September 7th, 2009

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when and how often do you weigh yourself?

i was just watching a show about some fatties and they weighed them in the morning. they were less than pleased. they looked like they had just woken up, and i was hoping they at least got their morning poo in before the weigh-in.

do you have a morning poo?
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Do like playing 20 questions?

When was the last time someone got your... thing, really fast? What was the thing? How fast did they guess it?


Just now. I'm playing online, and it asked 16 not very descriptive questions and got Temperance Brennan, which is exactly who I was thinking of.

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My house gets dirty so, so fast. It's largely due to our cats and how much they shed. I can't continue to do full house cleans two times a week. It's just too much!

I don't wanna give up my cats. TQC, how do I cut down on cat hair?!
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Do you have a cat?

Does your cat ever beg to get into your bedroom at night?

Mine was clawing at my door and howling last night to be let in. Every time he does that I think "Hey! He wants to cuddle!" but he really just wants to try and eat my feet and bite my face. :(

Did you purchase Guitar Hero 5 this month? Thoughts?

Will your purchase Beatles: Rock Band on Wednesday?

It's the 7th! That means I have texts again! How many texts are you allowed a month? How many do you typically send? How many do you typically receive?
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Assuming you're not at school any more - have you ever gotten in touch with any of your former teachers? Can you tell me about that? Why you did it, what happened, etcetera?

I'd like to email some of my old teachers, I guess just to let them know what I'm up to these days (I was a pretty bad student, I think they might be a bit relieved to know I turned out well!). I'd also like to see how they are, because I always really liked a couple of teachers and would really appreciate the chance to sit down and talk to them as people rather than teachers. Would it be weird to send a teacher an email saying what I've been up to (not like, pages and pages of random life news, just a paragraph or so), and if they respond positively with more questions and news on themselves, maybe invite them for a coffee?

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I'm going to adopt a kitty soon, and the shelter that I believe I'm adopting from visits your home first to make sure it is suitable and is a loving home for the pet.

I have three cats, and I give them plenty of love. They are spoiled to death, and we can afford to feed them, provide for them, etc. But what exactly is 'suitable' in a home, when it comes to cats? What exactly do you think they'll be looking for? Just a general cleanliness? 
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Is there a way to get a GPS on a phone without paying for it?

To track someone, I mean. If they have GPS enabled on their phone?

My SIL is lost and doesn't know where she is!

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Should I buy a pair of late 90s-style goth platform boots? Not totally over-the-top spiky ones, just kind of platformy.

I can not decide

EDIT: AND/OR several costumes such as a Sexy Bavarian, Sexy Pirate and Sexy Marie Antoinette. They are mostly just cute ridiculous dresses.
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September 1 marked the 70th anniversary of Germany invading Poland, initiating the start of World War II. What are your thoughts on this? Does this fascinate you as much as me, or am I just way too overly medicated at the moment?
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hey tqc!

next weekend i will be in charge of running a baking/refreshment stall at a market, and i wondered if you guys had any advice for me.

i am going to be making 2 types of muffins (spiced apple, and lemon/cream cheese) and possibly some cookies too (peanut brownies, and chocolate chip i think), does anyone have any suggestions as to what else i could make? i make great vanilla cupcakes, so i might add those in too. i would prefer something like cookies or muffins or whatever that i dont have to cut, and are easy to hand over. recipes would be a bonus!

we arent technically going to be selling any drinks, which is why i dont think i should call it a refreshment stall- but we'll be selling homegrown fruit and preserves as well.

thanks guys!
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demi bra

I'm looking for a bra to wear under my v-neck sweaters. My normal bras (full coverage) just peek out.

However, I'm a 36 F. It seems impossible to find a demi bra in larger sizes. Anyone know of any they personally like wearing?
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1. Do you think it makes a difference if you use "a set"  of shampoo and conditioner, as opposed to using two different brands when you wash your hair (like Herbel Esscenes shampoo and Dove conditioner?)

