August 23rd, 2009

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How do you feel about bellybuttons?
What about showing them off/ accenting them with tattoos and piercings?

Have you ever wondered if maybe you're retarded and no one's telling you?
Or do they generally know they are already?
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There was this game for the PC that I used to play.. It was a space station simulator, sort of like simcity... You had to design the space station and make it ready for aliens to come on board and do things.. You had to make sleeping chambers and food stations and medical stations.. It's pretty old and the graphics were fairly rotten.

Does anyone know what the name of that game is?! It's driving me absolutely bonkers!

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What can I do to help my brother calm his nerves about college? He starts Monday and is a nervous wreck.

He's a commuter so he won't have to adjust to the dorms but he has this idea that college is this huge scary world that's going to swallow him up and spit him out. He's dyslexic and has trouble writing papers so I promised to proof them for him, but he writes as if he's speaking so my proofing turns into completely rewriting papers and essays for him. He also prefers a desktop to a laptop so I'm worried about him not being able to take notes in a lecture style class because he's used to our high school's style of being given an outline or the teachers using overheads to suppliment. My mom suggested a tape recorder, but are those allowed? Has anyone ever utilized the note-taking service provided by their school's office of disability services?

I'm just worried about him and want him to be successful :(
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Inspired by "The Bag of Plagues" and "Looking Good for Jesus" cosmetics, what are some the weirdest and/or unique religious items that you've come across?

Speaking of "Looking Good for Jesus" cosmetics, whenever I find a strange religious themed items, it's usually Christian based. Why do you think this is so?

Do other religions have their own kitschy items?

(I think I came across "A pocket Buddha" once and then there's the "The Bag of Plagues" but neither is all that kitschy. Not like Nunzilla. I collect Catholic kitsch already and I wouldn't mind spreading out to the other religions for fun.)

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if you use gmail, what theme do you use?

new blue
cold shower
green sky
bubble gum
cherry blossom
night shade
silver lining
contrast black
summer ocean
bus stop
tea house
choose your own colors
obligatory other option
judith // for brighter skies

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TQC, today I ran into one of those people who believes Obama = Hitler. He was handing out flyers on a street corner that had a picture of Obama with the Hitler stache (his skin had even been bleached). I lost my shit on him and we had a screaming match that drew a crowd until I finally made myself walk away.

What was the last time another person really infuriated you? Was it a stranger or someone you knew? What happened?

Will you post your best political macros so I have something to make me smile?

How was the weather by you today? We've been having a ton of rain.

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What's usually your favorite meal of the day (i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner)?

What's your job occupation?

Have you ever used public transportation?

What's the longest you've ever gone without sleep?

Also, should I get a Toyota Prius or Highlander Hybrid?

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does anyone here play farmville? what level are you? are you taking advantage of the awesome superberries that are being offered right now?

if you don't care: will you go here and post links to some of your favorites?

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educate me tqc! why are people obsessed with moleskines? what's so great about them?
do you have one? what do you use it for?

if you don't care, are you sad that summer's ending? i'm going back to school on wednesday and i'm so not ready yet :(


How much time a day do you devote to cleaning your home? Do you consider yourself a tidy or an untidy person?

Whats your cleaning style? Do you keep things clean on a regular basis and just maintain, or do you let things go and do big clean ups when the mess starts to annoy you? Are you happy with the current state of cleanliness in your home and your cleaning routine? What would you change?

In the past I have tended to let things go and then have a really big cleaning session when I cant stand it anymore. Recently I did a big, top to bottom clean of my whole place and am trying to just maintain. Its going alright but it could be better. Any tips for me on how to make my cleaning routine really efficient?

Please feel free to answer any or all of these questions :)

Forum Post Ideas

I'm trying to revive a forum that has been a bit quiet lately.
What are some good thread topic ideas? There's an offtopic forum, one for tv/movies/games/books etc, one for forum games, and the rest is about creativity- writing, art, filmmaking, music making, anything creative at all, and any aspect of it.
I've been so busy with uni that I've not been doing much creative stuff, but it's still my job to start up some interesting topics occasionally.
So, any ideas on threads?
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I was recently given a tshirt with my little girls name on it and a photo album for 18 pictures.
The idea is for each birthday, take a picture of her wearing the shirt until she is 18. the album is a neat way to watch her grow.

