August 24th, 2009

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When was the last time you did something truly nice for someone? What was it? Why?

Earlier this week, I treated a friend to dinner. I hadn't seen her in a long time, and she's been having $$ problems since she lost her job.

My trig teacher assigns about 40 practice problems a week, in addition to 40 submitted problems. He's very vague when you ask if you have to do the practice problems...he won't directly say that he doesn't check them. Should I do them, or not? (It's material I know and am comfortable with. Any I don't know I do work)
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I am receiving a free ticket (normally $100) for a chance to win a car or other cash prizes. TQC, will you help me choose the winning number? The tickets range from 001-999. I will choose the numbers that get the most votes (or if that's taken, the second, third, etc...)
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If you won, would you take the Mustang or the $30,000 cash?

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while playing Guitar Hero Metallica, a thought came to me .....

do you think the band members of Metallica play Guitar Hero Metallica?

or do you think that any of the musicians that are on Guitar Hero play the game?

sry if this is a repeat question
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NY Lingerie

has anyone ever dealt with ordering online from NY Lingerie?:

they sell through amazon and seem to be the only ones who carry the bras i wear anymore since none of the local stores really do. :grumble: and they seem to sell them for the same price i used to pay in the local stores when they DID carry them. (shipping not included)

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I <3 TLV


I'm looking at my credit card bill and it looks like someone stole my card info!! I have three charges - $90, $100, and $100 to, an Indian calling card company. I absolutely did not make these charges! I'd never even heard of WTF CAN I DO??? If I report the charges as fraudulent, will I not have to pay for it?? I will be calling my CC company tomorrow but I would really like to be reassured in the meantime! D=

[Edit: There was a 24-hour number so I called and got the charges removed. They cancelled the card and are sending me a new one. WOOHOO!]

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Would you consider making your own wedding dress? (if you could sew nicely)
Do you know anyone who has made their own wedding dress?
Can you sew?

I'm not finding one I like and I'm thinking I should just make one. The wedding isn't for a year but you need to order 6 months in advance. I know I still have half a year to look but I'm being very specific.

I am making the bridesmaides dresses whether or not I sew my own dress.

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Ok TQC, i'm dumb when it comes to this stuff.  I have a keyboard that apparently has a MIDI output. I have Reason installed on my computer.
what kind of cable do i need to hook my keyboard up to Reason?

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What's annoying you right now?

Go figure that the day I come into the office 2.5 hours early so that I can leave at 1:00 and go to my wife's doctor's appointment with her is the day that the accounting server is crashed and I can't log in to do any actual work...and the IT monkies don't come to work 'til 10:00. So I've been here over an hour...and I have just over 4 more 'til this crap'll be fixed to where I can do what I need to do.

If you're in college...

Is your University facing furlough?

My entire school will be placed on furlough for 3-6 days this semester, and we will have to rush to make up all missed class work. The whole situation really, really pisses me off.
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Coming out to a roommate...

I just started my first year of college and I am living in the dorms. My roommate and I get along very well and I don't want this to change. However, I know that she is religious. (Disclaimer: Of course not all religious people are homophobic, but it still makes me worry.)

My question is: How do I come out to her and when? Should I avoid telling her? Has anyone else had an experience like this?

ETA: I have a girlfriend that is going to visit me at some point. Obviously I'm not going to engage in huge PDA or sexile my roommate, but if the subject of significant others comes up, what do I do?

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Stretchmarks and wtf

Some back story: Growing up, I was always athletic, Never had a problem with weight, was always toned. Then I got a car, started college and discovered Applebees after 10pm. Anyway, It's been 4 years since I've let myself go. After whining and bitching about going from 140lbs to 175, went from a size 6-7 in jeans to a 12-14. I decided to do something about it.

Started swimming and started toning up. Losing some belly fat and my top half is looking great but with a bit of a road ahead of me. Tummy is getting smaller but it will take some time and to be honest, I need to start running or biking more. ANYWAY..

