August 27th, 2009


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If you were giving birth and could only have 2 people in the room with you, who would you pick? (Just for delivery. You can have anyone around for labor)

Who would you absolutely NOT want anywhere near you during birth?

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I emailed someone on Craig's List about a bedframe. They listed it for $50 (it's $99 brand new) but it needs slight fixing. Should I offer them the $50 or try to haggle? Is it even worth haggling?

Ever buy anything good from Craig's list?
Do you have an IKEA nearby?
What's your favorite thing to buy from there?

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Do you have any friends that you also hate a little bit?

If so, do you keep it to yourself, or do you fight a lot?

What's your favorite kind of soda?

Do you call it soda, pop, coke, or something else?

i do, i don't say anything, i love root beer, and i call it soda or pop. your turn!
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What is this pastry I had? It was on a cruise and it looked very similar to this which is a lemon danish but the thing I ate did not taste like lemons.  I don't remember what it tasted like but I know it was the bomb and me and my roomies would chow down on them every morning. 

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I'm thinking of donating my hair. Has anyone else donated their hair? To what organization?

Also, I'm male, and people always gave me grief about my hair. Any other long-haired guys on TQC donated their hair/taking crap for having long hair?


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What would bother you more? If your hypothetical son was bullied at school and the teachers didn't do anything about it, or your son was a bully to others and the teachers didn't do anything about it?


What's it called when you hate part of your own group?

Like gays who hate gay people, or blacks who hate black people, et cetera? It's not repression... it's got, like, some psychological term. :\
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So at an old job, these two girls I worked with would always recite this commercial with the characters from Madagascar. It's a commercial with King Julian introducing his ideas for communication, he picks up a penguin and says "carrier pigeon" lets go and the penguin falls, and he says "lets' try another".
I know this all from what they would say, I've never seen the commercial. For some reason I started thinking of this and I can't find it on youtube.
Does anyone here know of a clip of this commercial?

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what classes are you taking this semester? if you've already started, are you enjoying them?

what's the last thing you did that made you feel accomplished?
i set up gmail to import all my school email AND to allow me to reply using my school email but while using gmail.

and now, a poll!

what book should i read next?

american psycho by bret easton ellis
blindness by josé saramago
the hunger games by suzanna collins
misery by stephen king
patient zero by jonathan maberry

eta: i don't know why my poll is taking you to my journal but i'm sick of fighting with it. : /

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Hi tea cute sea. when i signed up for my internet service they gave me an email ( we had it set up in outlook on my oooold desktop computer years ago. how can i set it up on this laptop?

what are you listening to?

will you give me something fun to do for the next hour?

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Is crying after sex normal? I don't mean crying because you're sad/upset, but because it's such a release or something like that.
Have you ever cried after sex?

My SO and I had sex last night, and immediately after we were finished, I broke into tears. I felt stupid but my SO was very okay with it and not weirded out at all. Luckily he also realized that I wasn't sad or upset and it wasn't anything he did. However, we got into an intense emotional discussion (it was all good things though :D) and I think I cried for a good 45 minutes to an hour. And I felt like the biggest tool ever, even with my SO's reassurance.

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Happiness is...

TQC, will you complete that sentence for us?

Some of mine:

...a cold beer in the summer sun.
...a clean, well-oiled rifle.
...a motorcycle, a full tank of gas, and a sunny day.
...a warm bed and a hot wife.
...a hammock in the shade.
...a dog who thinks you're God.
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TQC, has the "where do you buy jeans" question been asked recently?

If not, where do you buy your jeans? where can I get short leg jeans that fit well?

What would you say is your favorite hipster stereotype?

I like their love of PBR.
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I had a dream last night in which all my teeth fell out except the front four (two on top, two on the bottom) -- first on one side of my mouth and then the on other.

What the hell does this mean, TQC?

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Ever watched the show Dead Like Me? what do you think of it?

what are some of your favorite TV shows to watch on Hulu?

I'm not going to have a TV for the next few months, so are there any good sites similar to Hulu where I can watch TV online for FREE ?