2. Have you ever been discriminated against? Explain.

3. I have a cousin , or rather, my grandfather's cousin, who is quite old. She is the sweetest thing ever and really fun to be around, and she has MOST of her marbles (but she is very raunchy, too, which is hilarious..) She lives alone and without much money, because her douche of a son, who is VERY rich (for example, he hired an interior decorator for his daughter's dorm room!?!?), stuck her in an apartment, and never contacts her because his wife doesn't like his mother. My family tries to visit her every once in awhile and we generally take her out to eat or to shop. Since she is very old, she's not the most mobile person, but she likes to get out of her apartment. She makes me so sad because whenever we have to drop her off at home, she tells us she "doesn't want to go home".  She also refuses to move into a home (which we want so she won't be alone all the time)

What is something fun we could do with her besides what I said? And also, how much do you want to slap her son?

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A message just popped up on my laptop about there being a hard disk error and that I should back up my files.

Is my computer going to die? I bought it 4 months ago. I should contact Toshiba, y/y? This isn't the first time that I've gotten an error like this.

Anyone else not have to work on Labor Day?
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When you order take you tip the person that is bringing you your food? 

ETA: When I mean take out, I mean when you go to the establishment and pick up your food.
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Good morning TQC, do you think department stores or clothes stores will be open today? I know most businesses are shut, but shopping/restaurants/movie theaters might be open.  I need to buy work clothes.

Today my college starts, but I am not there because I graduated last May. This makes me sad. What should I do to cheer myself up? 

What was the last craft or cooking thing that you really enjoyed doing?
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Anyone own Wooly Mammoth Crocs that has an opinon about them to share? Are they ok on ice?

I need a soft cozy shoe for winter but the traction nubs on these don't look reassuring.

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I cleaned my ears out with a Q-tip last night, and suddenly could not hear as well in my left ear. It feels like there must be something there. Thanks to the internet, I have discovered that one is now not supposed to use Q-tips in ears. I also went to the beach yesterday and at several points ended up with quite a lot of salt water in my ears and nose, but I'm ruling this out as the culprit because the weird decreased hearing thing didn't happen for hours after that.

Have I completely killed my ear from nineteen years of Q-tip usage, or do I probably just have some earwax in an awkward place?

What would you do about this? I'd like to be able to hear out of it D:

EDIT: Thanks, guys. I will get ahold of some mineral oil ASAP, because I think it is in fact earwax.
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What facial make-up do you use, in terms of foundation or base? What type is it (liquid, pressed powder, loose powder, etc.)? Would you recommend it?

Help me name my fish!

I had to leave my old betta at my summer job so I got a new one for college. He is dark blue & black. I named my last one Lucifer. What is a good mythology name for my new fish?!

I am thinking of Alastair as I am a Supernatural fan?
Completely stolen from epilogia.  Awesom
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Any gardners out there?

Can anyone tell me about how long it generally takes for a tomato to grow from blossom to ripened fruit? I planted tomatoes back in May and am just now getting my first actual fruit from them. I had one back in June but it was tiny and seemed to be an aberration more than anything else.

Also, anyone know anything to keep tomato plants from growing taller? One of my plants is now close to eight feet and the other is just about to reach six; they've outgrown their stakes and I don't have a trellis I can use to to give something to continue to grow on. Yay for apartment patio gardens!

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How's everybody doing on this gloriously un-laborious day?  What's everyone doing for Labor Day?  If you're not American...still, what're you doing?  I'm going to the aviary with my parents and grandpa.

What are some movies that made you cry?  Titanic and Cold Mountain.  And while I'm ashamed to admit it, P.S. I Love You.

What's a movie you've never seen that, when your friends find out, they bombard you with WTF HOW HAVE YOU NEVER SEEN THAT IT'S A CLASSIC EVERYBODY HAS SEEN IT GO RENT IT RIGHT NOW YOU WEIRDO types of questions?  I can't think of any for myself right now, but my dad watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Gene Wilder) for the first time on Friday.

I miss you guys and wish I could be on TQC more often, but since I started school, my life has been consumed.  Sad day.
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 Oh hai TQC!

I was wondering if any one could give me some tips...I'm a Canadian visiting friends for some time in Queensland, Australia. I take care of their cat fairly often when they're out, and I've noticed these tiny little ants everywhere. They keep getting into the cat's food and water, there's always a bunch of dead tiny ants in his water every time I go to change his water.

I've never actually seen ants this tiny before, any tips of how to tell them GTFO of this poor cats food and water?

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Poll #1454413 hairy high and low...

