August 29th, 2009

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When you listen to a song, what do you focus on most?

The music
The lyrics
The beat
None of these
All of these

When was the last time you were told you're beautiful/handsome? Isn't it the best feeling ever? :) The last time for me was this evening. My boyfriend gave me a hug from behind and said, "Do you know how beautiful you are?" It was great. :)
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Ok TQC, I start college on Monday. I don't know what to expect at all because my family traveled a lot in high school so I graduated through an independent study program, and took two years off to do additional traveling.

What kind of supplies/etc. do I need to buy?
What should I bring my first day?
What should I be prepared for?

If you don't care, will you tell me about your first day of college (if you went)? Or another interesting story.

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my friend sold me his laptop tonight its so amazing and has so many games on it :D
anyways my question is should i take the battery out while i have it plugged in cause i heard before that it was bad to have the battery in while charging cause it drains? is this true?
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I want to make a classic rock playlist. Since y'all were so helpful with my 90's playlist, I thought I'd ask you all again.

What are some of your favorite classic rock songs?

One of my favorites is For What It's Worth by Buffalo Springfield.


YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! Now how do I copy my playlist to a text file? Or if I upload the playlist file, will it show the songs I've added even if you don't have them downloaded?

BTW, I'm not even close to done with it! I just got sleepy! Will do more tomorrow. Keep giving me your suggestions.
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1. Forget about plot or characters. For visuals alone, what's your favorite movie?

2. Can you tell us a disturbing or disgusting historical fact?

3. I have a video camera and I am dying to do a webseries. However, I have no idea what to do. If you had a webseries, what would it be about? Would it be comedy, drama, horror, sci-fi?
A. Do you watch any webseries? If so, which ones do you watch?

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tqc, how would you feel if you ordered a pizza, and the delivery guy was in a wheelchair and you had to walk to the end of your driveway or to the parking lot to get your pizza because he wouldn't or couldn't leave his van? what if it was dark out and there weren't other people around?

eta: what if it happened on a consistent basis, ie pretty much every time you ordered pizza from there, you got the driver in the wheelchair?
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What book did you have to read for school in high school that you haaaaaaaaaaated? There was probably more than one, but which one ranks #1 on your list of books that can suck your (potentially metaphorical) dick?
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tl;dr: How do I make sound come out of my headset?



So yeah new question. Uhhh. What is your favorite "Strange Wilderness" voiceover? Mine is "Monkeys make up about 80% of the world's monkey population".
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When you type a smiley (or otherwise) face, do you use a colon : or equal sign = for the eyes? Why?

If your answer is, "Neither, I make anime kitty faces or whatever," then you don't count.


Will you tell me about your experiences with therapists or other mental health professionals who just didn't understand what you were trying to tell them, so you stopped being honest with them and then they had even less of an idea how you were feeling/thinking?
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Do you have any weird habits? If so, what are they?

I rearrange the furniture in my bedroom constantly, maybe once a week. I'm never, ever happy with the layout. And I always have to step out of my bed right foot first.

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Okay, TQC, I need a new tv show to download and watch. I've seen all of How I Met Your Mother and Arrested Development, and now need something else to put on my iPod and watch at night before I go to bed. Any suggestions? Preferably something lulzy.

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What kind of credit or debit card do you have and what are your cards rewards if applicable?

If you don't have a credit or debit card, what is your favorite flavor of Corn Nuts? What flavor corn nuts do you wish existed?

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paging dr tqc!

the door of my bathroom tends to stick a LOT. i usually have to yank on it as hard as i can 3-4 times before it opens, if not more. could this by why my wrist has been really hurting the past few days? : / the door's since been fixed, but my wrist really hurts still.

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today hit me like a ton of fucking bricks.
my dad called me and told me he couldnt pick me up from work since my car got broke down, so i had to find a ride to my house. he wouldnt tell me why, but when i called my mom to see if she could pick me up, she told me.
my brother overdosed on alot of drugs yesterday, theyre not sure what yet, but they think xanax, vicodin and methadone and is in the hospital in the ICU. my dad found him unconscious and not breathing. right now his kidneys are in failure, hes not breathing on his own, hes got brain damage and theyre not sure if hes going to wake up.
my mom said that she doesnt want me to see him, but if he hasnt woken up in two days, im going to see him. my heart is broken for him. he is my only brother, and although we've grown apart, we still grew up together and shared many good times

have you ever known anyone who had a drug problem?
anyone who died or OD'ED from it?
Have you ever had anyone close to you suffer from an addiction?

i never realized how serious his problem was until it got to this point, and its tearing me up.

