September 3rd, 2009


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if you're in college, will you post a description (or pictures!) of what you typically wear, so we can guess your major based on your clothes?

if you're not in college, will you post a description (or pictures!) of what you typically wear to work, so we can guess your profession?

eta since someone beat me to it: how do you normally paint your nails? do you do any fun patterns or anything?

Dinner in Seattle

My friends and I are going to PAX this weekend, and I was hoping to book dinner reservations at the Space Needle on Sunday night for a nice dinner with my boyfriend. Unfortunately, I probably waited too long and none of the times I requested were available. D:

Can anyone recommend a good date restaurant? I've only gone once before so I have no idea what's out there. Thanks!

Because nobody ever hates the "what should I do" questions!

I have to be up at 6am to make sure my brother gets himself up for school. The way my sleep schedule is (which is virtually impossible to change right when I need it to), I've been falling asleep around 5, no matter what I do: melatonin, reading, not reading, sleepy time tea, etc. It's 12:45 now. Should I bother trying to sleep? I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow except the post office, and I have to do some packing. And either way, some sort of espresso drink is a give-in given for tomorrow.

Alternatively, do you sing along with music? Under what circumstances (as in, in the car, alone, with other people, etc)? If you don't, what do you think of people who sing along with songs?

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TQC, have you ever dated someone who was in your "friend zone," so to speak? how did that work out for you? how long did it take for you to begin thinking of them as more than a friend? what caused it?
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My friend replied to a semi-important message I sent her (we were having a back  & forth conversation) on Facebook with simply a capital "O". WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? QUICK, DECODE IT.

No really, what do you think happened? She was on Facebook mobile, apparently. I thought maybe she just sent the message too early, but it's been like 30 minutes and I haven't received another message. I replied asking her wtf happened, but she hasn't said anything. Did a serial killer bust into her apartment in the middle of replying and kill her before she could finish the message?? 

Alternately, what's your favorite vegetable? Mine is a tie between okra, red onions, and broccoli.

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If your partner or another loved that was the most dearest to you in the world ended up passing away and one of the things you had left was random voice messages and also their cell phone on your cell phone plan, would you disconnect the phone which would erase his voice mail message? would you delete the voice messages he sent you?

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So I am probably one of the biggest klutz in the world and just in general tend to not pay enough attention to my surroundings. Last night at work I slipped and fell hard on my tailbone. Its so sore today!

So, Dr. TQC, is it just dealing with it and an Ibuprofen or is there some other remedy that would help make it feel better? First time in my life I am glad for the "padding" I have back there :D

If you don't know/don't care, should I get a Pumpkin Spice Latte today or not? I usually dislike Starbucks because their coffee isn't that treat IMO and they are spendy, but this drink is so good! :)

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I don't know how to draw at all. Not one bit

I currently have two large poster boards plus nice colored pencils and spray paint

i want to make some nice posters to put on my wall

where can i get free stencil patterns along with crafty ideas?


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My in-laws are FSU fanatics. The whole family went there, they go to all the home games and they watch all the away games. Monday is the season opener against Miami, and we're having a big party at their house (since they have the biggest tv).
Anyway, since it'll be my first football party over there, I want to bring some goodies. I would prefer to cook something. I was thinking chicken wings.

So, TQC, the question:

What kind of wings should I grill? Jerk? Buffalo? BBQ? [insert some really awesome marinade combination of your own here]?

In other news, my sister found out yesterday that she's a month and a half pregnant. Is it going to be a boy or a girl, TQC?
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Do you wish to brag about someone else's accomplishments because you are ridiculously proud of them?
My dad is the director for the first and only real organization in his county to help the homeless, and the fact that they started a new food distribution program is pretty damn cool. I haven't really had a relationship with him, but I am still ridiculously proud.

Is eating shrimp with black beans and yellow rice for breakfast weird?

