September 5th, 2009


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What is the most ridiculous thing you're afraid of? Something that you almost can't admit because it's so lame.
I'm really ashamed to admit that I can't play all the way through Glover because the evil glove's laugh is just too much.

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TQC, what should I do? (might get long, but I need advice!)

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(Edited to add tl;dr)
--Potential best friend
--said friend has an on again/off again boyfriend
--boyfriend is a jerk and no one likes him
--friend makes plans but blows me off for boyfriend
--i need to know what to say to her or what to do


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1. Do you have a "type"? Describe it to me.

2. Is it important to you for the people you date to be totally your "type"?

3. What's something that you tend to like in your preferred gender that no one else seems to get?

Ngl, I LOVE effeminate (which often reads gay) men and my friends all make fun of me for it :(
And aside from liking girly men, I like tall, thin, kindof "artsy"...messy hair...pointy shoes...skinny jeans-wearing hipsters, haha. Plus I just don't find really masculine men attractive, so yeah, type is important to me.

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Do you know any good jokes that you're almost afraid to reveal even here because most people would find them offensive? Let's hear it!

If you don't have good jokes, whats the funniest thing you heard/saw last?
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Little children's books in Irish

So my school offered an Irish language class this semester, I jumped right on it.

Anyone  here know of any Irish childrens books, I'm talking at the Dr Seuss level and perhaps very slightly above.  Anything much past that will be a while before I can easily read it. 
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I just threw up about an hour ago. I don't think I'm going to throw up again but I still feel a little nauseated. Would it be wise to take some pepto bismol?

Any ideas to help ease tummy so I can get some sleep?
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To anybody else watching the US Open Kiefer vs. Nadal, Will Ferrell's in the stands and somebody shouted, "I see/hate you, Will Ferrell." I'm not sure which. What did you hear?

Which would you shout?

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How much are you willing to risk for something/one you care about?

losing material items.
other friendships.
ties with family members.
my job/failing in school.
my house/apartment/etc.
getting arrested.
getting hurt or killed.
i wouldn't risk anything.
santa jesus FOE.

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Any NFL fans up in TQC?

If so:

1. Who's your favorite team?
2. Do you live anywhere near them?
3. How well do you think they'll do in the coming season?

I'm a Bucs fan, although I've lived in California my whole life. Unfortunately, I think all the restructuring they've done in the off-season and a brutal schedule are going to make this season a huge disappointment.
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how long do you feel is a good amount of time to date before getting married?

my friend just got engaged to a girl he's known for about 3 months. i know everyone is different but i could never do that. can you truly know someone after 3 months? maybe i'm just not ballsy enough.
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I have a good full time job. A hair salon right down the street from me is advertising wanting a part time receptionist. I don't have much of a life and spend a lot of my time after work just basically doing nothing. I have some student debt I'm trying to pay off, so the money would help.

Should I apply for this part time job?
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hypothetical, no wrong answers, just curious

Okay, so assume you have two good friends (one of them could be family, to make it more realistic) who are married or in a long-term relationship with each other and have a child together. You know that they are both very religious, though you don't share their beliefs, and that's cool with you, because they're your friends and their beliefs don't bother you. They pass away suddenly, and they decide to leave their very young child with you (something they'd discussed with you when the decision was made).

Do you raise their child in their religion, treating it like fact even though you don't believe it, or do you raise him/her with your own beliefs or lack thereof, even though you know the parents wouldn't have? Or do you do something inbetween or something else entirely?

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Will you help me find quotes about love from Doctor Who? Bonus points from Nine or Ten, or between Rose and the Doctor, or about Rose, etc.

If not, will you help me find love quotes from any Batman series or movie?

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I would love you forever if you could help me find the perfect quote.

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Would you rather be the only sober person in a group of otherwise drunken idiots, or the only drunken idiot in a group of otherwise sober people? Why?

I wouldn't rather be either. I really HATE being left out. :(

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Have you ever used 'Plan B' (the day after pill)?
What were the side effects (if any)
Please go into gross detail.

How do you feel about short hair on girls?

How do you feel about long hair on guys?

Is your journal private? Why?

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What movies are you eager to see come to theaters in the next few months?

Will you post a trailer?

(9, Where the Wild Things Are, The Road and Avatar have all got me wiggling in excitement)

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I have a blind date set up for tonight. Yay! Problem: Car is suddenly out of commission for the next few days. I don't want to give the guy my address (on the off chance he turns out to be a bit of a creep), but I also don't want to cancel.

