September 1st, 2009


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I just turned 22 half an hour ago! I'm going to my friend's house tomorrow to bake my birthday cake.

What kind of cake should I make? What kind of frosting/decorations should I use? I like everything except for carrot cake.

Unrelated to birthdays:

Are you close to your siblings (if you have them)?

What song(s) did you used to like before it was overplayed on the radio?
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College kids: what do you do when you absolutely cannot force yourself to read your assigned text/chapters?

What is your favorite dinner item?
Your favorite condiment?

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Other than taking your temperature (obv), how can you tell when YOU are getting sick/have a fever?

My eyeballs get really hot... they feel really weird against my eyelids. O.o And I also get out of breath REALLY easy, from doing simple normal everyday non-strenuous things. like talking on the phone. wtf.

(This post brought to you by she who currently, apparently, has a 99.8 temp, when her "normal" is 96.8-97.1)

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If you're engaged or married with divorced parents how did you/do you plan on wording the invitation? 

To anyone who is married :How did you word your wedding invitations?


Also what do you think a nice wedding invitation font would be? I don't know anything about fonts and I don't want to test out every single one...
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I'm looking to buy a new digital camera. I don't want to spend more than $250, ideally, but that is flexible. I want it to take very clean pictures (specifically for the Britney Spears concert, ngl). I especially want it to be pale pink, to match my laptop. I'd also like it to be small and compact, so it can be easily concealed if necessary! Any brand/model suggestions? I've only ever had Kodaks, and have been quite pleased, but I can't find one I like there :\

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1. Did Buffalo Bill live in Princeton?
2. Why have there been so many references to Silence of the Lambs in my life recently?
3. Why do I have such a killer headache tonight?
4. Do you consider yourself an elitist?
5. I always want to spell "consider" as "concider". What word do you always mistype although you know the correct spelling?
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Are you more likely to stay in a committed relationship or have random flings (or committed relationships that last briefly)?

I get bored easily, so the latter is normally what happens, whether I like it or not.

I <3 TLV

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Our cat Jareth is missing! D= All the doors and windows are closed so he couldn't have gone outside, but we can't find him anywhere! He usually spends all of his time on one of the couches. He's big and lazy and doesn't usually hide. We've looked all over several times! I'm worried about him because my husband just put flea medicine on him today, and what if it made him sick? Also he's blind in one eye and kind of dumb so he's not the kind of cat that can be left alone to explore strange places. WORRY WORRY

Have you ever had a cat get lost in your own home? Where were they hiding? How long were they missing for? Where the heck could Jareth have gone??
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Why do lame emo bands nobody listens to get such cool shirts made as merchandise?

You think it would be okay to buy one of these even if you don't listen to their music?
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TQC, I'm a bit worried about my cat. He's almost 6 months old and he drinks an inordinate amount of water and he pees SO MUCH. Like, I am scooping mounds of dry pee litter out almost daily. Do you think there might be something wrong with his kidneys? Does he have the beetus? Or does he just really enjoy water (he especially likes ice in his water bowl)?

He also chirrups instead of meowing. Have you had a cat who does that? He's chasing his tail around the living room right now and he's generally a big ball of energy. He acts perfectly healthy otherwise. He eats good and he poops fine and he's super cute. Maybe I am worrying over nothing?
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I enrolled in Psych Statistics and Psych Statistics Lab. I am not good at math at all (I missed five points on a twenty-five point quiz already and my professor said things wont look good for you if you cant do the easy stuff in this class well) and at this point I think I am going to change my major to graphic design because its pretty much more me. I am taking a ceramics class this semester and for some reason I didn't realize how much time I would have to devote to the class. For me to pass a math class is time-consuming enough... Math & Ceramics together are going to probably kill me.

My Dont-You-Dare-Drop-A-Class-You-Have-to-Have-The-Right-Amount-of-Hours Mom even said I could drop Psych Statistics (and take an easier general Stat summer class) even without me asking. The problem is I would have to drop the Stat Lab also, which would not only bring me down to 12 hours this semester, but these would make 4 total dropped classes on my transcript. Plus, two dropped classes in one semester cant look good, either.

I dropped 2 classes in back to back semesters, then took big course-loads the two semesters following that and did well both times without dropping anything. In one of those semesters, I re-took a class I dropped and did well that time.

