August 25th, 2009

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I feel like I ask this every other damn week, but I can't find my copy of The Sims 2 now, so I am turning to you great psychics of TQC.

Where in my basement is my Sims CD?

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Do you care about embarrassing yourself on the internet?

How long do you wait to text/call someone after your first date? Or if you're a slut like me, do you like to fuck before or after dinner on the first date?

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im fucking upset. it was my roommates birthday today, and as per usual she is acting like the queen bitch. she doesn't pay for shit, never has, and has never had anything of her own... and today, its that time fucking one million fold. but it really irked me today, because today was supposed to be her "family" event and we all live together. her, my boyfriend, and my bf brother... and i. and family, Christmas, holidays are really a big deal between all of us, and my bf and i were in the room with the door open, and they did the birthday cake, and blew out the candles, without us...... i walked out halfway through the candle blowing session and i felt fucking hurt.

am i wrong for feeling this way?
i felt way more hurt than my bf,
and my bf said that the "birthday" girl was just using his bro as a place to live, anbd all this other shit, i acutally cried, because she said to me personally she considers me her sister in law, her sister, her family and what not ... what the fuck ever.
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did anyone on the east coast see a huge meteorite shoot across the sky around 9 pm tonight?

it was HUGE and lit up the whole sky.

on twitter people have seen it in toronto, ottawa, quebec, rochester, florida.

just wondering if anyone else saw it.

In which I feel bad for myself

TQC, I'm turning 20 kind of soon and I've had boyfriends, but I've never been on a date. I feel left out and behind. How do I go about getting a date? :3
Is it ridiculous of me to feel so behind the times about this? I know I'm only turning 20, but it's like... I'm already turning 20! It's a weird feeling.
What was your first date like?

semi-inspired by the post below

What kinds of experiences have you had with the Catholic church? What is your personal take on Catholicism?

At my old church, they had a basin of holy water that you were to dip your fingers in upon entering before crossing yourself. Everyone also drank out of the same wine goblet thing for communion. What are the chances they were getting paid under the table by hospitals that distributed the flu vaccines?

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Do you have a nickname at work? Does it make sense?

Once a CSM called me Mrs. Doubtfire. I was like "THAT'S MY FAVE MOVIE" now she always calls me that.

I don't know why she did to begin with then cause she never saw the movie.
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Does anyone know where that picture is of the bed where the husband/father is off to one side and there are at least 2 large dogs taking up most of the bed, along with cats and children scattered about?

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-do you ever feel sorry for inanimate objects? for example, you're in a car, eating an apple, and you don't want to throw the core out of the window because you feel bad for leaving it behind. as if it can think and feel?

or am i just weird and pathetic?

-if you're a hockey fan, how ready are you for the '09-'10 season to start?

-how about the upcoming olympics?
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If I were to put up a donation button on my lj for my paypal account, and said the reason I was asking for donations was just for the sake of asking for some, I had no real reason behind it, would you donate anything at all? If so, how much would you donate?

ETA: So that's a unanimous no. I was entertaining the idea and wanted your wise feedback, so I guess it's a no go. So... what are you doing up so late?
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My mom dumpster dives on the pads she works on cause the truck drivers are always throwing away Coke rewards, and also because she's a nut.

She came home tonight and brought me this: Collapse )

It says on the back that it's a mini cooler and warmer. It has no brand name, and it seems like it works. Should I be worried that this is going to blow up in the middle of the night?

Why do people throw away perfectly good things?

Have you ever dumpster dived?

ETA: I just figured out what the 'face' on the cooler reminded me of. The handle appearing so much bolder and the little notch in it makes the cooler look like a very happy Borg :D Don'tcha think?
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TQC, is my penmanship legible? My friend told me that it is hard to read and that it, "...Looks like it is written in Spanish or something." (wtf?) I think he just doesn't know how to read, y/y?

