September 8th, 2009


I am trying to think of a word

And I have googled synonyms and googled antonyms to no avail. It's driving me mad.

What is the word used to describe something that used to look very good and someone had spent a lot of money on it looking classical etc. except now it's falling apart and dilapidated.

Seriously, what is this word?


Decadent  - thank you tqc for helping me out!

apologies for the run on sentence

How do you handle a friend whose boyfriend breaks up with her repeatedly, uses her and finally breaks up with her for the fifth time and slaps and chokes both her and this guy 2 weeks later after hearing she made out him and she actually utters the words "It shows he cares."?
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1. What was the last thing that made you think, "Oh, SNAP!" or some variation of?

2. Who is the most violent person that you know personally?
A. What has she/he done to gain this title?

And, finally, a strange question;

3. What was the last animal that you held in your hands that wasn't food or a pet?
A. Where did it come from and why were you holding it?

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Should I write my critical analysis of Oedipus Rex? Better yet, will you write it for me? :) I only read the Cliff Notes of the play, and I was absent the day they watched the video. It's almost 1 AM, and I have to be up at 5:45AM. But I do get to come home and take a nap after 11. The only thing is that it is 10% of our final grade, I think. I only need a C to pass the class. Would you stay up and write it, or just go on to bed?

I ended up staying up all night, and I am finally done at 5:30AM. Of course, I spent most of the night watching Roseanne and playing games online. I figured no sleep > 2 hours of sleep.

What homework do you currently have to do?

Such and such about such.

TQC, what are your moral values? Do you like someone that you date to have the same(ish) moral values?

I'm currently really interested in this one guy and he told a friend of mine that he was afraid that our moral values were too different and was afraid to pursue a relationship withe. However, what he doesn't know is that they are exactly the same(ish).

How do I tell him that I have the same moral values as him without bringing up the conversation he had with my friend?
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Will you vent to me, TQC? It can be about anything at all.

I'm annoyed that none of my ex-classmates understand that I didn't "drop out" - the guidance department fucked my credits over and I decided to go to an alternate school to graduate six months early. Unlike half of them, I actually have a plan and not wasting my parents money partying at college next year, I'm going to become a dental hygienist. Uuuuughh!

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does anyone have the link to the # wank? this is very important.

what stephen king book should i read next? i did ask this a few days ago, but i took your suggestions and turned them into a poll!

which of stephen king's books should i read next?

duma key
four past midnight
gerald's game
the girl who loved tom gordon
the green mile
hearts in atlantis
needful things
the night shift collection
pet sematary
running man
model → rad boys


TQCCCCC, holy shit, I'm going to the US Open tomorrow (technically today). God bless my mother's gold digging soul and her rich boyfriend. I AM GOING TO SEE RAFAEL NADAL PLAY. Should I paint "VAMOS RAFA" on my face and/or my stomach so I can lift up my shirt and expose my flesh to the disgust of everyone with a cardigan tied too tightly around their neck? Is face/body paint disallowed/inappropriate? What should I wear? If Will Ferrell is there again, what should I shout?

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How many kinds of nuts and/or seeds have you sampled? Any unusual styles available where you live?

I was thinking that there's a pretty large variety readily available and in tons of styles too. Some of them are interesting in how they're processed, like cashews and pistachios. Conversely I recently had lamb fries and after I got home found out what they were. Not amused.

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I'm watching Hoarders on A&E.. fascinating.

can you sympathize with people who hoard stuff/garbage/food/animals, or do you think they just need to suck it up and throw some shit away?

have you ever known a hoarder personally?

(no subject)

do you get nervous when you have to go in a crowded public place?
can you tell if a person is nervous by their body language/the way theyre acting?
can you tell if someone has no confidence/a low self esteem?

(no subject)

Who are some actors that you will go see their movies just because they are in it, without even considering what the movie is about?

Dexter fans...will you go see Gamer just 'cause Michael C. Hall is in it?
yummy beer!, yummy

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Starting midnight tonight, I will have to go without any sort of food and drink for an indeterminate amount of time, until I feel up to having something after out-patient surgery tomorrow.
So TQC, to help me get ideas for extra yummy foods to indulge in today, will you please share the following?

What's your ideal breakfast?

What's your ideal lunch?

And how about your favorite dinner?

And do you have a favorite snack?

If you want to include the drinks that would accompany your food, so much the better. :)
devon ramen

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i was excited about actually having the chance to eat breakfast today and the milk turned out to be sour! :(

what is a really quick, no fuss breakfast you eat on a regular/daily basis? i just need enough to get me through a 2 hour exam.
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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Last night, I got food poisoning after eating some bad fish at a really expensive sushi place and I vomited for the first time in ten years.

When was the last time you vomited?

And when was the time before that?

