September 10th, 2009

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Weeeird problem.
I moved into my new dorm a little over 3 weeks ago. Ever since then, I have been getting SOMETHING on my hands, that when I touch my mouth or my eyes or some parts of my face, BURNS LIKE CRAZY. I rubbed my eyes in class the other day and I had to run out to the bathroom because my eyes were tearing up and burning. There doesn't appear to be anything on my hands, and I'm not really doing anything out of the ordinary. It doesn't burn on my hands, only when my hands touch my mouth or eyes or a sensitive part of my face, and water doesn't make the burning go away. It's definitely something in my dorm or in my building, because this never happened before.

Has this ever happened to anyone? Does anyone have ANY idea what this could be? It's driving me crazy!! It happens almost every day and I keep forgetting so I keep rubbing my eyes or touching my mouth!

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I want to respond to some craigslist job postings, but I have no idea what to say.   I've had hardly any job expiriance (i've only helped at my grandma's old job filing things) and I can work almost any hours. Any tips on what I should include?
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Weight Loss...

If you could immediately lose all the weight you wanted to lose, but there was a 60/40 chance you would die, would you still do it? 

If not, what odds would be acceptable for you to do so?
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Because I was stood up by a friend tonight:

Have you ever been stood up by a friend or date? Anything to tell from it?
Are you currently mad at any of your friends and feel like ranting about it?
In general, how was your evening?

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Have you wondered why a lot of people wonder what Meatloaf won't do in "I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)", when it says it right in the lyrics?!

If not, what color are your socks?

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So Public Image Ltd. (PIL) has that awesome song, (This is Not a) Love Song. I happen to have a version that has a harder sound and backing instruments that are guitar-based. But all the versions I can find listed under actual albums/greatest hits compilations are a poppier-sounding horn-backed version.


How many times did you poop today? 3

FB question...

If you block someones posts, so you can't see their posts, will that remove them from your friends page?

Also, will blocking them make it so they can still comment on your posts without you seeing their comments?

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It's 2:14am. I have school in the morning. I am feeling general anxiety nauseous and hungry at the same time.

Should I really be taking the highest level courses I can if I'm not exactly trying to get into fucking Yale or some shit?

Alternatively, will you describe to me your first car in detail?
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Dear TQC,

What the devil is going on? I am not thirsty at all but I am dehydrated. I've been drinking Gatorade and water by the bucket load and still I am dehydrated. The tips of my fingers are wrinkled but they are dry. My lips are cracked. And my skin feels like paper.

Am I dying? If not, what is wrong with me? Why isn't the Ark load of liquids that I am drinking working?

If you don't care, what was the last time your body acted funny? What happened?

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which tights would be warmer? which would be better overall?

tights 1: 70% cotton, 25% supplex nylon, 5% lycra
19 colors
free shipping

tights 2: 80 denier Nylon/Lycra MicroFiber
51 colors
$5 flat rate shipping

i want to wear them during the colder months (40F-60F/4C-15C). i don't stay outside very long during the colder months, only long enough to walk from the building to my car or vice versa. so: which should i buy?

what colors should i buy?
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Hi  TQC, I have a somewhat serious question for you.

This morning, about 6AM, my right side above my pelvis was in agony, like knives being stabbed into it, and I was nauseous. Early last week (MTW-ish), I had pain ranging from mildly uncomfortable to severe (stabbing) in the same place and on Tuesday when the pain was worst, I tossed up.

That time, i looked up the symptoms for appendicitis, but knowing my dad and sister have both had it and each had different symptoms/none of the symptoms listed, I blew it off, especially because it went away. I have felt fine the rest of this week, but since it is the second time so close, I think I ought to go get it checked out. What do you guys think? Any helpful experience or advice for how to get a 'good' diagnosis? I know sometimes the doctors can't find it right away because the inflammation comes and goes.

Bonus: If you live in Akron-Canton area of Ohio, which hospital would you recommend? I am at college so it kinda doesn't matter, I just want to know they'll do it right if I have to have it removed.

ETA: Thanks, everyone. I did go to the campus doctor today, and they scheduled a CAT scan for me later this week.


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Having just gotten done being on hold with the IRS for over two hours before getting an answer to my 60-second question:

Being on hold really sucks, huh?
Who has kept you on hold the longest?
How long was it?
Isn't hold music (for most companies) simply maddening?
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I'm in need of a little bit of help.
I am studying photography at Alevel in the UK, and we are currently working on our personal study

My study is about Nicolas Grospierre and his use of colour in his compositions.
I would be quite happy just to talk about it in general,but my teacher wants us to have some kind of question or arguement.

