September 6th, 2009

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TQC, I really want a tattoo. Nothing flashy - just the roman numeral VIII on the inside of my left wrist.

However, my mom has told me she will disown me if I ever get ANY sort of tattoo. She is dead serious. At the moment, I am financially dependent on her. So I risk losing a large chunk of funding for my senior year at college very, very abruptly if I get the tattoo now and she finds out. But since we're going into winter, I could probably keep it hidden from her for quite a long time.

The other option is to wait until next year (probably around August or September), when I will have a full-time job and my own apartment and complete financial independence, and get it then. She would still disown me, but she wouldn't be able to do anything horrible to me over it, at least.

What do you think? Should I be a rebel and get it now, or do the sensible thing and wait a year? srs and nonsrs answers welcome.

Are you tired? I'm tired.

What song are you really into right now?
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Best vampire movie?

Interview with a Vampire
The Hunger
Lost Boys
Bram Stoker's Dracula
30 Days of Night
From Dusk til Dawn
Salem's Lot
Queen of the Damned
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Shadow of the Vampire

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Have you ever done something that was stupid/wrong/rude as all hell only because you knew it would make a good story/be funny later?
When was the last time?

All the fucking time. I live for laughs.
Yesterday. I threw up in my sink- I could have made it to the toilet, but I thought: "Hm, toilet or sink... Sink is slightly funnier because I will have to scoop it out later... BLARG"

Birth Control

Ladies, if you're on the pill, when do you take it? How do you make sure you don't forget? Can you recommend a good time to take it so that I will stop missing it? I wake up at a different time everyday/go to sleep at a different time everyday/eat meals at different times everyday. Should I start making my days more routine-based so that I will be able to take it at one of these times?

If you use Nuvaring instead, would you recommend it? Why or why not?

If you use neither of these methods, what method do you use?

To the gentlemen of TQC, do you know what method your SO uses as birth control? If they take the pill, do you know when they take it?
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I bought a small red table at Ikea today, I wanted black but they were out so I decided I would do red.

However it's bright red and will look a bit weird in my apartment as I don't have tons of bright red in there. I was thinking, I saw design star awhile back where, I think her name was Kim, put tape on a similar table top in a cute design, then painted it, took the tape off and leaving a dotted design in the original color on the top of the table.
Did anyone else see this?

Whether you did or not, any ideas on how to pain the table- designs to use, colors, et cetera?

this is the best picture I can find of the table she did. Mine is actually more square than rectangular, and obviously bright red rather than white.

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Can you recommend a good video camera? It doesn't need to be zomg professional good, but preferably not like, webcam shitty either. And if it was compatible with most editing software.

Alternately, could you recommend some good video editing software?

Super alternatively, how do you like your chicken?

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My friends and I were walking along and we stumbled across two very sick kittens on the road. After looking around, we found no mother or other kittens around. They had gunk in their eyes and mats in their fur. We cleaned them up a bit but don't know what else to do. These kittens can't be more than five weeks old.

Nothing is open and all I have is hard cat food for my older kitty.
How can I take care of them/feed them tonight until I can take them somewhere where they can be properly cared for tomorrow?
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derp question:

say you have a bladder infection and you go to a walk-in clinic because it's sunday. do they make you pee in a cup, and if so when do those results come back? when do you get antibiotics?

i'm torn between going today or loading up on cranberry juice and calling my doctor on tuesday. if i just call him, i don't need an appointment.

lol i don't have an std btw.

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Which movie should I go see with my family today? My sister is 10 so it should be appropriately rated. I'm thinking Julie and Julia or The Time Traveler's Wife but all other suggestions are welcome too.
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I'm trying to pinch pennies and not spend 110 dollars on the last textbook I need. Should I just bite the bullet even though I'm almost literally broke or rely on checking it out from the library (for two hours at a time/day) and friends?

How many idiotic choices have you made lately? What were they?
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TQC, my boyfriend has been confined to bed rest on his back. Sitting, walking, or standing for more than a few minutes makes him severely uncomfortable.

What can we do in bed together to pass the time? And we, unfortunately, cannot have sex. God fucking dammit. EDIT: My boyfriend can't orgasm; he's pretty convinced it will mess up his back more, so blow jobs are out.


I need to know what the title of this movie is so I reallly hope someone can help! I only saw half the movie (was on a long distance train and had to get out half way through the film) so I will describe what I remember.

Basically, there was a family (mother, father, sister, brother) who lived in a big mansion in the country. The brother went into the city (dont remember where it was set) and found a beautiful girl and proposed to her (dont remember her name but she will be refered to as gf). She was blond and had short hair. They drove back to the house in the country - the car was a fancy old one ( dont remember what era it was set in, but it was the past). Then all the drama started with the city gf.