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How do you pronounce Porsche?

I usually pronounce it as Porscha but everyone I know seems to pronounce it as Porsh.

I know in Germany they usually go with Porsha but I was curious to know how everyone else would say it.

Thank you, TQC!
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If you could have been born to anyone other than the parents you were born to, who would your parents be and why?
Also, if you could have been raised anywhere other than where you grew up, where would you have preferred to live? Any reasons why?

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sorry for posting so close together, but i'm really curious about this!
is there anyone or are there people that you avoid? why do you avoid them? (ex. avoiding a boss b/c she is a psychotic biotch)

i so confused...

Can someone explain what it means to mount an ISO file on a virtual drive? I've been Googling it and it makes no sense to me. I understand that ISO files are optical files...and that's about it. I've got setup files for PowerISO and Magic ISO Maker, is either one better than the other?

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My cousin had a maltese female puppy who passed away about 5 1/2 weeks ago after giving birth for the first time. It was so sad for the little baby puppies and our whole family.

The puppies are doing well and growing and very very well cared for. My cousins family does not want to sell them and is working very hard to find loving homes for them with family and friends.

I will most likely be taking one of the female puppies, but the only thing is that I've never had such a tiny puppy. By the time I bring her home she'll only be around 6 weeks old. I am real excited but super anxious and worried too.

I am going to start googeling info, but do any of you have any specific advice on what to do? how to take care of her when I am not at home? what to feed her? how to feed her? what to do to safe proof my house so she does not eat something she's not supposed to or hurt herself. She's just so tiny and fragile and I don't want to do anything to hurt her chances of becoming stronger and having a good life.

Please give me any advice and/or direct me to any good dog/pet LJ groups who can give me even more advice.

thank you!

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Inspired by a 500 Days of Summer debate and a question from here:

You start a relationship off with person A saying that it's not serious, person B wants it to be but goes along with it anyway. As it goes on, Person B really starts to fall in love but doesn't realize that person A still doesn't want it to be serious (even though they may be acting otherwise).

Is it person A's responsibility to end it when they realize that their partner is more serious about it than they are? Or does the blame fall on the person who wants it to be serious since they were told from the beginning that it wouldn't be?

Sorry for the wording! If you can ask this more concisely, I will gladly change this

This is not a particularly serious question.

I want to get a Master's degree. The problem is, I don't know what I want to get it in.

I studied....uh....a type of literature type thing in undergrad. It pretty much qualifies me for nothing. I know no foreign languages. I'm interested in cultural studies, linguistics, the history of science, rhetoric, and creative writing.

I want to go back to school and take more undergrad classes toward the goal of eventually going to grad school but I don't even know where to start.

What would be a hypothetical good concentration for me?

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 Houston, we have a problem. The cord on my macbook charger has some exposed wires near the magnetic part (i don't know what it's called). I  don't know what's worse, the wires or the fact that the exposure has somehow increased the strength of the magnet. So, should I toss it and get a new one or just let it be?
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How often do you take naps?

This month I've been taking a nap at least once a day because all my friends have been away and there just isn't anything to do. And during the school year, I take an hour nap as soon as I come home because I'm usually wiped out.

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who in tqc do you want to add as a friend?
have you met anyone irl from livejournal?
eta, would you like to add friends from tqc? post a comment with something about yourself so someone can add you?
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Last night, I was walking up to the door of my favorite bar and the barback was outside. He asked me to point out where the moon was, I obliged. Then he said "Okay, so what's that?" and points in the opposite direction, towards Manhattan, where there are two small lights hovering around each other behind a cloud. They moved quite slowly, then one started fading and went out in a blink. A minute or so later, the other one did the same thing. Like I said, the entire time, this was light shining from behind the clouds, you couldn't make out any real objects. ETA: The lights weren't moving nearly fast enough to be a helicopter or plane. They basically stayed in the same spot for at least five minutes, but moved away from each other and then closer together very slowly.

TQC, DID I WITNESS ALIENS LAST NIGHT? If not, what would explain it?
a lot of people had differing opinions. I, first, thought it was a planet, but it was brighter than the moon, and then I realized there were actually two lights. My friend said they were testing the WTC lights (NOT EVEN TRUE AT ALL, considering we were in a part of Brooklyn that is quite farther north of the WTC and they aren't going to turn on the WTC lights for five minutes and turn them off on Friday before Labor Day. Seriously). And then, of course, there were a few people (myself included) who were all "omg UFOs".