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I'm going to Reading festival today. The weather is currently mild, though this being England it could rain at any time. The forecast is rainy tomorrow and 'sunny intervals' for the rest of the time.
Should I wear wellies the whole time or bring my Dr Martens (and wellies), which are not completely waterproof?
ETA: The wellies are fairly pretty
Both are as comfy as each other.

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I have a lightswitch in my bedroom, but no light in the ceiling.
I've gone around all the outlets in my room and tried them with the lightswitch on and off, and it doesn't control any of those.
WHAT DOES THIS LIGHTSWITCH DO? I'm worried that it detonates some kind of bomb in China or something every time i flick it :(

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Does anybody here take Abilify? I just started a week ago, and it's been making me really tired, to the point where I just fall asleep without warning. I tried taking it at night but it made me restless, and then by the time morning came, I was tired again. If you've had problems like that, how did you get around them?

If you don't know or don't care: assuming money wasn't an issue, how would you want to decorate your room? If it's already the way you'd decorate it, will you show me what it looks like?

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My boyfriend wants to go on a day trip Sunday since he miraculously has the day off. We live in South Carolina, so we have limited options, but we were thinking about either Charlotte, NC, or Charleston, SC.

Where should we go? Or, where is another city in the area that's fun? Atlanta and Savannah are out; they're too far away.
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Help, TQC!

Long-time lurker, first-time question-er.

I have a Kodak EasyShare 10MP digital camera (in pink, if anyone is interested). It's a great camera and I like it bunches.

Recently, my lovely camera's screen got cracked. The camera still turns on, but the screen is all white, basically. I can take pictures, but unless I'm really lucky about where I point the lens, the pictures come out unfocused or not on the subject I wanted at all.

So my question is: Does anyone know if Kodak repairs their cameras and where to send the camera if Kodak does? Any information you can link me to would be great. I've found some third-party places that can repair the camera, but if Kodak repairs their cameras, I'd rather send it to them. I tried looking around on their site and didn't find much outside of software repair.

I'd buy a newer EasyShare, but I think they're only up to 14MP and I have 10MP. It just seems silly to me to go out and buy another EasyShare when I'd only get 4 more MP to play with :(

Thanks in advance!

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How annoyed would you be if your supervisor, who works 20' down the hall from you, called you on the phone and asked you to come see her rather than walking her lazy ass the 10 steps it would take to come say/ask whatever she needs in person?

I live 5 minutes from my office, I get an hour lunch break, and my wife is at home today. I should definitely go home and have sex on my lunch hour. Y/Y?

SON OF A BITCH!!!  She was grocery shopping.  =(
Oh well...I've got a little time after work before she has to go to work.

Would you wear this:

For the married folks in the group, how long did it take for it to stop feeling kind of weird to say "My husband" or "My wife"? At this point (3 weeks later), it feels normal to say it, but it still looks strange to type it.

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What are you some things that you've always wanted to do either as a child, a grown up, or in general have been putting off until you lose weight/have more time/more money, etc.

for me it's the following

1) Horseback riding
2) Surfing
3) Learning to dance ballet for fun
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Psychiatrist TQC!

I have diagnosed myself with adult-onset ADD. Where do I go to get an official diagnosis? I just graduated from college and the college's (free) counseling center told me to check with my job higher-ups to see if it's ok for me to go see them since I'm not a student.
I also don't have insurance (ok I do, but it's an absolute-emergencies-only kind of policy so it doesn't cover meds). Assuming I am diagnosed and receive a prescription, how much would something like Adderall run for without insurance?

Yay self-acknowledgement.

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I have 2 options for lunch, and I am completely torn.

Should I make some alfredo (not homemade, it's that jar  you warm up and put over pasta) or get a burger and onion rings from the burger joint down the road?

both sound tasty but idk which i want more. also the pasta i make, so I save money, but the burger I don't have to put effort into cooking.

what do ya think?

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Who would you trust more?