Will you post a sample of your penmanship for us to look at?
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When did this trend of dropping parts of speech like articles and verbs start? I just saw someone say, "they still need bathed" in a community and my friend regularly says, "I'm done this." What the hell? Just because words like to, be, with and am are small doesn't mean they're unimportant to syntax. :(

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my dad said that if i can make my shitty ford explorer last the next year he will buy me a brand spankin' new car. what car should i buy? it has to be relatively cheap (a "starter car" says my mom) so nothing crazy, please!

edit: it also has to be a GM, ford or chrysler or i will be disowned

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How long does it take you post breakup before you start finding yourself attracted to other people? Not like, "oh that person is good looking," but when you actually feel yourself being attracted to them?

My ex boyfriend and I had a relatively strong instant attraction to one another, but we broke up a couple of months ago and I have yet to come across anyone I could even envision myself liking. I guess that means I haven't really moved on yet?


I have a job interview today for a job as a Barista and it has been awhile since I've gone through the whole interviewing process.

What advice would  you give me for the interview?

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I'm a commuter student at my college, and I have a 3 hour break between classes. I don't really want to drive back to my apartment and then back to school again during the break. What should I do on campus (or in the surrounding area) with my free time?
Non-srs, of course.

What color are your eyes?
Do you find yourself to be awesome?

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TQC, I am in charge of planning the menu for a Multicultural Day Celebration here at the college I work at. I am the pickiest eater ever and I can't decide what to feed 80 people! Can you help me decide? I've listed the choices I have from the caterer's menu. My boss already told me she wants a mixed green salad and apple pie for dessert..

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What is your favorite place to go get hot wings at?

For me, either Buffalo Wild Wings or Wingman. I just need to find BWW up here now. ;)

What are your plans for today?

Unpack my shit, go to wally world and get some stuff I need, then hang out with one of my friends from high school that's also coming up here.
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Where's a good (online) store that sells funky home decor? I've tried IKEA and they're okay, but not exactly what I'm looking for. I'm looking for brightly colored throw pillows, rugs, couch slip covers, misc. things to decorate a new house.


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Any Marylanders here know about this law that lets you stay on your family's insurance plan until you're 25? I've already been to two doctors now who mentioned it. They said it was pretty recent, but I can't find anything about it when I try Google. Thanks anyway!

Question answered, have another one!

Who do you share your birthday with?

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when was the last time you missed a day of work?

why did you miss?

i couldn't go to work today because my garage door would not open at all. even after i disconnected it from the opener, checked the tracks, etc. stupid garage!

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What perfume/cologne do you and your S.O wear?

I normally wear Escada's Into The Blue but apparently that was a limited edition and they don't have it anymore. Anyone know if this is true?

Now I'm wearing Escada's Incredible Me that smells like tiramisu and my boyfriend wears Dunhill's Desire Blue.

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Which class would you take?
They're both at the same time, and I need one of these two to graduate.

1. World Regional Geography - Reviews say that the teacher was the worst they had ever had, and he is senile. But the tests are almost exactly like the study guide, and you should take lots of notes.

2. Principles of Macroeconomics - Reviews say the class was very hard, but the teacher was amazing. You'll have to study hard, but should do well if you work hard.

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So in the past few months, I've heard a few girls say "your guys' " in conversation.

Example: What is your guys' favorite band?

This is completely and utterly incorrect, isn't it? When I heard it, it immediately sounded strange, but it seems to be more commonplace these days.
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In this scenario, you have a teenage son, and he's dating a girl who happens to be a born-again Christian. It's just a few dates here and there, but one day he asks your permission to go on a weeklong retreat with her church group. What is your answer?

Yes, he may go. It's his life and he can pursue whatever interests he wants
No, he can't go. I don't want him involving himself with those religious types of people
I allow him to go, but give him a good warning about not giving into their persuasive tactics
I let him go, happy that he's found religion
I not only forbid him to go but urge him to break up with his girlfriend

Same scenario as above, except now the girlfriend is a Scientologist and it's a week long Scientologist retreat. What's your answer?

