August 21st, 2009

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How long did it take for the homesickness and/or loneliness to fade when you first went to college or moved out of your house?

My friend just called me after her first day on campus, begging me to take her home. I want to send her this link because she won't believe me when I tell her she'll be fine eventually. :P

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How would someone go about getting a decent job (like a receptionist, desk job, etc) without work experience? I have quite a bit of volunteer work, but I've never had an actual job. I need one this year, and I need one that pays decently so I can move out of the house.
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Money Woes

Where can I find a trustworthy personal loan website?

My SO has *fair* credit (well, no credit history to speak of) and we need about $8,000 to fund an out-of-state move for his new job. My SO will be getting a $5,000 sign-on bonus, so we can repay it quickly. But... we honestly don't have any savings or collateral and so far 1 bank has turned us down based on his credit.

None of our friends or relatives are capable of lending this money to us. Nor do any of them have high enough credit to co-borrow. I AM VERY DESPERATE. We're willing to pay insane interest/fees but don't want to get completely ripped off by a phony loan site. Tips? Help?

Thanks all... Please be nice. ^_^

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Who's your favourite comedian?
Dylan Moran

What's something you've recently found that you're like 'wow this is awesome'?
choc banana muffins with peanut butter frosting and learning how to make falafel.

what's the most intense thing that has happened in your life recently?
Broke up with my bf of 16 months.

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1. What did I do to deserve this?

2. What do you end up snacking on when the urge hits you at night?

3. Is it crazy that I think $3.99 is expensive for nail polish, or am I just stingy?
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If you and your spouse had the opportunity to both meet your occupational goals, but it required you to be apart for almost a year to do so, would you do it?

Here's the story:
I want to join the Army. I'd leave for basic sometime after the first of the year. That would be 9 weeks, then off to AIT for (depending on which MOS I pick) anywhere from 15-20 more weeks. After that, I'd be off to wherever my first station ends up being (which I would know before signing up).
She couldn't join me anyway until after AIT, but since she's in school and won't graduate 'til December '10, she'd have to stay here until then before she could come wherever I am.

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For those that have struggles from Depression or Anxiety or a combo of the two:

I have honestly tried many natural remedies: vitamins, working out, eating right, enough sleep, stay away from alcohol, etc. It seems to help me feel better inn general, but does little to nothing for my depression/anxiety.

1.) TQC, did you get to a point where you realized you HAD to have extra help/therapy/medication in order for the depression to lessen? Was it easy for you to accept? Or did it piss you off and make you feel ashamed and weak like i'm feeling?

For those that cant relate:

2.) What are you looking forward to this weekend? Dreading?
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Black Eyed Peepee

My Humps
What you gon' do with all that ass?
All that ass inside them jeans?
I'm a make, make, make, make you scream
Make you scream, make you scream.

Have you ever made someone scream by showing them what was in your jeans? If so, what kind of scream was it?

Bloodcurdling shriek
Pleasurable exclamation
Loud angry battle cry as they rushed you
Not really a scream at all. Just high-volume laughter

Technical difficulties

TQC, is my house some sort of electronics killer?

Issue #1: Last night, my TV decided to lose sound. The picture is fine, but there's no sound at all. I checked all of the connections, even switched out the TVs, the cable box and all of the cables. There's picture but no sound in our living room, but everything works normally in our back room. There's not even sound when I play a DVD.

What the heck is wrong??? I'm having the cable guy out today but I am not confident that they will be able to fix it.

Issue #2: My home computer keeps getting some weird virus/spyware. When I search in Google or Yahoo, each search result takes me to some sort of ad page. Yesterday, it even prevented us from opening Add/Remove programs. We've had to completely wipe the computer 3 times in the past month or so. We use AVG. Personally, I blame porn sites. What's the worst virus you've gotten and what virus/spyware protection do you use?

TIA for your input, everyone! I missed Project Runway last night and I'm feeling quite cranky.
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1. How come when white people dress like "gangsters", they get made fun of for being "wiggers/crackers/etc", but if they dress like total dirty, homeless crack whores they are considered trendy and stylish?

