September 2nd, 2009

Peggy Blink

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What was the last thing that really got on your nerves? Want to vent about it?
I bought a four-pack of Charmin yesterday. The really nice bear ass-approved kind. $5 at Duane Reade. FOUR ROLLS. I go to the bathroom today and THREE OF THEM ARE GONE. I live with two women. WTF??? I bought my own damn TP because every fucking time I go to the bathroom, there is none, even though she told me I didn't have to worry about buying anything like that. So I am keeping the last roll in my bedroom to myself.
What the serious fuck, who does that???

This is the first real get on my nerves issue I've had with my room mate. How do I approach this without causing real issues?

What was the last movie you saw? How many stars out of five would you give it?
Taking Woodstock. Four stars.
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fandom questions;

1. TQC Rescue Me fans, what do you think is going to happen to Tommy Gavin next year?

2. TQC Warehouse 13 fans, what artifact that has been shown in the Warehouse so far do you want? And why?

3. To everyone else, have you ever gone panning for gold or gems? How was it? What did you find?

(There's a panning place 20 minutes from my home. I want to go so badly. Bonus: it's at a castle in the middle of NC!)
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When it comes to sex, who do you think works the hardest during intercourse? The man or the woman?

edit: sexual preference does not matter.

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If you block somebody on Facebook, is it possible to unblock them in the future?
Thanks, guys~

dk/dc, what was the last book you read?
Twilight, and I have to admit I didn't hate it. Sorry.

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Have you ever seen a picture of yourself and thought that it looked like you had a physical deformity?

(ie, an action shot that made it look like you were an amputee, a candid shot where you looked cross-eyed, a posed shot that made you look like you had scoliosis)

If yes, will you please show me?

if n/a: what could the hollywood machine do to rape your childhood, apart from what they've already done?

(ie, Warner Brothers announces that they are making a live action 'The Little Mermaid' with Dane Cook as Ariel, Chris Rock as Sebastian and Lindsay Lohan as Flounder)

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What would you wear on a first "date" with somebody you're good friends with (you like each other That Way and it's a datelike activity, but it's still pretty casual)?

I'm going on such a date this Saturday night, and I'm planning on wearing one of my ~indie~ tshirts, flats and my make-my-ass-look-awesome jeans. Is this the right combination of casual-but-please-do-me-later?

We're going to watch fireworks at the annual Fireworks Festival down by the river. What's the last datelike activity you did?

I bought a pencil skirt a few weeks ago for the fall. I'm going shopping tomorrow for shoes + shirts/blouses to wear with it and other things. Fashion-conscious TQCers, can you post pics of items you think might go well with it?

Deets: it's brown tweed, it's knee length and it makes my waist look amazingly tiny. I like high heels and shirts in rich strong colours.

Is it acceptable to wear black with brown, or is that a faux-pas?
macaroni murder lady

I probably should have made one unrelated poll instead of two

Which is most applicable to your life?

The personal is political
The political is personal
9/11 Never Forget
none of the above
This poll is heteronormative and I am offended

What raw foods did you eat yesterday (or today)?

Teh Master?

something else
This poll pushes the gay agenda and I am offended

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How did you feel when a pet you loved passed away? Do you still often think about them?

What's your dream job?

Why do photographers not want to tell you what kind of camera their using? Is it just so bad and annoying that people keep asking them or are they just assholes?
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My favorite webpage has crashed when I need it the most.

TQC, is this the end of the world? Is the apocolypse near?

Alright...who's the asshole responsible for scheduling the season premiers of House and Big Bang Theory for the same time slot on the same night!?

Speaking of tv shows, do you prefer half-hour or hour-long shows?
To me, half-hour shows seem to be over right when they're getting going good. Too short...too abrupt. Big Bang Theory is the worst. They definitely need to make than an hour; we need more Sheldon.
Oh hay thar

air travel

1. How do you feel about flying?

I am perfectly fine in the air but for days before I am extremely nervous. Last night's episode of Surviving Disaster on Spike TV certainly didn't help me.

2. Have you ever been to Victoria, BC? Is it not the most beautiful place ever?

3. My husband and I are going there for 4 days with one carry-on and a purse. Are we nuts?! Have you ever flown without checked bags? Any advice?

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Have you ever been in a situation where your significant other's ex(es) went to the same school as the two of you?

If so, were there any awkward moments (ie: kissing your S.O. and then seeing his/her ex or your ex immediately afterwards, making it evident that they saw the two of you kiss?)

How did you deal? Would you act cautiously when out on campus with your S.O. or not give a fuck if you ran into or saw the ex?

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When you are entering a situation where you'll be amongst a bunch of strangers in an informal setting (be it a retreat, some sort of adult camp, an extended family reunion, a company "getting-to-know-you" trip, conference, etc.), is there anything special you pack/bring to make it more fun for everyone? Some people bring a jug of whiskey, some people bring board games, I like to bring ridiculous makeup to paint faces with.

