August 26th, 2009

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Books and Genius Bars

Can you recommend me some good reading? I like page turners, thrillers, scandalous things, maybe some gay themes? dirty dirty.

If not, are there any good book communities on LJ?

Are Genius Bar appointments are the Apple store free?

The George Advernture

Howdy captains,

What would be the first 6 songs on your itunes shuffled, starting of with the song of your choice.  (no freakin cheatins)

I want to expand my music library, this might spark some memories.

alternatively, head or tails... ... .... 

(no subject)

For my speech class, in the instructions for the last couple of speeches we have to give it says no jeans/sneakers, dress professional. All I own is jeans and sneakers and tshirts. What should I do? I thought I could borrow clothes from my mom but she is a little bigger than me.

(no subject)

There is this guy who works at a restaurant a mile away from my house. I know a lot about him (I interviewed him for the school paper once, he's won tons of art competitions--he's brilliant) but I don't know him. However, I would like to.

HOW DOES THIS WORK IRL?! idk how to build irl friendships out of nothing, especially because he's since graduated HS and is a sophomore in college if my math is right D:
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(no subject)

I live with my parents. I'm unemployed and at this point they buy all the food.

I recently made a grocery list with several 'staple' items, like bread and milk, with a few other things added. Nutella, bananas, tomatoes, mushrooms, and onions were some of the other items.

My dad lectured me on unnecessary items and sent my brother to the store with a new list, which included nutter butters, ice cream, and ding dongs. Bananas, tomatoes, mushrooms, and onions weren't on the list, because I'm the only one who eats vegetables that aren't fried or come from a box. I get that they don't want to buy something like Nutella since it's not a staple and it's their money, but seriously, vegetables?

So my question: what do you consider unnecessary grocery items?
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(no subject)

I have to get up in two hours, and I've only been able to sleep for about an hour and a half total since laying down. Do I gtfo off the internet and try to take a 'nap', or do I just stay up and deal with it? 

I will be standing in a line for around 2 hours at 8am, if that makes a difference. Then I have an eye doctor appointment at 2:30 pm, so I can come home for maybe an hour or two in between and crash.

I am sleepy, my body just won't shut down and go to sleep. D:
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(no subject)

Will you describe your hair? How do you normally wear it?

Mine is about an inch away from hitting waist length, medium brown and slightly wavy. I usually either have it down or back up in a pony-tail.

(no subject)

Do you trust online reviews for travel? I always assume that people go out of their way to write a bad review when they didn't like the service while people who thought it was good or just OK won't bother to submit anything.

On a related note, has anyone been to Terminal 5 in NYC to see a band? How was it? I saw horrible reviews and want to see if it's really that bad as I'm going there in November.

Birth Control (GIRLS ONLY!)

I had sex yesterday morning and went to work in the afternoon. I take my pill in the evening but last night I totally forgot to do it. I took my pill as soon as I remembered which was about an hour and a half after my scheduled time.

Should I be taking the morning after pill? Or will I be okay?

Lawyer TQC!

My good friend was fired from his job at a high school as a drum teacher because of allegations from 3 students (who involved their parents) of sexual harrassment. In reality, these students are lying to get him fired because they feel he's too tough in grading and want someone easier. They gave him no chance to explain or defend himself, and it seems like they let him to go avoid bad publicity and a messy court case from the parents.

There are hundreds of students at the school and private students that know he's an awesome teacher, but the school is more concerned about avoiding bad press and a fuss from the PTA than finding out the truth.

My question is- can he do anything about this? Does he have a case to take to court, and is there any way to prove they are lying? I've known him for many years and this is *ridiculous*-there isn't even a thread of truth

(no subject)

how long can kraft dinner stay unrefrigerated for after it's been cooked and still be good to eat?
what about the seasoned rice that you boil with water and a tablespoon of butter?
do you know which irl stores sell banana keepers?

eta: i just discovered that i have no milk. how can i make kraft dinner without milk?
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(no subject)

My father has hand controls for his Geo Tracker, and while they're nice, they're hardly new, and he had me put them in the other day.
How long do I have to wait until I get a phone call saying they have fallen apart and he's now in a ditch?

On the opposite side of things, what band should get back together?

