September 14th, 2009


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I'm thoroughly confused.

My best friend has been dating a guy for over two years-- but it's a horrible relationship lacking trust and sober-ness. Now, he's texting me about wanting to make out and saying he's just playing around.

Do I tell my best friend? Or do I shrug it off as him being stoned?

jhflgbfhdjkbskdjhbvgnmfsd. Like, what the hell.
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My house smells like grilled cheese, because someone is baking cookies. (I don't get it either)
So now I want grilled cheese, but it's 1 am, and I need to be going to sleep.

What do I do?

ALSO: why would baking cookies make the house smell like glorious grilled cheese?
Have you ever baked cookies at 1 am?

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I want to delete a certain someone (my ex-step-father, to be specific) from my Facebook friends list. Any suggestions as to how?

-I'm in friends-only mode, so he couldn't just re-add me
-He likes to kinda watch over everything like Big Brother, and it creeps me out...
-I can't swear 'cause of him
-And, um, yeah.)

Ideas? ^_^

Edit: Lemme rephrase. How should I EXPLAIN it to him if/when he asks? He's still a part of my life, to an extent (because my mother's a fish-bulb).

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How many hours of sleep do you average per night?

Sleeping is a waste of potential stalking time.
I might as well be comatose for how much I sleep.
I'm asleep right now.

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The whole family's going to Vegas this weekend. How bad does it suck that I ended up on a seperate flight from EVERYONE else?

Where was your last trip to?

Where will your next trip be to?

I'm dropping a dress off at the dry cleaner today after work. Seeing as I have no experience at all with this sort of thing, do I have to tell them anything special (it's a satiny type and has chocolate on it), or do I just say "dry clean it"?
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What started your Monday morning?

I poured my Tim Horton's tea into my own mug and drank some.

Several minutes later, I absentmindedly assumed my mug was empty and I went to check it. I picked it up with the amount of force as you would an empty cup and ended up spilling it all over my lap since it was still half full.

It mainly went between my legs so it soaked into my chair. When I stood up, it looked like I wet myself. I had to go home and change my pants.
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1. When you watch a quiz show where the contestants are really stupid, or miss questions that you think are super obvious, does it make you feel better about yourself or make you angry?

(My DVR timed out and Cash Cab came on, and I'm about to stab somebody.)

2. Excluding Jeopardy, what's your favorite quiz game show?

3 (is new). Are you now or have you ever been in possession of a vibrating mascara?

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I know I posted recently, but sheesh, this place is dead today.

Why are you being so lazy today, TQC?

What is the most random thing you ever found in your pockets? Things that made you say "How the hell did THAT get in there?"

What do you always have in your pockets? Things that you feel naked without?


I was reading the local newspaper this morning and came across this news about a 107 years old woman wanting to marry for the 23rd time because she is afraid that her 37 year old husband might leave her after he is done with rehab. Basically she doesn't want to be lonely~

Yes, this is real life.

Now my questions:
1. Will you please share your thoughts on this news?
2. Would you like to be her 23rd husband/partner?
3. Do you think the husband and her have sex??
4. How would you react if your 107 year old grandma decides to marry again?

which foriegn countries have you been to?

I am wondering what countries people here have been to. You can include countries where you didnt pass immigration (due to not leaving the airport because you were in that country catching a transfer flight).

I have been to the following (in chronological order, repeats not included),

United States
Singapore (only for a transfer, never left the airport)
South Korea (again only for transfer)
Thailand (was for a transfer, but I left airport to sleep at a hotel as it was almost 24 hours between arrival there and my flight out)

So, anyone else been to some interesting places. (I would be especialy interested if anyone has been to a country that is no longer extant in the form it was in when you visited)

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At about 2am my cat was jumping up on my bed, jumping in and out of the windows, and playing with a piece of paper that was on the floor. He was super loud and I was trying to sleep and I started to get really mad. He went to jump into the window that is right next to my side of the bed and I kicked at him (not actually meaning to hit him) and actually knocked him down. At that time, I was thinking "ha! take that!" but when I woke up this morning I felt super super bad about it and i've been babying him ever since..

when was the last time you acted in the moment and then regretted/felt bad about it later? what happened?

