September 11th, 2009

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Alright- I gotta ask because it is hard to find any stats on this elusive action.

Ladies, how many of you experience female ejaculation?
How often?
How much do you produce?
Does it happen repeatedly? (more than once in a sex session?)
Is it a squirt, a gush, a dribble?

Seriously- it's so odd that this bodily function is just recently being looked into. Wtf science...

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What are some fairly simple meals for two?
no real restrictions. I'm just trying to cook more for myself and bf.
quick and easy desserts suggestions would also be fantastic

give me your favorites, tqc?


How does an intrinsically jittery, hyperactive person develop a calmer personality? Can it even be done, or is one bound to their nature? Serious answers, please.

:perpetually wired OP is wired tonight:
MLP - pinkie chicken

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TQC, I've been dating my boyfriend for about 4 days. No exaggeration there. We've been taking things pretty slowly, per both of our decisions, and so tonight for the first time we walked holding hands and I kissed him goodbye on the cheek. My friend was walking back to my place with me after we parted ways, and she got totally surprised that we hadn't kissed mouth-to-mouth yet. TQC, does it make me that prudish? I mean it's not like I'm not planning on it - but I didn't think if we'd only been dating for a scant number of days that us not kissing yet was such a big deal.
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If you were held at gunpoint and forced to wear a fashion trend from each decade below that is NOT currently in style (i.e. no skinny jeans if the decade is 80s, no flannel from the 90s), what would you bring back?


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If part of the new health care plan was that only African Americans got to choose their insurance while everyone else had to "wait in line like everyone else" and you are a black person, would you be stoked or think that was racist?
If you're white would you think it was racist?
If you are any other minority, would you think it's racist?

Are you thirsty right now?
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Socialization problem?

I find that I have trouble socializing and meeting strangers in public. I wouldn't go to say that I'm incredibly shy, I just don't know what to say and what I could talk about with someone I don't know. I'm frankly tired of myself being so anti-social and unapproachable, so I'm attending orientation this year because I want to meet new people and broaden my social circle.

How do I make myself approachable? How can I blend into a conversation without feeling left out? Does asking people what they're majoring in or what they think of the school etc. be enough as a start of a conversation? I find that those topics don't seem to last long and cools down pretty fast.
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How much television do you watch? Zero being zero, five being every day but only specific programs, ten being all your free time/I never turn it off.

Mean: 3.45 Median: 3 Std. Dev 2.50

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I hate when people use a ton of periods in text messages. I know a girl who with text me three sentences with all of them separated by "......" and then one nice one at the end "............." This absolutely annoys the piss out of me. It's really to the point where I can't even text her.

Whats your biggest text message pet peeve?
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Since it's officially just about that time, do you have any 9/11-related stories?
I was only in the seventh grade and living in Florida, but one of my best friends actually worked in one of the surrounding buildings of the Twin Towers. His mom worked in the first building that was hit, with the Port Authority. He spent most of the morning trying to figure out where his mom and various friends were. He was incredibly lucky - he didn't lose anyone he knew, but he DID experience everything that happened, from walking up the subway stairs and seeing the first tower on fire to walking with his friends to safety. Turns out, his brother's method of transportation (his brother has downs syndrome) was unavailable, so his mom had to drive him that day and therefore was not in her office. Crazy. He posts his story every year on 9/11 on his LJ and it always makes me terribly sad.
I live in New York City now, the first 9/11 I've spent here. I didn't really understand how much of an impact the events of that day had on this city until I understood how New Yorkers live and work and just... are.

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TQC, I'm looking at my credit card statement and I'm confused. Halp, plz?

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Why am I negative $27, TQC? I don't see where the hell it's coming from. I JUST paid everything off, and haven't used it at all.. if it was there before I paid it off, wouldn't there have been $218.70 and then another $27 added onto the $218, making it $245? Or wouldn't that mean that I somehow ran up $227, AFTER my bill was paid, since my credit limit is $200 and I'm -$27? I tried to call the company but I ended up just getting automated information. I'm gonna try calling a different number of theirs, but I'm trying to figure out where it could've come from on my own.


My mom's doctor just told her she might have breast cancer again (she had it once 12 years ago).  Do any of you have experiences with people relapsing? Did they beat it a second time?