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How much are avocados right now where you live?
I bought three today at 98 cents each. They're fairly cheap right now because they're a little under ripe. If they're 'perfect', then they're like $1.50. If they're way over ripe, they're like 40 cents. lol.

What should I do with my avocados besides guacamole? 


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What is one thing you really dislike about your job?
What is one thing you really like about your job?
When was the last time you felt really and truly appreciated, work-related or otherwise?

Alternatively, what is/are your current favorite song(s)? Bonus points for embeds and/or links.

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hi guys

this is my first post and i hope i can get some helpful advice...

i have a chronic illness that causes a lot of pain basically when ever it wants to come with no real warning, as well as a lot of other symptoms that interfere with normal, every day life situations... i also have to walk with a cane, or use a wheelchair, and have been fighting to regain some sort of a normal existence for a long time... anyway, about two years ago my husband and i separated (this is forever, we are not just taking a break and working things out) and after that i moved back in with my parents, since i needed a lot of help with things, and couldn't do a lot on my own...

i am still legally married because i need my husband's health insurance to pay for the enormous amounts of medical bills i have as well as prescriptions... i can't work out of the house, but can do something at home that would entail the computer or something like that. i tried to get disability when i lived in co with my husband, but they told me that my husband made too much money for me to get anything (i had to apply for ssi, because i never worked long enough to pay into taxes to get normal disability, i've been sick over a decade)

now, i want to live alone, not with the help of family having to have me here, and i dont know who to ask for help or where i can get some sort of help... there are a lot of people who are sick and stuff like that that live alone, so there has to be a way i can figure this out... is there anywhere i can go for help that you know of? I live in new jersey if that helps, and i am 28.

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Is there anything I can do for my cockatiel, who lost his mate a few days ago? He sings/whistles/cat calls a lot and isn't stressing too bad but I feel awful ;_;

My mom and stepdad left me home alone for a little over a week with 100$, 40$ of which is going to my gas tank. What should I do with the remaining $60? Food is taken care of.
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is xscene_laura banned from this community?

Also, maybe you can's super smoky outside, and it's making my eyes itch and burn. Do you know of anything that will help? Visine isn't working.

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So my girl friends and I went to the bar last night, and I got some of the WORST lines ever. So tell me TQC, what were the worst pick up lines a guy/girl has ever used on you?


Tradesmen and women of the world: Would you like a cup of tea or coffee?

Yesterday I had quite a few tradespersons in my flat fixing various issues and not one of them took up my offer of a cuppa. Did they think I was going to poison them? Or that my hot drinks were not going to meet their standards?

(Yes, I know the obvious answer is that they wanted to get the job done and move on but I was rather hurt!)
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are there certain bands, songs or genres of music that you can't or don't believe should be played at a low volume?
which ones?

and how the heck do you deal with flea bites? D:
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When something that requires batteries begins to die or dies, do you flip the batteries around/switch their positions? Why do we do that? How does it work/give it that little extra juice?
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How would you describe the perfume favored by older women?

Have you noticed that most old ladies like to wear the same perfume?

If you could go without smelling one scent for the rest of your life, what would it be?
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I'm having a guy over Sunday night for a type of 'date'
Only problem is, I'm pretty awkward one-on-one with people. Otherwise I'm outgoing, and this guy seems pretty shy.
At restaraunts and movies at least theres something to break the silence, you know?

1. I'm just wondering what are some good topics of conversation?
2. What should I wear since its at my house, and I'm not going out or anything?
3. I'm pretty sure he's going to try and 'make a move' should I make it clear to him in the begining that I don't intend to have sex with him straight away, or should I wait for him to try something?

4. What's your worst dating story?

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Tech question -

A white screen keeps taking over my laptop. At first it happened like once or twice at the beginning of the summer so I ignored it, but over the past few days it randomly took over the screen if I left it idling for a while, and just now it did it out of the blue, and I had to restart my laptop. What is going on? If you know what's going on, how can it be fixed/will it be expensive? I've had it for about a year, and it was perfect till now :(

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I remember in High School having a Basic Foods 101 class, and then there were more classes like Food Prep 2, Cake Decorating, etc. etc. I'd really love to become a teacher in that subject, but I really have no idea what it's called? A Foods Prep teacher? Something else? I don't know what programs to search for because I don't know what the 'type' of teacher it is.