What are other neat baby gift ideas you have given or received?

and... what kind of gifts are wedding gifts?
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Poll #1447855 That thing that holds stuff

What do you call things like this?

USB drive
Thumb drive
Flash drive
Memory drive
Something entirely different

ETA: I forgot "pen drive." Woe unto me.
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Hi!  It's my first post here...

For people living with their parents who aren't in school (whether you've moved back in after college or never moved out), do you feel obligated to pay room and board to them?  Even if they've never asked?

Like a horse and carriage

Poll #1447824 Love & Marriage

What is your parent's relationship status?

never married and living apart
living together and never married

What is your relationship status

living with significant other

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my dad has just asken me to help him move a set of bunk beds from our wee granny flat down stair to upstairs. we will need to take them out side, up hill round the side of the house and then inside again. we will have to turn many corners and navigate atleast 4 doorways. am i going to get hurt? y/y?
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Should I buy my husband and I some unlocked G1s to stick our ATT sim cards in? My friend got one yesterday and I am super jealous, lol. Normally I don't even care because we love our Vus but seriously, I'm kind of a Google whore...

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Dearest TQC,

I turned my fridge up too high and some fresh fruit and salsa and almond milk is frozen. Is anything (esp the fruit) ruined? Can I just leave the stuff out for a little while and then put it back in? What do I do?
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Do you have a lucky anything? (rock, animal part, underwear, etc.)

Do you have fun, patterned socks or just a collection of boring plain ones?
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I want to quit my part-time job (or at least just stay on as a sub) so that I can direct my efforts to getting a full-time job. My boss doesn't really like me, so I have to word this e-mail to her carefully. How should I write this?

[eta] I'm pretty sure I have a full-time job after this weekend, but the only way for me to actually get that job is if I quit my current job. It's a jump, but I'm in a financially sound situation at the moment. I live with my parents and I have a good amount of money saved up. I'll be ok for a while.
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I might be going to NYC with my mom this fall. I need to go to the Met/the Cloisters and she wants to see the Statue of Liberty. What fun places are there that would be mom approved? (she's a diabetic and has some trouble walking very long distances with out stopping to rest) :)

ETA. This might be odd, but as I was looking the website for the Cloisters, it says there are self guided tours for people who are blind or partial sighted. why would blind people go to a musuem, esp by themselves? you can't touch anything... like I said, odd question.

Young people and serious relationships

Hey TCQ,

My father upset me very recently, telling me that I'm making a huge mistake by being in a relationship for so long with my current boyfriend (we have been together for a year and a half now). He says that at my age (21), I should be seeing different types of men and not comitting myself, and right now my current boyfriend is taking this experience away from me. I don't understand why he tells me this... I'm happy and in a great relationship and I don't want to throw it away to search around for other men. He's not telling me to be a slut. He just wants me to meet other guys.

Do you think people around my age or younger should not engage in serious relationships?

If you're around my age, are you in a serious relationship or are you casually dating? How do you feel?

If you're older/married/etc. do you have any experiences you could share? Regrets?

Thanks in advance.
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If you went to college, what kind of social atmosphere/nightlife did your campus have? What was your role in all of it?

What kind of difference do you think there is between public and private colleges, especially top tier schools?

How do you like your red meats cooked (rare, medium rare, etc.)?
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Say I wanna sue someone

Okay, say I want to sue someone or a company that is in another state.  It is about 200 miles away, so it'd be annoying to drive back in forth. It would be a civil rights issue. Do I have to get a lawyer that practices in the state of that person or company?  Or would I  be okay to have a lawyer that is close to me.
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What's the quickest way to defrost my freezer?

It's turned off, emptied and the door is open. The heater is on in the kitchen to keep it quite warm and I've been periodically attacking it with a hairdryer. I've broken off most of the big bits of ice.