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This morning I had an 8am class. I arrived at 7:45 with the rest of the class, and the prof never showed up. We wound up waiting until 10 in case he mixed the times up, but nope, NOTHING. UGH SO ANNOYED.

TQC, when was the last time something really annoyed you?

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When you're in college, why does take-out always sound better than whatever you have in your kitchen?

What food are you craving right now?
-enchiladas, omg

What's your favorite videogame of aaaalllllll time?
-Mortal Kombat II
Kill Bill - Elle
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Doesn't it drive you nuts when professors (or people in general, really) don't e-mail you back? Care to rave over this?

Is it safe to assume that since both exams are worth 200 points each, the 10 quizzes throughout the semester are worth 10 each and 100 total? He just put 100 down in the syllabus with no explanation..however, I would not be surprised if they are worth 1,000 total because this professor is a dumbass.
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I was going to make scrambled eggs, but I cracked open the second and found this. (Along with the contents of what appeared to be a normal egg.) I tossed the offending egg along with the first that it contaminated. I had a veggie burger instead. It was unsatisfying.

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Can anyone please recommend me upbeat, pop songs? I'm looking for songs like Can't Keep You Out Of My Head by Kylie Minogue. I would like either male or female singers, not necessarily in the same song. However, I would prefer not to be recommended Britney Spears, Lady GaGa, Katy Perry, or Miley Cyrus.

What are some good names for an upbeat playlist containing upbeat pop songs?

Is anyone else irritated by how slow Livejournal is being?

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I've been watching episodes of Red Dwarf during lunch at work, and I'm almost to the end of the series, so I want to find something else to watch. I like it because it's a nice show to take my mind off work, relax, and laugh at random idiotic funny stuff. So . . .
What TV shows do you enjoy watching that are 30 mins or less and light-hearted ?

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If you like ice in your drinks at home how do you go about it? Freeze tap water, buy it in bags from McD's, use fun shapes ice trays, etc?

If you use them, do you warm eye drops before use?

How often during the day do you freshen your makeup? If you don't use makeup how often during the day do you freshen up? How do you freshen up?

How often do you cook at home? How often is a meal at home more than one or two dishes?
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How can I grow out my bangs without looking retarded?

For years my hair has been long and straight, with short bangs. I want to try something different. I don’t know what to do with my bangs while they’re mid-nose length.

I wear glasses, so if I clip my bangs back with barrettes I look like a nerd. No wanna look like a nerd.

Bonus question: Why are they called bangs, and not booms, or kapows?

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Do you get jealous of good-lookin' celebrities and compare yourself to them? Or do you just accept the fact that they represent 1% of the population and know that it's unrealistic to compare yourself?

Who are some celebrities you have felt jealous of, or just admire?
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Military shopping?

Salvation Army
Old Navy

Favorite magician?

David Copperfield
Criss Angel
David Blaine
Masked Magician
Lance Burton

Favorite dysfunctional cartoon?

South Park
Family Guy
American Dad

They're all amazing and necessary but which orifice do you find yourself appreciating the most?

Mouth (eating, speaking, breathing)
Ears (listening)
Nose (breathing)
Pee hole (expelling waste)
Vagina (procreation, sex)
Butthole (expelling waste, sex to some people)

Yikes! Everything is too small!

Just a minute ago, I was foolishly letting my toddler sit on my lap while reading LJ. She hit some keys on the lower left hand side of the keyboard, and everything shrank!!

What the heck did she do, and how do I undo it?

((FYI, it is a Dell PC, and not my computer. Fixing this ASAP would be grand. Thank you.))
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Will you tell me about a time where you were really lucky?

My computer completely and totally died a few days ago, and when the guy at the Apple Genius bar typed in my serial number, he said it was still under warranty. I got super crazy excited (because I thought my warranty had expired), but then after a minute, he said, "Oh wait...wrong serial number. I put in an 'X' instead of a 'Z.' Well...crap. I just got your hopes up really high so...I'm going to have to fix it for free!" I couldn't believe it!

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You're allowed to keep only two household appliances/electronics devices. Which do you keep? You can throw in your answer to why as well.
(eg. Oven, television, computer, washer, dryer, microwave, etc)
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Can you buy food and alcohol from the concessions with a credit card at Wrigley Field? I know you obviously can't from the random people walking around but from the actual concessions?
Razor Blade Smile

Zombies ate my neighbors out

Poll #1456317 BRAINS!

