August 22nd, 2009


Nom or not to nom

This 'sandwich' makes me ______?

Want to eat it right effin' now! NOM! It looks tasty
Gag. That looks yucky
Wonder why more Americans aren't morbidly obese by now. The fast food companies don't even have to be subtle anymore
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Earlier this week, I saw a man walk barefoot into Wal-Mart. (He was dressed rather nice. Clean, ironed shirt. Clean, ironed pants. Average 30 something guy.) I didn't even know you could do that. (Apparently, there aren't any signs on the doors to prevent this.) Wondering where a barefoot regular Joe would go to in Wal-Mart, I trailed him Nancy Drew style. (Yeah, I know. But I was curious!) He went straight to the shoes (duh!) and grabbed a pair of sandals.

My question to you is, what happened to his shoes in the first place?

And have you ever trailed someone around a store because they were weird or puzzling? What happened?

Now that I know that Wal-Mart lacks a "No shoes, no service" policy, I want to exercise my right to go barefoot around the place as well as see what other stores I can go shoeless in. Who is with me? Would you actually go shoeless for kicks and giggles even for only one time?

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How do you meet people? 

I'm really shy and live in a relatively small town where there isn't too much to do. I need to get out and meet people because A) I need more friends and B) I'm on the hunt for dating prospects.
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TQC, I'm going to two different barbecues tomorrow and I'm supposed to bring something to each one.

I'm going to bake snickerdoodles tomorrow morning, but I need something for the other party.

Should I make another batch of cookies or make some sort of dip or appetizer or something? Any recipe suggestions for something that would keep well without being refrigerated?
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(no subject)

1. What are your favorite commercials? Videos encouraged.
I'll post mine in the comments

2. Has anyone ever called/IMed/texted you in the same house/apartment? My mom texted me earlier:

Mom: What do you want for dinner?
Me: Huh? Where are you?
Mom: In the kitchen
Me: Yeah.. I can hear your text message sounds..

3. Are you a college grad forced to live at home to save money and/or till you find a job? How do you keep from going insane?

I'm here till I find a job.. I have yet to figure out how to keep my sanity
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All completely hypothetical, of course

Suppose your friend's daughter was having some trouble and needed a place to stay. You haven't met her before, but figure you can help out, you've got some extra space. You know your house isn't as clean as it could be, and you should really get around to that, but there's just never any time, and it's just going to get dirty again anyway.

How would you respond if your house guest proceed to clean and reorganize your house? (Not like, massively reorganzing, but things like alphabetizing the movies, organizing the books by genre, etc.) Would you be grateful, offended, something else?

Would it change your opinion if you found out your guest had OCD or something like that?
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(no subject)

My landlord insists that women oppress men because they tend to get parental rights if (straight) parents split up. He's gone down to shout at the YWCA before.

What is your reaction to this?
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I'm probably behind on this, but can someone tell me what this Hulutube thing is I've been hearing about? Something about youtube giving way to big coorporations at the expense of the regular users? Is it a hoax, or.. what?

short hair!

I got a haircut yesterday. At the moment, I don't like it, it's way too short for me (shorter than it's ever been before). It's about chin length - the hairdresser said it was a "reverse bob". It's too short to pull back into a proper ponytail, but I can get the top layers into a small ponytail at the back of my head, or into two tiny pigtails.

I think the only way I'm going to feel good about this haircut is if I get some fun hair accessories. I've never had short hair before, or even hair accessories beyond normal hair elastics, so what sort of exciting things should I be looking for when I go shopping?

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Is there some sort of certificate program that I could do in a year or less for any kind of job?
(Like Medical Billing) I'd prefer online classes.

Do you think this is even worth it if I'm going to be teaching in 3 years?
I need a job & $$$$$ badly, and I'm moving away in a year, so this would really help me with both.


Best movie you've seen lately? District 9? Inglourious Basterds? Other?

What movies are you excited for? Do you plan to see Final Destination 4 and Saw 6? Or is enough enough already?

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Why do people care about me caring about things that have nothing to do with them?

Backstory: None of my co-workers will leave me alone about "actually doing something with my life." They keep telling me I need to update them on when I "actually do something". I consider living, breathing, playing with my dogs, going out for coffee, etc. "actually doing something". They keep telling me the only way I can possibly live is to devote 60 hours of my week to sitting in an office behind a computer and obsessively climbing a career ladder. I keep telling them I want to get a job I actually enjoy and make a modest salary and have time to do what I consider living, and they keep ignoring me. Why do they care that I don't want to become a suit-wearing professional so damn much?

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I feel like I'm floundering and I need advice.

My exboyfriend and I have remained friends for the last 8 months since we broke up. He is currently "seeing" this girl that I despise. I am putting "seeing" in quotes, because though they act like a couple they are adamant that they are not dating. I don't know if this really makes a difference in what I have a question on, but perhaps it may.

My ex, this girl, and me are all coworkers. I hate this situation because I obviously can't avoid them together. I do however try to avoid them together outside of work (which is also difficult as he and I have all the same friends). The ex and I make a point to spend time together once a week, catching up. He's my best friend even with what happened between us.

