3 player, what's the capacity on it and how much space are you actually using up?

If this doesn't apply, do you wear hats? If so, what kind?
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Have you got any famous/semi famous/people related to famous people on your Facebook?

I've just come across loads of incriminating pictures of Sean Bean's daughter, haha I forgot I had her.


I fell off a wall on Friday night and my right ankle has ached to high heaven ever since, limping everywhere still- should I go and get it x-rayed, or suck it up and be a trooper?


1. Are you a man or woman?

2. Do you shave your armpits? Why?

3. Do you shave your legs? Why?

4. Do you shave your genitals? Why?

5. Do you think it is gross/unsightly/strange for women to not shave their legs and/or armpits?

6. What do you like your romantic partner to shave (if anything)?

***substitute wax/nair/laser/whatever for shaving if you wish.
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Trying to track down a movie

There was a movie I caught a couple minutes of several years ago, and I want to find it.

What I remember is there was extreme cold weather.  From what I understand it was major, and rapid, climate change rather than simply a really bad storm.  There were hints of famine setting in.  Part of it was set at a school that was falling apart, students had to be bundled up in heavy winter clothes.  They went to a McDonalds, or some fictional imitation.  I think it was set in Chicago, but I'm not sure.  There was a prominent black actor, I want to say Morgan Freeman, but I'm not sure.  I think he was the principle.  I think I remember a murder happening at McDonalds, but I'm not certain of that. 

It was rapid change, but not so rapid an event as Day After Tommorow.  Noone freezing in seconds or other such silliness.  

I want to watch this whole movie, but I'm having trouble identifying it.  I suppose it could have been an Outer Limits episode or something of the sort, but picture quality suggested it was filmed in the 80's, possibly early 90s.  Of course, that could have just been a TV that was on the way out.

Anyone got any ideas?

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If someone is online really early in the morning/ late at night do you have any pre-judgements about them (even though you are too)?

What about if someone is online on the weekends?

Do you/ would you let your friends have sex in your bed? explain?

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I've been finding myself with a lot of time of my hands, lately, so I've decided to take up cooking as a hobby.
So far I've made chili, burgers and deviled eggs.

What is something fairly simple and delicious that I should cook?

I usually like salty or spicy things, but tell me all of your ideas, anyway.


If someone said that the "political elites are deciding who our candidates should be" in state and federal elections, who would you suppose they're referring to? I thought I knew what the word meant (election season is still fresh) but perhaps not anymore. Disregarding whether you agree with the idea, who do you think the "political elites" might be?

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If you were my car keys, where would you be?

Last saw them on Sunday when we came home. Help?

ETA: Omg TQC, I checked the car thinking they were still in there... they were sitting on our front lawn a few feet away from the car. I think that solves the mysterious "Why did someone ring our doorbell 8 times yesterday"? too...

Another question - What colors are you wearing today?
Big girl panties


Those of you that are attracted to females: what kind of panties do you like on a woman?

Those of you that are attracted to males: what kind of underwear do you like on a man?

All of you: What do you wear?

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Have you seen any form-filling examples that makes you get (even more) confused about how to fill the forms?

I have a form that says Date (D/M/Y), but as the example, it gives 09/17/08. As far as I know, most years only go up to 12 months =(.

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I'm moving later this month and making a list of all of the places I need to notify. So far, my list includes the DMV, post office, my insurance companies, my bank, my workplace and the utilities companies. Who am I forgetting to notify?

How many times have you moved in your life? I'm on my fourth move.

Halloween Party

Say you've just been invited to a Halloween party and the theme is 'zombie celebrities' where you have to pick a famous person (or famous character) thats dead OR alive and make them into a zombie.

Who would you go as?
If you wanted to go as a 'couple' with your SO, what celebrities would you and your SO be?
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What is a good habit you have developed?

I pat my hip pocket every morning as I walk out the door, to make sure my keys are there. This saves my ass about once a month when I realize they aren't.