Yes, he may go. It's his life and he can pursue whatever interests he wants
No, he can't go. I don't want him involving himself with those types of people
I allow him to go, but give him a good warning about not giving into their persuasive tactics
I let him go, happy that he's found religion
I not only forbid him to go but urge him to break up with his girlfriend

Same scenario as above, except now the girlfriend is a member of what you deem is a strange cult and he's asking to go away on a week long retreat to their compound. What's your answer?

Yes, he may go. It's his life and he can pursue whatever interests he wants
No, he can't go. I don't want him involving himself with those types of people
I allow him to go, but give him a good warning about not giving into their persuasive tactics
I let him go, happy that he's found religion
I not only forbid him to go but urge him to break up with his girlfriend

Same scenario as above, except the girlfriend is now of the opposite political party as you, and he's asking for permission to go on a week long political convention/rally for that party. What's your answer?

Yes, he may go. It's his life and he can pursue whatever interests he wants
No, he can't go. I don't want him involving himself with those types of people
I allow him to go, but give him a good warning about not being persuaded to their political view
I let him go, happy that he's found getting involved in politics
I not only forbid him to go but urge him to break up with his girlfriend
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Do you make sure you teeth are freshly brushed when you see your dentist?

I always thought it was the done thing, but my husband doesn't think it matters, claiming "they're used to it."
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My S.O will be getting h9is new (and much needed) car in November, and as cheesy as it is,I want to make him a mix CD to play on his first drive out in it =]
What fun,catchy 'drive-time' songs would you reccomend I should include?
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out of the three major monotheistic religions (christianity, judaism and islam).. which one are you most interested in studying?

are you religious at all? are you spiritual at all? 

ever had a supernatural experience (out of body experience, near death experience, possession etc etc)?

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What cell phone do you have?
What plan is your cell phone on?
Do you like it?
What cell phone do you want?

1. Samsung Messager
2. Cricket
3. I did at first, but not as much as I used to. The mobile web is slow and the connection gets really shitty in certain situations.
4. I would like to have a G1.
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In general, when someone buys a house, are they paying for ownership solely of the house itself or the house, the lot that it is built upon and any mineral rights that may come with the land? If you own a home, do you own a building or part of a building or do you own the land the building is built upon as well as the building?

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I'm sure this has been asked a million times...BUT...
1.What kind of birth control do you use?
2.Can you tell me the PROs and CONs of it?
3.How do you feel about condoms?
4.I heard the shot makes you gain weight Y/N?
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I live in California and my friend is moving back home to Texas next week. I am super bummed but before he goes, I want to get him a farewell cake. I have no idea if he prefers chocolate or vanilla.

How do you go about asking someone "Hey do you like chocolate or vanilla?" without giving it away that it's for a cake? I want it to be a surprise but I don't want to just flat out ask him because I think he would figure it out.

We're chatting over aim right now about him leaving. Should I just wait a couple days to ask the question? Maybe it would seem less obvious that way.
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how do you organise your life?

do you use a paper diary or computer tool to write down appointments and dates or do you just try and remember and hope for the best (like me)?
k.bell ♥ biggest smile

advice tqc!

follow up question...

I'm going mini golfing in less than an hour and then out to dinner. I tend to bring more than I need, and I don't feel like having to carry a heavy purse around 18 holes because I couldn't leave unnecessary things at home.

What should I bring with me, besides $$, and what should I leave at home?

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A friend of mine wants to have an "Adult Tea Party," which in her words is a fancy dressed-up tea party, only the tea is spiked with alcohol. For some reason she's having it here (it just happened that way, I don't know), so my sister and I are now "co-hosts."

One of the things we're all planning are the mixes of tea + alcohol and what would be some good ones. I have a lot of tea but I don't know much about alcohol, which brings me to my question: what would be some good tea/alcohol combos, if there are any? And what's the best way to mix them so that it doesn't taste like watery alcohol and leaves?

