August 31st, 2009

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I found this thing in my spare room. I'm pretty sure my mom made it. Collapse )

What should I make with that fabric in the background? I have a decent amount of it. I was going to make a tote bag for school but I think it would be really hideous/obnoxious.
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Very last minute and completely at the worst time possible - I need to pull an all nighter. Any tips on how to stay awake? I've just had my 4th meal for energy (thank heavens for Taco Bell) and I've downed a Red Bull and a Coke. I have another Red bull for later, and a supply of coffee. I'm still exhausted though. Any other ideas?


Dearest TQC,

I have a dilema. Tuesday is my first day of school, and I need to know what to wear. I know I'm wearing this dress, but I don't know if I wanna wear them with these shoes. Is it too matchy-matchy? Should I just go out to Marshalls and buy new shoes?


And ignore me looking ridiculous if you can.

Edited because I fucked the links up.

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if your SO bought you something you really wanted that they had to save up for and it was real expensive what would you think? I'm asking because i want to buy my boyfriend a bike, but he isn't sure that he wants me to.
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Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

I just uploaded a video on youtube about ten minutes ago. I already had one there from a few weeks back. However, when I look on the page now, only the video from ten minutes ago shows up on the page. The other video is gone. And the sites says I have only uploaded on video. However, when I look at my uploaded video section, the missing video is there.

Edit: Never mind. I fixed it. Thank you for your help.

1. So, if you watched True Blood tonight on a scale of 1 to 10, how stupid do you think Tara was?

2. If you don't watch True Blood, say that there is a monster on the loose, like a demon or a Cloverfield monster, and you are in relative safety. However, your SO is back in the monster's territory. And you don't even know if he/she is alive or not. Would you risk your neck to save someone who is most likely dead or doomed?

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My boyfriend fell asleep in the middle of an argument with the phone to his ear. I'm mad, can't sleep and feeling sort of mean.

Should I call and let it ring in his ear and finish the argument (yes) or should I just sleep on it (no)?


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What do you wash with in the shower?

Do you let your pets sleep in the bed with you?

My wife is in a blue funk, and it's likely that she's going to stay that way until she gets a computer desk for her "office". Where should we go tonight to look for a desk? (DO NOT say IKEA. A) I'm sick of hearing about how great it is, and B) the closest one is 8 hours away.)

What's your favorite Jackie Chan movie?

What's your favorite movie that's from pre-1970?

Are you excited for college football season? If yes, who's your team?

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1. Should I upgrade my Flickr or my Photobucket? I have no qualms about transferring files from one account to the other, as both are fairly new, but I'm not sure of the pros/cons of either service anymore. I feel like Photobucket Pro used to be much more expensive but now they're exactly the same price, and they seem to both have their own individual perks. I hear Flickr allows nudie pics also.

2. How does one pick a good lobster? To eat.
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i've drank far too much coffee and smoked way too many cigarettes this morning and now my nerves are all haywire. what would calm me down? :{

how's your day going so far?

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are checks supposed to take an entire week to post? the lady at my bank said that $100 would be available the next day and the rest would be available a few days after that. but i just checked my account online, and the hold is until this wednesday. not too pleased. the last time i posted a check, the exact same thing happened.
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I'm moving into a studio apartment tomorrow.

What am I forgetting to bring?

(I know everyone hates this question but I am in need of some srs answers pls)

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Is it true that the longer you sit and stare at your email and refresh it, the less likely it is that the email(s) you are waiting for will actually come?

as;dfkasdfafs goddamnit.

Did you wake up on the right side or the wrong side of the bed this morning? What's good/bad about your day so far?

Collapse )

Alternatively, if you had to write a research paper on any sociological topic, what would you pick? I need idears. :(
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TQC , if you had to do a project for college and you were faced with two project options, one being a topic that you couldn't care less about but that was easy to gather information on, and one being a topic you were really interested in but would be quite difficult to find resources for, which would you take?

Also, what's for lunch?

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How much are you willing to compromise for a job? Sell your soul to the devil, figuratively speaking? Give up things that are important to you? ie. spending time with your boyfriend and/or family. Would you take a pay cut? Would you work any kind of job?

A job is a job, but what are deal breakers for you? or would you pretty much do anything as long as you were paid for it?