Would dropping these classes look too bad?

(School just started- my school did away with Drop/Add, so I cant pick something else up. Drop date is around October)

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How do I adjust to a set schedule? The whole summer, I have been going to bed at like, 5 am and waking up at 2 pm in the afternoon.

I started classes yesterday morning. I have to be there at 9:30 am on Monday & Wednesdays, and then I have a class at 4:10 on Tuesdays.

Since I don't have class until late on Tuesdays, I'm tempted to stay up late on Monday nights and sleep in. BUT, I probably should get on a schedule where I wake up/go to bed at the same time every night, yes? But how do I do it? I have pretty bad insomnia. D:

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tqc ive been waking up sick for about a week now, like puking as soon as i get up, whats wrong with me?(im not preg so its not morning sickness lol)
should i go to the doctor?
do you ever go commando?

Foodage, foodage, foodage, foodage...

My wife can't cook to save her life, so those duties typically fall to me. I don't mind, though, as I love to cook. When I say she can't cook, I mean that quite literally. Two nights ago she tried to cook one of those Voila! skillet frozen meals...where you dump it in a skillet and heat it up. Yeah...she burned the shit out of it. I mean, come on, it doesn't get any easier than that.

Anyway, I always cook dinner, but I need to change my system. As is, I decide each day what to cook, and then have to go get the stuff to do it. I'd much rather have certain staples handy, so that I have enough stuff to make several different meals before going shopping again.


So, TQC, two questions:

1. What are some basic ingredients that should ALWAYS be kept on hand? Things that are very useful and can make lots of different dishes?

2. Will you please give me some of your favorite recipes? I want things that are relatively-healthy, involve vegetable (I love cooking with fresh veggies), and are kind of...ummm..."uncommon". I like new recipes...things like the korma recipe or jerk chicken recipe that I recently tried for the first time. Things that are from scratch are best.
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I ride to work with a co-worker. She only lives a few blocks away from me (less than five), and while my place is not exactly on the way to work, it's not significantly out of her way either. This arrangement started yesterday and will hopefully continue for as long as I am with the organization.

Do I offer to reimburse her for gas? 


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1)How do you answer the minimum salary requirements question on applications? It seems like a trip up.

2)Do you have a tougher time writing long things or cutting things down?

I'm a short writer.
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My guy and I are thinking about getting a Bulldog when we move into a house.

Can you share any experience or sound advice with me about owning one?


If you can't/don't want to answer that question, what's the weather like where you are today?


Is Panera Bread's free wifi any good?
If not, can you suggest somewhere better?

I need a place to get online for a couple hours or so between classes.
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Hi lovies!

Okay, here's the deal. Is there any way, using name and social security number, that I can look up someone's tax information?

Collapse )

If you don't know/don't care:

1) What is the most hilarious story you pull out to tell at parties or when meeting new people?

I like the one about my brother, who decided to sing "Dust in the Wind" in his elementary school talent show at age 5. He had Dad and a friend of the family on guitar and violin, respectively, and it was one of the most hilarious, awesome things I've ever watched.

2) Did you go to college? If so, where did you go and for how long?

Yep. I went to Georgia State for a year. Then I got engaged, bought a house, called off a wedding, and realized I should've ignored stupid boys and just finished school.

3) How is your day going so far? Anything interesting?

narry twirl

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1. What is the most ignorant thing you've heard someone say today?

In my language and culture class we were talking about how different cultures have more words and phrases for things that are important to them than those that are not. For example, Inuits have more words and phrases to describe weather conditions whereas American's have a ridiculous amount of words to talk about money.

One girl in my class then said "So there aren't any words for money in Africa then? Hahaha"

2. What will you be doing in one hour?

Still sitting in the computer lab.
Jesus: ASL
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So I got pulled over and got a ticket for speeding today (going 40 in a 30).

I don't know if I should just pay the ticket or not. They lasered me, so it's not like I can say "I wasn't going that fast!" if I head to court....

Anyway, what really happens if I have a speeding ticket on my traffic record? What does it impact? I also have a citation for "following too close," that I paid a few months ago... will this affect anything like my ease of getting insurance later? Will my current insurance go up?