Any suggestions would help :)

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How do I get rid of these goddamn hiccups? Nevermind they went away.

When was the last time everything about your day was just wrong? Bonus points if it was like this from the very second you woke up.
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I have a ridiculous hangover.  Should I make the 5 minute drive to the store to buy my hangover cure (Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup), or tough it out at home?  I feel wretched.

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Since we're on the topic of bras and all..
Ladies with bigger chests, what bra(s) do you like? Have you found any decently priced ones that last awhile? Which ones make your boobs look amazing? Where do you buy find ones that don't resemble old lady bras that seem like they would made your boobs appear triangular (for example, some of the Playtex ones)?!
We'll say that "bigger chests" = a C cup or larger for the purposes of this question.
I usually buy bras from Victoria's Secret (their Very Sexy bras mostly, but I've bought a few others) but I'm getting sick of paying $50 a bra and it seems like the wire is always coming out really quickly, even though their bras are so fucking comfy and cute :( I need bras in a 38DD, but it seems like, if I find them, they're 1. terribly expensive, 2. really fucking ugly/old lady-like, or 3. online only. I can't buy online because I have to try bras on to see whether I like how they fit or not and returning them is just a hassle if I buy them off a website.

If that was tl;dr, if you have big boobs, what stores do you buy bras from that DON'T make you look like an 80-year old woman?

And if you dgaf/it doesn't apply, what are you going to have for dinner tonight?
I'm going to have spaghetti with sausage and chicken.

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How long should I wait for photobucket to email me about my password before I email them again? It's already been 3 days and I've gotten absolutely nothing.

Why is my download stuck 98.3% and 0(278) seeds? :|

What is your morning wake up routine? How do you get the gross groggy feeling to go away?

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Do you tag yourself in your Facebook photos?
Have you or anyone you know ever worked for Vector Marketing? Opinions?
Do you have anything that needs to be cleaned at the moment?

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Why is there no college football on today? Isn't my life wretched enough that I must be denied even the simple pleasure of watching a college football game after work for one more week?

I wanta watch a game that counts even if it's just some Conference USA or WAC game.
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to what extent are your parents technology literate? how old are they?

my mum can use the basic functions of a mobile phone, like call, read and send texts but nothing more than that. she doesn't know how to surf the internet properly or have an e-mail. she records her favourite tv shows on tape and that's about it. she's 52.

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TQC, what's the last thing you put off because you were dreading it? 

I have to go to Walmart, but ours is being completely remodeled and it's almost impossible to find what you need there. I am dreading going in there and spending 30 minutes trying to find one thing. D:

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what do you find that you keep putting off?

being active, getting a tan, getting a real job, reading a book

what do you find that you keep doing, despite telling yourself that you'll stop?

eating (too much) food, being a lazy ass, the internet

on a good note, what made you really smile today?

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TQC my skin sucks. I'm 17 so I know I deserve it for being a teenager, but I have a fairly red complexion with loads of tiny bump types spots all over my forehead and often on my cheeks. I don't have oily skin at all, in fact it's very dry. What products or ways do you think is best for me to get rid of them?

I'm in the UK.
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Okay, TQC. I've only ever been in one relationship before, and it came off of a dating site, so I've never had to deal with the IRL courtship process. However, there is a guy I'm really interested in, and he happens to be my suitemate's boyfriend's roommate (if that makes any sense), so he's around a lot. There's been talk that he's interested in me as well, but I have no idea how to let on that I am interested as well without looking really ridiculous. So, TQC, care to give me Basic Flirting 101 lessons?
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so i have a dumb question:

if you get a whitehead, what are you supposed to do? just let it be a big obnoxious pustule until your body reabsorbs it?

i was going to put a hot washcloth on it, but that would pop it, and popping it = bad. right?

i've always just popped them :( i'm trying to avoid giving myself any more scars.

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What kind of containers do you re-use? What do you reuse them for? 
Example: my mom used to cut the bottoms off plastic milk jugs and use them to protect seedlings. I re-use fast food foam cups at home for cold drinks.