2. What do you think of current fashion trends? What do you love/hate? What do you miss? What do you wish was in style?
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Mitt Romney worked on a bill in Massachusetts granting near-universal health coverage to all citizens.

Wouldn't it be better if instead of the federal government taxing income for itself, it taxed income to apportion to the states like the constitution demands?

Isn't it better for 50 states to come up with their own kind of universal health coverage?

pet-related questions

I'm thinking of getting either a cat or ferret a cat (thanks guys). For those of you who have either of those as pets:

1) How old was he/she when you got him/her? Did you buy or adopt?
2) How much was the initial cost (including vaccines and stuff)? How much is the monthly cost now?
3) I'm a full time student and I don't spend a lot of time at home (juggling sports and having a boyfriend who lives across the city), but I'm home for at least a few hours a day and I'm usually home on weekends. I live with a roommate who can help me out if needed. Is this sufficient or should I wait until I spend more time at home (which probably won't happen for a good 2-3 years).
4) What are some problems you had with your pet? I'm mostly concerned with them peeing on my stuff or messing up my things, but I've been told that can be avoided if they're trained properly.
5) Anything else I should be thinking about?
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My mother came over to my new place the other day and gave me hell about the spiders taking up residence in the corners by the ceiling.

Now, I live in a little cottage in the middle of the woods and every day I get eaten alive by mosquitos, so I see my spiders as a first line of defense. In my house ants and mosquitos are killed on sight, but spiders get a permanent free pass. I commented to my landlord a few days after moving in that it would be completely impossible to live in this house without a good tolerance for creepy crawlies (I also have a tribe of 2"+ camel crickets that roam my basement.)

What are your feelings on spiders? Are there any insects or arachnids you absolutely adore?

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What tv show do you wish you had thought up/pitched and starred in?

Tuesday night I was watching "Bizarre Foods" in my hotel room. Holy crap...I'd love to be that guy. Travel the weird'd be awesome. If not that, "Man vs. Wild" would be pretty baller.

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Will you tell me about your worst haircut experience?

I just got a post-breakup haircut, and I think it is a bit too short... I think it was prettier before, and that is not giving me the empowered feel-good rush that I was aiming for. :/
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Do certain names make you think of certain types of people?

For example, me name is Kelly. thejoysofjess says I can't be named that because according to her, "Kellys are ditzy people who are bitches, but not necessarily on purpose, just because they don't know better." So she has renamed me.

Do you have any associations like that with certain names?
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I'm terrible at this sort of thing, so please help, TQC! What is a reasonable amount for two people to spend on groceries a week? Let's say meat is a very rare thing, "organics" don't even enter into it, but most meals are home cooked (no frozen dinners)

We live in Northern VA
am i dead?
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I'm attempting to activate my new cell online, and I'm having a problem. I'm currently on a pay-as-you-go thing on Telus.

I'm moving to go to university in a little over a week, so when it asks me to choose a town for a phone number, should I be selecting where I'm moving? Does that mean if I try and make calls while at home they would be considered long distance? What about when I come back home for the summer, will I not be able to use my phone?

I'm one of the few teenagers who never had a cellphone before, so it's probably something really obvious, but I'd rather be sure so I don't get screwed over later. Thanks :D


Without looking it up/googling -

1. What SNL cast member was a drummer for the band Steely Dan?

2. What branch of the US Military uses up the most fuel?

3. There is 1 word in the English language that utilizes all vowels (except 'y') in order. What word is it?

These were all questions from last night's trivia that our team either answered wrong or comletely didn't know at all.
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After the Chinese, Russians, N. Koreans, and Arab nations get all the wealth from the U.S. they can, and no longer want to share the fossil fuels with us, are you Canadians ready for a mass exodus to Canada from the northerners escaping fallout from the nuclear holocaust?
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Morality Bites