So I've been feeling pretty good about myself, been getting compliments, etc. What do I see in the mirror last night? 2 brand new purple stretch marks. One on the side of the center of my stomach, and the right 2 inches under that on my abdomen.

Why am I getting more stretch marks AFTER losing the weight? I gained a shit-ton gaining the weight, wasn't looking to worse ones in worse places.

Have you ever used any of the stretch mark creams? How did they work?

If you frankly don't give a shit, or don't know, (if you are going to school), when do you start?
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University Items

If you went to, or are currently at university, what was the one item you wished you'd taken with you from the start, and what has been the best item that you took? I'm currently packing to go and am terrified of forgetting something monsterously useful!

Inspired by previous posts about cars

TQC, my goal is to save up enough for a substantial down payment on a new car. As much as I love my Jetta, it gives me constant issues and is probably going to shit out fairly soon. So, I want your opinion, because I'm completely torn.

Which car should I start saving up for?

2009 Chevy Camaro
2009 Mustang convertible
2009 Dodge Challenger SE

I'm leaning towards the Camaro, but I love them all D: If anyone owns any of these, even a different year, can you give me your opinion on it? I'm obviously going to test drive them as well but I'm curious. They're all around the same general price, if that makes any difference.

And if you don't know/don't care..
What was your first car?
1998 Jetta Wolfsburg.

What do you drive now?
1998 Jetta Wolfsburg.

What's your dream car?
Probably one of the 3 cars listed above that I'm looking into getting.

Where did you/would you like to go on your honeymoon?
Either Japan or Ireland.
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harry potter fans

for those of you that have seen Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, i have a question for you! did it show the students being in their robes at all? i saw it the other night and can only remember them being in normal clothes, which doesn't fit with the rest of the movies/books. why do you think they did that?
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Should I dye my hair back to its original color or redye it to purple? It would be easier to deal with if I dyed it back to brown, but purple is so much cooler! I'll be going back to college soon, so that's another factor, possibly staining the shower purple. So do you think it'd be smarter to go back to brown or keep it purple? Or maybe I should dye it black?
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Do you have a cell phone with internet on it? Or an iPod Touch or some other way to access the internet that isn't a computer?

When you use the internet, how often is it important stuff (directions, etc) and how much of it is just fucking around (facebook, LJ, etc)?

I'm thinking of getting a cell phone with internet, but I have a feeling it's going to be used for only 1% actual important stuff.

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Ok I just seriously messed up my computer. I use a mac and it was in the middle of installing some system updates when I accidentally held down the power button and shut it off. Now when I turn it on it only gets past the first screen (with the apple on a grey background) before a screen full of numbers and strange words show up and a warning box pops up in the middle telling me i need to restart my computer by holding down the power button in 6 different languages. But when I do that the same thing happens. I'm posting under Windows, which I have installed using Bootcamp and I can boot it before the error screen comes up.

WHAT SHOULD I DO?? It's been a year since I got it and I don't have Applecare (stupid, I know). Is there anything I can do before I contact customer support? Has this happened to any of you before? Please help!!!
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Ooh... spooky

If you had the opportunity to purchase a cool old hearse, but couldn’t justify doing so unless you could use it as a source of income, what sort of business would you use it for? I mean, BESIDES THE OBVIOUS ;)

Taxi service?

Delivery service?

What else?
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I'm thinking of being a lender on Kiva. If I loan money, do I get interest back on it? I can't really find anything on their site addressing this. Have you loaned through there or another program like that? How'd it go?

DKDC: Can you show me a picture of the room/area where you spend the most time (awake)?
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Can you guys tell me exactly which documents I'd need to leave and re-enter the USA with an H1B work visa? My Google-fu is failing me. Bonus points for links. Thanks!

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I know nothing of furniture and need to purchase some, mad-fast. Is a full-sized bed/futon big enough for two (fairly skinny) people to sleep on without hating each other? For a sense of perspective, two people in a twin bed is not great but is manageable to me, but only for a few nights. I know larger than full size would probably be ideal, but we're talking about dorm space here. Should I look for something larger?

