September 9th, 2009


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Would someone please recommend a band, with an accompanying Youtube video? And a brief description with the video, anything will do- make it something you love but might be not so well known.

Carpool website

Last year, I think, a carpooling website came out where you could sign up to either give a ride to someone or ask for a ride from someone. And in return, the people doing the driving got little rewards -- a free Egg McMuffin at McDonalds or a free donut at Dunkin' Donuts. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Does anyone remember the URL?

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My block of cheddar cheese has some green mold on it. If I cut the bits with the mold on off, is the rest still good to eat?

At what point do you no longer eat food? What foods do you never eat at all?

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my friend is having surgery next monday to have thyroid cancer removed. i volunteered to make a couple casseroles for her and her boyfriend that would keep well while she's healing.

what are your favorite casserole recipes? the easier, the better. i'm not the world's greatest cook.
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Is it sad that my top three visited sites on Firefox are "Comment Posted", my friends page, and TQC?

Will you tell me what your top three are (there is a button beneath the "back" arrow)?

Would it be rude for me to ask people to bring something for my dinner party for my birthday, or do I have to do all of that myself? I'm not sure of the proper etiquette.
Also, how do I tell people that I don't want them to wear jeans and a teeshirt to said dinner party then night out on the town? It's my 21st birthday and I want to go to a speakeasy and an absinthe bar and I would like if my friends would look nice.

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TQC, my neighbor is outside revving a car's engine for the second day in a row. He did it all day yesterday (and has done it all day previously), and I'd assume he's going to be doing it all day today. I should go out there and hit him over the head with something heavy so he stops, y/y? It's driving me crazy and I haven't been sleeping well as is, so when it makes it impossible for me to sleep (because it's so loud) when I'm actually tired/feel like I can fall asleep, I start to get really pissed off :(

Where would you like to take a weekend trip to, and who would you take with you?
What about a full vacation (say, a week or two)? Who would you want to go with you on that one? Assume that money isn't an issue in either scenario.
Have you ever studied abroad? If so, where? Did you like it? Just tell me about it!
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would you stay at a job, knowing that you're going to be laid off in the next couple of months, or would you take another job with equal pay, knowing you'd be miserable?
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Public Transportation

I have been looking into public transportation options for my daily work commute.

Do any of you use public transportation to get to & from work?  Is it cost effective?  Is it safe?  Does it take longer to get to your destination? Does it make your conscience feel better?

Not that cost is 100% of the consideration, but a monthly bus pass costs $80.  From my calculations, I only spend $44 / mo on gas if it is $2.50/gallon.  It would have to go over $4.50/gallon to make this cost effective on fuel costs.
It does not make sense to add insurance on because I would not get rid of my car, and the vehicle is paid for so there are no monthly car payments either.
Is there something missing from my cost calculations?


Is it usually more expensive to use public transportation?

tick tock

birthright israel

I am hoping to do my Birthright trip in January. I'm going through an organizer called Mayanot. For the application, they want a $250 security deposit. I am nervous about giving them $250 because technically I haven't even been accepted to the trip yet.

Does this sound like a bad idea? Have you ever just paid an organization money like this and hoped for the best?
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I just found out our company's IT guy fucked up yesterday when he fixed my firewall and I now have full access to the internet.

What was the last thing that made your day?
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1)What do you think about people freecycling* pets?

2)What about people with dogs in the backs of their pickup trucks?

3)I called the doctor, and the receptionist was like 'babby forming!'. Has this ever happened to you? How did you react?

*freecycling is when you use the web to give stuff away.
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Do you ever go to use the toilet and find a poop in there that you don’t remember doing? And you’ve been alone in the house all day, so no one else could have done it? And it’s not a floater, and there’s no toilet paper in there? It’s like someone just did a sneak poop-by and didn’t wipe, and didn’t flush.

Is there a ghost in my house?

boo hoo

A mosquito decided to bite my face. It's right under my eye, so as it swells my vision in one eye gets blurry. Also it feels weird.

What's the weirdest/most annoying place you've ever gotten a bug bite? Do you get the very often, or do you repel them naturally?