You're at a take-out restaurant, waiting for your order to come up. The cashier puts 2 boxes on the counter which look identical. When the bike delivery boy shows up, she explains to him where they're going. "In this box is a chocolate cake. It's for the Ferraro residence on 5th Street. The other box contains a sugar-free cake for Mr. Goldstein on Main Street. He's a diabetic, so it's very important you don't mix them up, ok? I'm putting Post-Its on each so you don't screw up." She walks into the back and an incoming cell phone call distracts the delivery boy. He walks outside for privacy. It's just you and some guy in a nice suit, waiting. "Hey", he says, "I'll give you $300 if you switch the Post-Its. You can't say a thing about this because I'll just say you did it. I just like doing these little acts of chaos because I think it's funny. What do ya say?"

"Yeah, I'll do it"
"No way!"
"Make it $500 and I'll definitely do it"

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I haven't eaten at McDonald's in a long time and I thought I would because someone told me they're better than I remember. Also I'm tired of eating at Burger King.

Should I get the Big Mac or the Quarter Pounder? Does anyone know how much these items usually cost? I'd only be getting the burger because I have to spend as little money as possible. I know they vary from store to store, but I just want a general idea.

I'm also trying to decide if I should get an XM radio or a Creative Zen for my birthday - I know how much they both cost so it doesn't matter. And I really want both; which one would you get? Or would you get something other than that, that's also some kind of electronic?

sorry for the tl;dr.
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TQC, I appear to be completely fucking bored.

Do you enjoy eating lemon slices?

So much that you always sometimes might have possibly that one time steal them from other people's drinks?
Kill Bill - Elle
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Tuna noodle casserole but with rice instead of pasta: yummy or ew wtf?

What was the last thing you said outloud?
What website were you looking at last, other than TQC?

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I had this thought for when I get my driving license (not straight away of course, maybe 6months to a year later)

I want to drive through Europe. (I'm in Scotland) and I thought I'd ask TQC for some advice/thoughts.

How different is it going to be to drive in other countries opposed to my own?

Have you ever done anything similar?

Any tips/advice you could give me?

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I used to eat McDonalds somewhat regularly and more or less enjoyed it. These days it grosses me out when I do eat it. It tastes like I'm pretty much eating salt and fat and I feel nasty afterwards.

Other fast food burger joints gross me out but to a lesser degree.

What is the difference? I love hamburgers and fries and I generally eat healthy but not super healthy. Have my tastes just "matured"? What has your experience been? How old are you?
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I own a Dell Inspiron 6400. It's served me pretty well, but it's starting to become really sketchy with me. The cd drive needs repair, the keyboard is becoming less responsive and it's just so huge and bulky.
Should I work on getting it repaired or just use my just had birthday to as for something newer and more compact?

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how does wrapping checks in aluminum foil hide them from detection?
my moms neighbor is going to jail for hiding 16 million + more from the government.

last friday my sister and i took ecstasy, anyways since then we both cant eat cause where not hungry i have to force food down and i feel like im going to puke every time i eat. what is wrong with us??? ps please don't tell me drugs are bad i know w/e.
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So, TQC, I have about $10 to get food for this upcoming week. Not full-on meals, because I can get those in the cafeteria, but I need food I can eat for breakfast before my 8 am class, or during my night classes - toss in my bag and go. All I can really think of is granola bars or cereal in a ziplock, and I have both of those things, but have been looking for something ... different, for lack of a better word. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

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1. Have you ever been to a theme party? If so, what was the theme?

2. How early is too early for apartment maintenance to work on a resident's roof with saws and hammers?

3. Which was your favorite Disney movie as a child (if you watched them)?
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I am worried my boyfriend of a year and four months is going to break up with me tonight over something that I wouldn't have thought was something to break up over, something rather minor. We both care for each other very much (or I think we do), and if he does break up with me, what should I do tonight to ease the pain?

If he doesn't break up with me what should I do?

I have a dollar and eighty seven cents in my checking account. Am I pathetic?

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I don't feel well. I have a party to go to at 6. However, the party is basically going to last forever, and some people can't even show up until like, 8.