I was debating leaving my current part-time cashier/customer service position at a grocery store for a cake decorating position with the same company but different store. It would be a blast, but I'd have to give up my Sunday's off and pretty much any availability conflicts I have, which means I would be giving up the only day I really get to see my boyfriend. We spend the whole day together and do dinner at my parents/my house. We've been doing this for about a 1 1/2 years and I don't know if I'm willing to give that up for another part-time job(which I thought was going to be full-time). I don't think its worth compromising. Also, I don't know how flexible they'd be when I go to grad school next summer, if I get in. Since I'd be one of 2 decorators, I doubt they'd be as flexible.

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what's up with everyone moving to Austin?


addendum: since all my friends are going to be there now, and since y'all say it's nice, when is the best time to visit and what should I doooo there
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Can you explain these jokes to me?

What does Helen Keller call the closet?
Where do Helen Keller's parents have her go when there's company over?

And can you tell me any jokes off the top of your head?

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Do you know EXACTLY how much money you have in the bank?

How often do you balance your checkbook?

How ****ing frustrating is it when you're only a few dollars off, you know you spent that money, but you can't for the life of you remember where...leaving you to wait 'til it shows up on your bank statement before you can balance everything?

Or am I just being OCD about this?

If you had to choose one of the typical "I want to be a _____ when I grow up" jobs, would you rather be a:
A) Pilot
B) Astronaut
C) Professional athlete
D) Fire fighter
E) Doctor
E) Lawyer
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I'm really into little rodents (mostly hamsters and mice, gerbils freak me out; I've had some since I was in grade four) and I was wondering, what's it like to have pets in university (in res)? I'm moving in in the fall of 2010 so it's a while away. I'd keep him/her in my cage in my room. My sister had a friend who had a hamster and snuck him in for an entire semester.

But good idea/bad idea?
If it gets too loud, then I absolutely wouldn't do it, but I'm just wondering.
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My boyfriend is in the hospital! He didn't feel well last night and he woke up in the middle of the night and he was blind! He couldn't see anything! His parents had to call 911 and now he's sedated at the hospital and I don't know what's going on! He's 400 miles away and I just called his mom but she didn't answer her cell phone.

I am freaking out. What do I do now?! 

EDIT: My boyfriend's mother just called me back! They think it's because he got crazy dehydrated and his sodium levels dropped dramatically because he's a fucking moron and went on a four hour long hike through the California desert in August during a heat wave and didn't bring any water!

But he's gotten significantly better in just the past three hours and they think they'll be able to release him tomorrow. I asked if I should fly down, but his mom said that since he's probably going to be released tomorrow and I was going to fly down on Friday anyway for our monthly visit, I should just wait until then.

I am so relieved and at the same time so irrationally furious with my boyfriend.
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What's wrong with this statement?

"If more Americans go on a low-carb diet, the demand for bread will fall, resulting in the price of bread to fall. However, the lower price of bread will increase bread's demand, so Americans will end up eating more bread than before."

My friend is convinced this is right, how do I convince him it's not?

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TQC (ladies, specifically),

I have an hour 'til I get to go home from work.
I'm horny.
My wife is at home.

What would be the best way to phrase a text to get the point across that she'd better be ready for me to do all kinds of dirty things to her when I get home? Something that'll motivate her to be in some lingerie and high heels when I walk through the door?

I just got shot down worse than I have since high school.  Crash and burn in a giant fireball.

So, since I still have to have a question here...umm...would you like fries with that?

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TQC, I donated blood this morning! But it made me feel icky and dizzy and vomity afterward. I'm feeling fine now, just tired.

Should I call off work?

If I don't call off work, what shall be my energizing snack before I go in?

Do you have any interesting bandaids? I have Scooby-Doo bandaids in the bathroom. Right now I'm wearing one with a local hospital's emblem.
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Does it drive you crazy to listen to somebody eating and chewing with their mouth opened? My roommate smacks, gulps, chews and pops her mouth, chomping and glomping like some kind of animal every time she eats something. This disgusts me so much I usually retreat to my room because I can't stand the noises she makes.
Does anyone else get grossed out by that eating style? It just drives me up a wall, like nails on a chalkboard.
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What's the one thing in life you have inconceivably bad luck with?

Mine is technology, and it getting broken. I can't tell you how many electronics when in my hands stop working. It's probably a bit of me being clumsy, but it's not SO BAD that EVERYTHING stops working because of it.