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Inspired by all the research paper questions:

How do you write research papers? Do you wait 'til the last minute? Agonize over it all semester? Etc?

I typically would find and print all my sources really early in the timeframe. Then I'd just read through them, high-lighting the things that I needed. Then I wouldn't touch or think about it 'til about two days before the paper was due, at which point I would sit down with my printed sources, and read them while typing without even hardly looking at the screen. A few hours later, voila, paper is done. Almost instinctively...easy.
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~hypothetical situation~

your best friend and her parents are going on a cruise and invite you to come along. it will cost about $450 which is really out of your budget at the moment. your friend's parents offer to pay your way. would you feel weird about accepting this?

if it makes a difference, you two have been friends for 10 years and you used to stay at their house all the time, you've been on vacations with the family before, etc.
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What does “cowgirl up” mean?

Have you ever eaten dandelions?

What will I like most if I move from California to Pennsylvania? What will I like least if I move from California to Pennsylvania?

Is being a political moderate cooler than it was a few years ago? Is being a political extremist cool or uncool?

Have I asked too many questions in one post?

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how would you feel about a college history course where you did worksheets in class almost every single day, watched documentaries once a week, and didn't really have much lecture?

it's making me feel like i'm in high school again. >: (

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I'm getting my nails done today, for the first time in forever. ladies, if you get your nails done, do you get designs, french tips, or just color?
what should i get?

if you don't get your nails did/boys: whats a recipe that you have to spend days on to get it just right?  (spaghetti for me, takes 3 days to get the sauce perfect).

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In your area..
Is it legal to reserve a parking space in front of somebody's house?
Say if somebody intentionally puts down a folding chair, bucket, or whatever in the street to save the spot, can you legally move the object so you can park in the spot? What can you legally do if the owner demands you move your car?

Getting a job

I recently applied for a job whose description made it seem like a very straightforward cashiering job - ringing up customers, cash handling, doing returns, and that's it. I specified on the application that I could work any hours that the store is open, seven days a week, and was interested in part-time, full-time, and/or temporary work. I've had cashiering duties at about four other jobs. I don't know why they wouldn't want to hire me since I exceed all of their qualifications, but I have a feeling I'll never hear from them again.

Is there anything I can do to increase my odds of getting the job? Normally I would just call them to tell them I'm very interested, but when I was filling out the application at their career center another applicant came in to follow up on her application and the guy just told her "don't call us, we'll call you," basically, so that doesn't seem to be an option.

Is sitting tight the only thing I can do right now?

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What movie should I watch today?

American Psycho
Let The Right One In
The Boy In The Striped Pajamas
Another one that I'll tell you about in the comments

Whoops, I thought I had a lot more movies on my computer that I haven't already seen.

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My 365 project is reaching the point where i'm getting stumped for ideas (only 107 days left!). So i'm turning to you crazy creative people! What themes, ideas or specific things would you like to see me photograph??
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I'm a Windows Vista user (unfortunately), and I'm looking for a decent calendar application. I have the full version of Rainlender and I just don't find it useful. I'm looking for something that has easy-add events, and easy-scroll months. Does something like this exist?! If not, is there a website where I can suggest such a thing, and have a programmer make it?!

Alternately, when is that last time you ate meat?
March of this year :)

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Is there a trend you follow when you get music, movies or images?

For example if any of them has any mention of winter or any snow related images (excluding christmas things usually)...I must have it.

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3 or 4 months ago I introduced an acquaintance to a friend in a pub. (I have a large group of friends and acquaintances, and everyone sort of knows of everyone else. I do not know this acquaintance particularly well, but some of his friends I do).
They were casually seeing each other for a while but stopped because she was also shagging other people and he wanted a monogamous relationship.
She has worked as a prostitute before and has recently started 'working' again.
She has also got back with my acquaintance, telling him she won't sleep with anyone else. She cannot see a distinction between having sex for fun and having sex for money.
I think she's a lying cheater and she knows this.
She won't tell him or break it off with him because she doesn't think she's in the wrong. This sickens me.

