August 28th, 2009

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What are the reasons you'd delete someone from your friends' list?

They stop updating
They rarely comment on your posts
You rarely comment or read their posts
You don't trust them and fear they're sharing private posts with others
They're annoying
You find out they have an opinion or belief that goes against your very principles
They never friended you back
They deleted you first
You forget how you found them in the first place and why you initially friended them
You suspect they're a furry
None of the above. I'd never unfriend a friend unless they asked me to

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I have to come up with a plot for a movie for tomorrow. It's half past midnight and all I have is a beginning. How do I magically conjure up a good plot in the next ten minutes so I can go to bed?

Airlines between Dublin and Birmingham

Does anyone know of any alternative airlines that fly between Dublin, Ireland and Birmingham, UK?

Aer Lingus only seems to fly at 6.30am in the morning and as for RyanAir, I don't really want to fly with an airline which is considering putting coin-operated slots on the toilet doors (plus they're dropping their checked baggage limit yet again from 15kg to 12kg)
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Which sounds better to you?

Twenty-Ten for the year 2010


Two thousand ten for the year 2010?

I am personally planning on saying "two thousand ____" for always and ever. I think.
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I deposited my paycheck ($207) into my savings last Friday after work, which put me at $273. Today I went to check my online bank account, and I was down to $65. I just checked again a few minutes ago, and now I'm done to $50. I haven't spent any money from my savings account since I've deposited that check. It also shows no recent activity, and if I *had* spent money, it would've read, "Including pending transactions, your balance is..."

I'm thinking my paycheck bounced, since they usually take out the check plus a $15 fee. But it doesn't show up as anything.

What do I do? I'm calling tomorrow to see what's up. This is like the 3rd or 4th time my paycheck has bounced too.
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I need things to read because my kitty is dying :( :(

1. Will you go to and have some ridiculous conversations with random weirdos and post them here? If not, will post some other amusing things?

And stolen from something on Facebook:

2. In the movie about your life, who would play:

You? Sarah Chalke
Your love interest? Paul Rudd
A parent? Meryl Streep
Your best friend? Isla Fisher
Your worst enemy? Jimmy Fallon (If I get to punch him)

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1. What is your livejournal story? How long ago and where did you get into it, and at what times did you use it more or less?

In elementary school, I found it. Tried it. Got bored. In high school, it became super popular really quickly, so I went back to it (peer pressure word) and wrote almost every day. Sometimes twice. Oi. Then I slowed down halfway through high school, used it casually.Oh, and up until grade ten, it was public but that changed to friends only. Used it casually at university, fairly frequently when I worked out of province for half a year, and now, maybe I write 4 times a month..... hmmm....

2. What was the last bit of technology you came across that really impressed you?

A friend of mine was playing a flipbook drawing game on her DSi tonight, and there is a tool that will colour in an object IF YOU BLOW ON THE SCREEN!!! Neat.

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Have you ever been in a really complicated situation, relationship wise? 

Care to elaborate? How did you resolve the situation? What happened?

I think I've got myself in a mess, but I'm...happy with the mess. :\
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if you agree to meet up w/ someone regularly, is it acceptable for them to be late ten minutes every time? (they live right across the street from where you meet up, so they shouldn't have trouble getting there...)

do you think your friends should pay you back money they borrowed? would your answer change if they borrowed a small amount?

what is the best way to deal with someone who cares about stuff that is none of their business? i have a friend who is extremely cheap and always hassles me about the money i spend. i want her to realize that she doesn't get to tell me how to spend my money just because we're friends.

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Basically, I bought a new car and the dealership never mailed the paper I need to register it (despite me calling and them assuring me it was in the mail), so I had to pay $18 for a movement permit until I can get it from the dealership. I called the post office and they verified the # of mailings I've received from the dealership, none of which contained the paper.

I'm going to the dealership tomorrow, is it unreasonable/unlikely to demand they pay for my registration because of the huge inconvenience? What do I do/say? I don't want to be a bitch but this has been a huge pain in the ass, especially after being assured I would receive the paperwork by the date I needed to register my car and the post office assuring me I received all the mail they sent me.

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I'm guessing some folks here must use Last.FM. Is there a way to play a particular song? I can find a particular song on the website, I can play the radio for that band, but I can't find a way to play a specific song or even a specific band (e.g. I might put 'Less Than Jake' into the artist search and get The Hippos).

Or is it just not meant to be that specific?
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TQC, I just got my first ear cartilage piercing yesterday. For those of you who know about this sort of thing: how long 'til it stops hurting if I even sort of look at it funny?