How late is it socially acceptable for me to be without informing the host?

Before everyone kills me, I'll probably end up texting the guy anyway, but I AM JUST ASKING THIS IS A CLUB FOR QUESTIONS IS IT NOT
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TQC, I have lost 3.7 pounds since Monday.
I am at home early and feel like I need to eat something before I go out.
Should I eat:
- Smoothie (okay with my diet, but I'm getting tired of smoothies.)
- Pasta with spinach tossed in olive oil and garlic (BAD BAD BAD BAD for my diet, but ohhhhhhh so good, also a reward for losing weight - ten pounds in two weeks)

So if you were dieting, would you stay on track, or would you reward yourself and hope you don't keep eating crap?

NEVERMIND, I settled on spinach and V8. Spinach sounded too fucking good.

What color is your "main" purse or wallet?
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does quentin tarantino recycle fonts and music for every movie? is that a "thing" of his or something?

do you like tarantino movies?

edit: i thought it was cool, it just kind of took me out of the moment because i was thinking about kill bill... but then i realized he does that stuff on purpose to remind you you're watching a movie. idk

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I know everyone's different, but what are some can't-go-wrong gifts for the parents of a boyfriend/girlfriend? My boyfriend's parents have been like second parents to me, and I really want to give them something in addition to a card to show my appreciation. I'm in need of some ideas.
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I'm trying to remember the name of a book about a guy who has manic depression and thinks he's a super hero or something. It has a yellow cover and the title ends in boy. I think the title was something like "Buzzer Boy" or "Speed Boy" or something.


Never mind, I found it. It was Electroboy.

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TQC, a few months ago my boyfriends ex got mad and deleted the photobooth from his macbook. he doesn't have his install disks anymore. is there any free program for mac that takes pictures AND records video? 

Concert Question

For those who have gone to the AC/DC concert, did you print off your tickets?

If yes did yo need to provide photo id and the credit card purchased on, or is this just for the people who chose to pick up their tickets at the arena?

I asked this because I've only used printed off show tickets once before about 8 months ago however my dad says things changed and I need the credit card and photo id. Is this true?

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How long does it take you to get over a breakup, on average? What do you do to help it along?

I thought I was completely over my ex but he texted me to tell me some nurse was hot, and I got jealous. I'm angry because we were together for 4 years and he's taking NO time to get over anything. Is this normal for guys? 
Dax Kiss
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Dishwasher questions

Will stuff that says it's not safe for the dishwasher really melt or something in the dishwasher?
Is this the only reason that things are not dishwasher safe? So if I have something with a plastic top and a stainless steel bottom that says it is not dishwasher safe, can I put just the bottom in the dishwasher?

I got a dishwasher a few days ago, and just bought a bunch of containers that were on sale and about half say they aren't dishwasher safe (the other half say they are). So I have a bigger bowl that says it isn't dishwasher safe, and a very similar bowl from the same company that is just smaller which says it is dishwasher safe.
I'm tempted to put them all in the dishwasher and see if anything really happens, but that's probably a really bad idea.
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You know those shirts that have an undershirt attached to a gauzy overshirt by the straps? Any tips on how to wash them without having to spend 5 minutes detangling it?

How do you pronounce the year 2010? Two thousand ten or Twenty ten?

Edit: This is a really bad example, but imagine Collapse ) with an undershirt you can see through the gauziness.

No unicorn, though

Driving home from dinner just now after a massive downpour, my wife and I just saw a very gigantic and rather dingy rainbow ever running almost vertically up from the horizon and disappearing high up in the sky before it could get much of an arch going. The sky was very dark gray behind it, which is a bit unusual as far as I know -- because usually when I see a rainbow, it is against a brighter post-rain sky. It really made us "ahhhh."

When is the last time you saw a rainbow? Do you recall whether it caused you to think or to feel anything in partickler?