She's my best (and only real) friend, but she's totally disgusting me by doing this. And she's not completely safe when she 'works' - doesn't always use a dam, condom, takes come in the mouth etc.

What should I do?

Falling Down

Do you think it's funny when people fall down or trip?

Have you ever face-planted?
Yeah, I was walking downhill and tripped on a pine cone. I fell face first into concrete and skinned my hands up. My backpack also smacked me in the back of the head.

Will you tell me funny stories about people falling down or tripping?
I think a staircase at my school is cursed. This one girl was walking down it, missed the last step, and literally crumpled at the bottom of the stairs. Then today, this dude was going up the same flight, tripped and almost fell, but caught himself and did the whole "Oh, I was just going to break into a run, is all!" He's not as smooth as he thinks he is.

Do you have any funny videos of people falling down?
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If you could have anyone back in your life, dead or alive, who would you want back? Why is he/she no longer in your life?

My roommate's boyfriend is dumping her for his ex. What do I do for her?


Oh wise and all-knowing TQC, I need you to settle an issue for me.

Does a handjob that finishes with a few strokes of tongue and a catch still constitute a "handjob" or did it become a "blowjob" the second the mouth became involved?  At what point can you stop calling it a handjob and have to call it a blowjob?

Ponder on that for your afternoon.

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Has anyone you ever known:
Been on COPS?
Been on a reality show?
Been on Unsolved Mysteries?
Dismembered a friends abusive ex-boyfriend?

also, do you have a link to video/news report on any of the above?

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There's a children's book I just thought of that I forget the name and author.  It was basically about a captain of a pirate ship who smells really bad, and after a birthday party or something on the boat (I think) he goes to get new clothes and then his ship mates don't recognize him.  All I remember is how at the birthday party he got "frosting in his pants" and I thought it was the funniest thing I'd ever heard.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?


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I'm about to go pick up some Taco Bell and some beer, then come home, watch Animal House, eat junk food, and get drunk.
(Yeah, I's sad...but it's been a shitty day, so it sounds like a pretty good way to wrap it up to me.)

What are your plans for the night, TQC?
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i need scary things.
what's your favourite scary film? book?

i will like you more if it's creepy/spooky/strange kind of scary, but i will still like you a lot if it's any answer at all.
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how do you revise for exams?

my way has always been to write my notes out in a really neat, easy-to-read format. then i'll rewrite it and rewrite it, gradually making the notes shorter and more succinct. it takes ages to write and rewrite though.

what are your ways? do you learn by listening or through visual aid or just by reading?
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I'm in the bay area, and I'm spending the next four days with my youngest brother. What are some fun things to do with seventeen year old guy with a broken leg? Price isn't an issue. Thanks folks :)
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Should balloons belong at weddings?
What about silk flowers?
ETA: What other things do you think are tacky at weddings?
(No, no (meaning I wouldn't have them at MY wedding, but if that's what they want, whatever), and those liquor luges - not the ones that pour in the glasses, the ones where people put their face up to it - belong at a frat party and are not classy)

Will you tell me a joke?
Do you like Glenn Beck?

chemistry buffs

I know that homework help is against the rules when google can help you... but google, yahoo, msn and my textbook have failed me!

So tell me, how would you name the compound F2O7?

and if you really don't care or hate me for asking this question...

Do you mind going to the movies alone?
peggy hill, king of the hill

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Lets say you like a person called A. You and A spend a lot of time together, "like" each other, and have sex. Then you see recent pictures of A and another person kissing. Although you and A were never exclusive, would this hurt your feelings/make you mad?

Is sparkly nail polish appropriate for girls over the pre-teen age or not?


1. A wise person once told me, "You don't marry/end up living happily ever after with the first person you sleep with." So my question is, what type of relationship do you have with the person you lost your virginity to? (No contact/lost touch, still friends, dating/married etc. etc.)
d20 :: natural 1


What was the last album you acquired for your music collection?

