September 4th, 2009


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I really want to watch Coraline in 3D. It tells me to flip to side B for the 3D version, but when I do, nothing happens :/ Am I doomed? I'm watching it on my laptop. Is there a certain trick to this?

What's the last movie you watched?

What is your favorite holiday?
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It's 12:45 am. I am hungry, and haven't eaten much all day because I'm sick. The drugs I'm on have kicked in, and now my appetite is back. The only food place open within walking distance is the taco place about 2 blocks away that is open until 3 am on Thursday nights. Should I pull on a hoodie and walk myself 2 blocks to get a burrito, or no because I'm still sick and don't need to be going out? What do you like in your burritos?
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1. Generally, do you find that when people say they don't like cats, it's "understandable", but if they don't like dogs, people get defensive?
(EDIT: Ok, apparently I am just surrounded by a bunch of dog-obsessed cat-haters.)

2. Where are you from & what is the farthest you've been NSEW?:
From: Long Island, NY
North: Toronto.
South: St. Lucia.
East: Cape Cod, MA. Duh, St. Lucia still.
West: Los Angeles, Ca.
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No website (that I've found yet) will tell me the ancient Chinese secret of my mole! It's on the left side of my face, parallel to and just about an inch away from my tragus, in what would be the sideburn area on a man but definitely in the face not the hairline. What does my mole mean?

N64>NES>SNES>Wii>Gamecube, y/n? How would you rank these systems, accounting for relative techonology at the time of release?

When we finally get a PS3, what games do we absolutely need?

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I can't get in Yahoo Messenger(keep saying my username/password is wrong) and yahoomail website keep giving me page load error. said that it's just me.

But is it just me or you too? Yahoo sucks, y/y?

If you don't care - When was the last time you had a deja vu moment?

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What are some items that you always have in your pockets/purse/on your person?
Keys, phone, wallet, knife, lighter

Did you ever play any organized sports?
Baseball, football, track, weightlifting, basketball, soccer, wrestling, fencing, and paintball

Woods at night: creepy and eerie, or cool and intriquing?
Last night I went for a night-hike with a buddy of mine. It was kind of eerie being out there in the dark, but it was really cool how tuned all the rest of your senses get.

What color are your eyes? Pics?
Hazel, but I don't have a good pic handy.

Mystery Stank

Something stinks in the A/C in my office. Kinda like old nasty cheese.
Will you post pictures of what you think has died / is crapping in the vents?
Anyone else ever had this happen? What the hell was it?!
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Sorry to post again so soon, but thing's are pretty dead around here this morning and I'm tired of waiting for more posts to keep me entertained.

So, TQC, shall we play a game?

We did this over on my paintball forum, so I'll be real interested to see if it can be pulled off here. Since some members around here seem like they'd have trouble following a game of tic-tac-toe, we may be in for an...umm..."entertaining" time.

So here's how it works. The game is picture tag. I'll start it off posting a picture. The next person posts a picture that is somehow related to the previous one...and so on...and so forth.

Think y'all can handle it?

Okay, here goes:

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Do you reuse ziplock bags?

I never used them a lot before, but I started packing a lunch. I kind of have a bunch lying around now and they look pretty clean, so I'm gonna shake them out and use them again.
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You Say It's Your Birthday...

Ok, so today's my birthday, so I'm going to ask birthday related questions today.

1. What's "your" birthday cake?
Mine's white cake with strawberry icing.

2. Do you have a special family/friend birthday tradition?
Our family always plays "Birthday" by The Beatles at every birthday party

3. If you could have 1 gift for your birthday, what would you ask for? And none of this "world peace" crap. Be greedy ;cD
A New Queen-Sized Bed

4. What should I do to celebrate? Srs and non-srs accepted!

5. What are you going to give me for my birthday? *grin*

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If I have power of attorney on someone's bank account, would I be able to take money out if I don't have the account number?
I have POA over my dad's accounts. He's in the hospital right now, but left a voicemail for me to take out $200 from his account to cover what he owes me for the phone bill. However, he forgot to leave the account number and I can't get in touch with him right now. I've left messages for him with staff but, if he doesn't get them before I leave today, could I go to his bank with a photo ID and get the money? The branch I'd be going to is the one where we signed the papers to make me POA, if that matters. I can't get a check or anything from him because he's about 2 hours away.