Getting dressed was such an amazingly unpleasant experience this morning. D:
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There is this girl in a couple of my classes and I swear I have seen her pictures in some cosplay/EGL comms. She seems pretty friendly and I wouldn't mind having a study buddy who is also involved in stuff I like, but if I'm wrong about her she'll probably think of me as a huge dork for the rest of the semester. What should I do? Serious and non-serious answers.
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Dear TQC, what playlist in iTunes should iListen to?

my Angst playlist
my TECHNO DANCE playlist
MY foreign language not in english music (pretty much any language you can imagine)
my indie rock (which is stuff I consider "indie" and stuff played on the local alternative radio station)
or my Very Very Important Stuff which consists of about 130 of my most played songs

What are you doing right now besides being on TQC? I'm forestalling looking for jobs because every time I apply, I get an email back saying, "No, you don't fit what we're looking for, sorry, you failure" and I make a walrus face like this ;_;

oh hai there tea cue sea

I had a dream last night that I was going to my audition for Cinderella, and found out that my major high school crush was the director, and as I was going up to him, my clothes disappeared. I'm totally naked, and trying to cover myself up, while everyone is laughing, and I'm still having to audition.

First I have to be a scallop. So I make up this song about being a scallop in love, which began with me twirling en pointe in a circle and saying "scallop scallop scallop" over and over again. Finally I start singing about "clapping my shell to move away and landing next to another scallop to make scallopy love all day."

Then I have to enact a scene from Casablanca, and finally  he tells me to be a squirrel.

At this point I'm still naked and I have to pee, so I go up to him to ask if I can have a few minutes to pee before being a squirrel, and the only thing I can think of to help me be a squirrel is Eddie Izzard's sketch about hiding his makeup in a tree, and having the squirrel being covered in make up, and him stopping and thinking, "did I leave the gas on" "no I'm a fucking squirrel." And I can't say fuck in front of kids its horrible and then I woke up cause I really really had to pee.

WTF does this dream mean?
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 how long would $2500 last you (including rent and groceries)?

is it crazy that i've spent that much in a month without any crazy shopping sprees? D: it should last me two months, realistically.

is it also crazy that i have fucking tanlines on my feet, and it's WINTER here? :(
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Gift for a friend who finished her conversion

Hi TQC, thanks in advance for your answers.

I have a friend who has just finished her conversion to Judaism and I'd like to get her a small gift for the occasion. The problem is that I have no idea what would be appropriate. (I'm not Jewish and I grew up in a very catholic neighborhood.)

Besides a Star of David,(I'm pretty sure she has a few) what would be a good gift?
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Do you think it would be difficult for you to become a vegetarian? Do you think where you live it is easy to be a vegetarian (going out to eat, grocery shopping, etc.)? What about veganism for both of those questions. Where do you live?

What happened to my printer and why is it broken? Non-serious answers obviously.
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You and your friend just had dinner at a fine restaurant, and you're waiting for him/her to emerge from the restroom. You're standing in front of the restaurant, looking idle, when someone pulls up in the sleekest sportscar you've ever seen. The well groomed, extremely well-dressed man steps out, throws you the keys and a $50 bill, and tells you to park it carefully. He assumed you were the valet. He enters the restaurant, unaware that it doesn't have a valet service. No one else is on the street/sidewalk. Your friend joins up with you. What do you do?

I park the car across the street, leaving the keys in the ignition. Pocket the money and leave
I take the car as my own and sell it to the highest bidder later
I catch up to the rich dude and explain the situation and return the keys and the twenty
My friend and I spend the next hour racing about town in this fancy car, and then leave it out in front of the restaurant when we're done
"How DARE he think I'm a lowly valet?" You urinate all over his corinthian leather seats
"Sir, I can park your car for $20, but if you want your vehicle parked in the most secluded, well-protected area, it'll cost $40"
Take his car key and etch into the door "I am not the valet"
This guy's obviously rich. I park his car across the street and leave my phone number on the seat

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a guy in my world history class today said that he doesn't believe in prehistory (that is, history before written record) because he believes people have always had the ability to write because that's what the bible says. how much is this semester going to suck?
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If you were forced to wipe off one group of people off the face of the Earth, which would it be? It can be a group as big or as small as you'd like: anywhere from "people who shitpost to tqc" to "the human race".
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Job question?

  I just received a call from Human Resources at The Gap Warehouse. They're having a job fair on Tuesday, and have invited me to it based on an application they received from me. Has anyone ever worked for a warehouse? I am 5'0 tall, a woman, hearing impaired. I am very nervous that I won't be hired on the basis of that, even though I know they can't deny me employment based on gender alone. What should I wear to this job fair? They flat out said that I couldn't wear heels or open-toed shoes, and that casual clothes are best. I've never been to a casual-clothed-interview before. Are jeans okay? I'm sorry for all of the questions, I'm very excited about this because I've been trying to find a better job for the past year! Any help would be appreciated!