For funsies:
How much space do you personally need to be comfortable sleeping?

Where is the weirdest or most uncomfortable place you have ever slept or tried to sleep?
(Me: Probably in a fetal position on an airplane with my feet on the fold-down tray table. I know that's sort of gross because people eat off of there, but this is what happens on transatlantic flights when one becomes delirious with exhaustion.)
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Mondays can bite my shiny metal ass

Which god is your copilot?

Yahweh/Jehovah/I Am
Flying Spaghetti Monster
None. No deities in my vehicle unless they have gas money

How would you describe yourself?

Flaming homosexual. Every gaydar in the world can detect you
Flaming heterosexual. You like the opposite sex, but everybody thinks you're gay
Actively bisexual. You're definitely attracted to both sexes and pursue whoever you find most titilating
Sedentarily bisexual. Gender is interchangable; whoever will put out first is of primary concern
Asexual from birth. Romance has never interested you
Born-again asexual. You've tried to make romance work, experimented, tried your options, but now you realize that it's just not you and you're better off swearing off the human race
Filthy deviant. You're into animals or people in animal suits or former people (necrophilia). The clubs and websites you frequent tend to be closed by law enforcement agencies
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WoW players or ex ones: Have you seen the new expansion coming out and what do you think? I've been off it for a while because I wasn't much for Lich King, but seeing it is making me debate playing again. Should I?
Everyone else: What's the best sandwich ever?
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My parent's silver anniversary is coming up and I'm helping my dad think of things to get my mom. She's not much for necklaces, but likes rings, earrings and bracelets. What are some nice, unique pieces we should consider? What else silver can we get her?

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Last night, my soon-to-be-ex-husband said that he was amazed that the women of the show "Daddy's Girls" were camping... because they're black. He also said that black people generally are afraid of the woods. 

So... the question is:  just exactly how racist/stupid/wrong is he?

(He challenged me to prove him wrong with camping statistics, but either my google-fu is full of fail, or such stats do not exist in cyber-land.  Anecdata, insults, humor, and serious responses are all welcome.)


What is the most motivational and inspiring quote you know?

How would you reply to a person who feels that it is too late for you to change? And proceeds to compare you to their annoying, fake, egotistical, materialistic, son/daughter. But you have to be polite in response since they are older than you.

back to your childhood...

anyone remember random classroom games? educational ones or silly ones. random stupid riddles would be good too.

example for games: heads up 7 up, hangman, red rover, MASH... even jump rope games or drinking games could work.
riddles: "spell I Cup!" or "idiotsayswhat?" (said really fast) or other silly crap like that.

i'm trying to think of simple, fun little activities for kids and high schoolers that don't speak a lot of english.

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How do I pinpoint a digital camera that is tiny, turns on and saves pictures quickly, and is as cheap as can be without being crappy? I can spend a bit more but I prefer not to as it's not a high priority.

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My dog is an idiot and rolled in what I presume to be cat poop while out in the yard. One bath and a separate scruff-scrubbing later and he still stinks. How do I get this god awful smell off of my dog?

ETA: He sleeps in my bed so I need to resolve this before he goes to bed in 5 hours. He's already destroyed one blanket with his stank.

The Bloody Bible

I know, I know, you hate Homework questions, but I think the answer will be simple enough, I just don't know it yet...

How do I reference the Bible in an essay?

When referencing other books I need to
Present full bibliographic details in the following order:
1. author’s surname and initial(s)
2. year of publication
3. title of publication (in italics and with minimal capitalisation)
4. edition (if applicable. Abbreviated as ‘edn’)
5. publisher
6. place of publication

now, I actually got my quotes online, but that doesn't matter. I can get 2-6 easy enough. Its the author but that is troubling me.

I am quoting

1 Peter 2:9,10

Is Peter then the author? (or 1 Peter)


Should I be quoting this like a collection and with Peter as the author and the publisher as the editor?


