September 12th, 2009


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I just read an article about the missing Yale student. The end of the article includes her voicemail message.***It's only written out, it's not her voice (as in, "Hi, You've reached so and so")

Why would they include that?
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Let's assume for a minute that if you are turned into a vampire you are frozen at whatever age you are when you are "changed," and have to live the rest of your days (exist the rest of your days, I suppose), frozen perpetually at X years old. What age would be the fucking worst age to be stuck at, vampire withstanding? What about the best?

Mad TV Character

What was that character Michael McDonald would do once in a while on Mad TV.. I think the character was an adult and he was kind of slow. I think he insulted men and loved women and every time he complimented one I think he'd kiss them a bunch of times really quick. I'm not talking about Stuart or Rusty.

Oh yeah, I'm pretty sure the character had a speech impediment.
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Poll #1456485 Commercials never lie

Ladies, how moist is your babyhole after smelling Axe body spray on a guy?

Sultry like a South American rainforest
I could drown a midget with my love deluge
Gobi Desert dry
The slight residue of a cold sweat
Axe makes me want to hit people in the crotch

Ladies, according to beer commercials, if a guy is drinking cheap American brew (Coors, Miller, Bud), you find him much more interesting and sexually virile. How accurate is this depiction?

100%. Men who drink whatever the commercials tell them make me ovulate like crazy
I find guys more interesting with cheap brew. It means they're not overly demanding, they're down to earth and not pretentious
Guys who drink cheap brew make me lose all respect for them
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Can adults be adopted by other adults?

Why won't pastorlenny adopt me? My dad sucks and I want a new one!

What did you do today?

Are you a fan of True Blood? Are you excited for the finale on Sunday?

Which vampire series is your favorite?

When does the United States of Tara come back?

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So, I ended up not watching movies and going to that party anyway. And shit happened. And I'm Googling and stuff right now, but I'd like to hear from experience-  what is a tried and true way to get rid of these hickies ASAP?


has anyone got any amusing tales of daft things they know of people doing at job interviews? (eg eating a cheeseburger throughout, listening to an ipod etc...)
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How scary is the video for Bonnie Tylers "Total Eclipse of the Heart"?! :(

Do you like Bonnie Tyler? Do you think she's like the female Meat Loaf?

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What do you call the thing that changes the tv channel? What about that thing that can be installed on the wall that dispenses water? Where are you from?

What's the last stupid thing you did?

What makes you angry?
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What are your feelings on cashiers who use hand sanitizer after every transaction?

What hour of the day is the best for posting a poll - high traffic, but not so high that it'll be on the fourth page in fifteen minutes?

At the thrift store today, I found Jem & all of the Holograms, and also Pizzazz. The dolls, I mean. Has anything this impossibly amazing ever happened to you?

Also: How do you feel about the word cunt, as a literal description of the vulva?

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Next week, I'm closing my account at my current back (Hancock Bank) and moving to a new bank, because I'm tired of HB screwing me over.

But I have no idea what bank is really good at not screwing over clients. Any suggestions? I was thinking Capital One, but I haven't really heard anything about them either way...

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What's your favorite episode of Roseanne?

I like when Roseanne smokes David's pot.

ETA: Do you own Bumpits? Or a Snuggie? Or anything else 'as seen on tv'?

I have a GT Xpress 101, Billy Mays Slider Maker and Bumpits.

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it's almost 5am and i'm not very tired. i have pineapple rum. i also have orange strawberry banana juice. should i mix them? should i drink the rum straight? or should i just go to bed?

also, what is a delicious way to use sliced pepperjack cheese?
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The wild bunch

What's the craziest concert you've ever been to?
I saw Japandroids last night and the crowd just tore the roof off the tiny venue. Here's a small clip of some of the mayhem. You can see a guy dancing with a lamp, and if you look carefully, I think someone is either dancing with or wearing the lampshade in the background. And yes all those people are on the stage with the band. Good times. Painfully loud though..

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cheapo graphing calculators work just as good as a fancy texas instruments one, right? i don't need all the advanced stuff, i just need to able to graph shit and some other basic graphing calculator stuff. i feel like i am violating some kind of code if i don't get a TI-83 like everyone and their mother but they are too damn expensive and i can get non-TI ones for like 40 bucks
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Mmmm, sammich

What's your procedure for making a PBJ? I always put the jelly on one slice of bread, wipe off the knife, then use the same knife to put the peanut butter on the other slice of bread. Last weekend I discovered that I'm the only member of my family who does this. So how are you supposed to do a PBJ?
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When people type in ALL CAPS, does it give you a headache?
If so, is it because it hurts your eyes? Or because YOU'RE YELLING IN YOUR HEAD (or out loud, if you're weird, I suppose).