What is your favorite breed of dog (if you're not a totally biased cat lover)?
My room mate has a Boston Terrier. My favorite dogs ever!!

tqc what should i do?

an old friend of mine keeps coming by my house and contacting me frequently like once a week (keeps making aim screenames and texting me) asking me why we cant be friends and why i dont like her anymore, i stopped answering her a month or two ago after explaining myself 5+ times it just got annoying/old, she is a bit mentally unstable so i dont want to say/do anything too fucked up to her, but i want her to leave me alone. Tqc what should i do?

tldr: what should i do with an old friend that wont leave me alone?
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tqc, something is wrong with my car.
i went out to unlock it this morning with my clickybutton and it wouldn't work. i just thought the remote had worn out of batteries or something. i unlock the car with my key, get in,turn the key in the ingnition, and nothing happens!! also the key won't come out of the ignition!! none of the power locks or anything are even making a clicking noise when i press them inside of the car.
is it the car battery? idk anything about cars.
what could be wrong??

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Are there any chemistry buffs in here that would like to help me?

I'm not looking for the answer, I just don't know where to start. The book isn't helping me out much.

What is the energy possessed by one mole of x-ray photons if the wavelength of the x-ray is 1.00x10^-9m?

How would you go about doing this problem? I know you can find energy using Planck's constant and frequency, but I don't have frequency, I have wavelength. And I know that if it were light, I could use the speed of light to get frequency from wavelength, but it's not visible light. Can I still use the speed of light for x-rays?

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DR TQC! Help!

The ball of my foot is killing me. I can't stand on it and I can't move my toe around as much as I used to. I can only bend it backa little without it starting to kill.
What's wrong?! I can hardly walk and it's not nice =[

ETA: It's turf toe. I've been running and jumping a lotbecuase of a new workout prgram, and its exactly what has been described on various sites. =[

Ugh. This sucks. Will I ever catch a break?

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Do you ever do/see/say/whatever something and then almost immediately forget what it was?

I just got back from eating lunch. I know I had a tuna sandwich, some fruit cocktail...and something else. TQC, I can't for the life of me remember what the something else was. Will one of you please tell me?

What are your plans for the 3-day weekend?
My alma mater's home opener football game tomorrow night, yard work Saturday, Alabama/Virginia Tech game Saturday night, relax Sunday, FSU football party Monday

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I'm writing an angry bitchy letter to my school's financial aid department because every single fucking person who works there is an incompetent asshole. Basically I want to let them know that THEY SUCK AT WHAT THEY DO AND THEY ARE UNCARING IDIOTS, but I also have an agenda and I need them to take me seriously.

Will someone be willing to proofread it/make suggestions so that it doesn't sound like I'm yelling at them, while still getting my dissatisfaction/anger across?

Halp please?

Collapse )

I should note that in the past, whenever I've sent an email to this address (which the website says, if I email it, someone will get back to me ASAP), I have never gotten a response and I am going to the office later to bitch and make sure they take care of this.
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What games do you absolutely suck at playing? It can be anything from a card game, board games, computer or video gams or sports.

I suck at basketball. I also am absolutely terrible at Bejeweled. I look at the screen and just can't ~see~ it to match up groups of 3. I just lose focus or something.

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Will you please share a really simple, really good, random memory?

I remember driving around town with my friends on a warm summer night with the windows rolled down and listening to They Might Be Giants. It was just one of the most wonderful feelings I've ever had. I don't even remember where we were going or what we were doing at the time, but that's unimportant I guess.
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computers and weather

 Has anyone upgraded to Snow Leopard, the new Max OS? Is it worth the $29?
Is anyone else kind of annoyed that they  missed the back to school special, and missed out on a free iPod touch?

For everyone else:

What is your favorite kind of weather? How does it come to the weather you're having today?

What is your favorite thing about winter? Your favorite thing about summer?



If: you have a huge zit on your face. It's full of puss and getting worse. It's painful and the surrounding area of the zit is harder than the rest of your face.

Would you: pop the zit and drain the puss to relieve the pressure, alleviating the pain? Or leave it alone and let your body do its thing? Why?

I had an interview today with this gaudawful thing on my face. It's the only zit and it's huge, ugly, and painful. Now I can't decide what to do with it.
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1. You're on your way to work/class/wherever and are running about 15 minutes late. A family of geese waddles out into the road. You're the first car to encounter them. What do you do? Assuming you stop, what else do you do? Sit and wait, honk your horn, maybe get out and shoo them across?