I really can't think of a strong question to ask about colour.
Any ideas?

Emily jane x
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I'm meeting one of my favorite hockey players today at a meet-and-greet! How should I have him pose with me? A fake smile and arm around the shoulder is boring.

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1. What's the worst assignment you've ever had to do?
2. What's the best? (If you have one)
3. Do you prefer essay assignments or exams?
4. What is your preferred topic of study?
5. I have to do a presentation about how physiology affects behaviour. I can only choose one behaviour. TQC, which behaviour should I pick?

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I used to be really girly/feminine in college and then I started working at a group home for teen girls. I stopped dressing "cute" because I got 2 or 3 shirts ripped/spit on during restraints or fights. I just got moved to a calmer group home where I can actually dress like I used to and feel good about myself. The problem is, no matter what I do, I can't seem to feel feminine. I think I've been uncaring for so long that I just feel funky.

Girls, what do you do to make yourself feel cute/girly/ect?
Guys, what on a woman do you think makes them look really feminine?

If you don't care, what was the last thing that made you excited?
clueless is on tv right now. i looove that movie!


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Well, shit.

My sister's dog Elliot was being watched while she was on vacation, and he escaped. He was last seen in Auburn, Washington. It's awful. I can't do much to help but maybe some extra eyes on it will pay off, so please take a look at the Craigslist ad she posted?

He's a really good, cute little dog and I just feel terrible.

Do you have a good found pet story?
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TQCers who sell shit on eBay:

I just got a message from someone asking if I'd ship my item to Canada (I'm in the US). She says she'll pay for the extra shipping. I've never shipped to Canada before- is it a pain in the ass? Not so bad?


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Got anything cool planned today, TQC?

When was the last time you took a pill? What was it?

What's your favorite board game?

What was the last thing you stole? From where?

Do you steal often?

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I have chronic lyme disease and it causes me to gain weight by messing with my hormones and my thyroid... just like all the other symptoms, it comes and goes, when the symptom flares up, my weight goes up and basically doesn't go down until it wants to. I eat very healthy stuff... No beef, no chicken with antibiotics, no farm raised fish, no wheat, no white flour, no fast food, no cow dairy, all organic, fruit at every meal, lots of vegetables every day...

so my question is, basically for anyone with thyroid problems or other medical problems that affect your weight... is there anything you have done/taken that has been able to help or break through the brick wall that the illness seems to put up?


TQC, got any good remedies for ingrown toenails?
I've always taken the "ice cube + Exacto knife" approach, but I have neither available at work.

*Edit* it. It's amazing the problems that can be solved with a Swiss Army knife. question:
What ailments/conditions have you self-treated for?
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Do you write on yourself with pen/pencil/sharpie?
What do you write if you feel like it?

I just wrote 'gazelle' and 'doctor' on my arm and 'time lord' on my leg in pencil.


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I tried to tell someone that the term "hermaphrodite" isn't the correct term (that "intersex" is preferred), and gave them a link to some sites explaining why the medical community is making the switch. I got called a "nigger faggot" for my trouble (after he told me that he didn't care what I had to say, because I'm "a furry lol").

What's the most random, unprovoked, obscene comment you've gotten on the internet? How do you typically react to assholes on the internet: argue or ignore?

i want my ish asap.

I gave my ex my camera to be fixed. It is fixed, but he isn't giving it back. He says he will bring it over, then doesnt. I sent him a message on FB asking if today would be a good day for him to drop it off... no respose. This was3 days ago. I think he knows it's the only thing I want from him. How do I get the message across that I want my effing camera back without contacting him again? It has been fixed since the 3rd and I want it for this weekend.


okay.more to the story. we were on good terms. had conversations on the phone. i've talked to him at his job in the mall, texting ect. one day after talking on the phone about how he wants to be friends i tell him that i dont think we should be and that i'm not over him. then, i try to remove myself from being too involved with him... hence the facebook message. i told him that after he gave it to me that i would probably stop getting ahold of him and that i prefered to talk on facebook.

and- he'e never home. he works 50+ hours a week and trys to spend any other time at partys and friend's houses and so on.

Don't forget to bring your towel!

For those of you that use a lap-top/net-book, what wireless/wifi provider do you use? How much do you pay per month? Would you recommend your provider?