Zombies are always crying out for "BRAINS" and people assume that they want to eat us, but what if they simply want oral sex because they're really lonely and sexually frustrated. Does this make them more sympathetic, or do you still want to destroy them?

Let them live. They don't want to harm anyone. They just want to get off. Who can't relate?
Destroy them. They're fucking dead. They shouldn't be walking around

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1. Anyone know a good place to buy a winter jacket online? (Preferably down/I live in MN)
2. Would it annoy you if you were sitting in class and the person next to you was constantly typing on face-book while using their lap-top?

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Do you think the Burger King/Free Fries Post beneath this one is going to result in drama (regardless of whether or not it "should")?

Yes. It's TQC for crying out loud!
No. I think everyone will just care about the fries.
What? They must have deleted their post!


I just read some reports that 70% of the first responders to the twin towers are now ill, as well as a lot of the locals. It makes sense to me with all that ash and stuff, but I was wondering...For those of you who were either there, or live in NYC, do you have any respiratory issues from it?
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I have an interview at old navy on wednesday. i have one tshirt from there that says 'old navy' on it. is it lame if i wear it? or should i dress up?

Eta: Got it..dress up. lol
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song name?

Pardon the ambiguity...

I recently heard a tune with a long string of 'la la, la la, la la, ...' and I'm pretty sure it's a fairly recent tune (within a couple years? few?) but due to people talking I honestly have no other description available...

I was wondering if anyone can name it? Google has been of no help, it is not Kylie Minogue or ATB. (I will admit, Google's search suggestions do get fairly amusing)


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Who are some authors that have surprised you by making something you normally don't like interesting?

Will you comment with the name and author of a book you've been interested in reading, and let other people tell you what they think of the book/author?

I was blown away with how awesome Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything was. I never thought I would find a book about science so readable. :)

I'm trying to decide whether to attempt Gravity's Rainbow. Thoughts?

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My children and I were all prescribed a medication by our doctor. My partner was going to go to the pharmacy to pick them up for us.

I called to ask if I needed to authorize him to pick them up somehow, and they said that he could just come pick them up. I told them that he didn't have the same last name as us or anything, and they said it didn't matter, he just had to sign for them and it was all good.

Is this normal? Can anyone just go pick up anyone else's prescriptions?
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Someone on Facebook who supposedly graduated with me has friended me on Facebook, except I remember no one by her name in our class (our class was small, I knew everyone), and there are no pictures of her on her Facebook so I can't tell who she is. Who do you suppose this mysterious person is?
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OK, for the last few months, my LJ has been in Russian.

I don't speak Russian. I am not from Russia. I am so confused!

How do I fix this?

ETA: FIXED!! There was an option in set-up that made the server think this was a Russian journal and I was being shown Russian options, like the Sponsored Account and Russian news stories.
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I have a presentation in my Introduction to Religions class, and my topic question is "What do Hinduism and Sikhism have in common? And where do they differ?"

it's pretty basic and uninteresting, so do you guys have any ideas on what else i should mention rather than just talk about the similarities and differences?

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guys, i'm supposed to go to a party tonight. it's 2 hours away and tolls will be $6.30 total. there's a $3 if you want to drink their alcohol or you can byob. i've been friends with the host since middle school and haven't seen her since winter break. the girl i was supposed to go with sort of bailed because she has to drive her friend around (he lost his license because he had too many DUIs). i don't really know when she'll be done. the party starts at 7 and it's now 5:30, although i guess it's cool if i'm not quite on time.

should i wait for the girl to home and go with her? should i go now by myself? should i not go at all?

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I have strawberry daiquiri mix and captain morgan's spiced rum, will this be good?  I've only had it with light rum, so I am checking here before I make a gross drink.

What's your favorite mixed drink?
Mine is cranberry juice & vodka.

please halp

I am not particularly coherent right now, so plz let me know if I need to clarify.

I have a considerably large amount of money that I need to get from my school checking account with "Bank A" to my personal checking account with Bank of America. To do this, I will be writing myself a check. (Doing an online transfer is not an option, as Bank A charges me $50 to do this. FUCK YOU, BANK A.) In the past, whenever I've deposited checks from different banks of more than $100, the first $100 is available immediately and the rest of the amount is available when the check clears.