I feel really dumb, but what really does having something on my traffic record mean?

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If a package doesn't have the little recycling symbol on it, is it not recyclable?

I bought a cup of noodles and it doesn't have a recycling symbol on it, but it's cardboard and I don't know where to throw it away...hmmmm.

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My bf is making me go to DragonCon with him on Saturday to "people watch" (aka, for him to nerd out). It is pretty much the opposite of anything I would consider to be my "scene," but I digress.

Are any of you going to DragonCon?

Is anything physically bothering you atm?
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My roommate is sick and asleep on the couch. I want to clean. Should I vaccuum the house and wake her, or just let her sleep?

Have you ever taken a pole-dancing class? How was it? Is there anything I should/shouldn't wear?

If you had to choose one, which would you go to? Your nephews Christianing or a not-that-close friend's wedding (the couple is more friends with your SO). The Christianing is 4 hours away and I would have to be home that night.

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Given the choice, which winery would you prefer for a birthday celebration? Time of year: Late September.

-30-35 miles away (though easy to get to). Dog friendly. Organic food cart visits on Saturdays, and they offer Sangria on Saturdays. Very pretty and in the mountains, but not much indoor seating if it rains. Guests can bring picnics if they prefer, to save money.

-10-15  miles away, very easy to get to. Not dog friendly. Great cafe with amazing food, and you can sit on gigantic plushy couches and enjoy your food. Less viable to bring a picnic.

Wines are similar quality and price at each place. Owners at both locations are very friendly and frequently offer personalized tours, etc.
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I had some of my friends round last night and I don't want my parents to know. So I have two bags of rubbish which I need to get rid of wihtout putting them into our rubbish bins.
What is the best way to do this?

Or if you don't care, what did you do last night?

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I'm done with all the work I have to do today, but I have 3 hours left 'til quittin' time.

How should I pass the time? I've already written up my grocery list, balanced my checkbook, and paid all the bills I need to.

My wife just called me from Wal-Mart and said that she picked up Animal House for $5. How friggin' awesome is that?
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What does it mean when your phone doesn't work in your dreams?

For instance, in one dream, I was talking to someone, and then my phone went dead. My phone never works properly when I'm dreaming. I know it's supposed to mean something, but I don't know what.
John Simm, Life on Mars
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Snacks for night shift.

I'm starting night shift on Wednesday, and I'm looking for advice on what to bring. I don't want to eat big gluggy meals, a steady stream of small snacks would probably work best.

So far on my list I have yoghurt, muesli bars, corn thins, fruit, small tins of fish for protein, pop tarts and crystallised ginger.

So, TQC, what else could I snack on during my night shift?

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I'm sorry to post again so soon, but I'll be leaving work (and thus my computer) in 45 minutes, so I need to get some input before then:

I need a new printer, as mine, when I dug it out of the closet yesterday, is so old that the drivers won't work on Windows XP. So, do any of you have a preferred brand of printer? Factors are cost, reliability, price of ink, etc.

For those of you who don't know/don't care:

How did you find out about TQC originally?
Do you like to grill out? If yes, do you prefer gas or charcoal?
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 continuing from my previous post about the purple/red hair dye.. 

i've finally bought a pack of feria hair dye! it says to test it out for 48 hours in case of an allergic reaction yada yada yada... i've dyed my hair millions of times so i might skip it.. D:

for those who dye their hair, do you really wait for 24/48 hours to see if there's an allergic reaction even if you've dyed your hair before? do you know of anyone who's had one from hair dye?
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1. I am on a rare soda kick. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should try?

I've already tasted most of the Jones flavors, Boylans, Stewarts, Moxie, Doc Browns, Inca Cola, Faygo and all of the Wal-Mart knock offs.

2. What's your favorite myth?

(Ten bucks on someone saying, "God" and/or "Jesus".)

3. Speaking of myths, was there anything or anyone Zeus would not sleep with?
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What do you (ladies) wear for mattifying make-up? Would you recommend the Smashbox brand? I know this is asked a lot, but along the same line, what are your cosmetic must-haves?

If you could have anything in the world right now, but it must be entirely necessary or beneficial, what would it be?