For those that don't use wireless/have an opinion/don't care: Do you use a different towel every time you shower or do you reuse it multiple times? If you reuse, how many showers do you go through before getting a clean towel?
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If you could take a year off, what would you do?

I'm going to graduate undgrad in May 2010.  I decided to take a year or two off before going to physical therapy school.  My goal is to gain a lot of experiences and make mistakes I can learn from so I can grow as a person.  I know I want to travel, go see all of my fave bands, get a job (i've only had one job), share an apartment/rent house with another girl.

If you were 22 year old who always played it "safe" and is dying to let loose... what would you want to do on your year off?


What beers would you recommend to someone who has basically no experience with beer, doesn't like a strong hops presence, and enjoys such beers as Yeungling (sp?), Sam Adams Boston Lager, and Killian's?
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Since I've never been to one before, what is an acceptable price range to spend on a friend's (who has always been generous with you) baby shower gift?

And if you had a shower for your child, would you have rather received more practical (bottles, bibs, cribs, diapers, etc) items or more cute things (onesies, blankets/quilts, memory books) ?

Thank you!!
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TQC I am going boot hunting and want your advice. Which of these two pairs do you think I should buy? Please keep in mind that I will be using these to run through large patches of fresh snow and snow banks in -30 Canadian weather.

Which of these boots should I buy?

Some other pair that I'll suggest in the comments.

I 'm leaning towards the second pair because they sound warmer and seem to have better traction.
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A friend of mine is scared she's pregnant. Tomorrow we're hanging out and she's gonna take a pregnancy test. We're making it a stress-free activity of the whole event. So, I'll be taking a P-test with her as well and depending on the results, I want to have a string of silly activities to do afterward. I need to have to separate plans for each result.

So far, I have only come up with one thing. Bringing a bottle of champagne for if she's not pregnant, and a bottle of cider for if she is.
I am stumped as to what else to do/plan. Any fun games?
I was thinking like if she is pregnant, do something relating to baby names, and if she's not, bring in some ugly celebrity baby names/make funny composites of her face with celebrity faces and have funny looking baby photo album?


Any suggestions?


She's 40 years old. While this is unplanned, she wouldnt exactly be unhappy about this. She does want to be a mother at some point!


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i have 2 yards of 45" wide fabric that looks like this. it's semi sheer but i think i have 2 yards of lining fabric in an appropriate color too.

what should i make? i tend to like more retro/fifties fashion.

also, are there any websites similar to whatiworetoday2? i'm specifically looking for pictures i can save and then use for inspiration for my own outfits.
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I have never seen harry potter,
but I have made a gigantic scarf as a gift
I made it like this
but when I look at other projects... half are like the one I made, and half are like this

why the difference in the stripes and which is accurate? which do you prefer?

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Do your feet smell, and do you know why if they do?

How do you remember all your passwords? Do you have any handy tips for making up memorable passwords?

What is something that happened to you today that made you feel either really upset / angry or really excited / happy?

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Is it normal to really dislike some of your relatives? Does it make you a bad person to want to do a literal *headdesk* every time some of them speak?

Are you obligated to like and/or love your relatives?
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I have allergies like the devil this week. I've been taking benadryl but I'm still clogged up and itchy faced and want to just stay inside forever, in addition to the benadryl comas. What do you guys suggest I do, remedy-wise?

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How can I convince myself to get off of AIM, the internet, and tv (Police Women of Broward County represent) to write my damn homework article?

Alternatively, what do you think of artichokes?
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Do you have any aversion to wearing red or blue?
Does it have anything to do with Bloods and Crips?
Choose one, Bloods or Crips?

I wore red for the first time in a very very long time the other day and GOT STUNG BY A HORNET! They would not leave me alone until I went and changed my shirt.

Do you think bees are attracted to certain colors, or is it bull?

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So I get off house arrest around halloween. Therfore I want to look really hot for my release back out into the wild.
What's a really cute/sexy holloween costume for a girl with shorter hair? I want to look hot but be comfortable.
I think I'm going to order it offline, that's why I'm asking now. I want something that not every other slut is going to be wearing, you know?

Edit; Do you usually dress up for holloween?

What do you think you'll be this year?
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I'm reading a book by "Dr." Gillian McKeith called "You Are What You Eat". It's under fire, because she obtained her Ph.D from a non-accredited correspondence university based somewhere in America (University of Phoenix, perhaps? idk). If you could have a title you pulled out of thin air, what would it be & why?
Either Countess or Dutchess, they both sound very regal.