For instance, my year old macbook? I thought it was all good until three months ago when, right after another: keyboard gets hot tea spilled on it, screen inexplicably gets plagued with lines of dead pixels, the CD drive becomes jammed, and just today the battery decides to say "oh, fuck it." and stop working. I'm stunned my iPhone has lived as long as it has unscathed (though it spent a month or two lost at UCLA).


So I posted a question last week about me organizing a Multicultural event at the college I work at.

Last week I was instructed to invite 80 people to lunch. The room we have set up for lunch will only hold 80 people.

So why the fuck did my bosses inform me today that I'll be inviting another 420 people!?!?

Yes, you read that right. 500 people have been invited to this luncheon. 394 of the new 420 are on a mailing list and she doesn't think that more than 20 or so will show up.

That's not the fucking point. She is having me invite more people than we have the room for and we sure as hell don't have an extra $5,000 in the budget to pay for these people if they do show up.

She also knew the room was full to capacity with the 80 I invited. So I had to go back to another boss and the scheduling woman and rearrange a couple of presentations so we could open up the room next to where the luncheon is so we can accommodate 160 people.

Anyone else excited for Heroes Season 3 dvd set tomorrow?

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Totally dumb question, but: I want to make a raspberry smoothie and all the recipes I'm looking at require plain or vanilla yogurt. I don't have plain--I have blueberry, blackberry pomegranate, and pear. Can I just use say, blueberry, and just have have a 'mixed berry' smoothie? Or will it not turn out like I'm hoping? I know nothing about smoothies, sorry. :( 

What's your favorite flavor of smoothie? Any awesome recipes you have?

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Do you love your phone?

What kind is it?

What's so great about it?

What sucks about it?

If you had to give up all but one piece of technology/electronics what would you keep?

What would be the first to go?

What kind of perfume/cologne do you wear?

My answers in comment.

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Poll #1451566 Do you know the Muffin Man?

The Muffin Man has that name because ______?

He's always bearing baked goods
He's made of baked goods
His excess flab hangs over his really tight pants
He has legendary oral sex skillz

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 If you were pretty sick and you had a class the next day at 6pm would you wait till the day of the class to email the teacher and tell them you won't be able to go?  It's speech and I would have to make the speech up.  Should I go even if I still feel bad and ask if I can go first and leave because I'm sick?  

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What's one thing you think everyone does but won't admit to?

What's your favorite happening on How To Catch A Predator?

(Look! I'm not sneakily promoting by blog this time. But you CAN find it on my journal IF you're curious.)
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Does shaving your underarm hair make the area smell more or less potent?
(I know I asked this before but I got mixed responses so I wanted to ask again.)

Also... how do you feel about short hair on girls? Long hair on guys?
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If you call a friend and they don't answer, do you leave a voicemail? Or do you hang up and either try again later or send a text?

I don't leave voicemails if it's not important, but I have a couple friends who never leave them and like to hang up and send texts instead, which I don't really understand. It's gotten to the point of one calling, leaving me an accidental vm of voices in the background that ended with "oh shit, I'm on her voicemail", hanging up, and sending a text. wat??

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Your waiter brings out your food and warns you "Be careful. It's a hot plate". What do you do?

I don't touch the plate. It's hot
Touch the plate gingerly to see how hot it is
Press my finger down on the plate to see how hot it is
Take my unsuspecting friend's hand and press it on the plate to see how hot it is
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I had beer-steamed lobster for dinner because I bought three for $20. What did you have?

What length do you think your hair looks at its best? Pictures?

Have you ever been a movie extra? How did you like it?

Did anything good/bad happen today? What was it?

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do you dye your hair red?

if you do, how do you make the color stay vibrant for longer than 2 weeks? what shampoos/conditioners do you use?

currently i use this (L’Oreal Feria Ruby Rush) to dye my hair, but it's been washing out not even two weeks later.

if this isn't relevant to your interests, what's your favorite color? have you ever dyed your hair?

edit: i do try to only wash my hair every 4 or so days, and i wash it out in cold water :/ i think my hair just hates being red

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Can anyone recommend a good, affordable exercise mat? I really need one but the only ones I'm finding online are fairly pricey. Not to mention, I know nothing about what I should get, how big it should be, or any of that.