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We're going camping tomorrow! Should I make chocolate chip oatmeal cookies?
Pros - They're fucking cookies. With chocolate. And I might annoy my SO enough to bake them with me, which I think is super cute.
Cons - It's late, and I'd like to go to sleep early because I'm basically a grandma, haha. And I'd want to eat all the cookies NOW instead of saving them for our trip.

What else should we pack, foodwise?

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So say your boyfriend/girlfriend has only told you a bit about his past relationships, but never mentioned the names of any of his exes.

Would you find yourself very curious and trying to snoop and find out more either by Googling/Facebook? The only thing is, your significant other does not have Facebook him/herself so it's a bit tougher.

Or are you the type who doesn't really care much about your significant other's past relationships?
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penis shorts

At my old job, I was getting paid 8 bucks an hour. A new guy was hired, and he was getting paid 10 bucks for the same job. I found out about his higher paycheck after I quit. I didn't say or do anything about it, but it ticked me off. When I told my mom about it and how pissed off I was about it, she said it isn't any of my business how much money he was earning. She also said stuff like that is confidential. I don't get it she saying something like this is ok? She kept telling me that with my attitude I would never be able to hold onto a job. What do you think?

Afterwards, my stepdad told me a story about how he hired this 18-year-old to work for him and how crappy her previous job was. He said "life is hard, and she learned it early." This is All I said was that people deserve the same pay for the same amount of work.

ETA - This reminds me. My grandfather speaks poor English. He worked as an engineer but he was getting paid much less than his co-workers who were fluent. My mom said the boss had a right to do this because he shouldn't have to "deal" with people who speak broken English. I told her this was discrimination. Does the boss really have that right though?
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I live in a (Canadian) city that until recently dumped untreated raw sewage into its harbour. For a few hundred years. Then we spent a whack load of money on building a treatment plant and THEN only a few months after it went active... it broke.

Now it's going to take a few million dollars to fix it. PETA has offered to help pay for the repair job, but ONLY IF we name the plant "The Seal Slaughter Stinks Plant".

Do you think we should take the money and rename the plant, or tell PETA to shove it?

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Do you hang out by yourself a lot?


Are you secure about it?

Not as much as I would like, but i'm getting there.

What was your stance on the people you went to high school with after you graduated?

I just graduated this summer, and i've distanced myself from the majority of the people I went to high school with. Other than my closest friends, I only really associate with about 4 or 5 people on a regular basis.

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I have not seen either of my roommates in 14 hours. I have been at our apartment for the last 5 hours, and I have no idea where they are. I had plans with one of them (minor un-important plans, but plans nonetheless) :(

TQC, will you please tell me where my roommates are?
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I'm making a Youtube playlist for exercise purposes, and I want a bunch of really dancey music to put on it - so far I have stuff like 'I Don't Feel Like Dancing', 'Livin' La Vida Loca', & 'Grace Kelly'. Can you give me any similarly upbeat/cheesy/dancey suggestions?

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Anyone seen 500 Days of Summer and know the name of song and artist who sings the very first song? And also the title and artist of the song that plays when Tom is doing all his architectural stuff on his blackboard?

(no subject)

Are there any shows you like (or dislike, I suppose it doesn't matter), but you can't stand the opening song/music?

I really like The L Word but think it's opening credit song is atrocious.
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On Wednesday I went to a party with a few friends, one of whom is a boy I have a crush on and one of whom was hosting the party. We all got drunk and the cute boy and I went to sleep on the floor in the host-girl's room (because floor is good enough when you're that drunk!). There was much tossing and turning on the floor, but a couple of times during the night, the cute boy starting spooning me. It was kind of a loose spoon and he didn't say anything later, so I assumed he was asleep at the time and did it unconsciously. But when I told my friend about this, she said "OMG are you sure he was asleep?"

So, TQC, was the cute boy spooning me on purpose, or unconsciously!?
again., Flapjack

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If you were an amateur photographer, and needed to write up or find a release form for a photograph that may or may not (but probably will) contain nudity, what would yours say or where would you find one?

ETA: If an 18 year old signs a model release form, can their parents legally protest the photographs?