August 30th, 2009


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I'm trying to make a list of things I need at the store tomorrow, for this upcoming week and beyond.

I start school Monday. I have class at 9:30 am, and MUST eat breakfast before I leave or I will feel horrible. I've gotten as far as whole grain waffles, yogurt, and fruit. I don't like eggs.

Also, lunch. On Wednesdays, I'll be on campus/in town at lunch time. I need something I can bring with me and keep in the car until about 12:45 pm. It needs to be able to withstand high temperatures, because I live in Texas. The only thing I can think of on that front are those tuna lunch-to-go things.

So tqc, help me figure out what to buy? Preferably healthy things, please.
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Do 7-11's sell cookie dough?

I really would like some cookie dough.

EDIT- Why the hell can't I find a 24 supermarket? Suburbs of Washington DC aren't the goddamn boonies.
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Seeing as it's already past 12, even on the west coast, what are you doing up so late?

I'm eating chocolate cake, listening to Daisy, and about to play some Diablo 2 with some friends. Best. Night. Ever.

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I want to cook a nice dinner for my boyfriend this week just because. I was thinking of roast beef or some other beef dish. Do you have any suggestions that are fairly affordable?

What was the last alcoholic drink you had?

Why do people feed their pets gourmet food in cans?

What's your favorite fatty meal?

What's the most romantic/sweetest thing your boyfriend/girlfriend has done or said to you?

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how long can milk sit out before it goes bad?
how long can butter sit out before it goes bad?

given that info, how long can kraft dinner sit out?
how long can kraft dinner sit out if there is NO milk in it?

i asked the second to last question recently and a bunch of people said like 4 hours, maybe less, but i'm pretty sure milk can sit out longer than that.

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Do you have a hard or easy time adjusting you sleep schedule? For example, if you work evenings normally, but one time you're scheduled to work first shift, are you able to simply go to bed early?

I normally work 3-10pm or 2-10pm, but for some reason, I've been scheduled 5am-1pm on Monday. Right now, my sleep rhythm has been at a point where I fall asleep around 4:30/5am, not go to work. :( How do I manage this without wanting to kill myself? Or is that not an option?

ETA: I'm not allowed to have any food or drinks during my shift, technically. I do it on my normal shifts cause I'm the only one there, but if I'm really working Monday morning, my boss will be there and she'll be all RAH NO GET RID OF IT NAO. So no coffee to keep me awake. :(((

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okay i am going to be redecorating my bedroom and i'm planning on getting this bed and the walls are going to be this color. i have a metal/glass desk that i'll be keeping also.

would i be able to use wood furniture for everything else or should i stick to black? if wood would work, what color wood? i have bad taste so i do not trust my own opinion.

Believe it or not this came in a dream last night

Pick one thing you'd like to see happen

Finding $1,000,000 under your house, left by the previous occupants
The leaders of al Qaida and the Afghani Taliban meet to discuss plans without realizing there's a gas leak in the room. They all die, and without their input, the Afghanistan War loses all momentum and the US wins
You can go back in time somewhere in the past year and make a change, big or small. You're then returned to the present, but whatever repercussions from that change remain

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My mom has not been to a movie since Twister in 1996.
I was thinking she might like Taking Woodstock, but I heard mixed reviews.
Should I take her to go see it?

What's your favorite thing to do on Sundays?

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Are there any songs you never get sick of, no matter how many times in a row you listen to it?
Are there any songs you like, but get sick of easily?

I feel as though these questions are worded awkwardly...
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Have you ever pulled out your hair when you were really angry or freaking out?
(Some people play with their hair when they're bored or as a nervous tick, and that made me curious.)

Do you think you're a cliche? If so, what cliche(s) are you?

What fictional character(s) best represents who you are? Why?

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What is the best OTC medicine that will put me to sleep tonight but not leave me groggy in the morning? 

I have prescription migraine meds which double as a sedative & muscle relaxer, but those make me groggy so I'm trying to stay away from them.
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What is a question to ask someone that can never end/be taken well?

Eg. "What's with your gentials?"

On the topic of genitals, what is the smallest and largest size of testicle you have encountered?