And if you dk/dc..
What's the best book you've ever read?
Do you have a library card? If so, do you actually use it?
Do you like rollercoasters?
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Dear TQC,

1) My contacts prescription expired ONE WEEK AGO. I'm broke and busy as all hell, so I can't get another exam for a week. And yet, the optometrist refuses to sell me ONE BOX of lenses because he's a selfish, money-hungry bastard. How angry would this situation make you, and what would you have to say to said doctor?

2) phantom_llama  managed to find the SD card he was missing. But it was in the pocket of pants that came out of the dryer. He can't test it until he gets home. Will it still work?

3) What do you have planned for this weekend? Do you get all three days off?

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Does anyone know of a good place to watch the movie Mirakel online? It's the Danish one with Sebastian Jessen in it (lmao I have a fixation with this guy apparently).

Also, what is your favorite foreign film?

"I was 21 when I wrote this song, I'm 22 now but won't be for long"

Billy Bragg...

Love him!
Like him.
Can take him or leave him.
Dislike him.
Hate him.
Wouldn't know him if he bit me on the back seat of the bus!

A box to click for no reason.

Yay, pointless clicky finger aerobics time!

Also who is your favourite politically outspoken artist or band (outspoken in either their music or interviews.)

Mine is Billy Bragg, he is THE only decent thing the Thatcher government produced imho.
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Are you a cat person or a dog person or neither? Why?

I'm a cat person. I'm pretty allergic to dogs and since my boyfriend's parents' got a dog, I discovered how needy and dependent they are. They're like furry children. Cats are so independent and cuddly. They're awesome.

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I just graduated college in May and I had my first real job interview today.  It's a paid internship intended for someone who has little to no experience in the field.   I have already done two internships, and I wouldn't really be learning any new skills at this job. I have a job currently (not in my field, just something to pay bills) so money isn't an issue here.

If you were in my shoes and were offered the job, would you take it because at least it's SOMETHING in your field, or would you hold off for something better?

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1 When sending email do you tend to put a subject line?

2 When posting to your journal do you tend to use subject lines?

3 Are the subject lines more often random or explanatory?

4  How do you feel about charity (giving and/or receiving)?

5 There's a rain of frogs (all types, some hail mixed in)! What do you do?

6 What kind of apples do you generally prefer for -eating out of hand? -cooking?

7 Have you noticed how many kinds of cotton pads there are on the market now? Nifty.
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You're taking Robitussin, or some other liquid medicine. You have mislaid the dosage cup, however, and don't have another one in your home. What do you do?

Try to eyeball it out with a tablespoon using converstions
Just drink out of the bottle until you think you've had the right amount
Refuse to drink any until you've found some form of measuring cup
Some other solution I will provide in the comments


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I am trying to remember the name of a website. It was one where you could upload mp3 (and possibly other music files) pick a part, and have it sent to your phone as a sound/ring tone. I know there are a lot of those but this one had a "7" in the url, I'm pretty sure. Any idea which site that was? Or any good recs on a good site that serves that purpose?

Also, what's the name for the thing that plugs into your ipod headphones jack, and then the other end is shaped like a cassette tape?

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Do you follow any diet plan(s) on a regular basis? (vegan, raw, or something like Weight Watchers etc.)

What are some food rules that you follow? (no eating after 8 p.m.-- eating broth when you're hungry...)

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ETA: lol ok sorry. I don't know.

Since you're psychic, how much are my textbooks for Social Psych and Filmmakers and Filmmaking going to cost? My bookstore hasn't put them up online yet and I need to knooowww.

...What's for dinner?

Will you tell me about the last time you made a pointless/dumb post to TQC?
I'm more than willing to admit to the pointlessness of this post, rereading it. LOL, RIGHT GUYS? LOL.

Bollywood & Raaga

Hello, TQC. I need music recommendations! I've recently gotten into Bollywood and Raaga music, but I'm unfamiliar with artists so it's hard for me to download/find the music. I'm just wondering if anyone has any recommendations on which artists I should listen to and where I can find/download the music?

NAVY Question

Hello TQC!

I'm getting ready for the ASVAB (for the NAVY) and I really need a higher score than I got on the practice (a 39). What websites and books would you recommend? What was your score, if I may ask?