Amy Winehouse as your babysitter
Michael Vick as your dogsitter
Stevo inventorying your wine/alcohol cellar
Sarah Palin as your kid's teacher
Bernard Madoff as your personal accountant
Heidi Montag as your partner in $100,000 Pyramid
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Hey TQC, I'm dicking around on the internet before work, but I feel like I'm forgetting to do something semi-important. What is it?

Why does the veggie lasagna leftover from last night taste sour?

Unions in America

Folks, Friends..

I am in search of information about Union labor in America. I just want facts, no politics. I am familiar with both sides of the argument but I don't know the issue well enough to have my own educated opinion on the subject. I have an upcoming situation where I need to be able to speak authoritatively on the subject and I'd like to at least know where I stand first. ;-)

I'm looking for pro and con perspectives on union workers and the unions themselves.  Personal experiences, friends, family...

Any guidance given would be appreciated.

(edited... to add a question mark... and also clarify that THIS IS NOT A HOMEWORK QUESTION.)


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Do you sometimes eat out of a sense of entitlement?

Do you sometimes take a longer lunch break than you're supposed to?

Are you prohibited from eating at your desk at work?

Seriously, what's up with the 1/2 hour lunch now being the standard? Who can procure and eat a lunch in only 1/2 hour? Doesn't this force people to bring lunches to work and never take a break from the workplace?

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My dog won't drink out of his water bowl unless someone is there with him, standing nearby. If I never walked into the kitchen he might just die of thirst in the bedroom with me. Why does he do this?

I don't think this fish exists. At least, this video looks retarded and fake. Do you think scientists are just testing how many gullible citizens fall for it and believe in a fish with a see-through head?
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My SO is in Alberta and I forgot that I was supposed to have a little shopping list set up for him to buy me some alcohol (since it is so damn cheap there). I TOTALLY FORGOT and now im rushing to figure out what i want within the hour so he has time to pick it up before he leaves to visit a friend in another town for the evening.

What do you think are the most versatile things i should buy??? A case of beer? A texas mickey of rum!? HALP. I am so dull, i usually drink rye/diet coke. I already have gin..and I dont like shit like Vexx or the super sweet stuff. Im thinking to spend around 80$ and id like a bit of a variety. Im sick of SOCO and cannot drink it anymore. Ideas?

Edit: Ok. Think vodkas on the list...
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nap time!

1. See this baby? When was the last time you were this content?

2. Are you the type of person to use other people as a pillow, that is, you rest your head on their lap, back, shoulders, etc. or are you the type of person that other people use as a pillow?

3. And for the weirdest question of the day, whose lap looks like it would make a great pillow?

wtf facebook?

Today facebook suggested I add an exboyfriend. Okay, except I don't believe we have a single mutual friend so how did facebook know?!

What's your adding style? Do you feel compelled to add everyone you've ever met? Do you add people you don't even know? Or is FB reserved for your 3 closest friends and your dog?

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I broke up with my ex at the beginning of the year, and after several ups and downs, we are now on pretty good terms. I have since entered another relationship (with a guy I'll call Ben) and he has been seeing a girl (who we'll call Sarah) without any labels. He knows about Ben, and I know about Sarah.

Today, my ex sends me a random text that read:
Quick question: is Ben as affectionate as I was? Because Sarah said this morning that she's never been with anyone as affectionate (in a touchy way, such as arm around shoulder) as I am.

My reply:
I don't really remember how much affection we displayed to each other to be completely honest.

His reply:
Not to be nosy, but I'm curious: do you both say "I love you" yet? And if so, who said it first?

Seriously, wtf? This is none of his business, right? I don't give a crap about his situation with this girl Sarah, so why is he so concerned about my situation with Ben??

We've talked on the phone occasionally since the breakup (only because he'd text first asking me to call him because he had to ask me a question about something specific but things that only I would know, such as the phone number of a mutual friend), and then he would somehow segue into nonchalantly asking about my current boyfriend.

Does this indicate that he's still interested in me and thus keeping tabs on me?
Should I respond to his text, or not? If so, what would be an appropriate thing to say?
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So someone broke into my car and stole my wallet, awesome.

How sad is it that I'm more upset about losing my totally awesome Justice Leage wallet then I am about losing the contents of said wallet?