2. What is the point of left turn only lanes in two-lane situations? The exit for Walgreens here has a left turn only lane and a straight/right turn lane at the light. Wouldn't it make more sense to have straight/left turn and right turn only lanes? hurf durf
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are 3D movies still doable if you already wear regular glasses?

how do you pronounce my username?

do you ever eat condiments with just your finger?

do you like katamari damacy?
kick  kids :)

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If you share a bathroom with someone who has crabs, Is it possible for you to get crabs?

I haven't had internet at home for 7 months now, How long have you gone without internet?

It makes me sad to realize what a big part of my life it was. I have so much free time now, lol

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What was the last thing you got in the mail that you were looking forward to getting?

I just received my case of Go Fast today. It sucks so bad that this stuff is nearly impossible to find outside of the Denver area. :/
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oh my god help D:

I think I somehow managed to erase all of my pictures off my computer. I was going to save some picture folders on my thumb drive, and I did something (I'm not sure what D: D:) and now all my 2009 pictures are GONE. My pictures labeled 2008 are still there but wtf how do I get my pictures back? I'm on a mac if it counts for anything
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I was wondering, out of all the people that absolutely hate President Obama, and never fail to say so, how many do you think would act it when meeting the guy?

I just have this feeling that many of those individuals would immediately forget their dislike, when meeting him face-to-face, and look him all starry-eyed.

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Hey TQC. A friend of mine has had some crazy bad flu and has basically ended up with a load of phlegm in her stomach (I know, TMI, sorry). She's been feeling nauseous for two days and has spent all of today dry heaving. She really wants/needs to throw up and get rid of it, but so far sticking her fingers down her throat hasn't worked and she hasn't got any ipecac in the house. Is there anything you can recommend to help someone throw up, or if not to throw up then get rid of nausea or dry heaving? Thanks!

PS - No "bulimia is bad" comments please, I know it already, and it has nothing to do with an eating disorder, just a stomach issue. Thanks.

ETA - She won't be taking ipecac for it, I'd just googled and found it was an emetic. Found out since what a bad idea it is, so won't be considering it any more.
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Would you rather receive salaried or hourly pay?

Am I ever gonna get paid time-and-a-half for holidays? Is it even worth making a fuss about it if I'm gonna be out of here in a few months anyway?

Public bathrooms (that aren't obviously multiple-stall ones from the outside): do you knock first or just attempt to go right in?

Those who menstruate: What's your drug of choice when it comes to obliterating cramp pain?

Which professor should I ask for a reference: the undergrad one who did my senior seminar and was thrilled to give me one last time I talked to her (over a year ago), or the graduate one I have for a second semester who loved my final project last time but is constantly bugging me to talk more in class (last talked to her two days ago)? ETA: I can only pick one!


 I had to make a podcast for my English class (I'm an Education student).
Could you please listen to it and tell me what you think? I'm only allowed to read for 1 minute, so I think I might have been hurrying, but the tone of the book seems to require quick speaking, as the main character is excited and 'chatty' in tone. Is it understandable at least?
It's in mp3 format, lasts about 3 minutes, and is in 'attachments' at the bottom of the page.

Another question: my boyfriend and I want to cook a romantic (ish) dinner together in a few weeks. We're not hugely experienced cooks, but we want to try to have a nice meal, including a dessert. What would you personally recommend? Oh and he's almost vegetarian in his tastes. Though he will eat mince meat and fish. He can't handle giant chunks of meat, and smaller bits of meat freak him out. Yet I'm practically a carnivore. I will eat 'vegetarian' foods though.

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When's the last time you wiped the fuck out (as in, fell down)? Injuries sustained?
I tripped on an unexpected dip in the sidewalk at school today... went down really hard, sliced my toe open on something (it's still bleeding, eugh), have road rash on both legs because I was wearing a skirt, and I have a weird swollen, uhh, protrusion, on my wrist - I guess it's a bruise, but it's right next to my veins (right where a vein should be, if my other wrist is any indication) and it's the same color, but it's HUGE. Weird. Oh and also, there were probably about 50 people who saw me. :(

I am at the end of what has been a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad week. Ice cream would be an acceptable dinner tonight, y/y?

Should I do Moose Tracks or Cookie Dough, then?

When was the last thing you ate something not conventionally dinner-y for dinner?
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In 2002, the CDC conducted the YMC Longitudinal Survey (YMCLS), a national survey of children aged 9-13 years and their parents. This report found that 61.5% of children aged 9-13 years do not participate in any organized physical activity during their non-school hours and that 22.6% do not engage in any free-time physical activity.