Also what is for breakfast?
Cats pawing at mommy's face

Inspired by watching trashy reality TV

TQCers with current or past SOs, how long did you date before you said "I love you"? How long had you known the person at that point?

If you were forced to go on one type of reality TV show, which type would you choose? (Gameshows don't count, everyone would choose gameshows if that was an option, am I right?)

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Who can give me the code for the stumbleupon button for my wordpress?
I'm trying to do it on the site and the HTML code isn't coming up.

What sites/gadgets make you feel like an 80 year old technology impaired grandma?
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1. what's your favourite brand of instant noodle? mine is indomie of course.

2. what songs do you listen to to calm yourself down? i've just rediscovered the beauty of pachelbel's canon in d :')

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Do you like pot-pies?
what's your favorite type?

I always get chicken, and the cheapest kind available. Those tasted best to me.

Is my chicken pot-pie off or does it just taste funny because my sinuses are exploding?
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If someone who had a high school education did not know that humans and dogs were mammals, would you be amazed? My stepfather (age 56) didn't know this until we informed him recently.

If you had a dog that was blind, deaf, couldn't control his bodily functions very well, and had difficulty getting up, could barely go up stairs, had his legs giving out underneath of him constantly, and frequently got stuck where he couldn't figure out that he just needed to back up to get unstuck, because his brain was that gone, would you think it time to put him down? My mother and I would like to put down our dog, but my stepfather thinks he has a few more years left in him. He doesn't want to accept that this dog is pretty much a walking corpse at this point.

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TQC, this sunday marked the 8th month week! of my singleness, yet I still felt a bit flushed and funny when I saw my ex's facebook status was 'Hope's *girls name*'s shift finishes early tmoz.' I finished with him, and was happy about it, so why do I still feel weird when I think about him with someone else?
What is/are your relationships with your ex's like?

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how old were you when you....
got your first job?
got your license?
lost your virginity?
moved out of your parents house?
tried drugs for the first time?
seriously injured yourself?
yummy beer!, yummy

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So I'm going to make matzoh crack, a type of homemade toffee candy. Will you please help me choose what combo I should use to make a most delicious confection?

Poll #1452375 candy, candy, who's got candy?

melty topping

semi-sweet chocolate chips
milk chocolate chips
butterscotch chips
cinnamon chips

crunch/texture topping (please limit to 2 choices)

smashed up strawberry whoppers
reese's pieces
crushed up butter mints
sliced almonds
cinnamon crunch sprinkles
Quinn Twin


Guys, nothing I eat anymore tastes good/satisfies me. I mean, stuff I LOVE like Mexican food doesn't even do it. It's been going on for weeks and it's starting to get annoying because I never really eat now and I know that's not great for extended periods of time. What the hell is wrong with me? :(

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So I have a MacBook and I just got Snow Leopard, which I am planning on installing in the near future. However, I'm also planning on completely wiping my system - backing up necessary school stuff onto a CD and starting from scratch. HOWEVER, I don't have an external hard drive or anything to put my music on, other than my iPod. Can you recommend a program (preferably a free one, heh heh) that I can download that will upload music from my iPod to my computer? The last time I tried to do this (on a freshly-wiped Windows computer, years and years and years ago), ALL my music was deleted and I do not want that to happen again. :(

Plz halp?
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How much time passed between when you started learning to drive and when you got your license? How old were you when you got your license?

I had my first driving lesson about a month ago and got my license today. I'm 19.

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I have a friend who I only see every couple of months. The last time I saw her she shared that she'd just found out she was pregnant. When I saw her the next time, I put my hand on her belly and said, "Hey! How's baby?" This is where she informs me she miscarried.

What's the last thing you did to make you feel like an ass?

On another note, why does my dog keep sleeping in the bathtub?

TQC is full of witty folks...

My husband and I are joining a bowling league that's run by our local independent alternative radio station. We need to come up with a team name, but I want to do something that's a play on a band name, or a popular song by an alternative artist.

My best friend came up with some suggestions like:

Tegan and Spare-a
Bowl Coughing
Katy Sparey
The Pin Doctors
Rage against the hand drying machine

I know how creative TQC peeps are and thought I'd ask you...

Thinking along the lines of alternative/rock music, what's a good bowling team name?

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Will you post a picture of your favorite and least favorite actors (who are still employed)?

Am I weird for getting annoyed by how Inglorious Basterds is spelled? I always read it as Inglorious BasTERDS and cringe in my head. (I'm aware that it's spelled that way for a reason, but it still bothers me.)
MLP - pinkie chicken

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I play trivia every Wednesday night, and the team that comes up with the most creative name wins a free pitcher of beer. I am not very creative, and my team has never won the name-invention contest. There are no restrictions, just that it has to be creative. So, TQC, got any ideas? What team names have you come up with?