Have you ever witnessed what you think is a UFO?

Got any weird stories involving the paranormal?

What are your plans this weekend?
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Have you ever lived in dorm? What are the best and worst parts of living in dorm?

Related to the above, have you ever lived in the dorms at the University of British Columbia? Which one would be preferable for a first year law student?

And, if you don't care, what's your favorite recipe?


What song are you listening to right now?

Will you tell me a line from it?

If you're not listening to music, or don't want to answer the above question, will you tell me a limerick?

Indigo Girls, Dead Man's Hill - I'll leave a message when everything comes apart
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What's the best custody situation for a divorced couple with kids?

A) Every other weekend

B) 50/50 i.e. every other week

C) Some other situation

Why did you choose your answer?

Bonus experience points if you're a child of divorced parents.

Oh and don't say "It's best for the parents to stay together" because that's not an option with this hypothetical couple. =)
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I'm playing Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Imagination Invaders on my DSi. I cannot find where the last vase is to break on level 3. I also cannot find Coco.

Has anyone else played this?
Can you help me out here?

If not, what's your favorite ice cream?
Do you like sprinkles? Chocoloate or rainbow sprinkles?
I love to get chocolate/vanilla twist with rainbow sprinkles. I've gotten the same for my daughter. She will sit there and pick the sprinkles off one by one
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Religion aside, when your mind wanders into thinking about death how do you get rid of the horrible nauseating feeling that everything you do is pointless because you're going to die anyways and nothing matters? Do you think about the good things in your life and how life is about living now and being happy before you die or about all the bad things and that you don't care about dying anyways? Which one helps faster?
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Hey guys...

I have a "turbo" key on my keyboard, right below the enter button. What the heck is it for?

Alternatively: if you're somewhere that you celebrate Father's Day tomorrow, what are you getting/did you get your dad?
(I got mine series one of "Grand Designs", a show about home architecture/building)

Should I go join this gym tomorrow, or on Monday, when I may or may not be bothered to go?

And, as a matter of vital importance, nachos, or wedges?
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my ears have felt under pressure and have been ringing since i woke up this morning. how can i fix this????????

are you hungry? what are you eating? what should i eat?

is anyone else curiously waiting for the tqc updates post about this?
zombie baby cede! :D

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What is the worst outfit you've ever seen, either online or in real life?
Worst costume? (or an outfit you can only hope to god was a costume?)

If in real life, how did you react? Stare? Look away? Take a picture?
If online, post a picture of it?
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Today I went to purchase a hot dog and my debit card was declined!

The reason? Well the receipt says that I have an invalid account. The bank hotilne is closed and the machines won't even allow me to withdraw any money :-(. All my money is in my account and nothing looks suspicious on my statement.

What happened to my account tqc?

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I have an interesting question.

Will you guys tell me all about weed? I'm a 'good' girl and don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. I've never done any of those three things, ever. But for reasons I will not get into, I am interested in pot now. Preferably brownies, but I do want to try smoking it once, too. How does it make you feel? What goes on? Is it safe? I don't have the first clue about it and I'm really interested to know details.

Lets assume I know where to get it, so I don't need to know about cost, dealers, etc.

(sorry if this is an odd question)
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TQC, how are you with change? Do you embrace it, seek it, go with the flow, dissolve in a puddle of do-not-want? Can you manage moving house or getting a new job with no fuss? What about the small stuff?

When's the last time you set your alarm so you could get up early to do something fun? What was it?

Is anyone else dying for for the weather to cool the fuck down already?
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I've just suddenly remembered a health class video I watched in middle school, that featured Tweedledum and Tweedledee telling us what we should and shouldn't do with regards to hangnails.

What is the strangest educational or training video you've ever watched?

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My neighbours are having a party in their back garden and their music is unfortunately rather loud. It's nearly midnight and I have to be up at half 6. :( I wouldn't have cared if they had informed us!

So I've resorted to placing my surround sound system (all 7 speakers of them) facing outside my window and set it to full whack. :)

What songs can I play to annoy the shit out of them?

I've already played Reel Big Fish - Another FU song and David Banner - Play.. I don't have many vulgar songs. :(((

Edit: They've turned their music off. :D All is well.
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Does your cell phone have word prediction* for txts?
Would you care to share some of the zany poetry that this creates? Simply start with a common first word (like "I" or "the") and post where it leads you...

*tries to predict the next word you'll enter based on word trends in your previous messages. Often more hilarious + sad than helpful