Did you manage to get to a toilet/sink/bucket/etc. before throwing up, or did you make a mess?

My boyfriend handed me a waste basket about a minute seconds before I threw up. If he hadn't, I would have gotten my sick all over his bed. :/
china town

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If you or your child were given the opportunity to see the President of the United States speak in small, intimate setting would you jump on it or would you let your political views keep you from the rare opportunity?

(no subject)

I have an issue with cell phones. I am constantly buying new ones, whether it's because I get bored with the phone too fast or because I'm a clutz and I end up breaking it.

I just bought the motorola rival, and i hate it but I'm trying to deal with it because I can't reeaalllly afford a new phone.

what's your fave cell phone you've ever had?
do you get bored with them easily?
how can I stop this awful (and expensive) habit?

if you don't like cell phones, what's for lunch?

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Do you like The Boondock Saints?

Are you stoked that there is finally a trailer and release date for Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day?

Yes, and yes...even though I'm sure the movie is going to suck. It falls under the "I have to see it regardless" category, though.
(I would post the video, but Youtube is blocked at you're on your own.)

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What do you do with a beef roast?

I made a pot roast over the weekend and it turned out good but not amazing. I dipped it in flower and some spices, browned the outside, then simmered it in beef broth for 2.5 hours. Then tossed in some veggies and wine, and let that cook a while. Now that I made some gravy and let it sit in the fridge overnight the leftovers are basically like stew. Tasty but not amazing. The meat is stringy and not super flavorful.

Do you have a good roast recipe? I've got another one sitting in the freezer.
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Have you ever decided to move to a city after vacationing there? How did that work out for you? How did you know it was a good idea, and that you weren't just in love with the idea of the vacation itself? I just got back from vacation and all I can think about is packing up my family and leaving to live there.
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1. Would you take up golf if you had a llama caddy? (The place is only a few hours away from me and I am tempted. I so want to pet a llama.)

2. Do you have cicadas in your area?
A. Does their "song" ever creep you out? (For me it's too loud and metallic. Like a machine going haywire.)

3. Speaking of which, have you ever told an animal personally to "SHUT UP!" because of the noise it was making? If so, what animal was making the noise and what happened?
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So I've been watching a LOT of America's Next Top Model lately! So, TQC, I want to get your opinions!

1) What is your FAVORITE season of ANTM?
2) What is your LEAST favorite season?
3) Who is your FAVORITE winner of ANTM?
4) Who is your LEAST favorite winner of ANTM?
5) Who is your favorite and least favorite non-winner of ANTM?

My answers:
1) Season Two, surprisingly. I loved how new it still was!
2) Ugh, anything after that horrid Season 8. I felt that since Jaslene won, the quality of the models have gone down.
3) I love me some Naima! She's fierce! Also, I really like Yoanna House. She deserves more work.
4) Whitney/Jaslene! 'Nuff said. Salesha or whatever (Dora the explorer) also makes me puke.
5) I loved Kim from season 5! Fierce. I disliked Isis a LOT. I don't care if she's transgendered, I just didn't like her on the show period.

Gogo! I'm bored at work.
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For New Yorkers

Ok, so I just watched my first ever eisode of Sex and the City.. I'm absolutely horrified.
Is this really how people live/date/act in NYC?? Is this city really so superficial and relationships so impersonal? I realise it's just a TV show but there's truth in all fiction. So basically..
How accurate is the depiction of New York on 'Sex and the City'?

p.s I'm in Sydney, Aus.
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(no subject)

If I want to sell some jewelry to local boutiques, do you think calling first to scope out their affability is the polite way or am I just weaseling out of walking into the store and trying? Half of me feels like some stranger unannounced selling stuff is not going to be met so well, but it's possible I'm kidding myself because the phone call is easier. What do you think?

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hey tqc. i need help.

i'm in this dance piece and i've been told to find a statue of a person to base my movement off of. i just googled "statues" and stuff and the results are so overwhelming that it was no help to me. i am looking for something that is interesting but not extremely well-known. (it does not have to be a statue of a dancer; i'd prefer if it was not.)

can you think of a statue that i might be able to use for this?

what is your favorite statue?

are there any interesting statues where you live or that you've visited?

Potassium perversion

(no subject)

Poll #1455005 Do you love me now that I can dance?

What kind of dance would it take for you to love me?

Lambada (the forbidden dance!)
Interpretitive dance
Dutch clog dancing
Chicken dance
Erotic striptease
Fourcorners, I'll never love you

(no subject)

TQC, I am in the UK and passed my driving test today. (Yippee!)
I know I need to inform my insurance company that i'm no longer on a provisional license, but am I covered if I don't do it immediately?