Which would you rather on a man's face?

a well-trimmed, maintained beard

Which would you rather on a woman's genitals?

well-trimmed maintained hair

you can comment and say neither (which i'm expecting many of you will), but if that's your answer please still vote in the poll as if these were your only 2 options.

ETA: STUBBLE*************  :-)

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1)What's the worst question one can ask on a first date?

do you do anal?

2)Do you like happy or depressing endings?


3)Do you watch cartoons and cry?

Oh yes, I do. so much.
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I'm currently reading And the Hippos were boiled in their Tank by Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs. Seriously weird stuff.

What is the most bizarre book you've ever read?

What was so bizarre about it?

Do you think it would make for an interesting television series or movie? If so, who would play in it?
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My senior year will officially start tomorrow. Do you have any good advice to give me for my last year in high school?

By the way, has anyone on TQC taken AP courses during high school? What'd you take? I'm taking a couple this year.

Last year of high school, kick ass.:)
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Moving - Validate me TQC!

I need validation! My boyfriend and I are moving to a house we recently purchased, closing is around the 11th and the move in date is the 15th. Boyfriend wants to use our small Honda to haul everything that will fit, so, multiple trips, round trip would be about ~40 mins. Then a few days later, rent a Uhaul and haul the big items (chairs, table, bed, shelf, etc.) I suggested renting a Uhaul and doing it the same day, waking up early so we can finish by 5. He says this is a bad idea, WHAT WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Amirite for being annoyed that he wants to spread it out over a thousand days? How would you convince your SO that doing it in 1 day is a great idea?
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What is your favorite thing to make with eggplant that is quick and easy? More Preferably something with tomatoes and bell peppers because I have a garden full of them. My dad has already made enough sauce to last well into next summer.

Could I just cook them all in a bit of olive oil and garlic, or would that be gross? I don't eat eggplant, tomatoes, or peppers so I have no idea.

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My iPod bit the dust. Should I make the husband buy me a new one?

I bought a Colby to replace it, but it was defective so it went back to the store.

For those of you that sell stuff on Craigslist, how do you deal with people that want to low ball you on just about everything?

I'm selling some baby stuff for cheap and I have these 2 different woman that keep lowballing me on my asking prices.
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What are good songs to drive to? They don't have to be ABOUT driving, just fun songs to drive to. Possibly to sing along to. I'm making a mix CD and need suggestions. I have this as the following mix, although this can and probably will change, especially if I get good suggestions from y'all! I have 7 minutes and some change left on the disc as it stands.
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What is your current method of transportation?
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When asked on application if it's ok for them to contact a previous employer, what exactly am I consenting to? For them to call and ask about my job performance in detail, or just for them to call and verify that I worked there? In the past, I've had to give 3 references that they did call and actually speak to, and the rest they just verified that I worked there.
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I'm clueless when it comes to fancy work clothes. Could this be considered a work appropriate dress? Interview appropriate?

If you don't care, what's something everyone but you knows how to use?

I can't use a dishwasher
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How many dates did you go on with your most recent SO before you "went official"? How did you go from "courting" to "a couple"? Does someone just say, "Want to be mutually exclusive" or what?

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In June of '09 (2 weeks before the end of school) boy #1 puts a pocket knife in his pocket to take back to his Mom's house....2 hours later forgets he has the knife and takes his 5 year old half-brother to the school's playground AFTER school hours (he's a 6th grade student there)....a fellow student demands to be paid back the $1.00 boy #1 owes him....boy 1 has no money and empties his pockets to prove it...out comes the knife...boy #2 grabs it and takes off. Boy #1 is afraid to tell his Dad cuz he doesn't want to be grounded. Boy #2 brings it to school and is showing it off to be cool....boy #3, who has been kicked out of 3 different schools for violence, steals the knife from boy #2....then proceeds to threaten a 6th grade girl...he wants to slice her up.

All 3 boys are suspended for the rest of the year and can not go to Graduation...boy one was going to go to Summer School for help with English but was not allowed......

Boy #1 can not start Middle School until September 14th...
Boy #2 can not start Middle School until January


My child was not involved, Thank G*d, but I am PISSED that the third boy is back in school and in the same classes as that poor girl.

A bunch of Mom's are organizing to go to the School Board but we have been told we are over do you think we are?

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Techy-minded people.