Being around this girl however makes me really really uncomfortable, as I became aware of the fact she was talking shit about me behind my back at work after I had made an effort to be nice to her, which was me going out of my way. Since then I've decided I'm not going out of my way for her, I will not be nice to her but I will not be mean to her either.

Here is my question - I have been making a huge effort to avoid her, because I just don't want to be put in a weird situation. One of our other coworkers, who I am friends with outside of work, is having a going away party tonight. The ex's girl is NOT friends with her, but we work together so she seems to think she's invited (though no one invited her..). She's going tonight to the party with the ex. I don't know whether I should avoid it and make up some excuse why I can't go or if I should tough it up and risk feeling myself fall apart again.

What would you do? What should I do?

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Inspired by a question some asked me yesterday that got me a little stumped, what's your favourite thing to do, TQC?

One of my favourite musicians is being interviewed on tv right now, but I never found out why I like him.
What are some things you like/dislike/love/hate but don't know why?

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I have about 8 shoeboxes in my closet. I feel like I could use them for something, but I'm drawing a blank. Should I just throw them out? If no, what should I use them for?

ETA: I don't keep my shoes in there, they are all in my living room in a neat row. So, I won't be putting shoes in them
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(no subject)

A male desires to be female and gets the surgery. His/Her partner is another post-op male-to-female transsexual. Is he/she gay or straight?

ETA: OOPS! Forgot to insert some gender neutrality!!!

(no subject)

What are some books that make you wish the death penalty was legal in all states?

What are some books that make you wish the death penalty wasn't legal at all?

ETA: The subject matter itself, not like "oh my god, I hate this book so much I wish I could kill people and get away with it!" Are there any books where you feel bad for someone getting the death penalty and it makes you wish it didn't exist, or books that make you completely agree with the death penalty for the criminal.

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If I'm having a party with like 25 people, and we plan on having beer pong going for 3-4 hours, how much beer should we purchase? (Six cup, with four cans per game.)

Additionally, if said beer is Miller Lite, and I need to give someone money to purchase that, two handles of cheap whiskey, and two handles of cheap vodka, how much money should I give him?


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our trash guys throw our trash cans hard enough to have broken the handle and one wheel off one of them. in the past, they've also managed to shatter the recycle bin, and we had to buy a new one. is there anything we can do? or will they basically just tell us "lol sucks to be you"?

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1. How would you dress if your invitation said "Boots and Suits"?

2. Do you know where your tweezers is? How many pairs of tweezers do you own? How much did your most expensive tweezers cost?

3. Back in the day, would your mom have given Mick Jagger a blowjob if she had the opportunity?

4. Are you a fan of Shaun the Sheep?

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(no subject)

I have a temperature, my throat hurts and every time I pick up something decent or serious to read, the words swim in front of my face. So which of the following non taxing, 'junk food for the brain' activities should I do instead?

  • Play Animal Crossing Wild World?
  • Read Eclipse, the third book in the Twilight series?
  • Watch episodes of the original Beverly Hills 90210?

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All night last night, i was kept awake because i kept smelling something that wasn't there. It -almost- smelled like my dog had piddled somewhere (chronic kidney disease :( ), but after sniffing just about every square foot of my apartment, I found nothing. It just comes and goes within a matter of seconds, even when I'm not at the house (ie at work, then grocery shopping).

Is there any kind of illness (flu, cold, etc) that may cause this? Or do I have a brain tumor? Or anything else?

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I'm about to watch The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Have you seen it? Will I/Did you cry like a bitch? JK, I'm gonna watch The Office, starting from the beginning.

What's for dinner? I'm eating a burrito in a bowl from Willy's... chipotle bbq'd pork, rice, black beans, cheese, pico de gallo, guacamole, onions, tomatoes, sour cream, and roasted red peppers. SO DELISH

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I've tried Google, and it's been no help. So I seek your wisdom and guidance.

My computer currently says that it is connected to my network with "Excellent" signal strength. I can get on Skype with no problem, and iTunes has no trouble connecting to the internet. However, for the past couple weeks my browsers have been acting screwy. It all started when I downloaded Google Chrome, which worked okay but then stopped allowing me to type in web addresses. I had to do a Google search, and even then I often got a message saying the page could not be displayed, or the address was wrong. So I switched back to Firefox, and the problem continued. Now I'm on Internet Explorer, and it's working a bit better, but images still don't load very well. On all the browsers, I would occasionally get a page to come up, but it looked like it was an all-text version or something.

Any ideas what could be going on?

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Does your significant other ever mention someone as being 'hot' in your presence?

I'm not talking about openly checking someone out and pointing out their attractiveness in front of you, but something more like the two of you coming across a photo online or in a magazine, and then him or her saying that someone in the image is hot.

If so, does this bother you at all?
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LOCKERZ - free stuff ?

