September 13th, 2009


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Okay forgive my stupidity but I am merely a sheltered child of sixteen years. If I needed to mail something in a box and I did not have a box, would there be a best way to obtain such a box? Are post office boxes greater than random boxes you have in your attic?

Do you like Starbucks? Why or why not?
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the people I bought my car from put nitrogen instead of air in the tires.
I am interested in putting nitrogen again, but...
I am curious.. if nitrogen is too expensive and I need air... can I put air in a tire with nitrogen?

air is 78% nitrogen in the first place so I am thinking in an emergency.. it wouldn't be too big of a problem but I have no idea!

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Do you watch House? If so, what is your absolute favorite episode? I want to watch one or two episodes tonight but can't decide which one(s).

If not, what do you do on your 'lazy days'? How often do you have those days?
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what is proper etiquette when one dials a wrong number? do you apologize and hang up? converse? just hang up?

i've had the same person accidentally call me multiple times in the middle of the night over the past few weeks, and every time i tell him he has the wrong number, he just hangs up. a "hey sorry for continually waking you up at 3am over and over again because i can't sort my contacts out" would be nice at this point, but i'm probably just overly sensitive and cranky.
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My roommate wants to go as Leeloo from "The Fifth Element" for Halloween this year. Rather than go for the outfit that's just white straps covering the essentials, she wants to go in this outfit. Of course, finding the orange suspenders is proving difficult. We're all rather poor, so paying $100 for them online isn't very appealing (though really, we didn't expect them to be any cheaper). She'll make them if she really has to, but does anyone know where we could possibly find a cheaper pair?

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There is a website that talks "shit" about people. You can search your city. I can't think of it, and it's really really bugging me. You could say it goes in the catagory. 
TQC,  what is this website?


Here's the deal..

Ok for some reason my tap water tastes really strange (slightly metallic?) but only when it's been refrigerated or turned into ice cubes. What is causing this?

For the record I've recently cleaned out my fridge.

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1. What's your favorite movie plot twist? The one you never saw coming.

2. What is the worse movie plot twist? The one that made absolutely no sense to you.

3. If you could create a plot twist in your favorite show, for what show would it be for and what would it be?

4. And if you don't care for any of these, will you post a pic of someone who you think has nice eyes?

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I just found my little external harddrive with 5 years of photos, 3 years of tqc history in the form of screenshots/gifs/macros/&lulz and stacks of music that had been lost for MONTHS!

What was the last thing you found ...or lost?

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i have a memory card reader thing built into my laptop. it doesn't work anymore. a small blue light is supposed to come on and it doesn't, and i can't find the card when i go to my computer and look for it. i don't know where my camera cord is so now i can't upload my pictures to my computer. : (

what should i do? i've tried blowing in it, thinking maybe dust was lodged in there, but that didn't work.</s>

i solved it!

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Good Morning! You just woke up with magical powers. Here's your wand, here's your "The Idiot's Guide to Waking Up with Magical Powers" book, and here's a cup of coffee/tea/chocolate.

What's the first thing you do with your powers?

On a related note, how sad is it that I first thought this: Oh sweet, now I can do all of my domestic household things. :|

Job Stuff

1. Have you (or anyone you've known) ever worked more than one PRN ("as needed"/on-call) job at the same time? This seems like it would be difficult to juggle. How did it work?

2. If you are working a PRN job currently, what kind of job is it and how many hours do you get a week, on average?

3. For those of you who are unemployed, what is your living situation? Are you only applying for jobs in your field, or are you applying for just about everything under the sun?


My friend is 22 and will soon be finishing uni and entering his career as an electrical engineer. He had a good very-drunken night last night and is worried that he will not be able to do this in future. Is this likely?

Do you have any good post-uni/college drunken stories to share?

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So, TQC, I’m a graduate student and I’m reallllyy pissed off at my school. MONTHS ago they sent me this email that said I was admitted as a conditional student and that I needed to check my personal log in to see what I needed to do to not be conditional. So I did and it said I didn’t have anything to do. So I called the university about it and they said if it said I didn’t have anything to do then I was fine and not to think anything of it.

So, why, TQC, a day before financial aid is released, do I have a financial hold for being a conditional student?