I want to buy a laptop at some point in the future. The one I'm looking at is/has:

- Dell
- Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T6570 (2.10GHz)
- Windows Vista Business with XP Pro pre-installed
- 4GB DDR SDRAM (upgrade from 2gb for free)
- 160GB hard drive

My techy-minded friend says there is no point buying it now, and I may as well wait until Windows 7, SP 1 is out. I just want to stick with XP. :( I'm not exactly technically-minded and am scared of going with a new OS, haha.

What should I doooo, TQC?

If you dk/dc, what was the last thing you considered buying? Did you buy it?

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Do you get migraines?
Is there anything you do as soon as you realize you're having one?

I woke up with one, just ate a piece of toast, had four glasses of water and took two excedrine migraine pills...anything I'm missing? (I'm not planning on staying on the computer for very long, since I know that can make it worse)

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What are some other companies who make reusable water bottles like Sigg? I was looking at these, but I'm not really sure what other options there are.

Also, and this may be an incredibly stupid question, but can you put other drinks in them besides than water, like juice and soda?
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i went to an inspection today, the place was beautiful and affordable and the lady was so laidback and friendly. we chatted about little things and got along well. she showed me the available room and said "this is your room!" and then went on to tell me the place will be ready by next week  and for me to just call her whenever. she also offered to help me move using her car and also mentioned that the other applicants are only looking for short term stay, which she doesnt want.

is it safe to assume that i've got the place? 


so at my school, we used to have a tradition where on homecoming the seniors would march in with togas and we'd be rowdy and dance on the stage and yadayada. obviously though, togas mean toga party the night before meaning getting super drunk which the school tried to prevent. they couldnt stop the party, so they cancelled toga.

this year my senior class has to start our own tradition for homecoming. what should we do? we're allowed to all dress up and do something fun but nothing seems as fun as a toga party. ideas?

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Why did my dad say people are stockpiling ammo because of Obama?

We were at a store and the ammo supply was really low. He said "yeah people are stockpiling ammo cause of Obama.". Uhhhh wtf?

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What's a good place to hide a program in on a Windows computer?

I want to install Clean Installer (for the sims 2) on my boyfriend's computer - but he told me that he didn't want too many programs installed on this computer. Probably because the harddrive is really small. I've been trying to go with out CI but it's getting harder not to have it.

I should explain more - I'm allowed to use this computer. I'm even allowed to put stuff on here, I'm just worried, because he doesn't want A TON of programs over loading this thing. CI isn't a harmful program; I've used it in the past.

Also, I have my own computer, but I can't run this program or my game on it. It's a very tiny laptop, and is really just for interneting and much smaller programs.

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Do you know many people who's hair looks permenantly greasy and unwashed, soley for the reason that they play with it and run their fingers through it too much?

Think... Kristen Stewart.

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I don't usually do this, but i'm getting desperate. I want a new band to fall in love with. My long time favourites are Morrissey/The Smiths, Seth Lakeman, Kate Rusby, Free, Ocean Colour Scene, Ani DiFranco, Young Dubliners.
i.e. Faaairly mixed, with a folk/celtic edge. No whiney pseudo punk though please.
Do you have any suggestions?
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Are you a procrastinator? Are you procrastinating right now? What do you keep putting off?

I'm a procrastinator through and through. I start school in two days and I still have this pretty massive calculus assignment to finish, which I had three months to do.

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Can you tell me about songs that get you going and motivated and ready to do things? I'm REALLY needing to clean and pack today.

my boyfriend and i broke up last night, why don't i feel very sad about it?

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I am taking two online classes. I couldn't access them until yesterday, when the work for both classes was due. I don't know if this was an error with my computer or the program my college uses. I did contact someone, but I never received a reply. Well, I got into my stuff yesterday evening and was able to do the work for one class, but then discovered that I missed the mandatory orientation for my other class. The teacher didn't send out an email or anything--just posted it on the program that I wasn't able to access. I emailed her immediately and she said I could attend another orientation tomorrow at 5:30 pm. And OF COURSE, I have a class from 4:10 pm to 6:50 pm, so I more than likely won't be able to make it.

Should I just drop the class instead of worrying about this? I've already missed one assignment because of it, and I don't know if I'd be able to make it up if I am able to 'get in' the class. :\

Have you ever dropped a class? Why?