My sister and I are friends with 2 couples who we have gotten to know over the years. The couples we know many times make plans leaving my sister and I out. Are we being discriminated against because we are single?
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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I have a ton of chocolate ganache in my fridge right now.

What should I do with it?

ETA: Besides just eat it straight, guys! What should I put it on or mix it with or add it to or something similar?
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I asked my room mate's daughter. She said she didn't touch it. My room mate told me to ask her daughter. TQC, WHERE IS MY TOILET PAPER?????

What type of outfit can the gender you prefer to have sex with wear for you to want to sex them where they stand? Photo examples would be nice, please.

If you watch it, which character on Arrested Development are you most like?
I'm definitely Maebe. She reminds me of me as a kid.
shoes and bunnies

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What do you consider to be your socioeconomic status? has it been that way your whole life?

Are you "poor"?

eta: the reason i put poor in quotes is because some people have different definitions of it, such as believing lack of money doesn't necessarily make you poor, etc.
mtn, girl

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our washing machine started sparking a few dats ago, so I have had to handwash our clothes and it sucks quite a bit. Do you have to hand wash your clothes? [if so I'm sorry!]

are you nicer, meaner, or the same online than you are in real life?
Evil Me

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Have you ever gone to a meal preparation place like this before? (Basically you order the meals you want and pay for them online but then go to a store front where you put the meals together yourself and then bring them home to freeze for later)

What did you think of it?

If you haven't been to one, do you think it's a good idea?
One of my coworkers uses it and says the food is good and reasonably priced ($5-7 a serving).
John Krasinski

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I'm confused. I was approved for a $15,000 loan for a new car through my credit union. I have to give the credit union my $3,000 dollar down payment. Does this mean that the car that I'm going to purchase has to be under $15,000 or $18,000? I know this may be a dumb question but I'm a first time car buyer, it's bothering me and the bank is closed. Thank you!

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1. I'm always tired. It doesn't matter if I get a good night's sleep. I eat breakfast at 8 am and lunch in between 11:30 am and 1 pm. I exercise. I get out and get fresh air. But nothing helps. I'm tired in the morning until about 9:30 am, then I get okay in the afternoon--but by 3 or 4 pm, I want to crash again and sleep for hours. What do I do?! D:

2. How do you go about making friends? I had to do group work with two other girls in my botany class today, but all of us were obviously painfully shy so no one said anything unless we were talking about our work. I wanted to say something to break the ice, but I didn't know what to say.

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Taking an idea from another comm, just in case you see this posted twice.

Have you ever worked at a summer camp?
If so: Where did you work? What were the pro/cons? What did you do on a daily basis? How early did you have to apply before the summer started? How much did you get paid?
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So I finally get to study abroad in England next year/semester, and I'm trying to decide which university to go to. (I know it's like...really early, but time goes by really fast and I need to make enough money and stuff.)

I've been to England before so it won't really be like "zomg weird new place what do I do????"

I really like York as a city, but I don't really know much about the university there. I've also looked a lot into Nottingham and Bath.

Basically, English/British people (and everyone else who knows what they're talking about), I need your help. What university do you go to/wish you went to/think is best/would recommend to a stupid American like me?

I'm studying history and international relations, if that matters any.
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What are some good innocent, passive-aggressive ways to get revenge on someone through mail or email? I already signed them up for some free samples (diapers, adult diapers, personal lubricant, maxipads).
Gene Hunt

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Have you ever done anything silly on a job interview (or in any other formal/serious situation)?

I went on an interview today for a temp agency.  Everything went extremely well, but as I gathered my things to leave, I accidentally grabbed two legal pads (which belonged to the company) that were under my folder. I didn't realize this until I was on the Metro home, but I called the recruiter and apologized. It wasn't bad, but it still made me chuckle.

Have you ever caught your coworkers in a compromising position?

I had to go to the bathroom at work so I went to the one downstairs because it's closer to my office. There was no indication that someone was in the bathroom until I opened the door and, whoops, someone's in there on the can. They should have locked the door at least.

[edit] Or just tell me something embarrassing that happened to you or to someone else.


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i live in a condo and my next door neighbor is blaring music, like always. (Enough to rattle the pictures on my walls)

What music should i blare in retaliation? any other good tips for guerilla warfare against my neighbor?

petit prince

rain rain go away

tqc, i'd really like to go for a half hour jog, but it's raining. it's currently 9pm and i'd like to be in bed by 11, if possible. what's the latest you'd wait for the rain to stop?

and in the likely event that it doesn't stop raining, what should i do to exercise instead? (having no workout accoutrements in my flat [and no one with whom to have rowdy sex])
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wood floor, needs cleaning

So, TQC, what's the best product for me to use to clean my wood floor?  I know water is bad for it.  It's kind of old and some of the finish has worn off, I know refinishing is what eventually (sooner rather than later) needs to happen, but in the meantime I want to do something to get the dirt & stuff off (past vacuuming, which I already do regularly) without further damaging the wood...