Does this concern you?

Who's fault is this?

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Have you ever dated or hooked up with someone you met on craigslist? Did it go okay? Details?

A friend of mine just told me she's meeting up tonight with a guy she met on the site and I'm a little worried for her.

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should i worry about my diagnostic test in math tomorrow? from what i gather, these tests have 0 impact on your grade but i'm afraid i'll do poorly because i don't remember shit from before summer and my teacher made it sound like she'd drop you from her class if you failed.
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Has anybody here read Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut? My friend let me borrow it, but I've kinda put off reading it because all the hipsters in this area get boners from it. It's pretty short, so I could probably finish it in one day, I just can't bring myself to stick with it.

So, have you read it, and what did you think of it?
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I'm making my brother and I chicken for dinner, probably with broccoli and cheese noodles. However, I'm not very familiar with cooking. Baking, I'm ace. Cooking I don't have much experience in. I haven't made a full meal in a while. So what's your favorite fairly simple thing to do with two boneless, skinless, frozen chicken breasts? Links are appreciated.

I defrosted it mostly, and then put it in a pan with some italian dressing, this onion seasoning my mom is obsessed with, and a little pepper. It's in the oven now~
But if you've still got delicious chicken recipes, feel free to share.

NEW QUESTION: Favorite side dish for with chicken? lol

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Hmmmmm. If there was a reeeeally nice Underarmour sports bra in your size in your dorm's bathroom and it had been there for 3 days without anyone taking it, what would you do?

I am considering taking it (and washing it like 3 times, don't worry) but I am contemplating the ethics of it first.

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Does anyone want to be penpals?
I'm in a writing mood and get sick of waiting two or three weeks to hear back from the one penpal I do have.

If not, have you ever heard of DeVotchKa?

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Can you settle a debate for my student workers, tqc?

They were arguing today because worker 1 kissed guy 1, even though she's been talkin with guy 2. She is not officially dating guy 2.

Worker 2 and co-worker say that worker 1 cheated on guy 2 because she kissed guy 1.

So,TQC, did she cheat?

And if you don't care, whatcha doin?

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If you have to tell someone you've cheated on them would you say:

A) I'm sorry, I had a thing with someone else, it was only once and I won't do it again?

B) I'm sorry, I got drunk and had a threesome with two French guys and then we went to the movies together the next day, but I snapped out of it and won't do it again?


Is it better to reveal people bad news with the WHOLE news, or the edited version?

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What would you think if your ex told you to come to their house because they have a surprise for you? 

My immediate thought was that he'd be naked or something. D: But I'm pretty sure his parents are home.
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do you know anyone else IRL on TQC? My roommate and I are both on it, and it's a bummer, because sometimes I link her here and she's like, 'oh, I saw that already."

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1)How do you deal with interview anxiety? I was anxious all week because of my interview Monday, and I have to go to another one soon.

2)What should we do about the problem of overage children, such as 15 year olds in 7th grade?

3)How much tv do you watch? include watching tv on the computer.

Maybe 10 hours a week. I love tv.

speaking of moles

Say you have a mole on your face that you hate, but that is exactly the same and in the same spot as one your mom had. Your mom is deceased. Do you have it removed?

On the one hand, I hate it and think it's awful. On the other, I think it makes me more like my mama. So much that I call it "little mama".

If you have had one removed, do they let you keep it?
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Let's say you have kids. Your mother-in-law is watching them, one of the kids doesn't listen to her and she smacks one of them in the face.
What's your next move?

(Kid is a very quiet, well behaved 4/5/6 year old)

P.O'd about the P.O.. 4C needs your help with a real life problem

Last Friday, I mailed out a box of heirloom tomatoes to my friend who lives across the country. She can't find heirlooms over there so I was sharing the wealth. I packed the box up well, put in padding, taped the shit out of it and then paid for the 2 day delivery service at the Post Office, knowing that produce has a shelf life. The clerk asked me if I wanted to insure it and I opted not to because I felt that it really wasn't expensive. The shipping and handling cost more than the contents. She asked me if the contents were fragile and I said yes, and she then put on the mailing label. I walked out feeling that things were in control.