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Do you read books translated from other languages?
Do you worry about things being lost in translation?
Who's a good writer comparable to Haruki Murakami?
I would prefer a someone who's an English writer, as when I read Haruki Murakami I always get a feeling something is lost in translation.

since no one likes my srs question:
Would you rather get raped by your father or a stranger?

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I have a 320 gig portable usb drive that is begging me to fill it with music..

So TQC, what music should I fill it with? (No country/religious music, plz)

Can I install programs on this thing? Like I have computer games at home, could I hook this drive up to my laptop and install the game on it? Then when I take the drive to work and hook it up to my desktop, I have the game?
Does that make sense?

It is Friday! What are you doing this weekend?

ETA: What brand of mp3 player is best? I've had a Creative, iPod, and RCA. My husband is looking at a Coby (I've had limited experience with their electronics..), are those any good?
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TQC, I'm going back to school for Respiratory Therapy. My husband suffers from a major respiratory illness. This is pretty much the main reason that I'm changing career fields.

When I tell people what I'm doing, I get a mixed bag of responses. I either get "Oh, that's really cool!" or "Uh, that's weird."

TQC, is it weird? If so, why?
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So, over the last 10 minutes my sister has been texting me complaining about losing 'an argument' with our kitten Sprite.

Collapse )

I was going to make fun of her but then I remembered that I've lost an argument with a GPS and, well, glass houses and all that jazz.

Have you ever lost an argument with an animal or inanimate object TQC? Or is my whole family lame for giving up to the will of lower lifeforms?
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I have a dress with this belt thingy on it, but I'm not sure how I'm supposed to tie it. It's attached to the dress on the left side. One end is about 2 feet long, the other end is about 4 feet long. Am I supposed to tie the long end around me twice? Only problem with that is the tied part ends up slipping to the side instead of staying in the middle. I'm so confused...

Edit: I have no camera available right now, and I can't paint or draw to save my life. Please don't hold Collapse )
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"Hypothetical" situation: You grab lunch @ your school's cafeteria. You pay by credit or debit card and the cashier charges you a tenth of what the actual price is. (So if it's $7, she charged you 70¢)

Neither one of you notice (you did not purposefully ignore the mistake). Then after you leave, the cashier realizes her mistake. She tells your friend of the mistake and says she wants to fix the charge the next time you come in (Monday for this one).

Would you let her fix it, or say "oh well, you fucked up, too bad?"
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grocery budget

Shopping just for yourself, do you think you would have difficulty keeping your monthly grocery shopping to $200?
What kind of foods do you normally eat/buy?
Do you eat out (including fast food and anything that doesn't include the food you buy at the grocery store) often? If yes, would your answer to the first question change if you ate only what you bought at the store?
EDIT: Some people asked, and I guess I should have clarified: This does include toiletries and cleaning supplies. Shampoo, soap, cleaning products, laundry detergent, et cetera.
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How do you get dry, flakey skin off WITHOUT scrubbing it? I just got my cast off and put into an orthopedic boot I can remove to shower/bathe/whatever, but I am being attacked by the nastiest dry skin ever, leaving little piles wherever I go if I have my boot off around the house D: I have to be wary of my surgery scars, too.

What shampoo + conditioner do you use? What does it do for your hair?

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how the hell do i approach my new roommate about paying for the mattress her cat peed on 5 times while i wasn't here?

she's really cool and everything.. i'm not too worried about her getting angry but i have no idea how to do this. it was only $158 but she's a waitress, and no one in this house is exactly rolling in it. i have some savings so if she just paid me over time i wouldn't mind. i just seriously don't know what to do.

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My kid's babysitter has failed to return 2 text messages, a call, and an email on Facebook. Last time my husband and I came home after a date, we saw the light on in our bedroom, where she had no reason to be, but the light was off and she was in the living room by the time we got to the front door so I didn't say anything about it, hoping she was maybe just using my bathroom while my kid was in the tub in his bathroom.

TQC, did my kid's cute, sweet, Christian babysitter go snooping and find the things in my goody drawer and get so shocked that she's now avoiding me? Or is she just really busy because she just moved to college last week? She keeps posting status updates to Facebook, so I know she's there. I am really sad because it's very hard to find a good babysitter.

Did you ever go snooping while you were babysitting and find something good?
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What do you say when someone (a friend) informs you that they enlisted in the military?