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Let's say you wake up not feeling so great emotionally. You're tired, and you're just generally feeling really low. So you don't eat breakfast. In fact, the thought of food makes you feel physically sick. It's lunchtime when you realize you simply haven't eaten yet. Do you eat now even though you'd rather die, or hold off until later when you'll probably feel hungry?

What have you eaten today?

products shilled on the tube + curly hair help

What have you ordered from the TV?
Did it live it up the hype displayed in the infomercial?

Do you have a Ped-egg? (Or one of the drugstore brands?) Does it work? Are your feet smooth and lovely?

What about those Smooth Away pads? Do they work?

How about Bump-its? Do you have those? Are your hairstyles more glamorous and exciting now? Do you have a picture of your hair using a Bump-it?

Collapse )

Three unrelated questions.

Why do Bonito flakes move when they are placed atop hot food?

Where did the TV show Skins get its name?

Why do Americans call a fringe "bangs"?

EDIT: Seeing how no-one seems to know what I am talking about, Bonito flakes are those little pink flakes they put on top of Japanese food.
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As it turns out, thanks to a Google search, I was totally wrong about the amount of McDonald'ses in my town. I guessed about six - it turns out there are 15. Ouch.

What were you wrong about? (Not necessarily in relation to my last post.)

menstrual cycle~

this is kind of a weird question but i've been googling and can't find any answers, so i'm seeking personal experience!

when i'm on my period, the bottoms of both of my feet hurt SO INSANELY BAD. every single month. i get cramps in my stomach, too, but it's nothing compared to how badly my feet hurt.

is this normal? i've heard of girls getting cramps in their lower backs during their period, but never feet. is there anything i can do to help it?

thankss tqc!

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Do you gamble? If so how?

and If you don't care about that!

When you're sad and listen to music do you pick sad songs and wallow in your sadness or happy songs to turn that frown upside down?

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What things can you do on command (without faking)?

stop your heartbeat
stop your brain function
belt out the theme from New York, New York a la Liza Minelli
chug a 40 of the malt liquor of your choice
bleed from stigmatic wounds
neigh like a zebra
none of the above
the space race

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This being said by him may surprise some of you. In an address as governor of New York about prohibition, FDR said, "As a matter of fact and law, the governing rights of the States are all of those which have not been surrendered to the National Government by the Constitution or its amendments. Wisely or unwisely, people know that under the Eighteenth Amendment Congress has been given the right to legislate on this particular subject, but this is not the case in the matter of a great number of other vital problems of government, such as the conduct of public utilities, of banks, of insurance, of business, of agriculture, of education, of social welfare and of a dozen other important features. In these, Washington must not be encouraged to interfere."

Why is it today so many people believe Ron Paul is crazy for believing the federal government (still) has no power to create a department of education (among other things)?

Does Ron Paul's modern "craziness" make James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, both of whom said the general welfare clause does not give the government power over social welfare, crazy as well?

Congress has not unlimited powers to provide for the general welfare, but only those specifically enumerated.

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Where did myFaves menu go on my sidekick?

They were there yesterday, and now they're gone. I had my phone turned off over night, but that usually doesn't affect anything.

It just came back while I was trying to call Tmobile...I'm so confused.

How many credit cards do you have?
3 major and 1 store.

Do you actively put money every paycheck in a savings account?
I do now. :( It makes me feel broke because my checking account doesn't have much money in it now.

For the wimminz

What's the weirdest thing that's happened to you on your period? Like weird pains, bumps, moods, etc.

and if you're a guy and still reading this and/or don't care, post the funniest picture you can find.
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I'm going to a concert in October. Should I buy my tickets now or wait to get them the day of the show? Just bought them!! :D

If you don't care, do you brush your tongue?

New question: What are 3 things you would change about your nose?

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TQC, I have 35 minutes left of work and I'm about ready to go crazy.

Anyone want to entertain me with humorous, safe for work macros?

I have a video I downloaded from youtube and I want to turn it into a livejournal user this possible? If so, how?

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How often do you have choppers/helicopters flying over your area at night? Also, do you know why they are usually flying over?