(no subject)

I brought some eggs to eat at work today but I didn't realize not everybody likes the smell of it. I feel kind of terrible because some of my coworkers hate it. How would you get rid of the smell of eggs?

What's the funniest/most awkward food-related incident you've had at work?
mum? dad?

(no subject)

I'm running a quiz night for my Uni's Computer Science Student's Club this year - on the posters I want to put a disclaimer saying that it's not only for Computer Science students, it'll be mostly general knowledge (there is a single CS related round).

How can I word this in a non lame way?

Comforter dry cleaning

I really want to clean my comforter, and am assuming dry cleaning is the most pratical way. However, my boyfriend mentioned to me that throwing it in the dryer with tennis balls is a good method because it keeps the fluff/down from clumping. Has anyone tried this?

(no subject)

What stores can I buy tea made by The Republic of Tea at? Would a store like Whole Foods or Trader Joe's have it?
I know I can shop online, but it would be a lot easier to just drive somewhere and pick it up, especially since I'm going out today anyway. I haven't seen any at my local supermarkets and I can't seem to find a product locator on their site, or something that says what stores they sell it at :( I just want some delicious Ginger Peach tea!

And if you don't know/don't care, what was (were) your favorite movie(s) as a child?
Mine were Little Monsters, The Wizard, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Princess Mononoke, lots of Disney movies.
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(no subject)

say your name is on the lease of where you currently reside. you have been renting out a room to another person for almost a year, and you are also living with your SO. so it's you, your SO and another person living in one household. because your SO is always home with you, is it ok for you to ask the other tenant to tell you whenever his/her SO is coming over/sleeping over? should their SO be allowed over whenever the other tenant wants?
keep in mind that they don't make much noise or take up the living room/kitchen space, they just keep to themselves in their bedroom.

eta: yes i'm the one with the visiting SO, lol. my SO is currently in a shitty living situation (he doesnt have a place to live, is just squatting at a friend's who are living with 8 other people, he doesnt have his own room or bed currently and is waiting to hear from some agents in the meantime) and the only place we can hang out is my place (we're both broke right now so dinners out are a no-no). we stay in my room for the most part. he barely even showers here so we're not being disruptive or loud or anything. it's just such a pain having to text my housemate "hey is it ok if my SO comes over tonight pleasee?" everytime when she doesnt even see him D: i told her she doesnt need to tell me when she has friends over, because they keep to themselves and dont disturb me in any way. i know it's common courtesy, but having to ask her... really?? 

(no subject)

Should I go get the mail? 

It's about a 5 or 6 minute drive each way, and I have at least 2 packages waiting on me. They go to lunch in 30 minutes and don't come back until 1:30, then close at 3.

The only thing is that I'm pretty sick feeling today, and I don't know if I want to get out of bed. 

A question for those who support a single payer health care system

Every business is different. For instance book stores and fire departments are extremely different from each other. I wouldn't want a fire department being run by a private corporation, and I wouldn't want a book store being run by the government.

For those of you who support a single payer health care system (perhaps that how you get your health care in your country). What is it about health care that makes it so that health care should be run by the government instead of by private corporations?

Job woes

I applied for a job last week as a swim instructor for a local chain of swim schools. My season teaching lessons had ended and this swim school runs lessons year round. I applied and gave my application to the manager who seemed to be really impressed with it, stating "Wow, you are certainly qualified.. are you sure you want to work here? They pay isn't what you are used to". I said yes, I really did want to work there as I love teaching lessons. He had me fill out my schedule that I am able to work and said that all he needed to do was to talk to his assistant manager. He shook my hand, told me his name and said he would be "definitely" giving me a call.

It's been a week and I haven't heard anything. Would it be bad manners to call and ask the status? I figured I would have heard something by now before I go and apply to the other schools in the area.
If it is too early, how long should I wait?

The swim school job would be Monday/Wednesday/Friday. I figure I can handle this while taking 23 credits this semester at school. I have a second interview for a job today that would be weekends for a job that I am not really sure I would want. I am also getting a research assistant position this semester that is more important then these jobs.