How many friends do you have in the military?
A very good friend of mine just joined the army, and a friend's boyfriend just joined the navy. Prior to last month, I knew no one.

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I seem to have been given the task of setting up my nephew's 1st birthday. My sister informed me that she bought teddy bear paper cupcake cups.

Any ideas for how to make a cute party based around these stupid Teddy bears?
I have blank invites that I'll be printing, so any suggestions for those would be fun, too.

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Are you now or have you ever been on an anti-depressant?

If so, which one?
And for how long?
Are you a fan of Radiohead?
Do you have a favourite album of theirs?
Which one?
Whens the last time you did the Robot?

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If you had to pick between (cheddar and onion) pierogies or chili for dinner, which would you choose? THERE ARE NO OTHER OPTIONS.

What's your favorite word/number game? Least favorites?
I love word searches, and sudoku. I HATE crosswords because they make me feel like a big giant idiot. :|
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I have an old Maltese. I'm not exactly sure of her age but she's in her teens. Lately, I noticed...after rubbing her belly, it seemed as if she 'grew' more nipples. But when I actually looked, it's these bumpy, cartilage-like things under her skin that feel like nipples. WTF are they? Should I be concerned?
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Important booze question, because I am retarded when it comes to liquor

I have Baileys because I am a little girl who likes sweet drinks. However, the fridge door is fucked up, so it doesn't always stay shut (IE: stay cold) Is it okay to drink or will I have die on the cold linoleum floor in a pool of my own vomit? (even if I don't drink heavily)

Weird Deposit...

This is the second time we have received this payment into our account. The first time, I called and they couldn't tell where it came from, but they say it's legit and whatever. So we didn't touch it for a month, and it was still there.

Now...again...there's another payment. Last time was for $300, this time it was for $236. Maybe some of you guys get something like this from time to time, so hopefully you can recognize the numbers or whatever..

3801000000000000/FED PAYMNT/090824 236.00
NTE*PMT*LOCAL T1 0415639 001 090825\

The first time, we thought maybe it had to do with my husband's military service. But we've since changed bank accounts, and this arrived at our old account. All my husband's military reimbursements have been arriving at our new account with no problem.

So anyone know what this is?!

Srs and nonsrs answers welcome.
For those who don't give a fuck...
What did you eat last?
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Two Japan related questions..

If it's OK, I'd like to ask two questions:

1. Are there any Japanese media stores or malls in or around the San Antonio, Texas area?

2. I'm looking for a website that sells used, older manga, and I mean in Japanese, not English. I don't care if the site is totally in Japanese, as long as they're reliable and ship internationally. Can anyone help? There must be somebody in the LJ-verse who holds the answer. Yes, I know about JPQueen, but they closed awhile back :(

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Are my fiance and I a horrible couple for not having alcohol at our wedding?
It would cost a lot more and neither of us would drink any, and maybe a handful of family members and a handful of friends would actually drink. The reception is not at a place with a bar so that adds to the cost and the responsibility.
And mainly, I don't want anyone getting really drunk at my wedding and taking away from our day.

Just a bit of info on the situation:
If we have any alcohol we have to pay more money to have a city person supervise the reception and then provide the alcohol and find some way to get it served, but I don't believe it can be sold, we we'd be paying for it all. And the city person doesn't card so we'd have to make sure no minors are drinking.
It's at a community center, btw.

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Ughhhh, I fucked up at work, TQC.

Some dude was supposed to come in early tomorrow morning to pick up a rental SUV, but he decided he wanted to pick it up tonight instead. I told him I'd get one of the garage/car wash dudes to clean one and bring it up, but then I forgot about it until the customer showed up and the car washers had already gone home (brilliant, right?). Dude got pretty pissy with me, decided he wanted to rent a small car until tomorrow, then changed his mind and decided to take a taxi because he didn't want to pay for the car AND the SUV. I gave him 50 bucks of my personal cash, he skedaddled, and will likely bitch to the other new girl tomorrow morning when he comes in to pick it up.

My managers are going to fire me, y/n?

I could have handled it better, y/n?

When's the last time you royally fucked up at work?

ETA Aww, thanks guys. I feel much less worried about it :>

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What do you consider to be the most interesting landmark court case in America? (I have to write a research paper about one, and I've only really heard of like... Roe v. Wade.)

For those who don't care:

What's your name? Is there a story behind it?
What did you do today?
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Stay up and cartoon for school or piss around/go to sleep?

My arm hurts but I have A LOT to do.

If I stay up should I run to Wendy's first? Sammiches and frosties are great for all nighters.