Bonus: Why does my university feel the need to dick me around that EXTRA little bit by telling me about this hold on a SUNDAY when campus isn’t even open? (and no it wasn’t there before today because I’ve been checking like every day because I had a feeling something like this was going to happen.)

Or when was the last time you were really screwed over?

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were there movies you saw as a child that you should NOT have seen as a child? too scary, not appropriate, etc? Or maybe it was borderline age-appropriate, but for some reason really freaked you out?

what movies? what about them messed with you?

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what stores do you usually buy clothes from?

off topic but... how come so many tqc'ers are in a slump lately? (just by the looks of the recent posts). i am too, what's going on? TQC unhappy virus?! hope you all feel better.

Rude Salespeople

You're in your 20s. A sales person is rude to you, assuming that you're just a teenager, or someone who can't afford his products anyway, and very quickly repels you with comments about 'These are $9,000. How many do *you* want?' and other comments  from his stall at a Show, where people go around looking at and trying everything. There's already a 'no under 18s' on his product (massage chairs). You have no idea how much his chairs cost, therefore no idea to know if you can or cannot afford it. (and nor would any older adults know if they can or cannot afford it and waste the sales persons time).

How annoyed would you be? What would you do?
Is this bad sales technique, or a justifyable  reaction to having teenagers wasting your time all week?

Do you have similar experiences where sales people have assumed your lack of real interest/your age/your income?

Yeah, we were a bit 'oo, massage chairs!' and we wanted to very briefly try them out. But my boyfriend has been talking about getting one for ages. He didn't know they were $9,000 though. My family has also been talking about getting one. And, it's the show, people try everything out.
The exercise equipment people were so much more respectful of our potential as customers, even though they were about $2,000.

edit: TLDR: Have you ever been treated rudely by a salesperson who assumed you were poor, younger, or wasting his time?

edit2: Just so that this comes up when people google the company, my boyfriend just informed me it was a brand called Niagara.
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Today I went to a pick-your-own farm and bought a fuckton of apples and tomatoes. Other than apple pie/bread and tomato sauce, what are some other things I can make?
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Would you tell me about a time when you would've benefitted from knowing something sooner?

On Friday it POURED here and I was riding my bike somewhere (I'm new to biking) and after it started raining, I realized my brakes didn't work. When I told my friend about it, she was like, "Yeah, that's why I threw away the steel wheels on my old bike. They don't brake in the rain." She knew I had steel wheels and that steel wheels don't brake, and she didn't say anything.


Have you ever woken up and not really felt depressed, just really bleeeehhhh? That's the only way I know how to describe it.
Was there a reason for it, or no?
How did you get through it?

All I wanna do is lay in bed but I can't. I'm trying to get my friend to walk into town with me just so I can rant/get things off my chest. :(

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When the fries drop into the bottom of the bag what do you do (more than one person's meal in the bag)? -fight over them? -divide them equally? -sneak and eat them yourself? -something else?

How many empty CD-Rs do you have?

When's laundry day?

What would you think of a teen who's favorite shirt was Cookie Monster?

How old is too old to wear cartoon characters on your clothing?

What's the deal with Tweety being so popular as a tattoo and for bling type stuff?Collapse )
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So I went to Dragon*Con last weekend. If you don't know what that is, all you need to know is it's a big nerdfest with people dressing up as characters from movies, books, comics, etc. Lots of people took my picture, as I was dressed up, and pretty well, if I do say so myself.

This morning my friend sent me a link on Facebook where one of these people, without asking first or getting a release, is selling pics of me, my husband and a ton of other people. I reposted the link asking my photog friends what the best course of action is and a girl not on my flist sent me a comment stating I need to send him a cease and desist letter and if I want to join her and the other girls in a lawsuit, to let her know.

I don't really know how I feel about this - on one hand, I don't want people feeling like they can't photograph people (most are nice enough to ask first) but on the other, most people aren't trying to sell the peoples images without asking first (there are some pro photogs there that do have you sign a release and tell you they might sell it later and give you the choice). What do you think/WWYD, TQC?
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What's the best way to download free music?

I work in a college radio station, and part of my job is editing music with curse words that the DJs want to play. I have one DJ who has a bunch of them, and I'm feeling too lazy to do them all. Plus some of them are really common songs, and there must be radio edits out there, right? Like, the Papa Roach song Last Resort. I used to hear that on the radio all the time. I remember, because I hate it.