Am I doing myself a huge disservice by going to this interview? I figure it can't hurt and right now, I am unemployed (though I do have some savings).
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(no subject)

I will openly admit this is my new favourite link of all time, but I am curious, if you saw this link, clicked it etc. would you get the joke or would you need to research, or ask before you got it?

Be honest ;).

Amish Online Dating.
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(no subject)

Okay TQC, I have a Photobucket question for you.

Last night I uploaded 66 pictures to a folder inside of a folder (Username>Folder>Folder where my pictures are). Today I log in to post the photos and there are no options on the bottom of the page to "view all" or go to the second page.

If I click on the "organize" or "grid" links it shows me all the pictures but I can't get any links from there.

Why can't I access the second page of my photos? What is going on?

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(no subject)

How much do you make per hour?
How much do you actually make per hour after taxes?

My mom quit smoking about a month ago. She is totally miserable and says that she's never felt worse in her life. Anyone have any experience quitting or dealing with someone who has? Any suggestions?

(no subject)

Okay. When your trashcan is full, why the motherfuck would you (figurative "you") start dumping trash NEXT TO IT instead of putting a new fucking bag in it??? >:(

Whatcha doooooin today?
I went to the grocery store this morning for snack food, my English class was cancelled tonight (hooray!) so I am going to the library in a bit, and I might venture to my school's gym tonight (for the first time :O).

Alternatively, why is my dog whining at me/crying? She has plenty of food and water, she just went outside like 20 minutes ago, she doesn't seem to want to play (she won't run after her favorite squeaky ball when I throw it), and she only lets me pet her for like, 10 seconds at a time. Her tail is wagging, so I don't think she's in pain or anything. Srs/non-srs!

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I had to call into work today for the first time in over a year. When was the last time you had to call in and why?

Should I download the Friday the 13th movies or Nightmare on Elm Street series? It's a rainy ass day & I want to drug myself up and watch bitches get slashed.

Recommendations for other horror movies are also welcome :)

edit: Will you also tell me funny stories about being sick to cheer me up?

(no subject)

Does anyone actually care about cankles?

EDIT: Actually. What on earth are cankles? I get the basic principle, but people keep telling me that this person or that person has cankles and their ankles look perfectly normal to me!

Will you show me some cankle pictures, maye? Google images is not being helpful.
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(no subject)

ok, so I'm out here in the town where I'm staying for school. I need to find a job here. I've only had 2 "real" jobs before (when I was younger I did a lot of 'under the table' work for neighbors and such). One I acquired because it was working for a family friend, and the other I went through the traditional process.

How should I go around looking for a job? See where's hiring and go there? Or go places that I'd be interested in working and ask?

And how do you ask? "Are you hiring?" "Could I have an application?" etc.

What else should I do today? I'm stuck at my boyfriends house/can't move into my apartment yet/don't have any friends around here really. And I have no money. And it's raining.

Help me TQC!!
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(no subject)

Do believe that it takes twice the time you were together to get over someone?

What was your longest relationship (if not your current)?
Do you think you're over them?
Do you still think about them, and under what context?

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(no subject)

How old are you?

How old were you when you had your first boyfriend/girlfriend?

How old were you when you gave up your virginity?
Are you still with the person you gave it to?

How many relationships -at least a month long- have you been in?

How long was your longest relationship?
Why did it end (if it did)?
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(no subject)

Do you hate when LJ seems to be moving i.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.y. slowwwww?

Will you post a food that starts with the last letter of the last word of the post above yours?
Will you post a comment using your favorite icon?
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Body Hair Attack!

TQC, what is a more subtle, sneaky way of going about getting my SO to attack the small region of hairs he has between his brows? 
It isn't quite a unibrow but it has more potential than I'm comfortable with.

We live 400 miles apart currently, so when I have seen him it wasn't a big worry.
But come December 1st we will *hopefully* be sharing a place in the same city.

We have completely separate styles and grooming regimens...I don't ever speak a work about his ratty clothes, hippie shoes or god forbid the big leather hat, but we have to do something about those brows.

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(no subject)

Do you pull over for ambulance, police, firemen when they are in the other side of the road?

I pull over when I need to, but when they are on the other side of the road and every car in front of them has pulled over...I don't feel like I need to pull over. maybe I'm the asshole though.