Also, what did you do with the NAVY? I hope to join in a few months. Thanks!!
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Do you think listening to and discussing a presidential address to school children should be a required part of school curriculum or something done at home/outside of school? Why?

never mind this question has already been asked and I don't feel like asking another

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TIJUANA, Mexico — Police in the Mexican border city of Tijuana say they have arrested six men for stealing pieces of the U.S. border fence to sell as scrap metal.

Holes in the border fence once were more commonly made by migrant smugglers, but fewer people are trying to cross because of a weak U.S. economy and a crackdown on immigration.

The Tijuana police department says the suspects intended to sell the steel sheeting as scrap.

The first two men caught cutting into the fence on Monday. An alleged accomplice was detained Tuesday with 11 pieces of fencing. The U.S. Border Patrol alerted police to three more suspects.

Police said Wednesday the men may face federal charges because the fence area is considered federal property.

Does anybody else find that hilarious in an ironic sort of way?
Now we've gone from being unable to keep people from crossing the border illegally, to having them actual steal our "defenses".

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My mum's having a wedding-ish party tomorrow. (She got married in a registry office and this is the 'reception' a month later)
I'm wearing a silver sequined dress with a bowler hat. Part of the reason for a hat is that I hate my new haircut.
When should I really take it off with regard to manners?

Do you wear hats?

inmate call?!

my roomates and i have optimum triple play but don't even know our phone number and have no phone hooked up. im watching tv and the caller id comes up on the screen it says "INMATE cALL" with an 800 numer. google tells me this is in fact a call from someone in prison. WTF, tqc?! why is someone in prison calling me?! so creepy.

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Am I the only one that thinks the name Charlotte is absolutely perfect for a spider?

Yes, I know about Charlotte's Web, but most people I've talked to don't seem to agree with me about this name.
dianna agron ;;

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I need to tidy my room today but there's so much crap everywhere it is overwhelming.
Should I start with the bookcase or the dvds? Or all the little things strewn about that live in various places around my room?

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Should I have an enchilada with rice and beans (which might wreck havoc on my stomach and I have plans later), or chicken nuggets (which won't taste near as good)?

What are you craving? 

ETA: I've decided on chicken nuggets and these jalepeno popper things. But now I have another question! The chicken nuggets need to be cooked at 375F and the poppers at 425F, both for the same amount of time. How do I adjust the time or temperature to make sure everything gets cooked and nothing gets burned? I'm a cooking newbie. :3
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TQC I have no internet at home. Will you:

1) Recommend a program for me to download while I'm using the library's internet that I can use when I'm home?
2) Recommend something else I could do on the computer that doesn't involve internet?
3) Recommend something that doesn't even involve computers that I could do to pass the time?

I don't have cable either. I can get a few channels but the good shows aren't on until evening.

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1.) Am I stupid for wanting to go to college outside of florida when I could just stay and basically get PAID to go to school? What is more important: what FEELS right (getting OUT OF HERE), or what is practical (going to school for free)? Which option leaves less room for regret?

2.) Big city vs. small town?

3.) What do you eat nutella with?

4.) Do you prefer hot or cold weather?
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My roommate and I are making lemon cream cupcakes to sell (along with art) at my city's monthly Art Walk. How much should we charge?

What's your favorite kind of cupcake?
self titled


will you please tell me about/show me a picture of some of the best, most creative (preferably uncommon) halloween costumes you've ever seen/heard about?
~bonus points for couple or group costumes~

ex: the other day, my coworker was telling me about these two girls she saw dressed as mario kart. they dressed up as 2 of the characters but also wore cardboard karts around their bodies with turtle shells and bananas trailing. i'd never thought of or even heard of that before but it sounded like an awesome twist on the regular ol' mario and luigi.

youtube prontube

Are you....?

Are you good at thinking of a hilarious 5 letter word for a motorcycle license plate?

I got denied  IKORN,   KORNY,  JONNY,  SCOOT,   6JON9 (haha!!)  and a few others......NJ kind stinks in this department, or....many others have motorcycle plates....


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My bf is coming home for a visit tomorrow!!! :) (He's been on the other side of the country for work for the past 5ish? 6ish? weeks and isn't coming home for good anytime soon.) I want to bake something delicious for him. Of the two things that I can masterfully bake, which are brownies and choc chip banana bread, which should I bake? Assume that "both!!!!!" is not an option because I am not quite that ambitious right now.