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Can anyone tell me what's wrong with my car? It revs up to 5 RPM but will not accelerate past 35 mph. Attempting to shift gears manually didn't do anything either. I've replaced the transmission fluid and cleaned the fuel injectors, and quite frankly, I'm stumped.

Help me, thc?
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Do you think that when a guy and girl are in a relationship, and it ends, the guy normally takes longer to get over it, or the girl? Or it depends completely?

Also, what colour are your eyes?

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So um, who wants to help me kill gmail? >:(

What do you want to be when you grow up?

If you don't know yet, do you ever stress/freak out over not knowing?

Brought to you by the breakdown I had in my car a little while ago.

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some of you may remember me posting last week, asking your opinion on the fact that my friend bailed on plans. some of you may also remember me posting the week before that, asking your opinion on the fact that my friend bailed on plans that week too. if you don't remember: we had plans to go see a movie and get chinese food two tuesdays ago, she bailed, we made the plans for the following tuesday, she bailed again, so we made the plans yet again today.

which makes today third tuesday we've had the exact same plans, and she just bailed again. the reason? her boyfriend got fired today.

what is your opinion on this?

eta: do you think that her boyfriend getting fired is a good reason to bail on plans for the third week in a row?
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Her car is still in the parking lot, so unless she hitched a ride from someone, she couldn't have gone very far. Her purse is not in her room.

Poll #1451942 missing person question

Where the hell is my roommate?

in class
in the cafeteria
hiding out in the shower between our rooms waiting to scare the hell out of me when I go to the bathroom
taking pictures of random crap (she's a photography nut)
in the ER for a broken something
in the ER being tested for swine flu
went out to eat with friends and I'm not invited
in the sorority room, decorating
at a student government meeting
at walmart
being an impromptu dj for the radio station
tutoring a kid she has class with
laying out in the sun
climbing a tree, and will break a bone and you will have to take her to the ER tonight

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1)What are you giving yourself a heart attack about?

this application.

2)what is your favorite gummi candy?


3)Do you like sangria?

eta:what do you think of movies opening on 9/11?
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I have been gorging on Oreo Cakesters for the past few days.

Have you discovered a new (to you) treat lately? What is it? Share so that we can all indulge! Bonus points for pics so that we can recognize the packaging on shelves.
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Why doesn't anyone ever talk about the laxative effects of Benadryl/diphenhydramine?

When will I bother to pay the $4 or whatever to renew my extra icons?

Are you as passionate about tea as I am?

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I have two classes tommorow 30 miles from my home, but in the first one the teacher doesn't take roll and all we do is work on the computer on Excel, which I have on my own computer. and in the second one the teacher has told us she will not be there. And my gas gauge is on empty. Would you go to the class or not?

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What are some things your friends do that annoy you?

I have a friend who says "you fail at life," and declares himself a "grammar nazi" in real life. It makes me so unnecessarily angry at him.


I'm in need of more websites, forums or comms to check. Ones that require responses. A level of intellectualness is a good thing too, and I'd like there to be a not too stressful atmosphere of members/posters.
Do you visit any that might fit that? What are they? Links please.

I need to plan a unit of work for Society and Environment for primary school. What should my topic be on?
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 my 3rd purple dye post! 

this is how it turned out.. a little subtler than i expected/wanted, plus it'll fade even more over time.

should i dye it again or leave it TQC? and if i should dye it again, how long should i wait?

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So I'm pretty sure I've got strep. Pus-y throat, headache, swollen lymph nodes, the whole nine yards. I went to the doctor today, and they ordered a throat culture, which won't be ready until Friday.

SO! In the meantime, what should I (try) to eat, other than Ramen Noodles? It hurts just making a swallowing motion.

Any other advice?
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Hello TCQ!

My older bro's ex called my mother (we still don't know how she got her number) asking her to lend her $200 so that she can pay her rent (her hours were cut, to my understanding).

Both my brother and I told her not to do it, since said ex still owes my brother roughly the same amount and has no intentions on paying him back. She only comes around when she wants money.

TCQ, would you lend her the money?

If you just don't give a damn:

Anyone going to Dragon*Con?! :D
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If you ride a bus to commute/get to school...

What do you do on the bus?
I've been reading, listening to my iPod, and thoroughly enjoying the people watching.

How long is your bus ride for the round-trip?
Mine is about 45 minutes to an hour each way, so each school day I spend two hours on the bus.