If I am able to find the radio edited versions, will they be high enough quality to be worth it? I don't know how compressed they usually are. I never download music for my own use, so I'm kind of lost here.

Oh, and another question: Is there a torrent client that doesn't require me to install the toolbar?
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You're in Oz and you've been good and the Wizard will grant you a gift. However, the variety of gifts is pretty limited, but you're given a choice. Which gift would you take?

Brains (increased intellect), like what the Scarecrow got
Heart (increased compassion), like what the Tin Man got
Courage (high ability to conquer fear with your mind), like what the Lion got
One-way trip to rural Kansas, like what Dorothy got
Gaudy ruby-colored rhinestoned slippers, like what Dorothy got
Belly scratches and a milk bone, like what Toto got

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What would you consider a "small rehoming fee" for an animal to be? Either in dollars, or a percentage of the purchase price of the same animal from a reputable breeder. Say the animal comes with leash/collar/food dish or cage or whatever as well.

Also, what's for dinner, TQC?

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Have you ever used Southwest Airlines' "Wanna Get Away" deal?

On cheaptickets/expedia/etc, tickets from Ontario to New Orleans are 600$+, but using this they are 300$+ (clicky), so I'm just wondering about it.

Also, if we were to buy these tickets, would she be able to fly out from Canada even though it's an American site, or does it matter at all?

nvm nvm

Three wishes

You have been given the power to grant three denizens of TQC one wish each.  Who are the three lucky recipients of your benevolence?  What do you think they each might wish for?

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So I always hear stories about people disliking/hating their friend's girlfriend or boyfriend, but what about the other perspective? Have you ever been the hated girlfriend or boyfriend of your significant other's friend(s)? What happened?
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So, I have this fur coat. It's very, very large and very, very warm and it was probably very, very expensive. I have no idea how old it is, but it's at least 60 years old. The fur is in pristine condition, though the inner silk lining is not really, but I imagine that could be easy to fix... somewhere.

Collapse )

As you can tell, it's not exactly something that would be a practical winter jacket. I also do not wear or purchase fur for personal reasons, so that would be one hell of a contradiction.

What the hell should I do with this coat, TQC?
If I sold it, how much should I sell it for? Who could tell me how/where to sell it?
What kind of fur is it?

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In Season 9 of Friends, Rachel has Emma the first episode. One would assume Emma is born in March or before since Rachel was pregnant when Chandler and Monica got married (which was May 15). However, Rachel goes on maternity leave for what seems like a REALLY LONG TIME since we see Christmas in Season 9 and its AFTER that when she returns to work..

What plot holes like this annoy you in a particular show?

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What kind of delicious HEALTHY things should I get at the grocery store today? I need to start getting serious about eating better and getting out of this fast food rut I've been in.

Have you ever lost 20 lbs or more? I need some srs motivation :(

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How much melatonin is too much to take at once? 

I have 5mg pills. One of them easily puts me to sleep about 2 hours after I take it, but I wake up 4 hours later and can't get back to sleep. If I took 10mg (two pills), would it keep me asleep through the whole night? I know nothing about this. D:

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My roommate went a little Halloween crazy at Target today - lots of decorations, and LOTS of candy. There are Kit Kats, Reeses, Peanut M&Ms, and caramel apple lollipops in a giant bowl on the dining room table right now, and I'm fairly positive that there's more where those came from. Considering that there are 2.5 of us in the apartment (her bf is here quite often), how long do you think it will take us to eat it all?

Will you describe your hair's length and texture? What styling products/appliances do you use in it/on it?

Mine is fine but thick (there's a lot of it), barely wavy, and a tiny bit past my shoulders. I blow-dry and/or flat-iron it 95% of the time (read: whenever I'm leaving my house), and I use either Tresemme mousse or Dove hairspray when it's humid and I need some hold, or Paul Mitchell spray wax when I need some volume in my roots.
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ola TQC

i am planning to move out in 2 weeks. i haven't told my housemate yet because i'd need to clean and tidy up my room and bathroom first so applicants can come in for inspections. is it okay for me to give her 2 weeks notice or is it generally required to give 4 weeks notice?

only her name is on the lease so she has never discussed any of this with me, but when she wanted to kick me out a month ago she gave me four weeks notice.