How do you like it? Favorite tracks? Care to describe it at all?
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In a battle of wits who would win:

Rin-tin-tin v. Lassie?

Bugs Bunny v. Donald Duck?

Sarah Palin v. a head of lettuce?

Lady Gaga v. Pink?

Drunk Football Fan v. Drunk Soccer Fan?

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orgasming while sleeping: good thing or bad thing?

This morning I dreamt that I was at an orgy and I was *SOCLOSE* to orgasming but everything kind of fizzled. Then I was all "fuck this shit" and woke up. It was definitely not a fulfilling experience.
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I am heading back to my college town tomorrow for one day.

There is a sushi place that I love and a pizza place that I love. The pizza joint is kind of expensive and the sushi place is relatively cheap. I am only going to be there for lunch so I can only pick one. They're in two completely different places and I'm taking public transit everywhere, so I can't get something at one place and then something from the other.

So what should I have for lunch tomorrow? Pizza or sushi?

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Someone messaged me and asked if I could take a photograph for his bands album cover. He said he'll pay me whatever I ask. What would be a reasonable price to ask? I feel like I'd go WAYYY under what I should ask for.

If you have NO fucking clue: Do you ever go out of your way to be a troll?
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Oy you creative types!

I am making a flyer/poster for a co-op crawl. Can you suggest me some text? Basically we're going round on bikes/in public transport to look at many of the sydney food co-operatives.

Something all... come and be community like and check out other co-ops and ...stuff.

I have a flu and my brain is dead. Why does everyone make out like the flu is nothing? Every thing hurt and my brain felt dead last night - how does anyone do anything when they feel like this?!

What will be the next pandemic?
ha ha

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Why do some people use religion as a excuse to be ignorant?

What one do you like best: Hershey Milk Chocolate, Hershey Dark Chocolate, Krackel, or Mr. Goodbar?

Does a B.A. in Sociology, Social Work, or Psychology typically open up the same job opportunities?

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I was reading an article about how women today have larger breasts compared to the women of yesteryear. Obesity, hormones in livestock and implants were all listed as possible causes for this growth. The average Australian woman wears a D cup.

Why do you think our boobs are getting bigger?

Personally, I think that they're making bras smaller. I swear to god, a current C cup is the equivalent of the A cup from 10 years ago.
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Trying to find some books

A few years ago my friend had these books that were in black and white and had really creepy sketch-ish looking drawings with just as creepy stories. They were targeted towards young readers. I don't remember the names of the books or the author(s), but I'm hoping someone here knows what I'm talking about. Anyone?
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Are there any risks to wearing one of those Thermacare heating pads overnight? The box says to only wear it for 8 hours, but it doesn't say why.

I am having some killer cramps but I need to get some sleep. D: I don't have a regular heating pad, just these disposable ones.

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My penicillin says not to eat for an hour after or three hours before. since I have to take it every 6 hours, that leaves 2 hours gaps when I can eat - (1am-3am, 7am-9am, 1pm-3pm, 7pm-9pm).

What do you think will happen if I eat outside these hours? Will I turn into a werewolf?

Movie Recs?

In the movie Labyrinth, we have a man who is (supposedly) in love with a woman. The man is in a position of power, and is used to having whatever he wants. Rather than the woman falling in love with him, and the happily ever after, she denies him in the end.

Do you know of any movies with a similar theme?
cabaret voltaire

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Are you part of an improv troupe at your school/wherever? I decided to join the improv troupe here despite having no previous experience with it. I'd really like to do at least one performance with them, but being a newcomer I'm not at the point where I can come up with brilliantly funny ideas off the top of my head and all that. Do any improv veterans have advice for a n00b? Will I get better?

And I was wondering, do people from NY own I♥NY shirts or is that only tourists? What do you think of the cities who've ripped off this idea?
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Should I go out with the guy that messaged me over the intranets? He seems kinda cute and sane but he's almost 3 years younger than me. Not big difference but I think boys my OWN age are retarded.