If you don't know or don't care: if you were going to throw a themed party, what would the theme be?

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1. I'm having a pelvic ultra sound on Thursday and I'm required to drink 40 oz of water an hour before my appointment. The problem is, I have a small bladder, so I can hardly drink 10 oz of water without REEEALLY having to pee thirty minutes later. Should I aim for the 40 oz and potentially wet myself, or just drink as much as I can and hope it's enough? 

2. Let's say your SO (or best friend if you don't have a SO) is having a birthday party. At said party, people will be smoking pot. You would like to smoke pot, and, while your SO/best friend (who won't be smoking) won't stop you from smoking, they have said more than once that they would prefer it if you didn't that night.

Do you think it's fair for your SO/best friend to ask you not to when other people will be? 
Would you put up a fight, or just do what your SO/best friend asked?

3. What movie, either currently in theatres or coming out soon, would you like to see? 

(no subject)

Does your spouse or S.O. fart while they're asleep and in bed? Does it sometimes wake you? Does it horrify you? Do you kick them after they do it? Or, do you bury your head under the covers so you can enjoy it?
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Can a Blackberry Curve read a .pdf file or does it need a special software to do that? Thanks fancy_sheets!

What should I make for dinner? Baked ziti, chicken enchiladas, beef enchiladas, or tacos?

EDIT AGAIN: Do any of you use Embarq? Thoughts on the quality of their service?


1. I have no bed. There is a perfectly good mattress in the dump area of my apartment building. Is it weird if I take it?

2. What are your long distance relationship experiences?

3. Which character from Star Wars could you make a cheapish/easyish costume of?

4. How do you feel about older men commenting on some aspect of your attire or physical presentation? Does it creep you out? 

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tqc, i have a notebook very similar to a moleskine only cheaper. the elastic is glued underneath the leather on the back and comes out of two small holes. the elastic on mine has come out of one of those holes. how should i fix this? i tried hot glue with poor results.
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There are devices that make a regular bike stationary, yes? What are they called? And where can I find one cheap?

I need my exercise, but am not riding or walking outdoors when it’s nearly 100 degrees outside. Ugh. I have a beach cruiser, if that matters regarding my questions.

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Have you ever used SparkPeople (or a similar site)? Will you share your experiences? (What were your goals, what features did you like/dislike, etc.)

I have a bunch of super ripe bananas that I was planning to make banana bread with but my favorite recipe is kind of unhealthy (and also because when there is banana bread around, I cannot control myself). :( Should I slice them up, freeze them, and stick them in a blender with some yogurt? Would it be delicious or gross, do you think?
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How would you rate your fashion sense?

Mine is  non-existent mine. I don't follow the trends by any stretch of the imagination, but I wear what's comfortable and what I think looks good on me. I hardly ever wear jeans unless it's freezing outside. Give me skirts and dresses and I'm happy. 
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TQC, will you tell me your packing/moving tips?
we're hopefully getting a new house put onto our lot in the next month or so.

also, will you share your expiriences with kenneling pets for a short amount of time (3 days-a week)?
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TQC, my little brother went off to join the Marines last month. Since then, he's gotten pneumonia AND gotten attacked by fire ants so badly that he's been in sick-holding for about a month.

So, in the spirit of Really Bad Luck, how are YOU cursed/what bad luck have you had lately?

(no subject)

Will you tell me the funniest story about/involving/concerning drinking you've been involved in?

This brought to you by my friend getting shitfaced the before the first day of classes and having him eat all my Altoids thinking they were ecstasy. His mouth is now all raw and icky.
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TQC, I know it's still August but...

I got a long white cloak with white fake fur stuff on the inside from a garage sale, thinking it would make a fun, WARM halloween costume.  Except I don't know what to dress up as.  What should I be for halloween?
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1. What is the longest you have ever gone without eating?