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I am having boy issues. There was this guy I met about two weeks ago and we spent the last two weeks flirting with each other. After the first week, he finally kissed me and it ended up with us almost having sex. I think I freaked him out a bit because he is a virgin and two days later we had a talk about it being weird. Then, three days after our talk, he tells me that he would just rather ~be friends~ and I am not sure if this has anything to do with us almost doing the deed (but it probably does). He kept kissing me and flirting with me between our talk and the time he called it off though. The problem is, I still like him a lot- though I never expected him to ask me out. I'm so bad at handling these kinds of situations. A lot of my friends have told me not to talk to him at all and give him the silent treatment and hopefully he will begin talking to me again. I never like playing hard to get though so this seems weird to me. What should I do?

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Say you know someone online who's attractive and has a certain something something that you find appealing. You talk with them, listen to their babbling and gain their trust to see what happens next. Only, it turns out, this person is not only nuts, but is also extremely bitter about life and a highly negative person. They're a bummer to talk to, if you're honest about it. When they almost have an emotional cussfest breakdown because a certain MySpace vampire game wouldn't load on their new computer, you just watched on, speechless. However, they're still kind of hot and very lonely and you still think that there's a good chance to hook up with them.

What would it take for your mind to overcome your hormones so you can just walk away for your own good?
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 What do you do with your pictures after you take them?  Do you upload them?  Where?  Do you get prints?  

Will you post your favorite recent vacation picture?
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My cousin just walked into my room and told me he was taking me to the movies. Awesome.
There are so many to choose from, I have no idea what to pick.  Bad.

So, here are the narrowed-down choices: (500) Days of Summer, District 9, The Goods, Halloween II, and Inglourious Basterds.

Help please! :D
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I hope this doesn't start wank...

If an extremely disabled man came to your place of business (ie, a lounge/nightclub)...and could not read the menu, could not articulate what he wanted and then needed assistance eating and would you handle the situation?

A co-worker of mine dealt with the man, who had no caretaker with him...we are not even sure how he got to the bar in the first place. She was patient, helped him eat and drink (while maintaining her section and taking care of other customers;) however, she felt a little used after he left, especially since he had no way to pay for his drinks and meal.

Thoughts? What would you have done?
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what was your last impulse buy? 
it doesn't necessarily have to be expensive.

do you regret it or love it?

my last impulse buy is a massage pillow, which was on sale for $10. there's a switch you can press so that it vibrates. i regret it cause it's $10 down the drain, $10 i badly need right now D:

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I'm preparing my university portfolio...yay!

Okay this may be a long shot but...

I was recently re-watching a music video by Epik High (Korean Rap group) called "Map the Soul" and it got me inspired. It features a talking head with a landscape all over it. I remember reading an article about Epik High mentioning the artist who inspired them... but I can't for the life of me remember who the person is or find this article/interview.

Please help...?!

Here's the music video for reference:
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what do you think of this gem?

i have to buy new clothes soon and i'm not sure how many jeans/shirts/etc. i'll need. i don't want to end up repeating the same outfit over and over again. suggestions?
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1a. How many of you work in some sort of customer service?
1b. What do you do?

2a. Are you allowed to accept tips at your job?
2b. Do you do anything extra to get better tips (stuff the tip jar, be super nice, etc)?

3. Do you have any funny customer stories you'd like to share with the class?

I'm a barista and we have a tip cup that sits on our window ledge.  I've discovered that if I put 4 dollars in the cup when I first get to work, I receive more tips throughout the day.  I've also noticed the lower the neckline the higher the tips, but we get a lot of homeless people who come by and hit on us, so I tend not to do it, although my roommate does.

The other day I saw a guy walking like a zombie, eyes closed, and in his pjs.  He literally looked dead, and had to pause every few feet and just stand there, head hanging down.  It looked like he fell asleep mid-step.  The manager of Albertsons said he's come in before with a bong!


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Is there any advice you'd give someone who was completely new to the gym? I had someone demonstrate most of the equipment to me this morning, so I'm pretty sure I know how not to hurt myself, but apart from that I've got no idea what's going on.

What music do you like to listen to when you're working out? And what do you do with your mp3 player if your workout clothes have no pockets?
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If you were in public talking on the phone/to someone with you and someone not in your party told you to "watch your language" or some variant, how would you react?

Would you ever tell a stranger to watch their language?

edited for embarrassing typo lol

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How comfortable with public speaking are you on a scale of 1-10, 1 being "I would rather pull all of my teeth out with pliers" and 10 being "Psh, easiest shit on the planet"?

Would you ever consider a Rhetoric major? Why do you think it's such a small, unpopulated college major?
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I just discovered that I'm halfway through eating a baby bottle pop that expired 11/2008. Should I finish eating it?