What kind of dork wallet should I replace it with?

Can you point me to good places to pick up dork wallets?
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001: What are you planning to/did you/in the process of majoring in, in college? Did you take a complete major U-turn and switch in the middle of your education? From what to what?

002: I used to read a "comic" that was posted either weekly or daily, I don't remember... I don't for the life of me remember the name of it. I'm sure some of you will know what I'm talking about. I'll try to make sense, haha: It was three panels, usually a photo or two sliced and zoomed differently over the three. And there were sections words written in a black typewriter-ish font on a white background on those panels. I'm pretty sure it's still around.
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Because there have been so many posts lately about relationships:

Who in TQC is single and not actively seeing/pursuing someone?

Represent, please, so I don't feel like the only odd one out in a sea of paired-off fish!

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Don't you hate it when you send off an email and you're not sure what kind of reaction you're going to get and you've been away from the computer all day and you finally get to check your email and ..... no response?

Don't you hate that?

make my decisions for me, TQC.

I just got home from a long, stressful day. Which of the following should I do to unwind?

- read one of the books I got from the library yesterday
- play sudoku on my DSi (I've beaten all the "normal" and "easy" ones and am finding the "difficult" ones IMPOSSIBLE ugh)
- play sudoku in my sudoku book (significantly easier than the "difficult" ones on Sudoku Master)
- continue my Office marathon (I'm currently somewhere in the middle/end of season 3)
- drink a bottle glass or two of reisling
- watch The Wedding Singer

What's for dinner?

Got any plans for the weekend?

ETA: I just got a text sent to my phone from the number 468-72, and the body says "Premium Messaging to this mobile number has been blocked. Only the account owner may request a change to this setting with his/her wireless service provider." What does this mean? Picture messages aren't blocked on my phone (just got one early this morning), and I haven't tried to send a text or pic message to anyone in the last few hours. Oh and, I have Verizon.
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Hidden Keys

Assuming you do, where do you hide the spare key to your house?

I have more than one friend coming to look in on my dogs next weekend and I'd rather not have like 4 extras made. My friends have theirs hanging on a nail in the underside of their back porch, which I think is smart, but will not work for me. I have stared at my yard like a moron more than once this past week trying to figure it out. I have more than one little yard thing (grotesque, birdhouse, ceramic hedgehog) but under those or the doormat is like saying HEY CRIMINALS, WANT SOME FREE SHIT?!, right?
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Do you guys have any tips on dealing with a massively painful tooth infection? I'm broke until next week so I can't go get good prescription drugs, and all the Aspirin I'm taking is tearing up my stomach. :(

Edit: The dentist is out right now, too. But my dental insurance goes into effect on the 1st, so soon!
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if there's no leash law where i live, is there anything i can do about a random dog peeing on my trash can which is up at the road atm?

eta: i know who his owners are, and they're not responsible pet owners.
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Who are some great/interesting/funny people to follow on Twitter? Who are your favorites? Who do you follow for the pure entertainment value?

I just got a Twitter account, but I don't plan to use it - I just want to follow other tweets.

If that's not your cup of tea:

What was the last time you got let down/you were really disappointed by someone or something? How did it end up working out?

I saw a doctor a few days ago who sort of led me to believe that he might be able to find a treatment for my chronic illness that would greatly reduce the pain I go through daily. But after getting back lab results, he told me today that he has no idea WHAT I have, and can't really prescribe me anything new at all. ):
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say you bumped into someone of the opposite sex who coincidentally, goes to the same uni/workplace you do (though you never met) and graduated from the same HS as you. you get their number and call to meet up that weekend. they say they're busy. every weekend you call them and arrange a meet up but they are always busy doing something else and can't make it. after about 4/5 times calling and being 'rejected', do you jump to the conclusion that they are just not interested in seeing you? or so you assume that they are genuinely busy?

eta: im actually the other person in this situation, having to pass up his offers. he hasnt called for a while and im dreading him calling me again because im really broke right now and cant afford to do anything and id hate having to decline another offer, even though i do want to meet up. idk whether i should contact him or wait for him to contact me and pass up yet another offer..