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My brother's birthday is on Sunday, and we were thinking of getting him a DVD player for his car (he has a 1-year old kid). Does anyone know which car DVD players would be compatible with a Subaru Impreza WRX? Or does it not matter?
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If you deposited a check last Tuesday before noon, what is the latest you would expect it to clear? At what point would you call the bank to find out what is going on?

Edit: It's a check directly from Bank Of America. My bank's website tells me it should have cleared in 4 business days.
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What do you say when someone tells you that you "don't deserve to call yourself an American citizen" because your parents are (legal) immigrants?

I just kept my mouth shut, but seriously... how do you react to that?!

I know, TL;DR.

Etiquette Q: My best friend's boyfriend, we'll call him, Max, and my best friend, we'll call her Danielle, were hanging out this morning. Max's best friend Dave wanted to come hang out, but said he can't hang out with Danielle because Danielle 'disrespected' his girlfriend, Nicole. Danielle never actually did anything, and Nicole is a big ol' liar, but that's besides the point. My question is to you do you find it rude and/or disrespectful for Max to ask Danielle to leave so Dave could hang out? Seeing as, that's his girlfriend and all, and Max openly admits that Nicole made up the entire situation.

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My sister needs decorating advice. Her family room is currently a dark army green color with a lot of dark wood furniture/accessories, but basically very monochromatic.  She wants to add an accent color but is being indecisive. What color(s) would YOU pair with a dark army green?  I've given her my opinion already (aside from my initial reaction of just painting the room a different color because I hate army green) but she wants more feedback.

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1. How long would you date someone before you'd consider moving in with them?

2. What do you think is the average number of sexual partners that most people have?

3. Are you going to get the flu shot this year? How about the swine flu shot?

4. Which payment system do you think makes the most sense to you for a subway system: paying a standard flat fee (say, 2.00 no matter how far you go) or paying for how far you travel (say 1.35 if you're going one or two stops, and progressively increasing up to a maximum fare that is in the $4 dollar range)?

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So what does everyone here in TQC do for exercise?

I do what I can, but I don't know if it is enough (and I doubt it is).

I bought a pedometer to keep track of how far I walk each day. Today was a less active day at work for me, and with an hour left, I've already walked 2 1/2 miles.

That gives me, on average, walking at least 10 miles Monday - Friday, just until 4:30 p.m. That's not counting what I walk after work.

bleh, convocation.

I have to go to this mandatory freshman convocation thing tonight. That douche Steve Lopez (he "wrote" The Soloist) that seems to have a chronic inability to write something readable is our speaker, and as such, I'd rather not take it seriously. So, what should I do to liven up these three hours?

Poll #1455468 What should I do before convocation?

What should I do before convocation?

Get smashed
Get stoned
Get twisted
Ask snarky questions during the QA session
All of the above
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1. In Lord of the Flies, what do you think happened to all of those boys after they were rescued?

Jail? Psych Wards? Political careers? Something else altogether?

I just finished watching The Illusionist and was inspired by this question;

2. What movie has the worst ending?
A. Why didn't you like it?

3. And for those who saw The Illusionist, did you like the ending? Or were you left scratching your head like I was? (I mean, why was the inspector so happy at the end after discovering it had all been a scam. He had been played into helping another man commit suicide! Fun for all.)

hooray for weddings!

Today I got a wedding invitation from my boyfriend's dad and his girlfriend. They are getting married in the middle-end of October on the beach in Jacksonville, FL. What would YOU wear, assuming that you are a chick, to a daytime beach wedding in late-ish October? Pics and links are especially appreciated.

Did anything exciting happen around these here parts between Saturday and today? What'd I miss?

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The radio station I DJ for asked me to make some flyers to recruit new members and advertise the station. I am having total writer's block and can't think of anything enticing to put on these flyers, other than the basic info (contact info, call number/frequency, etc.).

WILL YOU HELP ME? What should I write? I really bad at slogan-y stuff.