Also, what's a good workout that I can do tonight that won't kill me? I feel sick to my stomach but I still need to do something.

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Have you ever had your car break down along the highway? What did you do? Any good stories?

What if you were on a long roadtrip by yourself and were still 4 hours or so from anyone that you knew or that you could call to help you?

If you have a AAA membership you can get your car towed, but will they also help you get where you're going (or get to a rental car agency/bus station)?
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After a harrowing day, I'm settling in to make some buttercream frosting roses for my cake decorating class on Thursday.

What color should I make them? I have every color of the rainbow at my finger tips.

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Can you tell me the website where you have a bunch of lists and you have to fill them out in a certain amount of time? 

I'm going to keep Googling, but if you have the answer, please post :) 

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My upstairs neighbor is a mid-20's military dude from Tennessee. He normally listens to country and bad rock(Creed, for example).
Why, oh why, is he listening to Jingle Bell Rock really loud?

Edit - Now it sounds like he's watching a shoot-em-up war movie, or playing a similar game. Is there a movie or game that would have that song in it?

Edit2- I was trying to find the best place in my apartment to climb up on a chair and try and listen to the ceiling, but now he's shadow boxing, and all i can hear is him jumping around.

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deleted the first question. Buddy Holly, I forgot about cheese.:X

What do you personally use to relieve your skin, when you have bug bites? (My dog got fleas because I went on a trip this summer and the people that were caring for him forgot to put flea medicine on him, for me. So now I'm getting bitten. Ouch.)
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1)What unlikely things do you worry about?

I worry that there will be a small earthquake and a cup of water on my desk will fall over and douse my laptop.

2)What are you nervous about?

I had an interview today.

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Hey guys, I feel like my brother is falling in with the wrong crowd, any ideas on how to solve that problem?
Seriouse and non-seriouse pweese u.u

What are you doing right nows TQC?
AND what did you do today? Make any dreams come true?

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Whats a good "Im a she-bitch that can rip anyone's heart out and eat it raw in front of them while crushing another mans testicles with my high heels" song? Youtube links get two points.

Im in a real bad mood but im trying to hold myself back from doing something stupid.

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In public bathrooms, what kind of hand drying appliance type thing do you like best? Paper towels, those weird pully cloth towels, hand dryer, or something else?

Have you seen those crazy hand dryers where you stick your hands in and air comes from all directions? Do you worry that blades are going to come out and chop off your hands when you put them in? I do.

(These ones: )

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Does Flickr have that feature that Photobucket has, where it'll automatically generate code to post a bunch of photos in HTML (like, it'll format them and space them out in order)?

What is the best thing you ate today? It doesn't have to have been good.
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Poll #1451634 The Perv in you

Scarlett Johansson is at the same party that you're attending. She's wearing a tight top and a tiny kilt mini skirt and looks really cute. Towards the end of the night, she's passed out on a couch, legs akimbo. Do you peek?

Maybe, but only if I'm at the right angle. I wouldn't go out of my way to look. I'm curious
OMG. I'd avert my eyes

Same question as above, except now it's Christian Bale. He's in a tight top and short kilt. Towards the end of the night, he's passed out on a couch. Do you peek?

Maybe, but only if I'm at the right angle. I wouldn't go out of my way to look. I'm curious
OMG. I'd avert my eyes

Same question, except now it's Paris Hilton

Maybe, but only if I'm at the right angle. I wouldn't go out of my way to look. I'm curious
OMG. I'd avert my eyes

Same question, except now it's Joe Pesci

Maybe, but only if I'm at the right angle. I wouldn't go out of my way to look. I'm curious
OMG. I'd avert my eyes
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This was inspired by a forum discussion of some atheists making fun of Christians for believing in a God but turning around and saying they believe in spirits.

1. How do you feel about atheists who say they don't believe in god/gods but they do believe in supernatural things like ghosts, spirits and reincarnation?

Do you consider them atheists or agnostics?

Do you see an atheist as someone who believes in pure scientific logic, that is, it must be proven by data before I can believe it or can atheist believe in anything as long as he/she doesn't believe in a god/gods?

And if you don't care for that one;

2. What does it mean when a vampire offers you soup?

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tqc, i bought shiny silver nail polish a few days ago. it doesn't have sparkles or anything, it's just plain silver. what should i do with it? right now i have my nails all silver with black tips but i'm not sure if i like it.