Have you ever gotten a raw egg with a bit of blood in it?
What did you do with it? Toss it? Use it?
Why is there blood in my egg?!

Do you have irritating neighbors?
Why are they irritating?
What would you like to do to them (whether they're irritating or not)?
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So the person I've considered my best friend since high school has been blowing me off for a good two or three months. We still talk and she's still super friendly when we ARE talking, but every time I text her to see if she wants to hang out (which really isn't often, but, you know, we never see each other!) she never responds. Last weekend I asked her to keep this Friday open because I wanted to have a cheesy girls' night thing, and she never responded, and last night she updated her Facebook status with "Jake is here to taste in infamous pizza! Going to see Julie and Julia after!!"

So my question: what is going on, and should I just give up on this friendship because it's clear that she's moved on?

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What kind of cookies did you leave for Santa when you were a kid? Or if you didn't leave him cookies, what other treat did you leave him?

We always left either homemade chocolate chip cookies, or MalloMars. lolol.

boring phone questions idk

Do you consider it rude if someone takes their cell phone with them to dinner, and the proceeds to answer it and have an entire conversation there in front of you, leaving you to sit there all awkward like for several minutes?

What if they put you on hold for upwards of 20 minutes in the middle of a conversation, when someone else calls that they'd like to talk to? (Not for like business calls, just personal ones)

I only ask cause my mother does this all the time. She doesn't understand why I ask her to leave her cell in the car when we actually have time to have dinner, or why I hung up after being put on hold for 20 minutes while shes just chatting with a friend. Validate me plz, am I being unreasonable?

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1. When it's time for a big extended family event, do you get excited or do you dread it? Be honest.
DREAD. Tonight is a family wii competition. BARF.

2. Are you a nail biter? Cuticle ripper? If so, do you bandage up your fingers when you bite/rip too far?
Yes and yes.

3. If you smoke marijuana, what do you keep it in? Bag, tin, etc?
A ziplock crammed in my purse.
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My sister is four hours away at school and her boyfriend of almost two years just broke up with her. Obviously I can't rush over to help her, but is there anything I can do from a distance? :(

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Do you ever call a product by a common brand name instead?
i.e. Hoover instead of vacuum cleaner, Kleenex instead of tissues.

I say Bamix when I'm talking about stick blenders, even if it's not a Bamix.
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Do you read any animal related blogs? What are they? Links?

I'm thinking of starting my own blog focusing on animal rescue because I volunteer for 2 dog rescues and just applied to volunteer for the SPCA. I also wanted to include lots of "spo prevention" type posts like how to adopt an animal, good food, things to avoid (like retractable leashes, etc).

What kind of posts would you like to see in an animal related blog? Suggestions?

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What do you think of leggings being worn as pants? 
How about wearing two different blacks on each other?
If you don't care about either, what is the ugliest fashion fad from the 90s?

I think I'm committing the world's worst fashion crime right now by wearing black leggings with a t-shirt (green) and a different colored black cardigan.



I can has vent?

I talked to my father the other day, and apparently he's flying up to Virginia to purchase his second Porsche in as many years. He's also on the lookout for some new jet skis, and recently bought (and paid for) a trailer on a plot of land that he plans to rent out, but it's been sitting there unoccupied for over 6 months (because he hasn't done the necessary repairs).

Every time I talk to this man about school loans, he gives me crap for putting myself in debt. I've explained to him that I'm TOO POOR to pay for it without loans. He's certainly more than welcome to help me out. He's also the main reason I've only recently started college--because I could not afford to pay for it when I turned 18.

Will you tell me crappy, selfish, douchey things that your parents have done, so I don't feel like some spoiled child for being a bit jealous/bitter about this? Nothing too severe (like "my father tried to kill me"), just douchey little things.
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Since it seems that the Oreos, that were rightfully mine, have disappeared from my apartment I'm forced to go out and find something to satisfy my sweet tooth.

What diabetes inducing treat should I buy?

Whats your favorite Cold Stone flavor? (Or just Ice cream type if you don't like CS)

What's your favorite working snack?
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1. Ok, so, yesterday most major TV networks aired a 3 hour memorial special for 9/11, including reading the names of the victims. One lady was reading the names and botched, like, ALL of them. It was fucking hilarious. I would like to find this memorial special somewhere on the internet. Help? Please? Trust me, it is worth the lols.

2. My friend (21/m/NY) wears a hat with a Confederate flag on it that says "you wear your cross, I'll wear mine." I don't know what the fuck this shit is, considering we live in a very liberal, northern city and we're not racist or Southern in any way. He thinks it's cool and I'm mortified by it and won't hang out with him until he throws it out. Now I don't have any friends. What would you do if this were your friend?