In Adelaide they do a night fly over about once a week. The reason is they are using infra red heat detection, looking for households that are growing marijuana hydroponically and that didn't have the sense/knowledge to insulate their shed with hay bales to avoid detection.
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Oh noes!

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When a recipe calls for "six skinless, boneless chicken breast halves" and the store sells chicken breasts (not specified as halves) in packages of three, would you buy two packages or one?

How do you pronounce the word "incarnate"?

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So I'm going to be making lentil soup tonight, and I don't have a blender. I can stick it in my food processor and it'll get the job done, right? NEVERMIND! I totally forgot that my hand mixer has a stick blender attachment! (Well, technically I think it's a "milkshake attachment" or something, but whatevs, same difference.)

What kinds of gross things does your pet do?
My bf left a cup of milk out at some point last week, and it had solidified. My doggy thought it would be a good idea to eat the solidified milk, because I guess it just smelled so delicious she couldn't resist? Ugh. I hope she doesn't get sick. :(

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Yesterday my package was 73 miles away, according to UPS. It was at least in the same state. When do you think I'll be receiving it?

If you can't help me: what are you waiting for?
I'm waiting to go to class, for my package to come, and for this grocery store to call me back so I can get a job ;|

Estate Law Question

Is it true in all states or only in some states that a joint bank account should be frozen as part of an estate, particularly if one of the joint holders dies? Is a springing power of attorney the best way to deal with this scenario should it occur?

Thanks in advance!

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I'm in the UK and I bought a second hand car a few months ago. I'm a learner driver. I took out insurance with Ecar and was paying £39 a month for third party, fire & theft.

Because I was late in sending them a copy of my license, they have cancelled my insurance. I have read that when getting new insurance I am obligated to tell them about any policy cancellations.

How bad is it gonna look when a new company sees why the old one was cancelled?

And is that about normal price for cover? Or is it possible to get it any cheaper?

(For the record, I do not know a thing about insurance!)
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TQC, say you have to make an artsy-fartsy looking photo montage about the word 'failure'. What types of images/ 3-d objects would you use to portray this word? srs and nonsrs por favor.

Or, how badly damaged is your hair?
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Ladies, what monthly beauty expenses can you not go without?

Example, for me it's brow waxing and pedicures.

edit: i guess i can take out the word "monthly" and just say beauty expenses lol

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i have already tried google and mtv and yahoo! and tons of other places so i was wondering if anyone knew where i could watch the 2009 VMA's online for free the full show??

pleaseeee and thanks!!

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i wore a skirt today for the first time in forever, and even though the outfit was cute, i felt super uncomfortable in it the entire time. like i was ~*breaking a rule*~ or something, idk. :/

is there anything you feel uncomfortable wearing, TQC?


TQC, did I miss something and Taylor and Miley are in a ~fight~? I was surprised to see Miley didn't tweet about last night at all only to find out they aren't following each other on twitter anymore.

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Do you cuddle with friends? Or is cuddling strictly romantic to you? What about kissing? (Without tongue) Would you think it weird to hear about friends cuddling or kissing? If you saw two people cuddling would you assume them to be romantically involved? How does gender effect that?

What's your gender and age? (I'm just wondering how this influences your answer.)

I'm very cuddley. I'm always surprised when people don't like cuddling,
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I keep my white sugar (granulated) in an air-tight glass jar. Even a day after emptying, washing, and putting new sugar in it, the sugar clumps together and is basically one solid mass. I can take the top off and turn the whole jar upside-down and nothing falls out. This jar is kept on top of my kitchen counter. The exact same thing happens to my jar (spice jar-sized) of garlic salt, which is kept in a cabinet.

Why on earth is this happening? It's never happened anywhere else I've lived, but it's done it ever since we moved here (UK). Is it just because it's damp here? Any way to make this stop? It's really irritating to have to dig around with a knife to loosen everything up.

ETA: for what it's worth, of all the other things I have (salt, other spices and sugars, seasoning, etc.), these are the only 2 that do it.

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Have you ever eaten at a Culver's?
Did you like it?

They're putting one in right down the street and I interviewed and got the job.  All I know is that they sell butterburgers and frozen custard and are a fast food place.

[Cephalopods] Need love!