Do you have any horror stories about eating/drinking expired food items?

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Is it possible to text something to someone without thinking? You know, something out of habit but to the wrong person or something? It doesn't seem like it would be to me, because you're..texting. Usually you're thinking about it/reading what you're texting so you're conscious of what you're sending, right? Or at least I do.

What was the last thing you said/did out of habit that didn' (Like an "I love you" to a coworker or something)
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What is that site that is like the opposite of FML? And people post nice/inspirational stories. This is driving me crazy and I can't find it or think of what it's called!

coffee that doesn't taste like coffee

As of next week I'll be trying to balance day classes into my rem cycle! (I work 72hrs straight graveyard). I need something that will help me stay awake during lecture and endure rush hour so I actually make it home to my bed! Also no matter how much I add to coffee I still can't stand it. Anyone know of any stay alert quick cures that won't kill me from the sugar overload, make me so jittery I end up hitting a tree, or cause me to crash even worse than if I hadn't taken anything?
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My husband can't remember the name of a song but 'basically' the chorus says something like, "your mama can't catch me, your brother wants to fight me, and your daddy wants to kill me" type of song...any ideas??

Edit: It was rock music sung by a band of only men singing.

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Do you think it would be too extreme of a measure to see a dermatologist because my hair is really, really greasy?

It's been like this for over a year and every time I wash it it dries the same texture as it would if I put tons of gel in it. I have tried pretty much everything, from vinegar and baking soda to clarifying shampoo to washing it more/less often to using only conditioner to using only shampoo to using only water, etc. and nothing has worked.

What the hell is wrong with my hair?

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1)How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

15 minutes

2)How does Dunder Mifflin* make any money?

3)How often do you shop for new clothes?

*The paper company on the American Office.

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if a cat has asthma, does it ever just get better? is it ever safe to stop giving the cat her daily asthma medication?

note: i am NOT the person who wants to try cutting back her meds and i'm getting pretty furious at the person who does.

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I have to read 200 pages by Thursday for my chem class and I CANNOT concentrate because my nose is so stuffy and uncomfortable from allergies. I took Claritin but I've read it takes a few days before it starts working, and all the pharmacies on campus are stupid and close early on Sundays so I can't go look for an alternative. D:

Does anyone know of any quick fixes for nasal allergies, or anything that can be made at home? Like, QUICK quick, I need to be able to concentrate SOON and then be able to sleep all night so I can get up for class, quick?

[EDIT:] Thank you for all the ideas! I'll try the shower and the spicy food tonight :)
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Have you ever been missing mail?

I know for sure that I'm getting an invitation to a friend's wedding. Other people got their's in the mail early last week. I haven't gotten mine yet, and no mail on Friday.

How likely is it that my mail is sitting in a dumpster somewhere?
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smalls socks?

Do those small socks, like even smaller than ankle socks, have a special name? You know the ones you can wear with shoes that have to be sock less and you can't see that you're wearing a little sock in there?

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It's a Saturday night and you're bored. You're invited to two parties: The Communist party and the Nazi party.
Which party do you choose and why?
What will you bring to the party?
Who will you bring to the party?

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i'm having mac and cheese for lunch tomorrow but it only fills 1/3 of the container i use for lunch. what should i put in the other 2/3? i'm considering using part of a cucumber and maybe a hardboiled egg, but there's a lot of room.
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My roommate and i just tried to order Jimmy Johns and they WILL NOT deliver to us. Normally i would just let that go except this place is seriously about a 1/2 mile away and they deliver to us ALL the time. I tried telling them that they brought us food on tuesday but they won't budge. Are they just being lazy since they close soon?

What can i do to convince them that they should just suck it up and bring us the food?

If i can't convince them should we have cereal or PB&J?

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did Elvis write any of his songs?
do you think he deserves the title of King of Rock 'n' Roll?
if he was so addicted to pills, why did he get so fat?
why have i been thinking about Elvis so much this last hour?
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My orthopedic surgeon took me out of my cast and put me into a soft cast/orthopedic boot (removeable!) because after seven weeks my bones have only begun to grow on the edges of each and are still cracked in the middle. He told me I could bear a little weight when doing transfers out of my wheelchair but I really don't quite grasp what he meant. I don't want to overdo it because I am still not allowed to stand or dare attempt walking.. What would you take "you may bear a little weight" to mean if your doctor told you that given this situation?

Your last "...uh?" moment?