Edit: Question has been answered so the following is all spoilers!
  • The mother owned a tiny yappy annoying dog that the new gf didnt like. One day she was reading and the yappy dog came over. The gf stood up to greet whoever it was that just walked in (the rest of the famly were outside playing tennis) and when she sat back down she sat on the tiny yappy dog - killing it. She called the butler of the house over and asked them to help her put it in a pillow case (?) and burry it. Later on, the family hunting dogs (?) smelled it out in the garden and unburried it. 
  • It was a family tradition to go hunting - the whole men on horses, taking the dogs, catching the foxes thing. But the new gf thought that was a horrid thing to do and didnt want to go. The mother persuaided her to join so the new gf said ok i will go riding with you. The day arrives and everyone is ready with their horses and the mother asks   arent you coming? and the new gf says I am I will just give you a head start. SO everyone leaves on h orses, and she gets on the motorbike (the one that the father fixed?) and 'rides' with them.
  • The gf and the sister perform the can can for some festive occassion - but the gf keeps her knickers on, while the sister takes them off and so flashes her bare bottom around on stage! She then gets really upset at the gf and tells her she is humiliated and will never find a husband.
  • Gf is allergic to pollen and the mother worries about this because of course gf wans to live in the city where all the flowers ARENT - but the mother needs the son to stay in the country house and work on the farm there so they can actually afford to live in the house.
Does anyone have any idea what this movie is called???
I think the title is only two or three words..I swear its right on the tip of my tongue and i just cant get it! I hate that so much!!

Also, I have tried asking the people working at my dvd store and they had no idea what i was on about =(

Please help!!  Thank you <3 <3

Edit: Thank you ohman_itskismet  -- The movie is called Easy Virtue! (2008)

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I progressively lost my voice Friday evening while I was working. Saturday it was still terrible so I called out of work. (I'm a waitress, I need my voice so I can convince people to buy beer, etc) Today it's only slightly better, but I really don't want to call out again.

What should I do? D: Is there anyway aside from honey/gargling with salt water to make it come back and fast?

Calling all Hindu's!!!

Im currently doing research topic on Hinduisim and I am looking for  Hindu women especially that would be willing to do a small interview via email. I will be asking questions concering issues of womens place in Hinduism, equality and inequality, Sati and day-to-day living in the Hindu tradition. I am particuliarly interested in speaking to women who grew up in predominantly Hindu countries however all Hindu's are welcome male and female etc.

If you would be willing to partake in this short interview please reply to this comment and I can get back to you with my email address etc!!

Thanks alot:)

could you let me know if you will be willing to help me in my research?


Hello people who live in Ottawa/Quebec-ish

I'm wondering how far the Canadian Museum of Civilization is from the Ottawa train station? Or A train station? Approx how much would it cost to take a cab there?

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Due to the fact that I am really curious and I see the potential for laughs, I have posted this around the place, so my apologies if you feel a sense of de ja vu on speed in the next couple of minutes.

The other day I was in the library looking for a specific book. I asked the librarian to see if the library had it, she checked the computer and said she did not. I asked her if she could check another library to see if they had it and her reply was:

"There is a Borders book store just down the road, why don't you just go and buy the book?"

WTF? Anyone?
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How does getting dressed up make you feel?

I always feel awkward

do you think you look better dressed up or dressed down?

Honestly I think i look better in jeans and a t-shirt

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some guy got my sister's number from a post she made on her friend's facebook wall and now they're texting. she doesn't get why this is completely skeevy and really retarded. or she does but not enough to stop

what can i tell her to convince her to stop texting this creeper/have enough respect for herself to ignore this shit?

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Dumb question: When I was younger, I was often babysat by a Croatian family, who I no longer keep in touch with. I remember the mother would make some kind of bacon/ham that I would love to rediscover. The meat was in a large slab (I think a pork belly?), and they stored it wrapped in cotton and/or hessian in a dark cupboard. They would cut thick slices, and serve it on torn chunks of bread.

I think I picked up some prosciutto today, and it tastes pretty similar to the meat I remember. Does anyone know if there is a name for the meat I'm thinking of, other than cured ham/bacon?

Good question: What colour do you have most of in your wardrobe? Why?

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1. I have a watermelon. My wife bought it. It's seedless, and I prefer the kind with seeds, but that's neither here nor there. We will serve the watermelon tonight after dinner. Should I put it in the refrigerator to cool (there's room), or serve it at room temperature?