Something entirely different?

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Really.

P.S. I did Google, but I kept getting essays on the bible

Okay got my answer and you obviously need a new question or two...

What is the worst thing someone has ever said about you behind your back,?
How did that information get back to you?

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If your partner insisted on working to earn enough income for both of you, would you take them up on the opportunity?

What would you do in your spare time?

If you are already a housewife/poolboy/etc, will you tell me about your experience?

Personally, I would be bored as fuck and at least need a pt job with 20 hrs a week to keep me fresh.

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So I just found out a good friend of mine died in the most pathetic way possible. He aspirated on his vomit after an acute opioid overdose. For you non med-heads out there he choked on his own puke after he OD'd on oxycontin.

My mister is out of town and I'm currently the most sad/angry person on the planet. I also started classes today.

Will you show me happy things? Or tell me a funny story?

Thanks, TQC. Sometimes you guys come through better than my IRL peoples.

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Why don't gyms ever post their prices on their websites?
I feel like they're pretty much the only place that gives absolutely no clue as to their pricing.

Do you go to a gym? How much does it cost for x amount of months? Do you get personal training/classes/any goodies?

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You are nineteen years old. How old is the oldest person you would date? And what is your gender?

Back to real life..

How many serious (like >3months) relationships have you ever had?
Do you feel like you've dated a normal amount of people for your age?

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1. Will you tell me:

     a. Your favorite "weird" food combination?
     b. Your favorite color combination?

2. What would you consider your "style?" (Style of dress, style of music, personality, etc.) I'm not talking about labels so don't feel like you have to use them!
derek smalls

mmm, lone star.

does your state/province/area have a signature beer? you know, a beer that's brewed somewhere in the state and you can't really get it anywhere else. a beer that's a good default when going out to the bar because it's usually pretty cheap.

what beer is it?
where do you live?
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How much input/control should someone have over their long term partner's appearance?
does it matter how long they have been together? (dating versus married)
does it matter if it's easily changed or not? (clothing choices versus body shape)
does it matter how this input is presented? (harshly or not)

If you were going to paint a basement that is windowless, covered in wood paneling and has olive green carpet you can't remove, what color would you paint the trim and what color would you paint the walls?
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True Blood - Eric animated 1
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Guys, I just had a conversation with an 80 year old woman about True Blood. It was awesome.

What's the last awesome thing that happened to you?
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TQC what is wrong with me?

i have felt 'numb' the whole day.. i can't really 'feel' myself moving.. it seems like i'm moving automatically, almost. i can't feel me scratching myself even, unless i scratch myself really hard. i first felt like this after smoking pot a couple of weeks ago (i've smoked plenty of times before but i realise my tolerance has lowered recently so it hought this was the effect of it). but this happened to me a few days ago even when i didn't smoke (but others around me did) and i smoked so little last night. its been almost 24 hours.. why do i still feel numb? i'm thinking it's nothing to do with the pot...

sorry if i don't make sense but this is really annoying me :( i can function okay, things just feel really strange.
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Who here gets HIVES?

Are yours allergy or stress induced?

If you said stress, does removing the stress calm them down right away, or do they still take a couple weeks to run their course?

(no subject)

the postal service wouldn't deliver a package my friend sent without getting a signature, so left a note saying they're going to try to redeliver on 8/25 at 7:30.

what i don't know is, did they mean AM or PM?

it doesn't specify. i'm assuming AM because it's the postal service and not UPS or something but i don't honestly know. either way i'll be home but if it's AM i need to be up and showered before.


What is a good brand of multivitamins that I can buy at the grocery store or drug store?
I normally buy a certain brand online, but realized I only have 1 day of vitamins left, so I want to buy something to hold me over until I place an order next month. :-\ but I don't want to buy crap.

What kind of pills do you take? What are they for?

If you don't take vitamins or pills then talk about the best tip for staying healthy, losing weight or ya know other healthy type advice. :D
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I did something bad. Someone's mad at me. They have every right to be. How can I distract myself so that way I let them get over their anger naturally instead of being like "STOP BEING MAD AT ME NOW please?"?