If you use hairbands (not elastics) do you know anywhere online to get colorful ones that actually work?
The ones I find locally are all shades of brown with tiny teeth that allow the band to slip off or the hair at my temples to escape.

Play-Do, plasticine, Floam, Model Magic, regular clay, etc. Which is/was your favorite to use?

Felt-tip or roller ball ink pens?

What do you think about liquid graphite writing tools?

What's your favored writing/drawing pencil(s)?


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Does anyone have any recommendations for a watch to wear while running?

I was thinking something that can handle outdoors and such, not something fancy. I want to start timing myself, and the only watch I have is a nice one that I received for my birthday last year. Thanks.

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Aren't Lifetime movies awesome(ly bad)?

Which type do you prefer - teenage mom/parents movies, other generally sappy movies, or crazybitch movies (where one character goes NUTS on the others)?

ETA: Do you have a favorite? I've always been a fan of Too Young to Be a Dad, and that one with Alicia Silverstone where she seduces her much older neighbor and goes nuts on him.

What's for dinner?


Do you prefer paperback or hardcover books?
Do you prefer the smell of old books or new books?
Do you generally prefer older books or newer books if you have the option?
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How much does tailoring usually cost? (I want to get a couple of things taken in at the waist, but that's it, if it's relevant).

When's the last time something awesome happened to you? What was it?

(no subject)

When you knock on a door, how many times do you knock at once?
Do you knock in a rhythm?

What are you listening to right now?


Does anyone else remember ZOOM from PBS?
Or Scruff McGruff?
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What decade do you most wish you'd been born in? When were you actually born?

Late 40's for me. That would have put me at early 20's during Woodstock. Hell yeah... :) I was actually born in 1982.
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My husband's new job description said that he would be paid "bimonthly".

Is he being paid twice a month, or once every other month? Because if it's the first, cool. If it's the second, wtf?
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So, is anyone aware that Brand New's new album Daisy leaked? What's your reason for not immediately downloading it and listening to it a million times in a row?

Mine? Chocolate cake and Halloween. But I'll probably get one listen in. :D
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Guys, I really want brownies right now in some way, shape or form. These are my options:

1. Make a whole batch of batter, bake half of it and eat (part of) the other half now. Pro = INSTANT GRATIFICATION, AND brownies to eat tomorrow.

2. Make half a batch of batter, and eat (some of) it now. Pro = instant gratification. Con = no actual brownies.

3. Make a half batch of batter, and bake it now. Pro = not being such a huge fatty.


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For those of you with younger siblings (who are minors), could you/would you take over their care if something were to happen to your parents? Assume for a second you don't have any extended family, so it's you or they're placed elsewhere.
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I'm trying to install a game on my boyfriend's computer, but I don't trust his dvd player. I've seen it do crazy things, so I'm not putting my dvd in there.
I downloaded said game, mounted the UIF, and then it asked me for disc 2. So I mounted disc 2 - it stopped installing the game. It didn't really freeze, but it was definitely not installing anymore. I guess it couldn't?

Am I not supposed to mount the second disc?
Should I wait to install the game until my tech savvy boyfriend gets home?
Am I making any damn sense?


I'm in Montreal right now and looking for something to do tomorrow. I really suck at vacation planning and even though I tried to do my research I ran out of things to do. I want to go to the botanical gardens or La Ronde but it looks like it's going to rain tomorrow. And the owner of the B&B where I'm staying says the planetarium is not worth it. Ergo, I am out of ideas.

So, TQC, I know a lot of you know cool stuff to do in Montreal, so what should I do that I can do indoors? I also just like shopping and stuff so suggestions for places to shop are welcome, too (I've been to the McGill area and Vieux Montreal and that's about it).

Edit: I did use Google but all the suggestions it's bringing up are boring.
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 I'm going to be moving to another state either in December or January for school, and when I do, I won't have any family or friends near me.
So I have a few questions.

Should I try to do some networking now and find friends in the city I'm moving to before I move (through livejournal, craigslist, etc.)?

And what you guys recommend I do in terms of housing? I can go with student housing - it's $600 a month, and you have to share a room, but the $600 includes utilities/internet/cable. Or should I try living with a roommate off campus or renting an apartment?

I've done some research - there are relatively cheap apartments in the area, but since I can't really visit the property beforehand, and don't know what areas of town are good or bad, is this a good idea?

Thanks for reading. :)