2. I can't think of anything particularly creepy to do or say right now. Can you suggest anything?

MLP - pinkie chicken

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Have you seen Inglorious Basterds? Did you like it?

I am going on a first date with a guy tonight and we're going to see it, and I am worried that I might not enjoy it because I've never really been one for war movies, but apparently it's "different" and funny and something I'll enjoy despite the guns and war-ness. Is this true?
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I did a favor for my bff and let her dog out twice yesterday while she was out of town. She/her family left me 20 bucks on the counter. I put it in a card and labeled it to my friend and said "K, I just don't feel right about taking this--thanks tho! ♥ N" and left it on the counter.

Did I do the right thing? Or is she affronted by the fact that I didn't take it? IDK I am stressing major because of this :(
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okay, you British (and UK) folks... What does 'berk' mean? As in "you great berk"? (or maybe it's burk?)

Just wondering...I was thinking it's like calling someone a moron
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internal and external


1. What do you think is different about the world inside your mind as opposed to outside? Like what things do you perceive about the world that you think are a reflection of your personality? (Insecurities count, though they are obvi) 
2. If you could change the world in any ways, but they have to be universal (e.g., you can say  "everyone is a millionaire," but not "i am a millionaire."), what ways would you choose

my dad doesn't think i should buy unlimited texting for my phone (right now texting is turned off entirely), he thinks texting is really stupid. I think it's kind of irrel. what is "really stupid" when it comes to mass communication.  As a 23 yr old in chicago, my social life is bizarrely inhibited by not texting (and I'm not just talking about men either). What do you think? 

Girly (gross) question

So I have to use these things called Instead Softcups rather than tampons. It's basically shaped like a Nuvaring with the end of a condom pasted to it. No matter how I maneuver this thing around it is super uncomfortable.

Am I doin' it wrong?

lol ending a sentence with a preposition.

Which of these songs do you KNOW?

You Oughta Know - alanis morisette
I Need to Know - tom petty and der heartbreakers
I Wanna Know What Love Is - foreigner
Somewhere Only We Know - keane
Someday We'll Know - the new radicals
Tomorrow Never Knows - bruce springsteen
Tomorrow Never Knows - the beatles
Know Your Rights - the clash
I Know What I Know - paul simon
Do You Know Where You're Going To - diana ross
Getting To Know You - from the musical "the king and i"
You Don't Know Me - ray charles
If You Don't Know Me By Now - harold melvin & the blue notes
If You Don't Know Me By Now - simply red
oh suzer, i'd like to KNOW more of these songs!

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But I'm at a total loss for a name. What should I name him?

He's a betta with a purple body and red fins, if it matters. I don't have a pic, sorry. My camera is packed away for my move to school tomorrow.

If you don't care about my fishy, what does your hair brush/comb/pick/whatever look like? Description or pics.

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1. I used to get lots of spam for products that would increase the quantity of my semen. Have you ever been with a guy and thought "if only he ejaculated a greater volume of jizz, life would be truly fine" or perhaps "wow, he comes quarts at a time, he sure is a keeper"?

2. There was a movie that I saw in school, probably elementary school, which brings us back to the early 70s. Strawberry jam seemed to come up frequently. A guy cut himself, but instead of blood, what came out was strawberry jam. There was also a riff on how molecules in solid objects are actually quite far apart, so really most solid things are just empty space anyway. Ring a bell?


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Who do you think is an underrated actor/actress?

I never really cared for him, but after seeing him in Rescue Dawn, I think Steve Zahn is pretty underrated. I guess it's because he mostly does comedic roles.
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Is anyone else unable to see the homepage on Facebook? I can see my profile page and game pages, but the home page comes up blank. It was there a few hours ago.

EDIT: Nevermind - it's back. Weird.

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will you help me, tqc? i seem to ask you guys about computer stuff a lot. I'm trying to play a game, when i click the i get a pop-up that says "The procedure entry point _BinkCopyToBufferRect@44 could not be located in the dynamic link library binkw32.dll" with an "ok" button, when I click ok it gives me a "program has stopped working blahblahblah". what do i do?

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What should I do tonight? I'll be staying home.

I need to catch up on Lost (I'm only in season 4 and want to catch up before the new season), catch up on a daily video blog on Youtube that I started watching, and play Pokemon, of course. But I don't know that I actually feel like doing any of this.

All suggestions are welcome.


Dear TQC, firstly how are you?

Secondly, I am currently very, very angry and annoyed and would like to punch four people I know in their silly little faces. My question is, what should I do with my evening while I feel like this? [To avoid actually going and punching said people because that would make things worse, apparently.] It is 6.20pm, I have a car, money, alcohol (ish), junk food (ish), loud music, a gym membership (if it's open) and generally, everything, but parents in the house to contend with and going to the local will mean running into all four idiots.