(no subject)

After a break-up, how long is an "acceptable" period to wait until you enter a new relationship? Does the length change depending on how long/short the relationship was, or how amiable/heart-breaking the break-up was?

What was the longest and shortest period between relationships for you?

What is your favourite kind of whale?
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(no subject)

So, for my portfolio show I need to print up swag (hats, wrist bands, shit with my logo on it) to give away at my booth.

What kind of swag should I give out? You know any good places to get that printed?


What's stressing you out today, TQC?

I've been in my new apartment for 3 days, and I offered to pay the 300 dollar pet deposit because she already paid the apartment deposit and filled the house with necessary furniture. In the time I've been here, her kitten has clawed a hole in the carpet outside my door and bitten holes in the blinds. I want to scratch my own eyes out. At least my cat is well behaved.

What's offering you some comfort?

My new computer came today, thank goodness. Now I can shoot zombies instead of my roommate's cat.

(no subject)

1.Are you planning to go to college, in college, or finished with college?

2.what major?
reason? far do you plan to go/ have you gone (B, M, PhD?)

4.what do you want to do when you finish?


if you don't plan on going to college or didn't go, why?
what do you want to do/ what are you doing (as a career)?
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(no subject)

do you go be social with the people you're sharing a house with when they're doing something you don't particularly enjoy?

i feel like i should go be social with my roommates rather than hold up in my room so much but they're watching Smallville. i like them all so far and i think they like me. i asked how everyone was when i got home.. but i don't like Smallville and i'd rather internet and listen to MJ while not wearing pants.


1. Do you have a favorite font?

2. How do you load a font in XP when using Open Office? I know how to load fonts by installing them into the font folder, but it just doesn't show up in OO.

(no subject)

I went to Books-a-Million about a month ago, and when I paid with a credit card, I got an offer for 8 weeks worth of 2 weekly magazines. They gave me a sheet of paper with the info about it & how to cancel before time is up, so they won't charge me. There's a website on it that I'm supposed to go to, but I lost the paper :[ Does anybody have it or know what I'm talking about? Should I just call up there and ask?

Do you do homework ASAP or wait until the very last minute?

(no subject)

Okay TQC.  Six days ago, I went to a concert with this guy I'd "met" on OKCupid.  We both seemed to enjoy ourselves, but I had to duck out before the concert wrapped up in order to catch the bus home.  (I don't drive due to vision issues.)   We exchanged pleasantries before I left.   I haven't heard from him since, through the site or otherwise.  

Since I grew up in a box under a rock TQC, just confirm: he absolutely isn't interested in me, and I should not contact him at all, y/y?  I'm still developing instincts that most girls had at 17...
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(no subject)


i see you guys talk about AP, honours etc all the time... apart from those classes, are all the students lumped in together in one academic level?

in ontario, depending on how you did in grade 7 and 8, you do academic or applied classes in high school. academic is harder. in applied apparently the teachers sit on you and barely assign homework. there are some classes everyone can take. gifted and AP are totally separate and not offered everywhere.

(no subject)

1. What irrational and/or unjustified assumptions do you have? The catch is they're not allowed to be about people.
2. What is the most random complaint you've ever heard?
3. Would you like to make a random complaint?


1. I assume until told otherwise that all dogs are male and all cats are female.
2. and 3. I no longer remember the answers that inspired me to ask these questions =P
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for those who have been married...

would you tell me about your honeymoon? where did you go? how long were you gone? what did you do? did you like it? any regrets? how much did it cost?

i feel like the typical beach honeymoon is boring.. i'd rather be out and about, experiencing lots of major cities and tiny villages in europe in the span of a month.

those who haven't been married/gone on a honeymoon: would you please describe me your dream honeymoon?
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(no subject)

If you follow communities like ourbedrooms etc., do you think posts with poor photography cause you to like the room less?

Anytime I see a post with shitty cell phone pictures, or terrible lighting from a camera, I can barely look at the rest of the pictures. I also hate when people have clutter EVERYWHERE and seem to think their room is great.

How would you survive working a 14 hour day and then going to a concert the following day?