2. If you had a choice and money was no object, what would be your ideal dinner?

3. Do you dip your french fries into your Frosty too?
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Today while driving home from university, I had some fucknut try to drive me off the road with his car while doing 70 on the highway. He'd pull up beside me, swerve suddenly into my lane, only to pull back at the very last moment, or come into my lane and try to clip my front bumper, or get in front of me and slam on his brakes, trying to cause me to wreck into either him or the car behind me. Needless to say, I called the cops on his ass, and got his plate #s (lol being a jerk with customized plates)

Anyways, enough tl;dr, have you ever had to call 911? If so, will you tell me about it?

Semester Schools


For those of you that go to universities on semester systems, or know of people who are going to institutions on semester, what was the average number of classes that you/they took? I've been on quarter system at my university and I've generally taken 3-4 (5 max, but students generally take 3 or 4 e.g. 12-16 units) per quarter, so I want to know if the number is about the same, or more on average?
Big Love

Job Application Question

I'm filling out job applications and I think my previous employer contact information is going to hurt my chances at getting hired. The last company I worked for completely dissolved. I have no contact information for any of my supervisors or anything since my entire office was closed. The company still exists, but since my division was sold there is not one person I worked with that is still employed by the company. I know I can explain this in an interview, but I feel like not having a contact on my application might prevent me from even reaching the interview phase. To make matters worse, my job before that was retail. Again, not one single person I worked with is currently working anywhere within the company.

Would it be tacky to explain this in the e-mail with my application?
If not, what is the most clear and concise way to explain it?

I did a mini phone interview already with the woman I will be e-mailing, so I won't be a rambling idiot to someone who has no idea who I am.

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-i got a slip saying my parcel was at the post office ready to be picked up at 7:30 AM on 8/25, aka today.
-i couldn't make it there before work so my friend went for me.
-he went and they said they didn't have it.
-he went to the right post office.


should i put my pants back on and go try to be social with one of my new roommates?
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Would it make me a totally jackass to call the city on someone whose sprinklers drench half of my car when I am parked in the street? Does this answer change if I mention I live in Southern California, where we are on year 3 of a water crisis? Will the city even do anything?

Palm Oil

Is there a website (preferably Australian) that has a list of products that have palm tree oil in them?
Are you at all concerned about the palm tree oil issue? I didn't realise until today how many things it's apparently in.
What really confronting things were you taught at school before the age of 13? (For example... famine. Showing photos of starving children).
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Does anyone know of a website / application that tracks virtual walk across America? Say you want to virtually walk / run to some place many many states away and you enter in a destination and it can keep track of how far you have gone via an image and miles?

(no subject)

Okay, so. I'm going to a community college right now. My major is elementary education. I'm planning on transferring next fall. My college offers the Associate of Science Degree for Elementary Teacher Education, but I'd end up taking 2 extra classes that I don't need for the Bachelor's.

My question is, is the Associate's even worth anything if I'm going to have my Bachelor's two years later? Will it help me getting some sort of teaching job before my Bachelor's?
Typing Monkey

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I know everybody hates questions like this, but I googled it and followed directions but it didn't work. Earlier this morning I hooked my iPhone up to my computer to update the software and got most of the way through it, but at some point it decided that my version of iTunes wasn't compatible. So I tried to download the update for that, but I keep getting an error when it tries to download bonjour - even when I don't check the box for it to download. I tried deleting bonjour and redownloading iTunes but it didn't work. This whole time, my iPhone is telling me to hook it up to iTunes to finish the download and it seems like it won't let me do anything else until I do... Help, please?

If you don't know/don't care, when is the last time you colored in a coloring book?
What did you color?
Did you stay inside the lines?
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I just got one of those consoles that will play original Sega Genesis and NES cartridges. Of course the first things I got were Sonic and Super Mario! What were your favourite games for these formats, so I can go hunting on Ebay and Amazon?