If I split up this amount of money into multiple checks, will I get multiple hundred dollar credits at once until the rest of the amount clears?

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I've just been reading about how Apple might will eventually 'kill' the iPod classic. I love my iPod, but I'm not sure what I'll do when I need to get a new one (for whatever reason, but it's covered by insurance) but they don't do them anymore.

Do you have an iPod touch or iPhone? Would you recommend it? Why wouldn't you recommend it? (I want both arguments.)

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Which movie(s) should I watch tonight while all my friends go to a party and my only friend who isn't is spending the evening with her boyfriend?


The Fox and the Hound
One or more of the Harry Potter movies (specify)
Across the Universe

Do you have snacks with your movie? What is your favorite movie-watching snack and/or beverage?

ETA: The boys down the hall next door are blasting some crazy bumping bass hurt-my-ears rap music. How should I retaliate besides blasting my own music?

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When's one situation when you've been the clearly marked odd one out?

Do you find situations like that uncomfortable? Do you even care?

How confident are you? What's something you do when you're feeling unconfident?

What role do you fill in your group of friends?

I'm one of few atheists in my Catholic school. Idc but I get pissed when people take offense at my personal beliefs. I'm not super confident, so idk about that. And amongst my friends I'm the mellow one who helps people cool down when the others get into drama....I guess I'm also the token artsy one.


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Next month I'll be going to Sydney for a couple of days for a scholarship thing. I've never been to Sydney so I want to fly in a day earlier and do touristy things for a day. It'll be a Wednesday and I'll be relying on public transport.

So what should I do?

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What are some things you can't wait for?

I for one, can't wait to have my own bedroom so i can walk around naked to get dry so putting on clothes after a shower isn't so un-fucking-comfortable.

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are you/do you know anyone who is a CNA? what is it like?

i am tired of working shitty low-paying office jobs! i'm going to school for medicine and while that will pay off in the long run it's going to take me... 7 more years to get there. i'm thinking of quitting the job i have now and taking a CNA course in the spring but i know it doesn't pay a whole lot more than what i make now and it wouldn't be worth it if it's just going to be another shitty job.

ETA: okay so CNA is out. are there any other health-related jobs that i could get into within a year?

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My plans for tomorrow had to be canceled. A friend of mine is casting people for a student film for school and asked if I would want to join him tomorrow.

Do you think this would be fun or really boring? Would it be rude if I brought a book or something else to do, just in case?

Any cheap but good champagne suggestions?
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Do you find it annoying if someone uses "like" "umm" "you know/you know what I mean" way too much in a conversation?

I never noticed how annoying it was until I had a formal speech class.
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My toilet is clogged and no matter how much we plunger it, it's not fixing anything! We went so plunger crazy we splashed nasty pee water everywhere. Gross!

It's a pretty heavy duty plunger and I know we're using it right, so what are we missing? Why isn't our only toilet unclogging?!
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What type of ipod do you have? What color?
What's the number 1 most played song? Is it your one of favorite songs? If not, what is your favorite song? (Right off the top of your head.)
i ain't into that!

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If you're going out to meet some friends and, on the way you see someone you know (for the sake of the question, let's say this person is a casual friend or very friendly acquaintance), if you say "you're welcome to come along," do you generally mean it or are you just being polite?

I am very curious. I know so many people who say that to people they don't really want to hang out with that I don't know if/when it is acceptable to actually tag along.
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Have you ever known someone with an eating disorder [anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating disorder]?

Have you ever known someone with "disordered eating" [eg ED-NOS]? What was it?

What are some of your peculiar habits when eating?
I eat one thing at a time, and I won't eat messy things like corn on the cob, that would touch my face.
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Dear TQC,

Help me with my dilemma?

How do you make decision? Do you make it based on what you want? Or do you consider everybody's opinions and decide?

Decisions like if you should move back to your home country?

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my friend (who's turning 17) asked me to rent a hotel for her for her birthday tomorrow. i said okay, and agreed to go. My really good friend that I haven't seen in forever called me today and asked me to go to a party at his apartment...tomorrow night.   Do you think that it's possible to convince friend a to go to the party at friend b's as a joint birthday/whatever party? tips?  It'd be  A LOT cheaper & easier overall.