What's an ANGRY girl to do?
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 TQC, i feel like buying new bras and knickers, but i need a better reason than "i just feel like it". would you give me some good reasons to buy new bras and knickers please?

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where can i get coffee before 7 am?

i usually drink energy drinks but they are so bad for you so i want to start drinking coffee again. but my first class is at 7 am and i suck at making it myself, so i have to find somewhere i can pick some up on the way to school.

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am i the only one who gets a strong urge to post really fucked up comments to people on their facebook pgs? or am i just an asshole?

ex. this one girl i knew back when we went to school, she always thought she was hot shit when in reality she could use a gym membership, waaay less tanning and some major teeth whitener. and while i wanna say it to her, i don't.
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During this time of year, in a city with so many colleges, it's not unusual to see houses with a bunch of old household items and busted up furniture outside waiting to be taken away by trash collectors.

I often enjoy briefly going through these piles to see if there are any goodies. (Last year I found a size 14 pair of rollerblades!) I noticed that my neighbors were throwing away a mini-fridge, an old sofa, a book shelf, and a fish tank.

That would be cool and all, if it weren't for the fact that the fish tank still had fish living in it.

I checked the house, and nobody was living there. I left it for a few hours, to see if, perhaps, someone was coming to pick it up. No go. Plus, we live in a neighborhood with plenty of outdoor cats, and the tank had no cover.

So, I took in the fish, but I realized that I don't have any fish food, and that all of the pet stores are closed. I don't know how long they've been out there, and I'm pretty sure that I'd be damn hungry if I were in their position. So, two questions:

What common, household foods can I put in the tank? I have bits of bread, and all sorts of spices, and even some cheese... but I don't know what fish eat!

Secondly, the water level is getting pretty low... is there something that I can do about that? Will tap water kill the fish? Is it ok if I use my Britta?

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, they're not anything special. Just your garden variety cheap pet fish. And one cool black sucker fish.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Help me TQC!

A while ago, I found an emulator (I think, I am so not a tech person) that allowed me to play Sam & Max & Day of the Tentacle (old DOS games)

It had the letters "SMM" in the title, I think.

Anyone know what I'm talking about???

Boom goes the dynamite

You get a phone call at 2am and it's from someone very close to you. "I was just coming back from a party and I had had a drink, and now I've run over a homeless man. Please help me get rid of the body!" Of this request, who would you assist in the act of bum disposal? It's an illegal act, ya know, but for the right loved one, you may do it to protect them

Significant other
Best friend
Good friend (not best)
Significant other's parent/sibling
Your ex
That person you're currently crushing on
Fuck y'all. I wouldn't help any of them break the law. I'm not putting my ass on the line for anyone

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My BF and I have been going out for about 3 months. We're both 19. He's in way deeper than I am, or probably will ever be. More and more lately he's been saying things like, "When we move in together..." or promising me big things in the future (ie. a dog, a car, ect.). I can tell that he really does want to be with me forever, and I can't do that. It's my first serious relationship, and I don't feel good about taking it all the way to the alter. Plus in no way can I envision marrying this guy. Staying together for a while, yes... but I want to do a LOT more with my young adult life. Settling down with this guy is not an option.
but anyways, how do I break it to him gently that he can't keep me forever? I love this kid and care for him deeply, but I just can't promise him anything that big. The more and more I think about it the more selfish I feel. Helllpp???
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email problems

I send and recieve a lot of emails to a bunch of different people through my gmail account. Lately gmail has been giving me an error saying "delivery fail" and linking me to this page which basically says that gmail is thinking of me as a spammer (which I'm not).

Do you know any other place I can get an email account that won't think I'm spam? Or do you have any other remedies to my problem?

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Have you ever done an international volunteering program? How was it? Where did you go? Do you think it was worth it?

Have you ever had to cut somebody out of your life? Why? How'd that go? Did you eventually reconcile, or is it over forever?
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Tomorrow I am travelling 200 miles to a brand new job in Devon, as an au pair, and I'll be staying there until Christmas. Just finished packing but I always feel like I've forgotten something...

So if you were going to live in someone else's house for 4 months, what would be your essentials for every day life?

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Which strange memory-loss offer would you accept? You will still remember who you are and your education and language, but all memories that weren't cultivated in a classroom are erased

Forget all memories up til the age of 10 for $1,000,000
Forget all memories up to the age of 15 for $3,000,000
Forget all memories up til last Monday for $25,000,000
I would accept none of these offers