Has anything disappointing happened to you today?
I found out that my financial aid office screwed up when they posted my work study, so I was actually awarded it at another campus and the campus where I'm going doesn't have anymore work study money available. :( It was so sad because I found a job on campus I really really wanted; I feel so mislead now. They got my hopes up.

If you couldn't care less about the bus, what is your dream travel destination?
I am planning on doing a backpacking tour of South America when I finally graduate. I love traveling!

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Three totally unrelated questions.

1. What's your favorite scent? 

2. If a guy is on a break with his now-ex, but they remain friends with benefits, and he has a new girlfriend--would you assume he's not going to get serious (like long-term thing) with this new girl because of the friends with benefits with the ex? 

.3. I have a dilemma. I am fascinated with infectious diseases, but medical school intimidates me because I'm bad at math and don't enjoy sciences. Is there any job I can still do without going to medical school that pays well and lets me study infectious diseases? :\
Georgie - Smiles

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I have a packet of jelly (the jiggly dessert kind, not the fruit preserve kind you spread on toast) that doesn't have a particular flavour. You're supposed to "add 200ml of your favourite fruit juice, soft drink, flavoured mineral water, iced tea, made-up cordial or any drink (apart from dairy products or fresh Kiwi, Pawpaw or pineapple fruits)" to create your own flavour.

What should I add, TQC?
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I'm in need of a new digital camera in the higher-end point-and-shoot range. I've been looking at the Canon PowerShot SX10 and SX110. Both can be modified to support RAW images, which is important to me. The problem, though, is that I have no idea about the quality of the lenses on these cameras.

Anyone know anything about Canon's lens quality, or what point-and-shoot cameras have the best lenses (particularly ones with similar specs to those I posted above)?
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how often do you wash your hair over the course of a week?

what type of shampoo and conditioner do you use?

have you ever caused injury to yourself while in the shower? will you go into further detail as to how?

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omg you guys, should I watch A Little Princess or The Neverending Story on Netflix?!

What's your favorite thing to munch on when you go to the movies? I'm partial to Junior Mints, peanut M&Ms, and/or sour gummy worms.
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1. What are your thoughts on women with stretched ears?

2. What is the first thing to pop into your head when you hear the word meatball?

3. How often do/did you sit alone during lunch at school?
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So, I suspect I might be coming down with a cold. I've already taken some vitamin C mix, and I plan to take another before I hop in bed. Is there anything else I can do to kinda route the cold on it's path of destruction? Something that will help lessen it's toll on my body?

Any help would be amazing. :(
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At the pub last night, there was this guy on guitar singing and he sang a really lovely song that I haven't heard before. Something about:

"kiss my face(?), kiss my back, is that all(?)."

I don't know if I 'm remembering it right but it was lovely. Any ideas what it may be?

*The majority of what he was singing were covers, bar some random crazy rapping.
** He wasn't performing, he was just sat in the garden with a few friends.

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Pardon my dumb question.

Do you know those math puzzles where you start with one number, then add another number, then do other mathematical operations until you're back to your original number? 

What are those called? 

miss argentina

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Congratulations! They're going to make a movie of your life.
Which actors do you want to play yourself and the other important people in your life? Do you choose these actors because they resemble that person physically or because their acting style suits their personality? Bonus points if you compare photos of that person and the actor.

Also - what song is the theme of your movie?

butterflies and zebras and moonbeams

which of these songs give you at least a LITTLE pleasure?

Little Queenie - chuck berry
Every Little Thing She Does is Magic - the police
With a Little Help From My Friends - joe cocker
Little Red Rooster - the rolling stones
Little Red Corvette - prince
I Say a Little Prayer - aretha franklin
Crazy Little Thing Called Love - queen
Little Boxes - formerly the theme to "weeds"
Little Wing - jimi hendrix
Little Wing - stevie ray vaughn
Little Wing - eric clapton
Little Wing - sting
Mother's Little Helper - the rolling stones
Three Little Birds - bob marley
oh suzer, i see what you did there, i wish i new a little bit more about these songs!

which of these LITTLE songs do you like a little?