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so apparently my freshmen english teacher left her husband and came out as a lesbian over the summer. it's a big deal in my ~*southern texas*~ HS, and a lot of people are talking about it.

i'm not sure how i feel about the whole thing. i'm all gay marriage, but i feel bad for her daughter (who attends the school) - not only are her parents getting divorced, but now she has to put up with a bunch of shit from people gossiping about her mom. :/

what would your reaction to this be?
how do you feel about teachers sharing personal information with their classes?
what's the weirdest/most surprising thing you've discovered about a teacher?
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My friend and I like to waste our time pursuing scary movies, in a grand search for something that might include a potentially frightening moment or two.

Anyone seen Halloween II or The Final Destination? What did you think? Seen both? Which did you like more?

Or would the real thrill be in District 9?
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When did the transition from girl/boy to woman/man happen for you? how old were you and what caused that feeling?

if you still feel like the former, how old are you?

I am 20 years old, I have been living on my own for a few years, I am getting married in january, I had a baby this past april.
I do not feel like a girl, but I do not refer to myself as a woman either [i know, bad britney spears song]

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I admit that I've got zero alcohol knowledge, so I need to borrow some of TQC's:

When traveling abroad this summer, I bought a bottle of Merunkovice (Czech Apricot Brandy). How would I go about drinking this? Got any cocktail recipes that would work?

For everyone else:
When you were a kid, who was your very first celebrity crush?
Oh noes!

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I remember some sort of reality show a few years back where they were all locked down in some sort of like underground vault and every night they had to go sit at some silver table and vote with these little balls or something...

Does anyone know what show I'm talking about?
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How do you feel about women breastfeeding in public?
My cousin seriously just said this to me:
"anything involving sexual parts is my 12 year old son would never understand that. Or my 22 year old boyfriend for that matter...and yours probably! Well maybe they shouldn't be in public for such long periods of time, go home and take care of your children. If the child is being breastfed, they are probably very young and SHOULDNT be out of the house for more than a couple of hours."

Do you think they should be FORCED to cover up? And by forced, I mean getting a ticket or something if they don't or something similar, not merely suggested.

This is the Sarah that I heart, by the way. I still love her, but *headdesk*

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 This might be a long shot...

I am on disability. It just started, I will get my first check this month. A friend has asked me to move in with him, but he lives in another state. (I'm in Illiois, he's in Ohio). Will my disability benefits transfer state to state? Or will I have to re-apply in Ohio? Or something else?
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TQC I'M HOME ALONE AND A LITTLE DOG JUST GOT HIT IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE. The lady stopped and has wrapped it up in a blanket and is stroking it and :( :( :(!!! I think it's dead but I'm not sure. I didn't see it happen, I just heard screeching tires and a bang and I thought someone hit my car so I ran down and saw that.

Tell me something good that happened to you today to get my mind off of this! Please? :(

If nothing that great has happened today, will you tell me something funny or good or exciting?
crying alice

Shipping time and buying from other countries...

How long does it take (on average) for a package sent via SEAMAIL from Japan to the US to arrive? A few weeks? Months? I'm doing a large order from an online store in that country and that would be the best and cheapest way for me financially right now; EMS is totally out of the question. Should I be worried that something bad would happen?

How often do you buy books, DVDs, or other media items from other countries?
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Why does my mom take her anger out on me?

Tonight I went over to my parents' house for dinner. We were all talking about casinos, then moved on to talking about my uncle's store. My mom thought we were still talking about casinos and the conversation got very confusing. When we all finally figured out what she was talking about, she turned and called me a stupid bitch and saying I'm always trying to make her look stupid. Problem is, nobody was saying anything, we were all just laughing at the confusion.

Any funny stories to make me not angry? Oh if you want, can you tell me how much worse you had it and how lucky I really am?

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have you started shopping for christmas?
[no, i is po.]

do you shop for christmas presents?
[I've just started.]

what are you getting everyone?
[idk, homemade gifts, ftw!]
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Going out alone

Are you comfortable going out to a party, concert, movie, club, etc by yourself? If you're comfortable, would you say you prefer it? Are you comfortable a certain places/events by yourself but not others? If you go out alone to a social type of event do you meet people or generally stay by yourself?

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Time for a hypothetical question!