Does anyone want an invite to Lockerz?
You just log in once a day, answer a question and you get points which you can redeem for electronics, name brand shoes/jewelry.
I'm trying to go for a camera right now, but if they got an ebook reader one day, ohhhh boy.

i still have some invites left so if you want one, gimme an email address to send you an invite :)
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(no subject)


My cellphone has died a horrible death. My options are to either get it fixed (which I'd prefer if its not going to cost me an arm and a leg) or to get a BlackBerry 8130 Pearl smartphone (I don't like any of the other phones my provider has...and I'm not a super huge fan of blackberries, but if I had to choose, I'd pick this one).

My question is, has anyone ever owned a 8130 Pearl? Did you like it? Any problems? What do you like about it?

Alternatively, how was your day today?

(no subject)

If your male friend often casually referred to females in general as "bitches" or "broads," would that bother you?

eta: He admits he is not being sarcastic and this is just "how men talk."
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(no subject)

I was with my daughter in downtown Colorado Springs today. All of a sudden, about 100 people ran by. It was mostly men, and they were all wearing various length red dresses and some of them had bras outside the dresses. What the hell were they doing?

(no subject)

Can anyone tell me anything about the outlet malls in Wenatchee, WA?
or regular malls even. I live in Canada about 3 hours away and have heard there is good shopping there?
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Beer and Wine

TQC, I don't seem have a a great sense of taste or smell. I've tried various fancy beers and wines, but I never taste or smell the "notes."

Do you appreciate nicer beers and/or wines? Can you taste the "notes" they describe (i.e., jasmine, spices, fruit, smoke flavor, etc.)? Did it take you awhile to learn to appreciate these things, or did you just love them right away?

(no subject)

if i eat anything with a tortilla or even just the tortilla, i'm totally fine. if i eat just baked beans, i'm fine.

but if i eat a bean burrito, i get pains like The Incredible Hulk just punched me in the chest :( so why does the combination of the two make me want to die when i can eat them just fine individually?

ETA: not lactose intolerance/cheese.

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TQC, My nails suck. They're really brittle and like to break/tear a lot. They flake sometimes, too. And polish never stays on them for more than a day.

What is the trick to having nice nails? I take care of them the best I know how, but they're always so fragile and weak. What do I do?
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(no subject)

How do I deal with my best friend that has just been dumped by her cheating boyfriend that I always knew was an asshole?

If you're not interested in that what's better: green or red grapes?

EDIT Also said best friend currently moved to another state last week and I'm consoling her over the phone at random intervals.

tqc, you're the one! you make bathtime lots of fun!

TQCers, I've had this ongoing shampoo dilemma where anything I use to wash my hair eventually makes it feel flat and gross after a couple of months. (I wash it pretty much daily, or every other day if I skip one.) Do you ever have that problem? If not, what are you using?! :(

If you don't have that problem (or don't care): what are your showering habits? Do you do things in a certain way each time (ex. washing your hair before your face)? How long does it take you to shower?
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(no subject)

TQC, I made an unintentionally passive aggressive comment today at work and was told that I was "welcome to come along". I said that I didn't mean to invite myself and the person who extended the quasi-invite says "No, come! Even Xyzelisha is coming", Xyzelisha being a girl we all work with that they constantly talk shit on. They seriously run their mouths on her all the time, yet they invite her anytime they hang out.

SO, since it was passive aggressive of me but kind of bullshitty that they invite this one girl who they run their mouth on so much, my question is, SHOULD I GO?


hell yes, fuck those bitches
no, they'll just smack talk you more
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(no subject)

While rummaging through my things I found an Old Navy shirt that I bought around seven years ago. Comparing to my newer shirts, I couldn't believe how thick the fabric was compared to the tissue thin shirts they are selling now. It made me wish Old Navy still made thick fabric shirts like that again.

My question to you is, what product has changed so much over the years for the worse that you wish you could go back in time and get the old version of it?

What has changed about it?

Do you know of anyone who still sells heavy duty fabric t-shirts? (It seems like they are all flimsy these days.)


If your birthday is, for example, the 16th Jan and you were born in Australia but later move to, say, England, does your birthday start on Australian time or switch to the earlier UK date, technically speaking, of course?

(no subject)

tqc what are you favorite card games? ones that you can play with one standard deck of cards.

also can you help my friend locate his friend? this is what he said to me: "my friend has vanished off the face of the planet. she was having trouble breathing monday, she promised me she'd go to the doctor and made an appointment for thursday, i havent seen her on and she's not answering her phone." he already called the only hospital in her town and she hasn't been there.

Save a life

OK, TQC, let's see if the hive mind is collectively capable of rescuing a fallen human being from the very depths of despair.

This evening as I was doing my usual Saturday night street thang, I encountered a young homeless man who gave me quite the hard-luck story.  I am inclined to accept it.  But the bottom line is that he is homeless and -- here is where I really need your help -- he is totally without any ID whatsoever.

I am in New Jersey.  He was born in Puerto Rico.  He did, at one time, attend a local community college.  He also at one time had a driver's license.  But now he has not a single document to prove his identity.  This obviously creates all kinds of logistical difficulties, especially in terms of getting him social services and/or a jobba-wobba.

So tell me TQC.  How do I help this unfortunate fellow creature secure some sort of legal identification for hisself?