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Hey, would anyone happen to have that photobomb of a happy couple at a party or something, and then there's an angry guy in the background who looks like he's going to rip the girl's hair out or something? do you guys know what I'm talking about?

If not, what's your favorite kind of juice?

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I'm looking into getting a new camera, but really know nothing about the subject.  I'm trying to educate myself by reading some reviews but am getting completely lost.  Basically, I'm looking for something under $200 that is something I can keep in my purse.

What's the best bang for my buck?

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What's something about where you live that bugs the shit out of you?

Where would you like to, ideally, live?

The neighbors across the street have this obnoxious racing-type car with no muffler and you can hear it come into the neighborhood nearly a mile away. There's also some teenage/20ish boy who always comes home at like midnight blasting shitty hip-hop, and these people who let their dog out at 6:30 am and ignore it, and it just barks and barks for like three hours, waking everyone up. There is nothing to do and nowhere that I can get a job, and I'm close to some interesting cities but I can't drive so I'm stuck here most of the time.
I want a loft in Brooklyn.

Stock -- Out on the wiley windy moors

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A little background:

I go to college in Austin, and my boyfriend goes to college in Denton (about 3.5 hours north). I would love to visit him, and getting up there is no problem. I just don't have anywhere to stay for the weekend (Friday night and Saturday night). An acquaintance of mine goes to my boyfriend's school. We were never really close, but we've known each other since elementary school.

1. Do you think it would be out of line if I asked her to let me sleep over at her dorm room for 2 nights? All I need is a place to sleep; I could leave all of my stuff at my boyfriend's dorm room, and I could also shower in my boyfriend's room.

2. Is there anything I can do to increase my chances that she'll let me sleep over? I could theoretically bake something or bring some kind of home-made meal. I would need something that's easy to store, though.

I am no good with people. :[ I am so nervous about asking her. If she says no, I'd have to pay about $100 for a hotel. I would definitely rather not pay this, because I also have to pay $35 for a bus ticket up there and I'm a poor college student. It would only be once or twice a semester that I would ask her to do this.

If you don't care:

3. When was the last time you went to a beach? Which beach was it?

I can't stay with my boyfriend because the university's rules say that girls can't stay with guys, and vice versa. And my boyfriend doesn't want us to take a chance of getting in trouble.
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Help me, TQC! I'm in search of a word. Can you think of a more eloquent way to express the concept of stuck-ness or trapped-itude? Inertia isn't quite what I'm looking for... I'm stuck!

EDIT: I'm particularly interested in nouns, though other parts of speech could possibly work.

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what should i make for dinner and dessert to impress someone? Only restriction it has to be vegan...

What was the last thing you ate?
Chilli and lime cornchips; man they were good!


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Will you tell me about a time when you were legit unnecessarily upset over something?
I want to not feel so ridiculous about how my whole day has been because I've been borderline crying all afternoon.

true blood online?

i'm wanting to watch last week's true blood, as well as the season finale (not neccessarily in real time, but soon). i don't have hbo, so normally watch it through surf the channel. but last week's episode isn't up! does anyone know where i could watch these two episodes for free?

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1)Do you use the commentary tracks on dvds?

2)Don't you hate books when the back cover is just a big picture of the author? If not, what's wrong with you?

3)Are you hot or cold tonight? where do you live?

hot. memphis.

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So last night I was driving home on a road near my house, which has no streetlights. I thought I saw a little motion off to one side of the road, and then a black cat darted out in front of me. I didn't really see it until it was actually in my headlights. I hit the brakes and swerved a little and the cat got away clean.

THEN, as I was driving off, I looked over to the side of the dark road and I could just barely see two black people out for a walk!!


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What's your favorite of the red Starbursts (Cherry, Fruit Punch, Watermelon, and Strawberry)?

Did you know they sell a bag of just those flavors in one bag now?

I can't figure out if I like Fruit Punch or Cherry the most. mmmmmm red.
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who do you like most out of these actors?

ben stiller
jack black
luke wilson
owen wilson
steve carell
vince vaughn
will ferrell
i cannot decide because they're all so great
i cannot decide because they're all so terrible

who do you like least?

wilson one
wilson two
i cannot decide because they're all so great
i cannot decide because they're all so terrible

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I need a textbook. Through school it will cost me $150. If I expedite the shipping on amazon, it will probably cost about...$120. There's a girl who says she *might* have it, but if she doesn't, I'll have to buy the more expensive book.