(no subject)

I have a class at 4:10, until about 7pm tonight. I'm not hungry AT ALL right now. In fact, eating might make me feel sick. But I am positive I'll get extremely hungry during class. So would you rather force yourself to eat so you won't deal with the hunger later, or starve until you can get home and eat 3 hours later? I can't bring snacks into class, or I would. :(

Also, will you recommend a good hair product for long, thin hair? Something that will give it volume or keep it from tangling?

(no subject)

So my boyfriend and I broke up recently, and while it wasn't exactly mutual, we've agreed to remain good friends. I'm happy about this because we had been going out for two years and were really close and have a whole ton of mutual friends. However, it seems like our relationship hasn't changed at all except that there's nothing sexual going on anymore. I find this a little weird. Is it just me?

Also, what would you do to cheer yourself up? I'm okay with it in general, but it's still new to me and makes me sad.
Bandit Driving

(no subject)

My best friend is moving to Denver, CO this week. Some friends are creating a "Top 10 Things NOT to Do While in Colorado". What would you add to the list? Or what type of Top 10 List would you make her (preferably a funny list)?

(no subject)

I'm going to the movies with my parents to see Inglourious Basterds tonight. My mum doesn't like violence too much.

How violent is it?

If you've seen it, what did you think of it?

(no subject)

When was the last time you wished you could turn back the last hour/day?

Right now, I just ripped the front bumper off my car. I just passed my test today, so of course all I want to do is drive it!

(no subject)

I'm moving in November. I called a reputable moving company for a price quote.

$89 per hour for either/or labor and travel
$46 fuel surcharge
+ all tolls

There's a minimum of 3 hours.

I'm located in eastern Pennsylvania about 1 hour west of Philadelphia, although I believe the company is headquartered in Philly.

Does this seem reasonable?
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(no subject)

I saw a post recently, either on here or on AMA, about a site where you pay to have them send poo to somebody in the mail.  There are many different kinds of poo that you can send, and it's all anonymous.  Any idea what the site was?  Thanks!!!!!!

Never mind, it was
im french

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How did you get your current job? If you don't have a job, how did you get your last job?

I didn't work for the past 4 months. When I start looking for jobs/interviewing, do you think they'll ask about this gap? All I did was travel/go camping. How do I phrase that correctly?
heffron roe

(no subject)

Doubt anyone will have any clue, but do any of you know how medics were selected and trained during WWII?  Was it just a random selection or were their certain requirements?  If you don't know, do you know of anything that might point me in the right direction?
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Ladies, hypothetical scenario here: a guy approaches you in a social situation (bar, party, something) and at some point asks for your phone number. You don't really want to give it to him and so you don't (you decline, you demur, something).

If he is persistent will you eventually give in?

Collapse )

Ok not that there are any guys in here but just to be fair: guys, how persistent would you be in trying to get the number of a girl who was not too interested in giving it to you?

On housepets

Why do I have to buy a "Large" dog carrier for my cat? Why is a "Large" dog carrier only recommended for dogs up to 13" (33cm) tall at the head? What the hell kind of large doge is that short? What the hell kind of cat is that tall (besides mine)?

(no subject)

do straight guys really care that much if they're younger than the woman?

there's a Michael Jackson tribute band playing 5 minutes from my apartment at 9 tonight. should i shower before i go? i don't smell or anything but i feel like my hair might need some livening up.
just a bill
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(no subject)

I just finished up my masters in May. I'm already finding myself applying to grad school again, for a MSW/JD dual degree program. Is that a good/bad idea? I figure just an application is no biggie.

(no subject)

Have you ever been stopped by the police while you were driving? What was it for? What happened?

Have you ever been caught driving illegally? (without tax, insurance, full license etc) What happened ?

(no subject)

I am watching the amazing Cold Feet. In this episode Adam and Rachel are having a discussion about sex. Rachel is pregnant and horny. Adam feels a bit weird about having sex when she's pregnant (and there's a silly joke about willies and so on).

Now I've never been pregnant but I was wondering, is it not a bit weird having sex when pregnant? Like the baby inside a lady knows when its mum is upset, stressed etc. Would it be able to tell when its mother was having sex?

Christ I know I sound like a 'Baby Questions for Dummies' book but I really don't want to ask my mum this!

Serious and non-serious answers welcome :)

(no subject)

I'm in a weird situation.   I need to pack, BADLY, but I only have one more box left and I can't go get more until tomorrow. 
Should I stay up sorta late and pack what I can (1) OR get up early and pack all day tomorrow (2)?

If you do not care, what fast-food place do you think has the best fries?

(no subject)

Hello my lovelies,

Do you like wine?
What kinds of wine do you prefer? Why?

Have you ever had a holy-crap fantastic bottle you'll probably never be able to have again?

Are you drinking right now? Wine? Booze? Water? :D

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(no subject)

Should I take a shower tonight?