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Poll #1456713 Reality Tv

If your life depended on choosing one of these reality shows to be on, which would you choose? (Doesn't matter where you're from or your age, pretend they'll take anyone)

Big Brother
The Amazing Race
I choose death
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Is anyone else's Gmail Chat being weird? After I've been chatting for a while, when I type something, it enters my letter backwards, with the exception of the first letter. So "Hello" becomes "Holle" and "Hamburger" would become "Hregrubma", etc.

Is this happening to anyone else?

I've done a virus scan but nothing's coming up. :/

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**What are some hip hop/ dance songs that I can dance/work-out to?

What digital camera should I buy?
Something with a desent price, and takes really clear photos.

Do you have a digital camera?
Can you show me your favorite picture you took with it?

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Have you seen the trailer for Whiteout? Does it make you think of the guy that posted about how he was gonna bike around the the country and South America and then take a boat to Antarctica? It makes me laugh every time I see it.


I went and got my hair cut and the lady cut it so uneven that it's noticeable from a distance! What's something big or small that's made you angry today?

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Do you use biore strips (or any variation thereof)?

Do you stare at them intently when they come off?

Is it disgusting to you, or fascinating?

Why do people inspect them like that?

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TQC, I'm house sitting and there's not a lot here. It's a dreary, rainy day and I'm about to make a trip to the grocery store for dinner and the liquor store for dessert. What should I buy?


Is there a site that you can play games like scrabble on without having to install java?

What shitty thing happened to you recently?


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I am planning a trip from Ottawa to New Orleans. The cost for the flight will be somewhere between 600$ and 700$ (if prices do not change, which they might, and I am hoping they do). Taking a bus from Ottawa to New York then flying out of New York to New Orleans would be about 100$ (give or take) cheaper, but the bus ride is about 8 hours long.

Which option do you think is best?
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Does anyone else get pissed off when they go looking for a music vid on youtube and all you see are a million Naruto AMVs?

Bonus question: Why can't I bring myself to like Naruto? I tried, TQC, I really tried.
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Spelling Contest

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Friend A is celebrating his birthday. Friend B is attending but forgot to buy a present, so he buys Friend A a single lottery ticket and a card.. Friend A opens the card and is astonished as the cheapness of the gift, but acts grateful anyway and rubs off the scratcher. It's a winning ticket for $1,000,000. Friend B is upset now because he feels that since he's the one that bought the ticket, the money should go to him. Friend A says that the ticket was a gift and the money should go to him. What do you think should be the appropriate dispensing of lotto money?

Friend A gets everything. It was his effin birthday present
Friend B gets everything. He bought the ticket
The money is split 2 ways, with each friend getting half
70-30 split. Friend A gets the 70
70-30 split. Friend B gets the 70
Gun duel at dawn. Winner takes all
Whichever friend is cuter gets the money
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<3 tqc

1. Have you ever filed for bankruptcy? what was your situation? which chapter did you file?

2.  Who do you miss right now?

3. What do you see as your next big transition (e.g. marriage, grad school, new job, whatever else) and how do you feel about it?

4. do song writers have to know anything about music composition? Why or why not?

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My friend has a lot of powdered eggs, and while google has some options, I was wondering if you had any particular recipes or suggestions for cooking with them? Maybe?

Also, how was your day? Honestly?

Technology Quest

I borrowed my friend's video camera a while back to record some things. It's a Canon digital video camcorder ZR 500 but it uses a little tape. I bought a wire that plugs from the camera into my computer, but how can I load a tape onto my computer so I can edit it? Is this possible? I'm confounded.

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My parents just got divorced, but my mom is still living here and probably always will. She even said last week that they may get remarried down the line. What is the point? Does this make any sense to you? 

Will you share weird/funny/awkward stories about anything involving your family? 
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Fur whom the bell tolls

Poll #1456781 The Sound and the Furry

You're dating someone new. It's that person you've had a crush on for some time and it finally happened; you're going out. The first date was a blast and you're really falling for them. The second date you made out for a half hour. You really really like him/her. On the third date, you banter and sweet talk during dinner, but your date has a big confession to make. "I...really like you. A lot. And it's imporant that you know a little bit about me before going forward with this relationship. You see....I'm a furry. I only tell those who I want to eventually become intimate with. Normal sex just isn't interesting to me, but animal characters in the bedroom turn me on like you wouldn't believe. Please understand. And I hope you don't break up with me just yet, but give my fetish a try first. You may like it". What's your response?