Should I order it on Amazon anyway and sell if it the girl has it ... or what?

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I'm scared that the reason I left my last job was because I couldn't handle the stress of a full time job (and I was only getting 33 to 35 hours at a customer service desk) because of my bipolar disorder and eating disorder.

What happens if that's true in the future, my bipolar disorder means I can't handle a job? I mean, I know in England there are benefits for people who have depression, right?

Is there anything for people in America (I live in Illinois) who suffer from bipolar or depression? What if I'm just not able to hack it? I don't want to be weak, but what if I end up having to rely on something like that because I can't work or something from my bipolar?

I'm not really sure how to go about researching that - besides looking up "bipolar work benefits" or something retarded.


Is building a fort still cool? How old are you if you still build forts?

Talking in your sleep

Do you talk in your sleep? Anything funny you've said lately?
Last night I fell asleep on the couch in the middle of a conversation. My boyfriend expected a reply, and I said "I'm sorry that Farscape isn't in the right era".
and my own voice woke me up and I was like 'hang on, why did I say that???' and he laughed. :P

Answer the 1st question if you're a girl, the 2nd if you're a guy.

Question for girls:
In your experience, have you found that guys respected you less if you did sexual things with them too soon? Can you tell us what happened? How did he/they react afterwards?

Question for guys:
Would you respect a girl less for giving it to you too soon? Does it matter about the situation itself? Can you please elaborate?

I'm sorry that this question is only orientated toward straight folks.

Hope you're having a great day!

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 I dropped a heavy glass jar on my toe, and it is black and extremely painful. My dad says I need to heat up a needle and press it against the black area to burn a hole into the nail and release the blood and pressure underneath. This just sounds AWFUL to me, but I've done a little research on it, and it seems like a pretty common thing.

Has anyone ever done this?

If so, how much does it hurt?? How long would someone need to keep the needle on the nail for it to work?

I doubt I'll try it, but it is very painful. Any other suggestions on what to do about my poor toe?
Quinn Twin

Decide My Life, TQC

I am sick. Saturday I had someone cover my shift and have been sleeping pretty much since Friday around 5pm. Tomorrow I am supposed to work 6:50a-1p and then have a meeting 1-3p. Going out to a sit down dinner (because there was no way I was cooking and I was trying to see how movement affected me) literally left me exhausted. And it was just Willy's Mexicana, lol.

Should I call and ask someone to cover the shift for me and then just go to the meeting or try and make it through it all with some Dayquil? Another girl comes in at 11a, so if it's terrible, I could come home for a few hours before the meeting. I don't think I have a fever, if it matters to you.

Call and Beg for Mercy or Suck It Up?

Call, call now.
Go in armed with Dayquil.


If your boyfriend introduced a girl to you as "an old friend" and you later found out they used to date, would you be mad? Does it matter for how long they dated or how long ago?

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what are some cool websites like forever 21 for clothes to ogle?
i've only been buying home goods... i want new clothes!

how was your weekend?

if you spilled something on the carpet at a friends house at a party, would you tell them or just try to clean it yourself?
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what is your caffeine of choice?

how long did it take for you to actually understand Donnie Darko?

which is better: Donnie Darko or The Butterfly Effect?

do you judge TQCers by their icons? if you do, how do you judge me?

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I already know I am weird- but this is interesting to ask:

Is there anyone out there who does not miss people when they are gone?
If yes, do you have difficulty bonding with people?
Do you forget people easily?

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1. Fans of True Blood, what did you think of the ending?

2. Non-Fans of True Blood, right now we are going through a vampire fad in Hollywood. Before that we had a sadistic psycho killer fad and before that a zombie fad. What monster would you like to see become a fad next?
A. Who would star as your monster?

3. And now a 180 question;
Have you ever dated a guy with longer hair than your own? How long was it? If not, would you?

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I'm starting to realize my s/o is not very good at hiding his bad moods.

How does your s/o act in a bad mood? Is it a dealbreaker for you if they don't manage to be more pleasant?

If you don't have an s/o what's your number 1 dealbreaker?