This Little Light of Mine -
With a Little Luck - paul mccartney and wings
Throw Back the Little Ones - steely dan
Little Martha - the allman brothers
Have a Little Faith in Me - joe cocker
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - judy garland
Little Queen of Spades - robert johnson
A Little Less Conversation - elvis
Sweet Little Lies - fleetwood mac
Wake Up Little Susie - everly brothers
Little Bird - annie lennox
Dance Little Sister - the rolling stones
Dance Little Sister - terrence trent d'arby
My Little Runaway - del shannon
oh suzer, that was a good little poll!

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my boyfriend used to buy games pretty often from his friend (let's call him A) because A worked at best buy. A would buy the game for my bf at a discount, but would get a kickback. So if a regular priced game was $100, he'd get it for $70, and sell it to my bf for $80. i'm wondering if it would be rude if I contacted him to do the same thing because my boyfriend's birthday is soon?

i've only seen him once, and never really met. but i know he knows what i look like and who i am. in fact, we recognized each other at a local restaurant this past weekend-- neither of us said hi though. i would've if i remembered at the time who he was.

if it isn't rude, what form of communication should i contact him by? via aim? facebook? call? text?

thanks TQC.
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Rear ending \ Claim not started by me.

I need some input on a crappy situation.

My little brother was driving and a car rear ended my truck with NO DAMAGE. The other car has a fucked up hood, etc. This happened over a week ago...and TODAY a claim was filed with MY insurance company!!! I did NOT cause this accident!  I have to get the police report that this lady filed tommrrow.

-She claims she had an off duty cop behind here when this when down. (Which better be on the police report)
-The break lights of the pickup up were not lit (what she says.)
-My bro got 2 tickets ..............1 - Not reporting an accident.  2- Leaving the place of an accident. (Again, we did not cause this) The police gave my brother these tickets AT MY HOUSE! They followed him to our house....No breath-a-lyzer, and I assume the cops saw the truck in the driveway...not fucked up.

Questions:    Should I file a claim against her? No damage to my truck. Im just annoyed.
Is there a way to give a citizens summons this late claiming she was tailgating anyhow?
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If you were going to publicize a blog, where would you do it?

My stats went down because I stopped blogging daily and I'm trying to beef them back up. I used to have like 400+ views a day and now I only have about 60-150. It hurts! It's actually pretty important to me that people actually read and enjoy my blog since I'm trying to get into publishing.

I normally tweet links to it and put it on my facebook- which is where I get the most views from.
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TQC, help!

i_found_jesu and I are gonna take our menfolk out Friday night. Mine is my bf, hers is this awesome dude who is totally dumbstruck by how awesome she is. They aren't dating.... YET. (DUNDUNDUUUUUN!)

So, you guys have any good double date ideas?

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What steps should be taken (right out of high school) to become a mortician?

What should you be doing right now?

What was the last thing you did that made you think "oh, i'm sort of weird for doing that"?

(no subject)

How much of a raise in pay would be enough for you to add an extra hour each way to your commute?

ETA: I got a recruitment letter for basically the same job I do now but farther away and i'm not sure whether to bother pursuing. I do like my easy 20-minute drive.


Poll #1452109 Question for the women and gay men

Your boyfriend proposes to you. Let's say you do love him. Which of these proposals would you accept?

Jumbotron at a baseball game. "____, will you marry me?" in front of thousands
While watching a porn together, you find that he erased part of the middle and recorded "Will you marry me?"
Keyed your driver's side door "Will you marry me?"
You ask him to put sunscreen on your back, and it turns out he spelled out "Will you marry me?" so you just burned everywhere else
He tears off his shirt, bends on one knee and proposes, and it's only then that you notice her got his nipple pierced and there's a diamond ring dangling from it
Pissed in the snow outside "Will you marry me?"
He proposes during a game of charades with your friends
Singing monkeygram at your work
Stands outside your window at 5am with a boombox over his head (Say Anything-style), playing 'your song'
Note tied to a brick asking for your hand in marriage is thrown through your bedroom window late at night
He jumps out of the bushes in a wig and trenchcoat and flashes you and before you can scream you read "Marry me?" written on his stomach in Sharpie
He changes your cell phone ring to his voice recording of "Will you marry me?" and rings you until you accept
Rips open his shirt, where he has "Marry me?" shaved into his chest hair
Through interpretitive dance