Yeah.. looking for advice. I see a nap on the sidewalk in my future.
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(no subject)

What can i do if a telemarketer will not stop calling? These douches at LOYALTY MORTGAGE (714) 712-2605 won't stop fucking calling. I have told them more than 20 times to stop calling but they still call. Around 5 minutes ago they called and i told them calmly to please not call anymore but then the douche on the other end was all "yeah you're not the house owner blah blah" and laughed and hanged up on me! >:( GRRRRRR!
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(no subject)

If you listen to music while walking, do you find yourself walking in beat to the music? I do all the time and it drives me crazy, but it's some sort of weird instinct. I'm okay unless 50's rock and roll comes on. :)
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(no subject)

Did you have "family rules" in your family? What were they?

We never had them written down, but my dad wrote my wife and I a letter on our wedding day, in which he listed all the assumed (but unwritten) "Murphey Family Rules" that he believed would give a base for a happy marriage.

1. Be nice to each other.
2. Always stick together.
3. There's always enough to share.
4. Kiss the cook.
5. Family business is FAMILY business.
6. Husband/wife are each other's #1.
7. Don't try to live beyond your means.
8. Debt bad; savings good
9. Don't do anything stupid.
9a. Don't hang around anyone doing anythign stupid.

I hope to keep them going and raise my kids to believe in them, too.
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(no subject)

I am in need of some of your practicality, TQC.

For my homework for a cake decorating class (best homework EVER), I need to make a dozen buttercream flowers and bring them in. I'm piping them on to small squares of wax paper in order to move them relatively easily.

How do I transport them without them destroying them? I have to take a bus and then a subway to the class, so there's going to be a lot of moving around.

(no subject)

I had my tonsils out last week and am now experiencing REALLY painful earaches. My ears are popping almost constantly and they hurt and it's just awful.

Does anyone else get these pains? What can I do about it?
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How pissed is my land lord going to be?

So, I'm on vacation and have been basically unproductive and lazy. But I decided to be productive tonight and do some stuff around the house. This was apparently a BAD IDEA, apparently my windows had OTHER idears.

See, I was checking to make sure the storm windows were closed, they weren't, so I decided to close them. Easy enough, right? WRONG-O!

TCQ: I just put my KNEE through the lower windowpane of my living room window. How pissed is my landlord going to be? Could they evict me? (I realize that this is unlikely because I'm a good tenant and I pay on time.) And if I were to DIYS it would I have to buy and entire new window?

*Plz to be gentle with me, Ima still shaking*

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(no subject)

What does "shopping cart friendly" mean? There are signs advertising this for a few apartments near me and my roommate and I cannot figure out what it means. Do people routinely bring shopping carts to their apartments? We feel we're taking it literally while there's some meaning behind it but we don't actually know what the fuck it means.

(no subject)

Recently I've decided that I need to learn how to draw because I'm way jealous of people that have artistic talent. After checking out some books from the library and tutorials on deviantart, I realized that I'm way too impatient.

If you know how to ~draw~ how did you learn? Can you suggest any books/websites/whatever?

Anyone willing to teach me how to draw? :D Long shot.

I should just beg people to draw stuff for me, y/y?
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(no subject)

I was standing at my bus stop this morning listening to my headphones when this older guy comes up to me and starts talking. He was saying how the last time he saw me, I was reading The Brethren and wearing a short jean skirt. I do own and love a jean skirt, and yes, I did read The Brethren, but it was fucking 8 months ago! Why does this guy remember tiny details that happened months ago?! Then he starts asking me my name, where I work, just kinda more personal than I'm used to while waiting for the bus. I should hire a bodyguard to protect me from the potential stalker, yes?
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(no subject)

Does anyone know what my icon is? I showed it to a friend, and they had no idea....

(so glad you all are getting it! I knew my friend couldn't be the only one who didn't know..or at least have a guess)
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(no subject)

TQC, I managed to get my hands on a copy of Adobe Photoshop 7.

I have no idea how to use the software.

Should I take a 10 session course to learn how to use it? It might cost me $30 unless I can convince my boss to pay for it.

The classes are Monday and Wednesday from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

(no subject)

What are some movies that you can watch over and over again, no matter how many times you've seen them?

I'm watching Shenendoah right now for probably the 20th time, and it's just as good as ever. Others would be Serenity, The Lost Batallion, Cool Hand Luke, The Ghost and the Darkness, and a few others.