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I need to describe how a margarita tastes, but I have never tried it and I am not very knowledgeable in the ways of liquor.

How would you describe the taste of a fire and ice* margarita?

*"This margarita combines 1800 Silver Tequila, Patron Citronge Premium Liqueur and fresh sour mix. Topped with a fresh cut lime"

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what's your favorite word?
which word do you think is the prettiest? (this goes either for meaning or the way it looks)

if you could care less about words, are you/did you take AP classes in high school?

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my school recently changed our email to go through windows live, and i can't remember my password. the only options for resetting passwords are either to answer a secret question or to have the instructions emailed to you. i never got to set up a secret password and obviously can't check the email because i don't know the password.

wtf do i do, besides call the school in the morning?

What is the proper response here?

A person is supposed to meet you for coffee. After they're already due to arrive they call and say they're running late. Then it's a little later. About an hour and a half later you say fuck it and head home.

They apologize and promise to give you 5 dollars the next time they see you.
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Do you have any idea exactly how your U.S. federal income tax dollars are allocated?

Is 42.2 cents of every dollar justifiable for our military expenditures when only 3.5 cents are for VA benefits, 10 cents pay for interest on past military debt, and the rest covers our empire?

Will you look at the rest of the slide show and see just how little is spent on humanitarian projects?


I just moved into my dorm today, and now I'm bored as shit. My roommate doesn't come until either Wednesday night or Thursday morning, and since I moved in early, I'm the only one on my floor at the moment.

What should I do, TQC? I'm fucking far as hell from any kind of semi-major city as well, so that kind of stuff is out as well. :/
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How do you put up with pretentious douche bag teachers/professors? My Excel teacher is such a douche. I've been in the class twice so far and already I know his voice and things he says are going to drive me insane. He is always like 'ma'am, sir, blah blah, oh you know what you are doing? well I'll explain it to you anyways.'

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a game i play on facebook keeps telling me i need to update my flash player but i've installed the newest version about five times already and i've restarted firefox 3-4 times. what do i do?

eta: i'm getting the same error in IE 6, after installing the flash player. i get a pop up that says this: "There was an error downloading the Flash Player update. Please try again later, or visit to download the latest version of the Flash plugin."

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So in late July, I got offered my dream internship via email. In the email, my interviewer asked me to give her a tentative start date so I replied and told her August 24. Then 2 weeks later, a family-related issue came up that required me to leave town from the 22nd to the 28th (so yes, I'm still out of town). I emailed her as soon as I found this out, and asked her if I could start on September 1st instead. She was totally fine with it.

Now another issue has arisen. The previous two times I wrote to my potential boss, I had housing in NYC, (the city of the internship) more or less figured out. I had plans to rent a studio with a friend. To make a long story short, she basically flaked out, screwing me over. I couldn't afford the studio alone, and at the time, I didn't know anyone else who I could potentially rent it with. So I forgot about living in that studio.

Fast forward to now: I'm frantically looking for housing when a friend who I hadn't talked to in awhile calls saying that he is also looking for housing, and plans on finding and securing a place by the end of this week. Perfect timing. We agree to live together.

Problem: Around this time, most if not all move-in dates for apartments would be September 1st, which overlaps with the start date I indicated to my future boss. Ideally, I would (and I'm sure most people would also) want to get settled into my new living space at least 2-3 days before I have to begin such commitments as work (especially after moving to a brand new city).

Question: Do you think that, in this case, it would be appropriate for me to write to my future boss, briefly explain my housing situation, and ask if I can start my internship the day after Labor Day? Or would the fact that I'm requesting more or less a third date change indicate to her that I'm flakey and unreliable?

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i swear this is my last question for a while.

is there a way i could make excel take a date and time and add a certain number of hours to it? for example, take 8/24/09 11:20 pm, add two hours, and have it return 8/25/09 1:20 am.