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When was the last time you had a mini crisis? Not so much like, you got into a car crash then your mom called and told you she has cancer, but something sort of funny, like you were running late to work and couldn't find your shoes.

I volunteer at an aquarium, and while feeding the another animals in his tank, the giant Pacific octopus tried to climb out. It was like...trying to catch spilt water! There were arms everywhere! I kept grabbing them and tossing them back into the tank, shouting, "NO NO NO YOU CAN'T COME OUT YOU CAN'T COME OUT! D:" My supervisor showed up after what felt like an eternity and with her help we got him back securely in the tank. It was way too crazy.
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do you ever think you know some people irl, but you've only ever talked to them online?
all the time.

what are you doing tomorrow?
school all day :[ then seeing some friends. somewhere in between all of that i'll be finishing another paper.

can you convince me to write the multiple essays i have due?
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Go to your itunes and/or other music playing programs.
If you listened to all your songs straight through, how long would it take you?

2.8 Days.

Edit: and how many songs is that?

What is your top played song?

Nella Fantasia - Chloe Agnew

Yeah, I'm into "vocal" music.


Clem & Joely

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Have you ever made any sort of vow to go without sex, drugs or alcohol for a certain amount of time? How'd you do?

I'm going to a Christian university for the next two years and have made my vow to refrain from these things for the next two years, which includes the time that I turn 21 (April 2010). I'm gonna try to do it. I don't think I'll have any problem going without sex and drugs, but alcohol might be difficult. I don't have any need to get drunk, but casual stuff, you knowblahblah.

i suck, homework help?

i'm terrible at math, and absolutely hate the classes i have to take for my degree.

does anyone know where i could get in help with finding answers to questions similar to this:

prove the identity: 


it might be a longshot, but thanks haha

Caleb- snug as a bug!

Classical Literature

I have vowed to read one piece of classical literature every month. What books do you all recommend that I read?

**ETA: I meant, books that are classics, but I would love to read classical literature as well, so those suggestions are welcome too. :)

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I often end up with cuts on my fingers. It looks like I've pressed a shaving razor against my finger and slid it along my skin--there are two minor skin cuts (they don't bleed or anything) right next to each other, with flaps of skin intact.

I have not touched a razor since yesterday morning. I got these cuts after waking up from a nap this afternoon.

TQC, where the HELL did these things come from???

MLP - pinkie chicken

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TQC, I just got home from my night class and I'm so tired, but I'm also starving. I just put my shit up and am prepping for a couple of hours of homework before bed, but I'm already in my pajama pants and a cami. I am, however, really fucking hungry, and the only food within reach is the oncampus Chick-fil-a about a block away. Do I put on street clothes and go out and get food, or suck it up and go hungry?

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For those of you with Verizon as your cell phone carrier, what are the repercussions of not paying your bill in full? I just switched to Verizon, and I can put forth $50 towards my $128 balance by the due date, and can pay the rest of it by in early October. If you don't pay your bill in full, will your phone get disconnected, or are you allowed to carry a balance as long as you make a payment of sorts? Thanks!

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"Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work and driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for - in order to get to the job you need to pay for the clothes and the car, and the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it."
~ Ellen Goodman

Does this quote make you feel anything? What?

Do you think its deep and meaningful? Or is that just me?

It makes me feel sad. Everyone is always in such a rush, and the quote seems to hit it just right.

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how often do you call your parents?
if you don't call often, do you feel guilty?
how do you get over it being awkward and suck it up and get into the habit of calling regularly?

i never call mine. and not really so much because i don't want to talk to them and not because we're estranged, i just never have anything to talk about :\ plus it's a little awkward to call just to say hi, especially my dad, but mostly just nothing new happens. like today it'd be like

"Oh, I went to work today. Talked to some friends. Patrick Swayze died so me and my roomie watched 'A Patrick Swayze Christmas' from Mystery Science Theater 3000. He loves Roadhouse."
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What are some songs everyone should universally appreciate? I'm making my boyfriend a mix CD, but our music tastes are polar opposite, so I was looking for some classics to put on it.

(no subject)

What are some songs with super lewd and crude lyrics? More sexy than hateful. Think, "Fuck the Pain Away" or anything by Lords of Acid.