I just took one around 2pm (and it's 8:15), and the only place I've been is to one class, so I'm not dirty or anything. I'm really tired and just don't feel like doing anything tonight, including showering.
My hair is really thin though, so by tomorrow around noon, it will be greasy. I could just put it up/pull it back when that happens, though.

I am not a morning person at all, so morning showers = no. It's tonight or wait until tomorrow afternoon. Who knew this decision could be so tough? 
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(no subject)

I very, very strongly suspect my boss has installed a listening device in the office. Srs answers please - how do I find it so I can disable it or at least distort what it receives? I don't have $600 to spend on a bug-finding device. I'm so pissed, I just want to make it impossible for him to keep listening.
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Did you ever make paper chains when you were younger, and you'd rip off a link every day in order to count down to Christmas or something?

What was your favorite game to play as a kid that did not involve toys? (hide and seek, tag, the floor is lava, etc.)

If I wanted to take a bunch of pictures of the various shenanigans my friends and I got into over the course of the next 180 days, would buying disposable cameras be impractical financially? I have a digital at my disposal so I could run off prints at a drugstore, but that seems like a hassle.

(no subject)

You have an ex. He has a girlfriend, and has for the past five months. You realise you have feelings for him once again (you dumped him), but you shouldn't tell him, right?

I'm trying to convince my sister this is not a good idea. =/

(no subject)

1. So, I bought some goth boots. BUT!!: Should I add a pair of girl's neon red and zebra fur creepers to my order? THEY ARE SO FUNNY. CREEPERS.

2. Is it terribly weird that I want to give up being roommateless in order to get roommates with cats, so that I can have more cats in my house without qualifying as "crazy cat lady" (i.e., more than two cats)? Do you ever invent loopholes and workarounds to rules you have set for yourself? Tell me.

(no subject)

tqc, every time i use top coat on my nails, it tends to smear the nail polish a bit, meaning that any neat designs i do get screwed up. :/ i have an old bottle from high school that's tinged red because of this.

why is this? should i buy more expensive top coat?

Bedtime Routine

What do you do to get ready for bed?

When I work in the morning, I shower, brush teeth, take my meds (asthma) and put on foot cream, face cream, lip balm and eye drops. I also set all my stuff out for the next day. It helps me sleep to know I'm ready for tomorrow. I'm an insomniac, so my sleep routine is kind of getting insane.

Do you wear/have you ever worn a retainer or mouth guard? How did you get used to sleeping in it? I keep taking mine out in the middle of the night.
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I heard a commercial on the radio a few days ago for some car company that was offering free maintenance for as long as you owned the car. I wish I could remember what car company... it might have been just one specific dealership though. Do you know what car company is offering this? What do you suppose the catch is?
space, fire

(no subject)

TQC - I have a 50 hour work week now, which is pretty cool, but I am beat after the first day. But I also want to go do things after work sometimes with my friends and prospective friends and the like. But if I do that, my exhaustion level will probably be sky high for like a month until my body adjusts to the idea of not being such a lazy lame person. Is it worth it? Will I die? Should I bold my question marks?

How was your day? What was the most exciting thing to happen to you lately? What makes you lonely? 
dead zone johnny & sarah

(no subject)

I hate my current title for my Masters dissertation: The Blues Brothers: An Authentic Extension of the Blues Tradition?

The dissertation is about authenticity in the blues and how comedy affects how an audience views authenticity using The Blues Brothers as a case study.

I know you all have come up with fantastic titles in the past, can anyone think of something better for this one? It's just too boring sounding right now.
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(no subject)

1. After watching commercial after commercial of oral or under the skin injected forms of birth control, I noticed all the side effects are the same; stroke, blood clot and heart attack.

With this information, if it was 100% fool proof that you would not get pregnant, would you take these forms of birth control or would you stick with the condom or what ever non-medicated form of birth control you use now if given the chance? Mind you, someone else is paying for the medication. You just need to take it.

My family has a history of heart disease on both sides. I am terrified of pressing my luck.

2. Does your family have a history of heart disease? Does this worry you?

(no subject)

If you come across any awkward or oversharing facebook statuses will you screenshoot them, blur the names, and email them to me or post them on my journal or here just for my own personal enjoyment?

I feel like there should be some kind of website dedicated exclusively to distasteful facebook statuses or tweets.
Cadbury Creme Egg
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(no subject)

What would your reaction be if your best friend sat you down today and told you that they had serious romantic feelings for you?

What do you think your best friend's reaction would be if you told them that you had serious romantic feelings for them? (Just ~imagine~ that you do.)
MLP - pinkie chicken

(no subject)

I feel like there should be some kind of website dedicated to me being able to type in something I want to know more about and being given a detailed web page on the subject. Any tips?