If I'm dating myself and you never played either, what is the console/games you remember from your youth?

Do you have one now? Which one? What are you favourite games?

Anyone got the Wii Fit? Is it good for working out if you're sort of already in good shape?

(no subject)

let's say i have a google docs spreadsheet and a MS excel spreadsheet with identical names. is there any way to sync them, so that if i change one, it will automatically change both? if this isn't possible, is there at least a way to upload changes in the excel file to the google docs file?

(no subject)

What is your opinion on doing some quick shopping in a store right before they close? Like, you're within five or ten minutes before they close, but you are in and out with at least three minutes to spare, and you're not doing anything like getting an espresso drink or having them make a sandwich, you're buying something off the shelf. Is that rude of the customer, or should the store expect to be open until their posted closing time?

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(no subject)

1)How do you cure bloating problems?

2)Your thoughts on those Cosmo 'ten ways to make your man scream! Let him do a facial today!' articles?

3)Do you like having tons of icons, why or why not?

(no subject)

When ordering at a restaurant, do you point to the item on your menu?

Do you keep the menu open so that you can read off of it?

Or do you close your menu to show the waiter/waitress that you are ready?
Reed Motherfucking Johnson

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my google is failing me tonight so i need your help TQC.

When i get married i want to change my last name to his but do i need to do this RIGHT when i get married or can I wait awhile before doing it? If it matters i'll be getting married in iowa but am a resident of nebraska.

if I do have to change it then do i need to go ahead and change my last name on everything such as the bank, work, my license for health care, etc?

this is really confusing to me and i know it shouldn't be.

and just for fun, what's your favorite kind of cake?

(no subject)

My school lists only the titles of books that we need.
Is this a total bullshit scam so that I can't order stuff online?
Does your school do this too?

Do you buy your textbooks before class or after they've started?

(no subject)

I have been sick to my stomach for about 5 hours now. I'm a little worried because my mom has some kind of stomach bug and now I'm scared that I caught it. I haven't thrown up, but I just feel nauseous and my stomach hurts a little.

I have to get up at 7 am and go stand in a line for probably 2 or 3 hours. If I still feel sick in the morning, what can I do/eat/drink/etc to make sure I don't throw up on the person in front of me in line? Is there anything I could do tonight to hopefully combat the nausea and make it go away? :(
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(no subject)

Related to plugmebaby's post below:
Would it be acceptable for you to ask your room mate/landlord if your SO could come over once in a while if it was just you, her, and her 12 year old daughter living in the house? What if the room mate's SO got to come over all the time?

I haven't asked yet because it feels weird.

If you were the room mate with the 12 year old daughter and SO that spends the night occasionally, would you have a problem if your room mate had their SO over so long as they keep to themselves?

DC/DGAF? Who do you live with?
Prison Mike

(no subject)

In a gas station recently I saw a bottle of wine in the shape of a cat.  I was intrigued.
Anyone tried it?  What is the verdict?
Also, any other cool wine bottles?
I'm such a dork.

(no subject)

is $51 dollars a good price for a gym? im trying to join the YMCA and that is how much it costs.
what is the average price for a gym?

do you go to the gym?

how many days aweek do you go and for how many hours?

(no subject)

Okay, so! So far I have made white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, s'mores bars, oreo cheesecakes, and butterscotch marshmallow blondies to bring into work. What should I make next?


(no subject)

I have not been able to sleep at night (at all) for the last four nights. I usually fall asleep around 7am and sleep until 10 or 11.
I have a wicked headache, I'm extremely bitchy and although I know I'm tired I don't feel sleepy! 

Why is this happening?
What should I do? (the usual warm drink/bath isn't working)

Do you suffer from insomnia?
I suffered from extreme insomnia five years ago for over two solid years. It was probably the worst years of my life....I was endlessly tired, gained a ton of weight and was constantly grouchy.