"I'm sorry. I'm just not very comfortable with your lifestyle. At all. We're going to have to break up"
"I'm not like that, but I do like you very much too. I'll try out your fetish once. I'll wear or act however you like if it'll make you happy, but I can't promise I'll like it"
"Can I just bang you while wearing kitty ears? I don't have to put on a costume, do I?"
"You're a WHAT?? OMG!" You then start gargling with your drink, spitting out the 'furry' germs you acquired when kissing
"I'm so glad you said it first because that's the same confession I was going to make! We're like two peas, aren't we?"
"If I gotta do your furry stuff, does this mean you have to do my weird fetish? Because I'm kind of kinky too"
You hit your date with the chair and sit on their chest, punching them repeatedly yelling "DIE FURRY DIE!!"
"You're welcome to wear costumes into the bedroom, but be warned that whenever I see animals I feel the burning desire to shoot them with my gun"
"Well, you can still perform oral sex on me, right? That'll do for me. You can yiff by yourself when I fall asleep"


... who else is on their period?

Are you having a good or bad period?
I've been having cramps, boobie pain and have felt soooo tired :(

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camera lens suggestions

My wife is planning to give me a macro lens for my Sony Alpha 350 for my birthday... do you know of any good sites where I can find reviews of compatible lenses? Or do you already know of a good lens? The price range is $600-700.

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Everyone has an funny/gross/ouch anecdote involving genitals.

Do you care to share?

My exboyfriend squirted toilet cleaner into his urethra when he was a little kid. Apparently it stung to high hell, he was lucky it wasn't drain cleaner.

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Which of these children's television shows have you watched?

Today's Special
Reading Rainbow
Sesame Street
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
Under the Umbrella Tree
The Muppet Show
Fraggle Rock
Welcome to Pooh Corner
Dumbo's Circus
3-2-1 Contact
Square One
The Electric Company
Kids Incorporated

Which was your favorite?

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What's bumming you out right now? I feel like complaining.

My 2 year old MacBook pro crashed on Wednesday and I've been so upset about it. It's my baby and I hope the shop can fix it without costing me an arm and a leg. I've been using my iPod touch for Internet for 4 days now. There also seems to be nothing to do tonight.

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If you were calling a hair place to make an appointment, and the person who answered just said "hello" would you think you had the wrong number?

I did this earlier and said "oh, wrong number, sorry!" and hung up. I thought it was some guy's house. I double checked and it was the right number. I felt too stupid to call back.


I've recently been presented with the opportunity to go to India for a week this month for a very low price. I'm hesitant to go, because the person I'd be going with is my boss, he's male and I'm female. We are great friends and hang out all the time, strictly platonically. I am afraid that if we go together, people at the office will assume that we are more than just friends, and gossip or talk...not to mention the fact that I'm sort of dating another one of my bosses (he doesn't care, it's just that the people who know about me and him might think it's wrong or something...). I know I'll never have a opportunity like this again.

Should I just go to India? Or should I pass??

Help TQC!! 

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I'm really, really bored. Will you recommend me something from Netflix streaming video?

Also, if you have pets, what are they doing right now? My rabbit is running around the apartment like crazy, and my dog is sleeping on my bed, snoring loudly.
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What the hell do people find so attractive about hair poofs?

What's some fashion-type thing people do that you don't get?
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 I found this job I really want on Craigslist. I sent an e-mail to the poster on Wednesday, but all it basically said was, "Hi, I'm really interested in the job you posted on Craigslist. Please e-mail me back when you have a moment." I realize now how lame that e-mail was, but I found the ad at 1am and wasn't awake enough to write a proper e-mail.

I, unsurprisingly, have not heard back from them. Do you think it would be OK to e-mail them again? I want to say something like, "Dear Mr. Whoever, I recently e-mailed you about the job you posted on Craigslist a few days ago and haven't heard a response. Is the position still available? If it is, I think I would make an excellent candidate for the job" and then I would list some skills that I have that would be useful to the position. Is that a bad idea?

EDIT: It wasn't exactly a "formal" job. A couple in a near by neighborhood was looking for someone to come over to their house twice a week to cook meals. They weren't looking for someone with formal training, just someone who "loves to cook and follows recipes well." They didn't say anything about cover letters or resumes (although the cover letter thing was probably a good idea).
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TQC, I want to watch Anne of Avonlea (or Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel by the DVD cover) tonight, but I only have time for half. I know this movie like the back of my hand, so I won't feel deprived with whichever I do I watch the first half, or the second? If it helps, the second half picks up with Anne asking Emmeline why no one has replaced her specs yet, before she returns to KLC.