Well, Monday passed and it didn't arrive. Tuesday and Wednesday came and went. The box arrived this morning. My friend told me that the box had been badly damaged in transit. I think it was ripped and resealed, and it was all wet, like someone had spilled liquid over it. The box had been mishandled and abused and it looked like someone had beat it with a bat, and only like 2 out of the 20 maters survived the trip. Hearing about the delivery, I was kind of pissed that it got so fucked up. However, I didn't take out insurance on the package so I'm not sure if this kind of shennigan is just one of those shipping hiccups that happen sometimes and if I have a leg to stand on if I were to complain about it. I definitely want to bring up the 6 day service when I clearly paid for the expensive 2 day variety. I still have the receipt. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no experience dealing with the Post Office in this time of situation, so I'll need the help of anyone who has had to fight them on lousy service.

So here's the questions
1. Can I complain about the shitty condition of the box, or is it just one of those things that I lose my right to once I pass on insurance?
2. Should I complain to the clerk, or should I ask for the manager?
3. What should I ask for? A full reimbursement? Partial? An apology? It did eventually arrive after all
4. Do I need to provide proof of the damage, ie photos?

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Have any of you ever worked at a HalloweenUSA? (ya know, the seasonal Halloween stores that AREN'T Spirit Stores. duh)

Can you tell me every single thing about your experience there?

I'm gonna try and get a job there but OMGGG IM SO NERVOUS!!! they just got my name and number today and I'm worried they'll just toss me to the side because I go to school two days a week and have another job from 5-9pm :(

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Was I the only one who thought that Rafiki was saying something like "Asante sana squash banana wiwi noogie" when he was like, being all crazy at grown-up Simba trying to lure him back home in The Lion King? That was what I have heard every time. I'm guessing it's Swahili, but I always heard it as some strange gibberish that made me giggle. I would love to know what he really was saying.

Do you play any apps on Facebook? I play MyZoo and Fast and Furious (only cos I use it to get My Zoo patron points).
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My music geek friend and I are debating this...
Which Jack White-related song behind the cut is better?

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Don't know/don't care/extracurricular -
1) Grilled cheese or BLT?
2) Tomato or chicken noodle soup?
3) Coke or Pepsi?
4) Favorite flavor of Arizona iced tea?
5) How do you order coffee at Starbucks or a similar place?

"I'm Bound to Pack it Up"
Diet Pepsi
Arnold Palmer
Light Mocha Frappucino

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ever read<i>oh the glory of it all</i> by sean wilsey? what did you think of it?

haven't/don't care:
+ what is the worst book you've ever read on your own accord (ones forced to read for school don't count)?
+ what should i make for dinner tomorrow?
+ i'm having company over for dinner soon and i'm thinking of making butternut squash ravioli w/ brown butter sauce, green salad, and nectarine crisp.  if you were my company, would you be happy?


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What is your opinion on polygamy? Does your opinion change if it has nothing to do with a church of any sort/no brainwashing/no child endangerment or if no male submission is involved? Do you think that 2+ people can live together or "marry"/date each other happily?
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Putting any sort of pressure or weight on my left arm (like crawling across bed or pushing up from somewhere) hurts, specifically on the left side of my hand, near my thumb and that joint, down to my wrist. Could I have sprained my wrist? If I have, what the hell do I do about that? I've fucked up my knee, but never my wrist.

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After you shower do you dry off completely before leaving the bathroom or do you walk around dripping wet?

If you don't towel dry do you fully air dry before putting clothes on or do you just throw on clothes when you're wet and consider yourself dry when your clothes are no longer damp? 

My fiance puts his clothes on when he's still completely wet and it doesn't bother him at all. I think it's weird though. I like to towel dry because I hate wet clothes but I don't get dressed until I'm completely aired out with no moisture on my skin.
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Hi TQC! I bought myself a new camera (in blue, i couldn't find pink but the blue is super qt too), and I come with a question: fresh from the box, it has about 2/3 battery power. According to the saleslady at walmart, if I let the battery run down and die then charge it, it will last longer than charging it while it's partially...charged. Is this true?

If you don't know/care, have you ever heard of the singer Little Boots? Especially, her song Remedy? What do you think of her?
I LOVE HER & that song is my favorite atm :)