What is the function of the "control" sticker in the crotch of underwear, TQC? Is it sensitive to cooch juice and would change color if someone had put them on, or is it purely for decoration? What exactly is being controlled here?

Edit: this be the sticker I am referring to as found in the crotch of some VS drawers i bought today.

What is the first srs bsns chapter book you ever read?
The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White

Did I miss anything, TQC?
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TQC, Last night I posted about the douchebag photographer and linked to his site. Today on his facebook he said that he got his first hate mail on his site about how he has no talent. Did any of you write to him and if so what did you say?!
ew no.

Inspired by a sprint commercial

How do you say penalized?

peenalized or penalized (as in pen)? If you say peenalized do you also say peenalty?

Also, there's a dog outside whining like it's being tortured on my front lawn. I'm too scared to go find out what or why it's whining like that. I'm home alone. :/ tqc is it a rapist trying to lure me out of my house?

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So I'm making a Jello salad thingy for my office potluck tomorrow. Lame, I know, but it's what I have. I'm doing Cherry Jello mixed with Sprite and fruit cocktail. At what point do I add the fruit?

Edit: Does Jello make YOU fart? :-p
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What is your favourite word? How come?

Vehemently. It reminds me of one of my closest friends, because she used it all the time, and I had to look it up almost every time. I just could not remember what it was. Once I learned the definition, it took me a long time to be able to say it properly.

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Does anyone here ride a motorcycle? Is learning hard?

My friend wants to go to the DMV tomorrow to take the test for the learner's permit and then do the required classes the next few weeks. I, however, never learned how to ride a bike (I know, sad) and am EXTREMELY weak. Which I'm not sure affects anything, but I've just never seen a skinny weak girl riding a motorcycle, and I feel like some strength might be required to keep the bike upright. So I'm a little nervous! Insight?

[ETA:] I'm definitely not planning on riding on the streets anytime soon, I will bulk up a bit before I think of doing that. I'm just wondering if a weaker/slightly uncoordinated person would be able to handle the classes, which are on closed courses.
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Are English speakers really waiting for an American remake of Pan's Labyrinth?

I'm asking this b/c whenever I read about it on it really sounds like they need that to happen as if remakes of foreign movies are some sort of public service.
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I saw Jule and Julia today and now I am inspired to cook a lot.
What are some of your all-time favorite recipes?

I could sleep 12 hours a night and still feel tired. I also have migraines a lot. TQC, what's wrong with me? DO I HAVE BABBY?

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do any of you know about this "moms return to school" scholarship? do you know if it is for single moms only or if it is for all moms? i've read some things that say it's targeted toward single moms but i'm having trouble finding if being a single mom is a requirement, or any good information at all for that matter. all i'm finding is articles about it but nothing ~official~ outlining the requirements, what it is exactly, etc.

my mom has expressed an interest in going back to school for nursing so i'm trying to help her find some info about ways to pay for it.

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I was feeling a little bit off since this morning and now I am feeling completely sick and miserable. And I feel that I'm not going to get better overnight.

I have to be at work by 9 am tomorrow. My boss also gets in around 9.

Do I call in sick BEFORE 9am or a bit after? I could also email her before 9 and also call her once I know she's in, right?

I've never had to call in sick before, so I don't know the proper etiquette.

(ALSO NOTE: This is a non-paying internship, not an actual full-time job).

A question for those good with computers

So, yesterday my ipod was stolen. Getting a new one isn't too big a problem, but the fact that all my music is gone is. A big problem. Something like 90% of the music on my ipod is no longer on my computer. I was wondering if somewhere in the depths of my computer there's a file that stores the music files of ipods that were synced on this computer. It's a long shot, I know, but I figured it's worth at least asking. I have a windows hp if that makes any difference. Thanks in advance, guys :)

Edit: My brother's friend came over and apparently my computer has some sort of ipod/itunes/whatever it's called file that has copies of the songs on my ipod even though the original files were cleared out. All is well. Thanks for those of you who were helpful :)

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Women of TQC (and men who enjoy the prettier things in life):

If you expect to be getting sexytimes on a particular day, how slutty a pair of underwear do you wear on a scale of 1-10 (1 being a non-kinky nun, 10 being "I'm the village bicycle")?

Does this change if you've been with or known the person for a long time?

Do you match your bra and panties? (total matchy-matchy, or just pattern/colour match?)

Why is LJ ads telling me about Russian wives and not Russian husbands? Russian men are soooo hot, and they hold their liquor well.