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what kind of credit do you generally have to have for someone like Sprint to give you a plan?

i have basically no credit. i've had a job for two years but that's it. no credit cards or anything, just a checking account(which has always been in good standing). i have a couple unpaid medical bills but they haven't gone to collections(it's a total of like $125). they're only like a month old. i just haven't been able to get to the financial office to set up a payment plan. i also owe money to my old gym i wasn't aware of but that's it.
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I know this question has been asked before, but idgaf. What's the worst haircut you've ever had? Did you get it fixed or wait for it to grow out?
Today I had my beautiful long locks chopped into a hideous mullet like creation. I went to the girl who does my color and she managed to texturize and blend the layers more, but it's still one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

If you don't care, what should I have for dinner that is vegetarian friendly?

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I'm home all alone for the entire evening with nothing to do. Should I just park my happy ass in my La-Z-Boy with a couple of beers and watch Discovery Channel (Mythbusters and Man vs. Wild) all night?

If not, do you have a better suggestion?

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I cruised along to the queer group at my Uni today, only I wound up representing 50% of the queer population present.

There's been attempts in the past to form the group that have fallen through due to lack of involvement. This isn't a problem with the queer group as such, but rather the apathy is school-wide; there aren't any other active groups for the same reason, there's piss-poor turnout to events, etc.

I'd really like to help try and push this off the ground but I've got no experience with this sort of thing. So far all that's been done is some posters around campus and a Facebook group. I'm going to put something into the magazine, but people hardly read that either.

Anyone got any tips for getting more activity? Holding events, etc, would be nice but not really possible until we've got some people who are actually going to come. Sausage sizzles get attention but is a bit mundane.

We've got to overcome the general apathy /and/ try to attract people who may well be reluctant to be 'out'. Tricky. :/

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What are you having for dinner tonight? I'm having gumbo and I'm really excited.

What are you looking forward to the most in the next week? 

Does anyone remember the site where you can add that photo-crashing squirrel to any of your pictures? I can't find the same site I remember on google. :(

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so while I was at work this woman ran into my car and drove off. I got her plate number and she has to pay for the damage which consists of some tiny paint chips. I'm not too worried about it being just mild cosmetic damage, should I just pocket the cash, or can the tiny chips get substantially worse? (I have a 2004 chevy cavilier and the bumper is made of like... pastic? so I don't think rust is an issue)

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For those of you who eat fish:

how do you feel about eating fish skin in a fish dish? does it differ if it's fried/baked versus steamed/boiled/something wet?

also is FAT-BOTTOMED GIRLS about getting molested by his bbsitter?

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TQC, how long should it take to be comfortable around someone who sexually harassed you on more than one occasion?

It's been two years and I still don't like being in the same room as him. I know a couple of people think I should be. He never physically touched me, but he said a lot of things. I just want to know if I am being a baby about it.

ETA: This guy is in a serious relationship with one of your friends when he does this to you. Your friend knows about it, and stays with him. Does your friendship with her change?
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Something I've been wondering for some time now;

European TQCers, can you explain to me where the distaste for redheaded people came from?

Confess. Have you ever made fun of a "ginger"?

To the rest, who are some of your favorite redheads?

EDIT: Some of you are making me feel sorry for gingers! Poor things.
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Are you down with OPTP?

Poll #1455571 Let's talk toilet paper

Do you practice brand loyalty with your toilet paper?

Yes. I have my favorite and no other brand will ever touch my behind
No. I buy whatever's on sale

What's your toilet paper using strategy?

Bunch it up before using
Fold it a few times before using
I just use a single square at a time

How many toilet paper squares would you say you use on your average poop?

None. I like to think I'm doing my share for the environment by not wasting dead trees
1. Any more than that is just extravagant. I use both sides
2-3. Waste not want not
More than 40
Girls don't poop

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Guess what TQC members? You've found yourself stuck out in the middle of nowhere, there is no shelter and it's a very cold, but dry night. All you have to keep you warm is one blanket.

What would you do with the blanket to keep warm?
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Hey tqc, I need some suggestions.

In one of my college classes (Composition, to be exact) I need to make a 5 minute lesson to teach the class. It can be on anything relating to writing (specifically grammar and punctuation). But I don't know what to teach.

So, what would you teach a college class for 5 minutes that relates to grammar or punctuation?
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"what's with all the syringes?"