OK, TQC, it's coming to that time of the evening when you're in your "lounge" or sleep wear. Admittedly, they are not the most flattering clothes you own but, hey, it's your own home and you can wear what you like.

You get a call from your SO (or flatmate or someone else you may live with) who has been at the pub with his workmates. They want to come up to your place to play the Xbox, have some more beer and other high jinks.

Are you being a drama queen if you say no, purely based upon the fact you are in your scummy clothes and want to watch crap telly like Supernanny?

Edited to add some other random info and a better user icon.

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Does anybody else on TQC use Telus?

Can you access your online photo album? How do you do it? D:

I'm trying to get a stupid picture I took with my cellphone, but I can't access my photo album anymore. I used to be able to do it on, I think, but MyTelus tells me I don't have an account there anymore even though I can log on to and access my e-bills, etc.

WTF TQC? What's the last thing that pissed you off today?

sorry, can't do polls.

You develop a crush on a new friend, then find out he/she is taken.  What is your approach?

A.  Forget all about it and move on.
B. Continue talking regularly and wait patiently for them to break up so you can eventually make your move.
C. Do everything in your power to break up their relationship.
Isobel Mahariel

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(Inspired by/taken from a poll on Facebook.)

Should President Obama be allowed to do a nationwide address to school children without parental consent? Why/why not?

EDIT: So sorry, I forgot to check the community first. Was too busy wondering why I have jackasses on my facebook friends.
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TQC, will you please post a picture of a guy (be it celebrity, friend, lover, anything!) that you think is drop dead gorgeous, sexy, and someone you'd want to screw their brains out?!!

Bonus points for shirtless pics ;)

If you aren't into guys, post a lady! Sexiness is sexiness no matter what sex.

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have you ever had someone follow you from a community into your person journal because they didn't like comments you left them?

xscene_laura just did this and claims to have reported me to lj abuse, lol.

if not: do you have a slow cooker? how often do you use it? is it worth it to buy one?

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Am I the only one who thinks that Megan Fox looks like she'd be sticky to touch? :\

And I don't mean the sexual kind of sticky, I mean like the kind of sticky you find on the side of a dirty old garbage can.

Cross posted a few other places

Do any of y'all know of any sources that discuss Irish folk magic? The closest example I can think of that would be kind of what I'm looking for would be Hoodoo in Southern African American traditions, or maybe Appalachian Granny Women.
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Some guy from my old high school texted me today telling me he "had a thing for Asian girls" and wanted to go out on a date with me. When I asked him where he got my number he told me my ex gave it to him.

I am thoroughly creeped out by all of this.

So I have a small list of questions:

1. Should I call my ex to tell him not to give out my number?
2. Is it weird for my ex to still have my number, since we broke up almost a year ago?
3. Do you keep the phone numbers of the people you dated?
4. Do you think it's strange when someone prefers a certain ethnicity when dating?

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have you ever seen the same movie multiple times in the theater? which movie(s)? how many times?

have you ever kept something way too long even though you didn't use it, just because it was a gift from a friend you appreciated a lot?

do you have a junk drawer? how many? do you have little organizer bins in there, or does the junk just swim together?
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On a really hot day under the blazing sun, what cold treat will you most like to put in your mouth?

Cold beer
Ice cream (bowl)
Cold soft drink
Snow cone/shaved ice
Ice water
Cold lemonade
Ice cream (cone)
Suck on ice cubes
None, thank you. I like the heat

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You're at a bar, finishing up your drink. Your friend went home and you're about to leave yourself, when someone sits on the stool next to you. You look over and it's Rosie O'Donnell! She says "I've been watching you all night and I really like what I see. I really like it. " Before you can respond, she throws $1,000 in front of you. "That's yours if you come home with me right now, and you'll get another 1k in the morning 'for services rendered'. I must warn you I'm aggressive and I like it rough. What do you say?'

I'd go home with her. For $2,000 I'd bang anyone...even her
I'd go home with her. Honestly, I'd do it for a LOT less. I kind of like her
I don't go home with her. 3k isn't enough
I wouldn't go home with her for any amount of money

Edit: yeah yeah yeah third option should be $2,000, not $3,000

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What is the one thing you regret most? Explain

How many personal journals do you read on a regular basis? How many of them are people you know in real life?
Do you think it's strange to read someones Livejournal you know in real life? or vice versa

What is the last thing you looked up on google?