(no subject)

I just finished the first day of the 30 Day Shred and now I can't lift my arms above my head. How do you propose I get my hair washed tonight?

Alternatively, who is your favorite actor? Why/pix plz?
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(no subject)

TQC I just got a new laptop!

What are some things I should immediately download once I get it set up?

I have to get semagic and I'll be putting some AVG on there. What else?

What programs are computer staples for you?
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Dog Letter Outter and Animal Feeder = $?

I am going to be at a convention for the four day Labour Day weekend. I need to have someone let my two dogs out into the backyard a couple times one or two of those days (the other days some friends have it covered). A newish friend offered to do it and I had said we would pay whoever helped out. They will also have to make sure everyone (dogs/cats/ferrets/hedgehogs) get fed and have water. I am not asking them to clean any cages or boxes (done Friday before we leave and Monday when we return).

How much do you think is fair to offer? I don't want to be cheap but I don't want to make it rain, either. Thanks guys!

(no subject)

you run into an old friend at the mall. you used to hang out with him and his wife all the time, they were cool. you ask how he is, he asks how you've been, you ask how his wife's doing, he responds "oh we're getting a divorce."

what's the right response to that?

(no subject)

I would like to be an ESL teacher in United States schools, but I'm not really sure how to go about getting certified and all that. I would like to teach in Minnesota, ideally. I have found information on the Oxford Seminar, but that's more for international teaching jobs.

Are any of you ESL teachers in the United States?
How did you go about being certified?

I'm looking at getting an M.A. in Linguistics & Second Language Acquisition, and I know that for English and "traditional" subjects, some states will hire teachers simply because they have a master's. Is it the same for ESL?

(no subject)

I'm trying to conserve space in my room. I have a very small closet with a curtain across it instead of a door. How tacky would it be to put my bed up against the closet?

Any tips for saving space? (I know getting rid of stuff is a good answer, but even if I did that...there wouldn't be enough space)

(no subject)

When's the last time someone was talking to you and you really did not give a shit about whatever it was they were going on about? What were they on about?

Which is a better shift? Nights or days?

(no subject)

I'm sad today.

What do you do when you're sad and need to cheer yourself up?

Are there any exceptionally happy tv shows or movies that will definitely not contribute to my sadness in any way?


questions about bras (sorry guys!)
1. what stores do you purchase your bras from?
2. how much do you typically pay for a bra?
3. what's your favorite bra that makes your boobs look abso-fucking-lutely fantastic?
4. what size bra do you wear?

and would $44+tax be too much to spend on one bra even though it's fucking amazing?
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(no subject)

The hard drive of my macbook is very faulty and requires replacing. However, the latch that releases the battery (the one you turn with a coin) and thus allows access to it is broken. It will turn, but no longer releases the battery, suggesting the mechanism that connected it to the battery is broken.

This is essential to any operation involving removing the top case as it is attached to the battery's housing. Therefore, I need a way to release the battery or to remove the top case without removing the battery; I am willing to risk damage as the macbook is completely useless with the present hard drive.

Do you know a course of action that can allow me to proceed to get into my macbook?

p.s. As I am not under warranty, I can't involve Apple in this - I can't afford to pay someone £70 an hour, sadly. (by the way, I'm clearly in the wrong job).
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(no subject)

contact lenses + swimming: good idea or bad idea?
do any of you have prescription goggles? are they crazy expensive?

i like swimming laps but not being able to see is nauseating in the pool and dangerous outside of it... i wear glasses, but i've had contacts before.

(no subject)

i seem to have a problem with my laptop> it"s acting like the shift key is stuck on< meaning that in order to type in lowercase letters< i have to have capslock on> obviously this is also affecting periods and commas> when i click a link in firefox< it opens in a new window< even if i click something in the bookmark toolbar or something> hitting backspace when in firefox doesn"t make it go backwards anymore< and hitting page down doesn"t make the page go down in either firefox OR excel> hitting delete now copies things.

what in the hell is going on?! water hasn"t gotten on my keyboard as far as i know> it"s making it almost impossible to use my computer> : (

eta: about a second after i posted this, it stopped acting funny. WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?!