At my university, there is a new (shitty) website that ... I think is trying to be like The Onion? I don't know, it's stupid. But I saw this ad (SFW photo) (edited to fix the link, sorry) on campus today, and knew I had to document it and share it with you all.

Of course, that is not a question.

How has the internet (specifically LJ [specifically TQC]) managed to weasel its way into your real life? Are there things you experience in everyday life that make you think about TQC or specific TQCers?
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Long story short, my great aunt died today, and I am unable to go to the funeral next week. BUT, it will be shown, live, over the internet! Have you ever heard of something like that? crazy right? but a really good idea.
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I have a timed mile walk tomorrow for my P.E. class. It's an hour & 40 minute class and when it's over I have an hour break before going to my next class.

Should I shower now or shower during my break tomorrow? (The only problem tomorrow is that it takes me a long time to get dressed/do my hair and makeup & Idk if I'll make it to class on time)

For the ladiez

Or maybe guys, too - but I doubt it.

What do you use to shave with, particularly what kind of razor? Do you use any other items, like shaving gel? Or maybe Veet or Nair?

What's the best way for you to get smooth legs?
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my friends bf thinks he's the greatest photographer out there and i just don't see it. I hate the douchebag though so maybe i'm biased. Will you guys tell me what you think of his pictures??

Also, i'm packing for a week long vacation and i'm sure i'm forgetting something. What is one thing that you always seem to forget to pack?
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Have you ever injured your tailbone? How long did it take to heal?

I fell on it while rollerskating on Monday and it's been KILLING me ever since.

What's something that you take for granted?

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You put your money into the vending machine to purchase your snack, which you're really craving. You put in the right amount of change. The machine acknowledges you put in the right amount of change. You look towards the window where your cherished snack is and it's being pushed forward, so that it'll fall into the slot below, where you can retrieve it. However, sometime bad happened and your snack didn't fall down. Oh, woe is you! Your snack was on the second shelf. What will you do now?

Shake, kick and try and tilt the machine in the hopes of propelling your snack forward
Put in more change, enough to purchase a second snack. The second snack will push the first one forward and you'll have 2!
Try and reach under the machine's access area, in the attempt to reach your disobediant snack
Walk away, dejected, getting nothing that you wanted
Look for the janitor or other authorized personel in the hopes they can open up the vending machine for you
Take this as an omen that you should be eating something more substantial
Write an angry worded letter to the manufacturer of the vending machine
Try and pick the lock
You're so upset that you turn to the one solution that will make it better. Booze! (or drugs if you're not a drinker)
You're so upset that you turn to the one solution that will make it all better. Arson! You burn the establishment to the ground
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A guy who owns a domain that I want has agreed to sell it to me. I found his info via the WhoIs lookup. How do I pay him safely? Didn't Paypal used to offer an escrow service? How does he transfer the domain to me?

Validate me plz

Some of you may remember some stories about my crazy sister... She's 15 and runs away all the time and has stolen my car once. She ran away a few weeks ago, and has basically been living the life of a homeless person, sleeping on park benches, selling drugs or whoring herself out for money to buy bus tickets or more drugs. She was arrested two nights ago for trespassing, and was probably high but my mom wouldn't consent to a drug test. She came home last night and my parents' solution to the problem? Act like nothing happened, let her get a drivers permit and treat her like a queen?

My sister obviously has some serious serious issues, and she is progressively getting worse. She needs professional help and what my parents are doing is not going to help anything, right? Their reasoning is that if they spoil her she won't want to run away again.

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Say that someone asked you to hang out tomorrow. They mentioned something about bowling, which is usually an evening thing. Before they went into work earlier, they said "see you in the morning when I get off, get to bed early." They get off work at 6 am and home by 7. Bowling does not occur that early. I have no way to contact them and ask what they're planning to do, since they're at work for another 6 hours.

Do I go to bed now, even though I'm not tired, just in case they call/stop by in the morning for some unknown reason? Or should I stay up and just see what happens?

Alternatively; if you could own any animal as a pet (and they were tame and it was legal), what would it be?
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what is the name of that counting tool that is often portrayed being used by asians?
you slide little chips across to keep track of numbers. i'm having a mind block.