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What are your thoughts on professors who do not allow laptops to be used in their classes?

Would your answer change if as part of your weekly homework, you had to print 40+ pages of non-textbook assigned reading (PDFs) so you could access the material in class, because your professor won't let you look at the material on your laptop?

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2:37 vs Elephant. Which is better?

2:37. No doubt. Saw Elephant today and it blows.

What other movies are there like that? I mean like school shootings, twisted siblings, so on and so forth.

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What's something that's popular or something someone else likes, that never really did it for you?

Somewhere you would never go back to again?

I'm attempting to cook my first big meal for my friends tomorrow.
So far, I've got:
Seafood Linguine. French Onion Soup. And waffles with raspberry sorbet & blueverry sauce.

Does that sound disgusting?
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"The abuse of greatness is when it disjoins remorse from power" is a quote by Shakespeare, I believe. What exactly does it mean? I first saw it in the opening sequence of Eden of the East, and it's been bugging me since.

Would you like fries with that?

I need to find a new job.

Where should I look?

Places I have considered:

Starbucks (I used to work there and didn't really like it but I can deal)
a local tea store
a bank
Best Buy
a bookstore
Whole Foods

I don't work well under stressful conditions and I want something relatively low responsibility, but somewhere I could potentially advance up the corporate ladder a little bit because I eventually need to make more than $7.00/hr.
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where can i get cute messenger bags online?

1. canada
2. $50USD or less
3. i walk, so it's going to get wet
4. my winter jacket is plaid :/ lol i found lots of plaid bags

the places i've found online (AE, roots, aldo...) either didn't have messenger bags or they're $200+, wtf.
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What drugs, substances, or chemicals have you used or do you use?

What were they like? What was your favorite? Least favorite?

Which did you feel addicted to? Which did you feel in control of (i.e. only for special occasions)?

Did legality have anything to do with your use? If marijuana is illegal in your country, for instance, did you try it because it was illegal?

If you quit, what stopped you?
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completely random questions...

I'm having this Irish butter on fresh bread right now that is beyond tasty.

1. What is your favorite brand of butter?

2. Looking at a picture of Obama and realizing how past presidents rapidly aged during their time in office, how much of Obama's hair do you think will be white by the end of his presidency?

Does he strike you as someone who would dye his hair?

Do think he dyes it now?

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Should I wash my hair? I dyed it Thursday night using semi-permanent hair dye, so I want to wash it as infrequently as possible in an attempt to get the color to stick. Please note that my hair is really short now, and thus it's not as gross when it's greasy.

Do you dye your hair? Are you any good at it? Do you have any advice about how to get my color to last?

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Assuming you don't have a gun to your head, would you wear these?


ETA: Just in case you're wondering, I discretely took this picture of a girl wearing these at the local ice cream shop. She was also wearing a hoodie, and it's 75F outside.

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Do you think i phones are going to take over? If they haven't already D:
Checking your bank account, paying bills, getting directions, logging on the internet, managing what you do. Add to the list if you can.

Advice for new parents

So, nearing the age of 29, I am finally going to be a father. To a boy. In about two months.

I've been making quite an effort to learn about babies and stuff. I didn't have very good parents, so I can't use them as a model.

Parents or knowledgeable people out there in TQC-land, will you give me some parenting tips or advice? What should every new parent know? What kind of stuff do books and doctors NOT tell you that you should know?

If you don't care about me being a good parent, do you have a library card?

In HBO/Showtime/Cinemax porn, do you think those people are really having sex or just going through the motions? There's never any close ups and I have a suspicion they are just rocking and back and forth against each other...
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The "t" key on my BlackBerry only works randomly and most of the time I have to hold it down to get it to work. Occasionally the keys around it will fuck up too/the keyboard will go haywire.
Any ideas? Never been wet, never dropped. Fairly new.
What route should I take to fix this? :(

How was your last meal?
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I'm going to my first college visit/tour tomorrow (Johnson and Wales in Rhode Island). In your opinion, what is the number one thing that I should remember to check out when looking for the right college?

Thank you!