You'd be super nice to include the lyrics.

I know it's long but bear with me.....

So last night I made a total ass of myself and made my fiance look bad in front of his friends.
What I did wasn't justified at all (think PMS rage) and despite knowing his friends for over four years we're not close because I'm generally cold.

His best friend was hosting a couples party and we promised we'd be there, anyway we got into an argument in front of his friends house and left without even going in (but his friends could all see us from the house). The argument was my fault 100%.

I have this nagging thought to call his best friend (who was the host) and apologize. I have no idea what to say but I really want to make things right! My fiance has already forgiven me. I don't want to leave it up to him to explain why I acted out because I should take responsibility.

What would be appropriate to say to him (how much info should I give him about what happened/why we argued)?
I don't even know what to say after the initial "I'm really sorry about last night"....!!

I am truly sorry for ruining the party and I regret being rude to the host and my fiance (and their friends). Every time I pick up the phone I can't go through with it (awkwardness, fear of using phones) but I feel I need too!
Have you ever had to apologize to someone you don't normally talk to? 
long pants!

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Where the heck do you buy cinder blocks? I'm going to build a garden for the kids I work with, and border it with cinder blocks, but apparently the places near me that I assumed would carry them (Lowes and Home Depot) don't. Also, does anyone know approximately how much a cinder block costs? I need to give my boss a price estimate soon.

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If you have a laptop, how long does the battery last when fully charged? How old is it (or how old is the battery, if you've replaced it)? What kind of laptop is it?
--My 3-year-old MacBook battery lasts ~3.5 hours.

Alternatively, do you have any physical ailments at the moment? Complain here, maybe we can sympathize.
--I have a really bad headache. :( And I'm worried about my puppydog because she's not feeling well either.

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What's a delicate way to phrase the question "how do you feel about long-distance relationships?" without making it sound so out-of-the-blue or creepy?

ETA: So I used the above question and got this in response:
"I dunno... It would depend on the kind of relationship, I suppose, and the person. It's too abstract a concept!"

[this is what I get for liking physics people. ;)]
You think they'll save you.

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What are your top 3 favorite channels on YouTube (if you have any)? Can you share one of your favorite videos from each one?

Are you subscribed to Shane Dawson?

I only subscribe to 2 channels. The Joker Blogs is by far my favorite, though. Then ShaneDawsonTV. Iunno, I subscribed to a lot more on my older account but wanted to keep it down.
Cadbury Creme Egg

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What was the last gift you gave someone?

Is a concert ticket a lame gift for a friend's 30th birthday? I know she really wants to go, and she wants to go with me but I'm not sure if it's the equivalent to getting someone a gift voucher...

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Is there a grammatical difference between "and" and "&" in terms of when they are appropriate, or are they completely interchangeable always?

Is there a way of tagging your songs in iTunes...not like ID3 tags, but like actual LJ-style tags, so you can assign multiple ones to a song?
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I am craving a snack of some sort, but all I have in my dorm room is a bottle of sour Flintstone gummy vitamins. They taste delicious... but what will happen if I eat, say, 20 of them? (The recommended dose for adults is 2.)

Flu Shots

1.  Have you gotten your seasonal (as opposed to H1N1) flu shot yet?  If not, are you planning on getting one this year?

2.  Have you ever gotten a seasonal flu shot and felt like it gave you the flu (even if only a mild case)?

3.  Finally, are you planning to get the H1N1 shot when it comes available?

My answers in the comments.

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I've never taken a bus anywhere before, so help me out here.
I'm considering going to visit a friend at another college for a weekend sometime. Springfield MA (which I know is atleast close to his school) is 74ish miles from here according to Google maps. According to the Peter Pan Bus website, a round trip ticket from the bus station here to Springfield would cost $73.

Is that a good deal? Is there anywhere I could look for cheaper tickets?
This is still just total speculation and I'm looking it up on a whim, but I haven't seen him in years and we were just talking about getting together.

ETA: Also, I turn 20 on Oct 6, which is a Tuesday. Besides drinking/partying (which will happen either the weekend before or after probably), how should I celebrate? I don't have any classes that day, but my friends do.