Do you talk to Catholics?

Do you associate with people whose religious and/or moral beliefs are so different to yours, you want to punch them in the mouth when they defend George W Bush and tell you they cried themselves to sleep when Obama won?

TQC, I have these friends that are also my friends on facebook. I love them. But they're Catholics. And opinionated ones at that, who are against condoms in Africa and think it would be wiser to preach abstinence. Cause that's more realistic and practical? No because it's what god wants. sorry God.

I've known them since I was 12. They are otherwise perfectly nice people, but boy do they shit me with their self-righteous bullshit.

Should I un-add them? Or would that make me a terrible, judgmental person?
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TQC. I am taking precalculus for the third time. I have failed it twice before. I am a people brain, not a math brain. I have been trying to understand it, though. I work at problems until the stress of trying to decipher this gibberish physically makes me ill.

I am taking this class so that the Fs get replaced for my GPA. Also so grad schools can look at me and go, "oh. she tried hard to pass until she did! god, why would she do that. Precalculus sucks."

I do not need it otherwise. I am a psych major who is really good at all the mathy stuff I actually had to learn. I have a 3.06 GPA according to my transcript, and a 3.2 according to my program evaluation (our online stuff is a bit inconsistent). The only problem is I'm interested in applying to clinical graduate programs. They are picky. Pickypickypicky. I don't want to make myself look bad.

I really want to drop this class. I have to take the GRE this semester, and apply to graduate schools, and get my senior thesis done, and all of that exciting responsible nonsense.

But I was all excited about taking this over and totally getting a B this time, for sure! I feel like I'm letting myself down, but this class is making me miserable.

What would you do?
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I'm visiting friends this weekend and one of them has a four month old. I haven't met the child yet, not have I given presents. What are some things that parents need for a four month old?

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i keep trying to sign up for a new yahoo account, but it either says my zip code doesnt exist in my country (uh, US.), or that the screenname i've selected isn't available. (which i've made up one that is complete random jibberish, so i know somethings up :( )

is it working for you? (i can see right away it wont let me go father when red text comes up after i tab)

do you have a universal screen name you use online? or do you use several?
what are they?
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idgi, tqc.

what the hell is wrong with peoples' brains that makes them so wishy-washy on their opinions of people who abuse their significant others? what is gray about that area?

i understand people who are actually in abusive relationships but if you're someone who hears about Chris Brown, how do you think he made a mistake or are just confused about whether that was bad?
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Hey TQC!
I'm working on a group project with 5 people, we all have different section but my section overlaps with A's. We agreed to meet last Wednesday to work on it, he didn't show/no apologies. Same thing this Monday. I'm understandably pretty bitter, but have just done all the work myself.

Tomorrow a progress report is due, where we rate the effort of our group members over the last fortnight. I wrote mine earlier today and gave A 5%. I just received an email from A, saying that he'd looked over some documentation and was confident we can get this done, and could I meet him tomorrow (when he knows I have work).

Should I

Ignore his email and hand in my scathing report
Email him back, telling him that I've already done the work (how should I word it?)
Take off work tomorrow to see if he has any valid contributions
thanks for being creepychan.


my question is long and involved but i hope someone will take joy in it/take the time to answer it.

i am interviewing for a journalism internship tomorrow

Collapse )

tl;dr members: what should i wear? what do you think they'll ask of me? should i bring my availability with me? have any of you landed an internship tomorrow? tell!
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My friend has been talking to this girl online for a few months. They've never met in person, but she offered to GIVE him her car...just because he needed one.  Then she told him to go back to college full-time and she'd pay for all of his schooling.  She is planning on moving 400 miles to be near him.

Is this weird to you?

edit: Should I tell him to run while he still can?
eat some sushi get fat

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If a friend of yours is nearly raped, then finds out a few days later that the man in question killed himself (after a lifetime of psychological problems and abuses), and her response is "He deserved it," would you be sympathetic because she was nearly raped or offended at her reaction?

Or both?

Alternately, what music are you listening to right now? What was/is your favorite course in college? If you could have no-strings-attached wild animal sex with any celebrity, who would it be?

Edit for clarity: I'm definitely not trying to say that her being nearly raped isn't a terrible thing. It is, it fucking sucks and I'm incredibly grateful that she's okay. I'm just also feeling a little :\ about the fact that she thinks he deserved it (though maybe if I was in her shoes I'd feel the same? This question is really not very clear, is it).