Movies "against" religion?

Anyone know of any good movies/documentaries that argue "against" religion? I mean, they use science or logic to point out funny, ridiculous, stupid, or weird things about religion.

Bill Maher's Religulous was okay, but it was a bit too "you're just retarded for believing this stuff." Funny, but I wanted some juicy arguments.


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As a child, what was your term for the outfit you wore in bed?
'Night-clothes' was my families thing!

I have my (UK) driving test tomorrow. Any tips on doing well? Is dressing semi-smart a good idea?

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What are some good places online to shop for boots and/or bags? I like satchel/hobo type bags.

EDIT: I can't spend a lot of money!

Has a celebrity ever replied to one of your tweets? I'm trying to get Kevin Smith to reply to one of mine, haha D:

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So I have six mini eggy custard tarts baking in the oven.

I have blackberries, strawberries, and a small amount of white and semisweet chocolate, honey, brown sugar, and spices.

Should I make different toppings/flavors? How? I was thinking arrange some fruits and drizzle some stuff on top but IDK what goes well with custard.
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Entertain me

What is the #1 most important thing to you right now? Be it a person, physical object, upcoming plans, etc.

What most occupies your mind? Be honest!

What are you most looking forward to?

Do you feel optimistic or pessimistic about the future?

Do you remember your dreams? If so, do they share a common theme?

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

At what point (if any) did you realize you were an adult?
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Your roommate's room smells bad. Very bad. You're not sure exactly what the smell is, but it smells sour. They are not home and you are not sure when they will be back. A person is coming over tomorrow to look at your place to see if he and his girlfriend want to move in. They would be living in the stinky roommate's room.

What would you do? Try cleaning their room? Spray their room and hope it covers the smell? Do nothing?

What is causing this sour smell? They have two cats and a dog, but it doesn't smell like a litter box.
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you like a guy but you're a huge wiener. you think the guy might like you but you're quite sure he's a bigger wiener than you are. if he does like you you're 99% sure he's never gonna get the stones to ask you out.

what kind of stuff would you look for to confirm your suspicions enough to get up the courage to invite him to a show or a party or something?

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A friend of mine on LJ was just left literally standing at the alter by his would be bride. He is actually the second person I've known that this has happened to.

This got me wondering whether this is actually a common occurrence or if I just have rather dodgy friends unfortunate friends. So, how many people do you know, or know of, that this has happened to?

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Have any of you taken the LAST or the ATSW?
Should I take both tests in the same day? Half of the people I talk to say that I should and half say that I shouldn't.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about:
Did you buy textbooks yet?
What was the total cost for the semester?

(no subject)

If you're divorced what was divorce like for you?
In what ways did it impact you the most? 
What was the hardest thing about it?

What made you decide to go through with it?
What and who helped you recover? 
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TQC! I just found out a friend of mine is pregnant! It's the first non-"how unfortunate" pregnancy in my group of friends!

I AM SO EXCITED! for 1. Aww baby, and 2. I AM NOT THE FIRST. THANK GOD.

will you share some exciting news you learned today? Or something you are excited about?

(no subject)

1. What do you think of people who uses ~decorated~ eye contacts? Would you wear it? Example:

Collapse )

2. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate August? What were the highlights?

3. What are your plans for September?

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Why would people post in communities like whatwasthatone with a question that they would probably like a fast answer to, and then disappear? I mean, that's not the only community where it happens, but it seems pretty prevalent there. I can answer a question like :30 (edit: 30 seconds, not 30 minutes) later, and they don't respond 'til the next day. If it's making you crazy enough to have to post about it for an answer, wouldn't you at least glance at it a few minutes later to see if you got one?

(no subject)

Do you have any weird food preferences that you think other people would call you crazy for? 

I believe that flaming hot cheetos (not plain ones) taste better when they're a little bit stale. :\

(no subject)

if you had money like Michael Jackson did in the '80s and '90s(or "giraffe money", as Steve Harvey put it), what's something ridiculous you'd spend it on?

i'd hire someone to brush my teeth for me. i hatehatehatehatehatehatehate brushing. i'd have a room with a dentist chair and every morning and night i'd go sit in it and it would be so nice and relaxing to have someone else take care of my mouth. that's the dream.