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TQC i require help from your collective creative mind. I need help with costume ideas for Hallowe'en. i *know* its 2 months away but my friends and i are going to a huge Hallowe'en event and awesome costumes are a must.
We are going for a circus theme but are running out of ideas. I am going as the circus ringmaster and we have a lion, fortune teller, clown, strongman, magician, and trapeze artist.
The costumes need to be fairly 'classy' (bearded lady is a no. the club has a dress code and stuff) so what other acts are there at a circus that could be adapted into good looking costumes? i need about another 6. thank you!

if you dont care about Hallowe'en,  what is your favourite holiday?
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I know "get paid to" sites can be legit, it just takes a while to get the minimum payout and blah blah blah...
my question is... what happens come tax season?
it is a form of income that you are not paying taxes on.

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Okay, so on YouTube, when people include a "No Copyright Infringement Intended" statement on or near the video they've posted (of a song, movie, etc.), does this in any way actually free them of any illegalities? 

Reverse culture shock

Have you ever experienced reverse culture shock? How did others react to you?

I feel like this is one of those things that people don't believe exists until it happens to them. It was one of the worst things I've ever been through, and no one else could understand what I was going through.

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Guys, I'm feeling trashy. What should I get for dinner - Wendy's (double with cheese and fries), Arby's (medium beef and cheddar + seasoned curly fries), or Chick-Fil-A (chicken strips + waffle fries)?
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what are your thoughts about cutting in line? do you think the people who do it are aholes? would you confront someone that cut? would you cut if you saw a bunch of other people doing it?
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Since idk where else to ask, for those of you that have obtained, or know someone who is in possesion of, a handicap parking placard, is it faster to go in person than it is to mail it in?

For those of you who totally dgaf: cheese danish or bear claw?
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My roommate and I want cookies. We have a mix to bake. We can bake cookies and get homework done at the same time. But we need milk to drink with the cookies.

I'd like to be in bed by 11 and it's 9:14 right now.

Poll #1449944 cookie time!

Should I make a trip into town for milk to drink with cookies?


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1)Are private personal doctors for the rich moral, immoral or outside the realm of morality?

2)How do cats get on the top of SUVs?

3)What is a good way to meet people?

running for mayor; body shots.
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I'm always curious about this...

What is Chinese food like where you live? Are there pork strips?

What do you usually order at a Chinese restaurant?

I don't mean real authentic Chinese food, I guess I mean localized Chinese food. I live in Massachusetts and pretty much the only thing my little brother gets is pork strips. But when we eat Chinese in New Hampshire we can't find any places that have pork strips, one waitress told us that pork strips must be a Massachusetts thing and I find that hard to believe. So ever since then I've been curious.

I usually get chicken fingers, pork fried rice, lobster sauce, egg roll and a scallion pancake... yum.

ETA: Pork strips look like this
and chicken fingers look like this
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What's the last thing you did that hurt your pride?

I slipped and fell when I got outside of work, spilled my milkshake everywhere, and ate asphalt in front of 2 customers :(((
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bad parent?

A mom at the daycare where I work was leaving today for a long weekend away from her kids. She stopped in to see the baby (she's about 8 months old) but didn't stop in to see her 3 year old son, because "I'll miss the baby more than him anyway". HOW HORRIBLE IS THIS??!! esp to say out loud? A parent might think that, but to say it out loud, to the people who take care of your children 50 hours a week, that's just asinine. I so want to slap this woman!!!
If you're a parent, have you ever missed a child more? would you ever say something like that out loud??
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Okay, so my direct boss added me on Facebook. She's in her mid 20s and pretty cool, we're getting close to a "friends" level. But then two of my OTHER bosses who are her friends added me too.

Do I add them back or not? If not, what do I say to them?

It's weird seeing bosses on Facebook, having fun in their profile pictures. Seriously, it's like seeing a dog walk on its hind legs.


If you were married, will you post pictures of your wedding? I'm planning my cousin's and need inspiration.


What color is your toothbrush?